Sober October begins

Secretly I’m actually delighted at how this months fixtures have panned out.


If given a choice for a fixture straight after an extended break it’s always a home game against lowly opponents, which happens to be exactly what the Tic have been handed.


I certainly expect a sobering affair for the few true Motherwell fans who attend today, fair play to them for travelling to witness what should be a defeat, that’s devotion for you.


They aren’t a very good side, and whilst we shall have jaded Internationals returning into the fold, our strength in depth should help overcome the ‘Well.


Whether or not Ange considers it important to put down a marker with a statement victory before the two sides meet in a Cup tie is unknown, but a win never hurts against a side you’re soon to face again.


The rest of the month is a mixed bag, we play away from Paradise Four times in the league and in the cups, with Three Champions League clashes, and the Two Edinburgh teams must be faced, who shall of course be looking to take advantage of our hectic playing schedule and leg sapping continental exploits.
There can be only One, sorry, couldn’t resist.


Hibs for example shall be rubbing their hands at the timing of the tie, straight after a home CL tie against Leipzig where you just know the crowd and those selected will give everything to get those most precious three points they so dearly need to progress out of the group.
Tired players, the support just gave their all days ago and might not be as vocal or as encouraging, especially should the worst occur against the Germans, Hibs should be rubbing their hands.
They’ve a few good players, an ambitious young manager, and shall prove a test.
As shall the Jambo’s away, and surely we all know by now Martindale’s Livvy are a total pain in the ass team up on that plastic pitch.


October is one tough month, the hard games just don’t stop and the squad shall be called upon, have no doubt.
Busy months are the reason we assembled such a big squad of big talent,,,those who wish to dethrone us look to very busy months such as this for dropped points and openings.


October might as well be called crunch month.
It offers the opportunity to sober up, figuratively and physically, everyone involved in this title race.
I’m on record stating I believe we lift Ange’s second title this season, and while it’s true the league isn’t won in October a deadly pace can be set then.
And the Bhoys have been setting the pace for quite some time now, I get the feeling they very much like it.


No team in the title hunt can afford to drop many points or have momentum affected.
An ‘uneasy’ month for the Bhoys opens the door to the Blues, and likewise a poor month across the city and a good one for the famous Glasgow Celtic, having most of their crunch European ties out of the way, would be very bad news for those seeking a battle to the finish line type of campaign.
An equal points scenario of course suits the team in the lead.
To put it simply, if there’s going to be a title race we need to drop league points this month.
If not now, when, considering Anges teams tend to really click in the second half?


Taking points off this team is a lot easier said than done but as we just found out it’s not impossible. Most Champions lose three or four games over the course, it’s much preferable to lose at convenient times, such as when the title has been secured and you’re playing out the remaining fixtures, or even lose one game every quarter of the season, rather than a string of bad results.


That’s what we must avoid during October, a poor run of results, the European hangover theory being proven true.
EVERYONE must fully step up.
Starting today.
Win this game and start the month off correctly no ifs, ands, or buts.
Head to Germany as a winning team, and a league leading one at that.
Do a number on Motherwell and then hit ze Germans with Ange-ball.


When it comes to the team I’m currently a glass half full type of guy, and I’m looking forward to my belief in the squad being shaken or vindicated.
This month is the sobering up month,,
If the squad and manager are as good as I believe and emerge from October with credit then it will sober those who wish for our title.
The opposite shall sober myself and many who felt we were proceeding to the title.


Welcome to sober October. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

By Mahe

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday!
Thanks for the article Mahe. Of course the 3 top teams in the league all have 9 fixtures to face this month and it’s for that reason that I am confident that we will be further ahead in the league on 31 October than we are on this morning of the 1st. Indeed we may well be further ahead in 8 hours time!
Must run….


Mahe, Something like this will do- Chris Sutton in his newspaper column

“In the 13 games from this day in 2021, Celtic won eight and drew one of nine in the Premiership, booked a spot in the Premier Sports Cup Final and defeated Ferencvaros home and away in Europe. The only reverse came in Germany against Bayer Leverkusen and even that was a good performance in defeat. Another powerful run of that nature is now required.”

We have a stronger squad than this time last year so no excuses 😀

Big Audio Dynamite

I definitely share your confidence in this team, Mahe 👍
We will be stretched the next few weeks, but that’s why you have a big squad.
I believe we will show why we are champions, starting today with slaying Murderwell.
You can judge how Celtic are doing, just by the number of jobs our manager is linked to …, so predictable!
And wee Giocanny???? Ha!
The Scottish press are nervously chewing their pencils!
They know the score, cause they have seen this movie so many times.

