The World Game


I sent an article to MAHE on Wednesday night,and it went for a walk through cyberspace,never to be seen again.

That is so annoying. You guys might spend five minutes writing a comment,only to see it disappear. And that is annoying enough! I spent an hour writing the article,no sign of it anywhere.

Anyway,I was out in that London with my nephew on Wednesday. He is just a lovely guy,just turned 30yo and has his life sorted. I can remember when I was 30yo,and it wasn’t too pleasant. I have a niece too,recently qualified doctor. Hey,get me,huh?

Thing is,she loves going to the football,my nephew doesn’t. I took him to the game in 2006 when we commemorated Jinky,he was maybe 13yo at the time. I think it was the last game he ever went to.

My niece? She loves it. Off to the match to meet her Mum,her aunt and her Papa. Maybe even her daft uncle,now and again.

I’ve mentioned before about me and SOLKITTS heading home about two in the morning,see ya about eleven. Aye,good lad. I’m taking my kid sis with us.

Ten years old,but Celtic daft. You sure? Oh,aye. I’m f…..g sure,all right.

My nephew,well,he SHOULD have got Celtic,but it never quite happened for him. It happens,it doesn’t spoil the fun we have when we meet up. Nothing could. My sisters and my niece,well,they’re girls and they aren’t supposed to even be into football,are they?

Yet,they could tell you more about a game than I can. ATHINGOFBEAUTY could play it better than I ever could,too.

We’ve just seen the Euros,which England won. I didn’t watch a single game,if I’m honest,as work got in the way. As it will with the World Cup,damn these night shifts. It’s a funny old game,as Greavesie said. A funny old game,when the girls in my family are at the matches more often than the blokes.

It’s a funny old game that makes us all as mad about it as we are,write a blog,comment on the blog,turn up every week.

Fall out for a few seconds with people about mere incidentals-but love the fella back because his heart is where ours is,and we both just want the best for the club.

SALTIRES writes his article every week,it tells us where we come from. It maybe explains too what our club means to us,and why. My Dad taking me to the game,when I was four years old. Me taking my sister to her first game,at 10yo. Sorry,sis-I should have done that earlier. My Dad was only 4yo when HIS Dad took him to a game-and that was during the war.

Maybe converting an absolutely not interested fella,nothing worse than a convert,Celtic daft to this day,forty years later.

There’s just something about Celtic,something special,that 

That bites. That hooks us right away.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Welcome to the site,a pleasure to have you along.

Uber Boober

Morning M.

Forgive me, this has no relevance to your article . I also call up my 9th amendment, which is, I implore you to delete bits of my posts, or the whole posts, if you see fit.

Because I’m not an entitled wank, and love what you’re doing, and I know you can be trusted to edit me fairly. I don’t think you have ever done so too. 🤷‍♂️

I rarely bother with this stuff now, like many of us.

So why am I here? What has poked my sleeping hirsute manky bear arse?


He absolutely nailed it on CQN yesterday. Yet still underplayed his card, in the hope of actual discussion. (I’m sure many of you noticed this).

So what followed?

A day of congratulations to him and SFTB, followed by the usual abusive pish from the usual suspects.

I find them creepy as fk. I really really do.

They will never hesitate to criticise the support, but will jump on anyone that criticises their capitalist board….despite being “uber celts”. Posting photographs that anyone can find online if they want, then snidely ridiculing anyone that discusses the management of the club 🤔🤔🤔

Hmm, as they say.

It’s more blatant than ever, and I have to say, it makes my skin crawl.

The venom and underhand tactics used are appalling.

I’m going to do something that you don’t see there as well. I’m going to address SFTB directly.

SFTB, I always enjoyed your posts until recent years, when something struck me about them. Was it me? Was it you? I don’t know. But it became more and more blatantly obvious that you were taking pride in mastering obfuscation regarding the board dealings. And I eventually gave up reading you a few years ago. Chairboy hit the nail on the head. I find your arguments creepy. I find a lot of the current clique there creepy as fk, if I’m honest.

Oh to be a Tim, eh.

The big irony for me is, that the folks that offer the best arguments, are usually shouted down by self appointed geniuses.

Meh. What do I know. It all makes my skin crawl like fk. These tory board loving fks claim to be celtic, and then have the cheek to ridicule and denigrate good posters that ask questions……then, …(astounded of forehead), blame trolls for poeple abandoning the site en masse, ffs 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Chairboy. Respect. Thank fk you did that. I would have tried, but it seems new posters are no longer accepted there.

