Somehow Andrew Kerrin’s idea has ended up here, at this very juncture. Tomorrow his idea play the best team in the world, in the best club competition in the world.
His idea worked, came to fruition more than he shall ever know, he fathered a global giant and a footballing one.
From that moment of inception, to tonight’s kickoff has been one hell of a ride.
Thanks Andrew, sincerely.


Somehow European outliers are now granted a direct path into the big cup, a fact we shall fully take advantage of I hope. Back in the three qualifier days I seldom dared to dream, not only did the sides get harder and more tactically aware, but the big tests came too early in the season for a team that’s just lost a star or two. The extra month without those burdens has helped greatly with the team finding confidence and a vein of form.


Somehow we draw the one team we wanted and avoid the group of death, then somehow the timing works out.
Defending Champions at home first and last has benefits, good chance they’ll have qualified by the last game and can rest stars whilst ours attempt to enthrall the Santiago Bernabei stadium like others in the Hoops before then.


Somehow the bigger the opponent the louder the support. This might be somewhat ironic given the volume should increase for matches we can surely win, and decrease due to the nervous fearing defeat when we face stronger opposition.
Somehow the opposite is true.
And that makes our home even more intimidating.


Somehow the players respond to this phenomenon. I’ve seen bigger club after bigger club dispatched, then read their superstars wax lyrical over the incredible atmosphere they just experienced, an experience they never forget.


Somehow they always seem to rise to the occasion, no matter who, they tend to bring out the best of Glasgow Celtic.
Not that long ago a certain team in the Hoops laid down the blueprint on how to outplay Peps Manchessity superstars, who until that moment had looked imperious.
The mighty Messi was outshone by an 18 local kid a few years ago.
Fergies United bigshots went down at Parkhead and to prove it wasnt a fluke we did them at home with the same trick, some trick though.
This prompted his infamous put down to Van Der Saar,,are you buying that wee Japs dvd? Because you f@#king in it twice!.


Somehow Ange has quickly installed a method of playing that offers hope, and not endless pumpings. Nine points last year would usually bring a team into the next stages, he was unlucky in that regard. Most get fully pumped on their first attempt. We have belief amongst the squad and some excellent players who love to attack at pace. It’s a joy to watch, it’s time to break some European hearts with that style and tempo. While earning admirers, you never know which player might be thinking I fancy a bit of that.


Somehow “that” music continues to hit the spot. It’s not on my playlist but Zadok the Priest never gets old.
Under the lights, crescendo raising to ear splitting levels, opponents eyeballs popping at the pregame TIFO and pure passion in the air,,,it continues to set the blood racing for millions around world every time it begins the spectacle.
Somehow we need to make that tune ‘ours’, a yearly precursor to the main event about to be served up.


And of course, somehow we’ve all got to wake up on Wednesday and live with the result, no matter what it may be.
I recall one chap stating his father couldn’t eat or sleep when Celtic lost a match, it completely threw him out of rhythm.
You’ll wake up still a Tim thankfully, but then comes the process of evaluating the night before, dissecting the affair and its intricacies, expelling the ecstasy or disappointment.
Somehow we’ve managed to collect a great group of listeners right here, who fully understand.


Somehow you’ve become a Celtic supporter, and games like these are what Celtic supporters live for.
Try to enjoy it, somehow, and remember,,,
You’ll Never Walk Alone.

By Mahe

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Somehow,being a Celtic supporter just makes you smile.

Somehow,that is somehow just enough to get you through things.

Somehow,we can even go into matches like tonight-with more than just a hopeless optimism.

Somehow,we even succeed at times.

Somehow,we do it time and time again,and somehow we will find a way to do that tonight.



Can we get Ange to pin that up on the dressing room doors… save him a pre-match pep talk…

In my 60’s now and feel I could mark Benzema out the game 😂

Absolutely Buzzing buddy!


Madrid presser

Got to respect these guys – Ancelotti humble man, shaking hands with interpreter- obviously quietly confident, but not dismissive of Celtic

Great question about him never winning at Paradise ( twice with Milan)

Also, explaining why Modric is still playing top level at almost 37… he is hoping for an invite to his big party.

This is what it’s all about folks!




Sorry,that’s all Greek to me!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and Happy Champions League Matchday.
Somehow the lead article is well written and somehow the first few posts have ticked the boxes too.
But somehow the morning wouldn’t be complete without a link to Anges own inspirational press conference!


Morning all..this game has all the hallmarks of Celtic being pumped! But as we all know the Famous have an enviable and illustrious history of showing the World that names and reputations hold no fear for those lucky enough to wear the Green and White hoops…here’s a wee tune for the Hoops with subtitles for our Spanish friends!

16 roads

Tom British discussion:

It’s actually not too bad this.