Sober October?
I’m saving for champagne in May 🍸🍸

Up the Celts 🍀🍀

St tams

Morning all.
Looking forward to being back at paradise today, to see the bhoys.
I hate international breaks. I don’t have clue what the Nations league is all about and frankly don’t want to know.

One game at a time, I say HH


Morning Fholks – Grand Day To Be A Tim,

Celtic v The Mothers of Non-Invention!?

Only one winner.


See SKY is putting the SPL top of the league clash against England’s biggest derby – broadcast by BT.

What value for SKY!? Having a Scottish monopoly has it’s advantages, if you are so minded.

Enjoy the Angeball all…

“If there be a paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this …

Aff Oot

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

The weather outside is frightful.

But this is, well, delightful –


First couple of paragraphs have a hint of a right to win. We are missing some starters that are cognisant parts of Angeball. ‘Well will play as expected but we’ve seen the danger of an expected win . A win today as important as Wednesday.


Sorry, posted the same rubbish twice !


Can’t see past this starting eleven today…Hart, Taylor, Jenz, Welsh, Juranovic, McGregor, O’Riley, Hatate, Jota, Kyogo, Abada…



Brilliant article!

You wrong-footed us by starting off with the usual hubristic comments-then boom!

Down comes the hammer of potential pitfalls!!!

Oh yes,October is an important month-and likely to be our busiest of the season,with NINE matches lined up. And those of us with long memories of the 70s and 80s will have bad ones of many an October.

(There’s no way that Sober October was invented by a Celtic fan of my vintage. The only way to get through it was to get so blootert on a Saturday and Sunday that you couldn’t even see the following day’s sports pages)

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Can’t say seeing toxic chemicals in the sky is in any way delightful, BAD.

Jobo Baldie

A wee reminder that the POTY thing restarts today. Hopefully a flood of happy emails from around 4.50pm… SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM


So refreshing to see an article with all the comma’s in the right place 😜.


Mon The H💚💚PS

The Leopard’s Rimshot

If Sevco start playing Morelos and their new striker together will the media dub them Coca Colak ..?


Lazarus FC currently top of the league, see they had a nice helpful decision from the MIB with mini huns reduced to 10 thugs from 11

16 roads

McLean with the insurance red, just to make certain. 🤬


Wonder if the cnut Nielsen will moan about refs interpretation of rules after the game?



Siegrist, Haksabanovic, Ababa, Mooy, Turnbull, Bernabei, Abildgaard, Forrest, Ralston


ASWGL, thanks! You’re a pal 🙂


Great run and pass by McG to Jota who crosses for O Riley Keeper stops but Kyogo bundles home 1-0


Leipzig 2-0 up at HT – goals by Lerner and Nkunku.

Brighton 0-2 up at Anfield after 18 minutes.


Edouard finally scores a goal. Palace 1 Chelski 0.


Former Celts Johansen and Pukki on the mark for QPR and Norwich.

Sol Kitts

Jeez, my hesgoal stream has got more jerks than a teenager with a porn mag. 🤯


Ridiculous amount of time wasting by all our opponents.Ball is probababy out of play around at least 20 minutes per game


Gala Fairydean 1-0 up on Celtic B.


That yellow for Lamie – quite right!


McInnes 2-1 down at former club Aberdeen. Would love to see Killie and their bone hard cheap underlay relegated.


Twice Cheating Beaton has stopped play to give us foul when we had advantage.


Liverpool pull one back


Unlucky Juranovic! Hit the bar.

Margaret McGill


Sol Kitts

Bloody hell…..JJ own goal


1-1 pathetic og by Jj and Hart

Craig 76

What an utter fuck up


Bloody hell Juranovic finds a goal this time. For Motherwell!


We look a fragile team anytime our opponents get into our half.CCV missed


JJ trying to make ammends.


Leipzig 3 Bochum 0. Werner with another goal. Sober October right enough.

Need to move quicker and wider in the second half…too narrow at the moment. Welsh in possession is holding too long when Maeda is in good space. Poor goal to lose, JJ not reading Hart’s intention to get out and start the play early! A costly mistake that I hope we can atone in the second half!

Prestonpans bhoys

Must be the most stupid OG I’ve seen in years

big packy

FFS the lions would be beating this mob 5-0 at half time, scorers wallace 2 chalmers 2 lennox1 ,another true story


We are stunted.
Too many square balls and pedestrian play.
Kyogo not showing his normal movement.
Defense uncertain.
Hart and JJ both culpable at goal.
CCV leadership missed


Liverpool equalize 2-2

Sol Kitts

Reo 2-1

Prestonpans bhoys

Some goal



Prestonpans bhoys

This Van Veen guy needs a kick in the nuts tbh

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