13th August – If you know your history

Apologies for hijacking the Saturday Blog, but we can’t let a significant Anniversary pass without an acknowledgement:

130 years ago… On this Day (Saturday) we can only begin to imagine the excitement around Glasgow, with The Grand Opening of New Celtic Park, at the address we all know and love.

Celtic Park, 95 Kerrydale Street G40 3RE

(Ex. The Celtic Star)

We moved, almost literally, From the Graveyard to Paradise.

Magua of this Parish kindly shared his copy of the excellent ‘Holy Grounds of Glasgow Celtic’ by Liam Kelly. (All proceeds from the sale of the book go to Celtic FC Foundation.)

(£14.99) https://www.amazon.co.uk/HOLY-GROUNDS-GLASGOW-CELTIC-LANDMARKS/

Putting time and effort into Celtic and assisting good causes. Now that’s a Celtic Man right there. Well done Liam, and the detailed research is well written and presented.

The following extract does a fabulous job of describing the circumstances around the move from our original ground.. ( hopefully, Liam won’t mind us sharing this information)

The subsequent pages go into much more detail, and highly recommended reading for any Celtic fan, or student of fitba.

( extract: Holy Grounds of Glasgow Celtic page 73 by Liam Kelly)

It’s a surprise that the first ever sporting event at Paradise, was a significant Athletics & Cycling Meeting. We will have to wait one more week until The Bhoys welcome the first ever visiting football team ( Renton) to play on the new turf. 20/8/1892 to follow…

1892-08-13: 1st Annual Sports Day

In other news:

1892 US black newspaper “Afro-American” begins publishing from Baltimore

20 years ago …and almost 110 years since the stadium opened, On this day (Tuesday) it’s the eve of the visit of Swiss Champions to Paradise on CL qualifying duty.

2002-08-14: Celtic 3-1 FC Basel, Champions League Qlf Rd 3. First Leg

Guided by manager Christian Gross, ex of Tottenham Hotspur, Basel were in the Champions League qualifiers having done the double in Switzerland winning the league by a comfortable margin from Grasshoppers as well as taking the Cup 2-1 also from Grasshoppers rubbing salt into their Swiss rivals wounds.

FC Basel reached the third round qualifier by knocking out Slovakian Champions MSK Zilina in the previous round with an aggregate score of 4-1

Celtic entered the game having just tanned Aberdeen 4-0 and were slightly the favourites to overcome the Swiss side whose foundation was based on money from a Swiss Pharmaceutical company and family.

A lean closed season had seen few additions to the Celtic squad, the Board seemingly content and not ready to strengthen a squad which the previous season had dropped to the UEFA Cup from the Grouop Stage of the Champions League eventually going out to Valencia after a tense and great game at Celtic Park: David Fernandez had arrived from Livingston for £1.25 mill; Ulrik Laursen and Magnus Hedman had arrived on the last day of the transfer window, Laursen from Hibs for £1.5 mill and Hedman from Coventryt for the same price and – errrrrrrr…… that was it.

Celtic injuries: Didier Agathe was out with a hamstring injury picked up in the first league game of the season against Dunfermiline; John Hartson, though on the bench was recovering from a knee knock.

Henrik Larsson missed a penalty.

Not a game for the late-arrivers or the early leavers!

Two goals in the first 5 minutes and an 88th minute Celtic goal meant we went into the return leg with a 2 goal cushion but they’d stolen the all important away goal which would be crucial. And the KoK’s missed a penalty as well as scoring one.

Celtic: Douglas, Mjallby, Balde, Valgaeren, Sylla, Lennon, Lambert (McNamara 77), Petrov, Petta (Guppy 56), Sutton, Larsson

Subs not used:- Hedman, Hartson, Fernandez, Maloney, Crainey.
Goals:- Larsson (pen, 4), Sutton (52), Sylla (88).
Booked:- Lambert.

FC Basle:-Zuberbuhler ,Barberis ,Murat Yakin ,Zwyssig ( Quennoz ,41 ) ,Duruz ,Ergic ( Varela ,59 ) ,Cantaluppi ,Esposito ,Hakan Yakin ,Rossi ( Tum ,67 ) ,Gimenez.
Subs not used:- Rapo, Koumantarakis, Degen, Atouba.
Goals:- Gimenez (2).
Booked:- Duruz, Cantaluppi, Varela.

