Crisis? What Crisis?


The title,of course,alludes to words famously NOT said by PM James Callaghan during The Winter of Discontent. And they haven’t been uttered by our board either. Despite the pricing package for Champions League tickets which were announced on Wednesday.

They are either in Three Wise Monkey land,or lying in a darkened room wearing blindfolds and earplugs.

£129 for the three matches,on the face of it,sounds fair. But there’s always a but…

I must admit to being somewhat disappointed at the pricing for the three game package of our group games in The Champions League.

£129 may be justifiable for the likes of Spurs,but we aren’t Spurs,and we don’t live in the high wage economy of that London that sucks all the soul and money from elsewhere.

I remember the Liverpool fans campaign not so long ago. ”Twenty Is Plenty” and they were right. But how low do we go to make the prices somewhere near what we would recognise as acceptable?

Do we go for the Liverpool fans plan,£60 for a three match package? 

Well,yes we bloody well should-given the guaranteed income from being in the competition in the first place! I remember it being pointed out a few years back that many clubs in England,with their guaranteed income via TV-and for the bigger clubs,European competition-could easily afford to let the fans in for nothing.

Gate income was negligible by comparison,apparently. 

The pandemic sure put that to bed for all but the bigger teams,who actually did survive,and fairly easily too,without gate income. I recall reading that when Bournemouth went down after five years in the EPL,they had financial problems. Despite nearly £600m in TV and prize money over those years.

Around £120m in debt when they finally went down. Don’t get me wrong,we all like to champion the underdog,and I was somewhat miffed when they slipped out on the last day. But £120m? For a club with a stadium capacity of about 11,000?

But then,how many tickets,even at £40 a whip over five,years covers that financial gap? Say 19 games each year,and even at those exorbitant prices,I only see about £40m. Or £8m a year. And that is on the top side. And that increase in income,which doesn’t come close to covering their deficit,is to suggest that they had previously let the fans in for free.

Which they hadn’t,of course.

But then,what is acceptable for us-the Twenty’s Plenty plan? After last night’s result,maybe they have a point. That lot qualifying has cost us a good few quid-but the fact that European sides haven’t figured out how to play against them should not burden Celtic fans with onerous ticket prices.

The way things are going for far too many of us,even that £60 might be difficult to justify-especially when you add in the matchday costs we all incur every time. £60 for the three games,plus extra for the expensive seats,that’s maybe £5m at most. The current package is more than twice that. The club are out of pocket by maybe £6m if they went ahead with at.

A drop in the ocean though when compared to the TV income and prize money,and let’s not forget why that came about-we gave the club the money to rebuild the team after they had effed up!

Maybe the best thing was actually during the pandemic when we weren’t allowed into the ground,it cost us the square root of sod all to watch the game on the lappy.  Well,not in additional matchday costs.

Season ticket holders still had to cough up in full for it. And I’m reliably informed that the Business Interruption Insurance-which took some time to come through,and I was very critical at the time,that maybe we didn’t have it!-more than covered the club’s pandemic losses. Which included typical merchandise and matchday income.

The fans got a dodgy stream to watch on a laptop or Smart TV if they were lucky. Terrific…

£129? They have short memories indeed.


Above article by BMCUWP

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This topic should keep us busy til 5pm!

Keeping pricing at 2017 levels would be fair. A reduction for concessions fairer, at not a huge hit to the bottom line.
Sentient adults have the ability to make value judgements and prioritise their spending.

This is an opportunity to boost revenues, to contribute to growth. And to keep pace with the 10 year old club, who by fair means or foul want to push us to the back of the bus, or gravy train in this instance.

£6m ( your figure) is another Kyogo or Jota.

That’s entertainment, and it comes at a price.
Whether it’s sport or £60, 80, 100 a pop to see your favourite band. Another value judgment.

Being altruistic is noble but doesn’t necessarily make you competitive in what is a competitive business.

