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Last night was one of those bloody hell nights. I watched it in Irvine CSC with my Dad,my sisters and my Dad’s neighbour from about seven doors down.

Didn’t even know there was a neighbour wi a Celtic scarf,not in Kilwinning. They recognised him a couple of years back in the Irvine CSC,and offered him a lift home. 

Hugh’s a good guy,stays about 100 yards round the corner from my parents. My sisters pick him and my Dad up,drive to the club,watch the game,drop him off at the door. If he wants to stay out or head out early,his call. 

Anyway,the point is that Hugh has a good 70 years of watching Celtic,my Dad is in his 80th year of it,I’ve beaten the huns to 56 and my sisters have over eighty years between them.

That’s nearly three centuries of supporting our team-awright,I’ll give you the overlap-but ffs,why can we not finish teams off? Bobby Murdoch didn’t do very many interviews,but I remember a specific comment that he made in one of them.

Jock told us to shut them down early doors,then enjoy ourselves,entertain the folk that pay to be here. 

And that is one helluva problem for this team when we play in Europe. 

Angeball is relentless when we are at home,the ball goes out of play and the multi ball system kicks in. There is no rest for the wicked,but there is no rest for the divine either. It is drilled in that we keep the ball moving,that we don’t stop. 

This is a vast improvement,of course,on NL insisting that full backs take the throw ins-allowing the opposition time to pack the defence. 


Maybe less haste and more speed? 

Shakhtar had a small window of dominance last night. Overall,apart from that period,I am well pleased with the performance. But for the tightest of margins-Jota taking too long when the goal had opened up after a mazy run,a Maeda overhead clipping a shoulder,G-Mak trying to postage stamp it-well…

We will never have a better chance of taking three points way from home than we did last night. Except,every time I watch this Celtic team,I marvel at the quality,the interplay,the sheer will to win.

For years,we wailed about the gaps between the three parts of the team. Defence,midfield,frontline. Totally disjointed. Now,I think we have the midfield and frontline working as a unit. But the gaps at the back are glaring. We leave that area totally exposed,especially when our backs are,erm,forward. 

I suspect that Mooy is being played back into fitness with the intention of playing that cover role,and I bloody hope so. Someone needs to. 

I remember The Year Of WIm The Tim,and one particular occasion. Craig Burley and Paul Lambert were the midfield linchpins. CB was around the halfway line,saw PL making a run inside and made the pass.

CB immediately dropped back to cover the defence,let PL move forward. Happened all the time. We seem to lack that kinda discipline,which is why we keep getting hit on the break at the top level.

I’m fine with Ange saying that we play our game,let them worry about us. I remember a rather good manager saying that over fifty years ago. But it only works if you are tight at the back. And you can hardly blame the defence if the midfield have gone AWOL.

We have one point so far,when by any measure we should have at least four. These are fine margins,and we know that. Modric having the best game for maybe three years against us? Plan for it!

He’s one of the best players on the planet,we gave him the freedom of the city. We applauded him off the pitch,and deservedly so. Our players gave him the freedom to display his skills. I’ve not got a problem with that,he is a wonderful player. 

I watched the huns against Napoli last night. They were lucky to get away with the matching 0-3 scoreline against Napoli-who are far from being multi-European Cup winners. 

Napoli try to break,any time a Rangers player got near enough to bring him down,one for the team.

Now,I’m not suggesting that we go down the nasty anti-football route made famous by that lot. Far from it. But we need to realise that all of the plaudits that we got from last week’s performance against Real Madrid still gave us bunce. 

Ange has given us some beautiful football in the last year,and oh how we love him and his players for it. The next step is to make it count,and that will only happen when we wise up to the level we are at,and go down that cynicism and pragmatism route-like all the great teams have done over the years. 