HH. 🍀


Twists…if you’re lurking – I’ve thought about the bet. As i explained the other day I’ve not put a line on for years so I’ve decided on a multi-angle approach to try to keep an interest in the game!
So, how about this…
Both teams to score, Celtic to get more than 2.5 corners and Benzema to score anytime.
I’ve no idea If that’s a legit bet but there’s enough in it to keep an interest for most!
Aside from all that I’m hoping for a shitey 1-0 win to Celtic!!
HH 💚🤍🧡

Jobo Baldie

McCaff, when betting on Celtic games may I respectfully suggest that it should only be on things you WANT to happen. Remove the Benzema to score part and replace it with something better!
I even extend that principle as I never put on Celtic to score X number of goals or to win, say, 3-0.? I don’t want my bet being ‘up’s with 15 minutes to go and then hoping that we don’t score another!
Anyway, golf calling. First game since Saturday and wont miss any opportunity to regularly shout “FOUR!!!” 😁



Hehehe😂 fancied my Spanish would get me through -but realise Portuguese and Spanish and Italian in there too so I just to scroll forward to the interpretation pieces …

A thing of beauty

Gearing up for the big game tonight. I always enjoy these occasions for the first five minutes!! I hope we give a good account of ourselves and that’s all we can ask for. We won’t sit back so the score could be anything. Still I’d rather that than camp in our box booting it away. See if I still feel the same tomorrow morning.
Question for a friend. She has bought tickets on line for shakhtar away but it is not letting her print them out. Does anyone know of anyone else is having similar problems?

A thing of beauty

That was my second attempt at posting. Something not right with the site just now.

Big Audio Dynamite

With the best football club on earth playing on the hallowed turf of Paradise tonight, I wonder if Madrid will be able to handle them in full flight 😉


St tams

Morning all.
Feel so much better after reading that Mahe.
As has been said earlier. Ange presser from yesterday is immense.
I just love listening to him.

16 roads

Wish I was as sure of getting into heaven as I am of a Celtic victory tonight.


HH. 🍀

Big Audio Dynamite

Having disposed of the Europa league finalists without breaking sweat, it was obvious we would need to make the step up to find a more worthy opponent …the CL will do that.

Regardless of the final outcome of tonight’s game, it won’t shake my faith in Ange and his squad …no way, Pedro!


16 Roads

Tom British 🤣🤣😂 That was a good listen – thanks for sharing

McCaff – great stuff by Eminem – not one I’d expect from yersel’..but very appropriate for the day that’s in it ☘️

Magua et al from yesterday – thanks folks hope we can get a story or two from yeez- starting with tonite’ game history in the making 😎

Big Audio Dynamite

TLR, my pleasure, buddy. I know you said things could be better right now, I just hope the Tic give you an excuse to put your troubles aside for one night 👍



Morning all,

McCaff, that’s a brilliant song and so apt for tonight’s game 👏👏👏

Strap yourself in Bhoys and Ghirls, this is going to be one helluva game with plenty plenty goals !!!!

Boring 0-0 draw ?

NowayJosephineCSC 🍀🍀🍀

Enjoy your pre match day everyone and HH 💚💚


Prediction Celtic 3 Real Madrid 3.



Good positive leader.
We’ll never be more ready or better prepared to face the mighty Madrid.
An extended pre season that’s run into 6 league games. Fine tuned engine purring away after Saturday’s demolition of our closest rivals.
25 goals for, 1 against.

Tonight we have to go up several levels, what a prospect, the level of anticipation makes this truly special. I recall walking to the ground in March? 1980. The atmosphere was memorable.

Tonight will blow that away.

16 Roads

Credit where it’s due, English is remarkably enthusiastic and positive about all things Celtic in that podcast. Actually a good listen. Thanks.

bada bing1

Jobo Baldie
McCaff, when betting on Celtic games may I respectfully suggest that it should only be on things you WANT to happen. Remove the Benzema to score part and replace it with something better!

Many many years ago I always used to bet on England to beat Scotland. That way I was delighted to lose and could use the winnings to drown my sorrows if my bet came up.

bada bing1



Citeh players – gulping air Down 😅


Jobo and Frodshambhoy…thanks for the advice! My thoughts are it’s a free bet using somebody else’s dough. There’s no way I’m gonna put it on Madrid to win – a more than likely scenario according to everyone but us mad Cellic supporters!! So, with respect to Twisty I’ve tried to put a wee bit of interest in the bet without predicting Madrid to win or Celtic to lose. Any winnings will go to charity, anyhoo so let’s hope for the best for Celtic and hopefully some less fortunate than ourselves!!


McCaff can’t argue with that
Good luck and COYBIG


I had to change it slightly. Lowest corner count for Celtic opens at over 3 corners.

Benzema anytime and BTTS both ok.

So it’s almost what ya asked for.

