Hearts. I REALLY Do Not Like Playing Hearts.


Aye,the headline? Every word true,words that you might expect from a bridge player. But heyho.

Hearts this weekend,huh? I hate playing this mob. They really despise us,go for our throats. Neither fear nor favour-even though they certainly don’t favour us.

They’ve also beaten us a few times recently,particularly at the start of the season. But usually when we have been at a low ebb. I don’t think that applies at the minute.

We might not be on the crest of a wave,but is ten goals in three games not enough to suggest that we aren’t far off it? With the goals being widely spread amongst the side,I am maybe more optimistic than I tend to be when we take them on.

I’ve had many a good day or night watching us against them. The Centenary Season springs to mind,as does Martin O’Neill’s second season on their turf,a league cup tie where he played the kids.

I’ve mentioned others on the site before,so no need to rehash them. I think we beat them 3-2 on the last time Celtic played a match on Christmas day,around 1972. I couldn’t attend that one,I had to attend Mass instead!

I won’t be in attendance at this one either,but I certainly hope that all of our fans who are there take as much pleasure from the game as possible. It will be A Beautiful Sunday to come out of it with three points,but more importantly,it will be a big hurdle cleared as we look to defend our title.

Love them or loathe them-aye,I know-they are a big danger to us. No,of course I don’t think they will be in a position to challenge us for the title,as they were in the 80s. Or even as recently as 2005/06,under George Burley. But they can take points from us-yet seem curiously unable to do the same to our city rivals these days?

It is for that reason that I rate them as the biggest danger to our title aspirations. They don’t have the likes of Naismith or Lafferty now,players who we watched go out and kick our players off the park,with a fully complicit referee looking on approvingly. 

But I’ll betcha they will find another one or six,willing to do just that. They’re a horrible team,and if we can get the game out of the way,with three points and no injuries,I will be a very satisfied lad.

And a very surprised one too.

I expect the three points. If we hope to retain our title,nothing less will do. But I fear for our players tomorrow. Then,maybe not. They are used to it now,seem to have really hardened up,having to do things that as footballers they didn’t think was a part of the game.

Players like Kyogo or Maeda,they don’t look like they have it in them. But they don’t take second prizes either-and there’s an Edinburgh expression for you. I hope they don’t take second prizes tomorrow either,just walk away with the first prize of three points.

I hate playing teams like Hearts. I hate it when it is all about the result,the points. I love football because of the beauty of it. There is rarely beauty playing them,it is everything in football which I detest.

Just take the three points,no injuries,move on. Bloody hell,is that really what football in Scotland has become? Sadly,it is. And until we get the referees sorted,it always will be.

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Big Audio Dynamite

Celtic games now look like training sessions where you put the attackers up against the defenders.
Will this be the first game this season that we don’t lose a player to injury?

I think my dad said it best.
“It’s like trying to play with one leg tied up behind yer arse, son.”
He definitely had a way with words 😉



ACSOM do excellent podcasts,and ATHINGOFBEAUTY has recommended them to me for some time. I’m not really into podcasts,and maybe too I don’t want to listen and find them influencing my articles.

I dunno,I just think that could be plagiarism. I don’t think anyone would like to claim ownership of the tripe I talk,so I would probably get away with it.

But,as the Friday article points out,she knows more than I do. If she recommends it,it will be worth your while to listen.



Aye,not just a way with words,but a way with the truth too.

For me,Willie Wallace probably summed it up best-and ironically,we signed him from Hearts.

When we played against Celtic,we knew we could get away with that much more. It was only when I played for Celtic that I found out just how much more.

You look at our heroes of yore in the current backdrop,think of the kickings they took,simply to wear our colours.

But then I see Bertie,Murdo,David Hay. I doubt they took a kicking between them,and Bhoy,could we do with one of them now.


Or Jinky,come to that.

Famously,he was being kicked up and down by John Greig.

He just turned to him and asked

John,are you trying to intimidate me?

Big Audio Dynamite

Too true, Bobby! When you think of all the shit we have had to contend with, it’s a miracle we have won the amount of stuff we have. It all adds to the sweetness of our victories though 😉

Btw, how they all remained so friendly with Grieg, is beyond me. I like hard players but not thugs who try to hurt other players.



