Monday 5th September – If You Know Your History Special

Need a hero? ~ choose very carefully…

Look no further than our Scottish Cup Winning Team of 1931.

A few have referenced the number of these players who died young.

Our grandfathers must have often wondered what might have been, and Bawheid of this parish has discussed the 1931 Cup Winning team a few times.

The basic story is known to most Celtic fans – particularly around the tragic loss of Johnny Thomson and then Peter Scarff, two astounding talents who would have graced any team in the land.

Today is the 91st Anniversary of the death of John Thomson. He lost his life doing the job he loved. He will never be forgotten…

Tragedy v Rangers 5th September, 1931

A legend grew around the ’31 team that refused to lie down and concede to a powerful Motherwell side, who were holding a two goal advantage with 8 minutes left to play. The newspapers had already started their print runs … Celtic’s 21st Final would NOT realise their 13th Victory …

Fortunately, no-one told the Celtic lads they were beat! The 104,803 crowd then witnessed outstanding tenacity and sheer courage from the Celtic team that memorable day, and the game ended 2-2:

J. Thomson; Cook and McGonagle; Wilson, McStay, and Geatons; R. Thomson, A. Thomson, McGrory, Scarff, and Napier

A goal from, who else, but James Edward McGrory and a long “hopeful” cross from Bertie Thomson caused Craig in the Motherwell defence to panic and sliced a header into his own net … the last ‘kick’ of the ball and …onto history…when the same team ran out to do it all over again 4 days later…in front of another huge crowd.

1931-04-15: Celtic 4-2 Motherwell, Scottish Cup Final (Replay)

J. Thomson; Cook and McGonagle; Wilson, McStay, and Geatons; R. Thomson, A. Thomson, McGrory, Scarff, and Napier.
Scorers: R. Thomson, (2); McGrory, (2).

McClory; Johnman and Hunter; Wales, Craig, and Telfer; Murdoch, McMenemy, McFadyen, Stevenson and Ferrier.

Scorers: Murdoch and Stevenson

Referee: P. Craigmyle (Aberdeen).
Attendance: 98,579

This part of the story is well known and the ever excellent Celticwiki pay full attention to detail that has become their hallmark:

Celtic gave each player this memento for winning the 1931 Cup and example above is still kept by Peter Scarff’s family.

To Our purpose:

We consider how Celtic might have fared in terms of winning more trophies, had the team stayed together a little longer.

Thomson, John (1926-31) Born: Kirkcaldy 28 Jan 1909 Died : Glasgow 5 Sep 1931 (Age 22)

Won Scottish Cup aged only 18 in 1927, and was the regular international ‘keeper with 4 Caps including 3 shut-outs.

His contribution can never be underestimated. In 188 appearances he achieved 64 shuts outs (34%) at Celtic.

His tragic death was a cruel blow to his family and many friends.

“His merit as a goalkeeper shone superbly in his play. Never was there a keeper who caught and held the fastest shots with such grace and ease. In all he did there was the balance and beauty of movement wonderful to watch. Among the great Celts who have passed over, he has an honoured place.”

Willie Maley

“From The West Of Fife, He Came.” A Line from the John Thomson song that’s sometimes replaced with “From the Wellesley Fife he came” in recognition of the Junior club he signed from.

“They never die who live in the hearts they leave behind.”

John Thomson’s Epitath

Folks a wee nod of acknowledgement due to The Celtic Graves Society. They do sterling work looking after the final resting places of our Heroes:

Willie ‘Billy’ Cook 1929-1932 Born: Coleraine 20 January 1909 Died: 11 December 1992, Liverpool (England) (Age 83)

The last of the ’31 team to pass away.

Right Full- Back signed from Port Glasgow with a great touch – made over a hundred appearances (110) for Celtic but sold to Everton mid- season 1932 to the dismay of Celtic fans who saw him as an ideal replacement for Willie McStay. His move “ to better himself” certainly paid off in terms of over 200 games at Everton including an FA Cup winners badge and 15 Caps for Northern Ireland.

He did return to play against Celtic in the Empire Exhibition match, which he lost… of course … there is little doubt he would have enhanced the Celtic team for many years and another prospect lost to England for money.

William ‘Peter’ McGonagle (1926-1936) Born: Hamilton 30 April 1905 Died: 20 Dec 1956 (Age 51)

Peter was buried in his Celtic shirt and played 325 games and 8 goals at Left Back with a league title win in 1936 plus his two Scottish Cups in 1931 & 1933.

8 full caps for Scotland and there cannot be any doubt this player reached his full potential at Celts.

Ex-Celtic trainer Jack Qusklay said the following very warmly about him on his passing (22 Dec 1956):

“His loyalty to friends, club and country was outstanding. He would never let anyone down and in a a game would play himself into the ground. His stamina was amazing. As a player, he had a wonderful positional sense… a great left foot… one of the best penalty takers Celtic ever had… always reading for a joke and a laugh… enjoyed every moment on the field… my privilege to have known him as a real friend…”

Then this story should warm yer cockles..

