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Well,this is what last year was all about,wasn’t it? That Champions League draw?

Don’t let anyone kid you,last season was about getting our pride and our title back,this season is about keeping it that way and nailing that lot back in their box. In the meantime,we both have some frivolous wee tournament to cavort in. It ceased to become the most important trophy in club football the minute they opened it to all-comers.

Be that as it may,UEFA own the rights to the competiton,and we play to their rules. So if a team nearer to relegation than to winning the title can not only qualify,but be in Pot One,who am I to argue?

Nae offence,AWENAW.

Bhoy,were there some difficult options in each of the three pots above us. Our captain must read this site-aye,I know!-and realising that ATHINGOFBEAUTY,his biggest fan, really wanted to see Real Madrid,said that he wanted the same too. Well,they both got their wish-but even apart from the other wonderful players they have available,like Livicius,Jr,I will not be too comfortable lining up to face a player who has scored over 350 goals for his club.

Benzema is a phenomenon-yet wasn’t even regarded as the top striker at the club while Ronaldo was there! I think people appreciate his worth now,and we will need a player of special talent to keep him at bay. What’s Graeme Sinclair up to these days,I wonder?  They are the holders,having won,I think,five out of the last nine tournaments. Oh,and of course,they have ten other players too. 

Blinkin’ flip…

Box office,certainly. But will they get the full eighteen points? If we can nick one or three? Nobody gave us a chance in 1980-we even had to play Danny at left back!-but no-one who was there that night will forget how we ragdolled them in the second half.

It is in the other two sides who we can see real-sorry!!-hope. Each is clearly beatable,and either or both could give us a damned good thrashing. RB Leipzig are short of their recent heights,only just making the competition in fourth place in the Bundesliga. I dunno whether their own recent rebuild is up to the job,or even will gel in time. Neither do they,so a big question.

I think we should be confident here,but not cocky. Certainly more confident than had we drawn,say,Liverpool or Barcelona,Chelsea etc. 

The same goes too for Shakhtar Donoetsk. The war in their homeland means they are displaced,and play in Poland these days,in Warsaw. Of course,the players might view the games as some light relief from the tragedy engulfing their homeland,something to take their minds off things. Or they might consider themselves to be bearing the flag for their country,reminding the world of its plight.

Those options make them dangerous opponents,as does the simple fact that they are a top footballing side-but again,there are points to be had here. Sentiment goes out the window in competitive sport,more so at the top level.

You don’t get much more top level than the Champions League,not now that they ditched the old format.

For the first time in a long while,I will be getting my abacus out to tally up our points,rather than our goals against column!

(That’ll have ATHINGOFBEAUTY choking on her cornflakes!)

But,here’s the thing-I’m not forecasting that we will qualify,either finish second or third. In fact,I expect we are bookie’s favourites to finish fourth. What I am saying is,that for the first time in years,we have a reasonable chance of beating those other two teams in our group. It might happen,it might not. But we all remember years when we knew it bloody wouldn’t!

We have a fighting chance. It is down to the players to grab it by the throat. And the players we have now,that can frighten or surprise any opponent? I think there is every chance that they will.


Above article by BMCUWP

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MAGUA 👍 ☘️

big packy

HAW JIM from last night, ive already got 4 westies and your trying to get me to take in mikes dog seamus 😎 and by the looks of things in govan ill be having mcaffs dog soon😎 mcaff you need to send me a return ticket from liverpool lime st to glasgow central.,pick me up in your bentley\ then go get the dog and fetch me back to glasgow central station, and a years supply of dog food wouldnt go amiss,,another true story👍


Packy you’d be lost without wee doggies to look after! 🙂

Big Audio Dynamite

Brilliant video showing the changes to Parkhead



I can just imagine,say,me my Dad,my Uncle Jim and SOLKITTS hearing it suggested that we turn up 75 minutes before kick off.

Manning the turnstiles is a health and safety issue. Outrageous that they are doing this.

big packy

JIM yes you are spot on👍 dont know what id do with my time if i didnt have the dogs, it keeps me out the house from 9 till 1 when joan finishes grooming the last dog, if we didnt have the dogs id find a part time driving job, even if just for a charity with no money involved, the thought of sitting at home every morning watching tv terrifies me. another true story👍

Evening all.

I see that BRRB has asked me to assist him in organising the purvey for the upcoming gathering of Treason Agitators,

Here are some of the items I will try to procure.

Lamb and Mint Tudor Crisps,
MB Bars,
Cadburys Mint Cracknel

All washed down with copious amount of CRESTA, ( It’s Frothy man ). 🙂



I think it’s brilliant what you do with the dogs Packy, and it keeps you fit!

big packy

cheers jim from packy not packie, another true story🤩🤩



That’s a wonderful gift,a beautiful memory to share. Not everyone is born into The Celtic Way,but once they get it?