As Twisty and I touched on yesterday, it’s what you do with the resources available to you that is important.


On a separate, but related, point you’ve raised.

We don’t give the club money. What we collectively spend isn’t a donation, it is what we pay to support/watch and hopefully enjoy a product. A value judgment.
£6m is not a drop in the ocean in terms of total revenues c £30m. It’s a significant %.

“Twenty is plenty” but “thirty is dirty”?
Neat sound bites that look great on banners but don’t bear commercial scrutiny.

Uber Subject to Affirmation by the OL Leg that is.

Awe Naw,
I absolutely detest that people like you have a say on line about Celtic.

i hate the board with a passion. But the truth is, your ego is no different from theirs.

maybe im over senstive, but when my skin crawls, alarm bells ring.

You dont remember me? damn ! I’m so upset.

You do NOT give a fk about Celtic, or the fans that are all part of this community.

Honestly, I’m tired to fk of your shite.

Youre about your own ego, nothing more ffs. Send us another video of you singing to prove me wrong ffs.

absoltue hypocrite ffs

Some of us actually go to games, and try to change from within ya ….

Rememer me now? No? Do I care, ya choob? legend in your own lifetime.
You and Bankiebhoy should start your own blog. I’d read that daily.

Or better still, leave the big bhoy arguements to Mags, who knows how to discuss without a look at me waste of time pile of shite approach ffs

Youre one of the cunts behind the screen here, ffs, ya choob, smugly sipping on your wealthily bought pint of lager.

Get that. Even McEwans had a better grip on the Celtic Support than you did.

Cue a “Ive no idea” response from the master of the internet.


Just reading back.
Thinking of you and your family today.
I met up with Scott, on Tuesday, he was asking after you.
I will save the conversation, with him, for another day.


Thanks for today’s leader, as CFC says, a lot to keep us occupied until the draw.
I think the prices are fair enough and competitive.
It’s what Celtic do with the cash, or don’t do with it, that concerns me.
Prices roughly 10% higher, than 2017 prices, so in line with inflation.
£ 60 appears steep for non seasons, however when Celtic played Juventus in 2013, the Efe game, when he just returned from international duty. It was £50 for a ticket, granted that was a last 16 tie.
If Twitter is anything to go by, the majority, that have commented, think prices are reasonable.
What has been interesting, a lot of Twitter blogs, started the conversation by saying prices excessive, but majority of replies saying prices reasonable.
Maybe Celtic PLC are copying The Gov and employing Bots, to shoot down dissent. 😁😁😁😁
That is a joke ( about Celtic ) just in case anyone takes that seriously.
Work time, catch up, later.



Oh Aye! …there is a a crisis all right buddy.

Why are we asking fans to pay more for a game because it’s European fitba? I agree we will probably have higher running costs on those nights with security, travel, entertaining guests etc. However, surely that is covered by the additional tv revenue …more than covered.

CFC yes hiring a Jota at £6m etc ( if that was the price) comes at a price. But how do clubs like Bodo survive with their matchday income substantially less than ours. I killed some time last night watching a recording of our games against them in February this year. They are a considerable distance away from us on the pitch … they slaughtered us coming out of a 10 week ( or was it game) break. Our highly priced ‘lofty’ players couldn’t get near them and constantly gave the ball away. Bodo have found a model that is effective and they play attractive football. They were very unlucky in Zagreb last night ( only saw the extra time)

For all the stuff we read about The Rangers/Sevco being lucky and jammy in Europe… I get the banter… however, they play a tight press effectively and they can keep the ball better than anything I’ve seen from our Celtic team. All those European teams aren’t just crap or don’t care about Europe – admittedly they are not as good as their ‘names’ imply – but Sevco have found a way to handle European teams. It’s definitely not pretty on the eye … but it’s damned effective.

By the end of the game the Sevvies had PSV crammed into a corner and squeezing their nuts. It wasn’t compliant refereeing or overly rough or illegal play. It was drilled and disciplined, mature, determined planning and execution.