I remember in the early 80s,SOLKITTS and I were in the old enclosure at Ibrox. Always our favoured place to watch the game.

Davie McKinnon,I think,was trying hard to hammer Davie Provan,who ran him in circles so badly that McKinnon fell on his arse.

Provan turned round to him and said-

I could keep a beach ball off you in a phone box.

Not only were we miles better than them,we had a smarter turn of phrase too!


Interesting lead…

As Hearts emerge again as clearly the third best side in Scotland and we are again scratching our heads at what actually goes on at Aberdeen, Hibs, Dundee United and the like – when they begin to look like they could play to their potential they are consistently dragged to the wrong side of mediocre.

Hearts look the real deal this time, as a manager Robbie Neilson has something and a serious competitive streak to boot (especially when playing us). However last time they were at Celtic Park, even though they went up, they had no answer to Angeball.

After a grueling journey to Switzerland on Thursday I can’t see past three points to Celtic, Hearts will leave Celtic Park with nothing but it won’t be through lack of trying.

Hail Hail



It is genuinely a team I hate playing against. They suck all the joy out of the most beautiful of sports.

Always have.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, some of the players they had when Greig was manager …wooft!
Gregor Stevens was my fav 😊

Big Audio Dynamite

Being linked with another DM – Hadjuk Split’s Jani Atanasov.



My Uncle was assistant manager there for a time, got to say it was the only Club he was involved in that I had a problem “supporting”.

Looking out for their results, hoping for a win was anathema, especially with Wallace Mercer at the helm.

I’m in a similar position now, hoping they can challenge Rangers and do well in Europe. I’ve said for years there’s a good living for a third Club in Scotland – regular Europa runs adds income and kudos to Clubs.

The Scottish Capital should be able to produce such a Club, Hibs don’t look like being that team anytime soon.

Obviously a Hibee today but might take in the scintillating local Derby between Marlow and Thame United which is televised.

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

A look at Atanasov.

Big Audio Dynamite

The Bhoys training



Not much to go on in there,but looks like he can read the play,enjoys a dig.

Might be what we need,what we have all said we miss. The video was unimpressive-but who amongst us would have been impressed by a video of Makalele twenty years ago,or Lambert ten years earlier?

It takes a very special player to play in that role,sacrifice for the team. He knows that few fans will appreciate him. But his colleagues always do.

When Eric Cantona called Didier Deschamps the water carrier,it wasn’t an insult,far from it. Getting that position right is maybe the most difficult thing for a manager. No towering defensive clearances,no stunning dribbles,outstanding saves or worldie goals,nothing to go on with the scouting reports that are usually the highlights. Nothing to judge them on at all.

And probably the most specialised position on the pitch. Oh,yeah. Get that position right,that is a winner for us.



Had more hassle from Hertz fans than either version of the Ibrox mob. That’s saying something

My old dad stopped going to games after one incident at Tynecastle around 1975/6 – behaviour of fans was the problem for him. I couldn’t persuade him to change his mind and it meant I had to find someone to ‘take’ me on the bus. It was a few years I had to check with a lovely guy that he would let me go on the bus ( under his membership etc.)

I’ve resented Hertz ever since and genuinely wish they didn’t exist. Nasty, nasty bassas that they are! Don’t think I’ve ever met a decent one. Yet. Kin from chat on here that they do exist.

Btw – forgot to commend you on the ee dig at Spurs yesterday “Chelsea dropped points to another wee team from London” ( paraphrase) – made me chuckle as I feel th are way about Spurs as I do Hertz. Their fans have such a Big opinion of themselves and their team – love reminding them they haven’t won a league since before I as born and never a Big Cup. The few fans I got chatting to when I lived darn sarf knew less about their club than I did .. but they ere ‘bigger’ more successful than Celtic. For all their big money names .. Gascogne, Hoddle, et al … they are always pish …just like Hertz


As ye say we should have too much for them this weekend but it won’t be for the lack of trying on their part.

