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First and foremost, start big Moritz Jenz with instructions to attack their goal whenever possible. Last Saturday I opined Stephen Welsh should get the nod by way of coming in and excelling against the Dandy Dons. He missed the Ross County game due to a virus but one man’s loss is another’s gain and his replacement grabbed his chance with both hands.
On that logic, it’s only fair he gets the nod again. Rugby Park offers the opportunity for our central defenders to score for three games in a row, and with height on his side big Jenz offers more of a goal threat than his counterparts, it would be common sense to give him the nod for this fixture.
Those who like a flutter could do worse than back him to bulge the oul onion bag.


Second,,mix it up. We haven’t clicked much despite the points, so why not bring in some fresh starters in the hope of finding ‘that’ spark, while still having the same twenty man match day squad that’s better than all the rest.
Mooy given the nod in the middle for instance, maybe Abada for Maeda.
David Turnbull should be in serious contention.
Let’s not try Calmac, O’Riley, Hatate again, in a game we should comfortably win.


Third,,,goals from the main striker.
If Kyogo starts, he must produce. One goal in three starts just isn’t good enough, he can’t let that happen especially with a more versatile goalscorer in the wings.
He doesn’t score, he should be benched.
I suspect he realizes this, and will go flat out to bag a goal, and keep his starting berth. I’d back him to score on Sunday.


The Lawnmower 4.0 by Manscaped has been described as ‘the Limousine of Men’s Below The Waist Grooming’ and is currently available online.


By Mahe

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So a couple of weeks ago, we had a debate about our strongest eleven. I demurred, saying it was a 16 from 25 game now.
Now Mahe advocates freshening up the team with two or three replacements from our beefed up squad. I agree. It’s a long hard season. Our squad depth will be tested, esp if we lose one or two in the transfer window. I think the cut off date is 31st August?
Kyoto’s pace and game awareness are qualities which Ange wishes to utilise more. The wee man makes runs which terrorise defences. He has missed a few chances and Gio is maybe more effective against packed defences. It’s great that we have the option.
Gio and Kyoto will both make vital contributions this season.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Sunny Friday to all who post or lurk on this fine site.
Fair points in your leader, Mahe. Think I’ll opt out of clicking on your final paragraph link. Hope this isn’t advertising by the back door – or should that be the front lawn?!!!
Anyways, on the tee at 7.21 so must dash…



Ange has to be playing his CL team in these games- IE that is 11 plus 5 rotated over 90+ minutes from now until group stages.

Sadly, It won’t be enough and no apologies for the following rant…

The problem is Ange is super-light in midfield and Half-decent teams will walk through them at will, his defence is soft as putty. I’m being kind here 😇

We might face Madrid 🙁

Anyone watching Dundee Utd losing 7-1 on aggregate last nite thinking ‘Jeezo that’s bad’ – has a short memory, because we lost 8-2 on aggregate ( yes I know it was a section.,,) including 4-1 reverses H & A. to a team from a country where the No1 sport is ice hockey and then probably basketball, then skiing across country and shooting still targets … just like they did in Paradise come to think of it


At least United bagged some co-efficient points by winning the home game – no mean feat. The problem for them was the Dutch tactical guys got to see them up close and made their plans for the return.

Et voila! Or whatever that is in Dutch…

United have a fraction of our resources.

The insurmountable European myth-is just that – a new team from Glasgow has just shown the rest of Europe how it’s done – it’s not pretty, but its effective and I’m not advocating we spend every penny everyone can get their hands on and go into the red/crimson – AND be insufferable bullies on and off the pitch

There has to be another way…

We often go ahead in games in Europe – catch teams by surprise – then their top tactical guys make a few tweaks during the game – we don’t respond ( or even notice) – cue another 4 goals and an instant reverse. Now and again we get away with one – The exception that proves the rule.

Europe is the only benchmark that actually counts, it always has been this- and we have been crap at it for donkey’s years.

The reason for this is dead simple…

Winning everything in our backwater means practically he haw – beating Sevco shouldn’t be enough – in real time the Scottish game is a nonentity as ably described in some excellent post yesterday – but still ‘we’ buy Quadruple Treble gins and t-shirts n that – cracking walk ons and tifo etc … and that Corteo (?) absolutely stunning etc., etc.

