Establishment Goes Into Overdrive-Then Overkill


As I said on Thursday when I heard that The Queen had died-while I have no time for the monarchy,especially the hangers-on,I did have respect for The Queen. I didn’t particularly expect that to be a popular opinion on here-or anywhere on Timternet!-but it is one I hold to.

The PGA golf and Test cricket were halted on Friday,but resumed the following day. Racing was cancelled on Friday and Saturday,but returned on Sunday. Otherwise,life seemed to continue as normal elsewhere-apart from football,as we know. Cancelled. All of it. Just maybe too working class for everyone,eh? I don’t know. Whatever.

The threat of that cancellation continuing until after her funeral on the 19th hung over the game until the EFL declared that matches in their competitions would recommence tonight,and it now seems unlikely that there will be more cancellations,apart perhaps for London-based teams. Maybe the backlash from the fans and many in the media because of last week’s cancellations took them by surprise? (Even the chief football writer in The Daily Mail-Martin Samuel-was scathing in his criticism of the decision.) Again,I don’t know.

What I DO know though,is that the wall-to-wall 24-hour coverage is way beyond the point that any human being can endure. BBC One has been non-stop in its coverage since the news broke,and that is over 100 hours ago. Long-lost documentaries with even the most spurious of connections to QEII have been dusted off and given another airing (They certainly would have been long-lost had I anything to do with it.) The BBC scrubbed almost every episode of the likes of Derek and Clive,early Steptoe and Son,etc-yet over 200 hours of nonentities talking guff survived? Just our luck…

Many newspaper websites-and see if any of you can guess the worst culprits for this-seem not to realise that there is a world outside of this little bubble that they have themselves  created. My scrolling finger is getting a blister on it! And parliament might as well have been prorogued for all the good they are doing in a time of national crisis,all due to the handover of a bauble and a title from one member of a family to her son. And woe betide anyone who even thinks of showing dissent-the cops lifted a fella for possessing a blank piece of paper and a pen!

Etc,etc,etc. I could go on,but I suspect that I am preaching to the converted. This has been an object-abject?-lesson in how to destroy any respect for anything.

Just go into overdrive on the subject,then overkill. Clockwork Orange,anyone?


Above article by BMCUWP

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The Leopard’s Rimshot

Sorry, Mick, but what exactly did Lizzie do that earned your eternal respect?

I have to ask as a genuine question because of course respect must be earned rather than given.

So which specific act of hers did it for you?


Valverde’s superb goal for Madrid at the weekend.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Not meaning to be cheeky, man, but if there was any part of the article you should have edited it was that.

After the past few days I reckon the last thing folk want to read is how some Tims still respect the queen despite her deep ties to Savile and the joke that was Operation Yewtree, not to mention the 10 kids from the Canadian care home.

Bloodthirsty vampiric parasites deserve no one’s respect as their mark is known to all of us who have suffered under their millennia long iron heel of subjugation and divisive rule.

She condoned that worldwide torment every second she sat on that throne and if you can put up even one thing she did that counterbalanced her 70 years reign of terror I’d be very interested to read it.

No offence, man, but you know the truism that when you’re in a hole it really is best to stop digging.



I respected her as a person,nothing to do with what she represented. In much the same way as I have friends-who I also obviously respect-who have completely different opinions from mine.

Leave it at that. You wouldn’t want people to think that you have no respect for opinions other than your own,after all.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Since it’s obvious that you never knew the queen personally it can only be that you liked what you thought she was, or what the media tells you she was, which was nothing else than an idea put in folks’ heads to deceive us as to what she really was, which is, of course, the job of the media, to deceive.

For, Mick, I’m not taking the piss here but that woman was NOTHING like the image she was portrayed as in the Disney movie fantasy they sell us on these screens and nor are any of her family.

Know your enemy, man.

For they are it.

And the 800 years and more proves it.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Throughout our history we were born to be free
So get out ye British bastards leave us be

The Leopard’s Rimshot

And I’m very happy to hear all diverse opinions on any topic, Mick, that why I’m on so many blogs covering so many different subjects.

But through my participation I’m allowed to point out where they’re wrong and that’s all this is.

She did nothing to earn your respect, not one damn thing in 70 years, and you and I and everyone here knows it, so we will leave it at that.



The Leopard’s Rimshot

SAM Missiles In The Sky

The Leopard’s Rimshot

For the record, I’m not a Republican either, as I take a wholly neutral stance on all politics, seeing it for the Punch & Judy puppet show farce that it is, though I do admire those songs of freedom and the passion instilled in each generation down the centuries in recognising where the problem lies.

