A Strange Month In A Strange Season


It has already proven to be a rather strange month,and after this weekend’s match,will continue to be so. Throughout July and August,we have become used to playing twice a week,a gruelling routine which usually takes us into the New Year break. Due to our winning the league last season and qualifying for the group stages automatically,that was not the case this season.

No,our relentless twice a week routine only began this season when September arrived. It arrived with a bang,of course,with a lovely wee bit of hunskelping,a 4-0 doing that could have been anything on the day. It continued too with a terrific first 45 against the European champions,the galacticos of Real-although the wheels fell off after they got over their initial fright. 

It continued with Wednesday’s curate’s egg performance against Shakhtar. And concludes on Sunday against St Mirren.

Wot,you may ask? Four games in a month? WTF is hectic or relentless or gruelling about that? Well,I told you it was a strange month! Two domestic games and two European ones,followed by one of those international break thingymabobs,plus of course a cancellation last weekend due to the death of The Queen-or the cowardice of the authorities,you can choose which you prefer.

Although we went into our first midweek match with a 100% record,we had at times seemed somewhat flat. Particularly in our first two home games against Aberdeen and Hearts. In fairness,at no time did we ever really look likely to be dropping points,but we lacked the zip we were displaying in our away trips. 

Of course,that didn’t carry over into the match two short weeks ago!

Anyway,some of the members here attributed that flatness to not quite being up to speed yet,as they were only our first and third competitive matches of the season,whereas we would normally have played nine matches by the time of the Hearts game. And I suppose it is difficult to argue with that. 

The question is,did that cancellation last week stall our momentum? And if so,what effect will the international break have on it,given that we return with a home match against Motherwell? Because we really don’t have much time to get back up to speed after this break. We have NINE matches in October,and while four of those are at home,only two of them are in the league. We have the double header against RB Leipzig-who will be looking to prove that they are nobody’s whipping boys-and the return match against Shakhtar at home. Plus a league cup quarter final at Fir Park.

Now if that doesn’t build some momentum,nothing bloody will-but only if we go on a winning streak!

To put that nine match run in October into perspective,we will only have played nine matches beforehand-stretching all the way back to July. And we only have four matches in November and THREE in December. Told you it’s a strange season,but we all knew that anyway. 

I said before the Hearts game that we faced a run of eight very important games prior to the upcoming break,and I stand by that. A win tomorrow and I will give our lads an A- for them. Had we got the four points in Europe that I feel we deserved,it would have been an A*,for that is how well I feel we have acquitted ourselves. 

And yet,at the risk of sounding like an entitled wee spoilt bastert,I want more! But only because we can see that there is so much more in the tank,that some players have not yet hit the heights of last season while others are only doing so intermittently. 

Once we get our juggernaut into gear,the new players fully bedded in and our familiar friends from last season firing on all cylinders,this entitled wee spoilt bastert may yet get his wish. 

Form is temporary,class is permanent. Time to step up,bhoys,and prove it.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Good evening from the gorgeous island of Mallorca. A very good result last night but which should have been a really great result!
So, that’s now 9 games played, 7 games won, 1 game lost. 30 goals scored and only 6 conceded.
Apologies for the brief report.
Thanks to the 67 folk who voted. The total votes cast for each player (with my own choices asterisked) are as follows –

Hart: 5
Juranovic: 4
Carter-Vickers: 27
Jenz*: 17
Taylor*: 47
McGregor: 19
Hatate*: 49
O’Riley: 5
Haskabanovic: 1
Kyogo: 0
Jota: 18

Maeda: 2
Giakoumakis: 1
Turnbull: 1
Mooy: 4
Abada: 0

So, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against Shakhtar Donetsk are –
Hatate – 5 pts
Taylor – 4 pts
Carter-Vickers – 3 pts
McGregor – 2 pts
Jota – 1 pt

And the overall standings after 9 games played are –
21 points – Jota
16 – Hatate
14 – Taylor
13 points – McGregor
10 points – Carter-Vickers
9 points – Abada and Jenz
8 points – Juranovic and O’Riley
5 points – Kyogo and Ralston
4 points – Giakoumakis, Mooy and Welsh
3 points – Maeda
2 points – Turnbull
1 point – Hart
0 points – Bernabei, Forrest, Haksabanovic, McCarthy, Siegrist and Starfelt

Next up, its back to League action and a trip to Paisley to face St Mirren. Kick off on Sunday is 12.00. I look forward to enjoying my holiday reading with a significant batch of emails following that game.
Hail Hail!



My top four chimed with the majority for once,though not quite my top three. Still struggle to believe that Jota won MOTM,although he was clearly our best attacker.


From previous- cheers.
I heard a few say Germany is a better experience.

St tams

Morning all.
As you say Bobby, we’re disappointed with final outcome of the last 2 games, which shows how far we have come in the last 15 months.

Looking forward to meeting up today. 👍

bada bing1

I thought Taylor was poor, and would have hooked Jota for Abada after an hour……what do i know…..


“ When the CL anthem came on I thought the stadium ( Celtic Park) was going to crash down. Then they did it again ( for the Huddle). I told David Alaba it already feels like we are two goals down. Insane”

Toni Kroos explaining why they scored three in the second half!



