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I am now in my 56th year as a Celtic supporter,having been taken to the Aberdeen game where we won 2-1 in 1967. I can’t be bothered googling that to see if I am right,it’s how I remember it.

And standing on the two beer cans that I mentioned the other day,I definitely remember them!

Aye,the huns might have beaten me to 55-aye,right-but I’m out of sight for them now,they will only catch up when I kick the bucket. Which,as they know,is no guarantee of death.

Anyway,almost all of that time has been a pleasure-some of it hasn’t. One of the most dispiriting things,of course,has been our longstanding refusal to build from strength. It pissed off many a fan,but it certainly pissed off many a manager.

Ange came in last year,about fifteen months ago. He certainly wasn’t building from a position of strength,he was coming in on the back of the most humiliating season in my memory. Some of you will remember 77-78,and I get that-but Jock was strangled by injuries that year,and left the nucleus of a good side behind.

AP walked into a blank canvas.

It is to the credit of Dominic McKay,our new CEO,that he fully supported our new-and widely ridiculed,remember-manager in the transfer market. Since his arrival,we have signed a wonderfully gifted youngster from Portugal,in Jota. Four outrageously talented Japanese player-ok,three,we have yet to see the best of Gucci-the top scorer from the Eredivisie in The Netherlands.

Maybe the steal of them all was Matt O’Riley,maybe the steal of them all will be the two from Russia,who we have effectively got for free? Joe Hart for bunce?

Or it might be rebuilding our central defence for £10m with CCV and Starfelt? £2m for Abada makes me laugh,but apparently it was the £2m for Juranovic which sent the board over the edge,the deal that led to them pushing DMcK out of the door.

So much for the team rebuild,eh? Normal service resumed?

Not so.

Michael Nicholson,about whom I know very little,has proven to be a first class facilitator to date. It seems that he trusts Ange to be on the button when he identifies a player as a signing target. Then-goes out and gets him!

This is a whole new world to me after all those years-first DMcK,then MN! But it is a whole new world that I’ve been crying out for. Years,I’ve been crying out for it. Now I’ve got it and I dunno what to do with it!!!

I’m off to Bristol in the morning to figure it all out. It’s a bit of a hike,but only 50 minutes by train. The way I feel at the moment,I could skip across the fields on the way there. We don’t just have a whole new world,we have a whole new way of running this club from the bottom up. And you never know,we might too have a number of players who fancy sticking around for a while too.

Been a while since we said that,innit?


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POTY,follow the link.


I expect to delve deeper into the huns being on the “watch” list for UEFA’s new regulations sometime later in the week. I hope to do a wee match review tomorrow,as the usual Monday review will be replaced by a “special”,and a very important one to us all.

MAHE has Tuesday,the Real review will be Wednesday and the SALTIRES “All Our Yesterdays” will be Thursday for a change.

I’m still not entirely sure what them being on that list means,and hopefully I will be somewhat the wiser in a few days time. I don’t want to throw unwarranted accusations around,that’s for sure. But I would hazard a guess that neither they nor Manchester City are sitting comfortably.

I suspect too that the two governing bodies involved are also reaching for the heavy-duty toilet rolls.



The Leopard’s Rimshot
Great to see you back on, Mike, I agree with every word.

And though I’ll never forgive them, nor forget, it got tot eh stage where I had to let it go for my own sake.

And that is how it is. Not forgiving or holding on to resentment was described somewhere as drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

The International Forgiveness Institute based in Madison Wisconsin has done tremendous research on the subject and has set out the 4 stages of Forgiveness and How to Forgive at

To show how difficult it is to forgive I often quote from the opening para to The Long Glasgow Kiss by Craig Russel

” Some concepts are alien to the Glaswegian mind. Salad. Dentistry. Forgiveness.” 🙂 🙂


A good article to start off the day Bobby, from the very beginning as you know our sadly missed poster Garry was the only one whom i recall was full of confidence and excitement, with the appointment of Ange.
I doubt that even he could have envisioned back then, just how much the transformation in the team and playing style 15 months on would be, I have a feeling it could be a very special season.