This is what seems to matter most to most Celtic fans – it defies belief that folk still pay serious money to go and watch ritual humpings of teams on plastic pitches. I’m going to call it what it is – Roman Ampitheatre – Lions devouring helpless folk to the echo of bloodthirsty cheers. It’s not a competitive sport – it’s a carnival – roll up and watch the carnage.

Some of us got out of it in 2012 – some much earlier. I remember giving up my season ticket in disgust after the shambles of Zagreb and our first go at CL in ’98 – we waited so long for a go at it! Then our club (management and players) turned a huge event into a circus by arguing over bonuses on the eve of the game at Paradise. They even started to claim moral high ground by offering any bonus ( its principle … not money) to Yorkhill kids’- we’ll give them a donation too… Naw we will give more.

A disgusting show!

Then we watched them being run ragged by the Croats. At home! It really should have been no surprise. A few of us walked out – some never returned.

The only reason I got another season ticket was when my son and daughter begged to go – I explained they wouldn’t see anything special anymore – but they had to see that for themselves.

5 years we lasted – then by 2012 even the kids could see what was going on.

A scam !!

Success or even progress in Europe?


Because Celtic fans are just willing to accept it!!

So it will be – reap what ye sow…

Now we play the waiting game – waiting until the cub can’t count on 50,000 folk front-loading their game of charades. They’ve had almost 30 years of ‘sold out’ signs …it won’t last forever.

Enjoy it while it lasts Bòrd – because our day will come!

To be fair I’ll probably tremble to dust by then…😅



Was it really 48 years ago today, when Celtic played Liverpool in Billy McNeill’s Testimonial game. The word legend is bandied about today for the most trivial of reasons, but, legend,the Celtic career long player, captain and later manager, fitted Cesar like a glove.
How could his Testimonial not be played against any other club but Liverpool, with Bill Shankly as its manager, Shankly who had retired the previous month was granted a special favour to lead out his team against his great friend Jock Stein’s Celtic.

Celtic: Hunter – McGrain – Brogan- McCluskey – McNeill – Connelly – Johnstone – Murray – Dalgleish (Wilson) – Callaghan – Lennox – (Hood).
Liverpool: Clemence – Lindsey – Smith – Thompson – Hughes – Heighway – Hall – Callaghan – Cormack – Toshack – Keegan –
Boersma – Bob Paisley – Bill Shankly.
Two teams with a galaxy of stars. Kick off 8.00PM, at Celtic Park, wear your scarfs, sing out loud, remember the buckie.

“A Testimonial Fit For A King” as 60,000 plus, crammed into Celtic Park, to pay homage to one of Celtic Legends. Great big smiles of joy, mixed with tears of sadness as the realisation donned that we were witnessing the end game of a Celtic icon. Who could forget the picture that flashed across the worlds media of the Celtic captain lifting aloft the European Cup on the plinth in Lisbon on May 67. Songs of joy were sung, pictures were taken of this special game for a special player. Pictures of big Jock and Shanks in playful wrestle, a recognition perhaps of shared upbringings and shared adversity, only a Shankly one liner could pay real tribute to the Celtic legend and manager – “Jock Your’e Immortal Now”, how true. The game itself finished 1-1, a predictable score-line, but is remembered more for the occasion than the game. The two club’s seem to come together on special occasions, sometimes of great joy and sometimes of great sadness. So, we remember Hillsborough and pay our respects to the 97.

Billy McNeill won 31 major footballing trophies with Celtic. An astonishing number of trophies in a career lifetime filled with success.
This page limits the number of his and the Lisbon Lion achievements or individual stories off their success. Many have paid their own tribute to the man, whose statue greets you at Celtic Park, and better than I ever could, but,on this beautiful day its good to remember the man who gave so much to so many of us.

Billy McNeill, a true Celtic legend, player,captain and Celtic manager.

“Hail Cesar”.


Wee reminder; Ustath running in the 4.18 at Wolverhampton today. 9/2 generally, I’m hopeful of at least a place.



On it buddy – good luck 😅



Great to see you back buddy – fantastic post !

