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We are all proud to be Celtic supporters,proud to turn up to support The Bhoys in whichever way we can-whether that be at the stadium,in the pub or even in our living rooms. Some of us even do so in the canteen at work when an evening match is on the cards. Or our phone!

Jock it was who made us the biggest club in the country,after years of being dominated by others. It didn’t last very long though,thanks to backstabbing pygmies in the boardroom who weren’t fit to even be in the same postcode as him.

Who has a statue outside the ground? Who has a stand named in his honour? I’ll give you a clue,it isn’t Desmond White! Yet,that domination by others was a fairly recent thing when Jock arrived. Celtic were the biggest club in the country by a margin between our foundation in 1888and WWI in 1914. It was only after that cataclysmic event that the world order began to change,and Scottish football was no different.

We surrendered our supremacy back then to Rangers,only challenging occasionally-mainly in the 30s and 50s-alongside intermittent efforts from the Edinburgh clubs,Dundee and even Kilmarnock. And then came Jock. With the belief that his club would be second to none,he set out to prove it.

Sacking him led to nearly two decades of being not even second best,until the arrival of a thrawn wee bugger with big dreams and a business plan. To make us top dogs,self reliant,and most importantly in the vanguard of change within the game.

He did everything he said he would,sailing off into the sunset with a tidy profit-which was entirely ungrudged by me,at least. Leaving behind a better side than we had seen in decades,and the biggest stadium in the country which was sold out every season.

Yip,we were where we always thought that we should be,and with the looming financial bust south side,we were in pole position to be the driving force to bring the game into the 20th Century,with eventual promise to drag it into the current one over time.

And then we come to two of the biggest sponsorship/tv deals that the national game has seen,that by Cinch last season,and the current offer by Sky to increase the money on the table to £150m over a five year deal.

Are we getting fair swap in exchange for selling our game? Well,probably not. Not when you compare it to down south. But that is hardly a fair comparison. Look at the global deals which their game achieves via TV and sponsorship as a guide,and compare it to ours. Sky actually gives us a higher percentage versus what they offer in England than is achieved by the Scottish game on a global comparison. It is like comparing apples and oranges,and just about as useful.

It also builds resentment,and offers room for mischief-making for those so inclined. Like Sevco,who simply refused to honour their part in the Cinch deal-while inadvertently offering them more publicity than the company could have dreamt of-and are now refusing to ratify the new Sky deal.

In the latter,they are joined by Livingston. And neither has given a reason for their stance. Nor,it seems,do they have to. Like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema in the US Democratic Party,their refusals count for more than the acceptance of the majority of their peers. They have achieved a far greater importance than their status would otherwise indicate.

So,as the biggest club in the country,it surely falls to us to speak out about this,to point out that the majority are being railroaded by an insignificant minority? Well,yes. Of course it does. So why has it taken until now for someone to do so?

And why was it an American-based owner of a provincial club?

My congratulations to Aberdeen’s Mr Cormack. Prairie Oysters,I think they are called in your neck of the woods. We only have shrinking violets over here.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Wakens up to the news that Livingston have seen sense. Good news,it means that the huns will be spitting feathers!

McCormack’s statement was a clear and concise showing of the SKY deal’s benefits have swung Livingston back to the fold. I believe that the AFC statement was probably a unified one from all the Clubs, apart from you know who, and AFC was chosen to release it.

This link to UEFA’s own website is a layman’s explanation of how it will work.–explainer-uefa-s-new-financial-sustainability-regulations/

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Surely there’s a charge now of bringing the game into disrepute, coming down the pipeline from the SFA. That’s a given, is it not? :)) por cierto



on SKY – with Livi back onside does this mean the 11-1 rule applies?

Apologies if this already covered above.


From yesterday – Belmont

A wee bit of PG works wonders …

BRRB – hehehe – plague of locusts in garlic butter … and assume that was a lake of vino or cooking sherry? 😆

Prestonpans bhoys


11:1 always applied, my understanding is that those goons simply didn’t submit a vote to circumvent that rule. The league altered the rules accordingly.



Thanks buddy – so donuts just ignore rules when it suits them..

See right through them.

St tams

As I said yesterday in one of my comments. Our CEO, is both invisible and silent.

