17th August – If you know your history

130 years ago and 1892 On this day ( Wednesday) Celts are preparing a much- changed team for the new season.

1892-08-20: Celtic 4-3 Renton, League

This was First ever competitive match at New Celtic Park and first league game of the 1892/93 season.

A much changed team were focused to go on and win the league title for the first time this season

Celtic gave a debut for Michael Murray at inside forward plus Patrick Gallagher #2 on the right wing. Another Johnstone* player, not to be confused with the other Johnstone/Crosslee stalwart Pat Gallacher in midfield. It seems the winger was played in a few games before going back to Johnstone.*

The team had already lost the wonderful Peter Dowds (also of Johnstone ) to Aston Villa joining another ex-Johnstone player and one of our first goalkeepers Neil Dunning or Dinning. ( he went in to win the league at Villa in 1894 alongside ex- Celt Willie Groves. ) Dowds came back to Celtic briefly, but suffered poor health and was sadly, dead by the time he was 24.

Seems Villa were the Southampton of the day…scooping up our Bhoys ( clearly paying them too…)

a fantastic crowd of 15,000 turned up to witness a 7 goal thriller and its worthwhile recalling that Scots’ players weren’t paid wages in 1892 .. that’s a lot of dosh swirling about …


Celtic –
Celtic – Cullen; Reynolds and Doyle; Gallacher, Clifford, and Kelly; P. Gallacher, Murray, Madden, Foran, and Campbell.

Attendance:- 15,000 – The Essential History


The Scotsman – Monday, 22nd August 1892, page 4

Celtic v Renton – Played on Celtic Park before a splendid turnout of spectators. As will be seen, Madden turned out all right for the Celts after all, but he and Campbell were the ones of the famous forward division of the last season.

Renton kicked off, but almost at once got the rightabout, and Campbell gave Lindsay one or two to hold.

In a minute Renton broke away nicely and got well down, but the ball was sent rolling over the line. When eight minutes had gone Renton had the honour of scoring the first goal on the new field, Doyle, unfortunately, assisting.

Play was really good on both sides, and the teams seemed evenly matched. After thirty minutes’ play the Celtic made desperate efforts amidst great excitement to equalise, and half-time was reached with the score standing – Renton, one goal; Celtic, two goals.

In one minute from restarting Campbell scored a third for the Celtic, who were playing in fine fashion. However, six minutes later Towie cleverly beat Cullen, and McKechnie with a splendid drooping shot again beat Cullen, and the game became equal.

Renton were certainly doing magnificently now, and Cullen was extremely fortunate in preventing Renton taking a decided lead.

With fifteen minutes to go McQuilkie and Madden came to blows, and the referee (Mr Heggie) promptly ordered both to leave the field, which they did at once [both players were suspended for a month on the13th September]. Matters now became fast and furious.

Four minutes from time the Celts succeeded in putting on a fourth goal, and the finish found the game standing :- Celtic, four goals; Renton, three goals.

Celtic – Cullen; Reynolds and Doyle; Gallacher, Clifford, and Kelly; P. Gallagher, Murray, Madden, Foran, and Campbell.

Attendance:- 15,000 – The Essential History

In other news … on the following Wednesday Celtic hosted a friendly match against the aforementioned Johnstone team ( not to be confused with St Johnstone of Perth) from Renfrewshire. It seems Peter Dowds returned from Villa to play in this game, but it’s unclear if he played for Celts or Johnstone ( really appreciate if anyone can find more on this game)

Maybe this match was a form of compensation for the use of winger Patrick Gallagher #2 ( again not to be confused with the more famous Patsy Gallacher who featured much later in our history)

This Pat Gallagher featured against Hearts in the forthcoming league game – and scored- but it seems he never played again?

Gallagher, Patrick – 1892

Fullname: Patrick Gallagher
aka: Pat Gallagher
Born: 15 May 1871
Died: […]
Birthplace: Johnstone, Renfrewshire
Signed: August 1892
Left: 1892-93 (to Johnstone FC)
Position: Outside-Right
Debut: Celtic 4-3 Renton, League 20 Aug 1892
Internationals: N/A
International Caps:N/A

Johnstone born Patrick Gallagher was signed by the Bhoys from his hometown side in August 1892 (Possibly he was actually just on loan from Johstone).