But even Lizzie was just another muppet puppet with somebody else’s haun up her back like all the rest.

For the truth of who these people really are runs much deeper and is far more insidious than any regular telly watcher could ever even begin to surmise.


A Clockwork Orange is Juvenile literature cosseted in a false intellectualism.

Brilliant and subversive ( of its time?)
I think Burgess was taking the piss. It’s not a novel of any insight or great literature by any stretch.
Made controversial by a maverick in Kubrick. Who himself was clearly psychotic



Why shouldn’t BMCUW show respect?
It’s the mark of a confident individual that they don’t adhere.
My partner is paying respect, I am not, who are you to decide what is appropriate?
Yes, I agree we should voice opinion but let’s accept it’s Democratic


Who in their right mind would want to be King or Queen? Living in a gilded cage like a canary, an accident of birth. I would much rather be free, free to talk mince on a Celtic blog. This isn’t Putins Communist Republic, and thank f##ck for that, or one of Xi’s Urgher’s minority. If the UK is such a terrible place, then why did millions of EU citizens decide to remain here rather than return home? why did so many Hong Kongers choose to move here? The pish that’s talked about Johny Foreigner being downtrodden is pure unadulterated guff. I despise the UK press, but let’s be clear it’s not Nazi Germany’s Volkisher Beobachter or Fascist Italy’s II Popolo d’Italia, now they were very far right, don’t like the press, then don’t buy it.
Here in Bonny Scotland the co-leader of the Scottish Greens, won the Ian Dunn Memorial Trophy, Ian Dunn was the leader of the Paedophile ring that was called PIE, so don’t mention Paedophiles, because here in Scotland there’s a lot of them, some even lead political parties.

I want to talk Celtic, not politics, if you want to talk politics then take it somewhere else. Bobby didn’t bring it up, you did.


A t o b

Let your friend know there is a bar called The Celtic Pub across the Vistula from the Old Town.
Tonight there are a few of us watching Liverpool Ajax in the Irish pub Piwnica.
Beautiful city. Hugely rich heritage.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends from toasty roasty Mallorca. Staying in a resort that’s about 95% German tourists so certainly no evidence here of any mourning!



Why not! The ol Saxe-Coburg Gotha’s are close kin.

A thing of beauty

Are you in Gdańsk? I sent the info last night and she seemed to think that was Gdańsk you referred to. They are in warsaw. Never mind. It’s handy to know for future reference.


Morning all,


How’s the language barrier with your fellow tourists as you usually talk “Hungarian” after a few pints !!!!!! 😜😜😜

Hope your both having a great time ☀️☀️☀️👍👍


A t o b

Yes. Gdańsk today but Warsaw tomorrow.
If they have any spare briefs for the game I’d take one!
If any SC’s are around in Warsaw I’d be happy to meet up.


The enemy doesn’t come in boats… it comes in limousine’s



I will forward the mail address in our admin to ATHINGOFBEAUTY if you like. Just let me know. She can forward to her pal,see if your respective groups can hook up.


Probably because they are still mourning for the tens of millions Russian people, the millions of Europeans and Jews that they murdered in both world wars, there’s no more room in the German mourning diary, is there?

There are all kinds of volk driving limousines some even play football, and some are football agents. £485 million spent in the last window, watch out, the enemy’s about.

Big Audio Dynamite

Hopefully we get something from the game tomorrow to get us up and running.
I actually think we’ll win, but then I always do.
Not a big gambler but, is it true most bookies have us as slight favourites?


Politics is it?

How many food banks in 1952?

How many food banks in 2022?

Her Legacy is an absolute disgraceful state.

Respect? … aye?!



LADBROKES coupon I picked up yesterday has Shakhtar at 9/5,Celtic at 23/20. But the British teams are always shorter than they should be,weight of many drives the market.

For instance,Liverpool are 4/9 with Ajax at 17/4-hardly a reflection of last weeks performances,nor their domestic ones so far. However,Rangers are 29/10 and Napoli 8/11,which is a great price!


How many foodbanks in 1939 – 40 – 45 – 50 – 55? None. I was born in 1948, 74 years ago yesterday, rationing was still being used up until 1953. My granddad worked down the pit like many others, there was no food relief of any kind and he never looked for any. It’s a disgrace that people still use foodbanks no-ones saying that it’s not.
There is no perfect country each has got unemployment and food relief, there is no utopia elsewhere, if there was then everyone would go there. 6 million EU nationals settled here in the UK, there choice, if it is so bad, why did they choose to live here? There is pressure in every country, pressure on housing, doctors, hospitals, schools, the least unemployment since 1974.
Why would people from all over the EU come here, from Hong Kong, Asia, Pakistan, India, from all over the world, why, if it’s so bad?
Putin invaded the Ukraine, no-one forced him, he acted like Hitler and invaded a sovereign country, more pressure on housing, gas, electricity, put the recent blame where it belongs with Putin.

