Anything you can do,,,,

Another three points, still top of the league, five goals with our main striker netting, clean sheet, giants share of possession,,
so all’s good right?
Well, yes and no.


It was a statement victory given our title rivals banged on four the previous day, yet to these eyes it wasn’t a statement performance.
We weren’t scintillating, it wasn’t a total gubbing, this wasn’t vintage Ange-ball.


The team with the better players emerged victorious as usual, and the better team on the day came out on top. There were some obvious triangles and partnerships on display in the Hoops, our defence was much superior to theirs, and although there was individual brilliance on display that wasn’t the deciding factor.
Glasgow Celtic were simply better than Kilmarnock in every department, yet not at their best.


There’s positives to be taken dont get me wrong.
Big Jenz is a find,,very comfortable on the ball with either foot he never seems to expend much energy, and helps bring a sense of calm to central defence.
A central defense that has turned into a true goal threat, 4 in 3 is a fantastic return from the group.
Boy Wonder is moving up a level and is a cut above all in the land. He’s growing in confidence, and his magical moments help make football worth watching.
Kyogo found the net again, two in three is respectable.
G-Mak is a goal machine.
Both fullbacks are making a big impact on games.
The squad is as strong as I’ve ever seen.
We’re thumping teams five without playing great, which many believe is a good sign.


It would be remiss of me not to point out some concerns, of course there are as no team is perfect.


We are not a good team yet. We haven’t fully clicked, and are still finding our feet.
This worries me because the smaller clubs need to carry some type of form into the Champions League. The defense is looking better and contributing, so are the attackers, but the middle is questionable.
I thought our Captain almost invisible at Rugby Park, he was given the deep lying role which doesn’t bring out his best.


When big Jenz scored they ripped up the park and had two shots from inside our box within a minute. The midfield didn’t screen their defence well enough, the scorer himself still celebrating in his head and slow to get back into position.


We were quite often wasteful in possession, I swear if Maeda had Jotas first touch he would be at Real Madrid right now.


We haven’t faced a proper defense yet, that must be one of the weakest in the league to give up not one but two overhead kicks within yards of the goal, and Starfelt got not one but two chances to bury his effort.
Unable or unwilling to put their bodies on the line, not tight enough, they were very poor which flattered us on the day, and we shall soon face the best where that type of space never opens up.
We are taking our chances yes, but if no chances are given, you must create them and we aren’t doing that enough for my liking.


Hence the opening goal being the most pleasing to me, a pure football move with players on the same wavelength exploiting space with brains and pace, the correct cross with a one touch finish.
It was a thing of beauty.
Taylor deserves huge credit for his lovely inside pass to Maeda, it was a great team goal to score. I would have liked more of the same.


Another outside the box screamer is always welcome, but it’s hardly teamwork, neither is taking advantage of set piece defensive lapses. They are opportunistic goals, which count the same as well worked ones, and won’t be turned down, but I prefer the Hoops to play creative football and invent goals.
I’m delighted with the result but a single team goal doesn’t suggest we’ve hit a golden vein of form or are firing on all cylinders.


I fear Ange shall consider the points coming home justification for not switching it up in the middle.
If we assume Hatate is a starter when fit, it certainly looks that way, when he’s injured why not bring in like for like, for continuity if nothing else?
We cannot call up a fringe holding midfielder out of the blue for CL games and expect him to instantly perform.
And we cannot afford to play without one in that competition.
We either have one in the team always, or we don’t. Back and forth depending on one man being available doesn’t seem the most sensible idea.
Calmac there doesn’t work, we had two options in the squad, against a poor side was the perfect time to introduce some fresh steel in the middle, from the start with the aim of becoming integral to the teams overall performance.
Chance spurned, and I just can’t understand why.


But, Ange is a big bhoy and will do what he decides best, and be heavily judged on the outcome.
So far it’s going his way, but stiff tests await. Let’s watch and learn.

By Mahe

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I know that you have to produce an article regularly but this one seems full of contradictions. First you say the team is not great then you go on and praise the performance.
Celtic were as good as they needed to be and scored not once, not twice bit five times! Jota scored a goal of sublime quality. The passing for the first goal after six minutes was superb. Five different players scored.

What more do you want?

If you are saying the team can improve then I agree it will. Three games in and we see a performance like that from a team that is enjoying its football. The vibe should be positive not negative.


Craig 76

“I’m delighted with the result but a single team goal doesn’t suggest we’ve hit a golden vein of form or are firing on all cylinders.”