Auldheid 👍 Craig Russell’s Lennox novels are all well worth a read HH




Based on a UEFA statement I think Rangers would have breached the Break Even over 3? years rules but for Covid relaxation of FFP.

This gives background on the relaxation.


Auldheid Craig Russell’s Lennox novels are all well worth a read HH
They were even better novels if you were born in Glasgow right after the war. His use of events after 1950 as background stimulated my memory.



He was,and I recall my own initial scepticism.

On the news of his appointment,I had to google him!

AP had my support from Day One however-the back catalogue will prove that-based on his CV as a club and international manager. If I’m honest,it was based on hope rather than faith.

I’ll put my hands up to having a pop at the signing of Liel Abada too,as I just saw it as another Dudu Duhan exercise,and they had rarely been any use at all.

It’s such a pleasure really,being able to be honest. Why hide behind lies-especially when it only takes a few minutes to flick back to things already written? I was wrong twice,so what? I’ve been wrong many thousands of times,before and since.

I’d rather be wrong than right when I am forecasting a bad outcome,that’s for sure.




This deserves some serious investigation.

I have the best part of a week to do so,but if I can’t quite get there by Friday,I will leave it alone and let things take their course.

Google is your friend in a situation like this,and I hope that it will be for us pretty soon. Either way,it looks as though UEFA are not asleep on the job.


I might have posted this a few days ago,I certainly meant to.


Why I Follow Celtic / Glasgow Celtic Supporters – Topic


The Famous Glasgow Celtic / Glasgow Celtic Supporters – Topic



Fancy a wee trip to Irvine No 1 CSC for the Shakhtar game? I won’t hold you to it if you can’t make it-but remember that my sis knows where you live!


Craig…I’ve never heard that before! Release date 1997!! Sounds more like 1887!!! I’m gonna paly it again and sing along this time!

“Sometimes I’ve been asked by one man or another
Why do I follow Celtic, why do I take the bother
But he must be a fool, who would ask me such a question
So then how can I explain, try to tell him what he’s missing
And it’s 1, 2, 3, Celtic for me
Not a team in the world like the Celtic

If a man has never seen Glasgow Celtic when they’re playing
He mustn’t have a soul, mustn’t know what he is saying
And if he’s never heard when the Celtic crowd is cheering
Then there’s nothing I can say but he must be hard of hearing
And it’s 1, 2, 3, Celtic for me
Not a team in the world like the Celtic
When Celtic are in Parkhead I am proud to be there with them
Soon they play again but sadly I do miss them
They’re the team for me, their could never be another
And then some fool will ask, why do I take the bother
And it’s 1, 2, 3, Celtic for me
Not a team in the world like the Celtic

So if anyone should ask and you want to give a reason
Tell him go and find himself a ticket for the season
And when he’s been to Parkhead and seen the Celtic playing
Well it won’t be very long until you will hear him saying
Why do I take the bother
And it’s 1, 2, 3, Celtic for me


That should be doable 👍

I believe they were early 60s and have been remastered, MAGUA will confirm when he reads the post


McCaff 12.58am

Reamonn Gormley CSC

The Thai Tim’s turn the tears of sadness into tears of joy

Gone but his legacy lives on



Craig…I was only joking!! Shoulda highlighted with an emoji for the hard of thinking!! 🤣🤣🤣


Meow 🤣


In a Pre Celtic v TRFC Glasgow Derby Statement TRFC have intimated that the first goal should definitely be struck off as the player was in an evidently offside position. The SFA in an uncharacteristically early reply have said “We don’t have a Compliance Officer…suck it u ya shower of Hun Bassas!!”

Margaret McGill

Not so much love, but the morbid voyeurism of watching a crucifixion

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Mick, you’ve excelled yourself here, man.

Your first few paragraphs are just overflowing with how we feel right now and have felt building since January.

Cos tomorrow should just be the start of it and if it’s not I’ll be really quite pissed off.

But that’s fitba



The Leopard’s Rimshot


I’d rather be wrong than right when I am forecasting a bad outcome,that’s for sure.’

Mick, I have to be honest, I swooned after watching that documentary on Big Ange the day after he signed but was still stuck in the ‘2nd Choice’ mindset and couldn’t believe we’d luck out so much after the previous fiasco we’d been led into.