Before anyone argues ‘ Celtic shouldn’t ever play like the huns’ I totally agree, we should have our own way of doing things ..I’d take the Bodo style…we know it can be achieved with panache and some safety/insurance built in …and not burst the bank.

There is a question hovering and lurking here. Does anyone seriously think Celtic will do better in CL or EL than Sevco this season?

I don’t -and last night we saw why – there is no way our team would have prevailed in that tie. Not a chance!

We have no enduring strategy to win in Europe. I know there is a saying that amateurs strategise and professionals focus on fixing the job/logistics, and I’m not even sure what that means in a fitba context. We are going into the CL unprepared for it because we don’t have midfield players who can run/press/pass under pressure. We might take a big scalp and we will love it.. but in the other 5 games we will get found oot!

The more I hear about money we ‘save’ on wages by selling guys like Jullien or ‘make’ if Sevco don’t qualify, the more I want to squeal… the money isn’t being invested in the type of players we need.

Firstly, we signed these guy (s) that then fall out of favour, that they don’t make it at Celtic is down to our decision makers at the club. We are overloaded with poor decision makers seems! Secondly, all that extra money we go on about, is never spent correctly – Twisty & CFC and many others alluded to the value for money ‘balance’ at Celtic being skewed – edit: they are NOT wrong.

Having said all of that I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat tonight watching the CL draw unfolding … hope in my heart, with one eye on the telly…. plus an ache in my head, with one eye checking to see if I can still fit behind the telly!

Wake up folks .. Ange is a great guy and I love his attitude he is running amok in the SPFL … but he is going to get being shafted in Europe…and so are you!

Probably 😅

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
A good thought provoking leader Bobby as can be clearly seen by the early, mostly excellent replies.
Personally I had really hoped that our custodians would have surprised us, or should that be rewarded us, with a package around the £99 mark with an explanation recognising the tough times that we are all living through. Celtic would still survive. And a wee bit of financial pressure to our Glasgow neighbours before they announced their own ticketing prices would have been interesting. Imagine if we were paying £99 to see Madrid and Liverpool whilst they charged £150 for Frankfurt and Sevilla?

Awe Naw


See exactly what I mean. Living in their tiny minds



As things currently stand re recruitment I see the challenge of CL teams being extremely difficult for both sides. Draw dependent, of course.

A third place finish is what I believe we can realistically hope for.
I dont see the Huns finishing first or second.

Time will tell who progresses further.

One thing I’m fairly sure of, they’ll buy as big as they can.
They are crying out for another CF and a creative mid in the Aribo mould.
They will splash the cash.

Jobo Baldie

Awe Naw – great song despite being one of the more forgotten about of The Beatles work. Another that was ahead of it’s time.



Yeah buddy – expect one or two big signings at Ibrox.

Ange – doesn’t want defensive mids – ok – I can go with the play on words too – as long as he gets in a couple of new Bhoys who can run/press/track/block space and tackle when required- he has earned the right can call them whatever he likes ☺️

Just as long as he figures out he really needs them …AND can convince his bosses.


Awe Naw

Looking forward to the draw bud – with some apprehension.

Hope you have a suite of rooms pre-booked for visitors …



Agree on what we need too. Whatever they’re called. I’ll call ‘em combatants.

What’s in a name ?
As Bertie famously quipped, albeit in a slightly different context!
“Aye son, but can they play?”


it’s not necessarily a defensive mid we need but true game intelligence that’s’s required.
Not one of our midfielders has a clue what their role is when we do not have possession.
This is where our coaches have to step up and instill the discipline and savvy required at the top level.



Aye good point buddy, totally agree…coaching and maybe hiring/selection of the right players.



A Bertie .. yes, please. The wisdom of those words in the tunnel .. in that moment…to Jinky.. and bystanders..




