Cloud number 9

I could wax lyrical about that performance but that’s been done aplenty already.
We clicked, and blew them away, but I’m especially delighted at the true competitive nature of the squad. Yesterday’s game highlighted this aspect, with the new selectee Abada excelling, and surely keeping his place. This is becoming a familiar story at our club of choice.
Greg Taylor found enough form to keep the new left back warming the bench.
Big Moritz Jenz has waltzed in and made himself first choice.
Stephen Welsh, one game one goal.
Hatate and O’Riley have grabbed their first team chance with both hands and when forced out of the picture Turnbull usually responds with a fine substitute appearance which asks questions of his non selection.
Maeda forced out an established first team player upon joining.
G-Mak has the best goals per minute ratio at the club which speaks volumes.
Starfelt has been steady if called upon.
In essence, every time we switch it up for whatever reason, the incoming player tends to rise to the opportunity and keep their place in the team.
As we witnessed yesterday, the new bhoy elevated the team with a hat trick.
There’s also the question of which fringe player might perform the same trick?
It wouldn’t surprise if at least one of Mooy, Ideoguchi, McCarthy came in and looked the part. The young Argentinian has one option and one only if chosen, play a blinder or it’s arse on the bench again.
Ralston gives it everything to help keep his name in the frame.
Hacksaw? Who knows but I’m expecting a proper player given we are much more hot than miss since Ange arrived, or Peter departed.
We have moved away from a first eleven, to a genuine first team squad, and that player pool is growing. Yesterday, that competition within the squad spilled over onto the pitch by way of a knockout performance. The challenge now for the manager is to keep that edge, promote it, and maximize it. Ange got the big calls right, but he was also handed a big lesson,,,switching it up helped.
Being a smart man, he now knows how to reinvigorate his charges when they don’t hit the expected heights.
It’s not exactly rocket science, it’s one of the oldest footballing tricks in the book, but it can be and was very effective.
Very few clubs have a bench that can improve the team, and as a regular board critic I must give praise when it’s due, and on this occasion it is.
The turnover in playing personnel has been handled very well by all involved, that it’s happened so quickly and successfully is very impressive.
We have assembled an impressive collection of talent without splurging, paying sensibly and most would bring in a higher resale value.
The funds are being wisely spent, words I couldn’t type only three years ago.
Glasgow Celtic are genuinely in a position of strength.
Well done.
Bad teams dont hit nine, they just don’t. Couple and ease off, job done. Bad teams don’t go for the jugular and enjoy the occasion.
Hitting nine breeds confidence, and with Europe’s top table fixtures around the corner, confidence is more than welcome.
So is squad depth.
September is a short footballing month with only five games, but among that quintet lurks some big names and decent sides.
Right now is the perfect time to get our mojo back, and by golly didn’t we just at Tannadice.
A repeat performance midweek at a tricky ground would tell me football operations are not only prepared for the upcoming month, but looking forward to it.
Just like myself and millions others.
Make it so.
By Mahe
Folks please consider sending your thoughts to to publish as the lead article. The more variety, the better the blog. The better the blog, we all win. Cheers and have a great week.

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That all round performance yesterday was mind-blowing. Everything was done at pace-but without undue haste!-we had all the players making runs,being picked out by sometimes quite incredible passes. The pack pass-ball in behind the opponents-was used to incredible effect.

If we can do that next weekend,I’ll be very happy indeed.

Big Audio Dynamite

I have been saying someone was gonna get a skelping. Having no axe to grind with United, I’m a tad sorry it was them.

They won’t be the last this year.

37 Not Out!

Big Audio Dynamite

On a day we could have got carried away celebrating records being smashed, our manager keeps it classy by showing support for a struggling fellow pro.

Apart from his abilities as a football coach, he is just a thoroughly impressive human being …a Celtic manager! Stay classy, Ange 💚

Big Audio Dynamite

Mahe, next time we win 9-0, you wax away till your heart’s content.




Yes,he did seem very embarrassed on behalf of Ross. Certainly didn’t want to go overboard about the performance,etc. Just a top bloke.