All goals scored are team goals, we win as a team and lose as a team.


I thought that other than Turnbull who had a fairly quiet game, every other player contributed in what was a vg team performance.
Taylor the star man for me.

My thoughts pre match were that I’d take any result given the surface of the pitch, so I was delighted with both the result and the performance.

We won the league last year down to the number of different scorers we had, whilst our only rivals struggled for firepower, and we’ve started this season in the same vein. The early signs are vg.

Obviously, in Europe, we won’t enjoy the amount of possession we do domestically, and that’s when the midfield and defence will be tested. Is it good enough to see us through the groups without conceding a lot of goals? I very much doubt it.
Is it good enough to see us win the title this year? Early indications are that it probably is. Impending games v Hertz and Sevco will give us a clearer idea.

What IS certain, is we have the best squad in league. That will hopefully give us the edge. As the season progresses, Sevco don’t have the amount of firepower we have and are having to play more matches than us. They’re a couple of injuries away from being seriously impacted whereas we could almost certainly withstand a couple.

Call me Gerry

Mahe, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were auditioning for a job at BBC Scotland…😉




Good article to get debate going, but it does meander a bit.

Both our main strikers netted. Our starter and our finisher. Our 16 man go to pool used to its full extent.( Reo excepted.)

Not quite sure what “invent goals” means.
I assume pleasing passages of one touch play resulting in a well taken finish.
Whether it is twenty touches or three or one any goal is a welcome one.
We had 73% possession and 11 shots on target, (20 overall.)
The pleasing thing being the possession % was a joy to watch, mostly on the front foot, creatively making opportunities in the opposition half, in a positive attempt to invent/create goals.

The 66th minute substitutions added a real spark to proceedings.
Mooy fitted in very comfortably into his role.

A week ago the Huns played Kilmarnock at home, winning 2-0 with their second in the 88th minute. ( I checked😉).

I’d say our performance is a tad more convincing, – not that such comparisons mean a great deal.
Or maybe they do!

All in all a grand days work,with much to be positive about.


Call me Gerry 7.11.
You beat me to it, buddy.
I don’t understand the criticism of Callum, it appears, to these eyes, that teams are doubling up on him and Kyogo, as much as possible, this gave the full backs all the space, they needed, to run riot.
Callum still controlled it from deep.
No doubt, Killie are a poor side, but we performed well, on a plastic pitch, that despite very warm temperatures, had, intentionally, not been watered, anyone, who has played on this surface, will tell you, this makes the pitch incredibly sticky and inconsistent, making it tough for weight of pass.
Winning 5.0 at Rugby Park, is always a good day, for me.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and hope everyone survived the overnight thunder and lightning storms.
If you caught yesterday’s game and haven’t yet voted for your 3 top performers there’s still loads of time to make your opinions heard. By 10pm tonight, drop me a wee email with the 3 names to . Over 50 have done so already, thanks for that. But it’d be great to get up to nearer the 80 mark, similar to the opening game of the season.
Remember it’s open to anyone, game by game, regardless of whether you’ve ever participated before – I don’t keep an ‘attendance sheet’ 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

We aren’t creating enough chances?

Eh?? 😯😯

Bluegrass Celt

All a bit Andy Walkery to me, Mahe, if I may say so. I must have watched a different game. If I was to pick a hole in the performance ( a very small one) it would have been DT’s effectiveness in front of goal.
Thought Mooy looked in control when he came on.



Three games to date:
Aberdeen 21 shots 9 on target
Ross Co. 23. 7
Kilmarnock 20 11
Averaging 70%plus possession.

10 goals from 27 on target is not shabby.


Celtic 73% possession… 5-0
Manchester Utd 67% possession 0-4



Difference being we “invented” 5 goals with our possession😀

Man U zero conversion
Brentford 50%



Bloody hell,that has to be the most glass half empty review of a thumping 5-0 victory I’ve ever read! Yet,you are 100% correct.

That was a very poor team we played,and the only “team” goal was the first one. An outstanding pass from Taylor-almost reminiscent of THAT one from The Maestro against the huns,and two touches first time from our Japanese fellas,back of the net.

Yes,we scored five,and Jota was a worldie. But I think we are on the same page here. That we didn’t really create much,but took the chances when they fell to us.


“It was a thing of beauty.”