Someone with half his character, skills set and presence would be a major improvement.

Awe Naw

Jobo Ses

Cheers. If we don’t get Eintracht then a trip to Leverkusen again would be good for many reasons


Morning all,

Ticket pricing is always going to be a touchy subject but I still think £100 package would have sufficed.

I was thinking about the forthcoming league fixtures now Sevco are in CL !!!!!!

Somebody’s going to get some dodgy raw deal with upcoming games and can’t think who ??? ( No laughing at the back Mr Doncaster !!!!!! )

ParanoiaCSC 🍀🍀🍀

Jobo Baldie

By the way, is that 55 times they’ve qualified for the Champions League?



“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, madam?”

Is attributed to Winston Churchill and at some point that will occur because the facts have already changed because of the new UEFA Financial Sustainability Regulations.

Apart from making it night impossible to have overdue payables to HMRC at 31 March and still get a licence the change that will make a difference to your thinking is that by season 25/26 no club in Europe will be able to spend more than 70% of football earnings to pay their playing squad.

It starts at 90% next licensing season 23/24 , 80% the following season then 70%.

What will be important is in maximising football related earnings as much as possible.

Using a very broad brush approach I had a look at both Celtic and Rangers accounts for employee costs as there s no further breakdown of player costs. I used accounts at 30 June 2020 which had an element of the impact of Covid.

To my surprise staff costs at Celtic at 70% of football income was 77% and Rangers was 73%!

I know for a fact Celtic are already aware of the new regs and they will know the actual numbers as will Rangers. It will take 3 years to fully impact but there is finally a regulation in place that prevents a club spending to such an extent they endanger other clubs.

I expect the usual ” the SFA will not apply the rules ” response but the transparency that comes from publishing accounts will make it harder to avoid applying the rules as intended.

Now that ” The Rangers” are on a more wage competitive basis than before CL money for them and us will be much on par.

Where Celtic have advantage is bums on seats as result of Fergus foresight which makes it important if we want to stay ahead wage competitively that the stadium remains full.

It’s ok to bitch about Ticket prices but the connection between them and the game we watch has to be a factor to be taken into account.

We also have a financial advantage in merchandising and whilst the domestic market has been exhausted and might even shrink there is a big world out there to be explored. Hopefully with no CL qualifing matches next season that exploring means playing close season in the wider world as part of a merchandising drive.

Player sales are part of football income (I’ll try and get a copy of what constitutes football income and link to it to inform discussion) and Rangers sale of Bassey Aribo and Patterson are a sign they know what is coming but it can come at a cost of player quality as we well know.

That brings in another change factor which is about the quality of player we bring in. It must be obvious by now that the hand of PL as self designated Director of Football has gone. No more low spend on potential which was only possible without risk as Rangers were rising from the dead.

Celtic cannot afford that risk any more and so change happens.

The window has not closed yet and it would be poor judgement of our manager to think he does not know where further spending is needed and we do.

We are entering the point where player trading hots up and who knows who might surface in the player arena that ticks Ange’s boxes?

I hope there is enough in the foregoing to start rethinking.

Who knows a better understanding between the support and the custodians might emerge if fan engagement improves which is something I know Celtic want to address.

Now that would be a welcome change that will change our thinking..

Uber Subject to Affirmation by the OL Leg that is.

Damn. Ive been naieve. It seems you cant be a superior cunt unless you post enough Beatles songs. Funninly enough I saw this shite happen on another blog a few yeas ago.
Hang on. I must be KevJ….

WTF is wrong with you ffs?

Jobo Baldie

Auldheid (and anyone else!) – would renovating the main stand to increase capacity to 70,000 be good forward planning. Would we get, say 60,000 season ticket holders? Or would we actually get less than just now, as fans would be able to pick and choose their games knowing they’d probably get a ticket ok?

