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I was slightly surprised by the number of changes to the line up imposed by AP last night,though he was absolutely correct to make them. Nine from eleven,though? Does that not run the risk that we are playing players who really don’t know each other?

Well,of course it does. But these players train with each other,even if only eleven can get on the pitch at one time. Yes,it is probably true that one or two of them looked like strangers when they were in possession,but these were the new players who haven’t yet bedded in.

Bernabei and Mooy,for instance-they will be fine in time. They bloody well weren’t early on though!

Was it disrespectful to play so many changes in a cup tie? Actually,I don’t think that AP CGAF about what anyone else thinks. He has clearly looked at our schedule and decided that some of our squad players need a wee run out to get them up to speed for the gruelling period ahead.

I dare anyone to call Ange out about it. His reply will probably be along the lines of-you pay my wages for me,and you can pick the team. Until then,I do it.

My Aussie brother in law was my best mate down in London when I met him. Maybe not much to him,but you don’t f..k with him. Or anyone from there. The press are starting to find that out here.

Nine changes-and everyone deserved a shot at the jersey? If it had been one or two changes,nobody would have blinked at the replacements,every one of them is up to scratch,and a more than adequate replacement.

Everyone on the pitch last night deserved their place,every one of them can lay a genuine claim for a starting position. Every one of them probably deserves one too,which is a measure of how far we have come in the last fourteen months.

Sadly,eleven. No luck. But what a pleasure to see the not quite there guys giving 100%. And,btw,outscoring the top lads into the bargain! We only won 3-1 there earlier this month.

Nice to have choices rather than a worse than a man short,innit?


Above article by BMCUWP

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Prestonpans bhoys

Think we are seeing here AP’s set formation/tactics. They are schooled to his believes so multiple changes should make little difference.

They all train together and play the same format, AP succeeding in rotation where the previous two managers failed.

NanaMouskouri C.sc

Big Roy was also a child prodigy on the piano the Berlin philimornic wanted him to come and play with them but once Celtic showed a interest there was only one place he was headed



Delighted when I heard the team line up.
Even more when I saw the squad.
20 player squad and no Joe, CCV, GT or Matt anywhere to be seen. That’s rotation.
The top English teams, particularly those playing in Europe do it in their version of the LC. Makes 100% sense.

Last night showed true strength in depth. The system dictates who makes it playing for us.
We have shipped out over 20 players this window, either permanently or on loan.
Looks like we have 24/25 top players, pressing for a start, in domestic football anyway.

A few points:
Mooy was my man of the match. Don’t see your issue with his performance.
Ralston never lets us down when called upon.
Welsh must be one of the unluckiest lads in the squad. Starts the season well, gets ill, loses his place not just in the team but squad, gets an opportunity to shine and then gets injured. Poor guy.
Bernabei put in an energetic performance, young lad still finding his way. Ange’s coaching will sort out the gremlins.
Seigriest is a very capable deputy.



Aye. The rotation was a huge factor in the enjoyment of that result.

Thought Mooy had a few ‘moments’ in the game, but overall, deserved his MotM award. If he can get a run of games he might be an answer to an old problem. Calm, relaxed and unhurried.

Likewise bringing in GG was a bonus. I love this guy and his attitude – brave and full of heart – just hits it with power. Also a Nice wee touch on him too. Just needs to learn to handle his outward demonstrations of frustration ( understandable Tbf) and find a way to gain satisfaction – might send him my Henke video 😊

Thought Turnbull stood out and he joined the aforementioned in my top 3 for Jobo’s Xls.

The standard of football and roughhouse antics of our opponents was a disgrace. Their manager is an example of the absolute curse of our game here-‘ leave one on him’ mentality, that still persists.

‘ Knowing’ they called it back in the early days… aye! Knowing the referee will let them away with it.

Who needs any skill when they can just clatter players without sanction?!

Only grumble about our own game was playing Cal Mac – still feel he plays too much fitba and never seems to get a proper rest.


When I added my name and addy I lost all my text.


Edit: no I didn’t 🤣

Prestonpans bhoys

That ole platform update also wiped out the edit function but I’m sure you noticed👍


I really hope that, now we have a full first team squad, all the previous talk of a first eleven is finally put to bed. We have two quality players for each position, and, last night, the players who have had less game time took care of the Dingwall cloggers with arguably more aplomb than the more regular starters.
We can argue the relative merits of say Kyoto and GG, or JJ and Anthony, but IMO our team is not weaker, whoever plays. This is the strongest squad since the Quality St Kids were challenging the Lions for places. Anger has done some job and he’s nowhere near finished by the sound of him.


After this window AP’s much needed immediate revolution can be fine tuned by a more studied evolution. Realistically players will go in time but the foundations have been laid, and they are solid.