BAD – it’s years since I heard that expression buddy – made me laugh. The things that stick in yer mind eh? You are right on the pulse these days …please. keep them coming 😉

Chairbhoy – they do seem to be setting up as the Third force… gawd!! TBH the fans of all the potential ‘third’ teams in scotland don’t ever seem to get it right in terms of consistent numbers – their cities and hinterlands are populous enough. Aberdeen has long been my sense of the 3rd team. Realistically, it should be a Capital team but never ever had the sense that they take fitba that seriously out that way. Supporters of Hibs and Hertz I mean … don’t want to upset the excellent Celts from Eastern shores…. who are as fervent as any …anywhere.



Atanasov looks solid enough buddy ✅

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, Pirlo changed a lot of people’s perceptions of what a DM can be.
In Britain we’re more used to players like Souness or Aitken occupying that role …ball winners.
Hopefully we are serious about acquiring a specialist DM, that would allow Callum to raid further forward.
Think we’ve forgot how big a goal threat he was.

SeS, appreciate that, my friend 👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Had a cupla posts just disappear there. If I wasn’t such a technophobe, I might know where they went …or care! 😜

Big Audio Dynamite

Cheers SeS 👍

Bobby, I think people like Pirlo have changed the perception of what a DM can be.
We’ve been more used to guys like Souness and Aitken in there for ball winning.
The game in Britain is almost sanitised …think of the last time you saw a bone crunching 50/50.
Callum can play there because he is so clever and technically brilliant, so buys himself time on the ball.
I think Ange likes him there because he has the game in front of him, and he keeps us ticking over.



SeS @ 7:07 am,

Yes, undoubtedly Aberdeen should be the third team, their new owner came across as a confident, self made man who would take the Club places.

It’s gone backward.

Also the Stadium nonsense, any number of provisional English clubs move to modern fit for purpose Stadiums –

Hearts were the same a few years back, a supposed visionary in place.

They could have sold Tynecastle got a great edge of town location and built a state of the art stadium – lots of corporate hospitality for those huge multi-nations there, tourists, as well as the well heeled locals.

A bit of ambition and foresight and you have great European nights in the Capital.

But no – instead a new stand including restricted views.

It’s as if everything Scottish Football does, it does through a quagmire.

Don’t get it!?

In the early-seventies I remember going to watch my local club playing in the Texaco Cup.

For those too young to remember it was a competition that Scottish, Irish and English Clubs took part in.

Older Celtic fans may not remember it too well either as Clubs competing in Europe didn’t take part, invariably in those days Celtic were in the European Cup.

Airdrie played Derby in the 1972 final, Cloughie took a team of hatchet men to Scotland in order to take a result to England for the second leg.

First leg 0-0 attendance 16,000.

Derby County won the second leg 2-1 won the Texaco Cup and went on to be England’s champions that season.

In my life time Scottish Football has fallen off a cliff. Woeful and the lack of vision and leadership from the SFA was a huge part in that – no excuses.

Hail Hail


There was an interesting existential few posts last night.

For the record I love the chat on SC, sometimes banter, sometimes concern, sometimes nonsense but who cares, it rock and rolls along. If there’s chat on Irish history or a spiritual or ethical theme I’m an avid reader and may even join in.

It’s often engaging, generally good humoured and on occasion educational and controversial.

Friday night is music night saw more pages on here than CQN but you can bet when the dreaded Sevcovians play CQN will burst into life.

Ah well, each to there own.

Hail Hail


Chairbhoy 9.20am

Unsure why the need to mention CQN am quite sure Bobby / Mahe don’t really care and would rather SC be judged on its own merit (not half of anything)

As for the “burst into life” quote, am afraid every one of my family, friends and acquaintances… burst into life around this fixture it’s called rivalry and maybe you are away from it in the Chilterns but I can assure you in ML5 and surrounding areas some pubs/hotels make it ticket only ….

Am sure most cities around the world football fans dislike their rivals …

No Celtic blog is immune to their dislike of Rangers

And quite rightly so

Am away to cheer on the Hibees

Hail Hail

Billy Bhoy

You speak for yourself Bobby – I LOVE playing Hearts. Its a wee bit like playing the Huns but the points are virtually guaranteed! What’s not to like!!