I’m off to darkest deepest Essex tomorrow,to meet my best mate of over forty years. He too doesn’t come from a “traditional” background. You all know him from on here,of course.

His kids and grandkids are Celtic daft too.

His son was born in The Centenary Season-maybe not,October 88,but close enough-and the family moved south in 96. Poor sod was nearly ten years old before he saw us win a league,and I think he was maybe in despair-as we all were!

Never crossed his mind to change allegiance to the likes of Spurs or Arsenal though.

A couple of years ago,ATHINGOFBEAUTY was flicking through my archives-get me,it’s the stuff I left in the lofts of PADDY’S MAW and COSYCORNERBHOY when I was on my travels! There’s some books up there that even MAGUA might not have read.

There was also a photograph of The Lions. My sis was delighted-did you know you had this? It’s got all their autographs on the back!

Oh,aye. I knew all right. If I took it with me,I would probably have lost it by now. But I think the signatures are mimeographed.

Yours trumps-sorry!-mine every day of the week,and it is a wonderful thing to have.

My own most treasured Celtic artefact though is a present from my sisters. It’s on the wall behind me.

Best to you and J,as always.


big packy

JIM creamfields is on in our village every august bank holiday the roads into daresbury village are shut you see yellow signs saying turn left for silver and bronze campsites no drop offs, then you see signs for gold customers that must be the elite🤩 ,then last but not least, the day tickets with drop offs,now i wouldnt mind but i dont know any of these bands ,the rolling stones ,the beatles, led zeppelin, deep purple, queen, status quo, the list is endless, im getting old🤩🤩

Craig 76




Walkers have recently introduced Pickled Onion to their range. But being Walkers,they aren’t top notch.

Nip down to Iceland and get the Golden Wonder Tomato Sauce ones.


I worked for Walkers for about 6 years, used to confuse me when packaged Salt and Vinegar in a green bag and Cheese and Onion in a blue bag.

Growing up it was the opposite way around with Golden Wonder.

Can’t beat a bag of Smith’s Salt and Shake.

Tayto crisps are also excellent, Wurster Sauce washed down with a bottle of ‘Football Special’

Purvey is in good hands. 🙂



I worked for KP in the late 80s,loved it. It didn’t end well due to a minor disagreement with my boss about the definition of useless.

Though it might have been the other word I used that caused the problem.

Just because I was right doesn’t mean I was right to say it.

Craig 76

How filthy was Rainbow 🤣🤣🤣

big packy

SOL KITTS ,thanks for the invite 🤩to think i paid you 20 grand for a car with no engine and no wheels, and you cant even invite me to the festival park,,dont worry ill be in my caravan next to mcdonalds, another true story🤩

Salt Kitts

Mixed feeling about Salt’n’Shake, ever since the buggers put 2 salt bags in a packet I was eating in a dark cinema. Didn’t realise it wasn’t a crisp until it was too late. 🤢

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
We’ll be nowhere near Bas Vegas this weekend, but if you’re in Maldon High Street, feel free to pop into the Wetherspoon’s pub. I’ll leave a drink behind the bar for you if you miss us.🍺🍺😎


Auldheid @ 3:34 PM,

I was waiting for you to get back on SC. I eventually got around to reading First Personal Singular and it was different from my previous reading. Some I could identify with my own experience but you mentioned one chapter in particular but I’m not sure if I’ve got the right one.

Can you recall and repost?


PS If my optimism on direction of travel bears fruit it might allow you (and others) to return to the real spirit of Celtic.

It was a little while back so can’t remember, I downloaded the book and read the first short story… now haven’t read any more of the book but it was certainly thought provoking.

My recollection is that the story MiT referred too was “Cream”.

Of course there was a number of themes involved in the narrative but as the author has an interest in Western literature and his themes around the sexes – my feeling was the title could have something to do with the Muriel Spark’s Novel, The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie…

Who of course referred to “her” girls as the creme de la creme.

Need to read the rest, it certainly was a fascinating read…

Hail Hail


The Fenian Whaler

Thanks for that comment I appreciate it. I was aware others might want the same but also recognise it was something in me that kept me wanting to belong.

There is stuff I’ve read, some I’ve posted on here that helped me persist. I’m reminded of this phrase from one of them, it did help.

My business is to do my thing, to dance my dance. If you profit from it, fine; if you do not too bad! As the Arabs say,

“The nature of rain is the same, but it makes thorns grow in the marshes and flowers in the gardens. “


Similar scenario as to how my time in van sales came to an end. Walkers were owned by Pepsico, Walkers van sales was a great place to work, cracking colleagues, great working conditions, good salary and an excellent pension scheme.