“In one notable incident during the Ne’erday clash with Rangers at Ibrox in 1935 Peter McGonagle was infuriated by a late challenge on Joe Kennaway from Rangers’ big forward Jimmy Smith, which had laid out the Celtic keeper. Smith – a player who relied on brute strength rather than skill – had a reputation for his overtly-physical approach to the game and on this occasion Peter McGonagle thought he had gone too far.

With Kennaway receiving treatment and Smith sat in the penalty area (claiming Kennaway of ‘faking it’), the enraged Peter McGonagle picked up the match ball and marched over to where the Rangers forward was sat. Standing directly over Smith, he slowly raised his arms and with considerable force bounced the ball off Smith’s head. Peter McGonagle was sent off for his actions and for some Celtic directors it was an indiscretion too far for Peter McGonagle and from that moment his days at Parkhead looked numbered. However, the Celtic support likely loved it.”

We Still love this guy…

Peter Wilson (1923-1934) Born: Beith 25 Nov 1904 Died: 13 Feb 1983 (age 78)

This ‘country lad’ developed into a cool headed Right-Half and gave us good long service plus 4 Scottish Cups and 1 league Championship. Known as a ‘carpet-player’ he would deliver inch perfect passes into his forward line. A full Scottish Internationalist he is credited alongside Jimmy McGrory with creating the famous Hampden Roar in a match against England in 1933 ( help?)

With 395 Cup and League appearances and 15 goals and described by Willie Maley as “cool and quick thinking” we almost certainly saw the best of this guy before he moved to Hibs.

Jimmy Frederick McStay (player 1920-34 & manager 1940-1945 ) Born: Netherburn 1 April 1895

Died: 31st December 1973 at Stonehouse Hospital (Death Registered on 3rd January 1974) (Age 79)

It’s worth recalling the ’31 team gave us two managers, and the former Larkhall Thistle and Royal Scots Fusiliers player was every inch a Celtic Legend.

472 appearances 8 goals. 5 Scottish Cups: 1923; 1925; 1927; 1931; 1933 and a League Championship in 1926. Plus sundry Glasgow Cups and Charity Cups. His managerial career encompassed the WWII period and limited success with a Glasgow Cup and Charity Cup to his credit.

When we look at old fotos of these Cup Winning teams there is one guy beaming back – made of granite- with a look that tells ye not to mess aboot… that was the look of Jimmy McStay to this wee bhoy.

Now there is much more to learn about a gentleman player and manager.

He clearly fulfilled a wonderful career at Celtic and was 38 when he claimed his 5th Scottish Cup in 1933, before moving to Hamilton Accies to finish his playing days.

Chic Geatons; (1927-1941) Born: Lochgelly 16 July 1907 Died: Lochgelly 20 June 1970 (Age 62)

Yet another fine Fifer made very welcome at Paradise and a huge fans’ favourite. He gave us his very best days and 368 games and 8 goals from Right Half.

Two league titles: 1935 and 1938 Three Scottish Cups 1931, 1933, 1937 PLUS The Empire Exhibition in 1938

Chic retired in 1941 and gave all we could ever ask of a Celtic player.

After football he ran The Pandora bar in Glasgow and died in Lochgelly where Jimmy McGrory attended his Reqium Mass.

Robert (Bertie)Thomson 1929 – 1933 , born Johnstone 12th July 1907 – died 17th Sept. 1937 (Age 30)

He also played in the 1933 Cup Winning team

In 1934 he moved to Blackpool briefly and soon returned ‘home’ to play for Motherwell. In his last game at Celtic Park the fans made a presentation gift to him and cheered him to the very rafters of Paradise. The Celtic support adored this free spirit. Maybe they could all see something of themselves in him.

On 17th September 1937, Robert Thomson passed away in his mother’s arms at 327 Argyle Street, Glasgow. He was just 30 years of age and had died from heart failure on the third birthday of his daughter Roberta.

10,000 lined Argyll Street in Glasgow as his cortege returned him home to Abbey Cemetery in Elderslie. His family erected a huge gravestone with an epitaph ” Bertie of The Celtic” he lies a short distance from a fellow Celt from an earlier era, Peter Douds.

Bertie is a great-uncle of Fairport Convention guitarist and founding member, Richard Thompson ( there is an item somewhere explaining where & why the ‘p’ was added to his surname). Their family origins are in Dumfries.