Alternatively,we could take our bloody chances,because we’ve had hunners of them in the last two games. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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Your last paragraph will be Ange’s reply to your “pragmatist” suggestion. We’ve missed several sitters over the two CL games, chances that we bury in Scotland.
Is it nerves, are the defenders so much quicker?
Angel will say we work harder on finishing.
I still think we’re improving.
Jeez, we dominated a proven CL team away from CP.
A year ago several were offering to take Ange to the airport.
I’m well happy with tonight’s performance.


Post match Ange 🤣🤣💚👍👏👏


We have a manager folks

Post match Anger 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪👎👎👇


Onion burz actin the goat.

If it should end up on the uefa digital timeline.i would not be surprised.

Can’t do anything else.


Be on Fri or Sat,or both.

Your aw valued and loved

Hail Hail


Oops- wrong thread earlier 😣

Morning all
Unfortunately I didn’t get home in time to see the match, but have it recorded. I’ll look at it later this evening. From family members reports, comments on here yesterday evening and Bobbys match report above, I think I have a pretty clear picture of how it panned out. A bit more quality in the final third, and despite us still needing to be a bit wiser to the counter attack, and we’d be sitting on three points. ( perhaps more actually but three for sure)

I’ve been sitting looking at the table this morning and the various permutations as to where we might finish in this group.
Second place is most definitely still up for grabs, and if we take 4 points in the back to back games v Leipzig it gets very interesting. Is that possible? Yes. Is it likely? Given their position in the group, zero points from the two games so far, I think it’s fair to say the next match for them is win or bust. Win and they’ve still a chance of second or third spot. Lose and it’s going to take an awful lot for them to avoid the wooden spoon. A draw putting them on one and us on two points, doesn’t really help them, but could be huge for us.

I’m well aware of the old cliché about assumption, but nevertheless I’m going to assume Shaktar will lose in Madrid in their next match in three weeks time.
If I’m correct, a win away at Leipzig would be absolutely massive for us.

Madrid 9points
Celtic 4 points
Shaktar 4 points
Leipzig 0.

With home games to follow v Leipzig and Shaktar and the opportunity to accumulate the 10 points which would almost certainly see us through in second spot.

Taking 4 points from Leipzig over the next two ties would take us to 5 points. In that instance, we need to hope Madrid turn Shaktar over twice in those back to back games, leaving it

Madrid 12
Celtic 5
Shaktar 4
Leipzig 1

Meaning a home match win v Shaktar would see us through in second spot regardless of what happened in Madrid in the final tie as the table would then read

Madrid 12, 13 or 15
Celtic 8
Shaktar 4
Leipzig 0,1 or 3

Lose next match? It’s still possible to go through in second, as the table would probably read

Madrid 9
Shaktar 4
Leipzig 3
Celtic 1

meaning we would need to get two wins at home v Leipzig and Shaktar, and that would suffice given we’d win the head to head v Shaktar, again, assuming Madrid keep winning

Madrid 15
Celtic 7
Shaktar 4
Leipzig 3

Regardless of what score we got in Madrid, we’d go through on head to head result v Shaktar. We’re due a turn at qualifying with just 7 points, given the times we’ve gone out with more!


We need Madrid to win those next three games. Take at least one point next week and win our home games v both Leipzig and Shaktar and we will go through to the knock out ties in the CL.
Lose next week and it’s not disastrous if we can win our two home games, AND, as I say, Madrid keep winning.

The circumstances which would see us fail even if we got two home wins to sit on 7 points after losing in Leipzig? Shaktar taking points off Madrid in those back to back games, or Leipzig beating Madrid in game 5, having beaten us in game 3. They’d be playing their final tie v Shaktar with a big incentive to win.

Oh I know, if my grandad had…….but….I think we’re going to qualify!!


Saw you’re messsge on the naps thread. Yes, just shout when you’ve decided yer free bet. I’d been trying to keep the nags talk over there, but clearly little to nobody reads it other than a Saturday.😁

Sooooooo…. fae noo…. I’ll update the table weekly on there but withoot any narrative. Just the table.

