3rd August – If you know your history

130 years ago… We are back in 1892, and On this Day (Wednesday) preparations are beginning for the start of a season, pivotal in the Annals of Celtic.

There is so much going on…. Reigning Scottish Champions … virtue of being the Scottish Cup Holders, in a period when that was the Premier trophy ( Dumbarton had won the league for 2nd time in succession).

Much Excitement growing within the club as Volunteer Workers are finalising tasks and scouring snagging lists prior to the opening of the new Stadium at Janefield Street. As it’s not quite ready, the team are effectively ‘homeless’, and hit the road to sharpen their skills.

At the start of 1892/93 season it was two ‘friendly’ ties in one day.

Has there been another time when Celts have played two teams in one day (Craig76/Magua)… fairly sure it did happen in the 1930’s in official league matches?

Not much information available on the trip to Dundee Harp, but the PTFC game is well documented ( probably because we got severely gubbed):

1892-08-06: Dundee Harp 2-5 Celtic, Friendly

Played at Dundee, and resulted in favour of Celtic by five goals to two.

1892-08-06: Partick Thistle 5-2 Celtic, Friendly

These were scratch elevens played on Inchview Park*, Whiteinch, a short ferry trip from McCaff’s old bit …but he’s away across at the East End, scouring his snagging list… scratching his heid…a neighbour refereeing?!

Played Before 2,000 spectators.

The Partick Thistle had their ground opened for the season by the Celtic, who journeyed thither to favour them with their presence. The sun shone brightly.
The Celtic kicked off against a stiff breeze. the game was evenly contested for some time. Having scored the first goal for the Thistle ten minutes after the start, Cunningham equalised with a good shot. Kyle added a second goal for the Celts.
Half-time result – Celtic, 2 goals; Partick Thistle, 1 goal.
The second half was mostly in favour of the Thistle, who, although playing against the wind, had the best of the game. Ingram equalised. Murray added a third point for the Thistle, and ere the close Bruce and Paul each added a goal to the total, while the Celtic failed to improve their position.
Final result – Partick Thistle, 5 goals; Celtic, 2 goals.


Partick Thistle:-
Marshall, Hutchison, Harper, Robertson, harvey, Smith, Murray, Bruce, Paul, Ingram, Kennedy.

Goals:- Cunningham og 10, Ingram, Murray, Bruce, Paul.

Celtic:- McArthur, Curran, J McLaughlin, Collins, Connor, Dolan Cunningham, Johnstone, McCann, Reilly, Kyle.

Goals:- Cunningham, Kyle.

Att:- 2,000.

Ref:- Mr Mirks, Linthouse FC.

*Inchview Park: Patrick Thistle’s stadium in 1892

In other news…

Dundee Harp have an interesting story and at one time the biggest team in Dundee with Arbroath as their serious ‘Tayside’ rivals. An excellent item by The Shamrock is really worth a look:

1909 – Dundee Hibernian’s inaugural match against Hibernian of Edinburgh

Now this…


General stuff… (y’all):

August 3

1492 – Christopher Columbus left Palos, Spain with three ships. The voyage led him to what is now known as the Americas. He reached the Bahamas on October 12.

1750 – Christopher Dock completed the first book of teaching methods. It was titled “A Simple and Thoroughly Prepared School Management.”

1777 – During the Siege of Fort Stanwix the first U.S. flag was officially flown during battle.

1852 Harvard wins the first Boat Race between Yale and Harvard. The race is also known as the first ever American intercollegiate athletic event.

1880 – The American Canoe Association was formed at Lake George, New York.

1900 – Firestone Tire (sic) & Rubber Co. was founded.

James Hetfield by John McMurtrie.

1963 – Metallica’s James Hetfield (age 59 years), born Downey, California USA

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuffabove is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

Change the record by sending an article to sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 4:10 pm

Boyd: If anyone in Scotland underestimated the BELGIUMS 😂😂😂


Awe Naw
August 3, 2022 4:20 pm


I wonder what Auntie Smith would think about her wee angelic nephew noo ? She’d now be worried about you exposing yourself to such people noo. 🙂

Awe Naw
August 3, 2022 4:22 pm
August 3, 2022 4:23 pm


We all have a story. Mine concerns homophobia, a word I did not know existed at the time of this story. I am going to fudge one name in case of potential law suits.