Richard Thompson at a gig in Paris c1969 wearing the Hoops and one other band member wore the Man City red & black ‘away’ strip. However, as Celts had recently played AC Milan in an European Cup tie. There is the tantalising prospect that they were both wearing shirts from that fixture… to be continued…

Alec Thomson, 1922-1934 born Buckhaven, Fife 14th June 1902 died Larkhall 12th Nov. 1975 ( Age 73)

Alec Thomson’s Glasgow Cup medal, inscribed 1929-30. Celtic in fact never won the ‘Glasgow Football Association Glasgow Cup’ in that year, they won it on each side of that year, so Alec must have had it inscribed on the wrong date. Never-the-less, as you can see it has a beauty that has never been equalled and there have been many Glasgow Cups awarded.

Alec lived a full life. In 12 years in Paradise 451 games and 98 goals winning 4 Scottish Cups and a League Championship. Known as McGrory’s fetch and carry Man and the great man is much more complimentary “Not a strong player but he used to lay on beautiful passes for me“.

Jimmy Edward McGrory, (player 1921-1937 manager 1945 – 1965) Born: Garngad 26 April 1904 Died: 20 October 1982) ( Age 76)

The greatest goal scorer ever in these shores, with 472 goals in 445 league and cup games plus his International (8 in 6 games) and Glasgow & Charity Cup goals. He was European top-scorer twice, in two different decades, and was ranked 8th All-Time Top Scorer in the World….5 Scottish Cups, 4 league titles, and it’s fair to say, most of us know what he went on to achieve at our club – He resisted every attempt to shift him to Arsenal, and there were probably others, he won some memorable trophies with 7-1 League Cup Final and Coronation Cup as a manager, and took us to a ECWC European Semi-Final v MTK Budapest (agg. 3-4)

Jimmy McGrory…scores yet another Cup Final goal v Motherwell 1931.

We don’t need to speculate on what he might have achieved .. this man gave everything to Celtic … and then some!

Peter Scarff, (1928- 1933) Born: Linwood 29 Mar 1909 Died: Bridge of Weir 9 Dec 1933 (Age 24)

Truly a tragic loss to family & friends. A fantastic footballer struck down by a withering illness at the peak of his career. It’s difficult to imagine the depth of loss felt in his community and the loss to the wider game in general.

His 128 games and 55 goals and Scottish Cup medal from 1931 plus a single International appearance for Scotland (1931 v N Ireland) only tell us part of his story.

Peter Scarff and Bertie Thomson ‘plea’ to referee in ’31 Final…

That this Bhoy was special is not in doubt, as he is still fondly remembered in his home town. My first ever ‘sight’ of him was on the supporters bus named after him – a lovely pennant painting used by the CSC to identify their bus – Southern of Barrhead provided the transport in those day. But who was he ? A distant relative of my dad, he knew the family well and such a warm friendly bunch they are. The story wasn’t too clear other than he had died young and was a very gifted inside forward… now upon reflection, maybe the story couldn’t be told properly then, because of the emotion involved, grown men didn’t get tearful in the 60’s, at least not in front of their son ..or other men.

The bus still rolls and recently the current CSC members got organised and refitted the original St Convals chapel into a splendid CSC social club. I’m hearing it looks amazing and a good bit different from what I remember when attending lessons there during the teacher strike of 1978/9 and us innocent scholars having to clear out at lunchtime as the Chrysler Skolers came in for their ‘lunch’.

I’ll be heading over there to catch a CL game … very soon, hopefully

The tributes to Peter are many and this quote from his Celtic debut against Arthurlie in the Scottish Cup probably gives the best description of what was to follow… what might have been?!

“The new boy Scarff, brought by Celtic from Maryhill Hibernian, is a gem of the first water. From the first kick, his moves were those of a master. There was mind and meaning behind every manoeuvre, and the way he made the game for his mates was just a joy to behold. You often hear the phrase ‘peach of a pass.’ Verily Scarff’s passes are the juiciest peaches”.

Over at the Celticwiki there is a fine homage by Iain ‘Berr’ Reynolds that is unlikely to be surpassed.

Definitely, definitely another player that would have enhanced our team for many seasons to come.

Charlie ‘ happy feet’ Napier (1928 – 1935) Born: Bainsford, Falkirk 8 Oct 1910

Died: Laurieston, Stirlingshire 5 Sep 1973 (Age 62)

200 appearances and 92 goals before he departed for Derby is a huge return from this fans favourite. He was eventually converted from a wide left winger to a more central forward, and explains his impressive ratio of goals to games.

Hence the ‘Happy Feet’ nickname.

He had knee surgery in 1935 and was demanding guarantees on a benefit match that Celtic refused to agree to. He was swiftly sold on to Derby for a large fee of £5,000

It is claimed that he was the first ever Celt to play at Wembley (London) but this seems unlikely?! He was a Scottish Internationalist and provided corner kicks for both ( Duncan?) goals in a victory over England (St James’ Park 1939) help on both counts?

One unusual claim to fame which Charlie Napier had whilst at Derby was that, on 14th November 1936 against Charlton Athletic at The Valley, he was one of five County players who made history by lining up in Derby’s first ever all-international forward line. The players were Sammy Crooks (England), Dai Astley (Wales), Jack Bowers (England), Charlie Napier (Scotland) & Dally Duncan (Scotland).