The outside-right made his debut in a 4-3 home victory over Renton on 20th August 1892 and a week later scored in his next match at Hearts. A strange occurrence happened in his match v Hearts. Pat Gallagher scored a goal after some great play by Celtic in just the first minute. Renton boss Councillor Angus Campbell and the Celtic Party on the Tynecastle pavilion balcony applauded, which led to the Hearts secretary to see red and ordered them off, even invoking the police to evict them. Hearts did go on to win 4-3, so the behaviour was definitely quite excessive.

He never made another appearance for the Celts and rejoined Johnstone FC soon afterwards.

Celtic did go on to win the league that season, the first in the club’s history. So Pat at least got to play in a little bit of history.

An earlier Johnstone team from around 1888 – with Keeper Dunnion ( actually Dinnng )who kept goal in Celtic’ first full season, before moving to Aston Villa. A very young Peter Douds (sic) is relaxing on the Lion rug .. his big brother seated behind him – my Great Grandfather is a player in the photo and the trainer T. Thomson, was a Powderhall sprint champion. We are checking if he was an uncle of our Bertie Thomson; 1931 and 1933 Scottish Cup fame, who is buried in the town near Peter Douds. ( courtesy and in Memory of Peter Farmer )

General stuff:

1858 1st air mail (in a balloon) took off from Lafayette, Indiana

1870 1st ascent of Mt Rainier, Washington, by Hazard Stevens and P. B. Van Trump ( another balloon ? .., just kidding)

1893 Mae West , American actor and singer (She Done him Wrong), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 1980)

My Gran worked in Manhattan as a nanny in 1920′ & 1930’s – idolised Mae… ” I’m no’ Mae West …. but I dae my best”..,

1903 Joe Pulitzer donates $1 million to Columbia University & begins the Pulitzer Prizes in America

1908 Bank of Italy (now Bank of America ) opens new HQ at Clay & Montgomery, San Francisco ( it’s just business…)

1920 Maureen O’Hara [FitzSimons], Irish actor and singer (Miracle on 34th St, The Quiet Man), born in Ranelagh, Ireland (d. 2015)

This is the large version of the newer one

1939 Musical film “The Wizard of Oz”, starring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, and Jack Haley opens at Loews Capitol Theatre, NYC

1945 Korea is divided into North and South Korea along the 38th parallel

1946 George Orwell publishes “Animal Farm” in the United Kingdom

1969 Woodstock Festival closes with Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys as final act (taking the stage at 9AM on the 18th); other performers included Joe Cocker, Country Joe MacDonald & The Fish, The Band, CSN&Y, and Sha Na Na

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuffabove is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

Change the record by sending an article to sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Prestonpans bhoys


Yes Renton were the big team in those days, a crowd of 15,000. Now that was big in those days, wonder how it was policed, if at all and did they have stewards in those days.

Early waking for me as the bloody seagulls went tonto once daylight appeared, aye 4:30, well by the Forth after all😕


Morning all
Right, whoever is messing with the weather, it’s not funny. Get the sun back oot at York. Bloody pouring here.

I’m still upbeat though as I consider the Huns as good as oot. I know they’re lucky but their luck is used up.


What’s the goalie daen Tom? Geez



I think anyone who thinks the huns are just lucky simply can’t have been this wrong so often over the last three years or so. I dunno how they do it either,but somehow they do.

Hopefully their run will finish next week,but someone somewhere clearly loves them. I just hope that the someone loves PSV that little bit more.

Have a ball in York…



Another of our former players dying at a very early age? Blinkin ‘flip.


Good morning – Grand Day To Be A Celt…

Very interesting history again – Renton were the Club to call for a league, Oueens Park refused to join, said it would lead to professionalism and Clubs would be financially ruined.

Celtic of course joined the league but what happened to Renton!?

Hail Hail


Morning all…there’s more than luck needed to get consistent results in Europe and they’ve had decent results against decent teams and against the odds. I dunno how they manage it because they are not a great side, and they have players who I wouldn’t have in my team BUT…they have done it through tenacity, hard work, a great home support and a huge slice of luck! How long will it last this season though!!


Thanks for the research.

Elsewhere, the chances of us being Scotland’s sole CL participants have improved.
The reason it matters is a knockout blow will have significant recruitment implications for the southsiders, because you can guarantee they will spend if they qualify.

Throughout their campaign last season the Huns only won once away – the unbelievable result v Dortmund. Surely a one off anomaly?

