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Well,it’s that time of the week again,and my normal levels of enthusiasm and optimism have returned! A lunchtime kick-off in Perth will hopefully set us up for a good week,with home games against RB Leipzig and Hibs on the horizon. 

We go into it,of course,without our captain and most consistent player,as CalMac is serving a suspension caused by taking one for the team last weekend. Which no doubt gave Beaton the perfect chance to set his sex life up for the weekend via the changing rooms. Hopefully Aaron Mooy will be fit again to take his place,as Abilgaard didn’t inspire me much when he replaced him on Wednesday. That is probably a bit unfair on the player as he has been starved of game time this season,and he did show some flashes of knowing what he was doing. I’d be loathe to write him off just yet. 

One player that we have definitely been missing recently though is CCV,and our displays in his absence show his importance to the team. I am hopeful that we will see him tomorrow,and I would also like to have his partner from last season,Carl Starfelt,back in the side along with him. Failing that-which is very likely-it would be nice to have an update on his progress. 

Surely he hasn’t fallen down the Kommper-Jullien Black Hole in our medical room,never to be seen again?

Without the return of CCV,the defence will pick itself. In the absence of CalMac,the only doubt in midfield is who replaces him,with Mooy a certainty if fit. Since it is worth remembering that CalMac went off injured on Wednesday,it might not be wise,with Tuesday in mind,to risk Mooy if he is less than 100%. We might get away with Abilgaard for 90 minutes against StJohnstone,but Tuesday night is likely to be too much too soon for him.

Up front is a conundrum though. The three first choices are just not firing at the moment. Maeda will still run all day,but I struggle to remember the last time he did anything with the ball. We have tried to play him through his bad spell,but maybe it is time to give him a rest,maybe bring him off the bench for the last twenty. Abada is champing at the bit for that place wide right anyway,and is my preferred option at the moment. 

Kyogo too could probably do with a breather. It’s not so much that he is off form,just that he is finding out the hard way how much of a difference those fractions make when you are trying to score. Because he has been close so often recently,and certainly is getting into the positions to score. Other times,the service to him has been poor,and if I’m honest,a lot of that is down to Jota not releasing the ball fast enough-or accurately enough! That surprises me,as last season we definitely saw the best of those two when they played alongside each other. 

Problem is,I don’t think that we should be replacing the entire front three in one hit,so I would keep Jota but tell him to get back to his old game,and let G-Mak loose on what will doubtless be a packed Saints defence. He is markedly short of game time this season too,and he is the type of player who thrives on it-as we know. That lack of game time reflects the simple fact that Ange regards him as the back-up striker behind Kyogo,and I have no problem with that. But we have seen how deadly G-Mak can be when he gets a head of steam up. And there’s a rather apt description of how fearsome a striker he is!

Now,it is good to have these options of course. But it is also worth remembering that we lost badly against St Mirren the last time we played away from home in the league,and that it was on the back of many changes. This threw up the question of whether we do indeed have a great squad-or simply a good starting eleven with decent substitute replacements. It might well be that the St Mirren match will affect AP’s team selection tomorrow,and that he sticks with the same team as Tuesday,injuries and suspension aside. 

Ah well,we will know soon enough…

And besides,I don’t care who plays,as long as we win!

Above article by BMCUWP

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The worrying factor, other than our patchy form, is the absence of any sign of leadership or willingness to impose oneself by more or less everyone in the team/ squad.
I’d play GG for that reason alone as he shows a bit of fight and may rouse his “ nicer” teammates into something resembling a bit of dig.
AR gives us a bit of that too.
It’s necessary because it’s the nature of Scottish football, whether we like it or not.

This team has lost something since the 4-0, more than two central defenders.

Prestonpans bhoys


The main problem is the refs allowing agricultural tactics, jings our captain had to wear a mask as a result!

