And the Saints went marching in

So Glasgow Celtic suffered one of their three or four domestic defeats that shall occur this season.
These defeats were always on the cards, another invincible season was always highly unlikely. For starters they are rare as hens teeth hence can be counted on one hand, secondly our minimum of six high octane European clashes plus the travel involved usually means facing fresher opponents upon return to domestic duty, who usually have the added bonus of some squad shuffling rather than the full first choice eleven of the day.
This is exactly what happened yesterday.
St. Mirren was simply the wrong team at the wrong time. Now I fully understand why Ange dipped into the squad and made those six changes, but even if he hadn’t I sense we would have struggled, just as we did when just about full strength at the end of the game.
I sense that defeat was down to motivation levels, exertion, and their tactics.
After a string of big performances a drop off had to happen at some stage, and with the first eleven tired this was the likely time for that to happen.
Their tactics were spot on, not just for us, but in general, hence being third in the league after that victory and having notched three nice scalps in a row without conceding.
The reason is obvious, a back five that actually stay back and defend, defend, defend. And a simple but effective goal scoring system.
That rearguard is very hard to penetrate, and seem to have a decent keeper behind them. Six warriors in defense, never easy to score against.
The front two are a throwback but a very effective one,,two big strong blokes who love headers and plenty of crosses to leap at. And smaller defenders like Stephen Walsh who I thought was clearly pushed in the back for their second, that or there was an offside.
Even still they had the first and were worthy winners, we could have played another 90 and not scored to these eyes.
In my book this defeat comes at a good time. While most of the squad jets off for International fixtures, Ange and his staff have time to analyze our blip, and maybe hit the drawing board.
There’s certainly lessons to be learned, like every defeat.
I thought G-Mak would be the wiser choice for such a defensive setup.
Calmac looked ineffective on the right of the midfield, whilst Mooy took up a great position on the park plus showed a good range of passing as the deeper lying player in the first half.
Do we need another option at defense who offers more than Walsh?
Is six changes too much?
These are now Anges dilemma for the next couple weeks.
As the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I fully believe this group will come back stronger.
The hunger, the drive and desire, shall be reignited and we will become Champions again.
One defeat to St.Mirren ain’t stopping that from happening.

By Mahe

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POTY competition votes on yesterday

16 roads

Devastating result, devastating.

Typical post-European hangover though, hopefully.

Decent enough manager thon Stephen Robinson thing is – we know that.

Think, what if?

Said character worked out how to nullify us? 🤔


We are only a few months into the new season .

Abysmal performance.

Issues there – more than confidant Ange Postecoglou can & will make sure said catastrophe won’t happen again.

A shot across the bow.

We cannot afford to be complacent, not even for a second never mind a minute.

Ah well, suppose if we had to lose – St. Mirren wouldn’t be the worst of them.

Credit, where credit is due.

KTF. 🍀🏆


Morning all
Only a brace of winners to report from week 13 of the competition, but two very good winners they were. Headliner this week is undoubtedly ST TAMS who chose the Katie Scott winner Gweedore. Returned at 12/1 it rockets St Tams up the table into 3rd spot.
Danny Mac was the other successful tipster this week with his selection, the Hugo Palmer runner Rajinksy hitting the line over a length clear at a nice price of 9/2.
Congratulations to both St Tams and Danny.
Table updated.
Any errors? You know the script. Just flag them up. Ty.

League table:

BMCUW. £23.75

Cosy Corner Bhoy £20.50

St Tams. £16.50

16 Roads. £ 15.83

Danny Mac. £15.08

Big Packy. £11.40

Weet Weet Weet. £11.38

McCaff. £11.08

Mahe. £8.50

Call me Gerry. £ 5.00

Jimmy not Paul. £4.83

Jungle Gerry. £4.00

VP. £3.88

Twisty. -£0.50

Charlinic. -£0.62

DRM. -£0.88

Jobo. -£1.75

Chalmersbhoy. -£4.12

CCE. -£4.87

Jim. -£4.91

GFTB. -£5.50

Craig 76. -£8.00

Leggy. – £9.00

Lefty. -£9.12

Bada. -£9.62

All other runners on -£13
ATOB, Gordon, BRRB, , Hashadenough, Raymac, The Real McCoy.