A successful season, particularly in Europe and we will find, like the Huns better performers, ours will be sought after.
However, I’d prefer to enjoy the here and now for the potential joy it can bring.
What a marvellous footballing month September promises to be.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Another game, another win. Can you just imagine how you’ll feel reading that sentence again, twice in the next 6 days? SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM


Jobo was right. I did have to change 2 of my pre game selections. Leggy tells my Mystic Meg is his aunt.

I thought Mooy was superb. Brought some steel into midfield and was very good on the ball. Didn’t see the early mistakes mentioned but my stream froze a few times.

Jobo Baldie

Personally I thought that Mooy was tidy from the off, keeping things simple and always available. He had 1 poor decision that I remember late in the 2nd half over on the far touchline which nearly let the Ross Co attacker in on goal. But overall, very good.
That’s not to say he was in my own Top 3. Or was he? 40+ emails already sitting there for my afternoon read. Join the fun and have your say – one email, 3 names, couldn’t be simpler! SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM
(P.S. didn’t have to ‘sign in’ for my last post but I did have to for this one…..)



I thought Mooy took a bit of time to settle.as he did at the weekend. But once he did,he controlled the game in the manner that explains why Ange thinks so highly of him. He had a great game-just didn’t trap well!


As an aside,I usually have to sign in again daily every time I use my phone to post. Considering the length of my moniker,that really is a pain!

(I just c&p it from a previous comment)

There’s not much we can do about it when WORDPRESS updates itself. As I’ve mentioned,it plays merry hell with our settings,and thankfully ASWGL is on hand in our time of need. Bear with it and it will settle back into normal service is resumed.

Big Audio Dynamite

Not been this excited since Martin’s marauders slapped Rangers1 senseless.

The future really is bright!



Totally agree, great game and from our auld heads to debutantes, subs to 90 minute men all did a great job.

Aussies have a spirit and attitude that was once the norm in the West of Scotland

Hail Hail


Bill Turnbull RIP 🙏
The only BBC breakfast presenter I had any time for


The good thing about last night was despite 9 changes it didn’t feel like a ‘2nd’ team. Just different and with some newcomers. But not weaker. What a great squad.
I like the look of that Danish defensive midfielder that might be signing today.


I had to sign on there! LOL 🙂


Craig, correct re. Bill Turnbull. RIP



I love the unique angle stuff,but they don’t half mess with my brain. I was never much good at spatial awareness-it’s why I withdrew from selection as an air traffic controller many moons ago-despite passing all the entrance exams with flying colours.

Apart from one-spatial awareness. I only got about 80% on that.

“Oh,but that is a skill which can be taught.”

“No,thanks. I’d rather not take that risk.”


Agree re Bill Turnbull. Came across as a lovely guy.
Didn’t realise that he started at Radio Clyde until saw it on BBC Breakfast this morning.



Good morning all. HH



Exactly the point I was trying to make,mate. To make nine changes is usually deemed as disrespectful.but every one of our players last night had every right to be challenging for an automatic spot,to believe that they are good enough for one,and damned well deserve one.

Ange-with the help of DMcK and MN -has given us something we haven’t had since perhaps-as GER57 pointed out-the early 70s,and that is a very strong and capable squad.


Bill Turnbull, agreed. One of the very few bbc reporters I had any time for when I watched bbc. HH

Bobby 👍

Weefra, good morning 👍



Hi Jim hope you are ticketyboo. HH



Hope you’re well buddy. HH



Fine and dandy,mate. Thanks for asking. Just booked myself up to Scotland for two weeks,leaving a week today.

I might be fine now-but I’ll be a darn sight more fine pretty shortly!


Staying on today’s theme, I wouldn’t even begin to guess who the starting 11 will be on Saturday! Who’s the best out of 25? That’s a tricky one. I have my own fav. 5 but Ange has his own way of thinking + knowledge.


This should put a smile on people’s faces 😀🤣🤣🤣


The Leopard’s Rimshot

‘Ye’ve goat ceramics fae all over the world.’ 😂😂😂


Watching Bargain Hunt and there’s a lady contestant who’s a dog groomer. Unfortunately her name wasn’t Wee Joan! 🙁



One thing I try not to be is a patronising bastert,and I usually succeed. So I hope this doesn’t come over that way-in which case,I apologise in advance for my clumsy words.

BIGPACKY and others begged you in the past to enjoy the site instead of trying to wreck it,and I did so myself. He pointed out that there was a lot for you to enjoy here,that you would be a tremendous asset if you did that.

In fairness,I didn’t think it was likely. There was too much bad blood? Of course,I spotted the moniker right away-and was amazed at the change! And yes,this is patronising,but I’m not sure how to put it otherwise.

I’m glad that you have joined in the fun,delighted that you get the ethos of the site,to have minor disagreements or even “animated discussions” and just happy to have you join our merry band. We set the site up for a number of reasons-it is four years old today!-but the main two were…

No adverts.