Certainly another player who could have enhanced Celtic had he not left Paradise.

What can we conclude having looked at each player’s fortunes after ’31?

We ‘lost’ two in their prime before they reached 25 and before 1931 was out.

Certainly John Thomson and Peter Scarff would have electrified Celtic’s performances, and results, if they hadn’t met such an untimely end. We could also make a case for Wee Bertie Thomson who was dead by the time he was 30 and probably could have stayed as a Celt at least until the outbreak of war in 1939. A sad tale and not unusual in footballers.. it seems.

Another two lost too soon to the team, but in far less tragic circumstances, and going on to have illustrious careers were Billy Cook and Charlie Napier. Both these players could have enhanced Celts until the start of the last war.

So, five of the eleven, had they remained, would be adding quality and panache, at a time when perhaps our trophy haul wasn’t as hefty as in previous times.

Having said that, we did manage to retain 6 players: Peter McGonagle; Peter Wilson; Jimmy McStay; Chic Geatons; Alec Thomson & Jimmy McGrory who all went on to give, or had already given, their very best to our club and fans . years of enjoyment and no little success.

What a team the ’31 Bhoys were! Maybe if they had all stayed together we might have gained another two league titles and another couple of Cups. Most of all, the sheer thrill and joy for the fans…

Two snippets available on YouTube:

Footnote: Has any other team given us two managers ? Thinking Hay & Macari & Dalglish & McNeill… ( help?)

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuffabove is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !

Guest article by SeS

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September 5, 2022 4:49 am


If you mention to any Celtic fan of a certain vintage “the 4 nil game” thoughts immediately flashback to Hampden in April 1969 and THAT goal by George Connelly after a complete mix up in the Rangers’ (cos that’s what they were called in 1969) attempt at a goal kick. Incredible that yesterday’s 4-0 victory had a similar gaffe! And it did cheer me up when one of our voters decided that McLaughlin’s error was worthy of one of his 3 votes!
I’m sure everyone has read and watched enough reports of yesterday’s mauling of Sevco so I won’t repeat everything here. I will though make a couple of observations. Firstly, for the main part Joe Hart remained in his 6 yard box rather than his usual role of sweeper keeper. Secondly both of our full backs played as full backs, resisting the usual tactic of inverting and finding themselves in the centre circle. I for one wouldn’t mind both of those tactics being repeated on Tuesday evening.
So, that’s now 7 games played, 7 games won, 29 goals scored (averaging over 4 per game!) and only 2 conceded. Bring on The Spaniards by the score!

And so to the voting. Thanks to the 85 who sent in their opinions. 3 players dominated the scoring although none came close to universal approval.
The total votes cast for each player (with my own choices asterisked) are as follows –

Hart: 0
Juranovic: 2
Carter-Vickers: 9
Starfelt: 0
Taylor: 1
McGregor: 11
O’Riley: 61
Hatate*: 18
Jota*: 70
Kyogo: 0 [although he did very little wrong during the 17 seconds prior to his injury!]
Abada*: 77

Giakoumakis: 4
Jenz: 1
Maeda: 0
Mooy: 0
Turnbull: 0

So, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against Sevco are –
Abada – 5 pts
Jota – 4 pts
O’Riley – 3 pts
Hatate – 2 pts
McGregor – 1 pt

And the overall standings after 7 games played are –
20 points – Jota
10 points – Taylor
9 points – Abada, Jenz
7 points – Carter-Vickers, Hatate and O’Riley
6 points – Juranovic and McGregor
5 points – Kyogo and Ralston
4 points – Mooy and Welsh
3 points – Maeda
2 points – Turnbull
1 point – Giakoumakis and Hart

And so, we can now look forward to the visit of the current European Champions, Real Madrid who we face on Tuesday evening at 8.00pm. If I may repeat what Ange repeatedly says I just want all our players to be the very best they can be.
Hail Hail!

September 5, 2022 4:53 am

What a day yesterday fellow napsters. Winners galore, with 5 selected horses crossing the line in front, and another 6 added to that, courtesy of the last favourite winning at Wolves. That winning fav was used to substitute non runners which were not replaced. As I say, 6 naps didn’t run yesterday, mainly due to unsuitable ground. No idea why so many were not replaced? Was there something else happening yesterday?

The beneficiaries of the non runner rule were
Weet Weet Weet
Vogue Punter
Bada Bing
Big Packy

The price of the last favourite was 11/8, therefore all of the above benefit to the tune of £2.38p.

I’ve always been interested in the psychology of horse racing. I reckon you can tell a lot about a person by the name of the nap they choose. Yesterday for example, Vogue Punter chose ‘Evaluation’ Perhaps suggesting a man who likes to evaluate situations before making a final decision? A studious type?
Weet Weet Weet opted for Spey Caster. Is he a a fisherman? Probably, looking to catch Salmon?
Jungle Gerry picked Australian Angel. Very obviously a tribute to our fine manager.