My first job after graduating from uni was in London, England. I was filled with zeal and idealism, as you are at that stage of your life. It was 1968 and my world was full of mininskirts(Mary Quant,remember her?), Chelsea pre Abramovic(remember Charlie Cooke?), pancake houses, and a ballet dancer!

I worked in a college in the south, sorry, souff of London. Being an ex footballer, I took on the task of managing/coaching the college team. We were a truly international team! We had Asians, Greeks, Welsh and even English in the team. In short, when I took over the team it was terrible and when I left one year later, it had improved to being only bad. However, we all had a lot of fun.

Whilst the team was poor, we had one star…the goalkeeper. He had been signed on a provisional form by a team that was in the top English league at that time. He had it all….size, reflexes, positioning. He had several caps for England at youth level.

His expertise kept us in games and even won a few for us. I still remember the celebrations of our first victory.

About half way through the season, the keeper’s form shaded off. His concentration was shot and I dropped him from the team. One other lad came to me and said that the keeper was devastated at being dropped and was not attending classes. Would I please speak to him? In those days I thought I could solve just about any problem, academic or personal! To me the secret was simple….just show you care. I now know that is not enough and can be dangerous for both parties.

I did meet with the keeper and, initially, was met with anger. I decided to let him be. However, he asked to meet me outside the college about a week after our first meeting. He told me the nature of the problem. He was gay and was being blackmailed by another member of the team! If his future employer got to hear of his orientation, he thought he would be a goner. By this point, he had paid over a lot of money but the threat still remained. I assured him I would talk to the blackmailer and it would stop.

I met with the low life and told him it had to stop if it did not I would take it to the Principal. He assured me it would stop but why was I concerned. Afterall, the keeper was just a pervert. Unfortunately, it stopped but then resumed. I went to the Principal and explained the problem. I could see this was the last thing that he wished to deal with. I suggested that it was so bad that the police should be informed. Oops, no need for that, he would deal with it. He interviewed the blackmailer without my presence and suspended him for one month. Everyone was to keep quiet about the unsavoury mess. The sound of sweeping and carpets being lifted filled the air!

About two weeks later, the keeper told me he had received a call from the first division team to cancel his contract. He never played football again during the time that I knew him.

This incident led to another that nearly ended my teaching career. The blackmailer had built a hate for me, especially since I knew he had shopped the keeper. Either he had or the Principal had.

During one class, he wandered in and went over to his girlfriend and asked for a light. He lit up and sauntered out the class. I had a short fuse in those days and I ran after him. I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him up the wall. My other hand drew back to change the contours of his nose when I saw the abject fear in his eyes. Thankfully, I let him slide down the wall. I frog marched him to the Principal’s office, past his secretary and straight into the inner sanctum. I related what had happened and I made it clear that all of his history would be made public if the Principal did not act appropriately. The student was fired from his courses, and, since he was on a day release, he lost his job.

Much, much later, he met me in the underground and apologized for his behaviour. I hope he had really changed his values but who knows.

I am older now but I think my values have not changed all that much…..still a hopeless idealist that gets shocked by unfairness. Cannot stand Chelsea, though…..at least there is some sign of progress.


Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 4:27 pm


So, they are only going to be Rangers when it suits?
Hard to believe the position Scottish football has put itself in by going along with this charade.
You literally need to suspend reality to keep watching football in this wee backwater.
Easy to laugh cause it’s them, but who is the joke really on?

Awe Naw
August 3, 2022 4:39 pm


that`s old news. BDO decision to give some money back to the creditors i.e them. The club deck bears got 3.7% back on their 100% investment. Other creditors not involved with club deck got a wee bit too

Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 4:42 pm

Awe naw, 4.22
I feel a name change must be coming soon. Surely they ain’t gonna stick with that?

Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 4:50 pm

Awe naw, och I know. Even after all these years, I still find myself sitting shaking my head in disbelief.
I almost feel sorry for that bear …almost!😊

August 3, 2022 4:53 pm


I’m well proud of you for doing that,especially back then,when it was all too easy to turn your back on the hatreds that society had built into us.

