What A Weekend!


We do try to keep this site apolitical,and in fairness you are all pretty good at that too. Many of us will remember the problems caused by too much politics elsewhere. So I hope you will pardon an aside in that direction for a moment.

I was over Chez SOLKITTS,darkest deepest Essex,at the weekend. A trip which had to be postponed from two weeks earlier due to train strikes. I also had to reschedule a dayooooot with my nephew in London a few weeks back-though that didn’t stop us having our usual good time when we finally caught up.

He has a surprisingly high opinion-or high tolerance level-of his daft uncle.

Anyway,while I am generally supportive of workers withdrawing their labour in support of resolution to a genuine grievance,gonna stop doing it when I’ve got a dayooooot planned? Have a heart…

However,it is always a treat worth waiting for with Mr and Mrs S. Fatted calf,lakes of Guinness and a couple of malts. Oh,aye,they are terrific company too. I think there’s forty years that backs that up.

Fuxake,I nearly forgot to mention the fitba’!

Just how good were we on Sunday? Well,here’s a clue. I reckon SIX of our goals came from pinpoint passes releasing a player to square across goal for the finish from a colleague.

It used to drive me nuts last season when we would square it low across the box,but with no takers. That certainly wasn’t the case on Sunday,and the pace across our front line,the accuracy of passing,the positioning for the finish?

If we can replicate this on a regular basis,and it has clearly been worked on,we will be a unit even greater than the sum of its parts. We struggled to remember a performance as complete as this one-though a couple against the foe malign under BR sprung to mind. I’ll never understand why we simply stopped at five back then-and not just once either.

I looked at the table before the match,which had us level on goal difference wi that lot,and a point behind. My heart sank when I saw who the ref was. McLean doesn’t accept many appointments these day,as he is the boss. So I reckoned he had told the klan that we would head into the derby next week absolutely level pegging,as he used all his “game management” skills to ensure that we got no better than a draw.

His fellow mason made a comment about “The best laid plans”,etc. Having him as ref on the day was simply an added bonus.

Sunday though had another significance as it was the anniversary of the last hootenanny. The week before was the day before my Mum’s 80th birthday-the main reason I was there. My sisters and I were in their usual pre-match venue,Crown Creighton on Duke Street,when GARRY turned up.

They know each other well,of course,and over the years,we had become really strong mates. We proceeded to outline a plan for a trip abroad should we get an attractive venue. And also to meet on Monday in Glasgow to scout out the venue for the weekend.

ATHINGOFBEAUTY quite rightly accused us of planning a day on the beer,but as venues were trying to recover from lockdown and were operating well below capacity,it was right that we check.

Just as well that we did. McChuills admitted they they hadn’t planned staffing or stock levels to cover the likes of us descending,thanks for the tip-off,I’ll get it sorted lads.

Wednesday saw us playing, I think, Mijtylland, which my sisters, my Dad and I took in at Irvine No 1 CSC, along with the excellent company of CRAIG76. And GARRY,who had decided to jump on a train from Clydebank for the occasion!

Well,the result might not have been up to much-but the company certainly was! And that includes you,CRAIG76,you should get yourself along again.

And so we come to the last hoot on the Saturday. Life and soul as ever,and the last time I ever saw GARRY. We had grown used to phoning/texting,especially during lockdown,and that happened for a week or so.

I’ve got so many good memories of our pal. Like suggesting that smoking one of his specials at Partick Cross,just outside The Three Judges,might not be a great idea if the cops pull up at the lights?

(That was the night I introduced a friend who is 6’10” to another one,over from The Bahamas. First time ever,I think,a 6’10” bloke has ever looked up and exclaimed-fuxake,whit f…..g height are YOU!)

Or getting barred from a pub in Cheltenham because his 18yo nephew wanted a J2O-and couldn’t prove his age! Place was full of kids,too.

