13th October… if you know your history

130 years ago ….we are back in 1892 and on this day (Thursday) Celts the Scottish Cup, Glasgow Cup and Glasgow Charities Cup Holders, are preparing for a visit to Boghead to play the league Champions, Dumbarton.

The League Championship is still in it’s infancy. Dumbarton sharing the title with old Rangers in the inaugural season and then following up with a ‘Two in a Row’ by winning the title outright in the second season. They had put up a stout defence as rampant Celts swept up every other trophy and pushed hard in the league in 1891/92 season. Alas, to no avail and the Celts had to settle for second place.

Now at the start of the third Season of the League Championship, the two best teams in Scotland would battle it out on The Rock.

Undefeated Dumbarton were in poll position after 5 games and Celts had secured four wins against Renton, Hearts, Aberdeen and Clyde with a hard fought draw (2-2) against Old Rangers at Ibrox leaving them a single point behind the current leaders..

A good crowd travelled from Glasgow in fine weather, anticipating a good game and the chance to go top of the league for the first time … ever.

Both Dunbar brothers* are in the team and Mick managed to join regular scorers Madden and Campbell on the scoresheet in a very famous victory.!

1892-10-15: Dumbarton 0-3 Celtic, League

Celtic Team:- Cullen; Reynolds and Doyle; Maley, Kelly, and T. Dunbar; Davidson, Blessington, Madden, M. Dunbar, and Campbell.

Scorers:- Blessington, Dunbar M, Campbell

Attendance:- 3,000 – The Essential History

The Scotsman – Monday, 17th October 1892, page 9

Celtic v Dumbarton – At Dumbarton, in beautiful weather and in the presence of a fair crowd of spectators, many of whom came from Glasgow. The visitors started play with a slight breeze in their favour, and were the first to make headway. Dumbarton replied with a break away, but Kelly drove forward. Madden picked up a mis-kick by Millar, and steadying himself shot straight in. McLeod kicked well out, but the relief was of short duration, as the Celts were immediately in front of the Dumbarton goal. Blessington headed so closely over the bar, that many thought a goal had been scored. The home men made a determined effort to beat back their opponents, and the result of a fine run was a goal by Taylor; but a previous infringement made the point go to nothing. Dumbarton were keeping the wiry Celts in hand, and Taylor almost had the ball through again. From the goal kick, M. Dunbar and Campbell scampered off, and the latter passing finely across, Blessington rushed the ball through. A claim against Campbell for offside was disallowed. For a time the Celtic took the upper hand, but Hartley cleverly worked the ball down the field. Along with Taylor he beat Doyle, but the latter’s shot went right across the goal mouth and passed at the other side. Cullen was then severely tested, shots by L. Bell, McNaught, Miller, and Hartley giving him considerable trouble. Keeping up a severe pressure, Dumbarton were at length awarded a goal, splendidly taken by Taylor, but to the surprise of many the referee adjudged the player off-side. Up till half-time the Celts were very closely confined, but they managed to keep their goal intact. Campbell was early prominent in the second half, two shots of his being very near the mark. Bell broke away, but was penalized for charging. From the free kick the Glasgow men worked their way down, and in a slight scrimmage Davidson put the ball through. Some excitement was caused by a scrimmage under the Celtic goal-bar, half-a-dozen men being on the ground. All Dumbarton got was a fruitless corner. Again the visitors got down to McLeod, and Campbell shot an easy goal. Bell missed an open goal, but Campbell was steadier at the other end, and severely tested McLeod. Kelly, near the close of the game, was reprimanded by the referee for kicking Bell, and some feeling was after shown. Play slackened down towards the finish, and nothing further occurring, the Celtic were winners by 3 goals to 0.


Can we stay the course?

*The very earliest Celtic teams had two sets of brothers ( no, not that kind…) , all living on the Southside of Glasgow. Alongside the more famous Willie and Tom Maley we also had Mick and Tom Dunbar of Cathcart/Busby.