I could see right away that this guy knew the game but couldn’t let myself believe it, even after Hart & Abada et al ?

But I’m being perfectly honest here when I say I felt the same way as Garry did and loved the fact that Garry not only wore it on his sleeve but actually CHANGED HIS MONIKER IN TRIBUTE.

I knew it then, fo’ SHO’, that my instincts were right, yet still I hung back a few weeks as it was so hard to believe that such a true professional football man would ever be allowed to run our club.

Yet here we are.

Garry was right all along …

Ange was the wind, if not the hurricane, of change that the whole club needed, fae top tae bottom and inside out.

And today is the day to prove it.

Rest In Peace, bold yin 🥂


Mike in Toronto


There is an expression in law ‘volenti non fit injuria’, which means that ‘to one who is willing, it is not a wrong.’ The obvious example is if I walk up to someone on the street and punch him in the face, I have committed an assault. But if I am in a boxing match, and someone punches me, I cannot say that him punching me constitutes an assault. Because I have consented to it.

By paying in to be cheated, Celtic fans are willing not victims, but are what would be called in legal terms accessories after the fact (participants in the fraud after the fact, but participants nonetheless). That means that while they may not be as culpable as the Board, or the zombies, they are not victims, and therefore not in any position to bestow or withhold foregiveness.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Mike, if they’re participants and not victims does that automatically ensure they have no right to an opinion if they’re not aware of the fraudulent actions they’re paying for?


I miss GARRY like you would not believe. I think I made that plain in my article on Tuesday. He was such a lovely guy,such a good friend.

I’ve lost a few over the years,though I think I am lucky in not losing as many as others have. He was a big blow,but he is gone and we live on,we deal with it.

Easy for us,maybe. Perhaps not so much for his family.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I know, Mick.

He wouldn’t want us all maudlin on the eve of a game, I just wanted to say he was right.

With the team Ange has put together we should horse Sevco at a canter.



I’d tell that to the supporters who feel they were wronged. If they felt they were wronged they meet the first condition for forgiveness to apply. No wrong doing , nothing to forgive.

Then the journey through forgiveness begins as described by International Forgiveness Institute.

Just as some Celtic supporters might not feel they were wronged , there will be others who felt they were.

Do you think you were wronged ? In what way and by whom?


Bobby…as you know Garry had borrowed my Season Tickets and I was trying to get them back when he went off the radar. I had known Garry only thru this blog but had developed a wee friendship and kinship with him with music, fitba and our proximity to each other as almost neebours o’er the water. He was a lovely guy with great taste in music, a cracking sense of humour and a love of family, Celtic and people – in that order. I made great efforts to get my Season Tickets back from him to no avail – I thought he was on a massive bender, I thought he was lying pished behind his couch, I then worried it was more serious! When I discovered he’d passed I was in tears, despite the fact I knew him for a very short time. I never got my tickets back and found out that he’d been double-dealing my tickets with someone else…fuckin’ typical!! I loved that! It was just his way of meandering through life. RIP Garry, still loved and still missed! 💚🤍🧡



Nana Mouskouri

Somebody give 53 a ring and tell him its time to get on the drink

Nana Mouskouri

Need to get up into the loft and get that Waterbhoys album down


Aye…what an album!


Nana Mouskouri

you forget how good it was


I remember one time,mid-80s being out in company in Edinburgh. Mr and Mrs SOLKITTS were there,plus whoever I was seeing at the time and a number of our friends. Most of whom have sadly departed,I may add.

There was a boxing match on the telly while I was up at the bar. Pretty sure it was Azumah Nelson. Well,the ko punch damn near flew out of the telly and done me anaw-I swear I ducked!

Felt really stupid,if I’m honest. So I mentioned it to the assorted company so that they too could have a laugh at my expense.

Scottie said-

Don’t care how hard a wee guy hits. When a big guy like Earnie Shavers hits you,that is a different matter.

Earnie won nearly all of his fights by a ko-although he lost a few too. He didn’t lose too many until he was doing it for the money,well past his prime. And he only lost to the best back then.

