A team for everyone

It’s funny how we all wear the green tinted specs, but see different things. There hasn’t been serious team dissection mostly due to the results, but it strikes me the team are currently providing ammunition for almost every point of view.


The pragmatist will be happy, knowing at this stage the three points take precedence for the opening few fixtures, realizing a team that hits the ground running immediately can run out of form and steam. There’s plenty of football remaining, and lots of time to click.


The pessimist won’t like the fact we conceded, and were about ten minutes from dropping points. After a lacklustre opening fixture, some might have expected a strong reaction and more fluidity. That once again a defender netted when a goal was needed, not a midfielder or attacker, may be taken as a sign we aren’t playing the correct personnel or system.


The realist will see five goals over two victories, a new goal threat in defense, and notice this team doesn’t stop until the whistle blows. Our strength in depth is paying off, and if those selected don’t impress they can expect to see the bench.
The team will hit form, and later rather than sooner suits us, as long as we are collecting the points. We hit great form around Christmas last year and never looked back. Heading into the finishing straight with momentum is better than bursting out of the blocks and fading.


The nervous might tell you our midfield is suspect, unbalanced and at the heart of the team’s problems. They might explain our defense (2goals) and our wingers (2goals) are outscoring our two strikers who have a solitary goal between them.
Joe’s positioning could come back to bite.
Too dependant on Jota (1 goal and 1 assist in two shows he’s our main man) could become their mantra,


The op-TIM-est will be happy goals are coming from everywhere, and big Jenz adds a new attacking angle.
Our two most impressive players (Jota and Taylor) are fully owned and going nowhere in January to derail a second title bid.
We’ve scored five and our strikers haven’t really got going yet, taken two decent scalps straight off the bat, and our bench is very very strong.
Others would love their lack of form to play out so well.


The analyst will notice Greg Taylor isn’t overlapping on the outside as much, but rather bolstering the midfield with timely tackles and interceptions, which plays to his strengths and is at the heart of his current renaissance. They could speculate our late goal fetish is a result of the opposition facing a tireless work rate from kickoff, mostly via Maeda. Successive headed goals from central defenders might suggest they’ve been pushed to offer more in the way of goals, showing (just like the above) we are evolving as a team.


The blogger understands that perfection on the park doesn’t necessarily translate off it. When we watch it go swimmingly well, there’s very little to be said.
Plaudits get handed out.
When it’s not going so swimmingly, most believe they can pinpoint why, and a lot put those thoughts into type sparking debate, which usually means a busier blog.


180 minutes into the new season and so far it’s an open book. If you’re looking for something, you’ll probably find it.
Until things settle down, I expect we shall remain a team for everyone.

By Mahe

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Very thought provoking article, Mahe.



Good Morning – Grand Day To Be A Tim

Yes, there certainly seems to be ammo for every point of view in our first two games.

Personally!? What is the need for convincing wins? That’s if a two goal win isn’t convincing enough! A win is a win in the league.

That said I’m more than happy with the way we are playing, Ange has been fourteen months in the job and took over a complete shambles.

If anyone had expected more they haven’t been paying attention.

The never stop mantra has become a bit of a lift pitch, tagline cliché. However it is what we do.

Compare our last ten minutes to that in the Edinburgh derby; Hearts had been the better team, the were one nil up, they looked the more likely team to score but there manager was pragmatic, a couple of subs, a defensive set up, even playing in Hibs corners to wind down the clock and sure enough, the impetus went to Hibs who, after a couple of missed chances levelled with the last meaningful kick of the game.

Sure pragmatism has it’s place but not at Celtic – we never stop.

Auldheid @ 10:02 PM,

Hello again. Yup

Its the same old song since we’ve been gone (from CQN).

I rate Grant Russell quite highly on his understanding of football issues and in spite of me telling him not to go to press on the Traverso letter of June 2016 calling SEVCO a “new club/company ” that is when he was a reporter with STV and I was pleased he freed himself from those constraints and has gone to Motherwell which gives him a seat at the football table.

I might have covered my thinking on what needs to be done to bring about change in my reply to GFTB about the OST to create the environment under which viewing a game by whichever means suits the viewer at a fair price for each category of supporter, becomes possible. I found this Celtic advert for the OST that explains it well.


One hindering factor I forgot to mention was Celtic were dead against paying a monthly subscription for a lets call it “Virtual ST” , they much prefer the money up front.