Mick had played in the inaugural 5-2 thrashing of Old Rangers in May 1888. By the time Celts led the league for the very first time he had faded out the team, and hadn’t featured at all in 1891/92. He missed out on winning our first ever Scottish Cup. It must have been satisfying for him to play a significant part by scoring a goal that helped take us Top of the League for the very first time and onto our first ever League Championship. Albeit with only two appearances. He went on to become a director of Celtic until his death in 1921, and is very much part of the fabric of the early Celtic.

Mick Dunbar b. Cathcart 1863 – d. 1921

You can read more about him here;

His younger brother Tom Dunbar was born in Busby, East Renfrewshire and had the dubious distinction of playing for Celts then signing for Old Rangers (one season). Then returning to Celts in 1892 to play regularly in the first ever League Championship winning team. He went on to win three League titles for Celts and seemingly saved some of his best performances for games against Old Rangers.

Tom Dunbar b. Busby 1868- d.1908 (age 39)

You can read more about him here:

In other news…

206P/Barnard–Boattini was the first comet to be discovered by photographic means means.The American astronomer Edward Emerson Barnard did so on the night of October 13, 1892.

General stuff:

54 Nero succeeds Claudius as Roman Emperor

1307 French King Philip IV has Grand Master Jacques de Molay and Knights Templar arrested and charged of idolatry and corruption – thereafter, Friday 13th has been considered ‘unlucky’

1492 English admiral Sir Edward Poynings’ fleet occupies Lock – maybe a Sentinel can inform if he was the same guy responsible for Poynings’ Act/Law 1495 in Ireland?

1536 Pilgrimage of Grace begins in Northern England, protest against King Henry VIII’s break with the Pope

1724 Jonathan Swift publishes last of Drapier’s letters

1917 70,000 people gather to see ‘Miracle of the Sun’, solar visions reportedly by the Virgin Mary in Fátima, Portugal after prophecies by local children

1943 Italy declares war on former Axis partner Germany

1975 Rock vocalist Neil Young undergoes throat surgery. One year later he’s earning a ‘bob or two’ busking at Glasgow Central Station. The locals aren’t slow at offering advice. Love to find out more about Glasgow’s ‘real’ Old Laughing Lady…( help?)

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuffabove is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

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Call me Gerry

Like jimthetim53, I did not miss Sevco when they were missing from the Premier league. Yes, the league wins were less competitive. And yes, we were poor to watch at the time as the board spent only as much cash as they needed to, in order to win those leagues – foregoing the opportunity to progress in Europe unfortunately. But still, I enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have to play that mob. It deprived the media of oxygen in their quest to hype them up as rivals. I didn’t miss the media’s determined efforts to include us in any conversation with thems. I certainly didn’t miss the bigotry (nor the oxygen given by the media to hype that up too).

Yet, it gave me a very contented smile, and occasional fist pump to myself, as I watched Liverpool pump Sevco in the second half last night. I must admit, as I left work at half time, I was concerned that thems would get a positive result which could give them a psychological boost in the domestic campaign. I hadn’t seen much of the first half, only catching the goals on replay as I worked. But I was home in time to see Firmino give Liverpool the lead, then Nunez put a 2 goal cushion to the score line. I must admit I heaved a sigh of relief at that point. The remaining minutes were a joy to watch as each goal was met with more empty blue seats 💪🤣

Btw did the hun players really walk around post match and applaud those empty blue seats? 🤣🙈🤣

Oh the joy! GIRFUT!



SeS cracking leader today. I saw my first professional match at Boghead and went there a lot as a very young kid. I also played there for Dumbartonshire West schools. To us it was well named as the pitch sapped the legs out of you. Just like a bog.

Gerry – couldn’t agree more. The world felt like a much better place without the Huns.


Morning all,


Top article again 👏👏👏

Non football related, but that footage of Neil Young In Glasgow is absolutely fantastic.
Never seen it before but thought it was brilliant.

Many thanks for sharing with it 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

It’s a 7 from Leg 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜



Hopefully you will get the occasional opportunity to delve a few times into the season in question if we have further Tuesday matches after New Year. A story which deserves the telling,I suspect.