So we need players who will throw their weight around , that’s why G-Mac gets my vote up front. As regards replacing Callum well I criticized Abilgaard before although it was pointed out his lack of game time. So he’s a big lad give him a shot, if that doesn’t work out then Mooy can replace him at Ange’s 60 minutes sub spot.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all. Guess who had an unexpected long lie!! POTY results out around 9.30…..

Jobo Baldie


Good morning, friends. Apologies again for the delay in releasing this game’s results.
Well, that was yet another rollercoaster of a game. We go behind from a corner – our corner! We go 2 behind but the goal is correctly ruled out for offside and so go into the break very much still in the game. We only go and equalise but soon after that we fall behind again. But, wait a minute, it is again correctly ruled for offside! The Gods are working with us for once. I leave the room for a call of nature and come back to find we really are 2-1 behind! Not the best moment for Joe Hart but, in my eyes, he did also have several good saves too. And he is of course playing to Ange’s instructions but, on this occasion, it looked to me as if he was caught in 2 minds on who to pass to. And then a very good 3rd goal kills the tie.
But it is indeed all about fine margins at this level and we all know that in all 3 games so far the outcome could have been so different if only we could take our chances.
So, we sit at the bottom of the group with 1 point and yet I still feel we are in with a decent chance of finishing 2nd and a really good chance of getting the 3rd place. Let’s assume (I know!!) that Madrid will win their next 2 games, 1 against Leipzig, 1 against Shakhtar. If that happens (AND IT SHOULD) and if we win our 2 home games against Leipzig and Shakhtar (WE COULD) then the league table, after 5 games would read –
Real Madrid 15
Celtic 7
Shakhtar 4
Leipzig 3
Celtic would already be qualified in 2nd place as (a) Leipzig couldn’t catch us and (b) we’d have won the head to head with Shakhtar.

We have now played 12 competitive fixtures this season and have won 8 with 1 draws and 3 defeats. 33 goals scored and 12 conceded.

As for the voting, my thanks as always to the 64 who emailed me their choices. The total votes cast for each player (with my own choices asterisked) are as follows –

Hart: 2
Juranovic: 18
Jenz: 10
Welsh*: 51
Taylor*: 36
McGregor: 1
Hatate: 15
O’Riley: 2
Maeda: 1
Kyogo*: 37
Jota: 18

Abildgaard: 1
Haskabanovic: 0
Forrest: 0
Giakoumakis: 0
McCarthy: 0

And so, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against RB Leipzig are –
Welsh – 5 pts
Kyogo – 4 pts
Taylor – 3 pts
Jota and Juranovic – 2 pts each

As for the overall standings, after 12 games played the table reads as follows –
26 points – Hatate and Jota
19 points – McGregor
18 points – Taylor
16 points – Jenz
12 points – Juranovic
10 points – Carter-Vickers and Kyogo
9 points – Abada and Welsh
8 points – O’Riley
5 points – Ralston
4 points – Giakoumakis and Mooy
3 points – Maeda
2 points – Turnbull
1 point – Hart
0 points – Abildgaard, Bernabei, Forrest, Haksabanovic, McCarthy, Siegrist and Starfelt

Something new to show in this latest report – here’s the Man Of The Match details for our first dozen games. You’ll see that only 2 games so far, our first trip to Ross County and the demolition of Dundee Utd, have produced winners who received almost universal support.
Aberdeen(H) 2-0 – Jota 61 (voters 82, so 74%)
Ross County(A) 3-1 – Jota 60 (voters 61, so 98.4%)
Kilmarnock(A) 5-0 – Jota 82 (voters 88, so 93%)
Hearts(H) 2-0 – Juranovic 32 (voters 73, so 44%)
Dundee Utd(A) 9-0 – Kyogo 84 (voters 86, so 97.7%)
Ross County(A) 4-1 – Ralston 41 (voters 58, so 71%)
Sevco(H) 4-0 – Abada 77 (voters 85, so 91%)
Real Madrid(H) 0-3 – McGregor 65 (voters 72, so 90%)
Shakhtar Donetsk(A) 1-1 – Hatate 49 (voters 67, so 73%)
St Mirren(A) 0-2 – Hatate 22 (voters 46, so 48%)
Motherwell(H) 2-1 – Hatate 55 (voters 62, so 89%)
RB Leipzig(A) 1-3 – Welsh 51 (voters 64, so 80%)

Next up it’s back to league business with a trip to Perth, a 12.30 kick off tomorrow lunchtime and a chance to reopen our 5 point league at the top. For a few hours at least.