A thing of beauty

From yesterday. You asked me what I thought could go wrong regarding your thoughts on us dominating the Scottish game for years to come. I think I’ve already covered the injury situation. We are currently playing Jenz and Welsh at CH and that won’t do for any games, as last week proved. GG performed miracles in the last 6 months of the season to cover for Kyogo but as it stands we don’t have any cover if they both succumb to injury or loss of form. Maeda will not do through the middle and Abada although having an eye for a goal is not a centre forward. In midfield we saw what happens when O’Riley and Hatate don’t play. Lose either of them and the midfield dynamism turns into stodge. Mooy is good at coming in and closing a game down when we’re winning but he’s not a starter and if Turnbull can’t raise his levels and start to move the ball quicker (try your left foot son) then he’ll not play much either. So that’s the players we have and whilst I think we have the makings of a good squad we are still susceptible to injuries.
Also factor in the World Cup. We’ll have a lot more players in Qatar than our rivals. This means they’ll have the benefit of a mini pre season to gel better with the formation their manager wants. Also it seems to be recognised that our B team is not up to much and the Huns are further ahead in this respect so they’ll have a chance of bringing some players through their system.
Then there is the Ange factor. We are working hard behind the scenes to build the football club but let’s face it when ange and Dom mackay came in they were starting from ground zero. Again the Huns have been working on this for a good few years and are ahead of us on this front at the moment. We are benefiting from a truly outstanding manager but if we believe that, others will too and he’ll go eventually. If we don’t replace him with similar quality then we’ll have opened the door to the rotten mob again.
I realise this is all very Cassandra but I just like to temper your hubris with the realism that I feel is Celtic. We have never pushed our advantages and I worry this will be no different. I hope I’m wrong and you are right, nothing would make me happier but history tells you and me never ever trust a Celtic board.


Good Morning Celts – Grand Day To Be A Tim


The SKY deal is a lazy deal, brought to us by the architect of the five way agreement.

You should never trust anything that chap does outwith electron microscopic level analysis, he’s a sharp operator.

Despite all his transatlantic success, Mr McCormack’s piloting of Aberdeen FC has been very poor.

Taking them from Scotland’s second team when Rangers died, to a team that rejoices if they get a top six position.

Having read Aberdeen FC’s statement I’m at a loss to see benefits of any argument he puts forward, all bluff and bluster me thinks.

Unfortunately, in your lead, you don’t present anything at all in your “analysis” of said statement that shines any light on why it’s such a great deal.

Am I missing summit!? Please, a few facts, details, analysis, that could help me out here!?

Hail Hail


Good luck to Scotland tonight, a team with the spirit of the Lion Rampant.

Interesting that WGS took a leaf out of Brendan Rodgers book and the NT improved considerably.

Now Steve Clarke seems to have taken a leaf out of Ange’s book and the NT has improved considerably.

Tough game this evening but having Scotland promoted while the other British teams falter is like the renormalisation of football.

Remember the seventies!? Now, all we need is a Kenny Dalglish for Celtic and Scotland and fitbaw will really be coming home;)

Hail Hail


A lot of people don’t think it’s such a brilliant deal with sky


Craig76 @ 10:14 am,

Exactly – why did it take a genius like Grant Russell to work that one out.

At least Swedish TV actually broadcasts the games so folk can watch them.

SKY buys Scottish football games for a pittance and shelves them!!!???

Hail Hail

Billy Bhoy

Mick – you’ve got mail

Billy Bhoy


I was just sitting here in the Portuguese sunshine without a care in the world – and then I read your post. Well, that was a sobering wake up call. Its hard to disagree with anything you’ve said there. Still a fair bit of work to be done by all concerned!


Packy enjoyed your links from last night, although I didn’t watch them fully – it would have taken over an hour! LOL 🙂 The one with the Corpus Christie procession I have seen before, you posted it a while back. Cheers.


Auldheid, LOL 🙂 Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

St tams

Can’t really disagree with any of that.
Especially the bit about the board

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Maeda not in Japan team, Kyogo starts Reo on bench,12.55 ko on Firestick

The Leopard’s Rimshot

BMCUWP: ‘ Like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema in the US Democratic Party,their refusals count for more than the acceptance of the majority of their peers.’