I’ve only been to Boghead once,I think I was 10yo at the time. Reason I remember it was that I’ve never been at a game in such desolate surroundings except at junior fitba! Mind you,we won.

I was at Hampden a couple of weeks later in a constant downpour and lost to Dundee,and I think I almost enjoyed that more! And since everyone knows I do not enjoy being beat,you can guess how bloody miserable it was at Boghead that day.

Oh,and another addition to my growing list of things I didn’t know I didn’t know is the Dunbar brothers. Thanks again!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
My 10pm post last night seemed to get lost in the Glee from Govan. And quite rightly too! So hope that a wee copy and paste is ok.


Good evening, friends.
How about for this one game I just cut straight to the headlines and the voting? All I will say is that I think anyone suggesting it was Men against Boys last night was being a tad lazy in their reaction. However, maybe that headline would better suit tonight’s game from Glasgow?
We have now played 14 competitive fixtures this season and have won 9 with 1 draws and 4 defeats. 35 goals scored and 14 conceded.
As for the voting, my thanks as always to the 73 who emailed me their choices. The total votes cast for each player (with my own choices asterisked) are as follows –

Hart*: 27
Juranovic: 4
Carter-Vickers*: 65
Jenz*: 41
Taylor: 24
O’Riley: 38
Hatate: 2
Haksabanovic: 13
Abada: 0
Kyogo: 0
Maeda: 0

Forrest: 4
Turnbull: 0
Giakoumakis: 0
Mooy: 0
Bernabei: 0

And so, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against RB Leipzig are –
Carter-Vickers – 5 pts
Jenz – 4 pts
O’Riley – 3 pts
Hart – 2 pts
Taylor – 1 pt

After 14 games the overall standings are as follows –
31 points – Hatate
26 points – Jota
20 points – Jenz and Taylor
19 points – McGregor
16 points – Carter-Vickers
12 points – Juranovic
11 points –O’Riley
9 points – Abada, Kyogo and Welsh
6 points – Giakoumakis
5 points – Ralston
4 points – Bernabei, Haksabanovic and Mooy
3 points – Hart and Maeda
2 points – Turnbull
0 points – Abildgaard, Forrest, McCarthy, Siegrist and Starfelt

Back to league business this weekend with a 3pm Saturday home game against Hibs.
Hail Hail!


You know the argument that Ange ball leaves us vulnerable in CL? Well I think the logical arse has been ripped out of that one.


Call Me Gerry

It’s not just the result.

The injury to Goldson, if it puts him out until post WC is imo like us losing CCV and should affect their performance levels.

The CL is apples, the SPFL as we know is oranges. They cannot be compared although performing in one competition can effect performing in the other.



They appear to have little if any cover at the back. Davies plays there regularly.I’m sure he is a midfielder,but could be wrong-he certainly doesn’t look like a natural CB. They don’t seem to have an oven-ready replacement.

Now,Goldson’s injury looks like a hamstring. These can be a couple of weeks. Other times,a lot longer. Starfelt has been out for four months with the same injury,and no mention of him even returning to training.

The clarion call to Robertson,Beaton,Walsh etc will be getting ramped up.


Don’t agree.
Ange ‘s system and midfield choices do leave us vulnerable in Europe.
I voiced concern on midfield set up in Europe as did a few others before season started.
Our goals against in Europe this season and last are a testament to such.
Rangers are probably a mid table Scottish team elevated by cheating refs and a corrupt SFA.
That a team like Liverpool finally exposed them is no surprise.
A level playing field tends to shock Rangers.

You have to feel sorry for GVB. He was moving Old Firm FC’s CL defeats in the right trajectory; 4:0; 3:0; 2:0 . Then when we expect a 1:0, he throws them a whooping 7:1, what a man♡

Big Audio Dynamite

The stickies seem to think wee Giocanny has lost the dressing room.
That would be a tragedy 😊


Call me Gerry/Belmont Brian from last night thanks.