The reason for this is the thinking that if Celtic fall out of contention for trophies some would cancel the monthly subscription. That thinking has been shown to be questionable during COVID when supporters paid for STs with every likelihood they had no game to watch. Also only in extreme circumstances would we not be in contention.

However its not the winning that counts to many I believe. Ultimately it is the belonging that counts.

I wrote about belonging back in 2011 or thereabouts for Celtic Underground and there is a copy at


for anyone interested. It is 10 years old remember but I think the sentiment is as alive today as it was then in spite of all that has occurred that might have killed it. Even those who have left long for conditions to change to enable a return.

Interesting on Grant Russell, it looks like, as an insider, he feels that this shake up he’s advocating is not only possible, it’s vital.

The OST could have morphed into an excellent platform and income stream around an extended passport to Paradise.

From memory, based on our discussions and your experience my thoughts were…

Sell the big Derby games, the old firm, new firm clashes, the quarter finals, semi finals and finals etc to a Broadcaster – give them a pick of the choice league and Cup games every week. All other games on a ppv format, that can be accessed by suppoeters through a virtual season ticket or game by game basis.

You were right to assume that the Celtic punters would sign up and continue to support the Club, it has been proven.

The money up front incase we falter and lose subscribers is a mentality that seeped through every commercial pore of Celtic’s business approach.

The same argument as not investing for UCL football incase we don’t get UCL football.

The same mentality that brought the merchandising in-house to increase margins rather than develop and increase sales.

PL concentrated on the 50,000 that he could get an average of 1Kpa from, rather than the 500,000 that were looking for a way to help support the Club financially.

Subsequently our profile outside the West of Scotland has vastly diminished as the mega Clubs seize all before them.

Another issue implementing the OST type scheme was our poor operations and implementation. Where other organisations had a COO and a team underneath them, we had a vacuum.

This came starkly into focus during the Covid seasons, supposedly the most resilient Club in Britain hit hardest by the epidemic.

Hopefully now we have the will and the way to implement the necessary modernisations to take us to the next level – we have to give Mr Nicholson his due but that Board look a tad familiar, the new Chairman should be an indication of where we are going.

Yet seeing dead Rangers come up from nowhere, onto our shoulder then overtake us in Europe and commercially and win their first Championship is galling, yet it was totally predictable.

The scheme Grant Russell is proposing will help Scottish football in general and their largest Global Club Celtic in particular.

FYI – I couldn’t access your Celtic Underground link but your sentiments run very true.

Have A Great Day

Aff Oot

Hail Hail



Jota had three assists on Saturday. Mind you,my link was so bad that I could be wrong!

Excellent article though. There is much to think about there and discuss,much as there is for Ange and his team re our recent displays. As an inveterate gambler for over forty years now,I used to back on the dogs occasionally. Each of my sisters can attest to some amazing payouts for a few pounds,just when I needed them too.

But this isn’t an-“oh,get me”-tale. Just an awkward analogy.

You are right. You back the fast starters in the sprint races. A league campaign is hardly that. We have had a steady and solid start,even if it has been uninspiring. We’ve had worse!

No complaints here,mucker.



The business interruption insurance payout was delayed,but it paid for all of our covid losses. Our payout wasn’t as great as,say,Wimbledon or The Open,maybe we were on the equivalent of third party,fire and theft.

The fans still had to cough up though,in order to keep their seats. And all they got was a dodgy stream for their laptop.

And price increases when they were allowed back into the stadium,the superstore and the catering kiosks.



“Until things settle down, I expect we shall remain a team for everyone.”

We appear to be – one individual out of 61 didn’t vote for Jota in their poty top three?!?
Wonder if he/she was watching at all?


Jobo Baldie


You mention 61 voted, so 183 votes but only 179 votes were attributed.
It won’t affect the placings but it appears 4 votes are missing.


Morning all,


Could we have an “ Infiltrator “ within our midst ??

A Trojan horse, A Sleeper , A Spy working undercover , A Black or even Blue widow ???

I’m sure Jobo has it covered and will reveal all when the time comes !!!!!

Interesting times indeed ahead !!!

GrassyknollCSC 🍀🍀🍀



A fifth columnist, out to subvert the vote by not watching the game at all.
Possibly listening on shortbread to their drivel.
Perhaps it is big Packy … Bonnar.



