Completely Fair

I was a little perplexed on Sunday that young Master Welsh was given the nod over Big Jenz, my reasoning being our two first choice centre halves need game time together before facing the most stiffest of test, Champions League football. 

A big unit, strong in the tackle, plus being accustomed to the left, not to mention an atmospheric home fixture,,I felt certain Moritz would get the nod. 

Turns out it was the correct call after all, as we all witnessed. Stephen was solid first and foremost, then he even netted to help shut me up.

I couldn’t ask for more, I’d wager Ange feels the same.

The big question now is,,what’s next and will that performance be rewarded by another start?

Not an extended run in the team, but keeping his place?

It should be. 

Stepping into the team and playing well should be rewarded, as opposed to playing in a winning team. Given our wage budget is the highest in the land, the deciding factor more often than not, we should win every game, and have done before. As such, mere participation in a winning side should not in itself be enough to automatically be selected. 

To play well in a winning side is altogether different. 

It shows desire, surely one must try to perform rather than stumble across a good game.

It highlights the competition within the squad, telling everyone the next man might just do enough to grab that position.

It demonstrates the gap between backup and first choice is cigarette paper thin, our new sexy signing was overlooked for a local kid who shone, and might just become first choice. For the next game that is.

That’s all anyone, not only Stephen Welsh, should be afforded. 

You play well, you’re in the team.

In other words, one bad game and you’re out.

Now that is pressure, or life at a big club depending on your viewpoint. 

And it’s completely fair. If everyone is given a shot, knowing they stay in the team with a good performance, standards should rise across the board and any grumbling is nipped in the bud because it’s completely fair. It’s on the player to produce, which is after all why they were signed.

It’s the easiest way to keep a group on it’s toes, not allowing them to become complacent.

I dare say the manager would earn respect for such a non personal but no nonsense approach.

That’s why, for me, the very first name on the team sheet this weekend MUST be young Welshy. Not only would it benefit the squad as a whole but it would be completely fair.

By Mahe

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Napsters,follow the link

My apologies for not putting it on the site yesterday.


And from JOBO re the POTY competition…


Just a wee reminder and also a wee plea. On Saturday if you DO manage to catch the game can you please consider voting in the ole POTY competition thing. I hope I’m wrong but I’m expecting numbers to be down compared to the opening fixture. So, even if you’ve never voted before just stick the names of Celtic’s 3 best performers from Saturday’s game in an email to me at
Thanks in advance



Quotes from Ange, makes sense to me.

“I think he ( DT) will have a strong year this season but he won’t play 50 games, Matt O’Riley won’t play 50 games – none of them will play 50 games.”

“So I don’t have a first XI, I don’t have a set midfield three and then another one. What I do have is players who can play in those areas and I want to get the maximum out of all of them. The only way I can do that is by keeping them fresh for when they are needed“

Jobo Baldie

The point made in the leader about keeping the Jersey with a good performance is one I tend to go along with. But that specific issue was covered by Ange in this weeks press conference. He offered no such guarantees, suggesting he considers each upcoming match on it’s own, picking the team that he thinks has the best chance of getting the desired performance and result.
Happy matchday, friends!



For far too long,we have had a large squad,but full of deadwood. We now have a slightly smaller squad,but with a vast improvement in the quality.



Love the sentiment and absolutely agree on the power of positive reinforcement- especially when it encourages les autres … Development squad and career progression etc.

I voted for Welsh last week … also thought Taylor was in good form too.


We were playing Hibs … ah mean Aberdeen…

Now if ATOB has anything to do with it, we will be facing Real Madrid in CL matches very soon.

We should be using these games to prepare for that situation.

If there is better quality in the squad and they are fit, they should be out on the pitch sooner rather than later.

CFC – I’m factoring in your excellent post from Ange’s view on squad resources and not playing 50 odd games. Welsh will get good game time in time but right now we need our best out there getting fit and familiarising with teammates.

Having said that, Ross County will be a tough test! If Welsh is the fittest player I’d have no problems playing him today. He won’t let us down.



AS you’re about – those two things from last nite – updated/done now and will forward to Mahe. Cc you FYI only

Thanks and HH


For the last few seasons, by this stage, Celtic blogs have been mostly quite downbeat. We’d have lost one or two Euro qualifiers, one or two centre backs through injury, PL would have held up/pulled out of transfers in, and we’d have all been arguing like feck amongst ourselves.
Now we’re debating who to play from the strongest looking squad we’ve had for years.
Things are looking good, and then we hear Lawwell could return as Chairman. Please no.