Frodsham- thanks buddy and some cracking stuff from you lately 🍻

Leggy – is fantastic glimpse back into mid-seventies Glesga – saw a fantastic Neil Young tribute band ‘Harvest’ in The Sugar Club, Leeson Street last weekend, swear to god .. just close eyes and yer there. A Queen tribute band in Swords last Friday … same story. The quality of some of these bands in Ireland is outstanding.

Bobby & Frodsham – thanks -I’ll try to find the games in question.

Apologies if missed anyone – never got a minute these days chasing ma tail.




Hope he finds it soon .. doing a cracking job so he is 🔥



Your right about these tribute acts. Some of them are fantastic.

Unfortunately, I saw a shite one last night.

Called Sevco, but they were terrible. In fact lost 7-1. 😜😜


Trying to get 1-7 on PP last night and 5th goes in .. cheering … then the sixth goes in finally managed the 4/1 on offer

There must be a few stories on those odds. Must be a regular interest punt for some folk

As Magua said “Napoli next” odds gonna plummet, will we see the 8-0 or 10-0 ?


Leggy – hahahaha – absolutely brilliant 🤩

Spotted A few of them closing their eyes …


SeS, enjoyed today’s look back as usual!

Steven Gerrard appears to be losing favour with Aston Villa. Could be heading for the sack/resignation!
Maybe he will come charging back up here on his white horse to rescue the new club! LOL 🙂


October 13, 2022 11:39 am

Classic 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
That will take some beating

Another Boghead story.
I played in a juvenile match against Kilbowie Union towards the end of the season. Probably in May. Young guy in midfield for them ran the show. He scored 3, 2 of them headers from corners.

I went to Boghead to see Dumbarton play first game of the next season (1973) against Dundee Utd. Same young guy was running about up front wearing number 9 for Utd.
Turned out to be Andy Gray.
(Apologies for mentioning that horrible horrible git on here.)

Big Audio Dynamite

SeS 👍

That Neil Young vid is brilliant …had never seen it before.

Thanks HH



Don’t agree.
Ange ‘s system and midfield choices do leave us vulnerable in Europe.
I voiced concern on midfield set up in Europe as did a few others before season started.
Our goals against in Europe this season and last are a testament to such.
Rangers are probably a mid table Scottish team elevated by cheating refs and a corrupt SFA.
That a team like Liverpool finally exposed them is no surprise.
A level playing field tends to shock Rangers.

October 13, I’m 10:52 am
I’m not arguing that the system Ange plays does not leave us open. It does.

What I’m saying is that if the opposition are better technically, physically and mentally then systems are irrelevant in results terms.

Rangers reached an EL final last season that I put down more to the poor quality of opposition faced on match day not their reputation, but this season Rangers have nil point et un goal.

Nor am I saying that coaching is a waste of time, look at Taylor, but its success depends on the quality of the opposition and will not make up the results deficit if the opposition have naturally better players.

Liverpool demonstrated that last night and Leipzig to a lesser degree in goal terms. That was my point.


Call me Gerry/Belmont Brian from last night thanks.

Frodsham- thanks buddy and some cracking stuff from you lately 🍻

Leggy – is fantastic glimpse back into mid-seventies Glesga – saw a fantastic Neil Young tribute band ‘Harvest’ in The Sugar Club, Leeson Street last weekend, swear to god .. just close eyes and yer there. A Queen tribute band in Swords last Friday … same story. The quality of some of these bands in Ireland is outstanding.

Bobby & Frodsham – thanks -I’ll try to find the games in question.

Apologies if missed anyone – never got a minute these days chasing ma tail.

My sister loves Neil Young and lives not far from Boghead.
I appreciate the memory trigging powers of “If you know your history” and the effort putting them together, but this is the best I can do in this case.



I’ve seen it before and wondered about it somewhat.

1975,to film it would have been fairly obvious. No camera phones then,a minimum of a bulky camera and mic unit. So passers-by must have thought SOMETHING was going on. Even though NY kept his face down and covered by the brim of his deerstalker,it was clearly something deemed worthy of that camera and mic.