Seems appropriate song
Bryan Adams – Cloud Number 9 (Official Video) / BryanAdamsVEVO

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Aye, quite the performance yesterday and possibly a tricky one for folk to nail down their opinion on who were our 3 top performers. But if you can please stick the 3 names in an email and send it over before 10pm tonight. The ole Inbox is usually a bit fuller when I check on a Monday morning but perhaps a few regulars were celebrating the pleasant afternoon. Every vote counts equal – .
If you’ve never voted before and have any questions about it or if you’re unsure on anything just drop me an email to the same address and I’ll get back to you.



A wonderful day with some fantastic football played by our Bhoys.

On such a wonderful occasion it’s probably not in the spirit of things to point out that PL is still very much ‘in-play’ in Paradise.

Can keep For another time buddy …let’s enjoy the moment.

Prestonpans bhoys

Paper roses, had to text my killie loving cousin on that one!! Apparently some guy started singing it in the 70’s on an away trip and it stuck😱


Morning all,

Fantastic performance and result yesterday 👍

Tricky for Jobo’s top 3 but I’m going


Will be interesting to see all picks tonight.

Hope to catch up with some of you on Friday at the Shipbank Swally. 🍺🍺🍺

HH 🍀🍀



Snap! On top 3

See ye Friday 🍺

Billy Bhoy

Great summary Mahe! In fact, it was that good I’m away to read it again!

Jobo, I think you should cancel the count this week. I watched the game live, I’ve watched the highlights twice and so far I’ve only managed to eliminate Joe Hart!

Seriously though, the front three were electric together. That is the trio I’ve been waiting to see together since the start of the season. For me, they must start against the Huns and Madrid.

On another day they would have been a shoo in for the votes but they were superbly supported by Hatate and MOR with Calmac not far behind. While our defence was largely untroubled it was noteworthy that Starfelt won a very bruising contest with Fletcher. I wonder if big Jenz would have enjoyed that contest?

Taylor, CCV and JJ were simply solid.

So, a great day at the office for Ange. However, I’m a bit surprised that he didn’t replace Hart at HT. It would have been a perfect opportunity to see our new goalie in action.

Right, I’m away to watch the highlights again and see if I can whittle this list down!


Morning all. HH


Billy Bhoy,

I noticed you’ve discounted Joe Hart for Jobo’s top 3.

There could be a case of what bravery and willingness to stay on the park with his teammates and ensure a victory.

What dedication and commitment from JH after being badly injured,

I know other keepers that would have left the field of play and produced a sick note. !!!!

Although I also discounted him in my top 3, I wouldn’t grudge him a spot.

Interesting debate CSC 🍀🍀🍀

Jobo Baldie

Having learned that Sevco’s Champions League packages are now on sale I did the decent thing and went behind enemy lines to their official site to check out the prices. Bear in mind that our own package (except the posh seats etc) was priced at £129. Here’s my report…
Sevco have different prices for the stands behind each goal and the ones along each side. So for the Copeland and Broomloan stands, most seats are £150, Most of their Main Stand is £165, as is the other side (Sandy Jardine stand) although the middle section (front) of that is £174 whilst the middle (rear) is £180.
They certainly are doing their best to earn the same gate receipts as us, despite having 10,000 less seats!

St tams

Morning all . I had to watch Sportscene last night just to see the goals again.
Just as good second time around.

Billy Bhoy
I actually thought Fletcher rag dolled Starfelt in the first half and that pass to Juranuvic sums him up as a player. Too indecisive.


All 3 Celtic Euro away allocations confirmed

Madrid – 1,800
Leipzig – 2,300
Shakhtar (Warsaw) – 1,500


Prestonpans Bhoys
Cheers for the reply 👍

Bobby Murdochs last game for Celtic

Jobo Baldie

Very few posters this morning but dozens of lurkers I bet – join in the fun, its open to all! SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM
Aff oot to hit a golf ball too many times…..


Fantastic time chez SOLKITTS where we stripped the fatted calf-and the local Guinness stocks!

Grateful thanks as ever to my gracious hosts. And to AP and The Bhoys for yesterday’s show. Who better to watch a performance like that with?