16 roads

All commies are compulsive liars btw.


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Define ‘Commie’ …

16 roads


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Do you mean the International Brigades who voluntarily went to fight fascism in their hundreds of thousands in Franco’s Spain and who were denied a Remembrance March in Glasgow by the cops this week?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Or do you mean someone who believes in a financial system where all goods and means of production are owned by the citizenry in common and are available to all as needed, thereby destroying all concepts of monarchy and class in the process?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Okay …

Howzabout giving us an example of a Communist country which literally adheres to the fundamental principles of The Communist Manifesto?

China doesn’t count as it is the very definition of a totalitarian slave state designed as the blueprint for the rest of our future world society and is run solely by and for Corporatism aka Fascism.

big packy

MORNING ALL AND JIM and TLR ,aff oot wae the dugs and its bliddy raining🤩 catch u all later

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Come on, 16 Roads, you can’t just throw a goofball like that out and expect no response.

So could you kindly either define a ‘Commie’ or name one actual functioning ‘Communist’ state that hasn’t been instantly crushed by the Western security forces and/or Mossad?


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Morning, Packy.

Hope you’ve your waterproofs at the ready! 😊

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Come on, 16 Roads, you finally established for yourself yesterday that we’re not descended from monkeys so let’s refrain from acting like one and have an adult discussion about what Communism actually is and isn’t.

It won’t be nasty or upsetting, in fact, it’ll be quite enlightening as I’ve noticed a ridiculous amount of use of the term ‘Communist’ as an insult on many of the diverse sites I visit and still find it difficult to believe that people, incredibly, think the West is run by ‘Commies’ when it’s been a Corporate/Fascist set up since Day One.

For proof of this observe how TheUnion Bears and other right wing loyalist paramilitary groups get a police escort into town so they can destroy the entire city centre TWICE in a few months while a peaceful remembrance march by The International Brigades is outright refused by the coppers ‘in the interests of public safety’ (sic), while the media all agree and nod like dogs and roll in their glee that the ‘Leftists’ have taken a kicking once again.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

You know the TV is a joke, you know the Theory of Evolution is just that, a theory, though that should be self evident as they have not one scrap of evidence for any of it, not one bone from anywhere from any of these so called half man half monkey creatures, provided we discount Ibrox …

So you’re clearly an intelligent and insightful man and I enjoy your input and blethers.

But you’ll need to be a lot more specific with your semantics if you’re gonna just smear the name of the brave in the fierce number of good hearted right minded people who left their families to fight fascism with meaningless slurs you’ve become so used to hearing that you yourself are now parroting them in the fashion of the detestable right wing media.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

You don’t want to discuss it?

Hairy muff.

But let’s swap your ‘All commies are compulsive liars btw’ for ‘All stereotyping scatter gun comments indicate a somewhat feeble mind btw’, how would that make you feel?

Better ..?



Not so sure that fatigue is a valid reason for that performance. It was only our tenth game of the season.

Everything we did on Sunday lacked pace,imagination and the killer touch-whether that be a cross,through ball or shot on goal.

St Mirren set out to stop us from scoring,and once they had achieved that,they went about scoring a couple themselves. I wish the SFA had taken my advice and called off the weekend games just gone,and not the ones from the previous weekend. We caught an in-form St Mirren,while the huns avoided an in-form Aberdeen.


Leave the politics alone please,lads.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I’m not talking politics at all, Mick, though 16Roads DID make a very poor glib political statement.

What I’m talking about here is the use of language and definitions.

I told you the other week, I have no interest in politics whatsoever but I do love and respect language.

And so do you or you wouldn’t be running a blog 😊



Oh,indeed I do. But since you are talking about the use of language and definitions,let’s not get bogged down in semantics.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Im not bogged down at all.

I’m just asking 16Roads what he meant.



The First league defeat in a year – some record by Ange and the Bhoys. Easy to forget the high standards this team has set and the fantastic string of wins.

In the past.

We start to play like that again, there will be more than 3 or 4 defeats.

TBH Don’t feel we will get caught like that too many times, but it is possible.