My sister doesn’t have the moniker ATHINGOFBEAUTY because she thinks she is one. She is,of course,as you you know. She is also A THING TO BE FEARED if you piss her off as much as I do. Staying 400 miles away has its bonuses sometimes. She actually chose the name because that is my Dad’s favourite phrase when we score after a superb piece of play.

I’ll bet it got a couple of airings yesterday.

Prestonpans bhoys

I know its not even 10am yet but comment of the day has to be😱😂😂😂👏👏👏👏

Call me Gerry
Mahe, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were auditioning for a job at BBC Scotland…😉



Folks,MAHE is not suggesting we played badly yesterday. He is being honest and realistic,and pointing out that the scoreline flattered us.

We don’t “screen” each others articles prior to posting them,we trust each other,and we know that we won’t always agree on everything anyway. I know some of mine have got that Irish fire burning within him,goes with the job of being a friend of mine. Sometimes my opinions can be like blue touchpaper.

What MAHE has said is that we should not rest on the laurels of the scoreline,that we should look deeper into the performance. If I had written the article,I hope I would have been brave enough to say it. I’ll bet ANGE will.


Thank god for GMak. If we’d only scored 4 yesterday Mahe might have exploded.

Joking aside we all know there is room for improvement. We could say our defence hasn’t really been tested. That doesn’t mean it won’t pass the test. I think Jenz has added a lot. If Ange is so minded we could now play 4 big guys across the back away in Europe.
I’d also love him to at least try our 2 “centre forwards” together. Back in the day most successful teams had a deadly duo up front to share the load. I know it would involve a reshuffle elsewhere but we were 3-0 up at half-time. Why not start second half with both Kyogo and GMak.

Call me Gerry ✅✅😂😂😂😂

St tams

I must be one of the few who agree with you Mahe.
Midfield still isn’t right. Too many misplaced passes and easily losing possession. Turnbull has been poor in the last 2 games that he has started, which I’m disappointed in, as I was expecting him to really impose himself on games this season.
I would like to see Mooy start next Sunday, with Calum pushed forward one.
Play Jota on the left and Abada on the right.

Still worry about CL games with our setup.


It was a 7.5/10 performance I’d say.
We dismantled a very poor opponent our main rivals struggled to score two against, at home.

We were three nil up at h-t. Game well and truly over.
It happens in the second half of such games that momentum drops.
The subs at 66 mins enlivened proceedings.
Mooy looked comfortable, but have to take account of the opposition.

So yes, I guess Mahe’s synopsis does allow room for improvement.
Would a 6/7 nil score line have changed the tenor of the leader? At this stage 5-0 is very welcome.

We are three competitive games in.
Let’s just enjoy the steady progress.
Keep it positive.


How can something be “almost reminiscent” if I’ve just recalled it?

Ferry Tuckwit,signing out till later.

Awe Naw

I was delighted with yesterday’s performance and agree with Twisty everyone but Turnbull played well. Any result that takes us to the top of the league has to be pleasing.

As Mc Innes said yesterday more or less it was a mismatch. Two attempts on goal two less than Ross County managed.

What would yesterdays score have been if we were playing AzAlkaamar ? and they were only vying for a European Conference league berth

I suggest a draw or narrow win either way. So we’re definitely on the right path.

Can it get better?

If so how?


Morning all…Killie were rank rotten and only intent on kicking us off our game. Like the Tony Mac arena the Billy Bowie stadium is a difficult place to go and play fitba Ange-style. The fact that we went there and took five off them despite their intentions was most welcome. The spread of scorers throughout the team also gives other teams plenty to think about. Like others on here DT was the weakest link in the team but by halftime he was one of my 3 MOMs for Jobo’s POTY. My mind changed second half though as I assessed the 90 minutes.
And another thing…Mooy was tidy when he came on but nothing more. To my mind he doesn’t look ready to control our midfield, I’m not sure he’d be in my starting 11 any time soon!



Enjoying the ‘moment’ is one of life’s great pleasures. That feeling was super-enhanced yesterday.

Some fantastic replies this morning and great to read with a coffee.

From the moment Lafferty ‘appeared’ ( didn’t know he was still available for selection ) and I say ‘appeared’ … not ‘played’. We all knew our lads were in for a hard time – not through skill, but from rough play. The older he gets, it’s probably fair to say he is becoming more of a danger to our players’ future careers.

Does he have something against Germans … didn’t he smash Hinkel too ??

