Attention To Detail

Attention to detail

I’ll admit we aren’t role models in that department. Between misspelling, getting it wrong on occasion, shoddiness with answering emails, etc etc it’s not a topic the staff at headquarters brag about.

Arsenal supporters on the other hand, are loving it.

Brendan was a details man,,,that little notebook always on hand, quickly checking the timepiece to correctly log whichever ‘event’ caught his eye, he clearly noticed and placed importance upon the small things.

It paid off, big-time. Leader of The Invincibles indeed, I maintain it ranks higher than a mere Liverpool second place, ironically caused by a man who would go on to repeat Brendan’s trick. 

He who laughs first and all.

Now hes found a kindred spirit in Mikel Arteta.

Last season he invited the club photographer (and lifelong Arsenal supporter) to give a pre match speech, which helped spur them onto victory over their north London rivals Spurs.

Nowadays he’s got his squad training to the opposition fan noise to prepare them for the occasion.

Now that’s attention to detail!

And in nine months we shall know if this approach pays off.

However, that attention also turned to the left back slot. Arsenal have only went and signed not one but two players for that particular berth which our friend Kieran Tierney enjoyed.

Enjoyed being the key word.

KT opened up his heart to the rags and admitted the move hasn’t gone great, his mother had previously expressed reservations, and clearly has other things much bigger than mere football on his mind.

Now call me naive but,,,

when you’re troubled going home is natural,,

your family always has your back and are glad to see you,,

there’s always somewhere that feels like home, and home is where the heart is.

I personally would try and bring him home.

Right now, Bernabei or not.

We might not see the best of him anytime soon, but we all know there’s a player there just waiting to be coaxed out.

And I ask you,,does Uncle Ange not seem the perfect manager to get the bhoy back on track?

There’s zero pressure, we are covered in that department.

The support would once again be fully behind their Bhoy, the past would be merely water under the bridge.

The Prodigal Son returns to be wholly positive and celebrated?

Call me naive, but that’s what I imagine.

It’s a marriage made in heaven.

Look after him, and he will look after us.

Big Charlie Mulgrew coming home didnt work out soo bad,,,there’s surely been others?

The instant I read that news I said to myself make that bid Sellic, which would reignite the support and wipe the smiles of our rivals.

The instant I read that report I said to myself,,bring him home.

Take advantage of Arsenal’s failure to pay attention to detail on that one occasion.

He was born to wear the Hoops.

He produces his best in the Hoops.

He belongs in the Hoops.

For all their details, Arsenal never spotted the one that was staring them in the face.

He’s a Tim and always will be.

And that’s why I want him home.

What say ye?

By Mahe

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I cannot see him moving back unless it is on freedom of contract. And that he reckons he has made enough money. He is clearly having a time of it in London,but the fans love him,and so does Arteta. He is a hero down there,and he will continue to be.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Oh, ffs, Mahe, seriously?!

It’s a resounding ‘YES!’ from me.

My heart was tingling as I read through this before that killer denouement!


Bring our Bhoy home!

What a feckin team that would be!



Big Charlie Mulgrew coming home didnt work out soo bad,,,there’s surely been others?

I think Bertie Auld was half decent second time around.

The Fenian Whaler

Is this deliberate attempt, and oh so obvious btw, at being polemic in order to elicit a response? Feck it I’ll bite anyway. KT back at paradise FFS😲😲😲 Are the gunners going to gift us a player valued at +£40 million, and as one pundit in the know at Arsenal recently put it ” He’s a future club captain. Tierney is everything what Arsenal are about. They’ll never get rid of him, he’s a top player!”
Are penny-pinching Celtic going to compete with the elite clubs in Europe for his services should he decide to leave London🤔 Nah, not a fecking chance. I guess the supposition is that KT downs tools and refuses to play anywhere else cause he is feeling a bit depressed, that being the only way we’d have any chance of seeing the likes of him back in a Celtic strip at the moment, but he seems to be in top form physically and mentally at this juncture. Perhaps in 10 years, we may see him in a Celtic strip again for a final swan song before hanging up his boots
And BTW KT has already had his perfect Celtic manager – In a recent interview with Chris ‘hun Skelper’ Sutton KT said this about the much-maligned Brendan “When you’re younger, you don’t know about tactics, but he taught me about football. I don’t think I’d be the player who got a move without him. He shaped me”.