Mick, please keep the politics for elsewhere 😉

The Leopard’s Rimshot

The Sky deal is an absolute disgrace and whatever leverage Doncaster has over the clubs needs to be loosened asap.

I was told by a high ranking Mason back in the early 90s what Sky had planned for Scottish fitba, which was effectively to put a blanket oer its heid and smother it and from what I can see they’re doing a great job in achieving that goal.

Their disregard for the Scottish game is obnoxious, atrocious and worst of all blatant and I can’t believe I’m about to write this but I agree with the Huns on their rejection of this con, particularly considering the difference in how BT treated the Scottish game in comparison.

So the Huns took the right stance but for all the wrong reasons and anyone who trusts that slimy 5WA snake Doncaster needs their head examined.



Well said.

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Astro Supersport 5


The Leopard’s Rimshot @ 12:57 pm,

Yes, something very odd about this SKY deal.

The SPFL had a deal with BT and SKY showing thirty games each (60 in total) for over 20 million a season, I believe Rangers were not in the top division at that time.

We then went to SKY who gave us 25 million a season for forty eight games, this was hailed as a great deal as not only were we getting more money but SKY were getting less games.

The new SKY deal we get 30 million for sixty games which is actually less per game, they also have the rights to many more matches that they don’t plan to show.

Why is this a great deal!?

Scotland has 10% of the population of England, are they watching EPL matches, would they be watching SPL matches instead, if another broadcaster was covering the Scottish game?

Say five o’clock on a Saturday or three o’clock on a Sunday – not moving many of the fixtures around for twelve o’clock kick offs.

What value do SKY offer Scottish football?

As you say, when we had a direct comparison the BT coverage was much better.

Hail Hail

Prestonpans bhoys

Can’t disagree with your post. Basically we are watching non competitive tendering; not open to the market, a closed shop.

Was there any analysis of alternative methods, have they done a market comparison with similar sized leagues. Lets be honest Sky’s coverage of our football is a disgrace, they don’t even take up the full quota.

Only benefit I can see from this is that Der Hun has been put in a box.


Great post. Thank you.
Running the institution that is Celtic cannot be an easy job.
The board, the owner, the CEO, the team manager all must pull in the same direction, or one of those parties may be a powerful leader, or behind the scenes operator, and control the club.
When that leader is Willie Maley, or Jock Stein, Ange, Martin, we have success. When it’s Bob Kelly, Desmond White or Peter Lawwell, less so.
The most sustainable bet is for all the parties to team up and if one moves on, the trauma shouldn’t be so severe. We have struck lucky with Ange. He seems to be changing stuff behind the scenes too, so he must be getting board support.
AOTB raised valid concerns based on watching our board repeatedly fail to invest in the team. Good sides allowed to age together, poor(non existent?) succession planning. These are basic strategic mistakes made by a board unfit for purpose in 2022. And basically the same cabal of directors has been in place since the 1990s. There’s yer main issue right there.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

CB/PPB, cheers, lads, both correct in that it’s very odd indeed and not just that it’s managed to avoid the non competitive tendering laws.

The only thing that makes sense is that the Donkey’s their placeman, which would explain his longevity in his position despite all the criminality, and they’ve likely greased the palms of a few owners and board members.

There was no rush to get it done as the current deal still has years to run so the usual greasy planed backhanders is the only possible explanation in Sky’s quest to further diminish and crush the standing of the Scottish game.

All ‘Old Firmism’ aside, of course.

A thing of beauty

Ger 57,
You are correct. We can never trust a Celtic board. Bankier leaves at the end of the year. It’ll be interesting to see who Celtic replace him with and the process for this. Never forget we have went from a former Bank of England vice chairman followed by a former Home Secretary to a small time businessman who was already a personal friend of the CEO. Cronyism at its worst and there should be an open and transparent recruitment process that is explained to shareholders at the AGM and generally to the whole support for electing the new chairman. If after that Peter Lawwell is elected Chair then we know they’re lying again.
Generally In regards to me not worrying. Listen my glass generally has a few wee dribbles at the bottom. It guards against disappointment. You should all know that by now.
I don’t speak for bmcuwp so he would need to let us know why he thinks they sky deal is the best on offer. What I will say is that I agree with you re Neil Doncaster. Even I know it is widely recognised that a CEO of a top company should have no more than five years in the role or they get stale. Quite why Doncaster has been around since before 2012 in some capacity including at least 10 I reckon as the top man stinks to high heaven. If you, Chairbhoy and the rest of Twitter are correct and the deal is shit then that points to that very complacency.