Thanks for the detail. The patchy performance reflected in the spread of votes cast.

Two 1-0 victories in our home games and we have Euro football beyond New Year. Not impossible.
However, as has been pointed out elsewhere the very strong likelihood of us conceding means we need to score more than our current return of 2 goals from 40 shots ( 17 on target) in Europe. We need to be at least tripling that scoring ratio.

Great effort in compiling the data.



Morning al,

Thanks again Jobo for all the hard work you put into the POTY 👏👏👏

For the record I got the top three right 👍

Enjoy your Friday everyone and HH 🍀🍀🍀


Jobo Baldie @ 9:13 am,

Looks like the aul’ Gilbert O’Sullivan crew know how to parteeee…

Interesting set of results, just had a thought; you could add together the votes of the winning three playe, then add together the votes of your nominees and see how far you are from the madding crowd.

I’m pretty much out of kilter but glad Stephen Welsh got it – it seems odd when you talk about defenders needing protection from the referees, but he excelled against far better and no less physical strikers in Germany, than he has done recently against the thugs in the SPL.

Thanks once again for the great effort expended – really adds a dimension to the games, especially in the aftermath of an unfortunate defeat, where you can analyse the players performance rather than wollow in grief…

Hail Hail


Morning all…St Johnstone with 3 wins and a draw from 9 should be the perfect team for us after a CL game. But, we thought the same against The Buddies! Forced changes make it harder to predict the team but now is a time for pragmatism to rebuild some low-ish confidence. Despite a poor performance form Abildgaard I would stick by him, Mooy just doesn’t have it for me – all I see is Tommy Gravesen when I watch him! We now need to get back in the SPL saddle and get our fire back. A few goals against St Johnstone would be just what the doctor ordered!!


As regards the plethora of injuries potential to derail our league endeavors?
Auldheid often uses the phrase we shall see.
I think Ange was becoming a little too blinkered and complacent in selection so will be interesting to see if he can re-find his touch?
We had started to resemble the beginning of last season with lots of cross field passing and little potency.
Time for others to step up and earn a place by being given time to show their capabilities.
Also time to introduce some youngsters into squad while space is available.
Onfield Leadership has been sadly lacking recently.
Time for someone to pick up that mantle.


Three injuries is hardly a plethora.
Particularly as CCV is due back.

It’s the unfortunate incidence of either one or both of our first choice ch’s having been out since the 4-0.

Calmac could be out for a while, an enforced absence which shall tell us a lot about this squad.

Some grit, fight and dig in the team would help.

Billy Bhoy


Many have questioned the sanity of Calmac playing as a 6 and being undroppable. Well, we’re now going to see what the alternative is!

Personally, I’m quite looking forward to it in a sense. For example, it may be the case that we’ll be tighter at the back if we have a sitting midfielder protecting the back four.

I watched the game in a pub on Wednesday as my wee box was gubbed. I hadn’t done that since the start of the pandemic and God you miss so much of the game. I’ve actually just sat and watched the highlights on YTube and was staggered at how poor the goals were. For the first, Calmac is dispossessed on the edge of THEIR box – our number SIX!!! Can you ever remember Neil Lennon being dispossessed their??🤔

He then had to sprint back all the way to our 18 yard box to try and retrieve the situation. Where the hell were his reammates? And that enforced action may have put him out for months.