And many clearly did recognise that voice,as you can see from the numbers just watching and listening.

My theory is that most of the passers-by were aware of what was happening,but just walked past with a shrug of the shoulders and a “Neil Young? Kent his faither”

16 roads

Fascinating read thanks SeS.

Oblivious to the fact that Dumbarton ever won a league title, never mind two on the bounce!

Always check their results since Petec and DD informed me Dumbarton is a Celtic stronghold, nearly certain TCR from the old blog hailed from there as well.

Industrial action today, don’t see it as a day’s wage lost just a wee bit of unpaid leave which is most welcome.

Gonna get a carry-out the night and read the zombie blogs,a wee bit of Schadenfreude and all that there and all.

God bless the working poor, the working class, the unemployed & all those in struggle.

KTF. 😎🍀☀️

16 roads

Chris Andrews, Yesterday Man:



HH. 🍀

bada bing1

One of my favourites, Mikael Lustig……best of luck on his retirement.



Celtic AGM notice has a very interesting para that offers a solution to the problem faced with Fans Forum Agenda.

I’ve forwarded you the AGM e mail notice with para highlighted. Very encouraging.

Call me Gerry

Auldheid @ 10:00

Agreed. Losing Goldson would be a blow to them, and will hopefully lead to dropped pts in SPFL 🤞

Lunch break over…back to work I go. Laters



Waging Heavy Peace


Just took time to look at full Neil Young video.
Brilliant stuff SeS. Like others I wasn’t aware of it despite being really into the guy at the time. Gutted I missed out.
I bought his autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, a year or so ago. Started reading it then got sidetracked. Will have another go when I get back from Tenerife. Hope he mentions his wee jaunt in Glasgow.


BAD, Auldheid & 16 Roads – cheers and going to check out more on the area – Vale of Leven, Renton and Dumbarton one time power house of fitba

Frodshambhoy – need to get a read at Waging Heavy Peace thanks


Another Departure from The Rangers … no not him … Barry James Scott Director (ex) on 11th October

Aye, The day is still still Young

St tams

Good afternoon all.
Great read SeS , as always. Loved the Neil Young video.
Only ever been to Boghead once , league Cup tie.
I’m sure we won 3-0.

CMG and jimthetim53 , I’m with you. I would be delighted if we never had to play the huns again .


St Tams – cheers buddy – found out at weekend that General Franco banned Cortez the Killer in mid 70’s

Fan – clicked on the video and it was played to end -realised I’d seen it before – brilliant work. Thanks


Auldheid – thanks – interesting & will get back later

I don’t think any team could keep up the pace that Ange coaches………see Leeds.
We have to sort out our defensive play in Europe and may i say in Scotland we are being sussed out.

Talent should get us there in the end in the SPL.


I don’t completely buy into the ‘we’re burst after sixty minutes’. It comes with a caveat in that if we’ve not scored in that opening sixty we seem leggy and fatigued. The goals put extra wind in the sails…and the lungs…and the legs.



I would rather see Leggy after 60 minutes 😜😜😜



Well played sir, very well played indeed.


Superbru Round 10 update

A clear win in Round 10 for A thing of Beauty with 12 points. A much improved 2nd place showing by wee BGFC on 9.5, and in joint 3rd with 7.5 points are Celticrollercoaster and jmccormick. Our first and second placed punters both bravely predicted a United win over Aberdeen and they delivered a shock 4:0 win.

At the bottom both Weee McCaff and Gutenberg mustered one point each but the wooden spoon was awarded to Gutenberg.

The overall leaderboard is now Ayrshire and Donegal dominated:-

1st- Ayrshire Tim 66 pts
2nd- A Thing of Beauty 63.5
3rd- Tirconnel 58.5

At the bottom, Belmont Brian, on 25, is holding off a strong challenge from Craig 76 on 26.5.

Round 11 starts on Saturday with 4 kick offs at 3pm.

tx again everyone

Billy Bhoy

Well done again SES! Another great read.