St tams

Thanks for the article Bobby.
Personally I think £129 is a fair price for 3 CL games.
My brother has a ticket for the Jock Stein lounge and his 3 match package is £275 for a concession.
£395 for non concession.

I will be watching the draw with anticipation and hope we get 3 big names. No matter who we get we will be favourites to finish bottom of our group and you can’t argue with that with the squad we have at present.
As someone said earlier. It not so much a defensive mid we need . We need to get into a defensive mode when we lose the ball in the final 3rd . At present we are all over the place.
Going into the CL with guys like Turnbull, O’Riley and Taylor is just not good enough.

Highland Paddy

Auldheid (10.10am) –

Good letter as always… I used to love reading your posts on CQN and love them also on here tho I’ve only just joined the blog.

You have been a true professional stalwart in exposing The corrupt, dishonest and bent darkest forces in Scottish Football – The SFA, SFL, SPL, SPFL, Rangers and Sevco, however the above post describes them as Rangers, yes these agencies and the media will refer to them as ‘Rangers’ – that’s enough of a reason for me to call them Sevco for everything I describe them as – I’ll called them as they were then known to me prior to the liquidation of 14th June 2012 which was Rangers…

Hopefully every Hoops fan sings – 🎵 If you hate the fuc#in Sevco, clap your hands 🎵 or “we’re on the top of the league, looking down on The Sevco”

Only give these bar stewards their original name when talking about them before their death on 14-6-2012…

Keep up your pure fab work Auldhead – it’s truly awesome indeed !

Slainte, Highland Paddy !



Leave it alone,please. Yer giving me flashbacks to something we have left behind.

Uber Subject to Affirmation by the OL Leg that is.

Jobo at 10.59am,

We could achiieve 69,000 ST sales no bother if the desire was there from the POTB. Even much much more imo. But when you’re risk averse, and about imediate profit, and just being one step ahead of the huns, it doesn’t seem so important.

Uber Subject to Affirmation by the OL Leg that is.



Leave it alone,please. Yer giving me flashbacks to something we have left behind.
August 25, 2022 11:09 am


Apologies Mick,
I’ll leave it there. He’s just such a smug prick though, with his look at me shite.
Damn, i meant to send that in private message, sorry. Oh well.

Awe Naw


you mean Personal pronoun abuse ?


Just leave it,guys. Please. No more.

Awe Naw


Ok I will take a break from here.

See you about guys.

Peace and Love to you all XXXXX even you Uber you sensitive wee soul you xxxx

Prestonpans bhoys

Fixture impact, the CL plays on a Tuesday/Wednesday. Sky will want their Scottish early Sunday game prior to the EPL main event, as usual. So whoever is scheduled to play on the Tuesday should not be playing on the Sunday. Moreover whoever is playing on the Wednesday should be Sky’s tit bit for the Saturday.

That’s up to the league to negotiate, I know…….



I’m not suggesting that either of you leave the site,just that you leave each other alone. Scroll past,ignore,whatever. We all used to do that elsewhere,and I’d rather not have to do it here.

But I’d also rather not have to read posters name-calling either. As I said,I’ve got flashbacks!

Highland Paddy

Jobo (10.59am) –

That’s a very good question indeed… I can’t see much happening while we’re chained to The hell of The SPFL and it’s vital that we have those 10,000 more seats than Sevco revenue wise (especially after last night’s events)…

I don’t think any plans were helped by seat covering banners filling The Lisbon Lions Upper during the Ronny Deila ‘project’ – it probably gave credence to Lawwell to keep the ghost of the deceased ‘Rangers’ alive to refill Parkhead when Sevco progressed from the bottom (Tier / Division 4) to the top tier (Premier League) for the first ever time in their short history…

Last night was a black night for Celtic, but Sevco did what we’ve been unable to for a good number of years now and navigated the treacherous qualification path – it was out of our hands, but we all know they will invest every last penny of these European riches on their team and we will need to up our game big time to counteract this…