So, what do we do now? Personally, I’d try Ralston in the role. He deserves far more games than he’s getting and I’ve a hunch that he would do well there.

The second goal needs no further comment from me. But, the third goal was also dreadful. As the crossfield ball is being struck Taylor is practically nearer the right back position than his own – and Jota is nowhere to be seen. I knew the ball was going to end up in the net at that precise moment! It was beyond amateurish.
VAR saved us from a mauling.

Jobo, great stuff again. I particularly look forward to your match report. Its good too to peruse your ever expanding stats!


Morning all & Packy.
Hope everyone is getting back to ‘normal’ after Wednesday. However I must pick up on Fan’s comment on passing. I agree there was a lot of sideways & backward passing but what worried me most was our passing forward and further upfield. It seemed to me that more than half the time it immediately or very quickly ended up with a Leipzig player. The accuracy was awful! Basic stuff.

St tams

Thanks Jobo.
Excellent stuff.
Always interesting to see the results.
Some of the votes amaze me. But it’s all about opinions, which is great.

St tams

We are far to weak physically in the midfield.
Not of one of the midfield 3 can make a tackle and when we lose the ball in the final 3rd ,we are far too open and easy to play through, as the first goal showed.

Jobo Baldie

Billy Bhoy,
Could we see Ralston at right back and Juranovic in midfield?

Billy Bhoy

St Tams / Jobo

Ange has several options to consider. I believe its the case that Welsh is actually a right back to trade. So, Ange has him, Tony and JJ to fit into the system. Each is a far better tackler than Calmac so we have the perfect opportunity here to try and inject some much needed physicality into the starting 11.

We’ll find out around noon tomorrow if he takes it!


There’s a huge difference between tackling at fullback and building play from the middle. Ralston can be guilty of ballwatching at RB, I’m not sure he could be centre mid! JJ is a good offensive fullback but again…centre mid? Let’s see what the guys we’ve bought for the position can do before we start to mess about completely with the squad. Can you imagine the backlash from fans if we start putting RBs in midfield when we’ve got midfielders in the squad and on the bench. A wee bit of realism required, as well as appreciation that we’re still top of the League and the CL was supposed to be a bonus this season!!
Let’s build on the good stuff before we perform major surgery!


Just read that Ol’ Joe has legalised the Ol’ MaryJane…there’s a few on here already taking advantage I think!! 🤣🤣🤣

Big Audio Dynamite

Yeah, like they weren’t always in charge of the distribution of Mary wan eye 😉

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim@11-34 some good points, if i was ange id drop kyogo and maeda and bring in lennox and wallace also think taylor is too wee,so id bring in jim craig, also with calmac missing id bring in john clark to steady the ship,,another true story👍😎


If only, Packy! LOL 🙂

big packy

JIM ,YES😎 off to watch 4 in a bed shortly, she is hooked😎catch u later


Afternoon Serfs of Truss/ morning lovers of the Great White North/ Happy Kangaroos in the land of Ange,

Looking forward to seeing Ange flex his managerial talents tomorrow in the absence of our Energiser Bunny. If fit, Mooy seems the obvious fill-in and it could work if he is told to make quick, simple passes to the creative players. On that I expect Tip your Hatty and Basil’s preferred contractor to be the other midfielders. Up front, Ange will continue to get it wrong and play Maeda and Kyogo instead of Abada/Hack’s sandwich and the future leader of Greece. When it doesn’t work, they will be asked to safe the ship.

Predictions? If Neil Lennon put his head in a fridge and his feet in an oven, on average he would be comfortable. On the likely result, if we score first we shall win. More detail? It will cause hair pulling, outrage, and moments of excitement. Gird up your loins! The adventure continues.



Big Vic about to become free agent, if fit and ready to play I wouldn’t complain if he signed short term 😀

Mike in Toronto

Jobo @ 11:45

I hand’t thought about that, but that’s actually not a bad shout. Juranovic isn’t big, but most of the Croats aren’t bad at dishing it out when necessary.