Att:- 58530
Ref:- Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez (Spain).

14/08/02 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 3RD QUAL RND 1ST LEGCELTIC v FC BASEL (3-1)CELTIC PARK – GLASGOWMomo Sylla races away to celebrate after getting Celtic’s crucial third goal

🎼Momo, Momo, Momo…Momo Sylla !!…

General stuff:

1792 Revolutionaries imprison French royals, including Marie Antoinette

1906 Black soldiers accused of raid Brownsville, Texas; despite support from local commanding officers, President Theodore Roosevelt orders dishonorable discharge for 167 soldiers; all were cleared of wrongdoing in 1972, 165 posthumously

1913 Invention of stainless steel by Harry Brearley of Sheffield, England

1917 A revolt in Catalonia, the province in northeast Spain that has long seen itself as independent

1923 US Steel Corp initiates 8-hour work day

1956 Elvis Presley releases music single “Don’t Be Cruel”

Elvis ….Effortless class.

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuffabove is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
That was a wee Brucie Bonus OTD Article, SeS, thanks for that.
As for the weekend’s football I expect that we will lose top spot. But hopefully only for 21 hours.
Please remember to vote after tomorrow’s game SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM

16 Roads

Quality content, thank you SeS.

Was never a big fan of Elvis, until about 5 years ago.
Now I appreciate that Elvis Presley is without equal – the best there ever was & the best there ever will be.

KTF. 🍀


Jobo cheers -will get that selection in to you- a great idea!

16 Roads- thx buddy – my Gran was a huge fan of Elvis from that period. Understandably. She never did get into the later stuff and often moaned that ‘they’ ruined Elvis… Got be honest and agree with her a wee bit .. the early Elvis stuff is absolutely exhilarating. A top, top man with talent oozing from every pore. When folk shout out for American Trilogy .. I’m reaching for the Hound Dog.. but TBH it’s all very, very, very good.


16 Roads

Indeed SeS.
Heartbeat Hotel would be my favourite from the early era, however the man could sing anything.
Effortlessly,as you rightly stated in the article.
Watched a documentary a while back – near the end of his life,Elvis would find solace in Gospel music – his favourite music.
Agree some of the later material was a bit hit and miss, due mainly to bad management more than anything to be fair.

Elvis Presley – You Gave Me a Mountain:




bada bing1

Elvis was a Karaoke singer 💣


16 Roads – superb

Bada 😂😂


Great read this morning 👍👏
Also a hat tip to MAGUA aswell for recommending The Holy Grounds of Glasgow Celtic book a fantastic read.

Irvine can’t be all that bad if Ange and Juranovic were out and about it yesterday 😃


I’m the tall one Craig! 🙂

bada bing1

Lingard just said he could have went abroad for ‘life changing money….’,so 140k a week at Nottingham Forest isn’t? Fud



Really? In Irvine? Wow. Here’s what you could have won.

Glad they didn’t go to Kilwinning,mind. They would never leave,such an enchanting town…


I think the team are staying down this way with game on tomorrow with an early kick off



Really outstanding articles this week,mate. Grateful thanks. The one about The Quality Street Kids giving the huns a doing. So many memories of them. Sorry for not being around enough to do it justice.

Today’s article though,the grand opening of Paradise-well,that brings us ALL fantastic memories. And so many of them.

Cheers,for that!


Celtic Park Through the Years / TFC Stadiums


One of my fondest memories of Paradise is SOLKITTS and I taking ATHINGOFBEAUTY to her first game. Fitba’ daft-and could play a bit,too.

We were “casually sauntering” home about 2am,Saturday morning,after a convivial evening in one or two hostelries. Meet ye about eleven,mate? Aye,and I think I’ll take my kid sis to this one. She’s champing at the bit.

Well,a lot of you have met her in those forty years. Planking her behind the Exit 8 in The Jungle,uninterrupted view for a wee girl,turned her into the uber-Celt she is now. And to this day,her favourite player is still Paul McStay,whom she saw for the first time that day.

