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Well,we have given it our best shot at the top table,but have ultimately come up short after four games of the six. In these,I think we can count ourselves unfortunate not to have been in a healthy lead at half time against Real,and doubly so that Luka Modric came out in the second half and gave us all a display of quite breathtaking football. Sometimes.our ground can intimidate the opposition-too often,it seems to inspire them.

In Warsaw,we came up against a young but very confident and driven Shakhtar. Their country is at war and they played as if all the pride and aspiration of their nation was carried in their shirts that night. Again though,we had the chances to win the game comfortably,but they were a side who were happy to go gung-ho and play the game with a carefree abandon. It was a terrific match,but while the draw may have been considered a fair result,there could have been few complaints had we taken the three points. In their next “home” match in Warsaw,they were unfortunate not to beat Real,so these players are no-one’s fools.

Leipzig went into R3 at home to us on the back of two previous defeats,to Shakhtar at home and then in Madrid. Their domestic form was also poor by their standards,and once again we took the game to the opposition. Missing CCV,we soon lost CalMac too to a bad injury when they hit us on the break. Hitting us on the break became a pattern over the two legs as they played around our press and put us under heavy pressure in much of the 180 minutes.

I felt we came up short in Germany but that the game could have gone either way in Glasgow-until it went theirs late on in the second half. Small margins,but that is our European campaign over for this season. Down among the big boys,but far from down and out. We can hold our heads high-and concentrate now on the domestic campaign.

Beginning with a home match against Hibs. They are currently lying third in the table,a clear improvement on last season already under new head coach,Lee Johnson. Johnson is a fairly decent coach of some repute in the sub-EPL layers of English football,and the addition of the talents and experience of David Marshall and the returning Martin Boyle,as well as some younger though already established players like Ryan Porteous,have given him the foundations to build on.

Their run of four successive victories came to a shuddering halt in midweek at Tannadice,so they will be smarting somewhat about that one,but really,while there are no guarantees in football,we should be looking at the three points here.

There are of course some caveats involved though. CalMac,as we know,is out till at least post-World Cup. There is still no sign of Starfelt even returning to training-although he is being capably deputised by Jenz-no updates on Jota and we lost Abada in midweek. Additionally,I still feel that our forward line in particular is misfiring,and we are still playing a number of players through a poor run of form.

Sometimes,this works. Sometimes it saps the player’s confidence even further. “My manager has faith in me,but I’m making things worse.” So,what to do,how to deal with these absences through injury? How to deal with certain players struggling for form?

We could just say-bugger it-and go out and do what we do best. But we haven’t been doing that for a good few weeks now. The team is set up to play a certain way,and when some of our front six aren’t cutting it,it soon becomes a difficult watch and a difficult ninety minutes for the rest of the side. Play breaks down,the fans and players get frustrated and our defence is under heavier pressure than they are sometimes capable of withstanding.

On the other hand,I agree with Ange-that these players haven’t become bad players overnight,eventually everything will click and we are back in the groove. I genuinely believe that is all it will take to get our mojo back-just finding it! Light the blue touchpaper and stand back!

Is tomorrow when it all comes flooding back,everything clicks back into place? Well,I can’t answer that. Only the players can answer that. And they won’t know either until all of a sudden they find themselves back to doing what comes naturally-and that it works!

Even though we have had a difficult month,we still have that clear advantage at the top of the table. When we get the football flowing again as we had previously,we can all relax-the players included. Tomorrow is as good a day as any to make a start on that.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends (WAKEY WAKEY) and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on this fine site.
Thanks for the article Bobby. Tomorrow we do need to play our strongest team. However with few of our usual superstars playing to their potential it is arguable what our strongest team is. Long term, we probably agree on most but for the here and now it’s not so straightforward. Ange often says that he picks the team that he thinks gives us the best chance of winning on any given day. So, unless there are clues from today’s press conference (hopefully no injuries!) then its anyones guess until 1.45pm tomorrow.


Morning all. Wise words Bobby.
I usually fear the worst. Surprisingly, having reflected on Tuesday’s match, I feel confident and am looking forward to tomorrow. We played well (at times) and created good chances. Surely a Scottish referee would’ve given us a penalty for the foul on GMak.😁😁

Converting chances is the real issue. Confidence is low and decision making has been poor in the final third.
One goal tomorrow should settle the nerves and open the floodgates. I hope GMak starts and scores early. I also think Haksabanovic has goals in him.

St tams

Morning all . Good summary of CL so far BMCUWP.
My team for tomorrow
JJ CCV Jenz Bernabei
Hatate Mooy O’Riley
Forrest GG Haksabanovic

Prestonpans bhoys

Good summary Bobby but not shared by our media. Since der hun has made an arse of themselves its all a Scottish demise, we are all pish accordingly to them😱.

Incidentally I had an unexpected all day session in Edinburgh yesterday and didn’t know the hertz score. So I trawled through the DR gave up as it was really a hun fanzine and had to look up the BBC!!