But I would like the Dane to get a run … again, just a feeling but I think he and Hatate would work well together. but, if not, your suggestion would be worth looking at.

They need to do something, particularly if the first choice CB’s are out for any length of time, as the midfield offers no protection for the CB’s. And Greg Taylor is too prone to going walk abouts (I think he is told to play more like a wingback, and sort of tucks in also as a mid…. but on the counterattacks, there is often a hole at the left back spot the size of Texas, and then the CB’s are caught in two. minds) So, the CB’s are having to worry about runs through the middle, as well as having to worry about wingers cutting in from their left side..


Considering we have 8 midfield options when fit we seem reluctant to give 5 much game time. ( AM, OA, JMcC, Guchi, DT.)
Gonna have to now.
5 squad fillers who some/most? on here don’t rate one way or another.
In effect we need a couple of better ones to upgrade what we have defensively and creatively – complemening the first choice 3.


CFC…Mooy and McCarthy seem too slow (age/ability?) to play at the pace Ange looks for. Turnbull’s stats are excellent for attack and support but not defence. Abilgaard needs minutes and Guchi has been more than unlucky! I agree, we need players who are able to do what’s asked of them – I don’t think we have them at the moment for the levels we need them.



Yip, 5 on the rota who could just as well be anonymous- to be fair DT does what is asked of him to the best he can.
In a perfect world replace with a creative mid- in the Tam Rogic mould but more mobile!
And a physical specimen like big Vic, mentioned above!
Wishful thinking of course.

Mike in Toronto

I loved VW when he was at Celtic, but have seen him in the MLS … think he has had some injury issues, as he looked like he had put on a bit of weight, and wasn’t as mobile as he was (although to be fair, most of us as not as mobile as we once were). Need someone like him, but not sure he Celtic need him.


🗓 #cinchPrem fixture amendments ⬇

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🗓 December 17, 2022
⌚ 12:30pm

🆚 Hibernian (A)
🗓 December 28, 2022
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🆚 Rangers (A)
🗓 January 2, 2023
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Call me Gerry

Excellent work as usual 👋
It was a tough ask, singling out 3 after watching the game. Your voting results showed 3 players with clearly more votes than the rest of the team.
That 2 of them were defenders, in a game where our keeper took the ball out of the net 5 times, tells you something.

Regarding who replaces Calmac at the number 6 role, we seem to have many football managers on here, and for that I am truly grateful 🙏
(grateful that they’re on here, and and have NO influence at Celtic fc – 🤣).

I would NOT want (nor expect to see in a month of Sunday’s) Ange experimenting by playing a full back in an unfamiliar role in our centre midfield. On a hunce that it might work? Really?
Jeezo, guys. It’s great that we all have opinions and ideas. But can we keep them real, please?

As has been posted by others, we have limited (real) options…

Ideguchi, Abildgaard, Mooy, and McCarthy are all familiar with the role.

Ideguchi is currently out injured. (Btw…does anyone know of a timeframe for his return?)

Abildgaard appears to have been signed as cover at number 6. So, he looks the most likely starter if Mooy is a doubt.

Mooy has the experience. But, is he fit after missing the trip to Germany? Even if fit, would he start ahead of Abildgaard?

McCarthy is obviously down the pecking order, as evidenced on Wednesday when he wasn’t the initial choice for replacing Calmac.

I don’t see Turnbull as an option. He’s cover at number 10, or 8; but not a number 6 imo.

I hope it’s Abildgaard that starts in centre midfield. Give the lad a chance to show what he can do in his natural position.

No square pegs in round holes for me.


bada bing1

5 month’s minimum for McGregor is the rumour

Celtic Champs Elect

Not played many tunes for a while but did you know that the Boss has just recorded this frank wilson song ( Northern Soul ) and released it enjoy

Call me Gerry


5 months! That would be terrible news 😳😢


Mike in Toronto

So, we have long known about cheating in football, cycling, swimming …. of late, even chess and fishing …. but the worst of them all? apparently, Irish dancing!