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, thanks for that craig76 👍 thats the second time ive seen us win 9-0 ,the first was my very first game my uncle packy took me too ,1964 against airdrie, i was only 11 years old ,could have been ten if frank haffey had scored the penalty,,another true story👍


I watched Jack Ross’ interview after the match and it would be a hard, hard person that did not feel sympathy for him.

His job and his management career are most likely gone. Sacked by Hibs, Sunderland, and, possibly DU….it will be hard to put out an attractive CV after that.

What will be remembered are the 7-0 and 9-0 mauling of his team, and not the 1-0 victory over a good Dutch team.

Did he have a plan to combat Celtic? It appeared that he had because Dundee created the first chances(s) around the injury to Hart. They pressed high up the park at the beginning of the game, only to be undone by Kyogo’s first goal. After that there was a period when they were in the game, until the second goal.

What is the likely fallout from this hammering? In all likelihood, most managers in the SPL will not wish to replicate the post match interview that Ross gave. They will put out defensive formations with instructions to play physical against Celtic. Injuries to our players will follow. I do not like it, but I can understand it. It is self preservation. The word will be out in places like Motherwell, Hibs, StJ, StM etc that Celtic can terminate a manager’s job, if not his career.

One fan’s elation, is another’s depression! Football can be a brutal country.


Billy Bhoy


Aye, that was a brave triple save big Joe made – and at 0-0 I think? It could have been a different game if that had gone in. But, I’m sorry, he just didn’t do enough after that for me. 😏

St Tams

The pass by Starfelt was poor certainly, but thereafter I thought he did well. It will be very interesting to see whether he or Jenz gets the jersey v the huns. That, for me, is probably the one place up for grabs after yesterday.

Gordon64—kevin-mckenna/ Those hurling stones at Celtic scenes of celebration just don’t get it – Kevin McKenna

Sol Kitts

Yep, fantastic few days. Now for the detox.😂😂😎

St tams

Brilliant from Kevin Mckenna

Billy Bhoy

Sol Kitts

If you saw it – what’s your view on the second Sands incident at Ibrox on Saturday?

Yellow, red or did the ref call it right?

Sol Kitts

Some footballers just never learn. Keep yer hands to yourself.

Sol Kitts

Billy Bhoy
Straight red for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity. There was a clear foul by Sands, there were no other defenders likely to stop the RC player getting to a position where he could score, the incident was near enough to the penalty area for it to be reasonable that the RC player would get an attempt on goal, the ref was 25 yards from play and looking right at the incident, his assistant was right in line and looking right at it, and the fourth official was also looking at it from around 30 yards away. All 3 of them had clear, uninterrupted views and none of them had the balls to make the decision. Appalling cheating by the 3 of them.
I’m glad we don’t have to rely on refs cheating to win games. At least we can say everything we win is won fair and square, often despite the officials effort on behalf of their favourite team.


All 9
Unique Angle goals

Cheers for that link, there’s real spirit of togetherness in this squad that you can see in all of the goal celebrations. If you watch closely after the seventh one goes in you can see McGregor telling everyone to go again and keep pushing.


Billy Bhoy
The pass by Starfelt was poor certainly, but thereafter I thought he did well. It will be very interesting to see whether he or Jenz gets the jersey v the huns. That, for me, is probably the one place up for grabs after yesterday.
August 29, 2022 1:44 pm

Jenz for me. I’d like to see both get some game time against RC. Keep Starfelt ticking over and get Jenz back up to speed after some down time.



A wonderful day with some fantastic football played by our Bhoys.

On such a wonderful occasion it’s probably not in the spirit of things to point out that PL is still very much ‘in-play’ in Paradise.

Can keep For another time buddy …let’s enjoy the moment.
What evidence do have for that? He has a role as Celtic representative on Europen Clubs Assocoation but apart from being around to seek advice from he has no executive authority.

If it goes further than that I’m being lied to and I dont think I am.


Can we keep the PL still around negativity off the blog.
Pointless and totally self defeating.
With no actual authority justifying it.

For gods sake can’t we enjoy a brilliant performance without looking into the abyss for something negative?



I thought Mooy on Saturday started to show a bit more of what he can do above the simple things.

He can ping a pass which puts the opposition on guard if they start to press.



Pl negativity.

