Grieving For Our Loss


We lost something very dear to us all over the last few days,and were appropriately clad in the kind of attire we really do not wish to see again. Yes,our much-loved and cherished run of undefeated games in the league came to a full stop,just a day shy of its first birthday. 

Will we ever see its like again? Well,I hope we experience another such unbeaten run long before I see that hideous strip again. But how to recover from such a display,that is a very big question.

For me it is like falling off a bike. Gather your thoughts,ignore the pain,get back in the saddle-just as soon as you have figured out where you went wrong. And vow never to make that same mistake again!

Of course,the match on Sunday has been widely discussed,both here and elsewhere. So we probably have a good idea of where we went wrong. (Spoiler alert-from the choice of strip until the final whistle,and everything in between) It was a very poor decision to even accept that design from adidas-much less wear it against St Mirren-as no-one could tell the difference from our armchair views,not without much concentration.

And it was completely impossible in a crowded penalty area. 

That might go some way to explaining why the passing from the players was so laboured,slow,inaccurate. That split second of time required to make sure that the ball was going to a friendly face makes all the difference in the modern game,such is the pace at which it is played.

However,I’m not entirely sure that the above provides an excuse for our defenders and goalkeeper,whose main remit is to clear our bloody lines and keep the ball out of the net!

The international break might give us time to work with our defenders-except that almost all of them are injured or on international duty. Same with the majority of our midfield and forward line. Sure,we can probably polish up Jota and Turnbull’s decision making,for instance. We can remind Ralston that while a wee floaty cross into the box is not desirable,neither is one that is so frequently overhit.

Tell Joe Hart that he is allowed to charge off his line and out of the goal area to claim the ball as his own,or for Mooy to be given a crash course in moving the ball at speed. In a forward direction. 

But they were not the only failures on Sunday,and we will not have much time to work with the rest of them when they return. Such is life. They’ll just have to swallow the pain of the cuts and bruises,take a big breath and get back on that bike,the one that we were happily pedalling along on for 364 days. 

We have nine games coming up in October,and we cannot afford a repeat of that fiasco on Sunday. We are currently battling on three fronts. The Champions League-and we need to ensure that we have qualified from the group before we head to Madrid in November. The League Cup,where a win at Fir Park will see us through to a semi-final. And of course,the league,where a 100% return from the five games next month will answer the critics very nicely,thank you.

Sunday was a boot in the baws,for sure. But a few of us have experienced that for real in the past. Or worse! Take a deep breath and get yer retaliation in,that’s the best way to deal with it. And it is very much what I expect from Celtic next month.

And beyond.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Margaret McGill

professionals looking for their meal ticket out of the agronomy SPL without getting injured for next weeks European showcase? Whats not to understand? Its the difference between Angeball and Mingeball.


October, as you say, is a big month. We’ll all be a bit wiser as to the true potential of this side when it’s over.
Ange, if he didn’t already know, will certainly know now that whilst the multi ball tactic at home works, the multi player changes away from home, disnae!
It wasn’t so much “ we never stop” on Sunday, but more like “ we never started”. The players probably had enough credit in the bank with Ange that they’ve earned forgiveness for Sunday, but I’d think they’ve used the credit up now. He doesn’t strike me as a man who will suffer another abject performance such as the one at the weekend.


Thanks 😉

How’s tricks?

I was telling yer bro recently that an old school ‘chum’ of you both had been found dead. Frankie M. No surprise really. He’d become a shadow of the guy you’ll remember. From carrying menace in those days you’d know him, to being weak and vulnerable. Drug baron in Shotts high security prison, to asking for my old maw for money to heat his house.
Police caved the door in ( frightened my poor old mum who watched it unfold) and brought him out in a body bag. She was pretty upset about the whole thing despite who and what he was. (We should’ve done more – usual guilt thing for my mum. She thinks she can save the world and everyone in it!)

So there’s a new position available for a drug overlord. Looks like I’m finally finishing up work this year end latest ( 99.9% certain- just working out details now) so this could be a good part time opportunity for me😁. I’m looking for a business partner, as in, someone who can go and ‘take care of business’😁


Twists…any aspiring baron needs a Mike…😉

The Leopard’s Rimshot

‘How many roads must a man walk down
Before we can call him a man?’

Must be more than 16 surely, as all evidence suggests …

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM and TLR aff oot dugwalking and its not raining YET🤩

The Leopard’s Rimshot

So, Twisty, you’re looking tae fill a gap in the market without being the filler yirself ..?

I know people who have a name for that and others who’ll be happy to oblige …

When can ye start?

(Body bags not inclusive).

The main problem with the French is, they don’t have a word for ‘Entrepreneur’ …)

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Jays, Packy, is it really already a morning, a day and a night ago since we last spoke?!