What’s the chance of a reverse forecast this year with you and CCB!! First and second? Could happen… Gl 👏



Good example on Burley and Lambert.

Playing at a higher level against a counter-attacking team -away – we probably do need a wee bit of insurance, one stray pass shouldn’t be the straight line on our keeper that it was – having said this it was a fantastic pass and an absolutely devastating run and finish from their lad.

The good thing is, it didn’t happen again – but we lived dangerously for a while.

A few of us pointed to our poor conversion rate. It must improve!
Why are our players shooting high ( someone already said GG looking for postage stamp ) I’m not blaming GG at all as he normally just hits it low and hard-first time.

Also, get a sense that our players are being a wee bit too greedy in front of goals and must lift their heads up and have a look around – sometimes.

Anyhoo, really not going to complain about an away point in CL – it doesn’t guarantee EL slot, but it makes it more likely.

GER57 – agree we are still improving and fairly kept them subdued in second half, which is a welcome change. As you say Ange and Harry Kewell willl have them working on finishing off chances more clinically.

Twisty – great work on the Group permutations. Enjoyed reading that buddy! Who do we get in the Final…



Hope you all enjoying the sunshine buddy. Not jealous … 😁

Might have to watch game again this morning to select another two with Hatate for


Not only are we going through, we meet, and beat, Brugge in the last 16.

My time travelling Celtic pal hasn’t updated me as to what happened after that. I’ll keep ye posted. Apparently he’s currently living in May 2023 and still in Instanbul celebrating something or other?

He did tell me however that another Glasgow team lost head to heads v Liverpool, got trounced away to Napoli and lost their final match v Ajax to end up:

Played 6
Lost 6
For 0
Against 21.


Good morning, Grand Day To Be A Tim…

Interesting game yesterday, my feelings are, we going to rue not taking the three points.

It’s rare to have that opportunity in the UCL and even rarer away from home.

We now have to win our home games and cross our fingers – a big ask.

Many, including myself, thought the extra prep time would do us good, it seemed to have the opposite effect – did we over think the game? Were we over coached? Don’t know, but the fluidity and pressing from the usual Angeball style was intermittent.

Long term it could be a good thing, Ange has said this week what many of us have been thinking, we are not going to compete at UCL level as a sixty minute team.

It was Shakhtar Donetsk that were out on their feet at the end of the game, the tactics, if it was tactics, seemed to work in that respect but if we are not going to take advantage by putting the ball in the net then what’s it all about Ange.!?

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

And you thought Napoli won 3-0 last night.

easy mistake to make.



I mentioned to ATHINGOFBEAUTY that the biggest positive from last night was that we were still going for it well into injury time. Normally,by that stage,we are playing well within ourselves.

I’m disappointed with last night’s result,that much is pretty obvious. Disappointed too with the way we lost the goal,when we saw Shakhtar score two carbon copies last week. But I’m far from disappointed with the overall performance. We just didn’t quite get that turn of luck that you sometimes need in games like this.


Good morning all from Govanhill. I hope you are all hale and hearty.


BMCUWPS @ 8:36 am,

Yes, that was a huge positive, I know Ange wants the bhoys to leave it on the pitch but to see us still pushing to the whistle while they were cramping and time wasting was definitely a morale victory.

To be fair I had to take a call part way through the first half so missed their goal, maybe that’s why the performance seemed disjointed to me.

The lhads I was watching it with, after berating me for leaving my post and causing the goal, said we had “switched off” before they scored, now this was their opinion of course but my thoughts were if we can keep RM out for the first half surely we can keep out Shakhtar.

Still it did look like a poor goal to give away, good play from Donesk no doubts but raises questions about the midfield again.

Still glad you got a chance to watch it with your family, enjoy!!

Hail Hail


By the way BMCUWPS, enjoyed the lead today and the reference to Simple Minds in their hey day – great band.