Prestonpans bhoys

On Lawwell, Phil comments ‘someone is flying a kite’

Lets hope it has crashed down in flames💣



Re the size and quality of the squad we have now,I think that Ange has probably got his first eleven sorted in his mind. But rotation is very much the way to ensure that he has that first eleven available for the games he needs them most.

For instance,the arrival of Jens Moritz has probably shoved Stephen Welsh down to fourth in the pecking order. Unfortunate,as everyone knows that I rate him highly.

The arrival of Mooy has probably shoved James McCarthy down to third for that spot,behind Guchi. Matt O’Riley,Reo,DT are all fighting for the third midfield berth-but even CalMac needs a rest too.

But it is up front that we have the biggest selection problems. First picks are Jota,Kyogo and Maeda. G-Mak is the obvious replacement for when Kyogo is rested. When Maida is not there,Jota switches left and Abada comes in. Sme as when Jota is rested. I’m struggling to see much chance of James Forrest being involved.

Is this a good thing? Not for James,it isn’t. Nor for Welsh,Jullien,Bain and quite a few others. But it is certainly a good thing for the club and the fans that our quality has soared to that extent in little more than a year.

But I agree entirely with MAHE on this point,about players coming in and performing very well indeed. Do that,and they deserve to be playing the next game.


CCV and Jens today.



Thanks,mate. I enjoyed reading them,and I know the rest of the site are in for a treat!



“On 21st June 2020, a bright sunny day, Noah set off on his bike to meet up with his 2 friends but never reached his destination. Instead, Noah was found 6 days later in a storm-drain, naked, in a part of Belfast he did not know.”

Aye,that sounds like the kind of thing a 14yo lad would do,doesn’t it? Absolutely shocking from PSNI and Stormont.


Interesting topic and interesting mix of views. All well argued.
Just shows this management lark is easy. Anyone could do Ange’s job. He’s getting his money for nothing. 😁


I really don’t get this 1st XI thing at all. Each game is now a 16 from 20 odd affair. Someone like Stephen Welsh will feature in 25+ games this season. He will be in every squad with a chance of playing in some glamour games. And earning fabulous wages. What more could a young Celtic daft lhad wish for?



I think Ange’s thoughts will be that his preferred first XI will be the starting line-up in our toughest games. The squad-as you say,16 from 20-will be used to protect the players from burn out and injury.

That’s why we,at last,have a quality squad,after all. The replacements should be more than capable of doing what they are asked to do.

bada bing1

Mikey Johnston out,Martin Boyle in…….i would…..


(For instance,the arrival of Jens Moritz has probably shoved Stephen Welsh down to fourth in the pecking order)
Have to respectfully disagree.
The Welsh of last year would probably fit the above but the guy who took the field against Aberdeen looked a leaner, meaner more focused player than his previous self.
I was impressed with his energy and concentration last week.
He had one out of position error last week when CCV made a last gasp tackle and gave him a rollicking.
One in comparison to last season when his enthusiasm often saw him out of position due to over persuing.
This shows a maturity that was previously lacking.
If his improvement and focus remain Welsh will play second fiddle to no one.


Packy I have put my trust in you and bet your NAP to win with Paddy Power. £2 (TWO POUNDS!!!)



All good points,indeed. As you know,I thought he was our POTY in the disastrous campaign that finished only fifteen months ago. He had every right to feel disheartened last season at only being a bit player.

He has obviously listened to Ange,and time is very much on his side.


We have a squad of 23/24 outfield players, It is in the CL where we will see ( injury permitting)
Our strongest 16 on the park. Almost certainly in every game, given the intensity of performance required at the elite level.

But We will need everyone available this season.
There is a little respite after CL games with our domestic opponents being Livi, St M, St J, Hibs, Livi, D U. That roster could have been tougher.
Livi away ( game 5) being the trickiest on paper.

The full 23/24 will be needed let alone the top 16.
This is Ange’s point.


Ps Agree on SW, I also thought he was our best player in that debacle of a season.
And he is improving, otherwise he wouldn’t have his admirers from abroad, as he appears to.

You need character to come through the ranks at Celtic Park- more power to him.


You are Ange.

You are playing Livi away.

They have a big tall unit up front.

CCV is a given.

You have 3 choices Welsh, Jenz , Starfelt.

Jenz is the biggest unit of the three.

The incumbent has played well and coped physically against players of similar stature but the lack of comparative height could be a problem.

Whom do you pick?

Wire in. 🙂



JF and other “fringe” squad members will get their chances- St M or St J in between Real Madrid and Liverpool?😵‍💫


Johnson imitating McCaff, at a night out in Shawlands. 😂😂💚💚


Interesting topic and interesting mix of views. All well argued.
Just shows this management lark is easy. Anyone could do Ange’s job. He’s getting his money for nothing. 😁

Maybe we should have a Manager of the Match competition?