Or our first visit to Belfast,about 2015. Due to the fact that I canny organise a piss-up in a brewery on my own behalf-though I manage pretty well for others,I hope!-I had to do my nightshift in Swindon and then drive to Cairnryan to catch a ferry. MACANBHEATHA R I P phoned me and suggested that the lads meet him to watch the Celtic game-I had no chance of being there in time even for the final whistle-in St Matthews Social Club,Short Strand.

Now,that sounds like a church hall to me-but I knew Sean better than that. GARRY and my Dad talked a few of the others on the plane into it,and they had a great time. Sean sadly passed away a few years back,also much missed. But St Matthews is a wonderful social club for any passing Celtic supporter.

There are so many more,but they can wait. Others might wish to offer their own thoughts-and they might remember things better!

Meeting him in May last year could have been the highlight-but it wasn’t. Not quite. That day,we finally met MACJAY,a long-time sparring partner from CQN. We had polar opposite opinions on how Celtic should be run,and certainly on politics. But we had always been entirely respectful towards each other,be it mail,text,blog or phone.

Over from Australia,he was 75yo,and the company included AULDHEID, my Dad, my nephew and my Aussie brother-in-law. Plus BROGANROGANTREVINO&HOGAN. The latter two are roughly ages with GARRY and me,the other three have only a few years between them.

MACJAY was everything we expected him to be,a smashing fella. Strong opinions,twinkle in his eye. And when he pointed out to GARRY that he was in the company of THREE people who had been at perhaps the best football match in history over sixty years previously-Real 7-3 Eintracht-his gast was flabbered. My Dad,MACJAY and AULDHEID had all been there.

Not bad from a company of nine-two of whom have little interest in Celtic!

I pointed out that we were also in the company of three Lisbon veterans. Not so,said my Dad. I couldnae get time off at the Met Office. And it would be a waste of time asking,as yer Mum would never have let me go anyway.

Aye,true. But BRT&H was there-his parents had organised most of the flights!

A very special day,especially as it was the only time I ever met MACJAY-R I P-who sadly died about a month later. I didn’t know either that a year ago last weekend would be the last time I would ever meet GARRY. But it was.

You’ll gather that I miss my pal. Anyone who met him will miss him. His family miss him so much more,and my sympathy is for them as his first anniversary approaches.

I console myself with the thought of him,wee Molly his Mum,and his Auntie Eileen-what a day it was when I met them for the first time-on their wee fluffy cloud,birds-eye seats and cheering and hugging every time we score on Saturday.

R I P,ya crazy diamond.

Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-9) (Lyrics) – Bing video


Above article by BMCUWP

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You’re quite right Bobby. Garry was a crazy diamond and well loved for it. I was at that hoot and was stunned when Garry and Macjay were taken so soon afterwards.
RIP Garry and Macjay.

The Real McCoy

Lovely memories Bobby 👍🏻
Finely scripted sentiments .
Three Little Birds 🦜🦜🦜for Garry 🙏🏻


May all your/ our dearly departed friends R.I.P.




I admit to concern that it might look too personal,maybe even mawkish,but he was a very special guy,and we did our best to keep each other halfway sane during lockdown too.

MACJAY though,I’ve never liked anyone in my life who disagreed with me on everything as much as that man. I remember saying to him once-

fuxake,John. Even my sisters and my Mum agree with me now and again!

Both very special,indeed. A privilege to have known them.

The Real McCoy

On our trip to Dingwall.
I realise Mackay had two players retrospectively Red card suspended, but his team on Saturday had about five ‘strangers’.
Did he suspect nothing from the game?
Was he saving regulars for Wednesday?
We’ll see.



Aye,that hits the spot.

SOLKITTS is off to the Bob Marley musical shortly. Not sure they will mention his affinity for Celtic,mind.

I suggested they nip into The Spice of Life for a pre-theatre drink. Most people thought that was an Indian restaurant. Granted,I’ve not been in it for nearly thirty years…

Got some crazy memories of it though. Not for here though.



Two players suspended after the event-do you think Sands will be suspended after the event this week?