Makes my skin crawl.

Apologies for rant, folks. I hope you are all well.

Edit @ 7.37 SFTB, I challenged you to discussion on CQN not too long ago, but you dismissed me as another KevJ clone. It became your main source of argument. I don’t think my comments, opinions, or style, match his at all, but that was youre get out. I repeat, I find the current movement on said site creepy as fk. And this is obviously my opinion, not this site’s. Ironically, though, I noticed you trying to continually conflate this site and CQN in your argument. Aweful stuff, and you have me wondering wtf, what kind of people do we have in our support. I used to respect you immensely. I’m sorry mate, I just find it creepy as fk now.

Prestonpans bhoys


As a matter of interest when you loose your new article is it (a) you are using the application then it goes a walk when saving to it or (b) you are writing it externally i.e a word doc and trying to upload it to the application?

First one is probably your answer.

Highland Paddy

Welcome aboard👍👏👏

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on this fine site.
Good to see you posting last night, Highland Paddy. I’m certain there are loads of others lurking that could also contribute. The first dip of the toe in the water is sometimes daunting. But it’s dead easy after you do!

Jobo Baldie

Prestonpans bhoys – that’s a fair point. When I know before I start hammering the keyboard that it’s going to be a fairly long post (e.g. my MOTM results posts)!I always type it out on Word with ‘automatic save’ enabled. I then copy and post the final version across. Doesn’t mean the contents are error free mind you but at least I don’t lose what I’ve typed. And of course the edit facility on here is a fantastic feature, so long as I spot any errors quickly enough!



Only recently A very, very naughty Bhoy was suggesting your dad went to his first game during the First Boer War .., I don’t want to be causing bother, but feel it was totally out of order and uncalled for… Sol would be issuing a Yellow … AND tapping his breast pocket. 🤣

But seriously. Thanks for the nod buddy! I can’t claim to have any expert or detailed knowledge and almost everything is c&p from Celticwiki and an old newspaper subscription.

The real experts are all on here.

As you say, the stories are already in folks’ hearts and minds.

The most satisfying thing, dareisay reward?!, is the replies & comments with additional information or corrections, and clarifications from other Sentinels.

Everyone here has a bundle of Celtic stories, and my personal mission is to tease them out over time. So we can all enjoy them.

We all reveal something about ourselves on here every time we post. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it feels safe.

Of course there are some super smart folk that will have us all taped and measured. Sized up etc. The really good part about this blog, is they don’t take unfair advantage of our wee scars and human frailties.

It’s a blessed place thanks to you and Mahe, and the other guys behind the scenes like ASWGL who keeps adding brilliant artwork ( and whatever magic dust he sprinkled to iron out the technical stuff to keep us all rolling). The other guys who are funding to pay for subscriptions to Servers and legals – all without any recognition, or seeking any credit or rewards.

‘Lovely biscuits’ as the old bhoys used to say after yet another wonderful performance by our team.

Lovely, lovely biscuits.

PS maybe try writing your items on notes or word then c&p to blog when ready to send. If you type it directly onto ‘live’ WordPress (or whatever one we use now) – the risk of losing work is quite high.


🎼aaand…You are welcome Highland Paddy ..🎵🎶

Uber Boober

Is a great song innit.

Uber Boober

16 Roads, ole Pedro and ACGR, will love this.

I miss the days when we chattered mad pish
..(howling at the moon, as the nobles called us… 😆😆)

Uber Boober

Try singing this at a wedding ya mugs 😁😁

Prestonpans bhoys


Yeah, best practice is to write externally. Also depends what the underlying operating system is, going from a windows doc to a unix based application can throw some oddities around special symbols etc. A double quote can be translated to a single which can be important as a delimiter in a complied programme for example.

Anyways bored the (.)(.)’s on folk reading the above, spent 26 years working on that shit as a Oracle Applications DBA now I read, drink and walk the 🐕🐶



PB@9.06…I got the first line – after that, have you been inhaling some of that fine Canadian air that MIT was telling us about yesterday!! 🤣🤣🤣

Awe Naw


I’ll GRANT you that..McCaff is always in RECOVERY mode. You will need to ALTER McCaffs SGA size or he,’ll never ALTER his VIEW and ARCHIVE anything 😁


Awe Naw…there you go again! 😁


Awe Naw…my wee mate came round last night, he’s booked 4 of us to Mainz on 4th Nov for a couple of days. (One of my mates was recently, suddenly widowed and he’s trying to cheer him up.) Hoping to take in the Mainz v Wolfsburg game when we’re in toon!