I reckon it might have been a close thing between him and George Foreman on who had the hardest punch. And for those of you have seen George Foreman,that is a damn decent comparison.


Nana…The Waterboys first LP must be about 40 years old now. Fisherman’s Blues was a bit later, probably about ’87 or ’88/ Yeah, you forget how good they were. I think I saw them in the QM early 80s and later I saw them n the Barras, might have seen them in Edinburgh too!!

Nana Mouskouri

never seen them wish I had might yet. wish i had seen John Prine only got to know him after he died

Mike in Toronto


Most of us are familiar with the expression ‘devil’s advocate’, but few know its origins. In the old ecclesiastical courts, when someone was nominated for beatification or canonization, the church wanted to ensure that the person was worthy, so someone was appointed to argue against the canonization. Their job was to test the arguments to ensure that the nominee was, in fact, deserving. That person was titled ‘the Devil’s Advocate’. I often felt like that on CQN, and on here.

Two thoughts in answer to your question.

I dont think it is as simple as being a victim or not. Celtic MAY (I dont believe that, but for the sake of argument) have been the victim of a fraud, but at some point became a party to that fraud. Assuming Celtic weren’t in on the initial scam, Does their status as accessories after the fact vitiate their original status as victims? Probably not. But their original status as victims does not mean that they are exempt from culpability if they subsequently participate in the fraud. Similarly, the fans were the victims, but at some point have become part of, and perpetrators of, the fraud.

I dont think it can be a completely subjective test. Trump and his followers believe that they were the victims of a massive fraud. But objectively? It is nonsense.



“only got to know him after he died”

You got a ouija board then?


Bobby…my wee mate had a hard upbringing as did his best mate. The wee man’s dad died when he was young and the big man lost both his parents in a car crash! They both looked after each other, every where, no matter what, they had each others’ back although both were handy and usually required no help. We had a game one time, I put together a team to play the drivers from Warburtons bread. They had a guy up front who thought he was a player. My mate is 5 foot 5 and a better sweeper you’ll never see. Their guy thought the wee man was an easy touch – whit a feckin mistake that was – and left something in every time! Eventually the two went up for a heider and their guy put the elbow on the wee man as he’d won nothing against him – the two of them hit the deck, the wee man recovers first and sees him lying beside him, jumps on top of him and delivers a series of left/right/left/right/left/right till he’s dragged off him. Two straight red cards! It’s right on time so the ref blows the final whistle…as we’re going off the Warburton guy says “Aye, yer pal’s lucky the ref blew there, I was just gonna do him!!” Well, that was it, the wee man was all over him like a cheap suit…bang, bang, bang, bang again!! Part #2 coming soon…


Me and the wee man and a mate were at Parkheid and into toon for a few beers after. Aboot 10 o’clock we went to the Chinese in Renfield St. After doing a runner without paying (What? Didn’t you all do that?!) we headed to Gordon St for a fast back to Renfrew. As we crossed to the taxi rank there’s a big guy, covered in blood arguing with his missus…”Let me at ‘im! I’m gonna feckin’ do him!” As we approached I realised it was Mr Warburton, taken another second prize! He was covered in blood and his missus was going off her heid trying ot calm him doon! My wee mate says “That guy’s in a bad state, will we see if he needs a bit of help?” ” Naw wee man, just leave it!!” 🤣

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Great tunes from a great band but I’m done.

It’s already ramorra!



I’ve long held the belief,as you know,that PL agreed to something which he regretted,but which could be held against him.

I said back then that all he had to say was that he was hoodwinked,hold his hands up to a mistake. Apologise for an error of judgement.

I still believe that to be true,by the way. And we would have hammered him for it-and forgave him too. But he either did not do that,or he didn’t man up.

But it was ten years ago. Yes,we all remember the facts. We won’t forget them either. But I’m fucked if I’m letting Celtic and the rest of the game being cheated from stopping me watching Celtic.

We are the victims here,though it may be that we are to blame too. But you are a highly successful lawyer. How do you feel about victim blaming?

Nana Mouskouri

Getting in the mood for the game tomorrow listening to Nana and big Demis Roussos singing together

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