One rule,etc…

What pissed me off about the RC assaults was that the referee wasn’t held to account. Neither will Robertson be. Nor his linesman,who was right in line.

I do have concerns about how VAR will be managed up here,but that would have been impossible to excuse.

Knowing our luck,Sands will be MOTM. Though I won’t put money on it.

The Real McCoy

Aye the 2 Ross County players were being retrospectively Red Carded , when at the same time Dolph Lundstram was receiving an apology.
FFS – don’t trust the bassas . Ever . Never.


Compliance officer will say nothing and do nothing, about Sevco, unless he has no option.
It’s not a secret that he travelled on the Sandbank Loyal Rangers supporters club, which leaves from the Sandbank Orange Halls, in Maryhill.
The dafties on Follow Follow, couldn’t hide their glee, when he was appointed.


Thanks for message about Senga.


A great night that was, as you say apart from the result (I think it was AZ we played though) but we qualified for the europa league so everyone was happy in the end

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Can I be bold enough to canvas your opinions on something (either on here or you can email me at SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM). It’s just to do with the releasing of the Man Of The Match results after each game. As you may know, the voting always closes at 10pm on the day following the game and I do my best to get the results posted a few minutes after that. Because that’s what I always did in the past.
However, here on Sentinel Celts the next new article is often posted just a couple of hours later in the wee small hours, leaving the results post back on the previous article.
So my question is – would it be better to delay posting the results from each game until the following morning? That might ( I say, might) provoke more discussion?
I’d stress that I’m not trying to give any incorrect added importance to my wee bit of fun. But as one of the reasons behind it is to stimulate debate there might be more of that if the results appear early on the new article as opposed to the end of the previous days stuff?
I should add that until now I’ve also posted the results on the other channel and generally have a quick scroll there for any reaction. Theres been pretty much nothing so, going forward, I’m only going to put stuff on Sentinel Celts. The voting numbers might fall a wee bit. Or maybe some posters will change channels over to here!
Hope that all made sense. And maybe I’ll copy last nights results over here in a wee while. But first…the school run…..


Lovely heartfelt article Bobby! I was at that Hoot and GARRY was the life and soul!
He is missed in many places!
Met MACJAY at a Hoot some years ago and he was a decent lad.
Rest in peace Bhoys.


Happy birthday to Bobby lennox.



Jobo Baldie
So, is it too early to discuss our possible starting line up for Wednesday’s match in Dingwall? Whilst I don’t expect too many changes, the following would still be a pretty strong team, eh?
Ralston Jenz Startfelt Bernabei
Mooy McGregor Turnbull
Haksabanovic Giakoumakis Forrest
August 29, 2022 10:32 pm

Jobo missed this last night and I note the wee bit of follow up discussion.

I realise big changes bring risk. However, some guys need/deserve game time so I think that line up makes sense. Surely they are all starters elsewhere and should have enough quality to do the job.

Would like to see Ralston, Mooy and especially GMak get a start. Also like the idea of resting CCV and getting Jenz back up to speed. Interesting times.

Jobo Baldie

Copied from last night from previous article…..


Quite breathtaking stuff from Celtic yesterday, once we got going. Crazy to think that 40 minutes into the game (well, I suppose 34 really, given the stoppage for Joe Hart’s injury) it was still only 1-0. We then scored 8 goals in 40 minutes and despite ‘never stopping’ we just couldn’t get that elusive 10th although Captain Calmac came very close.
And so many of our goals were really well worked team efforts. Apart from Juranovic’s strike and Starfelt’s header, all others involved some great visionary passing, superb movement and fine finishing. Even Kyogo’s 2nd was as a result of O’Riley doing very well to win the ball back with a toe poke into Kyogo’s path.
So, the Maximum is still on. 2 points clear at the top and now 9 goals better off. It’s been a pretty perfect start to our league campaign.
And so to the voting. Thanks to the 86 who sent in their opinions. The vast majority of voters understandably felt that it is very difficult to see past players scoring hat tricks. So it was the tricky 3rd vote that caused most deliberation. However, we did have a clear Man Of The Match although 2 of our voters felt that there were 3 other players who all did better.
The total votes cast for each player (with my own choices asterisked) are as follows –