Anyway I digress. Yesterdays top Bhoy was McCaff who went all in on :
Spanking winner at very handsome odds of 12/1. Well done McCaff, who will see £13 added to his tally.

My own nap obliged at 7/1. (£8)

The consistent duo of Danny Mac and Jimmy not Paul were at it again, both choosing nicely priced winners at 7/2 and 100/30 respectively, to add £4.50 and £4.33 to their totals.

The final winner was Jimthetim who saw his horse get home in front at 1/3, adding £1.33p.

Well done to all the winners yesterday.

As I promised , if the bhoys done the business yesterday, I’d offer a £10 free bet to the punter who picked the highest price winner yesterday.
McCaff scoops the award. Just let me know what bet you want bud. Any market – any day that suits. Nags, soccer, ladies beach volleyball? Your choice amigo. Well done again.

Any errors? You know the script. Ty

Cosy Corner Bhoy £22.50

16 Roads. £ 17.83

Weet Weet Weet. £13.38

McCaff. £13.08

Danny Mac. £10.58

Big Packy. £10.30

Call me Gerry. £ 7.00

Jimmy not Paul. £6.83

Jungle Gerry. £6.00

Mahe. £6.25

VP. £5.88

BMCUW. £5.75

St Tams. £ 4.50

Twisty. £1.50

Charlinic. £1.38

DRM. £1.12

Jobo. £0.25

CCE. -£2.87

GFTB. -£3.50

Craig 76. -£6.00

Jim. -£6.01

Leggy. – £7.00

Lefty. -£7.12

Bada. -£7.62

Chalmersbhoy. -£7.62

All other runners on -£11
ATOB, Gordon, BRRB, , Hashadenough, Raymac, The Real McCoy.

September 5, 2022 6:08 am

Morning all
You’ll probably know if you’ve been on the naps page but the added prize of a £10 bet for the biggest price winner is on Saturday coming too. ( sorry if I confused ya). My mistake.

September 5, 2022 6:23 am

Looks like the investment made for Jota has proven to be justified in the eyes of the fans. Jenz too? Hatate? O’Reilly?

Haud oan – are there any recent investments that don’t look sound?

This canny be Celtic? What’s happening?

Where have all our Willo Floods gone?

September 5, 2022 7:36 am


Lot of effort put into todays article. Thank you.
The film footage reminded me of a Harry Enfield sketch- Association Football. Arsenal 1933. Of it’s time!

Our squad is looking very good and soon to be embellished further with game time for OA and SH. Meaning thirty somethings JMcC and JF become even more fringe players.

This is not an attempt to put a dampener on things, purely a realistic observation – but a good CL campaign and our young stars will be very much sought after. That’s the price of success for teams like ourselves in backwater leagues.
I will be savouring every minute we have these cracking talents in our midst. I hope our recruitment team is planning ahead.

September 5, 2022 8:24 am

Bravo SeS, a fitting tribute to an extraordinary Celtic team, the Scottish Cup winners in 1931, what a team, as we remember the bravery and courage of John Thomson’s tragic passing 91 years ago today. His memory remains in every Celtic supporters DNA.
You must have spent hours collating and collecting all that information in your excellent piece, many thanks.

John Thomson was bravery personified, just like big Joe’s brave save last week. At his funeral,the Reverend McLelland noted that John had broken his collarbone and shattered his jaw keeping goal for Celtic earlier at Airdrie, his fearlessness was legendary, he concluded……
“But our hearts are full of sorrow as we bid him a long farewell. We did more than admire him, we loved him, he was so much that we would like to be”.

The Celtic Graves Society, began in the summer of 2010, when it became obvious that some of the resting places of Celtic legends were not as they should be, a supporters initiative whose aim was to ensure that fitting memorials were installed for those who gave so much to our club. We all salute and thank them for all their efforts.

John Thomson; “They never die who live in the hearts they leave behind”.

September 5, 2022 8:26 am

Don’t know what happened there the double post, perhaps the forum thought it was sooooo good that it needed said twice.

September 5, 2022 9:00 am

The reason our full backs reverted to traditional roles was to beat their ( expected) press. We can then play out more centrally via centre backs and then on to midfield. Playing out requires bravery, technique and intelligence to know where to and when to pass and move. Set up 4,3,3 to counteract it risks losing nine, 4,2,3,1 risks an ineffective press and can contribute to losing four.
I watched a bit of Madrid v Betis, opener was a simple ball over the top for Jnr but the equaliser for Betis is a goal Celtic can and must score if they work the chance. They will almost certainly set up a much better press and we must be ready. Dani Carvahal inverts and gets very forward so we may get opportunities behind him.
I don’t see it as a free hit rather a chance to learn and improve. Ange, and Harry will prepare the squad properly, the noise will be deafening, it’s up to the players.