Hail Hail


Twisty @ 5:58 am,

Very interesting post…

In my mind I’d written off the points in Leipzig, not that we’re incapable of getting something there, just the idea that any points garnered in Spain and Germany as definite bonus points.

However you are right, there are points to be had and that certainly changes the dynamic of the group.

Would be a nice scalp and put us back on the map for sure.

Hail Hail



One permutation which I think you have left out is for two draws against Leipzig. Assuming that Real win all their matches-or even draw in Leipzig-I think we would still qualify by beating Shakhtar at home. With SIX points!

But only if Shakhtar also draw in their last game against Leipzig.

None of us has a couch big enough to hide behind in that scenario…

Jobo Baldie

Good morning all from Mallorca. Am I allowed to say that voting has been a wee bit slow so far? Hopefully thing pick up as today goes on. Can’t see a thing in the bright sunshine anyway so the count will all be done tonight! SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM

St tams

Jobo, just voted 👍
For the second game in a row , it was our front 3 who were very disappointing.
Jota needs to get his head up and pick a pass , as the longer he holds onto the ball he gives opposition a chance to block him. Maeda is full of running, but nothing much else and Kyogo was anyomous. He was making plenty of runs , but not getting the pass. We don’t play the over the top pass enough.
Over elaborating with passing in triangles , rather than playing passes into the box. For all our possession in second half we never created enough.

Would be surprised if SD get another point, other than their left winger , they looked a poor side.

Prestonpans bhoys

St Tams

About Maeda, I recall someone succinctly saying something along the lines of:

Great athletic, average player😵


Oh, how far we’ve come! Or should it be; how did our expectations get so high! Last night’s result felt like a defeat. When the hell did we get so privileged as to start acting like this? I was gutted we didn’t beat Shaktar last night but the cold light of day puts us on a point in third place. Before the competition started a likely defeat to Real and a point away to a decent CL outfit would have been more than acceptable but…the performance against Real seriously raised our expectations. Having matched them for great chunks of the game we knew we were in for a hard time last night but it wasn’t like that at all. A few chances were missed and Fan’s Favourite duly delivered the kind of mistake that has so often killed us in Europe. Had we been more clinical this place would be a happier place today. We surely have nothing to fear from Leipzig or Shaktar at home, surely, or is that just getting too carried away, again…


True. As you though f*** that ( I’m paraphrasing 😬)
Don’t think I could handle that scenario.

Get a minimum of 3, and ideally 4 or 6 points in the next two, and we’ll be in a very strong position, perhaps even an unassailable one in respect of second spot in the group, assuming Madrid do their stuff for us.


…and didn’t the Huns pull off a performance! Until Napoli scored I thought TRFC were gonna win this competition, based on the commentary. Equal on corners with Napoli but beaten in every other stat available, other than Reds and Yellows! I suppose they gave a bit more effort than the last couple of weeks but they really are a bit pish!


Twists…had a busy day yesterday so had no opportunity to reply to your Cash Out Offer. I sniggered like a daftie when I read it but on reflection I’ll take the twenty quid! 👍🤣🤣🤣


Unfortunately the cash out offer is now down to £0.60p. Snooze and you lose!

Anyway I’d an e mail from Bobby saying he’d received an ‘anonymous’ complaint about my plan to transfer your total to my balance.

Apparently the ‘anonymous’ person signed their complaint with the moniker:

‘Jinky Not Pablo’

Any ideas who might be behind such underhanded behaviour??


HaHaHa..sixty f##### pence! Nae wunner ye never see a poor bookie!!!
Jinky Not Pablo…hmmm, it rings a bell, leave it wi’ me I’ huv a think aboot it!


Jobo Baldie @ 9:51 am,

Yes, even though it was a very good performance I’ve struggled with my players this week.

Normally I have five or six and knock a few off, this week it’s been a matter of saying who really stepped up.