Good info. On what awaits us before Christmas … can’t disagree that this team probably need momentum to maintain their ‘level’

See you in one hour buddy … can we drink on trains anymore … 😉



Great update -thanks and hope Kyogo gets his shooting boots on at Buddies – he deserves a higher rating … having said that he hasn’t made my top 3 yet but a few 4ths or 5ths

Prefer GG anyhoo

trust in Ange


St T – get them in buddy

CFC – aye saw a few of them gasping for air … gulping it down. We nearly got thise 2 goals as well

Maybe next time




What train are you getting,

I’ll be in Glasgow 11.00 am 👍






We should be at Queen St around then.

Mail me on

bmcuwp@gmail.com and we can hook up.


Bobby 😇

Leggy – get in just before 11 buddy I’ll ping ye now



What Bobby said

Big Audio Dynamite

On this day in 1970, Celtic score 9 v Kokkola (Finnish champions) in the first round of the EC.


Big Audio Dynamite

On this day in 1981, Celtic v Juventus EC round 1


Call me Gerry

ATOB, from previous thread

Yeh, I’ve caught both CL games (evening kick off times are perfect when abroad). Earlier kick off times aren’t ideal for the holiday schedule lol so wasn’t too fussed at last weeks postponement. 👍

Twisty, from previous thread

No, I haven’t seen Ange’s response to EPL linked vacancy. I wouldn’t begrudge any ambitious player or manager who wants to end up there. It’s where the money and prestige is.
I only hope we get to keep Ange for as long as possible. 👍

Right, I’ve had my break in the shade. Back I go to the 35* poolside 😎

Forgive the plagiarism, but as someone else often says…is there no end to this folly 😄


Big Audio Dynamite

On this day in 1997, Celtic v Liverpool UEFA cup round 1


Big Audio Dynamite

On this day in 1999, Celtic v Hapoel Tel-Aviv UEFA cup round 1


bada bing1
bada bing1

A minutes applause on Sunday for St Mirren game….

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, our enemies will be raging

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, 11.14.
What do you think is actually goin’ on over at the nut house? Already getting rid of some of the management team?

Is Giocanny just a dead man walking?

Big Audio Dynamite

Original Rangers showing why they don’t get many invites.



BadaBingBadaBoom! @11.14…from the same thread but further doon, check this out 🤣🤣🤣🤣
EDIT…removed by me, apologies if any offence caused!

Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff, is that real police? If it is, every one of them should be sacked immediately! What is so funny about treating people like that?!


BAD…no, it was a couple of guys taking the piss! If it was the real polis I’d have been raging! To be fair I thought it was funny as feck!!

Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff, with all the respect, you wouldn’t find it funny if you had a drug addict in your family, mate

Please delete it.


BAD…I appreciate your point and hadn’t looked at it that way. I saw 2 steamin’ guys getting the mick ripped out of them and still see it that way but out of respect for your own feelings I’ll take it down. And with all respect to you I’ve lost 2 young cousins to drugs in the last couple of years so I am well aware of the issues of drug addiction. Apologies mate, it’s touched a nerve, no offence intended!

Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff, good man! had a sister die with that shit, mate. I doubt we will be the only ones on here affected by it, so maybe best to get rid of it.

Thank you 👍


A wee reminder that Superbru starts back tomorrow

bada bing1

BAD- It could be the old favourite of not paying wages
McCaff- no bother mate

Big Audio Dynamite

Cheers, Bada.

I’d say that’s probably a good shout.

Big Audio Dynamite

Huns are raging at St Mirren and St Johnston’s decision to choose applause over silence.
Apparently it’s disrespectful to applaud someone’s life, but ok to sing of being knee deep in other people’s blood.

Big Audio Dynamite

The Sevco fans have stopped singing about killing Catholics for a moment, so they can tell the world how disgusted they are at people applauding a life.

Where do you even begin with people like them?

Iniquitous IV

As a fairly recent poster on here, I have been mightily impressed with the vast majority of posters treating each other with respect, even when they fundamentally disagree. Takes a bit of getting used to. Long may it continue!


Iniquitous!V, you might be new but you’re well appeciated for all your updates on what’s going on in the various matches! Well done! 🙂

Prestonpans bhoys

Good afternoon from the Black Bull in Gartmore fine day for a cast beer🍺

Craig 76


SES, check your email pls.

Iniquitous, loving your contribution!

Happy day of Frig everyone and do try to have a wonderful weekend
Hail Hail


Belmont Brian

Cheers for a very enjoyable afternoon …

old friends, new friends … with Celtic as their constant 🍀

I better get back to work now 🙂

Billy Bhoy

I’m not usually on here at this time on a Friday night but BT Sport have cancelled the Sutton and McCoist show tonight-as a mark of respect 🙄
Absolutely gutted but I suppose i should have seen that coming.

Ally must be in the Q to see the Queen – with his wee Union Jack mug of tea in his hand.

In the unlikely event anyone on here is in the Q with him can you confirm if,as usual, he’s standing in an offside position?

Bomber Broon

King Billy’s Boy – I can confirm he’s beside me in the queue to see Her Majesty, like me he’s raging and demanding to get moved up a few hours! Dae these people no know who we ur…we urra Peepul!🧡🤍💙🤬🤬🤬


Bomber Broon
Hav ya found tha deeds yet 🤣🤣🤣

The queen is reborn just like the auld huns.

Come in bomb bomb McCaff.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
I found a box today in Dagenham. Must be haunted or something, I keep hearing a voice saying, “please leave the roundabout at the third exit.” Another true story.


Out of respect, Rangers have cancelled their goal of the month competition…

… true story

Hail Hail

Sol Kitts

The winning goal would have been the one scored by Barisic that was ruled out by VAR. 😂😂😎

Craig 76

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