Prestonpans bhoys

Awe naw
I have deleted my heeds configuration file, its all Dutch to me now😱😂

Awe Naw

McCaff if you get me a ticket I’ll come along. A good mate of mine his Brar owns the Irish pub in Mainz. I’ll of course pay for the ticket and buy you all a beer.

Billy Bhoy

Amen to that Bobby.

I was playing golf with my son Daniel the other day. He’s 28 now.

He mentioned that whenever it’s CL or EL on TV he remembers me coming home from work during our Seville run and saying to him “Son, tonight is the BIGGEST game of your life. He was 9 then. It put a huge smile on my face that he remembered that.


That sounds like a plan. It’s too early for me too hijack any plans but I’ll def sort the extra ticket. I ‘ll get the £6 brief…you get the beers!! 😉

Awe Naw

A wee tip.

Frankfurt is 30min train ride from Mainz and a bigger Town than Mainz. Eintracht play the next day against Ausburg. If you want me to organize tickets for that game also then let me know. K.O time not decided normally 15.30 on the Sunday. See a real CL team 😜

If you can’t get a ticket then I will try this end. If I don’t get a ticket I’ll still meet up with you and get the beers in


Billy Bhoy…my wee guy is 16 now. I got him his first Season Ticket in 2012 after The Oldco died. I’ve got to say these years going to the games with him have been the best times for me. For a long time he insisted on hanging about the Main Stand after games to get selfies and autographs – he’s got pictures with Cesar, Bertie, Wim, pictures wiith Virgil, Sammy, Kayal, Rogic. He’s got a pair of fitba boots with KT and Paddy Roberts’ signatures, a pair of boots with Kolo Toure’s signature, an Umbro ba’ with the Invincibles’ signatures and countless selfies with just about anyone who played with Celtic until Covid kicked in! On the downside he’s also got selfies with Amido Balde, GMS and the loser from Ajax who couldnae get a game!
All superb memories for the wee man!


Awe Naw…we leave on the Sunday, I’d checked the games last night and saw Eintracht were away to Augsburg so kinda had to rule it out.

Big Audio Dynamite

First look at our soon to be new signing


BAD…it looks like he’s perfected that diagonal to the back post that the TRFC use so well. D’you think Ange is bringing him in to play against our full backs in training? 🤣🤣🤣

Awe Naw

The Libertines playing in Frankfurt on the 3rd.

Ok I’ll keep ann eye out for the details closer the time

Big Audio Dynamite

Can you remember a time we had such a plethora of attacking options? I can’t.
Depending on what’s happening with our new fun lovin’ criminal LB, we appear to have deep cover all over the park.
That being the case, I really am confident about all the challenges we will face this season.

We really do have a lot to thank our dad’s for.
My first memories of my dad and I at the football, Real Madrid QF European cup …what a way to kick this all off!


Are Celtic putting trolling Brendan Rodgers ahead of actual team needs?
Our team with a million wingers are supposedly signing another one despite our most pressing needs being in other areas.
Time for the board to ditch their resentment towards Rodgers for leaving them in the lurch .
Focus on Ange’s needs should be their only priority


BAD…we’ve never had so many players across the mid to front capable of scoring, not in my time anyway. It’s incredible that we’ve got GG on the bench FFS!! When have we ever had the luxury of leaving an in-form striker on the bench in favour of an attacking setup that just keeps producing goals. And Abade chucked in with a few goals and assists last season – on the bench for a lot of it. O’Riley and Turnbull, although not found the range yet, both capable of opening a defence and scoring, Kyogo is a wee pocket rocket machine that just keeps defenders under constant pressure across the box or coming from deep, Maeda with a poor touch still has recovery pace to put a defender on his arse as he never stops. And our Rolls Royce Jota is a half season away from the EPL!!!😱😱😱

Billy Bhoy


ah brilliant memories for him!

I took.Daniel on the stadium tour near the end of a season. He got his picture taken with Blinker and Petta. Then his hero Marc Viduka appeared. After I had taken the photo I shook.his hand and said “listen Marc, I don’t know where you’ll be next Season but thanks for everything”. He put his arm on my shoulder and said ” Don’t believe everything you read in the papers mate!”