Hatate for me had another great game and Greg Taylor made sure we looked stronger on the left than the right, CCV got the other vote but Hart or Jenz could have had an equal shout.

It seems strange after such a complete and strong away performance but some of our midfielders and forwards had a below par game.

Yet our big unknown going into the UCL proper was the defence, these bhoys have looked the part.

Hail Hail


I’d like to see again how we lost possession right before their goal.

Who played the ball inside to McGregor that required a lunge to try to retain it?

As soon as the lunge failed I knew we were in trouble.

That is the fine margins when facing quality and the SD scorer unfortuneatly was quality.


As offer wasn’t accepted, timeously.
I propose, that McCaff is now in negative equity and now owes £20 quid.


The Wee Man just left for school, a late start as he was on the bevvy watching the game last night! He phoned as soon as he’d left the house, we face onto a main roonaboot into Renfrew, “Dad, you need to see this! There’s a fat guy in the middle of the roundabout cleaning up bottles!” I went to see what was going on and there’s this seriously overweight guy in the middle of the road, with a small floor brush cleaning broken glass off the road. Of course, the neighbours are out having a look to see what’s going on. I grabbed a decent brush from the shed to give the big boy a hand, there was broken bottles everywhere. I thought the poor guy had lost his kerryoot on a sharp turn on the roundabout!! Glass everywhere. Traffic cops in attendance now, too. Cones set up to protect us roadsweepers from harm! Anyhoo, the road is clear now and reopened but watch out for a Hun Biffa Driver lobbing bottles oot the back of a recycling lorry in Renfrew…they’re no taking this latest run of results too well! 😱🤣🤣🤣
All of the above is true, by the way…well…almost! 😉


JinkyNotPablo…Hola amigo, ¿nos conocemos? ¡Hay algo muy familiar en ti! Estuve hablando con mi corredor de apuestas antes y me ofreció un retiro de 60 pesetas, ¿me aconsejarías que lo tomo o lo dejo?


Morning all,


It was the Shaktar left back I think, that threaded the pass between 2 Celtic players) ( Poss O’Reilly and Jota) and afterwards the missed lunge by McGregor, effectively took out 3 of our players.

Of course you can say JJ should have been closer, and perhaps Joe might have stood up longer.

For me it’s a good goal from a Champions League team.

Move onto Paisley and more clinical.

HH 🍀🍀


Interestingly Celtic Social Media.
Jota MOM.
I thought he had a good second half.

Prestonpans bhoys

This is the September weekend in Edinburgh area, aff to my all inclusive caravan in the ole Trossachs🍻🍷🍸🍹👍👏


Thanks Leggy.

So we didnt lose possession in the pass, it was as you say a bit of CL quality.

Fair enough.

St tams

Jota, mom
I must have watched a different game

A thing of beauty

St Tams,
Agree. At least he had the decency to look embarrassed collecting it. Still so frustrated about last night. If we dont wise up and start taking these chances twists table will have been a waste of time. There are players who need to step up. Jota wasn’t the only poor player last night. ORiley was off it as was Kyogo. It’s a huge step up in these games so I realise we are not going to blow teams away the way we know we can in Scotland on occasion but in that first 20 mins we should have had at least two and in the second half another two. 😡😡
I’m assuming there’s a lot of crashed bottles around ibrox way these days. I see some are saying fat Alfie should be playing every week whether he’s overweight or not. Overweight?!! Blooming Nora, when I think of the stick the press gave Griffiths for having a wee paunch.


I’ve watched our goal from last night a few times now. I can’t for the life of me see why it wouldn’t be Hatate’s goal. Who rules on such things ? VAR ?

Speaking of which : a penalty awarded to the home team at Ibrox is overturned. Is that a first ? Could it happen in a domestic fixture ? I have my doubts , but we live in interesting times…..

Iniquitous IV

“There is a class and a dignity about this Club ( Huns ) that you simply don’t get at other Clubs.”