Are you sure this isn’t some special secret series of Dr Who you’re playing on us with The Time Warp again ?

big packy

THE REAL MCOY from last night ,thanks for the info last night about the glenboig celtic supporters bus ,yes it left from the big shop cant believe its closed.

big packy

TLR no definitely morning here in darkest cheshire🤩🤩

big packy

catch u later

Cosy Corner Bhoy

TLR: I get the feeling 16 roads is not going to reply, as is his right, so, perhaps some new thoughts from you on how the Celtic might ‘get back on the bike’ before the next game would be illuminating. Personally, they’d have a hard job if I were in charge as their arses would be that sore with all the kicking I’d given them. Sometimes the stick is needed.KTF.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

McCaff, tell Twists, it’s always Mike, not Mic …

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I knew 16 Roads wasn’t going to reply yesterday, CCB, so my advice is stay away fae gangsters, things ye know nothing about and play yer best 11 against the team ye’re facing.

And ATOB was right, ye should have cudgelled yon Michael Kelly bollox wae the golf club when ye’d the chance 😁💪🇮🇪

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Mags, surely you’re not referring to the dreaded …


(Cue Nazi Communist exiting cupboard Stage Left ) …

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Ange fucked up his selection, CCB, he knows it himself.

What else can we add that he hasn’t said already?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Anyone ..?

While we await a reply from Herr Multiple Avenues ..?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I find it’s best when making roll ups not to have either peas or pasta on your plate, as they interrupt the process.

Much in the same way the absent minded blurt shit out without realising what they’re saying or whose memory they’re offending.

All they need do is remember that all is forgiven in debate, so long as you’re prepared to acknowledge, own and admit your mistakes, for running away and hiding like a wee lassie behind her Mammy’s skirts doesn’t do ye any favours at all at all, no matter how many books debunking Darwin ye read.



Aside from politics,another thing we tried very hard not to import from other sites is long-standing repetitive animosity between posters. 16 ROADS is a smashing guy,and another example of being able to appreciate someone without necessarily agreeing with them on everything.

Stick tae the fitba-or discussions about a good night out-and you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy his opinions!

The Leopard’s Rimshot

That’s all well and good, Mick, but he started it with his glib political statement and I’m only asking what he meant by it and if he could further clarify

I don’t think that’s too much to ask, is it?

A request for clarification?


St Mirren have shown the blueprint to nullify Angeball.
How will we react in next few games?
Are Kyogo’s runs less incisive since returning from injury?
Have we become over reliant on wide men?
Without Hatate and O’Riley we had zero forward passing and. penetration from central area.
Small pitch helped StMirren as did our snail like pace.
Jota was stifled by ref allowing full back to use his arms.Full back constantly threw his arm across Jota’s body when he went outside to slow him.Jota beat him easily on inside but that was just into a crowded area.The cheat Robertson allowed this and aided their game plan.

The Leopard’s Rimsh

Good valid points, Fan, I forgot the MIB influence so I could have mentioned that, since Ange doesn’t.

Call me Gerry


In my opinion, it looks like 16 roads has made a short, quip reply to another poster – which has got under your skin.

Yes, you are entitled to question his words, in a respectful manner. This you have done with your initial query. 👍

However, you have since repeated your query more than once. It’s becoming tiresome on the eyes. Our fine host has, at least twice, politely asked you to let it go. Yet you ignore this polite request and carry on?
It comes across, to me, as OCD…dog with a bone…harassment…intimidation.

Can you please leave it be, as requested by our host?

Your query towards 16 roads is still there, in print, should he choose to reply. No more needs to be added, surely?

All the best. 👍



Good Morning Grand Day To Be A Tim…

Jobo Baldie



Good evening from the gorgeous island of Mallorca. Yesterdays game was pretty disappointing from start to finish and one that we will hopefully quickly forget. But 1 solitary defeat in a year is not something that worries me much.

So, that’s now 10 games played, 7 games won, 1 game drawn and 2 games lost. 30 goals scored and 8 conceded.

As for the voting, there are a couple of notable features. Firstly, and very unusually, all 16 players impressed at least 1 person! Secondly, the MOTM was only nominated by about 47% of the electorate.

Thanks to the 47 folk who voted. Don’t get hung up by the arithmetic here – not everyone nominated 3 players and someone tried to give all 3 votes to the one guy! The total VALID votes cast for each player (with my own choices asterisked) are as follows –

Hart: 4
Ralston*: 7
Welsh: 3
Jenz: 19
Taylor*: 15
Mooy: 3
McGregor: 17
Turnbull: 1
Abada: 1
Kyogo: 5
Maeda: 1

Hatate*: 22
Jota: 18
Giakoumakis: 3
Haskabanovic: 14
O’Riley: 5

So, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against St Mirren are –

Hatate – 5 pts
Jens – 4 pts
Jota – 3 pts
McGregor – 2 pts
Taylor – 1 pt

And the overall standings after 10 games played are –

24 points – Jota
21 – Hatate
15 – McGregor and Taylor
13 points – Jens
10 points – Carter-Vickers
9 points – Abada
8 points – Juranovic and O’Riley
5 points – Kyogo and Ralston
4 points – Giakoumakis, Mooy and Welsh
3 points – Maeda
2 points – Turnbull
1 point – Hart
0 points – Bernabei, Forrest, Haksabanovic, McCarthy, Siegrist and Starfelt

Despite all of my pre-holiday forward planning I failed to plan for this, not realising that the game against St Mirren was our last September fixture as we now have an International Break. I will collate the September stats after my holiday and include these when I publish the results for our first game in October.