Jobo, well worth a re-read now that the hysteria from last night has subsided. Well, that should probably be “almost subsided” as news filters through that Goldson might be out for up to six months! Oh dear – how sad!

And once again, you and I had the same three. Which at least proves that a couple of folk on here know what they’re talking about!

The game last night reminded me a bit of the Scotland v Brazil WC game in 1982. I was behind the goal that Narey toe-poked the ball into. Not everybody was happy. A big guy in front of me roared ” awe FFS what did you go and do that for? – you’ve woken them up! I was thinking that when Sevco scored.
At least we kept it to four!


Leggy – didn’t you used to get subbed at 55 minutes 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Jobo Baldie

Might just have a wee listen to Clyde in 10 minutes time. Well, they might just be a bit more ‘honest’ than last night on Radio Scotland. Take it away, Liam…. https://twitter.com/Zeshankenzo/status/1580472082290601986?s=20&t=y9UXbqTsm7mdhwazdUNRQA
I couldn’t let it go, so replied with my own observation – “BBC Scotland can’t have it both ways. Having bought into the continuity myth then the “same club” lost a Cup Final 7-1. How on earth can they skirt around that? Me, I’ll stick with the fact that The Tribute Act have now emulated their original, now defunct Club.”


Brilliant, as ever. I always enjoy your wee rambles down memory lane. 1892 is a particularly excellent year for all Celts.

Your mention of Dumbarton piqued my curiosity, as regards the outcome of that first Scottish League Championship. It seems that even back then, the game in Scotland was run for the benefit of the Huns. Both them and Dumbarton finished level on points. However, Dumbarton scored more goals than thems, and conceded less. Using today’s goal difference method of calculating the winners of the league title, Dumbarton had a goal difference of +40, while the Huns had a goal difference of +33. In the interests of ‘sporting integrity’, that very first title should belong solely to Dumbarton, instead of the championship being shared between Dumbarton and the Huns, as it was back then.

Speaking of goal difference, here’s a fun fact. Before the introduction of goal difference, to decide the winners of the title in the event of a tie, goal average was used for the same purpose. Goal average meant dividing the number of goal scored, by the number of goals conceded. Whichever team scored the highest goal average, were declared league champions. In 1965, Kilmarnock were playing Hearts at Tynecastle, to determine the destination of the title. If Kilmarnock won by a score of 2-0, they would be Champions on goal average. Happily, this was indeed the outcome. By the time 1986 rolled around, the present system of goal difference was in place, to determine the winners of the title. So it was, that on the last day of the season, Hearts-who had been top of the table from the previous October-travelled to Dens Park, knowing that a solitary point would be enough for them to win the title. If however, Hearts were to lose at Dens Park, then Celtic could win the league at Love Street… provided that they beat St Mirren by 3 clear goals. Happily for all Celts, Hearts lost to Dundee, by a scoreline of 2-0, both goals scored by instant Celtic legend, Albert Kidd. At Love Street the Celts strolled to a victory, claiming the championship on goal difference. Here’s the fun part. In 1965, if goal difference was used to determine the destination of the title, instead of goal average, then Hearts would be the winners of the championship, in 1965. If goal average was used to determine the outcome of the title in 1986, instead of goal difference, the Hearts would have won the title, instead of Celtic. 😀

Hail Hail.

bada bing1

Hearts looking at 7 as well


Magua I well remember goal average and the Killie – Hearts game. 😁😁😁

Jobo, brilliant stuff. Keep up the good work. As they say in court “truth will out”. Taking its time though but will come one of these days.
Be interesting to see what happens if the big English Rugby Union clubs go bust and restart.



Sorry, but was your nickname not Ralgex !!!!

Spray those dead legs !!!

And get me another orange? While your there 😜😜😜😜

Good times 👍


Scottish Clubs in the Europe Group stage at half time in Florence:

Games 12: Goals For : 5. Goals Against 36. Difference -29. Points 5.


Cheers. 😀

Hail Hail.