I noticed too the slight disparity,but then my family and friends know I have an affinity for numbers. I’m not reading anything into it. Maybe some people only offered one or two choices.


Morning all.
CFC. 6.53
This has happened before and Jobo explained by telling us, that not everyone submits 3 votes.
As for Jota only receiving 60/61, I’m with you, I wrote on my e.mail to Jobo, when submitting my vote, that if Jota, doesn’t receive 100% then whoever doesn’t vote for him, didn’t watch the game.
I love that Jobo, takes the time to do this, it fascinates me, all the differing opinions, I guess that’s part of why we love the game.

Mick you are correct, Jota had 3 assists.
His cutback for Kyogo, his cross for Jenz and his very sharp pass to Abada.



I don’t think it is fair to disparage any Celtic supporter for trying to follow the team in any way they can. Some people,yourself for instance,think that we should not listen to a radio broadcast. Others think we should decline to take up the option of a Skysports subscription.

Occasionally,we are told that Celtic TV is garbage and we should dump it.

Worse still,don’t buy the season tickets because the club and I ethically disagree.

How in the name of fuck are we supposed to keep in touch with our team,comment on it,have a time with our friends and family,if killjoys like you take over?

I’m entitled to comment on the game,and you are not Jimmy Sanderson.


My FYI to JB was an observation not a criticism.

I take the point that some may not provide three names.

I listened to the radio on Saturday( didn’t vote though) , so am not disparaging anybody in terms of how they follow Celtic.
Weird assertion on your part.

The point is you cannot possibly take a view on how individuals are playing listening to “experts” like Bonnar and whoever has the microphone, seeing only what they see and impart.

I am making light of it. Perhaps you should read back and take back the aggressiveness.

“How the fuck” is that?


Read Leggy’s contribution and my reply without your sore heid.

It is light hearted banter in relation to the poty selections and nothing whatsoever to do with
how supporters follow the team.
How on earth did you draw that conclusion?

By all means feel entitled to comment on the game as you see fit, as I will.

I can confirm I am neither Jimmy Sanderson nor a killjoy.


Stopped at services for breakfast

Great article Mahe. Thoroughly enjoyed that read. I can now declare that having read and viewed it from both perspectives, I’m actually in both camps! I can see both sides.



No aggessiveness there,and based on my observation,your words,of your own comment.

I’ve met Celtic supporters from all over the world,and we probably all have. They get up at maybe three in the morning to watch us play. PUFFPUFF,for example,if we have a noon kick off.

I don’t know how many supporters we have,all told,throughout the world. But it is more than the 50,000 people with a season ticket.

Don’t tell me or anyone else who cannot attend that our views don’t matter,that somehow we are an irrelevance. If I still lived in Kilwinning,I would be there every week. Living elsewhere,I go out of my way to watch the games.

There’s no aggression in my reply to you,certainly none intended. But the opinions of people who have not been able to attend a match,yet gone that extra mile to watch or listen to it,are just as important.

Not at the game,not entitled to comment? Aye,just watch the fanbase disappear like snaw aff a dyke.


“Don’t tell me or anyone else who cannot attend that our views don’t matter,that somehow we are an irrelevance.”

I haven’t anywhere on this blog. You must be confusing me with someone else.
My comment was on poty selection via radio.
You have decided to open this up into a diatribe about supporter attendance.

“There’s no aggression in my reply to you,certainly none intended.”

I beg to differ…”Some people, yourself for instance “, “how in the name of fuck …if killjoys like you take over”.

I very rarely watch the team in the flesh. I follow via tv subscription at home, in the pub.
How does that constitute disparaging the non attendees?

You are way off the mark.



Sore heid? Not been over the door all weekend,the Friday shift damn near killed me,and I can state with some pride that I’ve never had a sore head or a hangover due to the night before.

Fire your cheap shots elsewhere.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
CFC (and others) on the ole POTY thing, yes 1 of the emails only had 2 names. I did reply pointing out that he/she could submit a 3rd but no reply.
The other issue is ANOTHER error on my part – Matt O’Riley received 10 votes, not 7. No idea where 7 came from when I was typing out the results (must have been something I ate!!) Fortunately it didn’t affect the points allocated so no serious harm done.
Next week’s results will be error free, I promise!


At least that has cleared up Jobogate. !!!!!!!!!



Unlike yourself who can fire them wherever he likes?

Right of reply is the mainstay of any blog.
You are the one who fired the first round, expletive included, not me.