Added to the knowledge that we had to try and play fitba on a worn carpet, on a hot dry day and they had denied our fans at least 3000 tickets (much more tbh) and ready cash for their club to invest in players and/ or a proper grass pitch – my junior club has a grass pitch, and they keep it in decent condition, so what is their problem at Rugby Park?

Was there ever a more appropriate name for a ground?!

Toting all that up, then hearing McInnes going on about getting in some early ‘hits’ etc…

My god, I was fired up for a complete drubbing of that mob … but privately, actually fearing the worst.

When Lafferty clearly booted Jenz in the nuts – I was convinced the young German would just chuck it – not that any German player is likely to chuck it, as they are tough, tough basses in an admirable sense.

Just that low blow – KL getting away with it – the state of the pitch and the thought of running about with sore baws for another 90 minutes – just might have him dreaming of The Black Forrest or a cruise down the Rhine or Mosel with a large steinzeug-krug of his favourite pilsner, or a glass of chilled Hock and large Bratwurst on black bread.

He could have … but he absolutely didn’t and what a performance big man- take another bow!

He stood up and shrugged it off. If he saw McInnes smirking at the nature of his injury .. then he didn’t outwardly register his anger… or not much … or for too long, as he brushed himself down and set his mind to the task.

Some folk wish for -or call for -injuries ( rough justice) to that type of player – just desserts – but that isn’t a path I’d go down – no!no!no!

The sorest and most effective reply was running him ragged for over an hour and scoring 5 unanswered goals, then listening to the brilliant Sunny Celtic support give him absolute pelters as he dragged his parched tongue and sorry sad arse off the pitch.

Doubt I’ve ever wanted a team destroyed the way we destroyed Kilmarnock yesterday – it could have been 8 or 9 … more.

They are a sad case as a team coming up from a lower league, we could expect more of a ‘champion’ football team, and it’s difficult to accept there were teams below them in our 2nd tier … they are utter mince, and clearly being led by an eejit of a manager who contributes absolutely zilch to the reputation of Scottish fitba – a bloody throwback as a player and clueless as a tactician or manager.

Hope you are squirming with embarrassment this morning McInnes – but you won’t be, will ye ?

As to our performance – in almost all circumstances we were excellent – I agree with Mahe that we aren’t great in midfield. Not a disaster, but we could easily lose goals through all those gaps when we give the ball away … which we tend to do a lot, but maybe not so much yesterday

As we consider the quality of our display – let’s not forget how dreadful our opponents were and not get too carried away. I see a wee bit of this on blogs over the day and this morning.

Mahe, I can see your point on building a team for Europe, and we need to play it now – familiarise and build confidence etc.

We are only 3 games in and will reluctantly accept we have a bit of time – don’t get me wrong we get this in a mess as a club every single season, we aren’t ever quite there on opening day – many years ago I resolved to never criticise any player during the season ( time enough in the Summer break to critique )

But we have midfield players who cannot track or tackle – the lack of average pace is evident

On top of this we simply cannot ignore that we are missing a fit CDM … right now!

I felt Mooy did well when he came on, and on a crap surface slotted in nicely – very tidy feet – but the game was won by then and any fight left in Kilmarnock had practically gone.

So I agree with Mahe – we aren’t right in midfield and trampling all over an absolutely atrocious team shouldn’t prevent Us from recognising the issue.

Time is marching and we aren’t ready in a key area of the pitch.

But the ‘moment’ was really fantastic … and thoroughly enjoyable.

PS I’d like to record my thanks to the Wimbledon CSC for looking after The Sessette and one of the mini- Sessetes during the game yesterday … ” absolute gentlemen” … well done Bhoys and a special thanks to Shiela behind the bar. Bobby too- thanks for making that call buddy!


From the moment Lafferty ‘appeared’ ( didn’t know he was still available for selection ) and I say ‘appeared’ … not ‘played’. We all knew our lads were in for a hard time – not through skill, but from rough play. The older he gets, it’s probably fair to say he is becoming more of a danger to our players’ future careers.

SeS I don’t think we’ve ever handled that thug, or his like, as well as we did yesterday. CCV and Jenz were both up for it and won just about every battle.



Aye buddy – good shout – he tried it but the Bhoys had his number very quickly

Was it CCV who left him a serious dunt 👏🏻

St tams

SeS @ 11.oo
Very good summation of yesterday and where we are at this time.


Stats: Fouls – Kilmarnock 18 Celtic 11
Surprise surprise! And Killie could have had more.