Straight away It looked like we were playing on a five-a-side pitch – with 22 players all wearing the same kit. Got to the tele just after kick-of and Looked up at screen… it took a full minute to suss out who,was who – with my glasses on.

The same colour of shorts is a No!No! Straight away we have lost an advantage a that is a levellers right there! Better players with good vision rely on playing at the margins and a few stray passes were clearly down to the confusion caused. Saints players seemed to handle it ok but their game isn’t predicated on shifting the ball quickly for 80% of the game.

To be fair they shifted it quickly enough on the few occasions they scored. Was athat another two chance and two goals?

The prematch changes didn’t bother at the time -maybe a wee worry about a slow moving midfield- but hindsight etc.

Midfield taking forever to circulate the ball – those three players in particular will do that every time they are picked in the same team. That’s just how they play.

St Mirren have also been doing their homework – and had some confidence in their own system on the back of losing very few goals over the last 10 league games-


Were not good.- had we really looked for them.

The feeling that our team isn’t tough enough to handle a proper scrap remains – we must be capable of handling personal battles. Refs do what they do and we know that no-one will ever do a thing about that. It’s always been that way etc., everyone in the Scottish game accepts it ( maybe not Haksabanovic .. but he will learn the local customer soon enough)

So – we buy players that can handle themselves!

Leipzig are up and down ATM – but sense will run away from that midfield and defence… all day long if we don’t sort it out.

Someone showing a stat of +40 chances and only one goal in 3 games. Finishing ain’t clinical enough and to be fair our chances/scoring ratio in general isn’t good. We seem to be rely
Img on making a load of chances to win games – that stat if true ( it seems about right) is scary.

Dundee United looking like an outlier. Not in a good way.

We should have scored two against Madrid. We let SD off the hook -so many missed chances – we are shooting too high or straight at the keeper. Even GG -our best striker – isn’t being given minutes to hone his skills and slot away his chances- noticed he is now starting to take a ‘touch’ and that’s either been coached in or he suddenly thinks he has more time … when he came from Eredivise he was just smacking it on target low and hard.


Has there been a change in tactics or striker coaching over the Summer… players look uncomfortable in front of goal?

Calton Tongues mentioned the difference in matchball weights etc. Maybe it’s that?

Next up – The Mothers’ at CP First October on League duty then Leipzig … both difficult and they will have watched what we watched. Edit thanks JNP

Btw this should be obvious to everyone at Celtic -our defence is too wee for the job and this isn’t a new thing. Folk can reference the top teams not relying on giants anymore … but we play in a league where physical power is needed to see off Big .. not so daft.. Loons.

Good to learn the transfer windows are all planned out.. in advance… so they are…

We are still down in midfield and Defence .. we have one target man striker that the gaffer chooses to use sparingly … if yesterday wasn’t the time to play GG for 75 minutes… at least..

If not now ..when?

Gonna be a long two weeks innit?! 😅


TLR. 7.39
I think 16 Roads was replying to Mags, 16 Roads likes a bet and, possibly, has Mags down as a commie, that was my interpretation.
Mags. All gamblers are liars.
16 Roads. All commies are liars.
If it’s a list, that Mags and 16 Roads are starting, then my contribution is….
All politicians are liars.😁😁


What disappointed most yesterday, was as Bada, pointed out, we drew 0.0 there, last season, with a half hearted performance.
The players and manager didn’t learn. St Mirren sat in to stop us scoring and tried a nick a goal, they done the same yesterday and we played the same way, this time we conceded twice, also.
Scottish football is agricultural against us, particularly away from home, players have to be up for that, every game. If not yesterday is what can happen.
Hopefully, we move on and learn, this time.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Whatever it is, JNP, I agree wholeheartedly with your last line.

In fact, anyone who wants to be a politician should be automatically barred from the process.

Maybe 16 Roads will clarify if you’re correct or not now.



Just read back,and you are correct. Good spot.

Btw,in my experience,gamblers don’t lie-unless asked a very specific question! They will gladly regale you with tales of heroism and valour re their massive wins,but rarely mention any losses. And if you ask about that directly,don’t expect an honest answer too often.