“ Another Club’s support disgraced themselves tonight.”

Quotes by David Edgar of Heart and Hand in Napoli post match broadcast.

Well, he certainly got the first comment right!🤣😂😅


Ach , while I’m typing anyway…..

The BBC are showing you know who , at the 2012 Olympics in London. But according to BBC Scotland, and most of Scottish media, 2012 didn’t happen.

No administration, no liquidation. Allan McGregor and Steven Davis leaving Ibrox under TUPE legislation. Many other players too , and immediately vilified. Fat Sally bemoaning his lack of options. Club 12 , Sevco, Sevco Scotland……..

Didn’t happen.


A game we still talk about.
The 2nd Ajax goal, is ATOB, indeed.
40 years ago today, Celtic draw 2:2 with Ajax in 1st leg of the European Cup tie.

Nicholas and McGarvey. @CharNicholas10 https://t.co/UKyt0feWE1



One of the best matches I’ve ever attended. Pretty sure that SOLKITTS was there too. Olsen was unplayable that night. Apart from Cruyff,they had the likes of Molby,Lerby,etc. I think they even had an unknown on the bench,young fella called van Basten.


BMCUW. 2.36.
I remember that i was in the Front Stand, that night, but I can’t recall why.
I was 18 and usually went to the jungle.
As you say, a very good team and and it was a great achievement to knock them out, over 2 legs.

Afternoon All,

Weather looking good for tomorrow….



A thing of beauty

Both goals were absolute beauties. Interesting to see the crowd applaud that Ajax team as they acknowledged them from the centre circle. We’ve always appreciated good footballers. I don’t know why the Twitter sphere was alive last week with mostly youngsters complaining that we applauded Modric. Some education on the how we support our team would not go amiss with some these days but you daren’t say anything.



We should always recognise class when we see it,and appreciate being able to witness it.

For instance,I went to Newbury about 2014 to watch The Lockinge Stakes. Or,more precisely,Frankel. Wow! It was impossible to back at 1/14,but that wasn’t the reason I was there.

Forty years ago,I went to watch Celtic. And probably my only chance to watch Cruyff. Olsen though was world-class that night.



Hope there’s a beer garden tomorrow 👍


Phasers to Malky. 😜😜😜😜

St tams

Robert Prosinecki , was another class act that our fans appreciated.


Some reflections on last night.
Along with many others I missed the first 5 minutes having arrived at the ground an hour before ko. Had a Celtic end ticket ticket courtesy of a great bunch of guys from Longniddy/Fife who supplied a spare.
Spent an hour going from one corner of the ground to another til we were eventually allowed in to our section. Total shambles.
The support were magnificent. Non stop encouragement with the occasional “ aw, ffs” thrown in.
Watching live gives a very different perspective from what I’m use to on tv.
For what it’s worth my three picks from the stand( no one was sitting) were GT, MJ and AM.
Shakhtar were running on fumes towards the end and several collapsed to the ground at the final whistle. Totally done.
The team took the fans salute without too much ceremony. They were obviously disappointed.
Definite belief it was two points lost.

Leaving the ground was a nightmare, exit was blocked with police in full riot gear and we were effectively kettled for 45 minutes. Long after home support had disappeared.
Credit to all who acted responsibly in a situation that could’ve got nasty.
As a result there was a scramble for transport back to the city centre. Ended up walking.

Our away support should take a lot of credit for their behaviour in spite of heavy handed policing.

Proud to be part of the Celtic community. We wear our best fans accolade well.


From Celtic Twitter.
Magua, another book for you.😁
🍀Members of the Jansen family and some of his former players gathered at Celtic Park for the launch of the biography of Wim Jansen.

Wim Jansen’s book ‘Mastermind’ is available for fans to buy now 📗https://t.co/3yTiINzEoe https://t.co/HHNfzD64zW

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