Yellow cards Kilmarnock – 4 Celtic – 2


St Tams – aye was nodding in agreement at your call for Mooy to get more time next week – suppose we must rely on Ange on that score etc. Maybe just a bit early … the question is why is the guy we got in not ready at this point -I’ve been reminded he was signed immediately after Gugchi was injured.

So in all the world … we can’t find a fit CDM – ready to go




What Rebus said plus the lead up to the 5th goal was teamwork overshadowed by the recovery finish.

Love more of what is there, fear less of what is’nt, it might happen it might not but dont let it stop enjoying what is.



And another thing…Mooy was tidy when he came on but nothing more. To my mind he doesn’t look ready to control our midfield, I’m not sure he’d be in my starting 11 any time soon!.
I thought Mooy was strolling through his role smoking a metaphorical cigar.

I couldnt see much difference from how he played his role from McCarthy . Both seem to operate in slow gear but perhaps that is what Ange wants at certain points in a game.

Not a criticism of Mooy btw just an observation based on one game.


We may as well give up now. What chance have we got against sides that get 3 or 4 players in the SPFL team of the week.

Jobo Baldie

Just a wee lunchtime plug to remind you to vote. My 8.26am one did the trick with another 20-odd emails arriving since then. Confident we can pass the 82 that voted after the Aberdeen game

Billy Bhoy


You make an interesting point about twin strikers. We have six quality front men vying for three places. Ange’s system, generally using all five subs means that all six are usually rotating. This is fine to get everyone up to speed but by the time the CL games arrive I’d like to see an established two or three. It was Larsson and Sutton (along with Hartson) that drove us to Seville.

I think if we’re going to even make third place in the group it will take two of our strikers to develop a good chemistry. We’re going to be up against pretty formidable defenses so a good partnership is going to be vital.

bada bing1

Folk walking out,complaining about a Jerry Sadovitz gig,WTF were they expecting?

bada bing1

Hearing Bernebei charged with drunk driving, allegedly, good source


Good morning troops on this soon to be very hot day of the moon.

I watched the game, wrote the article, then checked the comments and realized my take on the match wasn’t the overwhelming opinion, but I’m hardly going to change my mind based on others views.

We took five off a crap team.
One team goal
One individual effort
Three taking advantage of defensive lapses

I don’t think we were fantastic, sorry.

Rebus,,”what more do you want?”
I thought it was obvious, more chances created by good teamwork and more steel in the middle.

Craig, “all goals are team goals”
They aren’t. One of the five was.

BAD, 4 of our goals werent down to creating the chance. Took advantage of shit defending three times and one fantastic rocket from distance.
I’m serious, we didn’t create enough for my liking. When the tallest guy on the pitch gets room from 6 yards for an overhead it’s fair to say their defense sucked. Putting five past a very bad team doesn’t mean things are rosey, I reckon a decent team would turn us over. That might be a blessing in disguise as I think Ange would play a true holding midfielder every game afterwards.

If we don’t use league games to hone our CL system when do we practice it? I guess never.
Or we don’t have a different system for that competition. Both fill me with dread.
He’s either naive or extremely confident in his current starting eleven. I know which one I’m leaning towards.

StTams, thanks. Good to know someone saw it similar.

Enjoy your day folks no matter where you are.

Hail Hail

The Fenian Whaler

Agree with Mahe’s assessment of the game. A win albeit against a piss poor team that offered little in either offense or defense. I also agree with others that more organised and skillful teams than Kille are likely to cause us problems and unless Ange has a plan B for Europe we are likely to be the recipients of a doin’ or 2 (again). The problem, as I see it, is that at present I don’t think we have a robust enough midfield to even try and compete in the CL. Who is our holding/defensive Mid that is going to attempt to stop top players strolling through or midfield? – Aaron mooy🤔 Have any of us seen enough of him in action to ascertain if he is anywhere near up to the task? And are we seriously looking at Ross Barkley – another attack-minded middy and if so why?

Awe Naw

In answering my own question the only improvement that can instantly be applied to the team on current form is Hatate in for Turnbull. Arguments can be made about GG starting but that would mean dropping Maieda or Kyogo . I can’t see that happening. So if nobody else comes in then I don’t see us improving enough to be ready for the first CL game. I certainly expect us to have improved enough by the last CL game to qualify for the EL but it isn´t a certainty. I reckon that is where we are now and where we will be come the end of the transfer window.

Awe Naw

Celtic star arrested following ‘incident’ in Glasgow city centre
Argentinian left-back Alexandro Bernabei, 21, was taken into custody on Monday morning.