PS KT’s favorite Celtic players: Scott Brown, Henrik Larsson, and Bobo Balde.


I love KT but I say that Arsenal have signed two players as KT is injured too often, I would take him back but would not spend a penny in transfer fees doing it. One of our bloggers continues to call his transfer to Arsenal a loan but it’s not, they spent big money on him so signing two in his position speaks volumes

PS do we also have to bring his chef with him?

A thing of beauty

Maybe a bit more vociferous than myself but I agree with your sentiment. There no way KT is coming back to Celtic anytime soon and certainly not this season.
I wish him well and hope he overcomes his struggles. Tremendous pressure being in a top league at that age away from your close knit family. I felt the move was too early for him but very few, even supposed diehards like KT can resist the lure of the EPL.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.


Morning all, got a busy, busy day ahead, 2 Funerals and a Wedding has an unreal feel to it!
I’m with the majority here, there’s zero chance of KT coming back.
ATOB…I think he is a diehard and that if Celtic had shown willing to pay top (Scottish) dollar he’d still be here but as ever the £25m speaks to the Board and our best homegrown player in a long, long time leaves for the riches of the English game.
Will we ever learn!

St tams

Mahe. I said the same to my son at the weekend.
That we should try and get him back.
Even if it is on loan.


Morning all,

Regarding KT, there’s absolutely no chance of him returning in the near future.( Cash, contract etc).

And to be honest, as much as I love KT and his enthusiasm and love of Celtic, people on here are forgetting, he was injured quite a few times playing for us, and has been many times at Arsenal.

What, is he coming back to Celtic and not being injury prone????

So it’s a no from me.

Still 💚 KT

HH 🍀🍀

Prestonpans bhoys

I’ve wandered into a parallel universe about KT coming home. Aff to the real world🗼🚀🚀



I agree,the thought of KT returning had never occurred to me until I read the article. I don’t think there is a chance in hell of it happening.

BTW,I believe that his transfer request was based entirely on who took over as manager from Brendan Rodgers. Somewhere,I have an e-mail to that effect. But three years ago? I’ll never find it. Won’t stop me looking for it,though.


KT may have high praise for Brendan giving him the tactical know how to build on his undoubted talent but in reality he was a poor shadow of himself in BR;s last year.
Injuries aside he went from a fierce tackling marauding full back to a stay at home cautious and safe defender.
BR’s demand of strict adherence to his possession above all system neutered KT’s natural game and had a detrimental effect on his performances towards the end.
I felt on his previous form we were lucky to get the fee we did.
At Arsenal he started to show signs of being the old KT but injuries have plagued him.
I hope Arsenal can resolve his issues and he goes on to show us what a fine footballer he really is.
Only way he will be back to Celtic soon is if Arsenal feel his problems are insurmountable and they have to cut their losses.


Prestonpans bhoys,

Well it is April the 1st

Oh wait. ………….,,

Just opinions and think Mahe was on the good stuff yesterday 😜😜

And has anyone heard from BRRB who is probably causing chaos in The Republic 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪


There’s an article in today’s Daily Mail,where Chris Sutton interviews Kieran Tierney. Well worth a look.

Turns out that KT is teetotal,which I didn’t know,but reminded me of a wee dayooooot in Cheltenham,maybe a decade ago.

I took my wee hun pal,Graham,up to meet our sadly departed pal GARRY. Plus,as it turns out,his nephew,Chris.

Three pints of lager,please,and a J20 for the young fella. Chris played for Dundee United,and was teetotal. Fair play,son. The barman asked him for proof of ID!

WTF,it’s a soft drink? Chris didn’t have proof of ID,but he had his Wikipedia page and Dundee United profile.