Thanks Jobo

Clarification is welcome in light of the ensuing fallout 😀


Bit of a filler article from you Mahe, although I appreciate your efforts as I usually come to read Sentinelcelts first on a morning



It was YOU who fired the first bullets,I only replied to you.


Anyway,I’m off to my cot. Work tonight.



And what cheap shot would that be?

Referencing Radio Scotland as shortbread and Packy Bonnar as talking drivel?
Surely nothing contentious there? Fairly innocuous chat I’d say.

You were the one quick to fire up. For reasons best know to yourself you decided to have a go at me, using intemperate, aggressive phrasing.
Adding injury to insult you then went off piste( or pissed off in your case!) about me disparaging supporters following our team which is patent nonsense.

Perhaps when you awaken from your ( much needed?) slumbers you will reappraise your unnecessary antagonism.

Been an interesting morning, beats commuter road rage and much safer letting off steam😀


I was listening to Pep Guardiola talk about his full backs playing as mid fielders.

Talking about midfield being all important so flood it.

Is this the next evolution that began with 4 4 2?



Thanks for taking time to read an old blog of mine about a sense of belonging.

The age is why the link to the CU article does not work. I think the site was revised and old articles got lost.

I might have the original if you want to read it.

I’m quite relaxed about changes that will come as a result of advance in technology. I’m also relaxed about recent form.. Only the failure to take good chances in first half got to me. Otherwise we played good stuff but end product didnt emerge until into 2nd half.

That made for more anxious watching which disipates when we score.

The universe is unfolding as it should.



The POTY initiative is supposed to be fun.

Dont start sucking the joy out of it please.



With Ange it is more like 3 5 3, 3 4 4 with keeper playing sweeper, and central defenders on the half way line.
Makes for a crowded opposition half.
Much like 90% of our domestic games.
( the 4 v Huns being less predictable).

St tams

On your Jota 3 assists.

I read this wee quip yesterday.

Passing the ball to someone, doesn’t aid or enable a player to beat a goalkeeper.
An assist is when you help your granny carry her shopping. 😭😭


The comments this morning were in fun. Our host took those out of context and went on a diatribe about supporters being criticised for following the team( a completely separate issue), aiming his remarks at me.

I appreciate Jobo’s comp and will take part when I can make a credible selection. Which was the point of this morning’s conversations.

16 Roads

It was a beautiful sunny morning.
Now I’ve counted five planes in the sky, doing zig zags, pumping out the poison that lingers and develops into a cloudy haze and thus blocking out the sun.

War is being waged against humanity, and most are totally oblivious.




Jobo’s competition is a great unofficial thing between blog pals. It is not run by the UEFA, SFA, SPFL, MSM, BBC etc.
Cool down folks.
I admit I was a wee bit concerned with some suggestions in the recent past as to what would count as having witnessed enough of the play to qualify us for a vote. On Saturday I had 2 streams up, one on my laptop and one on my phone. I saw most of the 1st half. Less so the 2nd half. I then watched Sportscene to fill in the blanks. The pundits did not influence me.
Is that OK?

I thank Jobo & Twisty for adding a bit of fun to the site. Cheers me up no end.
And our hosts of course!



I’d say that’s devotion above and beyond. 👍🏻
You can believe what you see more than you hear.


I worked on a project for a Society for the Blind in Charing X Glasgow years ago. I wonder what a V.I.P. (visually impaired person) would think about our views on what ‘counts’?


StTams 10.01.
Ban them from voting.!!!😂😂😂😂
Please tell me it was Melly who said that.😂😂
Talk about missing the obvious, as in, if you don’t pass to them, they won’t have the ball to try and score.

Prestonpans bhoys

Interesting piece from James Forrest’s blog, now it would be nice if the board kept the CL prices low under the current economic circumstances however we know what to expect from that mob




Agree with Rebus – much to ponder…

Only two games in and enough to hold top slot – job done in that sense.

You ain’t wrong about some folk being less than convinced by that midfield.
They do more than enough with back ups in SPFL

Europe?! Freely admit to being unsure about what to do to fix it – but we are asking for a bloody nose in CL. If SPFL Players can literally walk through our ‘press’ … oh! Mummy 😅

Another domestic ‘double’, will keep the kettle boiling with Season Tickets selling out for 2023/24.