Two of my friends in Swindon have a gambling problem,though in slightly different ways. One will chase his losses-and so add to them!-while the other one is simply beyond redemption. The former wins often enough that he can at least kid himself on,but the latter is the most useless gambler I have ever met. Shame for him,but he will simply not see sense.

His idea of “only bet what you can afford to lose” seems to be “I can afford to lose this as I get paid in a month’s time”

Honestly,I could strangle him at times…



The only thing worse than that performance was that bloody strip.

Bin it!


SES 9.31.
Good post, I agree with most of it.
One correction, next fixture is Motherwell, at home, in the league on 1st Oct.
League cup tie is 19th Oct.
Just to prove that I read all of your post. 😁.

That’s sad about the folks you know, with the gambling.
I almost always gamble on line, I have a monthly deposit limit, when it’s gone it’s gone, no more until the following month.
Yes, strip is awful. Hopefully the last we see if it.


JNP cheers buddy well spotted (edited ) thank you 🤓

Bobby – aye that strip on a pyre soon as

Sad about your buddies, it’s a dangerous path

St tams

Very good summary of yesterday.
I wasn’t that bothered with all those changes, but fell GG should have started. As Kyogo hasn’t been on it in the last few games. I liked Haksabanovics attitude when he came on, although maybe took it too far, when he pushed the ball boy.
I’m still not convinced our recruitment in the summerwas enough. Still short in midfield and at striker positions.
Let’s hope Ange and the players learned from yesterday, the way we did against Livingston a year ago.


We signed the type of midfielder we needed but haven’t played him yet.
We are hamstrung with a midfield that can be creative but is poor defensively and having an ever present who cannot tackle and adds little going forward.
Yesterday was predictable as we resorted to the slow cross field football that cost us points last season against StMirren and Livingston.
We never looked like scoring yesterday though Hatate and Haksabanovic gave us some forward motion.
The solution may be there but having an undroppable captain means we may never use it.


Never seen the match as I was at Hamilton, and I certainly won’t be watching the recording or the highlights.
From 20 mins in yesterday my phone was red hot with moans from 7 different sources about how bad we were playing, and by the half time whistle, practically every player in the side was getting slaughtered, but particularly two:

Mooy and Turnbull. By all accounts we didn’t have any successes in the entire 90 mins so whether or not those two were deserving of more criticism than the rest I don’t know. What I do know is it was a very bad three points to ship but then Ange and the players will know that too. I’ll put it down to a rare bad day at the office and hope the lessons have been learned.

My biggest concern isn’t the reduced lead at the top of the table. It’s the fact the squad may not be as strong as I considered it to be. I genuinely thought we’d witness an almost seamless transition when chopping and changing the starting 11 for domestic matches. By all accounts it was anything but. A dismal and fragmented performance.

Returning to a stronger 11 will no doubt see us return to winning ways but we’ve a long season ahead so injury and mib influence will undoubtedly see us hit some periods whereby the squad strength will be tested. Of course a couple of new faces still to be blooded and that will help.

To end on a positive, it appears the rotten mob were just that again. Rotten.


Thankfully we still have plenty of TV channels we can watch which are lot obsessed with Lizzie’s funeral. However even they have stopped showing adverts! Never thought I would ever miss the adverts! I just take the opportunity to nip on here, LOL 🙂


The one liner, at the end of this, brilliant.
Only fools.


Had this song I’m my head last few days, don’t know why 😉

Living In A Box – Living In A Box (Official Music Video) / Chrysalis Records



I reckon I could play a part in OFAH. I know every episode inside out. That also applies to;

Rising Damp
Fawlty Towers
Dinner Ladies
The Office
Dads army
Still Game
The Royle family

and probably a couple more.

My favourite of them all?

Rising Damp. Wouldn’t be allowed nowadays, and it wasn’t the funniest of the above list, however, Leonard Rossiter was a comic genius. His expression and timing unsurpassed. In my opinion.


My favourite line in OFAH

Grandad to Rodney

“ what’ve you got, a Wendy house?”