Lost to Red Star, Braga, Leipzig away in knock out games.
Hopefully PSV have seen them up close for what they are. Limited, workmanlike, determined but predictable. Their threat comes from Tavpen on right and Kent on left, isolate them and they have very little attacking threat. They remain solid in midfield cos they deploy a pick n mix range of defensive mids – Davis Jack Kamara Lundstrum ( not all at once, right enough!)
They don’t have the one advantage they have used successfully before – first leg away, keep score line within reach and throw everything at it at home in front of the baying mob.

However, with the Huns the luck of the Devil is never far away.
I’d hope PSV won’t underestimate their Dutch led opponents. Respect for GVB and all that.

St tams

Morning all .
15,000 on a Wednesday, which I would imagine was an afternoon, amazing attendance.

Re, the huns. I only watch them when we play them or when they are on in Kerrydale bar before our game.
But my opinion of them is that ,they are very organised,and workmanlike, very little flair, they love a diagonal from one fullback to the other or winger. They also deliver the ball into the box early , from 30/35 yrd area.
Oh and lucky bastards

Prestonpans bhoys

They are not lucky I hear, opponents giving away daft penalties, see Union (and nearly last night). Opponents giving away daft goals, see last night and oh new manager just in place, see Union again and many others.


“Ahead of this evening’s Champions League play off at Ibrox, PSV Eindhoven’s top brass, key sponsors and corporate guests are spending the day at Celtic Park.

Before facing Rangers tonight, the special guests have made their way to Parkhead for a specially organised tour of the stadium. The PSV VIPs were given the lowdown on all things Celtic by celebrity tour guide Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink.”

Wonder how that went down at Ibrox? LOL 🙂

Awe Naw

If we get a tenth of their luck this season then 2nd stage CL football beckons. You make your own luck they say. Mallik looks handy I have to say.


Huns are sum of their parts.
Not great players but understand their role.
Hard to beat as they hold position and with few modern possession trained footballers willing to take on a man it causes opponents confusion.
They obviously have mastered the art of buying fouls.
And it is a clear tactic to help them advance play.

Awe Naw


Way beyond controversial. Is the 4 eyes principle used ? If not then why not? If yes then why just Mike Dean. It’s situations like this that can only help with the foundation of the ESL. Welcome to football Billionaire Boehly

The Basics. VAR stands for video assistant referee. Instead of just one person, a team of three people work together to review decisions made by the main referee. They do this by watching video footage of the relevant occurrences.

So why just Mike Dean ? Either the FA are not doing it properly. Or all three got it wrong or something much more worse

All inter actions within the var room should be recorded, video and audio, and it should be released a few hours after the match


It can’t just be luck with the Huns.
They have the best player in Scotland in their squad and he didn’t get any game time last night. That must prove that their team is packed with talent and ability.



I wondered about that at the time too. Why is there only one guy there when there is meant to be a team doing the job?

Something not right. If the FA can screw up as badly as that,the SFA will have a field day. Excuses tailor made in advance.


Another fine read SES every day is a school day. 👍 Just wondering if that’s your Great Grandfather in the photo, or a Celtic wiki authors for clarification ?

BMCUW I’m sure Nacho Novo will do an exemplary job as the SFA’s nominated solo Video Assistant Rascal .

FearNotCSC 🇮🇪


Cheers folks – there is a wonderful back story on how Maureen O’Hara took the US government right on when they declared her as a British Immigrant – possibly at the time of her application for Naturalisation to USA – court cases and everything. She won her case… don’t tangle with a fiery redhead, especially an Irish one 😉

Hopefully one of our Irish Sentinels can elaborate …and do her story some justice.

PB 15,000 in the new stadium took fitba to a new level and the cycling track was a huge innovation Magua and Craig76 are much better placed to comment.

Bobby – so many died as young men – consumption was the usual COD. Tragic!

ASWGL – aye it’s my own Great Grandfather buddy. I’m trying to find out if he went on to play in the team at Paradise in the above 1892 friendly – but he was 30 by then- and doubtful he still played until that age. He didn’t marry until 1894 tho’ so it’s possible. Just discovered he Lived in the same close as the Douds brothers at one time.


I think the young fella at the front in the photo could be Cosy Corner Bhoy.


JTT53 – hahahaha 🤣


SES having a quick search on Johnstone Harp that year they were put out the Scottish cup by Abercorn beating them 9-0, some big scores that day 12-0 11-0 10-0 1-13 they didn’t do as bad as Orion who were soundly thrashed 18-0 by Arbroath on the same day.