I think homosexuality was only legalised the previous year,due to a bill introduced by David Steele. It might have made life easier for the gay community,but as you explain,it was not accepted everywhere.


I told a similar tale on here a few weeks ago,an incident in my home town. Got my head in my hands to play with,off my kid sis. Heyho,indeed. But I’ll quite happily stand up to be counted whenever I see wrong. Every time. I know you do too,as do so many others on here and elsewhere.

We won’t be able to do it forever,and maybe younger people can learn from us. I know a few people have asked why I have done something,and they listen well when I explain. But what do you get out of it,they ask?

You know the answer to that,so do I. And hopefully they do too.

August 3, 2022 5:02 pm


Re Carousel,THE BATTERED BUNNET told a wee tale of being on holiday in,I think,Malta. It involved corrupting a mynah,which had learned to whistle and sing the song you refer to.

Maybe someone can post a link to it,cos it is a delight to read.

August 3, 2022 5:06 pm

That’s some story. What a situation to have to deal with, particularly back then. Credit to you for the actions you took.
Would’ve been very easy to turn a blind eye.

Throughout almost all my teens and until I was married I only ever witnessed one incident involving a gay couple. I was in a disco in Bathgate ( probably 1977) and a bit of commotion kicked up. Word was there was a gay couple sitting in the corner kissing. A guy walked over and threw a pint over the two guys.
There was no reaction to the boy who done it, from anyone in the disco, including me, and indeed to be honest I would say most people found it funny.

Pathetic on so many levels. The guy who committed what was basically assault, the bouncers and management who did nothing, and everyone else in the disco, yours truly included, who either laughed or ignored the villain of the piece. To be accurate, he wasn’t the only villain of the piece. We all were, for different reasons.

I’m pretty sure that the reaction these days would somewhat different.

Ignorance and youth.

Billy Bhoy
August 3, 2022 5:07 pm


Ah the old “seat for life” debenture 😔

My colleague Jim and his dad had it all:

Season Ticket, shares and the £1700 interest free loan to the club to guarantee them a seat for life.

Then he got the letter telling him the Liquidators would be in touch! He reacted badly to that and sulked for months.

He never came to the Boys Christmas night out that year. But by the next one it was “ ah but it’s the SAME club” pish.

This came only after Doncaster came out with the “of course it’s the same club” quote as he was attempting to tie up a new TV deal with SKY 🙄

August 3, 2022 5:44 pm


6000 seats at £1700 a pop,or £10.2 million. And they still went bust.

And they still deny it too,and I dunno which is the funnier.

August 3, 2022 5:47 pm

Appreciate all the kind comments folks – broad intention was to stimulate some chat around Celtic memories.

Enjoyed a wee close-season break from blog as the transfer situation… ach nevermind…😅

Season up and running and a great start. Jobo’ summary of ratings will be fun.

Great to hear so many wonderful stories and particularly where there is positive action against intolerance and injustice.

McCaff great story on Linthouse neighbours – Twisty Sussed ye out tho’ … brilliant stuff: “pasty-faced” … “casing the joint “…

and then, about that huge hole ye volunteers left under the main stand/car park. 😂

Seemingly Remained Undiscovered – until The Bunnet decided to ‘future proof’ and shore up the ground for any subsequent development at South of stadium.

Imagine 1994 and Wee Fergus’ face … having fits watching lorry after lorry, after lorry arriving with cement to fill it up … “aye, I hear ye guv, but just gonnae just sign my chit and I’ll go get the next load… unless, ye fancy staying at Hampden for another few seasons” … hehehehehehe

Twisty – not a problem! All requests are welcome & make my task easier. I’ve not heard that story and will enjoy checking it out. Note: I’ve promised Bawheid an item on 1931 team, then I’ll attempt that 1970 item.


The Real McCoy
August 3, 2022 5:47 pm

Glad to be of service 👍🏻
From The Battered Bunnet on CQN many moons ago. Still amuses me today 😂
A Bit Of Light Opera .

Parrot Fashion

One of the charms of holidaying in Gozo is living cheek by jowl with the Gozitans, lovely people.