Magua – will get a look at the Alex Gordon books ta!


BRRB 8.31am

Hope it wins … looks a tight 7 runner race, Skybet going eachway on 3 places not the usual 2 in the race

Best of luck



Good summation and many true and relevant points, particularly Europe,thanks.
Overly pessimistic I feel though. Celtic means more to many than the continued mismanagement of our Club. We know it and also now know than any storming of ( literal) barricades won’t work. Needs to be another way and we ( many) do know we are being played. £93 for a seven year olds kit, sold separately, is just one example. But, not many places where you can hug your father, son and grandson in the shared joy of a Celtic goal. A generation thing, continuity, bonding, love.



Lest we forget we share the record for greatest Scottish Euro defeat with DU.
And an even greater agg loss (in group stages,)
12-1! Under the much vaunted management of BR.

Success in Europe for us, as far as I’m concerned, is all about realism and practicalities:

avoid serious humpings
hope to better our pot 3 rival
finish 3rd in the group
a decent run post Xmas.

Absolutely anything else will be a welcome bonus.
And I’m usually a positive cheerleader on most things Celtic.

Our descent in mediocrity post 2012 is well referenced. We all know why.
We embraced a footy version of Brexit, and Football in Europe strode ahead as we enjoyed multiple Pyrrhic victories in our self imposed isolationism.



Thanks for the article,which I will comment on when I get home.

I’m sure The Lawnmower is as good as you say,but is it as good as this stuff?




I agree. Starting Mooy should be a given.
Let’s see what he brings to the midfield balance before the heavy stuff starts on Sept 3rd.

St tams

Excellent post.

I agree with you regarding tactical changes during a game.
I can’t recall one game , where Ange has done this with any success. Substitutions are rarely tactical.
I still harp back to Leverkausen away ,where I couldn’t believe what he was doing putting on 3 forwards when we were 2-1 up.
I’m not convinced he has learned from that..

Time will tell



Agree buddy – you make a great point about the option to get together with family & friends … shared occasions etc.

Admit three of my best nites ever were Barca 125 with my son ( my last year with a season ticket )

My daughter v Hibs (Big Sammy must score dad! ) big fellah didn’t disappoint us either…

AC Milan win with my Wife and her family over from Oz

All during and after the period I was complaining about

The ‘pull’ is mighty – there is no doubt. and Celtic’s fans put so much into it and not trying to undermine/underplay that aspect …

The fans do this despite the leaders and because Celtic are really about the fans …and their hopes and dreams.

I’m saying they have the real power and won’t use it to force changes in how we are run.

The Bord are like vultures feeding on a living carcass

Obviously it’s Not painful enough yet

I’m not having it tho’

Can see right through the greedy bassas!

Maybe the next Chair will be different…



CFC – yeah highest ever … and still they survived it. The opportunity to build a strong technical base was squandered completely.

This is the baffling thing!

Does anyone in the selection process even ask about previous experience/success across national competitions? … don’t answer that.. 🌞

St Tam’s – aye buddy, but we will have to wait … and wait



I was at that match with COSYCORNERBHOY and FRIESDORFER. We could not believe it! Whenever the ball was moved forward-it came straight back. Earlier,it had stuck. And we were 2-1 up.

The midfield couldn’t protect the defence,and the defence were under pressure which they hadn’t really had earlier in the game.

The annoying thing is,he had done the same thing once before-but got away with it. Just. I said so in my match report the following day. Annoyingly,I still can’t remember who it was against.

Terrific trip,though. Cologne Cathedral is magnificent,as were the people we met. My Dad said to me-Son,we bombed the shit out of this place. Worse than Dresden. Yet a building that size was untouched?

And I won’t even mention our trip to Fatima in 2017,suffice to say that my Dad was “knackered at climbing all those steps.” And I,in all honesty,replied-what steps?




I think we should be utilising the squad at this stage. While we can. Allow the likes of Mooy a chance to gel with his colleagues. Give Abada a start on the right,but keep Maeda left. I would be inclined,too,to let DT take the CalMac role,while Hatate gave Matt a rest.