September 5, 2022 9:11 am

SeS 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

September 5, 2022 9:22 am


Brilliant, just brilliant

September 5, 2022 9:31 am

Good morning all from McKinnons bar. Great stuff again SES. Nice roll n skwerr in here.

September 5, 2022 9:32 am


I’m nearly in tears reading that,an excellent piece of work.

We all knew as kids the tragic tale of Jonny Thomson,it is to my shame that I was unaware of Peter Scaff and Bertie Thomson until relatively recently. I know a few people who are members of the Peter Scarff Linwood CSC,past and present.

I know Iain “The Bear” Reynolds too,and we have posted a few of his in-depth articles on here. I’m hoping he will join us in Coatbridge a week on Friday,as it is too long since I have seen him.

Is the Pandora pub you mention just down from Crossmyloof ice-rink? If so,that is the one my Dad and his pals always went to back in the day when we were playing at Hampden.

Which seemed like every fortnight back then!

My Dad and I met up there,about 1981. There was a TUC “Day of Action”,and I think my Dad was scheduled to speak at it. And since we were playing the huns that day,the buses were on strike!

We were meant to meet my Uncle Jim there-who had the tickets and transport for the match.

Except he didn’t show up-and left us stranded!!!!

Pissed off,but not a bother really to two resourceful chaps like my Dad and myself. We simply walked down Allison St,thumbing a lift from every passing supporters bus. We got one as well-but it was a Rangers bus!

My Dad and I are unfazed by this,been in such situations before and since. I don’t call him Pat-I never have done,of course,he is Dad-and he doesn’t call me Mick!

A very pleasant little trip later,and we had snaffled two tickets as well. The turnstile staff were very accommodating back then,a ticket was a ticket,and straight into the Celtic End.

Well,you didn’t think we were going to sit on a Rangers bus and then go into the Rangers End,did you? No,it was a couple of years later that we did that!

St tams
September 5, 2022 9:41 am

Excellent, 👏

September 5, 2022 9:44 am

Having recently celebrated our fourth birthday,it means that we have published well over 1200 articles. That makes finding a particular one rather difficult,as I was looking for the one from Iain about Peter Scarff. I’ll text him,see if he can find it in his own files.

I did find this though,which I think is also well worth a read.

September 5, 2022 9:49 am

Morning all,

Excellent article SeS 👏👏👏👏

And a mention to Bawheid who I believed helped iout 👍👍👍

September 5, 2022 10:07 am

Cheers folks

Leggy -absolutely – Bawheid provided all the inspiration and no little perspiration to this …and much more.

Bobby – aye hopefully Berr will show up not seen him for ages. His stuff is always spot on. That Pandora around Sooside rings a bell … a wee box of a pub

Coat … exit ..


September 5, 2022 10:10 am

CFC good shout on Enfield sketches… made me laugh buddy

Belmont Brian & ASWGL – superb news and hugely inspiring attitude from both of you. Hope others can take comfort… and courage!


September 5, 2022 10:24 am


Iain says he is up for that,so I will let you both know which train I am on from Kilwinning,we can travel up together.

Really looking forward to next Friday,I think it will be such a joy. Big smile breaking across my face just thinking about it.

Anyone else who wishes to join us is,of course,more than welcome. I’ve kinda gatecrashed it,as it is actually the idea of BIGRAILROADBLUES.

Just bring a big heart and a big wallet!

September 5, 2022 10:43 am

I don’t know long it takes you to construct these articles but I know you ain’t doing it in 5 or 10 minutes. However long, it’s definitely worth it.
Fabulous stuff yet again.
I was doing the Celtic Park tour / lunch thing last Sunday, the day we were routing Utd up in Dundee. and the tour guide, Des, was very good. He referenced John Thomson in his talk.

I guess many will have done the tour, possibly more than once, I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering it, and can I add, the lunch was spectacular.

Great stuff once again SES

September 5, 2022 10:46 am

I like to keep abreast of current affairs,which is why I spend so much time trawling through newspaper websites. My £2 a month for the New York Times might be the best two quid ever,The Guardian is always good,others like the Mail or The Record have to be read even more deeply-as they tend to come from a different viewpoint than my own.

So it is with other Celtic sites. I tend to avoid them for two reasons. One,difficult to access due to advertising. Two-they might be saying something that I’ve got planned for my next article-and I certainly don’t want to be accused of plagiarism!

e-Tims always mail me when they have a new article,and I always read them. The rest I generally don’t. But I got a mail from a mate telling me to read this from James Forrest on The Celtic Blog. I have to admit,it is one of the funniest things I have read in years.

Well done,James.