That said, to be fair, they’re probably more capable of taking points off us – especially at Tynecastle- than any other SPFL club. Didn’t our 69 game unbeaten run under BR crash and burn there? 4-0 jeezo!

However, all that said, I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m buzzing already, and partly because I haven’t made it along to a game since April.

BTW there must be a few sore heads in here today. When I logged on and saw five unread pages I immediately though shit! Ange must have walked out and we’ve got wee MON back! 😀

But it was just the usual loonies! 😂

Edit: also, I meant to say, Hearts went 80 mins before a yellow card on Thursday. Anyone think they’ll replicate that tomorrow?🤔

Prestonpans bhoys

Morning all,

Night shift looked good , plenty of excellent songs played, alas the gin put me to my cot around midnight🌃🌌

Today was my daughter’s planned gallowgate day oot before the game, then it got shifted to Sunday. However since she and her mates have already booked a hotel, they are aff to Glesga🍻

She’s just texted me from Waverley station, ‘Celtic top in my bag, wearing bright green trainers to annoy any passing hun. See you tomorrow in the pub.’

Its the way you bring them up👍👏😂😂

St tams

Remember sitting in amobgthe Hearts fans in 1997 when Jorge Cadete scored 2 .
They really are horrible individuals, right up there with the huns.

There’s more leaders on CQN about the huns than Celtic these days.

Weet weet weet


Wee guy drops his dad right in it


GFTB @ 9:51 am,

Well, I’m not quite sure where you are coming from.

As you commented during the debate and made reference to both sites I’m assuming you read the posts I’m talking about.

Back in the day, and BMCUWPS will remember, Friday nights on CQN was music night and some fantastic banter and some fantastic music was posted.

The original choir master was Pablophanque a CQN legend extraordinaire and had many quite brilliant contributiors including Awe Naw and Mags.

It was a real fun evening and sad as it sounds something to look forward to at the end of the week.

Having read BMCUWPS and MAHE the madmans comments for sometime I can assure you they can look after themselves.

One of the things I love about SC is there no nonsense about fholk taking your comments out of context and having a go at you.

If you look at Tuesday last and how the CQN site burst into life when Rangers were playing you’ll notice what I meant, Paul67 admits it himself – that’s where the interest lies these days.

Not for me though –

St tams @ 10:13 am,


Hail Hail

Prestonpans bhoys


Sometimes music could be out with a Friday. I remember being the choir master on a Saturday night, fully pished and held a ‘name that reb song’. You got one line, had to name it, find it on YouTube and play it.

Lasted for hours until we were all too pished😱😂😂

Sol Kitts

Weet Weet Weet
Oops. 🤣🤣😎


Chairbhoy 10.32am

Fair enough …

I am interested in what our nearest rivals are doing and find it peculiar that when the Huns have a chance to get to the CL group stages that is not of interest to a fellow Celtic fan

We all have our own view of Celtic and what is of interest to us as individuals

Cheers for the response , there was on intention to take your post out of context … as for not knowing where I am coming from , your in good company, as I don’t myself half the time

Definitely offski this time

Mon the Hibees 🍀



Clough never played ‘ hatchet men’ Dave Mackay was a good hard player but never dirty. Witness the famous picture when Bremner tried it on with him. Kenny Burns was scared of no one but could also play. Clough always told his teams to respect the referee and don’t talk back. Taking over Leeds he accused them of winning unfairly and was disgusted by their performance v Liverpool in the Charity Shield final.
Airdrie are the Hearts of the First Division.

Awe Naw


One of the things I love about SC is there no nonsense about fholk taking your comments out of context and having a go at you

Not quite true. There´s a simple minded contingent who perpetually lurk due to personal insecurities whom will only post when their instinct to protect their rigid belief system in Celtic kicks in. Thankfully they have identified their own inadequacies. Not through any personal awareness don’t make me laugh but by fucking up constantly. Hence their personal insecurities and overt stupidity.

I love those posts. Proves I´m on the right track.