Reo has the steel which,maybe,DT doesn’t. But we have to be careful about making too many changes. And I’ve just made four. They’ll be calling me The Tinkerman next!

However,I’m always wary of messing about with the defence. Yet I agree we should be rotating,even if only to avoid burnout.

Not easy,this stuff. It’s like playing chess with a blindfold. Or trying to pick a winner in TWISTY’S NAPS competition.

bada bing1
Awe Naw

I touched on it last night. The top reams in the SPFL the season before last all finished in the bottom last season. Coincidence? I think not. With Gerrard’s Sevco having bought nobody that summer. Therefore to keep the huns in contention with Celtic and safe. Those teams were targeted by mibbery especially early on in the season.

So non OF teams cannot build a team up year upon year. They are subject to the perils of mibbery like we are but don’t have the resources to overcome it.

They are all, Celtic included reliant on Old Firm handouts. Therefore they are hardly likely to complain about it. That’s the business.

In 2012 they had the chance to move away from the OF handout model and try something new and vibrant but choose not to.

Scottish football is the OF. We as a support and wanted it. The PLC were proven right. I always maintain that we were an integral part of the 5WA

That deal was brokered at the 2011 government summit after the shame game. It was our biggest shareholders wish to ingratiate himself and Celtic PLC with the establishment. Therefore we got the Commonwealth games and Lizzie rocking up at Parkheid in 2014

By 2015 when the four bears came back to town. The Scottish establishment had reneged on the deal brokered in 2011 by ensuring the return of the Old Orange Order brigade in 2015. See the malicious prosecutions and the compensation you are all paying for.

All of the above done in the name of one person. Celtic’s biggest shareholder.

3 months ago they nearly won the EL. So things are going well for them.

I decided in 2012 no more money from me which is easy for me to do. I don’t live in Scotland so doesn’t impact me socially as it does you. It doesn’t impact on my ability to follow the team and support the support.

If you want to reduce your stress levels accept that OF is scottish football and always will be. With Sevco being top dog politically. European football is beyond us. It’s a nice wee day trip.

I’m with CFC’s synopsis. That would be a brilliant season for Ange but as I said last night a bottom of the group finish in the CL might buy Ange more time that he desperately needs.

If we don’t draw Eintracht I reckon that’s where we will finish. Unless we see massive improvement before the tournament starts.


Afternoon bhoys and girls
Reading back and just wanted to thanks for your kind words(twists your in trouble).

Found this on Twitter and thought of jtt53.

Now I wander if Jim was this good.

Enjoy your day celts.

bada bing1

Sky taking advantage of the totally useless Doncaster


Chalmersbhoy, LOVED that!!!! The sousaphone player could have been me! He’s even got my dance moves, LOL 🙂


Awe Naw

A gutsy bottom finish and no post Xmas footy may well be the best outcome we can hope for.
All down to the draw.

If that scenario were to mean our chance of winning the league increased then I’d take it.
Before I am criticised of being a Euro surrender monkey, I see it as incremental progress allowing a better challenge next season with direct CL entry again.
A place in the last 16 in the CL should be our go to target. Our lowly status ( 33 Co efficient points) means the build starts now.

Building blocks only work if the job is seen through. Hopefully Ange is prepared to see the job through.



Hear what you say on build starting now – winning league is part of that – maybe /maybe not because if we are really serious about building perhaps CL isn’t the best place to be growing systems that haven’t proved successful ( in that arena)

Where the problem lies is seeing Ange trying to work and maintain his system, without the correct resources.

Yet again a Celtic manager is being asked to go into bat with a broken shaft on a bouncy wicket – that is the rinse and repeat I’m banging on about.

He doesn’t have the players now … and he’s not getting them or they would be in here now…familiarising and bedding in.

It’s The same old story here.

I admire your positivity on another – new dawn.

Sadly the evidence is staring us in the face

Wrong players for the system

Ange – going by his CV – doesn’t hang around.

Again, maybe he will get his players and maybe, he will finally decide to stay to see a job completed.

We will know soon enough.