September 5, 2022 11:05 am

Twisty 10.43am

My two Sevconian stepdaughters got me and their wee sister tickets for the Celtic Park tour for my birthday in July, think they are valid for 12months … looking forward to it… probably go during the Christmas holidays as wee yin now back at school

September 5, 2022 11:12 am

Brilliant gift.

If the lunch isn’t included I’d recommend booking it if time allows you. It’s superb quality bud.
The guide Des who showed us around was a lovely and knowledgeable man. From others I know who have been on the tour, with a different guide, the feedback has been the same. Very positive.

September 5, 2022 11:15 am

Mick, it’s BelmontBrian who is organising the Coatbridge meet on Friday 16th. Am I meeting you before that? Been pished since Saturday.

September 5, 2022 11:18 am

Anyways, what fecking day is this? Regards- confused from Gallowgate.

September 5, 2022 11:26 am

Twisty 11.12am

Not sure if the lunch is included, hit the email so will have a look .. oldest stepdaughter is going to drive us in and go to The Forge shopping and take us home …

Call Me Gerry .. re Sunny Beach from last night waiting on my mate getting back to me 👍

September 5, 2022 11:28 am


Fuxake,it’s like being in my early twenties,and not knowing whose party I’m gatecrashing!

Might pop up to Glasgow on,say,the Tuesday beforehand for a few. If you are available,of course.

I don’t really want to overdo things,it isn’t fair on my Mum to pour myself through the door of an evening,and it isn’t the reason for my trip home either. But I know she kinda trusts me to behave these days,so I must be doing something right!

September 5, 2022 11:31 am

In which establishment is the Coatbridge Temperance meeting ?

September 5, 2022 11:34 am


Actually,I’m not sure! Obviously,I will get the details nearer the time.

Apparently,it is Yogi’s lad’s pub. Hopefully see you there.

September 5, 2022 11:40 am


The Vulcan … if you know Coatbrig it’s the old memory lane …

2mins from Coatbrig MacDonalds if that helps 🙂

September 5, 2022 11:42 am

I got a request on another site about accessing a Superbru Champion’s League predictor competition. I am not running one but I gave this advice for anyone wanting to access or run one.

I haven’t registered a CL Superbru predictor but there will be a generic league table of Celtic fans that you can join.

1) Click on the Tournaments icon on the right side the page (if you cannot see the Trophy icon – click Dashboard and it will be shown

2) Click on Soccerl ( round ball icon) and you will get a list of 9 already active tournaments and 4 that are soon to start.

3) There are two Champions League competitions about to start. The second option is the one that you are familiar with- a score predictions one (I don’t know about the Odds based Fantasy option- the first option- as I have never played this)

4) If you click on the CL predictor option – you will be shown a list of all the participating team strips. Choose the Hoops option – but not the Sporting Lisbon one and you will be entered automatically into the league of Celtic supporters for the tournament. It will be a much larger group than the 70 we have – so the competition will be much harder.

5) You will then be offered a chance to join the CL predictor competition and you will be in two leagues- one for all Superbru participants which will be a huge number from all over the world and secondly for Celtic supporters which will also be very large

If anyone wanted to set up a CQN/Sentinels league- it would cost a few quid ( around a tenner if I remember) and you can set up a mini league to which you can invite and control invitations as there is a code that you can give to invitees.

Hope this helps!

September 5, 2022 11:48 am

Just seen Sky Sports coverage of Lennoxtown training today and Kyogo was running about with the rest of the group- obviously still protecting his arm and shoulder- no sign of Carl Starfelt though

September 5, 2022 11:50 am


The Huns seek equivalence with us any way they can, however spuriously.
The Ryan Kent riddle, mystery, enigma is easily explained- they need to be seen as harvesting quality players. To be relevant.
They managed it with Bassey and did well there, and see that success as instrumental in their improvement and perception as a “ successful” club.
They look on with envy at the squad we have assembled and say, ah but we’ve got Ryan.

They’ve given up on Morelos, and Kent is the only bauble left they think can elevate their status.
JJ plays him beautifully, and his effectiveness diminishes with each game v us.

It is evident the wider world sees clearly what Kent ( and Morelos) bring to a team, no matter what Miller, Boyd, McCann or any other desperate Hun cheerleader would wish us to believe.

September 5, 2022 12:21 pm

Seems like the Hunnies are deflecting the blame again. They seem to be picking a fight over the new Sky SPFL TV deal. There was a deadline on all clubs to respond and only one club has not submitted a response.

September 5, 2022 12:22 pm

Jobo. Fascinating update on POTY – very worthwhile read and will become a must see as Season develops.

Twisty – cheers buddy the Wiki/Graves guys did all the spade work and hopefully more fans will go visit and contribute their stories to them.