Based on past comments Fan and Rebus , not necessarily in that order, would be front runners. 🙂

Billy Bhoy


Following on from our earlier discussion about KT. I’d love you to be right that things have changed. Last season five p!ayers were given retrospective red cards following a Celtic match. That’s 5 times WE should have been playing against 10 men – but weren’t. Two of those incidents were courtesy of today’s MIB Don Robertson. So, lets see if your optimism is well placed. Fingers crossed!

In other news, anyone who is utterly frustrated to not be seeing today’s game should do what I’ve done. Purchase a £30 firestick. Get it chipped by a mate. Watch every game – indeed channel to your hearts content.

I declined for years. Paid for Sky AND BT Sports. Until they moved the SC and LC to Premiers Sports. At that point I said enough is enough! And as we can see today even if you currently pay for all three you STILL can’t see today’s game. We are being utterly ripped of and shafted!

I feel no guilt whatsoever, after all the money they’ve taken from me, to now treat them with the same contempt that they’re showing us.

So, Jobo, stand by for my top three!


Bada 10.37.
Hibs have reached an agreement with Al-Faisaly for the return of Martin Boyle.

The forward is set to be unveiled at Easter Road before the Edinburgh Derby tomorrow.



Do you have room for the 80 or so who voted last time?


Judith Durham, Australian singer and vocalist of The Seekers, dies at 79

Big Audio Dynamite

For anyone who isn’t aware you can watch all Celts games on hesgoal …

Erm, you can watch Celtic on hesgoal 😉


HESGOAL seem to be showing today’s match,so I will post a link to it nearer the time,maybe about 230pm.

I reckon I posted it too early last week,and as a result,it didn’t work properly.



Great minds,indeed! Last week’s link failed though-see above. Probably my fault.

bada bing1

JNP- Back to the drawing board

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, don’t think I’ve missed a game using hesgoal …or maybe just been lucky 👍

Awe Naw

Best part of the night last night.

Until we were brought down to earth with a bang. Bayern are what the CL is all about. Billion dollar squads. Every player and their understudies worth 40million dollars more than their counterparts.

Check the foul count. Fucking raging last night. Kostic on the park while brushing up on his Chas and Dave. If that´s his goodbye then beyond pathetic. Same last season. Was Glasner unaware of that ?
How many times I watched Kimmich run 60 -80 yards last night and spray the ball about without one questionable challenge ? Really ?

Mon the bhoys today in need of a lift.

I´m going 5.0 (yes 0)

Big Audio Dynamite

Really wish I would’ve stayed ignorant about what a social media influencer is/does. If these people are now taking the place of parents, teachers and the like, God help the young today!

Awe Naw

I´d love to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room when Celtic get gubbed 6.1 in the league and not one foul was committed to see Ange’s reaction



I’m not in favour of kicking the opposition just for the sake of it,just to “show you care.” But if I was on the receiving end of a good doing at home,I would be kicking everything that moved.


Awe Naw

1-6, at home.
Eintracht not ready as a Pot 1 team in CL terms then?
The one to get.

Awe Naw


me neither but I expect challenges, blocks, indefatigability. No belief last night from the offset. A star player in the huff again and on the pitch again. CL team comes to the Waldstadion when we are 4 weeks away from competing in it and we completely surrender ?????

Has a pot 1 team ever ended up in 4th place ?

Blisteringly pish. Big wake up call and to be honest the entire club especially the support need it.

onwards and upwards

Awe Naw


yes but Celtic will not draw Eintracht (oil and water)

Far from ready. Truthfully we need to concentrate on the BL. CL will either be a wet dream or a nightmare for Eintracht.


Awe Naw

Puts their 120 min draw v Huns into perspective I guess.
The CL draw looks an even scarier prospect now!



I first saw Roy play,for Forest,in 90-91. I was at their game v Wimbledon,and having met some of their fans in the pub,decided to watch it with them.

Christ,that’s a scary bloke,I said. I bet even Stuart Pearce won’t tackle him in training.

Scary,oh aye. Just turned 19yo. He even scares Cloughie!

I wouldn’t spill his pint,that’s for sure.

Awe Naw


Sure does tic and eintracht will not make the 2nd stage. I have been telling all my Eintracht mates how pish the huns are. They weren’t having it. Dortmund and RB Leipzig etc. Well after this weeks results. They are now in the picture. My crowd were berating me last night as pre match I would gladly have taken a draw. To a man and woman they were all tipping wins for Eintracht yesterday.

St tams

Fulham, making Liverpool look very ordinary after 35 mins


Awe Naw

IF we end up in same group one of us will make third!

What will be …
Anyway, first things first – deal with RC.

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