Awe Naw


I agree with you entirely. As long as you say there are no major humpings home and away but I genuinely cannot see that happening. The conundrum being that our coefficient will rise the more European games we play. So the realistic target for the club is CL participation grab the money and then a wee run in the EL or ECL to greatly improve upon coefficient and bring in more revenue. When you see the quality of teams like AZ Alkaamar and they are only vying only for an ECL place then we are truly up against it. My pessimism is rooted in my belief that we have not improved since the 3.0 OF game early February, That was 7 months ago. That is why I´d like to see improvement before the European campaign. That improvement imho will have to be VAST for our CL campaign not to be anything but humiliating. Thank god we missed out in the qualifiers this year as I don´t reckon we would have qualified thereby leaving Ange open to accusations that we haven´t improved.

It is a very young inexperienced squad and they need protected from unrealistic expectations but European football after Christmas will help the players , the coefficient, the income but if we are getting humped home and away at EL and ECL level again after Christmas then the Ange train will have come to a halt. We will have stayed stationary. Especially after the huns making it to a EL final last season.



Yip, recruitment is key.

We have, with 7? exceptions( all Scots players btw) – SB, AR, SW, GT, Calmac, DT, JF – changed 18 positions in the core 25 man squad in a year.
2/3?out the 7 can expect to start most games.

Quite a turnaround. Does Ange think that’s enough? No, cos he has stated he hasn’t finished with incomings and outgoings( the obvious ones CJ, AA, MJ).

On the face of it he is being supported.
I’d expect we’d hear if he felt he wasn’t.

But as you say, all will be revealed in the fullness of time.


Awe Naw

Can’t argue with that.
A big few months ahead.

Hopefully to be relished and not feared.
Balancing Euro and domestic performances and the impact of negative results. A run after Xmas would help the Co-efficient and imply progress.
Winning the league is the access to the cash cow.


Good morning troops and a big happy Friday.
Hope all are well.
The link is for a certain poster, hope they understand.

Hail Hail


I am not a DU supporter. Never have been and never will be. Yet DU, Hibs, even Hearts and Aberdeen all belong to a group of clubs that I dearly want to see do well in European competitions. I only exclude one club from my list, and then, only because they cheat.

This is why the rout of DU last night is so disappointing. It is a judgement on our game. A game that historically belongs to us. In our day, we could beat anyone at club and national level, or at least compete.

In our day, non OF clubs produced international players for the national team(think Gilzean, Hamilton, Edwards). In our day, Scottish players formed the backbone of the top English clubs(think Strachan, Dalglish etc)

In our day, Scottish non OF clubs could challenge in Europe(think DU, Dundee, Hibs and Aberdeen).

In our day, non-OF clubs could win the league.

It has been decades since these events happened and, at least in my lifetime, they will never happen again.

The question is WHY? What went wrong?

There is no way that I or anyone else can answer this in a simple post. What is clear is that we have had a syeady decline over these decades. The Scottish game moved towards an oligopoly or duopoly as supporters followed success rather than their local team.

Every year teams like DU have to experience the kind of rebuild that Celtic suffered last season. Take RC as an example. They lost their best players and yet still appear competitive domestically. But the cycle will repeat next season and eventually they will fail and fall down a division as Caley did. On a good season, Motherwell, RC, DU may qualify for Europe but they are doomed to fail because they are constantly rebuilding their teams.

In the current climate, the only hope for such teams is to have academies that produce replacement players. Yet there is no infrastructure to aid this…..no reserve league to allow the development to occur.

Honestly, think about all of the non-OF teams, how many of their players would you like to see in the Hoops? One or two, perhaps, but they could probably be bettered by buying from Japan instead!

Someone mentioned, I think, the performance of Swedish teams in Europe. In particular, Malmo, but going way back, the same was true for Goteborg. More recently, we all experienced the Norwegians, Bodo/Glimt, and Rosenberg. Why can they succeed when Scottish clubs fail?

Many reasons exist but one stands out. Both of these countries are known for innovation. Their economies, their mind sets are grounded in innovation. They understand the importance of change. They know how to manage it through, for example, benchmarking.

At one time, Scotland was known for innovation, but now other countries have zoomed past it.

Can anyone call the SFA and the SPFL innovative?

Manage your expectations or strap in for a bumpy ride.


bada bing1

Just back from Yogi funeral passing CP,not a great turnout IMO, 250 ish…..not sure it was well advertised….