Predict 1 brilliant away CL performance – go ahead ( not Eagles or Deventer..) early and hang on for 3 points. Suspect that will cause a backlash and lose the return at home ( net E/B)

Right now, I’d take a scrape into third slot and Europa after Christmas. Very Happy to call that progress.

We simply need better players to compete in Europe.. to play this style…maybe more loans to buy or another Winter Wonderland Window in 2023.

The balance in that team/system for European fitba isn’t there – (hope someone comes back in December or May to remind me of this poor judgement…I really do)

Call me Gerry

The comments this morning were in fun. Our host took those out of context and went on a diatribe about supporters being criticised for following the team( a completely separate issue), aiming his remarks at me.

I appreciate Jobo’s comp and will take part when I can make a credible selection. Which was the point of this morning’s conversations.

August 8, 2022 10:08 am
I have to say, I’m with you on this one CFC.

Bobby seems to take umbrage at anyone who chooses not to vote on the basis that they feel unable to make a credible selection.
He seemed to take your innocuous words personally, perhaps assuming you were being critical of him…which you most certainly were not, as far as I could see.

Hopefully when Bobby returns from his nap he will reflect on his words, aimed at you, and see them as others may read them; ie poor fare.

At least his sleep should see the bee escape from beneath his bonnet…lol


Billy Bhoy

Great article Mahe.

These first two games are ones we may not have won last season. I think although we’ve laboured in both gamrs our quality of starting 11 and subs will get us over the line in the vast majority of our domestic games.

I’m worried about the CL though. We need to be far more clinical with our possession and chances. We did nothing with 13 corners yet Ross Co scored with what I think was their first!

Still, I think well be fine domestically. I see all the talk across the city is that not one of the 7 new Sevconauts has hit the heights yet and many fans want the old guard – Beast, Davis and Arfield – brought back for tomorrow’s game against “the minnows” / “pub team” from Belgium.

Funny that, I was sure that they had finished second ahead of Anderlecht, Antwerp and Standard Liege.



Excellent work again buddy – it’s amazing how top 3 were quite clear in voting. Fantastic talking points.

CFC – completely agree on JTT53 “devotion” – above and beyond the call of duty there buddy – more than enough credentials to offer an opinion on the game.


Call me Gerry

Thanks for taking the time to comment on the “spat”. Appreciated.

A friendly exchange was totally misread.
However, I refuse to be BMCUW’s escaped goat😉

Haven’t been bullied like that since I was PL’s fag at Eton.


CFC 11.09



Of course, no offence meant to the visually impaired. That would be crass and insensitive of me to imply.


CFC it wasn’t meant for you! My point is we should all be grateful that we can see – perhaps 70-80% of a game.





Three Men at a Bus Stop and Two Wolves.

Three guys are waiting for the bus to get to work.

It comes along but even though half empty shoots past the three of them.
The first guy goes ballistic, runs back up the path into his house, picks up the phone, phones the bus company, hurls abuse at the operator who answers and has a heart attack.

The second guy shakes his head, walks back into his house, takes out a pen and paper and writes a strong letter of complaint to the bus company and goes back to catch a later bus.

The third guy shakes his head, looks at his watch, looks at the sky and sees it is bright and clear. He calculates that if he walks (and he could do with the exercise) he will only be 15 minutes later than normal and 15 earlier than if he hangs around for the next bus. So off he toddles to work.

The exact same event triggered of three different reactions/responses in the three guys. That is because the event triggered off something already in them that had nothing to do with the actual event. The reacted to what they perceived the event MEANT for them according to their own experience.

Looking at the meaning we each give something and why is an excellent way of establishing which wolf has the inner ascendancy and then choosing which one to feed.


PS An event can be an imagined one in the future, like the one under discussion. It does not have to be real, we only need to believe it to be so.

My intent in posting was to share a couple of things from my life experience that helped my understanding.

How folk react to it is their choice.



“Sevconauts”, might use that😀
What about sevconaughts?

They will be full of blood n snotters tomorrow on the park and in the stands.
It won’t be pretty!

You can’t beat me I’m part of the Union csc.



The power and value of emotions.
Positive emotions empower and create an expanded you, achieving happy, beneficial outcomes.
Negative emotions cause resistance to what you could be.
Align thoughts and energies.


To Twisty and others who like a bet. Ustath entered for the 4.18 at Wolverhampton on Friday. If he gets in I’ll post on Friday morning.

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