This is by no means a purpose built package holiday resort, rather more a Mediterranean Arran,

with the beauty of the island enjoyed by tourist and resident alike.

Thus our apartment block, overlooking the terraced harbour of the old fishing village of Qbajjar,

in addition to providing holiday accommodation for our family – me, my wife and son –

is home to number of local families: parents and kids; fishermen and insurance brokers;

cats and parrots.

Yes, parrots. Or more accurately, a parrot and a mynah bird,

who live in their own cages on the balcony opposite us.

Each evening they like to sing and whistle. Whether to themselves, each other,

or the rest of the block is not known, but sing and whistle they do, and some fine tunes at that.

The parrot will start the performance with a wolf whistle.

The mynah bird responds with a verse of “Happy Birthday”.

The parrot then goes into a segue of exotic whistles and caws,

the mynah upstaging him with the chorus from My World by Tim Kay –

presumably his owner is an avid viewer of ‘Jamie Oliver at Home’.

The whole repertoire goes on for about an hour each evening before

the pair of them finish up the night by taking requests.

Over recent evenings, my son has taken to requesting the chorus of

“With Cat-like Tread” from the classic Gilbert and Sullivan opera Pirates of Penzance.

Of course, he has had to spend some time each evening whistling the chorus across

the yard such that the birds could pick up the tune, but sure enough,

after 4 evenings of dedicated tutoring, and to great delight,

the wee yellow billed mynah bird picked it up and carried it off pitch perfectly.

Saturday is changeover day in Gozo, and a new family arrived on holiday at the apartments,

a Scots couple with their teenage son and daughter. It’s a long trek from Scotland,

an early morning departure for a 3½ hour flight followed by a coach ride across Malta,

before the ferry to Gozo and onwards to Qbajjar. We had spotted the new family

arriving late in the afternoon, hauling their cases and bags from the main road

up the narrow cobbled boat path to the reception, and it was clear that

the combination of travel fatigue and the Mediterranean summer heat

had taken its toll on our new friends.

While the kids were eager to drop their bags and get onto the beach,

the parents looked somewhat less energetic.

The man’s polo shirt had apparently shrunk, a middle aged spread bursting out

below a top that was a duotone butterfly print rendered in pure sweat.

Harsh words were sent in the direction of the kids, by now in the sea,

bags abandoned on the boat path.

His wife was in little better mood: Dragging her case across the cobbles,

heels and wheels clacking like errant castanets, her face pink and puffy

following the long journey and the stuffy coach ride.

The humidity had clearly taken its toll on the tangle of seaweed

that was the poor woman’s hair. It was impossible not to feel for her.

That evening, while enjoying our by now customary aperitifs in

the harbour-side bar below the apartment, the newcomers came in and took up an adjacent table

. It was clear that a couple of hours in their air conditioned apartment, a nap, perhaps a glass of wine,

had quite restored the pair of them.

Indeed, she was utterly transformed, the very vision of East Kilbride elegance

in a printed summer dress and slingback sandals,

the beautifully shaped hair framing a perfectly made up face.

Thank god for GHDs.

What an effort. What a result. Brava!

She and I exchanged a polite smile as her husband ordered their drinks from Benard, our charming host.

At the time I made nothing of his odd reaction to being served a Magners cider

rather than the Dry Blackthorn he had requested.

Perhaps the hot Maltese sun and cold Cisk lager had dulled my instincts.

Perhaps I had left them far behind in Glasgow.

Nevertheless, everything seemed as it ought to be as we supped our drinks and chatted,

the turquoise harbour water lapping the stone terraces in front of us. A perfect evening.

On cue, the birds started up, moving through their repertoire of whistles and caws,

Happy Birthdays and Jamie Oliver numbers.

The newcomers were quite taken by the performance, the two birds receiving great attention

and applause from our new friends, each song recognised and whistled along to in turn.


Until, lapping up the fuss and attention from the audience, the little mynah bird

launched into a rousing chorus of “With Cat-like Tread”.

There was a gasp from the next table. A cough. A splutter.

A dramatic splatter of cider, followed by a screech, the dreadful screech of a woman ruined.