It was never gonna be ‘easy’ to retain our title, but last night has just made it a helluva helluva lot harder…
The only thing is, they will be as energy sapped as Celtic after playing top class opposition, but they have that massive purse and they will bloody use it big time for sure to invest in playing staff…

They will not have Sunday matches now and goodness knows when if ever we will get to play before them to get the chance to put pressure on them – sky sports are with them every step of the way with that scheduling caper – hell they’ve even getting a 24 hour period of extra rest for The League Cup matches in the week running up to The Glasgow Derby…

Aye well, what does one expect – it’s the bloody country we live in ah guess !


Auldheid’s quote of Churchill using evidence to ground his decision making is something we could do with having happen more frequently. Instead we are constantly presented with either fake news or the ostrich approach of sticking heads into the sand.

Last night the facts changed dramatically. Firstly, Sevco have to be taken seriously. If nothing else, they have a format that works. Disposing of two good teams proves that. Where they were vulnerable was on the issue of consistency necessary to win the league because they have aging players in key positions. Now, with the extra cash, they can address that by strengthening their squad. Secondly, what they are doing, whatever that is, is working. We may not like it but it is working. It cannot just be down to favourable reffing. They got results against us last season doing it. Without researching, I do not recall the last time that we beat them…was it at Ibrox?

What little I have seen of them suggests that they flood the midfield, causing their opposition to need high levels of creativity to get through to their lumbering defence. Do we have that in our midfield?

Yes, the facts have changed and complacency will lose the league for either team.



The Celtic Brand must be worth miles more than the Dead-co, how can you place a value on a corpse?

You could never get a real valuation on them’s, because you would never believe the valuations, too many liars.
The Celtic Brand is registered on the stock – exchange, valuations have to be proven, look at the quality of the second biggest Celtic shareholding, and the wealth of our biggest shareholder, compare and contrast with the Dead-co.
Then look at the quality of the Celtic sponsors, the amount is a reflection on the quality,honesty and trustworthiness of our club and look at them’s. Adidas verses ? and….
All Litigation free.

The Celtic Brand is valued within Europe, outside Scotia because of a complicit press. We sometimes greet and moan, but for me, I value truth – honesty – integrity over lies – dishonesty and nil integrity especially of the SFA kind.
Don’t compare Celtic to the Dead -co, because there is no comparison worth mentioning, that’s why we support our club. Celtic contribute massively to the economy, Celtic are we – us – each one of us and our Foundation contributes to so many good causes.
Celtic FC the Scottish Champions, with a European pedigree and valued throughout Europe.



I rarely pay any attention to them,but in reply to-

“Secondly, what they are doing, whatever that is, is working. We may not like it but it is working. It cannot just be down to favourable reffing. They got results against us last season doing it.”

I would suggest that when they get the ball moving forward,they swarm forward. Feed wide to the full backs to swing the ball in early-when the oppo is expecting a run. When they lose it,they swarm back. None of this modern press,or leaving gaps between the defence and midfield.

Oh,aye-and “take one for the team” when the oppo tries to break faster than they can all get back.

Plus of course,they have sold their souls to the devil. But we knew that anyway.


From Inside The SPFL Twitter.

Group: €15.64m
10 year coefficient: €9.096m
TV market share: €3.575m
Guaranteed: €28.311m

Group: €15.64m
10 year coefficient: €2.274m
TV market share: €2.925m
Guaranteed: €20.839m

Potential €€
Win: €2.8m
Draw: €930k
Last 16: €9.6m



How can you put value on a corpse. Ask Burke and Hare,I reckon.

(Ironically,their bodies were dissected after they were hanged. The fate of most people executed back then)

bada bing1

Haksabanovic being announced, we have a new #9

bada bing1

We are delighted to announce the signing of Montenegrin winger Sead Hakšabanović on a five-year deal, subject to international clearance 🇲🇪



Sead is clearly a confident fella,grabbing that shirt number. Fair play.