Great post Rebus. I’m glad I’m not alone in wanting non OF clubs to do well in Europe. Remember the 1980s? I felt embarrassed for DU last night. One point you mention, McCaff mentions it a lot too, is the lack of a Reserve League nowadays. For our developing players and players returning from injury etc. It’s stupid that Celtic B are in that crazy set up of the Lowland League! (No disrespect intended to the genuine clubs there.) The suits at Hampden are blinded to everything by their egos.

Prestonpans bhoys

Were the huns not the catalyst for the demise of the reserve league? Did they not pull out for some fanciful idea of playing cross border or international games which, like the selling of their players , would bring in billions😱

big packy

another embarrasing night for scottish football, the whole game in scotland needs a good shake up from top to bottom, plastic pitches etc etc, to be honest even when celtic are playing rangers and the barman puts it on for me in the local pub, there are shouts of, get that rubbish off, thats like watching the northern premier league,,you just cant reason with them, another true story,


bada bing1
Just back from Yogi funeral passing CP,not a great turnout IMO, 250 ish…..not sure it was well advertised….

Me too. Similar thought but the age group that saw and appreciated Yogi is a naturally diminishing.

As it happened I had 9am funeral for an old work colleague in Chapelton which was helpful.

Now settling down to a bacardi n ice n lemon.


Last night’s performance by DU was embarrassing for Scottish football and its governance.

I’m patiently waiting for a report from SFSA on the issue which I contributed to citing moral hazard as a reason for change.

Its audience is the SG and has some political backing at Holyrood.

Last night’s performance just adds to the strength of the case for change.



That is my memory of the demise of the reserve league. Rangers encouraged the process as an economy measure, but it was short sighted. As it stands at the moment, the system provides too fine a filter on developing players. Few regular games, little development of players.

Frankly, it is a mess.




Of more concern, I remember the sixties! Sometimes I wish I was back there. The Maquis Club…Alexis Corner, John Mayall, Jimmy Hendrix jamming with Jaeger and Richards, the Ronnie Scott Club, and Diane!



Rebus, LOL 🙂

Craig 76

Came across this on twitter, never knew it existed online


Packie, PLASTIC PITCHES!!! My pet hate. I blame the suits at Hampden. 🙁



For anyone who thinks (non-OF) Scottish teams ability to compete in Europe is history, I’d say watch this space.

There’s a guy at Hearts called Anas Hassan who is co-owner and is best buddies with Masjed Al Surour.

Who is MAS? He is a PIF employee and until recently was head of Saudi Golf. He is now head of LIV and a Director of Newcastle.

Now PIF have endless amounts of money to burn, but they will probably realize it will cost them around 1billion quid (from now) to get NUFC into the CL and it will take 2-3 years.

I reckon if they (PIF) bought HMFC, with 50-100m they would be in the CL every year. Looks like a no-brainer to me, and it would be easy to achieve. I would keep an eye on the Jambos co-owner.


Dubaibhoy, interesting! But aren’t Hearts fan-owned?


Jim, don’t know what the ownership structure is of hearts – maybe that’s why he calls himself co-owner. Anyway – I stumbled across him recently through Majed, and am just putting 2+2 together…

Mike in Toronto

I dont follow this as closely as I once did, or most of you guys still do, so I could be mistaken …but didn’t the SPFL restart the reserve league this season (but, I thought, without Celtic, Sevco and Hearts, as they had teams playing in the lower league)?


Mike, just checked the SPFL site. You are correct! So obviously our Board went hand in hand with it’s OF partners.


Isn’t the whole Reserve League thing a bit of a misnomer?
We have a first team squad of 25 or so.
Beneath that is a Development squad. Generally under 20’s.
These are the guys playing v EK etc, junior quality teams.
Didn’t we back in the day farm the Bhoys who became Lions out to junior teams.
Didn’t halt their development.

If you’re good enough …


The reserve league starting again is not what it used to be, it’s 10 clubs Hibs, Dundee United, Kilmarnock, Livingston, Motherwell, Ayr, Dundee, Hamilton, Queen of the South & Queens Park. They will only play each other once

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