I taught her everything I know. She can run rings round me these days.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, could he be any more out of touch with reality? And during a financial crisis!

What a cretin.


Afternoon all. BMCUW no got ma moby sorted yet but just gonnie buy a new one. I see on Amazon they’re doing a couple of Samsungs at under £150. The one I had was about the same price, that’ll do. Hope you had a good week at work my friend . HH

Big Audio Dynamite

Weefra, outside of phone trouble, I hope you’re doin good, pal 👍

Awe Naw


Great read yet again. Many thanks to you


Weefra…have you had a look at Gumtree, you might find somebody selling a very good used mobile for a few quid less than 150? I’ve got a Sony sitting doing nowt, it’s not the best battery but you’re welcome to it it you send Bobby you’re details I’ll send it off to you!


Craig thanks and great video buddy

Bobby & Aw Naw – cheers and sharing some great memories there



Big Audio Dynamite

Thank you so much for that. You are of course correct, my luck wi mobys is crap. Cheers buddy. HH



Thank you for that offer. Please don’t be offended if I refuse your offer, I know how to work a Samsung and I’m too fkn old to learn how to operate a different phone. It took me almost a year to work out my last one. Lol. Seriously. HH


Right, away to put my ipad on charge. HH


HaHaHa Weefra…no problem and certainly not offended!

Awe Naw

My Ma was a tim my Da an atheist proddy. He would say agnostic to bat off the meaningless debates. He was 6 year older than my Ma and the youngest of 7. She was the oldest of 7. So it was left to my Tim uncles to educate me in many things and music was one of them. Elvis they would rave about. Elvis was played and sung at every party. The King. He was stationed in Wiesbaden just up the road from me so locally there is much adoration going on as well. During those regular eulogies to Elvis in the late 60`s at parties and family get togethers another name would ALWAYS pop up for even more adoration. He was on a higher footing than the King and I never saw him play not once. I know how special he was because in my youth I heard that name far more than any other Lisbon Lion. I also knew then – very well – that only drunks and small children speak the truth. I may never have saw him play in the flesh but if he was above Elvis to the people I trust and hold the most dear and they revered him. Then he was extra special and I can say that with complete conviction and that is a true story BP.

Hot off the press;
Big Yogi got to the gates of heaven last night, where God met him and said “who are you?” and Yogi replied “I’m John Hughes and I played for Celtic. I scored two penalty kicks in a game against Rangers” and God looked over his right shoulder and said, “Peter, get up and give this man your seat.”



Ayrshire Tim and Connah 25 still to get their Superbru prediction in for 3 pm

Awe Naw


Above is not Twisty´s Bawbag …no matter what he says… It is the heart of a blue whale, which can weigh in excess of 1,300 lbs and is the size of a small car. The gigantic heart beats 8 to 10 times per minute and each heartbeat can be heard from over 2 miles away.


SeS, A great read once again, well done.

When CCV joined Celtic, it made me want to explore his footballing roots, so, I made inquiries about Catholic Utd. FC.
I spoke with the club secretary, he was on a sponsored walk in the Lake District, raising money for charity, we had a long conversation later on when he returned to the club. I bought some badges and other items, took their history from the internet and learned some snippets like….
Their chairman contacting Celtic (Bob Kelly) asking if they could buy some kit from Celtic. It says that at that time when Umbro would not allow the Celtic kit to be on general sale, never the less two weeks later a parcel arrived with said kit and a letter from Kelly wishing Catholic United every success.
The first time the Celtic kit was worn was in the prestigious 1968 Walton Cup at Roots Hall, where Catholic Utd. beat Haden 2-1.
Out of gratitude to Celtic it was then decided that it would be written into the clubs constitution that they would always wear the famous Green and White hoops.
When you explore further you read about other similar things that link the two clubs, its the same in some ways as Belfast Celtic.
So, Celtic FC forged the way with Faith – Football – Charity. As I write that one of the greatest Celt’s spring to mind.
Tommy Burns.
Your a good man Saltires, all the best.