No cyberwarriors.

The third one was just for everyone to have a good time doing it. Discussing all things Celtic. Or life.

I think we have done not too bad,really.

You’ve alluded to poor health,and I can only hope that things improve. Occupational hazard of getting older,sadly,happens to us all. Fewer invitations to weddings and christenings,too many to funerals. I have one to attend on Tuesday,my mate’s stillborn grandchild. Not looking forward to that one,but then I never do.

But this bit certainly isn’t patronising. I hope! BIGPACKY was right,and I hope you continue to enjoy the site for the reasons we set it up.


Call me Gerry

Jobo – Re VPN’s

I’m no expert at all, but my iptv provider recommends Nord and Surfshark VPN’s, and advised me to buy off the Quidco website.

I got Nord VPN off the Quidco website. They do cash back deals. Nord is currently available at 80% cash back, but the offer doesn’t always last long.

Basically, I paid £74 in March for 2 years VPN, then I waited for my cash back. In June I got £63 cash back put into my Quidco account – which I simply transferred back into my bank account.
So two years vpn for £11 effectively.

Just an option I thought id share with iptv users.


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Cheers, Mick, that’s not patronising at all, in fact, I appreciate it, and all the effort put into the site.

I’m truly sorry to hear of your mate’s tragic loss as it’s been a loss of my own that forced me to reconsider my own actions in this life and to value those that I do know rather than dwell on those who have gone and it’s for this reason I’ve changed my attitude towards everyone.

Sure, I enjoyed playing the antagonist while it lasted but I realised some folk get hurt in such endeavours and I don’t want to hurt anyone as I only saw it as a wind up and a laugh, but now it all feels a bit daft and the reason I kept returning to the site was because it truly is the best blog in all Timdom.

Cheers again, all the best and talk soon.


Oh, and Happy Birthday to Sentinel Celts!

It’s good to know there’s at least one party I’m still invited to 😁💪🍀



Get yer arse back on here!

Dunno what the problem is-but you can’t leave on our fourth birthday. Check the terms and conditions of membership,old son.



Thanks,mate. That means a lot. Says a lot too.


Rebus did a very good and detailed post last night at 10.24pm. He put a lot into it. No responses.
I know he has expressed disappointment (&hurt?) at this in the past.
My problem is I feel there is nothing I can add to his points nor argue against. But I regret not giving him a thumbs up at least!
He is one of the best posters on here. The site would be poorer without him.

Afternoon all.




jtt53 11.07

I imagine the 9 that dropped out go back in on Saturday.
Only area I see where there is a decision to be made is whether Abada drops out to accommodate Daizen to terrorise/ occupy Tavpen.
Having said that Jota would do a similar job( just less frantically) and Abada scares the shit out of the Shitebag( c Calmac)


I just went on the archives there. the first blog ‘Welcome’
Posters who were on it & are still here posting:

Mike in Toronto
Saltires en Seville
Big Packy
and me!

Happy Hoopy Birthday SC


Pity it wasn’t a Magnificent 7.

Happy Birthday, cue SC’s favourite chanteuse.


CFC, you could be right, who knows?
If the 9 go back on Saturday you can come on here & claim a prize from Bobby! 🙂



At that time,I was trying to write the article. Many others would have been heading off to bed,school night.

Yes,it is annoying to write a comment-especially one like that-and not get a response,but this site is mainly UK-centric. It is a pleasure to have overseas members,and I wish there were more of them. But unless MCCAFF PUFFPUFF et al are on,it usually closes around 11pm.

I’m thinking of running a clip of Late Call,and don’t forget to unplug yer telly!

The point is,no-one dissed REBUS67 by not replying. Annoying for him,certainly. Deliberate,no. It happens.

I hope he will think again,change his mind on it.


Thankfully he has done so in the past.
As you say there is no disrespect intended. It normally starts quieting down from 10pm. Barring the night shift music fun.


Rebus 67

Many of us who post do not get a reply. This has been mentioned more than once by others.

Sometimes this even happens when you answer a direct question from another poster, or ask a question yourself.
Don’t take it personally, I see it as the nature of the blog.
Yip, it is annoying when one posts a staggering insight that gets ignored, but tell yourself that was so good there is silent nodding in agreement in SC Cyberspace.

This forthcoming Celtic journey is better enjoyed together. Sit back and strap in.


Thanks for the reply😀

It’ll either be the Bobby prize or the Booby prize!



Mr & Mrs SOLKITTS and I were discussing that at the weekend,why would you chase after Dee Hepburn when Claire Grogan was staring ye in the face?

Unfortunately,it was pointed out to me that I had done similar-or worse. Just can’t take that final leap to ask the question then,it’s a bit of a bummer being a teenager.


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