The Guardian is reporting that the Irish Dancing Commission has started an investigation into rampant cheating in dancing competitions:

“The allegations center around at least 12 teachers in multiple countries who “conspired to ensure certain dancers scored highly in international tournaments, known as feiseanna.” Dance teachers often hold a lot of power in these competitions and have the ability to influence how they operate.

The Irish Independent broke the story, saying that, in one case, a teacher and judge were exchanging sexual favors for better scores. Others referred to the Irish dance industry as akin to a “mafia,” with one teacher saying that she was afraid to ask a judge for a favor “because once you do, you’re indebted to them for life. It’s like The Godfather.”

Dermott Desmond is from Cork. Wonder if he had any daughters involved in dancing … if so, I’d bet a weeks wages that corrupt f’er is up to his moustache in the scandal!


Celtic Champs Elect

I think it was McCaff who played Metal Guru last week from one of my favourite bands great choice dude.

Could be cruciate ligament if it’s 5 months…hope not.

Mike in Toronto


I’m reading a book at the minute called:

Barca:The Rise And Fall Of The Club That Built Modern Football by Dutch author Simon Kuper. Here’s an excerpt from the book that may be of interest to you:

‘You need money to be a Barca directiu/director. A seat on the board is unpaid, and you generally have to take years off work(often in the family company) and put up a personal guarantee worth millions of Euros, against the club’s potential losses. If the club looses 💶 100m during a board’s tenure, then each of the 15 directors is on the hook for nearly 💶 7m’

Well, there we have it. I cannot see such business practices catching on at Celtic Park. 😀

Hail Hail.

Mike in Toronto


I haven’t read that, but is sounds interesting. Thanks for the nod.


No worries Mike.

Hail Hail.

Mike in Toronto

Friday afternoon here, and am not feeling like working. And since I am listening to some good music, I thought I would share some of it…

big packy

JIM are you lurking,,remember the vojvodina game at parkhead, we were just about to go down the terracing at the rangers end when we got a corner, my uncle packy said wait, next thing charlie gallagher puts in the corner and big billy bullets into the net, we didnt walk down the terracing that night we danced,.another true story👍


Sounds like a good night was had by all Packy! LOL 🙂

big packy

weve got jimmy jimmy johnstone on the wing on the wing, lou lou skip to the lou skip to the lou macari,,.harry, harry harry, harry harry harry harry hood, cheers jim from one good tim to another👍

A thing of beauty

I am resigned to Calmac being out till at least March. Ange looked gutted the other night and I think he knew too but as Rebus points out, the manager needs to earn his corn and pick the best man for the job. I agree with call me gerry and would go with Abilgaard. Why did we sign him if not as cover for Calmac at number 6? He did not set the heather on fire from the bit I saw on Wednesday but it was some situation to come into. Previous to that I think he got 5 minutes last weekend. Whoever Ange picks needs to be given time to get up to speed. I don’t think we can consider Guchi, unlucky as he has been. He’s not in the euro squad so too much chopping and changing. Mooy can close a game out but as a starter he let himself down at st Mirren plus again he’s had a recent injury. McCarthy has not been considered by Ange since he signed. There’s a reason for that and nothing we’ve seen in cameos would suggest different. As for playing JJ in there. Not for me. He’s a right back that at this time is struggling for form. Putting him in there would be ludicrous and lead to Ralston playing right back. Now Ralston is a trier and he has exceeded my expectations but JJ struggled for pace on Wednesday so what will big Tony be like? And that’s not even to think about him up against Mudryk in the next CL game.
Someone has a chance to stake their claim in the Celtic midfield and they need to show the cajones to grab it. It’s not a chance they expected so better make the most of it. Carpe Diem and all that!!

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