The basturd signed for Leeds the very next day! 🤔


BAD…re your memories of your Da. My old man only took my bro and me to Parkheid once – although he was a Celtic fan he was more a pub and bookies man. He did take us to Hamden though for the Scotland games, when we were a decent side worth paying to watch!! This was in the 70s and we were waiting outside for my uncle outside the old brick Main Stand at Parkheid, Jock Stein walks in the front door and my old man says “Awrite, Jock” Jock replies “Awrite, Jim” Everybody in Glasgow was Jim or Jimmy back then, of course. My bro and I looked up at my old man “Hw does Jock Stein know your name, Dad!?” “Everybody knows yer da, son!” A true story! 🤣🤣🤣


Billy Bhoy…what a player Viduka was but he gave not one f*** for us or the Club!

BAD…re the wee jailbird Argie. I was talking to someone who was introduced to his agent – a Scottish bhoy working in Argentina – who’s been pestering Celtic for 10 years with emails of tips and videos of Argentine players he thinks we should have a look at. Until we signed Bernabei he’d been largely ignored but the Bernabei email seemed to reach the right person and the deal was done to bring him here. End of the story, not quite. Apparently, the Scottish Bhoy has landed a job as scout for Celtic in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.


Craig, Thank You for the link you posted last night. Much appreciated. 🙂

Jobo Baldie

Enjoyed that, Bada



That’s what I was trying to say! But he said it so much better. But…

That’s what the club means to us,how it gets us. He said it so much better,yet he only really said the same as I did in my article. As we all do when we think about Celtic.

It’s just something,we can’t explain it. It holds us tight,yet gets us to express emotions that we probably wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable expressing in public.

Such a special feeling to be a Celtic supporter,and one that bonds us to family,to friends,like nothing else ever could.

Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff …re our bench options. The only slight worry I have is, how do we (Ange) keep them all happy? If anyone can, I believe Ange can/will.
Hope you’re right that we’ll be looking closer at the South American markets now …we’ve certainly had a curious lack of players from that part of the world, haven’t we? I believe it’s a place bargains can still be found.
Re your dad. I wonder how many of us could tell the exact same story of our dad’s introducing us the famous Glasgow Celtic?? And btw, my dad was a Clyde supporter and I grew up in Brigton 😱 often wonder if my dad hadn’t wanted to see Real M play, I may have ended up joining the dark side (Shudder!) I’m sure, like me, you made sure and thanked him.

HH, buddy 💚🍀


Highland Paddy
Huge welcome to the blog.

Uber Boober, thanks for visiting. Stick around.


A striker and winger incoming? Can’t see a striker getting much game time with two crackers ahead of him in the peaking order but then two strikers isn’t enough for the entire campaign.
As for wingers, don’t need him unless someone is going.
Can’t see Jota leaving.

Awe Naw


While what you say is all true I have to add to that it saddens me to witness over the last 35 years in Germany how much a Celtic presence has declined. I reckon after Brexit it will decline even further. There´s definitely a lot less Celtic fans about here in Frankfurt and surrounding areas. It has been a steady but slow decline. I haven´t met an Irish man under 30 in say 15 years who supports Celtic. No interest whatsoever. Will not even pretend like some would say more than 15 years ago. There were a few Scots, Irish, Poles, America Irish lost them too and even from the other side I don’t mean huns but those that enjoyed being in Celtic fans company in a bar for a drink for the craic. You would get that for a bog standard evening some nights. If there was a bog standard SPL game on a bit more lively and for a hun game packed. Distributed over a few pubs over years. You could go to neighbouring towns Darmstadt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and there was something similar going on there. Now it´s dead. Nothing. You will still get an OF game but with the early k.o and Saturday night in Germany finishing about 4 hrs before kick off it had to be worth it for the pubs and over the years it has eroded to getting banned for losing it for prioritizing championship games cos there is two tourist from Huddersfield in that morning. It´s business fair enough

Lots and lots of reasons for this but it has happened. You might pick up on a stag weekend in some places but it´s hardly worth it. I don’t believe that they are here at home online but don’t come out to play or ask about for the rare away European Celtic sorties. They are gone. Even my son noticed it. He started recognising Celtic from 1999 onwards. A good time Seville, Henrik etc. but as to be expected he has very little interest now. When I asked him to name a current player he said Scott Brown. He started asking about certain guys who would buy him a coke and crisps in various bars. Some I couldn´t remember but when I said they have all left or I don’t know where. It seems a real shame when you look at the technology available today. If we had that in the 80s and 90s 00` even I think the local Celtic scene would be even more vibrant. A big part of it all I feel is the EPL sucking it all up. Including us sadly. So sorry too rain on your positive article. It was good. I just think that we may have lost something we didn´t even know we had. I certainly have.