Big Audio Dynamite

Cheers for that, Bobby 👍

A thing of beauty

My friend got a ticket from the shakhtar website. They have sold sections 214 and 215 to Celtic supporters. Have a wee look in Twitter. I’m hopeless at posting links.


As soon as I saw the plans for stop off in Edinburgh I thought this isnt a funeral it’s a opportunistic political pageant. Done for political gain not respect.


My memory of the Queen.

I saw her drive past near St Alphonsus my school in Glasgow in 1953 her coronation year.

I waved a flag.

The Queen waved back.

Well it might not have been at me personally, there were a lot of us, but I never saw her again bar in the news.

Not even as much as an invite to her Coronation. I was Seven ffs.


The Queen? She’s dead, she died in Scotland, did she die for political reasons I doubt that. Will some people use her passing for political reasons? I’m sure they will.
Did she die of covid? no, but many, many millions did from all over the world, do I mourn their passing? yes I do, do I mourn her passing? no I do not.

Bluegrass Celt

Auldheid @10:37
Operation Unicorn in full flow. They probably ensured the Queen would pass away in Scotland just to take this opportunity to kick start a resurgence of Union support.
Would never want to disrespect someone who has passed but this media overload of mourning has reached new levels. Newsreaders, presenters and guests wearing black since Thursday, my god! Makes me feel that I didn’t do enough to mourn the recent passing of my own mother and father.
Thank feck the ‘Tic are back tomorrow night. Win, lose or draw. At least we can get back to some fitbaw talk

Big Audio Dynamite

Haven’t seen a single moment of any of this.

Not one.

I take my hammock and a Bill Bryson book, then I head for the hills.


And that’s me done!

I wanted to talk about the new analyst working hard at Celtic. Analysing every detail of every game, player movement, passing, dribbling, positioning at corners, fouls against, detailing every game, before and after. Discussing with all of the backroom and management staff. He won the position against many applicants and he’s loving life at Celtic.

It seems to me, that Celtic is in a very good place, with a great manager who makes all the right calls and picks his own players and staff, with full backing. I seem to remember the board telling the city that they would be making bigger profits than they thought that they might make, stoater! and the Huns being eagle – eyed by UEFA. about time. I have a gut feeling that Desmond’s son Ross will be appointed as chairman, just my feeling with no proof.

Mahe – Bobby, many thanks.

A thing of beauty

Where are you going. I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say about the new analyst at Celtic. I was at one seat down from one of the scouting and analysis guys at the Real Madrid game and the wee snippets I was picking up was very interesting. I obviously didn’t know who he was and asked if he and his pal did a blog and the pal told me who he was. Just a young guy but it’s heartening to see we are finally addressing the back room void that was allowed to grow over a few years.
We can’t spend the money other teams do on players and salaries but there is absolutely no reason that the off field operations should not be on a par with any other club in the world.



Yes,we do seem to be getting our ducks in a row,not that I’m counting my chickens yet.

In the past,we have flown with the crows-and see where that cuckoo in the nest got us. Now,we have the freedom to soar like an eagle,but we will be watching like a hawk for any deviation from what looks like a route to success.

A little birdie told me that…



A little birdie told me that…

Proof that only Toucan play.

The king





Aw naw,that was a turtle,not a turtle dove…



Fantastic work on site and new backdrop


Get yourself back buddy – talk fitba, and ignore the politics, if that helps.


BMCUW / A t o b

No problem passing on my email addy.

Thanks for the ticket info.
Will check it out.



Consider it done,hope you have a great time-and a night to remember!



Cheers buddy, Sentinel Celts- Connecting Celts!


Bawheid, hope that wasn’t a farewell, I always enjoy your contributions. You can always take a break now & again, like me and Packy have been doing! 🙂

A thing of beauty

Celtic spares on Twitter has people trying to punt tickets for tomorrow night.


A t o b

Cheers. Will get my twitterati Bhoy on it. Social media, blogs apart, not my thing.

Ajax bloke I met last night was moaning they should have scored 8 v Huns. Worst team he’s seen in years.
And he reckons Bassey will be sold on in a year or two for £50m.
Fans rate him highly. Who’d have think that a year ago!?



On it👍🏻

Mike in Toronto

Talk football, ignore politics?

Not possible. As Derrida said, ‘beyond the touchline, there is nothing’.

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