Pays £43.75 for the tenner.

Hope that’s ok. Gl 🍀🍀🍀


Brilliant Twists! Really appreciated but honestly think I’m doing you, mate!! ☺️
Hopefully Celtic and some poor soul benefits tonight!!
Thanks again!! 🙏

bada bing1

BT Sport 2.45 What I Wore with Henrik Larsson, followed at 3 by Celtic v Real Madrid U 19s live

Big Audio Dynamite

More on Ange from someone who knows him really well.

Mark Bosnich –

The puffpuff puffers

Tonight the best soccer team in the world 🌎 will play the biggest Soccer team in the universe . HH

St tams

Tonight , when our chances arise and we will have them, we need to take them. We also need to be brave in wanting the ball and brave when in possession.
I’ve waited 42 years see Madrid again at Celtic Park.
This time last week I didn’t think I would be there . But due to unfortunate circumstances, I will and like everyone else, I can’t wait.

The Fenian Whaler

For those struggling to find a sausage for tonight’s game now that HES has binned CL games, BT sports are offering a months access to BT sport for 25 quid -no contract. So you’ll get to watch the games v Madrid and Shakhtar and hopefully Sevco being pumped. Not a bad wee deal for those in the UK IMHO.

Oh aye lest i forget now we have a new tory PM

Nye Bevin (founding father of the NHS) on the Tories.
“So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin,” he went on. “They condemned millions of people to semi-starvation. I warn you young men and women, do not listen to what they are saying, do not listen to the seductions of Lord Woolton. They have not changed, or if they have they are slightly worse.”

Not much changed over the decades then🤨.

Support all those on strike CSC✊✊

PS Mahe no disrespect intended a chara but i am of the opinion that Andrew would have disowned Celtic had he still been around. Surprised his statue hasn’t wrenched itself from its plinth and walked off in disgust at the avarice that now permeates his Celtic.


Not ‘doing’ me at all bud. Down to your quality nap selection on Saturday.

Bet is on. Only fly might be Benzema may well be rested, or start on bench.

Let’s hope the only ‘ doing’ handed out tonight is to Real.

Was just saying to the wife there, if you think the atmosphere was good on Saturday, wait until you hear this tonight! I expect it will be even more raucous.

Can’t remember the last time I had no nerves whatsoever pre match. Looking forward to it actually.

The nerves WILL kick in should we look likely to grab a point or all three with time running out.

Cmon the hoops.

bada bing1

Maeda to start tonight, we will need his energy to close them down

Jobo Baldie

Celtic U19 v Real Madrid U19 kicks off at 3pm. On BT. Scottish Fitbaw also showing it.

Prestonpans bhoys

Down 1:0 already and pouring. And a plastic carpet too😕


Surprised Uefa let them play on artificial surface.


This U19 game a farce

Water Polo

Risk of injury: Severe

Likeliehood – odds on !

Prestonpans bhoys


It looks bloody dangerous too

Prestonpans bhoys

2:0 now, think I’ll open a bottle of🍷 before the bus👍



Weather front heading your way!

Prestonpans bhoys

Aye bus pickup 4:45 may be lucky, and out of luck in this game down to 10 men

Big Audio Dynamite

Torrential rain around CP

bada bing1

Snodgrass to Hearts

Awe Naw

No matter what happens tonight. No matter who wins the 2.8m€ prize money that is on offer tonight. Heroic win, humiliating loss, admirable draw. No matter how it plays out. Our young and brave team get cheered from the rafters. No scape goats. Nobody pretending they know more than Ange. No frustrations of what could have been boiling over. We are a major part of their ongoing development. Trust and nurture. Most of these young Celts will never have experienced anything like how it will be a Celtic Park tonight. Real Madrid players are well seasoned in such atmospheres.

We´re at the party. We have got the official invite. None eh the burds know yet exactly how gorgeous we really fucking are. We might not get a lumber tonight but by the end of the season our filofax will be stuffed with babes gagging for it.

We forget about showing the world anything. They can fuck off. We only show our young team and coaching staff how much we respect and love them and how dedicated we are to their development as men and sportsmen and we ensure and convince them that they are in the right place for life.

“You can make these guys love you. You perform for them and they’ll repay you. This support has got a great knowledge. They’ll encourage you and they’ll never forget you”


U-19’S Looking tacticslly short.
Centre half’s looking naive at best.
Although our coaches are both ex pro defenders the Spanish defenders look technically better prepared.
Ref a little jaundiced as he sends Celtic player off who didn’t look like last man.
He had previously failed to produce cards for Real when twice Real players pulled Celts back.
Surface looks like rain not draining so balls sticking in puddles.
Spanish deserving of 4 goal lead though Celtic keeper has gifted two.

Jobo Baldie

Awe Naw

Bang on the button

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