Very interesting Bawheid! 🙂


That was meant to be a smiley! I’ve edited it 🙂


Oh dear, the Queen’s horse just got beat at Newbury by Big Packy’s horse! Poor auld majesty. 🙁


Wonderful as always. Your mention of the cycling and athletic events at the new Celtic Park, led me to jump on to Celtic wiki. The World Cycling Championship was held at Celtic Park in 1897. In fact, the cycling track at the ground was unique for the time, at least as far as football grounds were concerned. The track was made of concrete, rather that cinder. Athletics events were also held at the ground, with some prestigious names appearing in person… including 1924 Olympic gold medalist, Eric Liddel. Most posters will remember the old Celtic badge, with the four leaf clover, and bearing the legend:

‘The Celtic Football and Athletic Coy. Ltd 1888.’

I much preferred that badge to the one on the jersey now. I would hazard a guess, that there was probably some legal reason for the change, when the club became a PLC in 1994. Tis a pity, none the less.


A superb post.

Hail Hail.


I quite like the look of that Catholic Utd. hoops. No sponsorship and reasonably priced. Just goes to show what a bunch of robbing bastards the PLC mob are, considering what is charged for a new Celtic jersey.

Oh aye, by the way, here’s the full list of Celtic books written by Alex Gordon. Hell’s bells Craig, the man is certainly prolific. I’ve also included a few non-Celtic books by the same author, which you may like.

Celtic: The first 100 Years 1988

Lisbon Lions: The 40th Anniversary 2007

The Quiet Assassin: The Davie Hay Story 2009

Seeing Red: The Chic Charley Story 2009

King and Country: The Denis Law Story 2013

All The Best: The Tommy Gemmell Story 2014

Yogi Bare: The John Hughes Story 2014

Caesar and the Assassin: The Billy McNeill and Davie Hay Story 2014

The Winds of Change: Celtic Managers from Liam Brady to Martin O’Neill 2015

That Season in Paradise 2016

Celtic: The History Bhoys 2017

Paradise and Beyond: Celtic Managers from Gordon Strachan to Brendan Rodgers 2018.

Hail Hail.

Prestonpans bhoys


The current badge is an amendment of the previous badge after the takeover in 1995 when the club changed their financial status to a Public Limited Company from a Private Limited Company, hence the writing around the badge had to be amended.

The only significant change to the badge was that the name around the badge now stated “The Celtic Football Club” as against “The Celtic Football and Athletic Coy. Ltd” as it was previously

From thecelticwiki.com


The only down side to the Catholic Utd top is the back of it (not hooped all the way round) but it is still a nice top.
Cheers for the list of books appreciated 👍

Jobo Baldie

10 minutes gone and 2nd place EKFC 2 goals up against 4th placed GalaFairydean.
Looks like I picked the wrong Saturday to head to the seaside, d’oh!

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,saltires brilliant as always, magua some great books there cheers pal, hope your well, joan sends her best wishes👍

big packy

im calling for a stewards enquiry, my horse just had to go and beat her majestys horse, ill never live it doon, thats me banned from ibrox now, which will run concurrently with my earlier bans,another true story😫


Packy, you could always go to Hamilton. They have a team and a racecourse!


Man City illustrating the huge challenge we will face in the Champions League. Bournemouth lose possession, and 16 seconds later, the ball is in their net. The year Chelski won the big cup, I think around 80 percent of their goals were scored within 20 seconds of the opposition turning over the ball.
Lesson to be learned? If you misplace a pass, or otherwise lose possession, you need to funnel back and reorganize really quickly, which of course takes very high levels of fitness and discipline to achieve, and is thus hard to maintain over 90 minutes.

big packy

JIM, remember sitting my engineering exam at hamilton technical college in 1969, there were about a dozen of us i was the only one not wearing a rangers tammy, alas i failed the exam, often wondered why😫 so thanks but no thanks, i huvny goat a soft spot for hamilton, another true story😫


Isley Jasper Isley— Caravan Of Love / NUEVE09


Huns up 3-0 with 10 to play


Make that 4-0 with 3 of their new signings on the scoreboard.


Brendan’s Leicester being pounded, with Chelski and Man U coming up next.

1 2 3 10