Billy Bhoy

I agree with the sceptics on this TV deal. There’s no doubt whatsoever that we were better served when the fixtures were split between Sky and BT and we saw EVERY away game. Now, we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that an away game at Aberdeen or Hibs doesn’t clash with Sky “showcasing” Norwich v Ipswich. Its not like they haven’t got another six or seven channels to alternate with!🙄


Billy Bhoy. 2.32.
Its happening on Wed 9th Nov.
Celtic away to Motherwell.
Sevco at home to Hearts.
A full card of six SPFL fixtures, Sky have passed on it, not showing any SPFL games, live, that evening.

Billy Bhoy



In their defence,Doncaster are probably playing Hartlepool that evening’ 😡

I was a Customer Relations Manager in BT. I had a conversation with Iain Livingston and asked him why BT didn’t really take Sky on. He said that we could have blown them away but that wasn’t part of our strategy. We just wanted to grow brand awareness without overcommitting.
Still wish I had booted him in the baws!

Those are the fixtures that BT used to hoover up!


I left SKY years ago when they announced their latest deal for English football. Comparing the deal with Scotland, taking into account the population differences, for instance say Scotland had roughly 10% of the population of England, we were getting a fraction of that. On top of that I spoke to a couple of folk who worked in SKY at Livingston and they informed me that the take up rate of Sky in Scotland was higher than that of England, per head of population. I left them in disgust and told them so!

Billy Bhoy


I did this too, I phoned Sky and asked why should I, and every other Celtic fan,give you £100 per month which you then give 95% of that to Norwich,Southampton and others to come up here and pinch all our best players?

He had no answer to that! He did though offer me an 18 month deal at half price.

I said no but if they sacked Kris Boyd they could call me back.

I’ve now got a chipped fire stick at £50 per year for every tv channel.



The article doesn’t state that I think that the new deal is the best that could ever be,nor that I agree with it. The article is about how,as ever,the huns were throwing a hissy fit and undermining-without an adequate explanation-a sponsorship deal which was agreed by the almost all of the rest of the clubs.

Now that Livingston have fallen into line,expect them to scweam and scweam and scweam until they are sick.

Additionally,I reference the cinch deal,which they have refused to conform with due to a conflict of interest-their own interest,via their major shareholder. Did Celtic complain that there was a conflict of interest with their sponsorship deal with DAFABET and competitions being sponsored by BETFRED,William Hill or LADBROKES? Etc…

Billy Bhoy


I emailed you earlier today




Replied,with grateful thanks.


BMCUWPS @ 4:41 pm,

Hope all’s good…

There seems to be an assumption that because Celtic and the other Clubs backed the new SKY deal that it must be a good deal.

There seems to be much disinformation out there regarding this deal and when Scotland’s leaders of industry (football) act this way it is generally a bad thing.

Congratulating Dave Cormack on his statement has me confused, easily done of course, yet still, why?

It seems a bit ironic that he says he wants the SKY TV deal “behind us” so “We can then focus all our energies tackling the other critical issues and opportunities we face to improve our game and income…

If the TV deal was not a huge piece of work for the “innovation and strategy group” what is.

Replacing pie and bovril on the menu I s’pose.

Hail Hail

big packy

JIM glad you enjoyed the videos from last night feeling a bit nostalgic at the minute, my dad would have been 93 today had he lived unfortunately lung disease took him at age 53, i often wonder if he had not been a catholic from croy and the only job was down the pit, auchengeich cardowan and bedlay would he still be alive today, loved his guinness too much🤩, but i bet he would have got another few years, anyway he loved singing around the miners welfare clubs croy obviously bedlay and remember him getting a standing ovation at think it was tannochside miners welfare club might be wrong, he loved john mcormack getting very emotional now, so will leave with these

bada bing1

Whilst others correctly led with headlines that all three parties were complicit BBC Scotland went with…”Two Rangers replica kit retailers fined nearly £2M”.