On Dads army – “don’t tell him Pike” is the line most known, but I still laugh at the following exchange yet:

Cpt. George Mainwaring : I could have sworn that they would never break through the Maginot line.
Sgt. Arthur Wilson : Quite right sir, they didn’t.
Cpt. George Mainwaring : I thought not, . I’m a pretty good judge of these matters you know Wilson.
Sgt. Arthur Wilson : They went round the side.
Cpt. George Mainwaring : I see… they what!
Sgt. Arthur Wilson : They went round the side.
Cpt. George Mainwaring : That’s a typical shabby Nazi trick, you see the sort of people we’re up against Wilson?
Sgt. Arthur Wilson : Most unreliable sir.



Agree on Everything but ‘The Office’ …its far too real … behind the couch cringeability. Probably the intention. get it… but don’t get it …

Royle Family .. again, probably too near to the truth

Rising Damp ..fabulous stuff – absolutely hilarious expressions

Then Fletcher describing Fulton Mackay’ regimented love life:

” stand by the bed .. two… three.. knickers down … two .. three..”. skoolboy stuff, but a laugh a minute.

Everything by Del Bhoy … and loved Marlene 😍 .. great character

I awa’ to find some Gold 😂


St Tams/Fan – aye pushing ball boys isn’t a good look, and maybe playing into their hands by not keeping it flowing .. not that it was .. much .

Agree we might have the answer for mid – but can our 6’9″ Dane play CB alongside Calton Tongues ? That would sort it right out. 🌞

But seriously tho’- our defence is far too ‘wee’ – they get out-manoeuvred too much for my liking.

Sure Ange will have learned more from a 2 goal reverse, than just scraping a win.


All great shows, I posted Awe Naw an episode of Rising Damp, recently.
Pink Carnations.
Last 7 mins or so, totally hilarious, Leonard Rossiter, impeccable comedy timing.
I love The Office, as it was 20 years old, the episodes were all on I.Player, oh man, one minute itscringe, the next I’m in stitches.


SeS /Jimmy NP

Oh I loved The Office. Definitely cringe moments but hilarious.
Same with Alan Partridge. Just had me in stitches. Pretty much all the classic sitcoms were BBC. Changed days.

Favourite rising damp episode? Hard to choose. Pink carnations definitely up there. The one where Rigsby had to fast for 48 hours too, just to win a fiver from Phillip.
Or the one where he gets into the ring to box Phil😁


Given the referee for yesterday’s game, this was always going to be a battle. GMak should have started. I believe that, barring injuries and suspensions, we should always field our strongest possible team from the very start. Rack up the goals…and then make changes.

As for that new jersey? WTF. As a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to all things Celtic, I believe that we should always wear the Hoops, whenever possible. Failing that, at least have an all green, or all gold, change strip. I hope supporters will boycott this jersey, when it becomes available in the shops. Can a strip be boycotted? Ach, youse know what I mean.


My favourite two English comedies, would be Porridge and Fawlty Towers. In America? It just has to be the Phil Silvers show a.k.a. Sgt. Bilko…and Cheers of course.


Those were some quality tunes last night.


Bilko 😁




Bilko & Top Cat 😎


I didn’t get where I am today without enjoying The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin


Unbelievably, American actor Steve Martin, thought that it would be a good idea to make a film called Sgt. Bilko. Unsurprisingly, it bombed at the box-office. Now don’t get me wrong. Steve Martin, when on form, is a brilliant actor, as evidenced by films such as The Jerk, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. He has however appeared in quite a few turkeys.


Hell’s bells, I’d forgotten about Top Cat. 😀


The thumbs-up thingy. Brilliant.


The Jerk was classic. Brilliant.


That’s the boxing Rising Damp.


My own top three UK sit-coms would be Only Fools And Horses,The Fall And Rise Of Reggie Perrin,Porridge.

Top overseas ones would be Cheers,Frasier,Sergeant Bilko/Phil Silvers Show.

Honourable mention for Bewitched,which was my earliest favourite.



Agree re starting with G-Mak. ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I said at the time that he was the one change which this fixture was crying out for.

The book you gave me on Friday is a superb read-my grateful thanks!-and the rest of my family are waiting in line for it. Just over halfway through it,so it will be getting passed along shortly,

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