Not good enough,apparently. Barred. The place was full of carpet crawlers-and we got barred! For a young fella buying a non-alcoholic drink?

Sometimes,you just have to laugh…



You mentioned an interview with Chris Sutton in the Daily Mail,

Never knew Sutton was involved with them !!

Got me thinking, who has more Media outlets, Sutton or McCoist. ?????

Far too many methinks ( Hope they both donate generously to charity).

Call me Gerry

Having read Mahe’s leader, like The Fenian Whaler, I tried not to bite. But I too have failed…obviously…😁

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Mahe had a few too many lubrications before bed, and he then had a dream consisting of the content in his article. I’d also need to believe that he then typed out said article in his sleep!

My instant reaction = WAKE UP MAHE 🗣 YOU’RE DREAMING! 🤣

Now, to those thinking that my scenario is far-fetched and exceedingly unlikely to occur, my retort would be…”Mahe started it”. 😁😁



Look forward to the Double Swoop headline,

Tierney and Ronaldo jet in.


A nice dream Mahe but highly unlikely for all the reasons given.


Forget KT returning to Celtic. It is a non starter. However, of more concern is his mental health. Now the Express is part of the sensationalist media. Exaggeration and selective pruning of interviews is part of their craft. So we should take the article with a large pinch of salt. Especially, since initial reports suggested how much Tierney was enjoying London.

If there is any truth in his mental health struggles, it could fit with moving away from the support networks of home. Petrov is a recent example at Celtic who went through similar circumstances. He experienced culture shock in a big way since he did not even speak the language. So it is possible that Tierney struggled off the park.

I think back to my own move away from home…..Glasgow to London in the swinging sixties. Money in my pocket, freedom from studying, women and booze aplenty…..I enjoyed them all! However, you can still be lonely in a crowd. I missed home, pure and simple. With phonecalls at one pound per minute, it was both difficult and expensive to maintain contact with HQ. Did I hit a downer, yep I did without even knowing it.

Similarly, when I moved my family to Canada, there were many times when I thought about moving back. Fortunately, it did not happen.

I do not know Tierney’s personal circumstances but he has been in London long enough to establish some form of network. If my experiences are anything to go by, it will involve a large dose of the Scottish diaspora.

Personally, I suspect that Tierney will have a relatively short career due to injuries. His middle section seems to have received serious damage while at Celtic. Hopefully, he will be careful with his wealth and use it wisely.

All the best to him. I always enjoy players whose heart is on their sleeve.



A few of questions from me:

Yesterday’s topic was Bankier leaving.

There were a number of comments, 3 of which raised the spectre of Lawwell becoming Chairman.

I later posted this:

” If this does not put an end to the idea Lawwell can become Celtic Chairman after Bankier, nothing will except the truth.

What I’d like to know is did anyone read Phil’s blog?

Of those who did read it , did it change the .minds of any readers of the chances?

If not why not?

I have a growing fear that lieing is now accepted as part of life rather than a challenge to stand against it and an opportunity to reassert truth as the way to the light.



On less serious note when I first went to London in 1965 for a year I might as well have not been speaking the same language as Londoners. I developed a sort of stutter in form of repeating myself.

It became my speech pattern there which was ok until I came home at weekends when I left the sweetie shop with two bars of chocolate.

More seriously I had the benefit though of living in a hostel surrounded by lads from all around the UK.

Mind you that was mental in the colloquial meaning of the word.

Looking back I could have painted my face in blue woad and ran along Oxford St shouting FREEDOM!

Angel Gabriel

Auldheid 12.14

I read the link , but didn’t need to , I already know that big Pedro can be “ economical “ with the truth.

I’d admit that PL is a big Tim , but his first interest is wonga, followed a close 2nd on how to maximise his bonus , which was always rising.

As Director of the football department, he was shite .



Yes, I did read Phil’s article…..something that I do not do all that often anymore.

No, it did not influence my assessment of whether PL will be appointed to the Chair. I also suspect that the alleged lie will not influence the majority of supporters either. That is not to say that it should not be decisive….it should.