But then.G-Mak was brave enough to take on our fable Celtic 7,despite nobody filling it since Henrik. And that hasn’t worked out too badly so far.

Uber Subject to Affirmation by the OL Leg that is.

BMCUW and Awe Naw,

My apologies. I took that too far, well beyond the realms of decency.

No need, and I sincerely apologise.

I’m away to direct my abuse at a bottle of cheap red Vino de Tesco.

But i will leave with this final boast.

I made Awe Naw flounce.


Highland Paddy

Glad you have joined SC

I tried to make the distinction between Rangers of old and of now when I put “The Rangers ” in inverted commas.

I should have added Ltd as that is the name of the club now playing out of Ibrox.

The name of old Rangers in full was Rangers Football Club PlC.

I know if I make no attempt at distinction at all there will be a response depending on how strongly those reading feel about the same club myth.

The problem is finding a term that accurately describes the current football team playing at Ibrox that everyone accepts.

Oldco and Newco do not really fit nor does Sevco because the “co” stands for company and of itself perpetuates the myth that all along Rangers were a company that operated a football club.

That myth was a creation of the 5WA by Doncaster as we all know that prior to 2012 Rangers were known as a football club ie a legal entity operating itself.

Post 2012 with introduction of RIFC the company operating a club concept was introduced.

Pre 2012 the legal entity apply as a football club for a UEFA licence was Rangers FC Ltd which would be the title on the accounts submitted to obtain a licence. This conforms with then Art12 (a) of FFP, now 14 in FSR.

However post 2012 the applicant has been RIFC Plc whose name will appear on the accounts submitted and because it is accounts of a new legal entity carries no debt from the previous legal entity as a football club.

Art12 (b ) allows this construct but Art45* requires that there is a written contract between The RFC Ltd and RIFC Plc.

The SFA should be asking to see it to check it conforms to UEFA Art45* but of course if it ever became public it would blow away the same club myth

* going from memory.

Glad you raised the point as it allowed me to explain the dilemma when describing the club before (2012) and the current club, terms used by UEFA themselves in response to questions put to them by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain.

St tams

Another winger. Just what we need.

The Fenian Whaler

Mentioned ticket pricing a couple of days ago. Now posters mentioning any reduction in revenue from CL packages would directly have a negative impact on the funds available to bring new talent to the club. Why is that?
In the past decade or so Celtic has funded, in the main, most player acquisitions through the sale of our better players to EPL predator clubs whilst keeping large amounts of cash in the bank. Even the season we bought Eddy for a club record fee Celtic made over £1 mill in player trading so the argument about having to keep the CL packages high in order to buy players is a moot one. BTW does anyone see this modus operandi changing anytime soon? Money sitting in the bank raises the share prices and subsequently bonuses and dividends for the board and major shareholders.
Remember the lies we used to be told – every penny you invest goes into the team? When that wee porky was sussed it then became ‘all invested in the club’ Now they don’t bother with the pretence anymore.

Also interesting to note that the MSM is now stating that the CL riches heading towards the crumble dome will just about put Sevco on financial parity with Celtic. An alleged almost bankrupt (again) 10-year-old club wins its national football league championship, reaches the finals of a major European trophy, and then qualifies for the CL group stages. Roy of the Rovers stuff indeed.
An interesting week ahead in Scottish football, CL draw, and the closing transfer window.

Me i’m hoping for a relatively easy draw to avoid moral sappin’ doings



Apparently,he can play across the front three,so that gives us Sead,Kyogo and Jota who can do that. Add in G-Mak,Maeda and Jamesie,that’s a formidable mix.

Plus,we got him for scoobies due to the war in Ukraine. Pleased with that,if not for the reason.


Why had I never heard of this before?

bada bing1

Frankfurt from Pot 1,would give us a good chance of getting 3rd place, and the Europa League after Christmas

1 2 3 5