Prestonpans bhoys

On another note, I can’t recall if it was on here or the other channel, we discussed stewarding. Note those stairwells are always hammered with folk watching the game, they are not following traffic.

Now I know in our standing section we had similar problems with bhoys gaining access with tickets from other parts of the stadium but wondered what causes their problems??


Another fine read SeS. I’m currently reading up on another Celtic player around that era. One, Michael (Mick) McKeown. Born in 1869 at Dalmellington, Ayrshire, signed for Celtic in 1888, died 25th. October 1903. A short life unfortunately blighted by the demon drink. He was a defender/ left back. It was reported that he struck a Celtic director after being refused a pay rise, he was then moved on to Blackburn, a talented player but with a volatile character.

I was reading about Alexandro Bernabei, the left back we signed earlier this year, being arrested for being “Junk and Disorderly”.
Here at Henry Cole CSC we do not prejudge young Celtic players, it must be very difficult arriving in a new Country – club etc. especially if your knowledge of English is limited. Being from Diego Maradona land, when they frequent a licenced premise, and you ask, ‘whose round is it’, if you get no reply, you shout Diego Maradona and all the hands get lifted, there you are sorted.

bada bing1
Angel Gabriel

SeS . Thanks again, for another fine informative article.

Regards the sticky’s last night.
Both teams were decent.
They are organised and physical, although they met a more physical team last night.
As already stated , Kent & Tavpen are their limited creativity, but they are still an effective side .
Davies in midfield helps them , because he’s a decent player with good vision, fortunately, time ain’t on his side . The rest are average but effective.

Having watched last night ( with the sound down ) I’d expect PSV to go through but won’t be backing them at 4/9 .
Btw . The referee was fair and consistent last night, I wish I could say the same about his colleagues in Scotland.


Bawheid – interesting please share what you find on him ( haven’t forgotten about ‘31 item -awaiting a suitable anniversary)


Aye, that was a doing at 9-0 and they had just lost their ‘keeper to Celts ? Think my Great Grandad had Covid2 that day …😉

Maybe the results that caught Celtic’ attention were in the previous year:

1986/87 (
North station – Newlandsfield), Johnstone)
1st Round
11 September 1886
Johnstone v Cartvale 6-2
2nd Round
2nd October 1886
Johnstone v Pollokshaws Athletic 4-0
3rd Round
23rd October 1886
Johnstone v Hurlford 0-5

I’m mindful that there was a nucleus of Celts and future Celts around the Sooside in that period.


PB – Aye – surely there were police at games, but not sure there was any segregation at all. Looks like the trains were well used by fans, and we know the Brake Clubs were up and running too.



Good luck at York today.

Usual difficult but enjoyable card.

Unless you are John Nettles the first winner was difficult to find.

Hopefully you return in profit.


Morning troops on this fine day of Woden where tropical thunderstorms are predicted due to the very high heat recently.
“Same old weather, always cheating!”

15k at an amateur game is incredible, a team drawing that much should be in or around the top flight I reckon. It was nice to see the City Ground full and bouncing for Forrest’s return to the top flight at the weekend btw.

Stay safe everyone.
Miss ye Garry.

Hail Hail


Afternoon all,

Enjoyed your article SeS as usual 👏👏👏

Honestly don’t know why so many watch the Huns !!!!!

For me it’s all about Celtic. We do our job, we win the League 👍

Europe, well that’s a different matter.

But those that know me, I’m not a glass half full, but a glass overflowing man !!!

Bring it on and enjoy the ride everyone.



Re Hun watching:

I watch them when it does not interfere with important things in life.

I find it instructive to see how our nearest rivals set up, play and I always hope to see them lose.

It’s of more interest to me when there is something at stake- like £30 odd million quid.

Prestonpans bhoys

Hun watching

Occasionally I would put them on especially if they are losing but its a hard watch because you are waiting for the MIB to assist.

As for the European games, absolutely although retired I still subscribe to BT for that bit of midweek environment. However caveat, should the hun go into a two goal lead I’m aff to another game!!


Prestonpans bhoys/CFC,


If someone does txt me next week and the Huns are getting beat 2-0 with 10 minutes to go, I’ll definitely be watching 😜😜😜

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, saltires brilliant read as always, just back from ibrox them bassas chased me all the way from the broomloan stand to alexandra parade, all because i was wearing a sellic bunnet, got home to glenboig then realised i live in cheshire now🤩 went to the local pub closed, thought id get a haircut, barbers closed ,went to the post office to draw out some money for the train fare home ,ffs the ralway station is closed, is there anywhere open in glenboig,🤩 another true story.