I turned in alarm. The poor dear was covered in her husband’s Magners, the hair devastated,

the gargled cider dripping down her face, her makeup melting in the slabber.

With her mouth set in a trembling, dumbfounded gape,

she looked for all the world as though she had just been dunked head first in the harbour.

It was really rather funny. Indeed my son went off on one, bent over double trying to keep the laughter in.

Of course, this set off me and my wife, the pair of us, hands slapped across mouths,

choking back the laughter for dear life. To no avail whatsoever.

We were, in the vernacular, pishing ourselves.

The infection quickly took hold of the other guests in the bar, the Gozitan fishermen and insurance brokers,

the Dutch and the German tourists, parents and children alike, and the whole place rocked with laughter.

Poor Benard, waving his serving cloth in vain around the stricken woman, was quite affronted.

The fellow at the next table, recovering from his coughing fit, was now standing,

pointing in turn at the bird cage, at his wife and at us:

“That!” he exclaimed. “That’s… That’s SECTARIAN!”

It was a curiously sobering moment. I caught my wife’s eye as it slowly dawned on us quite what had occurred.

I looked at my boy, then at the mynah bird, and again at my wife.

The three of us turned to face the fellow on his feet and his poor, drookit wife, and we simply creased up.

Stomach-cramping, table-rattling, knicker-wetting laughter bounced out of the bar

and echoed off the harbour buildings around us.

The man’s bewilderment turned to anger, puce faced, finger jabbing anger:

“Look what you’ve done!” he yelled.

“You people. Look what you’ve done!”

“You’ve corrupted a Mynah!”

With Cat-like Tread:



Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 5:48 pm

Billy Bhoy,

I often wonder, the shoe being on the other foot, what we would be saying.
Just like your colleague, the Bears I know are all spouting the same stuff …it’s like they are all reading from a script!
It was actually a life-long Bear friend who posed that question to me one night.
Let’s be honest, we would probably be saying the exact same things

Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 5:54 pm

Think we all now look forward to your weekly trip down memory lane 👍
Even an old programme collector like myself still learns something new each week …so thanks!

August 3, 2022 5:57 pm

The Real McCoy


Utterly brilliant. 😂

August 3, 2022 6:03 pm

Programme collector

You just reminded me. My eldest bro and I shared a room for many years. When my youngest bro arrived, the reshuffle resulted in my eldest getting his own room, at which point he started collecting The Celtic View’

He had them in numerical order on shelves in his wardrobe. When he left the house after getting married, I was promoted to his room. A room of my own. I cleared all the crap he’d left behind out, including that entire collection of Celtic Views.
Cannot tell you how much I’ve regretted that action. Not that I thought the publication was fantastic quality you understand, but the very fact it was an entire collection.
Regardless of its merits, I’d love to be able to wander down memory lane reading them again.

August 3, 2022 6:08 pm


My thanks for that. A while since I’ve read it it,but so much worth the wait.

Corrupted a mynah….

Billy Bhoy
August 3, 2022 6:09 pm


I dunno about that. I’ve had a ST since 1988 but I’ve never had any shares. I’m pretty sure if I’d woke up to find my £1700 loan had disappeared along with my shares I’d be pretty pissed off.

Maybe you’re right in the sense that you might show a stiff upper lip in the pub if Huns were present. But in the privacy of your home, thinking about what you could have spent £1700 on? Hmmm.

I suppose that’s what they’re doing. All this “55” pish was all about continuity – as was the 150th Anniversary. I’m sure deep down they know its crap.

I wonder too, would the SMSM have gone along with the continuity myth so readily if it had been Celtic? That herse parked on the Celtic Way in 1994 would suggest otherwise. They at no time pulled that stunt in 2012. Yet WE didn’t go into administration – let alone a CVA then Liquidation! The worst we had was an EGM! 😀

August 3, 2022 6:09 pm

Rebus, a great story and well done sir. Bullying is bullying.

Billy Bhoy
August 3, 2022 6:14 pm


I remember telling my hun colleague, when they were on “the journey” , that SDM blew all their debenture money (£15m) on Torre Andre Flo! that fair put him off his pint!