27th September 2008, Celtic 3:2 Aberdeen.

Vennegoor of Hesselink(2) and McDonald. @JanVofH @ScottyMcD83

Mulgrew with both Aberdeen goals. @charlie_mulgrew


The SKY TV deal has now been agreed, some Scottish women’s football is included as part of the deal as well as this…

All cinch Premiership clubs being able to sell Pay Per View streams within the UK and Ireland of up to five league home games per season, with immediate effect, subject to certain conditions including no matches during blocked hours

A bit of a silver lining but you’d imagine most Clubs would op for a Saturday three o’clock kick off, so unless we are playing in the Europa on a Thursday I can’t see how this benefits.

It will be interesting to see if Clubs utilise it though, maybe a 12:30 o’clock kick off in some provincial towns when the “Glasgow Giants” come to town to bolster the old firm buck.

With immediate effect suggests it can start from this October as this “new deal” isn’t actually a new deal, it’s an extension to the old deal.

So that takes care of our TV business this decade then, so Ange’s plan to make us a competitor Club in the UCL will have to work out.

Hail Hail


Chairbhoy et al

Appreciate all these updates.

I’m in the disliking SKY group – their skewed service really gets on my nads!


From this 5 home games available to sell Ppv -as someone who prefers to pay a fair price for product I can see us getting 7 home league games on tv ( more than ever as usually only Sevco x2 ) plus this is increased revenue for club. With potentially unlimited income ( expectvwe should be sharing cash with our match opponents …unless Sevvies objected because they absolutely would …if they could )

Also all those clubs with 5* ppv home games 11 teams = 55 games per season and surely this covers all our Away ties ( on PPV) – unless some clubs just refuse to show our games for petty, stupid, sordid reasons.

Or just reading this all wrong?


Yes SeS,

All this wonderful stuff you can get on the SKY platform, not for those who don’t want the SKY platform, less and less pubs do it as well.

No value in it.

Of course on the PPV, it can’t be viewed on Saturday at three o’clock, an archaic rule that needs to be changed.

We’ll see though, I’ll gladly pop a tenner into Parkhead’s coffers for a stream.

Hail Hail


Chairbhoy. 5.43.
Sat tea time. See below.
Aberdeen and Dundee Utd
The Dons travel to Tannadice on Saturday 8th October and this match will now kick off at 6pm. The reverse fixture at Pittodrie on Saturday 12th November will also move to a 6pm kick off.

The later time of 6pm was at the request of both clubs as part of a wider plan to trial different approaches in pursuit of attracting greater attendances at matches.

I’m guessing if this works, attendance wise, that they will PPV games, at that time, later on, also.


Packy, 53. That is too young even for miners. But it did shorten their lived working down there. I remember hearing/reading years ago that the average life expectancy of miners was only a couple of years after retirement. There was a tradidtion around here that miners did not work underground on their last ever shift before retirement in case it was jinxed by an accident in the dangerous environment.

I personally hope that the Sky deal falls through. Sky have treated both Celtic FC and the Celtic support in general, with contempt over the last few years. From claiming that Morelos had called our support racist-he hadn’t-to ignoring Celtic away fixtures at every turn, Sky has shown that in Scotland at least, that they don’t give a damn for the game up here. Apart of course, when it comes to the Ibrox club. Sky are every bit as partial to all things Ibrox, as BBC Scotland are. Then of course, we have the idiot’s idiot, Kris Boyd, grinning like a big eejit when the Huns get a result. This unprofessional Hun-lover cannot help but show his hatred of all things Celtic at every turn. Every top flight club in Scotland has a wonderful opportunity here. Each club should own their own TV rights for themselves. Clubs could then show all their home games, on a PPV basis, on a Saturday, at 3p.m. The current arrangement banning this practice in Scotland and England, is voluntary, as far as EUFA is concerned. That arrangement, which is quite obviously Sky-led, can be binned if need be. Here’s the best part. At the end of the season, all TV monies could then be shared out equally, among all member clubs.

Hail Hail.



I’m voting for your plan … where do I sign up?

Edit: Chairbhoy mentioned a tenner £10 ppv – what would you think???

– I’d happily pay £10 – but expect 14.99 for most games… then £16.90 for some…

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