Hart: 7
Juranovic: 3
Carter-Vickers: 2
Starfelt: 2
Taylor: 1
McGregor: 1
O’Riley: 25
Hatate*: 44
Jota: 15
Kyogo*: 84
Abada*: 74

Forrest: 0
Maeda: 0
Mooy: 0
Turnbull: 0
Bernabei: 0

So, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against Dundee Utd are –
Kyogo – 5 pts
Abada – 4 pts
Hatate – 3 pts
O’Riley – 2 pts
Jota – 1 pt

And the overall standings after 5 games played are –
16 points – Jota
10 points – Taylor
9 points – Jenz
7 points – Carter-Vickers
6 points – Juranovic
5 points – Hatate, Kyogo and McGregor
4 points – Abada, O’Riley and Welsh
1 point – Hart

Our attention now shifts to our first midweek tie of the season, an away trip to Dingwall on Wednesday to face Ross County in the League Cup. Kick off is 7.45pm so voting will be open from around 9.40pm on Wednesday until 10.00pm on Thursday. This being our last August game I’ll also compile the Player Of The Month stats showing the totals from all 6 games played (yes, I realise the Aberdeen game was actually on July 31st but it’s ma ba’ and ma roolz!)
Thanks for reading this far.
Hail Hail!


Jobo. 8.29.
My thoughts.
I would continue to do what you always have done and then you, or anyone, could copy and paste it on to next article also.


Jobo – agree that you do both – if you have the time ( of course) – the item deserves to reach as wide an audience as possible, as one of the features of SC is the guys often refresh the lead item in the wee sma’ hours. Leaving only a few hours ( sometimes less ) to discuss the results.

Frodsham Bhoy – I’d go for that team but also rest Callum too. Bearing in mind he plays too much games … and those clogging clowns will be out hunting for a boady (sic)

JNP – aye -we can’t expect much ‘compliance’ there eh?! 😊



Some goal – more like croquet than fitba 😅

St tams

Lovely leader this morning Bobby.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Garry.
I’m sure it was my loss



LCC – thanks for reminder on Bobby Lennox’ Birthday my first fitba hero.

St tams

On the team for tomorrow night
Ralston, Welsh, Starfelt, Bernabei
Mooy, Turnbull, Guchi
Forrest, GG, Maeda

Jobo Baldie

Remiss of me not to tell my own Garry story. As we started coming out of lockdown and golf courses were opening we arranged a couple of games over in EK. Me, Marspapa and the ever chilled out and cool Garry. A couple of games round Torrance House but our conversations were regularly peppered by Garry bumming up his own local course, Dalmuir. So, Billy and me agreed to travel over there for a 10am tee off. No sign of Garry. Gets to 10.20 and despite a few phone calls, no reply. So Billy and me tee off…
Get to the 6th hole and Garry finally appears. No real apology or dramatic excuses just a wee “sorry boys, slept in”. Followed by a most enjoyable final 12 holes on a really brilliant wee course – but very hilly.
I’ve returned to play Dalmuir with my boy a couple of times in honour of my friend. Sorely missed.
RIP Garry,

Sol Kitts

Scott Parker binned by Bournemouth.


Morning all,


My own thoughts of posting POTY results.
I would keep same format and if possible, repost next day.
I for one look forward to the 10.00 0”Clock scores and checking out my top 3 against others.
I also copy and paste results to another 3 What’sapp groups to people that I know vote, but do not read many blogs.
I think if you delayed posting until following day ( Which would be 2 days after match ) this might affect numbers voting.
Just my take on it .
Keep up the good work and HH 🍀🍀




What a player the wee man was!!


ps 10 caps for Scotland! Criminal.


2.15 Epsom

First outing for the horse and jockey wearing the Hoops colours !!!!!

Price around 6/1.