Hail Hail!


Finding it difficult to comment of JoBo’s POTY this week.

Perhaps after all this talk about the third kit, which incidently I rock with my black jeans, we could have a mention in dispatches for the chap who in 1903 designed the hoops.


120 years in the hoops next year deserves to be celebrated.

Hail Hail

Call me Gerry


Well done once again on your efforts 👏

Interesting results indeed. I can’t help but wonder if Turnbull & Maeda received their solitary votes from the same (sarcastic) poster? 🤷‍♂️ 🤣




Pinstickers guide for the JOBO POTY on Sunday-and not in a good way! I don’t think we had a single player out there who could be remotely happy with his performance.



IIRC,we “celebrated” 100 years in the hoops by…

Splitting the hoops between front and back!



Was that then!? What an a abomination that kit was, of course the quality of player inside and some of the games we played in it ensured that it has become quite iconic.

Strangely I watched Sunday’s game in one of my favourite away kits, the Naka green & black stripes.

Great lead today, the undefeated run up until the World Cup looked like a banker.

For me there has definitely been some tinkering to Angeball and it’s obviously not all been for the better.

It’s good that the faultlines are appearing now, they are some competitive teams in the SPL this season, performances like we saw at St Mirren will see points dropped in many away Stadia.

Hail Hail

Call me Gerry


Agreed re Sunday POTY 👍

Right, boarding plane now. Leaving Sunny Beach behind (literally) and soon back in not so sunny Glasgow 🥲

Best thing about my two weeks away?
The timing of it…💪😁

Back on lurking laters, folks




Great work again buddy. Potentially a thankless task, but good for you keeping the continuity and integrity going.

As someone who dislikes watching teams steamroller over other teams, it was good to see a bit of bite back and two men up top test our mettle.

The ref will get the blame for showing bias. However, Celtic and 50,000 fans repeatedly endorse it. Probably always have and probably always will. Moan like hell ..but it’s now just an accepted part of the game …

Celtic must sign players capable of handling the situation.

Have we got enough players like that?

The next game is gonna be very interesting. The whole month will see a ramp up of what we saw On Sunday … and more.😅




Sunny Day -.Going to get into garden seat and started on the Johnny Doyle book -I’ll pass it to Belmont Brian

cheers buddy


Happy Birthday Henrik Larsson. 51 today! 🙂

Jobo Baldie

9 games in Oxtober you say? I’m gonna need a bjgger spreadsheet!
Last date of my Mallorcan holiday and its completely scorchio!!


I think we have the players in the squad who can handle it.
All will be down to coaches choices.

big packy

we lost because ange tinkered with the team and underestimated st mirren no more no less, some tunes from my youth

Margaret McGill

Frankie what a waste of a life. He fought with his demons and his childhood was rough. It didnt help being a natural born psychopath. He was like the terminator. Any signs of ultraviolence Frankie was there. Ive never seen so many hard men and thugs run in terror at the mere sound of his name. Then one assault too many then life in jail for murder. I guess when by the time he got out of Shotts the drugs had taken their toll and life was miserable for him. He always liked me. RIP Frankie.

Prestonpans bhoys

I think if you only have 20% of possession, two shots on target and win 2:0, then the gods are smiling on you.

The formation didn’t help, would put Turnbull and Mooy together to kill a game off after winning. They are not creative enough from the start. After 20 minutes I said its one of those games you look at your ticket stub and wonder how much it cost. Needed changed immediately, we wasted 45 minutes.


3 good songs Packy, all from 1971, did you put them on for Henrik’s birthday? The year he was born!

big packy

JIM yes👍

big packy

JIM where have you been, knocked at your door yesterday no answer, your neebor big bully said you were down at the british legion club, why was something happening🤩🤩


I was down at Carfin Grotto!

big packy

what without me, how dare you

big packy

JIM remember as kids going round there, how peaceful it was


I went to pray for Celtic. Couldn’t wait for you, it was urgent!



I watched it in my Catholic United top,a replica of The Hoops. CCV’s first club. Pity he wisnae playing,mind!



You were a couple of days late!

big packy

JIM, lourdes is on my bucket list ,but remember the exiled tim formally of this parish, saying it was a bit tacky but we shall see


My thoughts on Sunday:

Some changes were enforced- AR for JJ, SW for CCV, and others were worth trying out, eg giving AM a start due to his recent good displays from the bench.
Many of us were happy to see the changes. I was in the “ use the squad” camp.

Limited as they were St M deserve credit for being difficult opponents, who knew they would get away with cynical play.
In Scotland You play to your strengths, cos you are allowed to.
Ange made two changes at half time. Jota and Reo coming on. The only surprise was GG didn’t appear at the same time.

As it turns out all to no avail. We couldn’t find any rhythm in a game where the referee also played a part. Excellent game management in disrupting play. However, It felt as though we could have played another 90 and not scored.

Sometimes you have to take yer dumps.

Not a complete disaster but a timely reminder that we are not unbeatable domestically.

That lesson should serve us well throughout October.

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