I’m trying to kill it.


Big Packy 👍

Maccargo 👍
Didn’t notice McGregor 1st time I watched it telling the players to keep going, that was good to see


When you hit 9 without reply it’s difficult to find fault in our performance and I wont.

The fact that over the duration of the game Dundee Utd players amassed 7 fouls is telling.If we are allowed to play we will create chances and punish teams.Teams that break up our play and negate our fluidity will have a chance of turning us over.In European terms Real Madrid and RBLeipzig will I think meet us head on albeit Real can mix it.Shaktar I dont know enough about currently to comment on but playing their home games in Poland cant be ideal.

The one certainty is the huns will look to nullify our free flowing football..Flooding the midfield and attempting to prevent any incisive passes.As much as they can do it I think we will find a way to get in behind them.The diverse skill sets our squad possesses means that if it’s not working one way we can switch it to try another.Abada or Maeda Kyogo or GG,Jenz or Starfelt,Jota or Jota?😀

The laboured point is we can change,we can mix it up,horses for courses if you like.Ange’s unstoppable message remains the same but the personnel changes.The guy is building something that is enjoyable to see but hopefully successful too.



Totally agree.

It serves no purpose whatsoever to keep him in existence as some sort of “bogeyman”.
9-0 … Ah, but !

His time has gone, we move on, if he resurfaces as a potential authority figure we deal with that at the appropriate time.
Giving oxygen to a non story only serves to fester divisiveness.


Sol Kitts
If a team was getting humped 9 nil would you feel sorry for them and not add the full amount of stoppage time at the end ?, I thought there should of been at least 2/3 mins added yesterday and not just 1


Billy Bhoy
The pass by Starfelt was poor
It wasnt the pass that bothers me as much as Starfelt decided to make it to a player facing his own goal with an opponent within tackling distance.

Poor execution can happen, poor decisions however only change as result of their consequences.

He got away with it on Saturrdaay.


🗣️ “Celtic is a dream club and to be here is a dream come true.”

Watch Sead Hakšabanović’s first #CelticFC media conference in full ⤵️

#CelticFC | #SeadSigns🇲🇪🍀

Billy Bhoy

Any links to the Andy Murray match?
Can’t see it anywhere 🤔

Big Audio Dynamite

Strange to think, with the money in football now, teams used to wash their kit each week to use it again the following week.
These days the players all look like they have jumped out of a subbuteo box.
I miss the washed out look they all had.
I seem to remember Liverpool strips going pink, they were getting washed so often.
Players don’t even seem to get dirty anymore.



The pitches don’t resemble first world war battlefields.

Big Audio Dynamite

1sub = 30sec injury time.

Or have they changed that too?

Sol Kitts

The laws of the game make it clear that the ref is the sole arbiter of time, but there are guidelines he must follow. The duration of the match is covered in law 7 as follows:

3. Allowance for time lost
Allowance is made by the referee in each half for all playing time lost in that half through:
assessment and/or removal of injured players
wasting time
disciplinary sanctions
medical stoppages permitted by competition rules e.g. ‘drinks’ breaks (which should not exceed one minute) and ‘cooling’ breaks (ninety seconds to three minutes)
delays relating to VAR ‘checks’ and ‘reviews’
any other cause, including any significant delay to a restart (e.g. goal celebrations)
The fourth official indicates the minimum additional time decided by the referee at the end of the final minute of each half. The additional time may be increased by the referee but not reduced.
The referee must not compensate for a timekeeping error during the first half by changing the length of the second half.

Would I restrict added time because a team was losing heavily? No. The ref must bear in mind that BOTH teams are entitled to the additional time. A goal scored in the last added minute may not affect the match result, but it could prove decisive if the league went to goal difference. With the number of delays in the 2nd half for subs and goal celebrations, there should have been 4 added minutes.

Big Audio Dynamite

CFC, I miss watching 22 players basically mud wrestling


That was a brilliant leader. Many thanks.


Thanks for posting the Kevin McKenna article. That was a piece of real journalism…very much the exception, rather than the rule, in the SMSM.

Who the deuce is this Peter Lawwell fellow? Never heard of the man. 😀

Hail Hail.

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