August 3, 2022 6:15 pm


Cheers buddy -have a modest collection, including all the ‘home’ (including Hampden & Old Trafford) European Programmes since ’62 but gave up in modern era … circa 2012.

Prized item is AC Milan in ’68… there is no red ink on the front cover ( so AC Milan strip looks all white with black stripes)

Signed by Jinky …

Also have (almost) every European Cup Final programme until 1996. Including a 1970 ( no formal issue?) one, that was contrived years later by a fan.

August 3, 2022 6:18 pm

The Real McCoy – fantastic ( took me a while to get the tune on video) 😂

August 3, 2022 6:32 pm

The Real McCoy, brilliant tale! (Very well written).

August 3, 2022 6:33 pm

Sorry, sp corrected

Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 6:33 pm

I sold my whole collection to raise funds, as I was moving back to Canada.
Never a day goes by I don’t regret that.
One of the worst decisions I’ve made!
Btw, I’d check what that Milan one is worth, cause I think you might get a shock 😉

Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 6:35 pm

Oh wow, I feel your pain! And like you, wish I had them all sitting here right now.

August 3, 2022 6:37 pm

Big Packy seems to be resting the past couple of days which made me think of this song:

The Real McCoy
August 3, 2022 6:45 pm

Evening All 👋🏻
Just to clarify the tale about the Mynah Bird was penned by The Battered Bunnet on CQN many moons ago. 👏👏👏
I saved it for posterity and for Bobby 😂

Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 6:55 pm

Billy Bhoy,
Let’s hope we never have to find out what we would be doing and saying if it was us (Shudder!)
One thing about this new version of the ted’s, they are now world leaders in fleecing their own.

Btw, I’ve never been on CQN, so you can imagine my surprise when I read my name over there 😯😉

Haha, hope you’re good, mate 👍

August 3, 2022 7:05 pm

Sincere apologies I’ve just realised I meant to put an update re horse Electric love. Runs in ten mins. No idea how she’ll run. Cheekpieces on after two bad runs. Honestly no idea. She’s weighted to win but as I say been running poorly. She’ll be trying! Probably very trying.

August 3, 2022 7:07 pm

That’s me got £1EW on it. Away to watch it!

August 3, 2022 7:08 pm

Hi all.
From the lead article, to all the other posts, it’s been a great read back. Thanks all.
A wee bit of trivia, the blonde women, in the video, Denise, went on to marry Pete Waterman.
She presents a 70s show on Spotlight T.V.now.

Big Audio Dynamite
August 3, 2022 7:12 pm

Have to say I’m gobsmacked at the decision to book Goldson for the penalty last night.
Wonder if he maybe said something, and that’s why the ref chose to book him?
If it wasn’t for backchat, it’s one of the strangest bookings I’ve seen.

NanaMouskouri C.sc
August 3, 2022 7:15 pm

Booked him for the previous he got away with in the past

Sol Kitts
August 3, 2022 7:15 pm

Oh wow, your story just awakened a long repressed memory.
Back in the late 70s, I had a friend who was regarded by the idiots in school as “different” and therefore a target for bullying.
As anyone who knows me will attest, I don’t react well to bullying, and this lad was my friend, so I had to try to keep the arseholes away from him.
However, that’s only part of the story, so here goes….
My friend had a full collection of “MAD” magazines, and he let me take a pile of them home to read. This went on for some time until we left school and he moved to London and I went to Uni. He forgot to take his mags back, so I held onto them, kept them safe (or so I thought). In 4th year at Uni, I moved into halls and by then had lost touch with my old friend. No internet back then, so not easy to get back in touch with an estranged friend.
Well, the part of the story I had repressed until you reawakened it is that while I was in halls my mum decided to clean out my old room and binned the large number of my friend’s mags that I was holding onto, intending to reunite them with him at some point.
I was horrified and didn’t know how I would explain what had happened. I since found out that the full collection had some value money wise, but I was more concerned about the loss of something that he had clearly prized.
Years passed, the internet started, so I searched for him, and discovered that he had been a DJ on Radio Luxembourg, had been a producer on the Kenny Everett show, and at one point was the managing director of Capital Radio. He was awarded an OBE for services to the music industry. Not bad for the “different” guy. He was also gay.
I emailed him, only for his partner to reply to tell me he had died a few weeks before. I was stunned and saddened.
So Graham, God bless you, and I am truly sorry for the destruction of your prized MAD collection. I hope my mum apologised to you in heaven.