Bet responsibly 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

St tams

I’ve got a £5 on it


Cracking article, really wonderful read. I see Nick Walsh has been given the whistle for this Saturday, may be wrong but I reckon this is only his second time refereeing the fixture.

St tams

Jack Ross sacked


St Tams – aye- couldn’t survive those results


Like his Bournemouth counterpart.

The parochial managerial merry go round in Scotland begins perhaps.
McKay a candidate I guess.

Prestonpans bhoys


Morning, I would suggest you merely continue what you are doing. I would expect the 10pm release attracts a lot of traffic to the blog. Some will comment on it, others will not, as you know a lot of bhoys don’t like to post👍

PS the author of a new article can always repost, or whoever is first on the new article😀

bada bing1

Jack Ross bagged


Poor Jack Ross! It’s not that long ago he was being spoken about for us…post Ronnie maybe??


I hope he’s negotiated a decent pay off, at least to pay his house moving costs after what, 9 or 10 weeks in the job! if that!!


Dalmuir was my local golf course as a kid although I hardly ever tried to play golf back then.
I do remember loads of guys played the top holes at Mountblow Road over and over to avoid having to pay.
Also remember kids hiding in the trees to the right of the par 3 that went across the gully. If you were able to reach the green your ball would disappear by the time you climbed down the gully, crossed the burn and climbed up the other side.


Re Celtic departures is MJ still in the building?
A loan away is surely best for his career trajectory.
As for AA, big wages keeping him around?
If he hangs around too long folk will forget he was once a pro footballer.

Prestonpans bhoys

Nick Walsh will referee Saturday’s Glasgow derby. Beaton must have a ticket for the huns end😕


Frodshambhoy, in the 90s we regularly played the 9-hole municipal at Knightswood. I think it was the 4th was a blind dogleg Par 3 over a dip that sometimes filled with water. You could either go for it or play safe to the right then chip over. Of course you’re just out for a hit so you’ve gotta go for it but…the wee feckers from the scheme would be on the green with their bottles of Buckie or cans of Strongbow! If you hit the green it was guaranteed your ba’ would either come straight back to you or be lobbed onto the next fairway! Wee cnuts!!! 🤣🤣🤣


Jobo I’d leave well alone. Having something to look forward to at 10pm – especially on the Mondays – is good! By all means repost the next morning. Just keep in mind, as Prestonpansbhoy said, a lot of the ‘voters’ might not be the posters but lurkers.
Keep on doing what you do so well.

Jobo Baldie

Isn’t it reassuring that this summer’s transfer deadline day is this Thursday, September 1st and yet there seems to be very little anguish over our transfer dealings?

St tams

Remember that par 3 well.
Wasn’t a dog leg . There was a row of trees in front of the green with a very small gap in the middle and a burn on the left .

St tams

I was probably one of they were fckrs , as I hung about there all my summer holidays.🤣

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Happy Birthday, Buzzbomb!

Bobby Lennox was my next hero right after Jinky once I began to appreciate the speed of his play and even though it was Harry Hood that scored a hat trick in my first game against Hibs where Jinky just mesmerised us all game.

Aye, Boaby Lennox was The Mhan when Dalglish was still polishing their boots.

Happy Birthday, Buzzbomb.

The memories will never wane.


The Leopard’s Rimshot

RIP, Garry.

The site’s a poorer place without ye, mucker.

bada bing1

Kyogo, Hatate, O’Riley not in squad for tomorrow…….as long as none of them is getting sold…😳😬


This podcast with Mick Lynch via Twiiter is a must listen to.


The main reason for me is he hits the nail on the head with his emphasis on values that have been lost over the past 20 years by society at large choked by the weeds of Thatcherism.

That has applied to Celtic too as part of society where honesty as been diminished and the club’s values damaged.

However in appointing Ange whose honesty shines bright Celtic can move in a more balanced direction that once again reflects the values on which Celtic were founded.

By Celtic I dont just mean the football club I mean all who support the club as well as the custodians.

Together we would be invincible.

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