It’s a half day on a Wednesday Packy!

Billy Bhoy


Is there anyone showing the Andy Murray match? Can’t see it anywhere.

big packy

NOW you tell me,,great news jim, sol kitts has agreed to sell me his rolls royce, ive to give him my car thats 15 grand, plus 5 grand cash what a bargain, always wanted a roller, now bear in mind there is no engine or wheels, but as sol said i can put it on my driveway and make the neighbours jealous ,still think 20 grand is a bit steep for a car with no engine or wheels, but i trust sol kitts impliciitly,not another true story🤩


Billy bhoy Setanta chan/event 2 or what Awe Naw said

Billy Bhoy

Awe Naw

Cheers mate!

big packy

back to celtic, sevco are a big strong side they wont be pushovers at parkhead, they will be drilling balls across our box in the knowledge we aint great at defending them, joe hart and the whole back line must be on their toes, give the bassas nothing,another true story, MAGUA if your lurking hope you are well,👍


Jim, half day on a Wednesday, confession on a Thursday, Fish on a Friday, Fitbaw on a Saturday and Chapel on a Sunday, it’s a busy life being a non zombie.



Prestonpans bhoys/CFC,
If someone does txt me next week and the Huns are getting beat 2-0 with 10 minutes to go, I’ll definitely be watching 😜😜😜
I would wait until 1 minute to go hoping to enjoy post match comments from the “experts”

I really can’t stand them and avoid them like the plague. I’ve said on here before I only watch them when they play Celtic. Even then I shut one eye.


BP – we have much more physical presence at the back now. CCV & Jenz look like they enjoy a battle


ASWGL agreed except our confessions were Saturday evenings. You had to join a Q. And that was with 3 priests hearing them! So no mortal sins on a Saturday night and you were good to go for Communion on the Sunday! LOL 🙂

big packy

FRODSHAMBHOY, how are you pal, hope you enjoyed your visit home to see your mum,yes we are better at the back now,,lets keep it that way👍


Excellent as always. I’m not so sure about all teams being amateur in the early 1900s. Apart from Queen’s Park, most clubs were employing dodgy tactics when signing players. How else could an ‘amateur’ club like Celtic, afford to entice the world-renowned full back, Dan Doyle, to leave the fully professional English league, where top players received top wages? Yes indeedy, there were financial shenanigans afoot in those early days, that would have made Sir David Murray blush…or not, as the case may be.

Big Packy

All good here thanks. By eck lad, you fair get around. 😀

big packy

MAGUA 🤩 who mentioned confession, im on my way, but got stations of the cross to go to first.another true story,🤩


Packy I’m not as worried about our back line as I was last year. We desperately need a proper defensive midfielder.


Magua – alrite buddy ?

very true on the ‘amateur’ status – even in early 1890’s

Chairbhoy got on this subject earlier – Queen’s Park refused to join as League looked professional and they could all rely on unearned income anyway with property in Roscommon etc.. those Sooside lads all had holdings in Connaught – as we discovered recently. 😉

Anyhoo – more seriously ..

E.G. Peter Douds was a ‘hairdresser’ in the 1891 census and on his wedding certificate – his wee sister was also a ‘hairdresser’ – methinks this was a wee ‘set-up’ and the only thing Peter ever clipped was the wings of any marauding opponents …

Likewise, the older Patrick Gallagher, previously at Hibs in 1887 was recorded as a Wines & Spirits Dealer … in Glasgow’ West End – doubt he was pulling pints and sweeping sawdust etc…

No-one goes from being a millworker or Ironstone miner to – that title in 10 years without some assistance.

You guys will know the answer, but I thought English League went Professional around 1894 but it took ‘enlightened Scots’ a few seasons to accept reality?!

Any info welcome.



Your mentioning of Mae West, reminded me of another star of the movies, in those halcyon years of the silver screen…Clara Bow. Clara was right up there with the leading actors of the day, such as Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, both of whom she starred alongside, in many a blockbuster. Her movie career came to an abrupt end, with the introduction of ‘The Talkies’, in the late 20s. Studio executives felt that her strong Brooklyn accent, would not go down too well with the paying public. She was quietly sidelined by the major studios. Sad really.

Big Packy


Hail Hail

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