August 3, 2022 7:16 pm

Twisty, came in 3rd. I lost 33p. 🙁

August 3, 2022 7:16 pm

That was a fine thing you done back in the 60s.
What that poor man went through, just awful.

Sol Kitts
August 3, 2022 7:18 pm

I think he was cautioned for dissent. He looked like he had words with the ref as he was coming back onto the pitch after viewing the VAR screen, and discovered that refs in Europe are fine with yellow cards for hun misconduct.

NanaMouskouri C.sc
August 3, 2022 7:18 pm

Crowdfunder to help Jim recoup his losses

Sol Kitts
August 3, 2022 7:19 pm

Big Packy has already put a farthing in the pot.😎

August 3, 2022 7:22 pm

Sol Kitts, Nana, 👍

NanaMouskouri C.sc
August 3, 2022 7:22 pm

Some of Twisty horses tips posts should have the old red triangle warning signal

August 3, 2022 7:23 pm

On your story Sol, nearly had me crying

August 3, 2022 7:23 pm


Speaking of CQN,I have made some very good friends through that site. One of the most important though was someone who didn’t join in on the social side of things.

I used to phone WEEFRA and his wife,Dot,on a weekly basis. They were a tonic,but to my shame,I stopped those calls about 18 months ago. We didn’t fall out or anything,I just stopped calling. I know why,so does WEEFRA,just a personal thing about me.

Since then,he has lost Dot,and while it would be terrific to hear her voice when I call,it will not happen. I’m trying to persuade WEEFRA to phone the Larkhall CSC and ask them to get a ticket for him,let him go back to the game maybe every two months or so.

He used to arrange to meet people beside the superstore,a point which became known as CQN Corner. Everyone would just gather and have a laugh. I know those people would be back at the corner if WEEFRA said he would be there. I’ll keep working on him,get him out of himself,get him back to the fitba’ and his pals.

He’s a smashing lad,and the club needs people like him turning up. More than that.I think WEEFRA could do with turning up at the game and seeing his old pals. It will happen,I’ll just nag him to death until it does!

August 3, 2022 7:37 pm

From Dale Johnson of ESPN.
Here’s the key 3D animation for the Semi-Automated Offside Technology which will be used in the Champions League. It’s:

– Automated by AI, no manual line drawing by the VAR
– Clear and easy to understand, like goal-line tech
– Issues of camera angle and perspective are removed https://t.co/7viOAFtCUl

I have to say, this seems an improvement, rather than someone drawing lines.

August 3, 2022 7:38 pm

Indeed. I agree. 😁 ( though to be fair I did kinda attach a red flag myself on this one.)

Jim sorry for your loss😬

To more serious matters:

Sol Kitts
Geez I can only imagine the array of emotions you must have felt. Sad story but it’s clear in the manner you relay the story that your heart was in the right place at all times. Don’t feel you could’ve done any more than you did for your friend. I’m sure he’d agree and be proud of the way you looked out for him.

On a similar theme, bullying, one moment which gave me the greatest satisfaction was a letter I received from an English lady. I won’t bother going into minute detail but her son worked in the same company as me and it came to my attention he was being bullied by quite a number of the employees. He was living in Scotland, away from home for the first time, and it was naturally a worry for them.
Anyway I took him aside and told him I’d spoken to the crowd who were picking on him and if it happened again to let me know. It didn’t and he settled into the job well. Nice lad but quiet.
He obviously told his parents what had been happening and they sent me a letter to thank me for looking out for him. The sense of relief they felt made me very happy. A simple letter but it meant a lot and I’ve never forgotten it.

I’m sure if your friend was writing to you now he wouldn’t give a second thought to the lost collection but would certainly remember the good things you done for him.

August 3, 2022 7:39 pm

Jobo et all.
This week’s player of the match, might be thinner on the ground, numberwise.
Not on T.V., Less than 2,000 tickets for Celtic fans.
Let’s hope the streams are working well.