Superbru predictions needed from Angel Gabriel, BRTH, Celticrollercoaster, Hamiltontim, Wardybhoy and wee McCaff. First game kicks off in an hour


Prestonpans bhoys @ 10:50 am,

Classic, I certainly remember the reb nights as well and of course Saturday nights were none to shabby… Sunday mornings though…

Hail Hail

Prestonpans bhoys

Yeah, guy posted a complaint about it, he said something like ‘ came on here to read about Celtic and found this east coast guy chair leading a bunch of irishmen playing IRA songs’

Can’t please everyone😂


Steve Naive @ 11:03 AM,

Well could be, that was my Dad’s view of it, I had just turned ten so scant recollection. Mind you I was at the game and he wasn’t.

You mention some great players of course but they weren’t playing that night.

Got to admit Colin Todd and Archie Gemmill could play a bit – but keeping Mark Cowan and Drew Jarvie in check was their main aim.

Point was, Brian Clough and the Champions of England showed huge respect to Airdrie that night…

Just looked out Airdrie’s results and it was justified…

Texaco Cup Run 1972

1st/1st Manchester City 2 – 2
1st/2nd MANCHESTER CITY 2 – 0

Aggregate Score(4 – 2)

Q-F/1st Huddersfield 2 – 1

Aggregate Score (7-2)

S-F/1st Ballymena Utd 3 – 0

Aggregate Score(7 – 3)

FINAL/2nd Derby County 1 – 2

There has been a huge drop in standards and not just at Airdrie.

Hail Hail



Very interesting on those Airdrie results

You feel other countries moved forwards and we stood still ?

Or we went backwards and they stood still ?


We went backwards and every other country moved forward…. probably that 😅


Awe Naw @ 11:26 AM,

Great to see you posting, you always were insightful in that regard.

I’ve always been on/off poster but a regular lurker, these days I’m an on/off lurker as well so it’s not so easy to get to grips with the new and multi-moniker’d posters.

Suffice to say I’ve seen some spats on here but generally get a fairer welcome.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw


You are a prescient gentleman with lots to offer. Easily discernible from the deranged dog whistle fanatic


Craig 76

That’s some job the Star Bhoys have done there … wonderful work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻



Yes,it has a familiar ring to it,somehow.


Walker calls out the Hibs fans for abusing TavPen in the right side of the stadium, “Hibs have a problem with fans in that corner of the stand” T5 minutes later the Huns start up Hullo Hullo…not a feckin word!



It will be interesting to see if there is any media/SFA reaction post-game to the Hibs fans. Or the usual police response of looking at CCTV to do their bloody job for them.

With though,as you say,nothing done about the huns.

Awe Naw


I hardly even lurk on CQN anymore. I gather it’s reached a new nadir recently with the number of new posters popping up on here. I did recognize that you caused a rumpus on there recently from SC postings. The last time I had a good look at CQN beyond Paul67’s post it was hilarious but in a very sad way. In it’s heyday it was a “site” to behold. Not anymore it has become the antithesis what it used to be and deliberately so. The continual character assassinations from those with a rigid belief system who cannot suspend their own belief system and therefore become offended and start up with the moronic misplaced character assassinations is beyond pathetic. That’s the price you pay for having a rigid belief system and being asked to think out with your voluntary self inflicted limited remit of beliefs. I will not even read those perverse testimonies any more. The mental gymnastics one needs to exhibit to pen one is a mental condition. They are all the same. KTF gies yer money. Aye ok Sir. GTF

You keep on doing what you do but be prepared to continually live in the minds of the simple minded. I wouldn’t take their catechism responses as seriously as they do. They don’t deserve that respect if they submitted their mental faculties to a doctrine that they expect everyone to accept without question. If Billy Connolly done that he’d have got nowhere


Bobby…it just looked like a certain section shouting at TavPen. No racist stuff or discrimination evident, it happens in every fitba stadium all over the world. But the Huns have carte blanche as per .


Two shite teams btw ..

Prestonpans bhoys

Lunchtime break from gardening, just put on the football, up it pops no shots on target. Must be an exciting game, 35 minutes played


If you’re lurking Jim, GVB wearing a Wullie Low warehouseman jacket and tie! 🤣🤣🤣

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