Celtic often promote to Chair from within the Board….an unhealthy practice but one that is part of the old boys club philosophy….better the devil you know. Sadly, the football governing body is also like this.

A way will be found to “explain” PL’s comment if it emerges as an issue. I could provide a couple of examples without thinking too hard.

It took much more than a lie to remove him from his previous position so it will take a lot more than that to block his promotion, if the Board wants it to happen.

There is an alternative future….namely that he does not want it. Having your house firebombed and the reasons for it, would make anyone think twice.


bada bing1

Rebus- i watched the Arsenal Amazon programme, KT said he struggled initially, and was very homesick, he has settled now he lives with the Club chef,who he brought to London, he was smart enough to point out his upbringing, and a few he knew committed suicide, he encouraged people to talk to someone if you feel in a bad place, he lives a very quiet life.I hope he can stay injury free and prove what an outstanding player he is HH

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Auldheid: What Angel Gabriel said for me.

bada bing1

The sales pitch for Lawwell becoming Chairman will be…..’ well at least he’s not Bankier…..’


Good afternoon from a drookit Strathaven the home town of wee ten thirty. I hope this post finds you all In good health. HH

Sol Kitts

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I have to say that this morning’s leader article is the first one on the blog that’s made me think wtf. Welcome to the dream factory. We would all love to have KT back, but imagining it will happen won’t make it so.

The Star Above The Crest

I’ve seen a few people post/tweet about Peter Lawwell saying he’s a big Celtic fan. Has anyone seen any evidence of Peter attending a Celtic game before he was employed at Celtic? I.e. when he’s had to pay for his ticket himself. Or ever known him to be on a supporters bus? Or in the boozer with his mates before a game?


Causes for concern re PL as a candidate for Chair should focus on his strategic leadership, even tho his values may not be one’s own.

During his tenure, it could be argued that, since the Europa final, Celtic’s position in Europe was eroded consistently during PL’s tenure. You only have to look at the performance of the other club in that final to see how far we have fallen.Defeats to clubs like Cluj, Maribor etc consistently.

The buy low, sell high strategy, in itself, is not flawed but it needs proper support to succeed. It requires succession planning, ability to spot a player, a wide scouting system. None of that was provided instead it was left to serendipity or Van Dyke. Angel has already summarised PL’s performance as DOF.

Although managerial appointment was not solely in his hands, he is partially responsible for NL, mark 2, and Deila, mark 1, not to mention Mowbray. I suspect there was friction between PL and the best manager since MON, namely BR in terms of a power struggle on how the club could progress. A CEO needs to be able to manage change suggested by others.

Then we have the debacle of the 10 season. Poor managerial appointment, flawed decision to retain disenchanted players resulting in asset devaluation, the Dubai disaster in the middle of a pandemic, dithering on removing a manager that appeared to be struggling on and off the park.

Is the above and more, the CV of a Chairman of Celtic? Well……..




What a choice…Truss or Sunak?

Equivalent to do you wish to be shot or hung?

How did it get so bad?



The Star Above The Crest

That is absolutely confirmed.

The Lawwell’s are as Celtic, as any other Celtic family! Good guys!!

It’s difficult to reconcile the family man from the Employee/Accountant/CEO – but, there is a difference.

Bankier – now -answers on the back of a postcard …


Auldheid I did read Phil’s article. I read all of his stuff although a lot of it is repetitive.
My thoughts on it chime with Rebus at 12.31.

When you posted last night I had a look for another recent article which suggested PL was calling in favours from media friends to start a campaign on his behalf. Now I can’t find it anywhere. Did anyone else see it?

bada bing1
The Real McCoy

Rebus et al.
Regarding the tory scum leadership election:-
Comedian Stuart Mitchell opined —
“ It’s like being asked to choose which finger for your prostate examination “ 😱😂

bada bing1



What a choice…Truss or Sunak?

Equivalent to do you wish to be shot or hung?

How did it get so bad?

Lack of a credible Labour Party,or leader?