However the powers that be felt that Van Sales had run it’s course and we were tuped over to Palmer and Harvey (P&H).

That organisation was the polar opposite to Walkers, terrible working conditions, piss poor management and worst of all company full of bullies from the top down. The one thing in life I hate most is bullying.

Suffice to say, I too had a few choice words at Managers meetings where I aired my opinions, not a happy bunch.

Told them to stick their job where the sun don’t shine.

P&H closed as a business about a year later.

Felt it for my colleagues who deserved better.

Sol Kitts @ 7.26.

Ha Ha, I see what you did there. 🙂 🙂


Auldheid @ 3:34 PM,

That rings a bell. I’ll re read.

big packy

SOL can i bring joan 🤩🤩


BelmontBrian, Hula hoops and Tayto crisps are all that rabble are getting. That’s if I can remember when I leave McKinnons.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Of course. I’ll leave a pint of Buckfast behind the bar for you, and a cider and Babycham for wee Joan.
In the 80s, I knew a girl who, when she was pissed, would ask for a baby and cidersham, and that’s a true story.

big packy

SOL its a done deal🤩


Purvey standards and all that.

McKinnons vs Neesons ?

This not a political comment, it’s from Martin Lewis, the financial expert.

His prediction is frightening.


BelmontBrian, Neesons but McKinnons do a good breakfast roll with your pint.


Mrs BRRB is disappointed I’m back on the beer next week, says it was like having a new fella. She must be having a new fella cos I haven’t been home for a month. 😳

bada bing1

Maupay to Everton for about £20 million, a total dud


Hi all.
Only 1,800 tickets for Madrid.
From C.F. Twitter
In advance of UEFA Champions League dates being announced, we can confirm that we have been notified by Real Madrid that Celtic will receive a reduced allocation of 1,800 tickets for our match in Madrid, due to ongoing construction work at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Clearly, while expecting a huge demand for all our away matches, as is always the case, Celtic would urge fans not to travel without a ticket.

We would strongly advise supporters not to book any travel before receiving match ticket confirmation.

Celtic’s full match schedule will be announced as soon as possible. Thank you for your continuing support.


Here are odds, from, Skybet, for Celtic’s group.
To win group.
Real Madrid 1/6
R.B. Leipzig 5/1
Celtic 14/1
Shakter 50/1.
To qualify
Real Madrid 1/50
R.B. Leipzig 2/5
Celtic 2/1
Shakter 10/1.

I will be disappointed if we don’t finish, at least, 3rd.
Shakter, for obvious reasons, are in turmoil and have lost all the foreign players.
The bookies clearly think so, too.

Craig 76

Shakters 5 nil humping by Madrid

Nite all.

St tams

My boy just messaged that. Never imagined it would be as low as that.
I’ve booked a hotel as well.
Gambling on it being 4th /:5th October

Billy Bhoy


You’d think they could at least have given us 1888 tickets?

Some people have no sense of history! 🙄


St Tams.
I read stadium capacity would be up to 60,000,
So I assumed 3,000 tickets.
You just know a lot more will travel.
Billy Bhoy.
Very good 👍


St Tams.
When Chelsea played Real Madrid in April.
Capacity was 60,000 and Chelsea were only given, 1,800, also.
So I doubt we will get any more.

St tams

I doubt very much, if I’ll travel without a ticket.


Ok ghuys really enjoyed the wee gab earlier so off to bed now. Night night. HH


GNAGB Weefra


Night jim. HH


Packy, are you still on ?



Enjoy your visit. Make new memories.



Can anyone tell me the outcomes of where we end up in the group stages? 4th, 3rd, 2nd……..

A thing of beauty

My daughter is embarking on her first euro away trip and is taking along her maw and auntie for the ride. It will also be my first euro trip. When I suggested we dont go to madrid in reference to your post she resolutely said no. I think plenty will travel without a ticket. I’d rather go to Poland as I think there will be plenty of tickets available. Timing will play a part as it will depend on her holidays also. Either way it should be an adventure.
Just turned on the football there to see McBurnie has scored for Sheffield Utd. Some absolute shite have got scotland caps in the last twenty years but if anyone can name anyone worse than McBurnie I’d like to hear.


Evening all, just had a quick catch up before I hae ma tea! Thanks for the condolences and good wishes for yesterday, guys. It meant a lot!
JNP…you might have come across my cousin in the past – he worked in DWP, Northgate for a few years until he died a couple of weeks ago, Martin McClure. Had a shit job, although they probably all are, trying to sort out emergency loans etc for “clients” as poor people are now referred to!
On a positive note…for real optimism about the CL…my wee guy has said he’ll be getting flights for me and him for the LAST 16!! Come on the Hoops!!! 😁😁😁