Twisty/GFTB – got a similar gift to do tour – this winter – go Sunday after DU game. Tour and lunch looking forward to that ☘️

Bobby -aye! see you on that Eastbound train buddy. Unfortunately, there is no way Brian can surpass BRRB’ buffet… 😉

September 5, 2022 12:30 pm

BMCUWP, Mick I am available if selected for a sophisticated swally before the Coatbridge Carnage. I never stop. According to Garry Duncan anyway. 😪

Jobo Baldie
September 5, 2022 1:16 pm

Good afternoon, friends.
Some team that 1931 mob and thanks to SeS and Bawheid for the article.
Thanks also to Mahe for reposting my results thing from last night.

September 5, 2022 1:18 pm


What a thought, in a boozer wi you two. Lol. Hope you are both well. HH

S’ol Reekie Kitts
September 5, 2022 1:46 pm

First chance for a post since arriving in Edinburgh yesterday, thought I would let you know what I had for breakfast.
Bacon, eggs, black pudding, haggis, tattie scone, squerr slice, mushroom, tomato and beans. Also half a loaf’s worth of toast and coffee. The hotel said it was a full Scottish. It was, and I am. Even managed to put some of the tattie scone and squerr between 2 slices of toast without incurring the wrath of Mrs Kitts.
I’m currently sitting in my car waiting for Mrs K to bring her mum back from the hairdresser, and someone’s just driven past with his windows open and Grace playing at full volume. Turned a few unhappy looking heads. 😂😂😎

September 5, 2022 2:04 pm

WEEFRA 1.18. I’ve had plenty of boozy meetings with young Michael and his Dad. Your presence would be sincerely appreciated on September 16th at the Vulcan. 🇮🇪🍻👍

Sol Kitts
September 5, 2022 2:21 pm

If I was back in the west instead of being in Edinburgh I would join you, BMCUWP and CCB. I haven’t had the pleasure of having a drink with CCB for many a long year. FFS, last time I saw him he gave me a bottle of non-alcoholic stuff (I was driving so I’ll let him off 😎).

Iniquitous IV
September 5, 2022 2:49 pm

We’re on a high just now, and with any luck, we might just be soaring on Wednesday.
What would be a significant asset to this team is training someone who can do on a regular basis what you see 40 seconds into this clip.

September 5, 2022 2:51 pm

SOL KITTS, that’s a poor excuse. Rearrange your diary before the 16th ya bloody lightweight!🤣

Iniquitous IV
September 5, 2022 3:00 pm

Posted before reading the article.
Congratulations SeS – just superb!

September 5, 2022 3:12 pm


Are Klingons and Romulans allowed to go on the 16th ??!

Don’t know why I’m asking as we will all end up like Space Cadets on the day 😜😜😜

September 5, 2022 3:52 pm

Leggy, just get yer raggedy arse doon there. I’m sure we’re meeting BMCUWP sometime this week. Can’t remember where or when. Terrible thing the drink. 🤔

September 5, 2022 3:55 pm


Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I had to read that leader twice…it was that good. My earliest memories of extended family gatherings, would be from the early 70s onwards. Like the other young ones, I would be outside, playing football with rarely seen cousins, and the like. This allowed the adults to engage in bevvying, and occasionally, a bit of fisticuffs. However, when the talk turned to Celtic, my dad would always call me in, as he knew well, that I enjoyed stories about the Celtic. The great names, and the great games, were poured over, and incidents that had occurred 50 or 60 years previously, were told with passion, as if the games had only happened yesterday. I find myself doing the same thing, these days. Because of the age demographic of the assembled company, games from the Great War period, and games from the 20s and 30s, were told and re-told, where it came to a point-annoying little sod that I was-where I would be allowed to question the adults about the great, and not so great, incidents in the history of Celtic FC. Some of my favourite memories of these events, centred around the 1931 Cup Final team. I was particularly taken with stories about Charlie Napier. It was his nickname ‘Happy Feet’, that really got to me, I guess. Apparently, The Boss was not the biggest fan of Mr Napier, who could often be spotted, wearing the latest flashy pin-stripped, double-breasted suits…and spats!! One of your previous leaders, contained a photo of the team, on the boat to the USA, shortly after winning the cup in 1931. The ‘American Gangster’ look, was obviously the height of fashion in those days, for all the trendy, young fellas. 😀

Once again Saltires. Cheers. 🍺

Hail Hail.

bada Bing 1
September 5, 2022 4:11 pm

Motherwell v Celtic Wednesday 18 October

6.15pm kick off….🙃

September 5, 2022 4:17 pm

A tour de force, absolutely outstanding. Thank you.

September 5, 2022 5:00 pm


The Team of ’31 could have done with a few more Thomsons 😉

September 5, 2022 5:32 pm


Thank you very much for the invite, but I must, respectively, decline. I have no means of transport to Coatbridge, or anywhere else for that matter. I have been conversing with Mick on line for close on 20 years, so we know each other quite well. We have met at CP when Mick made it up for games, and CCB and his sisters. So I know the family. I would really love to meet you. HH