The Star Above The Crest


Thanks for your reply. I’ve no reason to doubt what you’re saying. My family & I would be huge fans of any organisation that paid me 10s of millions of pounds and gave us free tickets etc too.

I’ve never seen any evidence of him attending games before he was employed by the club. I’ve never even heard of anyone who has seen him at a game. I don’t think I’ve seen him ever talk about going to a game when he was younger and not paid to be there.

A thing of beauty

Similar struggle myself with moving to London and I had family there to support me!! I can look back now and say I managed it but nothing more than that. It was horrible at times and it only stands to reason your mental health takes a hit but as Scottish people we don’t talk about that and it’s have another drink and get a smile on your face. I met a lot of good people, made lifelong friends but I never wanted to be there. Never. I always wanted home. KT will like myself return one day and probably like me have a season ticket at Celtic Park but he’ll have a better chance of getting away tickets!!
I was a bit harsh with the supposed diehard but I’ll never understand how he never stayed for the ten. Mind you maybe he saw the writing on the wall with Lennon getting the job. He talks about how BR taught him loads about football and thought he better get away before he went backwards like the rest of his team mates.
I read Phil but like others it was nothing new to me. The issue is that lying in any position of power nowadays is almost the norm and certainly no barrier to advancement. If the absent landlord decides that is who is the new chairman then it’s a fait accompli.

Big Audio Dynamite

Weefra, hope you are good, buddy.

And HH to ya 💚


Auldheid – On the language theme.

Leggy will remember that 2 of his teammates moved south at the same time. I went to work in Eastbourne, my mate went to Brighton. We lived near each other between both offices and continued to play in the same side.
That was a great help to us in settling in down south so I can sympathise with those who go it alone.

Inland Revenue sports day for south east England was held in Portsmouth. On my first sports day I sat on the coach from Eastbourne with the keeper for our 5 a side team. We arrived at Portsmouth at the same time as the Brighton coach so my mate and the keeper went into the changing rooms together.
After about 10 minutes the keeper shouted out.
He said for gods sake can you two please slow down and talk English. He said he’d understood every word I’d said on the 90 minute coach journey but had not caught one word that my mate and I had said since we met up.



Hear you buddy.

Just offering you an insight to my lived experience.

Garnered long before there was any senior role or large income.

For clarity -from my post the other day -would not welcome him as Chairman.


The Star Above The Crest


If you’re saying that then I’m happy to accept it.

Cheers mate HH


“Is Mahe on the sauce?”
“I said the same to my son over the weekend”
I rest my case, or is everyone sauced?

“He’s a future Arsenal captain”
He’s been replaced by two new left backs ffs, he’s not gonna play never mind get the armband.

Ten million and our top wage brings him home.
Read that express article, he’s a troubled young man.

Happy Friday everyone.
Hail Hail

Prestonpans bhoys


I’d read that post of Phil’s before, my initial reaction was if the prime minister can lie with impunity for the past 18 months…….well😕😠

Ontario going same way, our health system is a disaster.


Big Audio Dynamite

I an indeed well BAD as I hope you are also. Have a great, and safe, weekend. HH


Angel Gabriel

I read the link , but didn’t need to , I already know that big Pedro can be “ economical “ with the truth.

I’d admit that PL is a big Tim , but his first interest is wonga, followed a close 2nd on how to maximise his bonus , which was always rising.

As Director of the football department, he was shite .

I think most have the same view I know it from hard experience as Phil set out in his blog “Res12 A Story of Duplicity from Cradle to Grave ” Everything in that narrative is evidence based.

So too is Phil’s latest blog but the difference being it happened in public at an AGM and is challengeable under Company Law.

The problem which is being illustrated here is supporters simply cannot be bothered.

The big mistake I made was thinking the truth mattered or there will be serious consequences.

Now how serious before we end up in a hell of our own making I dont know, but my view is we are heading there in a hand cart because no one cares.



Indeed but Johnson himself will have lost what he most cherishes. Power and proclaim.

Everything has consequences. The truth is reality by another name and reality bites. Always..

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