That’s a frightening thought. Yes,we are who we are,Celtic to the core. The reason I titled the article as I did is because we have supporters the world over. But what if there aren’t the kids,or even the converts,following us? Making up the numbers as we fall off the perch?

Yes,the English game,their TV deal,has sucked the money away from us in Scotland. What if it has sucked away our fanbase too?

I think that is what you are saying,and bloody hell,that is a scary thought indeed.

The Fenian Whaler

Rubin Kazan winger Sead Hakšabanović is undergoing a medical in London today after Celtic agreed to pay an alleged sum of £2 mill to bring the Left/Right/Centre (🤔) Montenegrin / Swedish player to Glasgow.

Hot off the B/S rumour mill. Our perennial EPL Desmond & Lawwell bonus providers ‘Southampton FC’ have expressed an interest in acquiring our newly signed Portuguese superstar in the making ‘Jota’. 🤥🤥🤥🤢

Now just who, if anyone, will be leaving? Seemingly Mickey J is for the off if he can find a club he wants to go to, but we knew that ages ago. Is Ange thinking of sending old perma injured campaigner Jamesy F out to pasture? Could it be Abada is heading out the Parkhead doors for a tidy wee incoming fee? Could they do the unthinkable and sell Jota?
Are we just filling up the subs bench with a ‘supposed’ utility player before shifting Julie and Ajeti?

Haven’t got a feckin’ clue CSC

Awe Naw


It is especially scary when you have bought him, which he wears regularly the current away top and hoops but canny name a current player???? FFS It´s more of a fashion thing. Well he´s a young man now and its multi culti here so the kids are wearing their Da´s team from around the world but he´ll need to pass a Celtic quiz next time. He´s been warned. Pubs are still busy. Drink still cheap. CoviD/Brexit hasn´t helped no one etc but it´s a dawn of realisation going into a packed Irish pub late for k.o for an OF Sunday morning at O’Reillys Frankfurt main station the, only pub capable of showing it and asking for one of the TVs to actually be actually switched on and no advertisement for it on the usual blackboard. Which they duly did but made me decide too risky stay at home and watch it and that was before Covid

Big Audio Dynamite

The Fenian Whaler …where are you seeing that about Jota?

The Fenian Whaler


A couple of messages from concerned Tims with the usual ‘their granny knows someone at Southampton’ and apparently it’s on the timternet? I haven’t checked the veracity of this yet but hey it’s believable I’m sure many EPL predator clubs will be interested and no doubt a few will have made tentative inquiries. Personally, I think it’s BS unless it was for a stupid amount of money the like of which clubs like Southampton would not pay. The caveat being with our board, ya just never know.

PS 15.46. Just checked the timternet and can’t find anything relating to Southampton & Jota. So ‘my bad’ should have checked. Need to check up on my ‘ sources’ claims now.

Sun Jurno CSC

Jobo Baldie

The Fenian Whaler – thats interesting that you were able to edit your 3.09pm post at 3.46pm. I thought that any edit had to be within 30 minutes of posting. Looks like it’s at least 37 minutes.
Every Day’s A Schoolday right enough 😁


Awe Naw at 2.29
‘… You will still get an OF game but with the early k.o…’
That’s quite an achievement considering the last one was ten years ago.


Some fine family memories there. Thanks for sharing.


“As you say, the stories are already in folks’ hearts and minds.”

A fine sentiment indeed. I would say that my interest in the history of the club, was deepened when my dad took me to see a friend of his, who was a walking encyclopedia on all things Celtic. This man had a copy of every Celtic book ever published, and I was told that I could borrow any book from his shelves. This would have been in the late 70s/early 80s. This I gladly did on many occasions. Thus I devoured classic Celtic works such as Willie Mailley’s 1938 history of the club, and James E Handley’s club history, published in the early 60s. Over the years, Celtic authors such as Pat Woods, Tom Campbell, David Potter, David Frier, Peter Burns and others, have captured past games and incidents, involving the club and the support. Sites such as The Celtic Star and CQN, have introduced us to a whole new generation of Celtic authors. The flame has therefore been passed on from one generation to another. The sheer number of books on Celtic, published over the years, may just be some kind of world record.

Highland Paddy

Welcome to the blog.

Hail Hail.

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