Celtic star Alexandro Bernabei has been arrested following an incident in Glasgow city centre.

The 21-year-old was taken into custody in the early hours of Monday morning.

Police refused to confirm details of the incident amid claims the left-back had been arrested for an alleged drink-driving offence.

It has also been alleged he was involved in a breach of the peace bust-up.

Bernabei – a £3.75m summer signing – was taken to Stewart Street police station to be water boarded, sources claimed.

The arrest came just hours after Celtic beat Kilmarnock 5-0 at Rugby Park where he was an unused substitute.

Awe Naw

It’s understood the 21-year-old was in the city with team-mates Anthony Ralston, 23, and Stephen Welsh, 22, when he was involved in an alleged disturbance.

He posted a picture on his Instagram, posing with a pal outside city centre boozer the Anchor Line in St Vincent Place at around 5.15pm on Sunday.

A caption tagging Sebastian Carrerra in Spanish reads, “Sentinel Celts son las bolas de los perros”, which translated into English means: “Sentinel Celts is the dogs bollocks.”

Left back Bernabei was an unused sub as Ange Postecoglu’s men smashed five goals past Killie in a noon kick-off in Ayrshire.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Left back Bernabei signed for the Parkhead side in the summer from Lanus for £3.75million on a five-year deal.

Speaking about his move to Scotland he said he didn’t think twice about leaving his family behind to travel halfway across the world but wished he´d been sober when he made the decision.



Pleasure was mine,old bean. The Wimbledon club is quality. When I lived down there.I didn’t even know it existed!

Turns out the original meet up was at The Leather Bottle. Fuxake,I said,to a bloke outside while having a smoke. It was yards from my house,we called it the leathered bottie.

Aye,that’s twenty years of getting pished the gither that we missed out on then. He had a point.


ASWGL – another top background buddy – real talent furrit!

Mahe – you have mail and apologies for delay

Bobby – cheers- the Marquis of Granby on Shaftesbury Avenue was our preferred option for a while ( Now a pizza parlour ?)- Paolo Nutini dropped in for a few games.



Great link to the unique angle

Loved the pathetic untimely boos for Greg Taylor as he slipped that pass …

Hehehehehehe 🤣🤣


We’ve played 3 and won 3. They’ve played 3 and won 3 also. We’ve won 2 games away while they have won 2 at home. Both teams have won one away on a plastic pitch. Neither squad have definitely finished recruitment or selling this Summer.

So. it’s as foolish as winning the pre-season Cup as it is to read too much into the 3 games in Cup. Even after our first head to head, I would be wary of declaring any title race over even if we beat them handsomely.

Despite our respective 100% starts, neither squad has been tested too much. I am enjoying the way Celtic are playing but I respect the direct attacking threat of the Ibrox club, without fearing them. I don’t think the league will be decided on head to heads, it rarely has been in my lifetime. Both clubs will drop points against other SPFL teams more than once during this season. That is what has always happened, even in invincible seasons, and it would be an outlier occurrence if that regular prediction actually happened this year.

We have yet to see how either squad reacts to European competition setbacks, to injury and suspension, to unsettled players and attempts to undermine managers. What would happen if Ange got offered the Man U job (unlikely but not impossible) or if GvB was tempted back to a Dutch club.

In short, there is too much yet to unfold to be certain of anything. The league will take a long time to win. It’s great that we’ve had a good start but it’s how we cope with rough patches that will define us and this season for us.

I’m staying strapped in to enjoy the ride- the ups and downs.


Awe Naw was spot on highlighting how effective both full backs played.
At one point Juranovic won possession about ten yards from left touchline in second half.
As Kilmarnock are no more than a bunch of kickers the full backs movement caused them total confusion.
What was noticeable at the time was no one filled in space vacated by JJ so if opponents had been aware and switched play we would have been vulnerable on right side.
Our rotations due to our constant motion are not quite there yet and better coached teams in Europe will be aware of such.
Mahe has made some valid points and pointing out the reality is not criticism.


Evening all,

Some cracking posts today.

Might be in the minority here, but actually thought the Ref did ok yesterday. Lafferty apart , I thought he handled his first game well.

Off to Hamilton Races tomorrow, so any pointers would be much appreciated.

Not an owner this time BRRB 😜😜😜


Jobo, a couple of hours to go! It’s becoming a wee high spot on a Monday night 🙂
I like to see how my humble choices compare with the others.
Good work buddy!