Even if we have lost confidence in Europe there’s no need to be like that in the Scottish Premiership! Despite everything I expect us to win comfortably tomorrow. 🙂


St tams
Bold picks for tomorrow
Would it see 9’Reilly reprise his cameo at 6 ?
He was ok v RB but I felt he often looked unavailable to receive coming out unless, of course, that was instructions. If Mooy is in front of him I think both of them could be pressured into mistakes through lack of mobility. The press would also take a hit with Jamsie and GG blowing after twenty minutes.
Forgive my negativity, goals win games so let’s just score.
Interesting BBC, Hearts ‘thrashed ‘… the holding company, “ beleaguered” and decent on Celts by Tim English !!

Jobo Baldie

Prestonpans Bhoys – great point. All in all I actually think we have done better in the Champions League than I anticipated back in August. I accept results have been poor. But at least we approached each game trying to win and showed that we were able to compete in stages. But the week was summed up for me last night by either BBC or STV who said something like ” a poor week in Europe where the 3 Scortish teams could only manage 2 goals between them” Another not so subtle anti-Celtic slant on proceedings given we were the only team that didn’t score. Why not highlight that we conceded a total of 14 goals against, the much bigger story.
Our 2-0 defeat against Leipzig wasn’t a disgrace or an embarrassment. The other 2 scorelines, arguably, were both.

Kyogo for his first hatrick of the season ramorra! ⚽⚽⚽



Does the one against Dundee United not count?

St tams

I’m not convinced that O’Riley has been a success in the 6 role, so I’d had Mooy in there.

I actually thought Mooy was a strange signing by Ange , as he hasn’t been a def mid throughout his career and doesn’t suit playing further forward at the pace he would be expected to play at.

bada bing1

The Wolfe Tones- Celtic Symphony, No 3 in UK Charts

Prestonpans bhoys

Daughter can’t make tomorrow so I said to the bus the tickets free to whoever. Chancers came back with, can we get your ticket too as bhoys have never experienced the standing section.

So am getting another spare ticket some where else in the ground😵that’s a bit different😂

bada bing1

What we need to do IMO, is win the game we are actually playing in, stop putting 3 subs on after an hour, when a game is still in the balance, we got away with it last week, prepare the team for the next game,after we have won the one we are in.


More specific subs relevant to how the game is proceeding would help.
Not showing any sign of remedying things that are not working is a worry.
Better and more positive movement required.

Prestonpans bhoys


Well said, if its not working, then like for like changes are not the answer

bada bing1
bada bing1

Kwarteng bagged,……Ange evens to replace him



Brilliant !!



Headline tomorrow,

Chancellor sacked

Kamakwasi finished !!!

Jobo Baldie

I’ve stolen this idea from someone on Twitter but rather than referring to them as Sevco, perhaps Sevenco would be more appropriate?


Headline tomorrow,
Kamakwasi finished !!!

Just catching up. What happened did he crash his plane on the way back from America


Jobo 😆😆😆

TBH I prefer Rangers 2012 following Gretna’s example.

16 roads


Headline tomorrow,

Chancellor sacked

Kamakwasi finished !!!

October 14, 2022 12:54 pm


Know nothing about said comedian,or his predicted replacement,a thing called Jeremy Hunt.

Bojo the clown is gone, replaced with another ganche named Liz Truss.

How about we all do a simple experiment?

Google all four of their names,add the words World Economic Forum after each individual’s name and see what the search brings up.

Old boss,same as the new boss, I predict..

Do similar with any western government leaders.

Puppet agents each and every one of them.

The naivety gets me – that people still have faith/trust in any politico or any political party.

Like how long does it take to research, two minutes maximum?

This insane illusion of choice as well – Tory, Labour,Democrat, Republican blah,blah,blah..

Prestonpans bhoys

Just back from walking the dog, put on the news and PML😂😂😂. The PM has to go too, its her policy, she didn’t even consult the cabinet!!

TBH I used to work in private office, been in the officials box at Parliament , handing out wee notes for ministers to see while addressing the house (no personal phones in those days) however the problem over the past 10 years, is the quality of those holding office, pish poor would be a compliment😱😵


Prestonpans bhoys
The PM has to go too,

Fascinating post. Sounds like interesting times. Hope you enjoyed and were well rewarded.

Can’t agree that PM has to go. She is useless and was not supported by the majority of MPs in the leadership vote. She is the best chance we have of getting rid of a Tory Government. Long may she continue. Well not long just to the next general election which should be called early.

Prestonpans bhoys


I rewarded myself by a complete 180° career turnaround and ended up working in IT for 25 years, a by far more stressful career😱

Anyways… my main reason for joining this blog was the non politics side of it. So I’ve broken my own rules, tut tut😵

bada bing1

Malcolm Tucker currently on a resusitator….


Absolutely shocking Presser by Truss ! 😱

‘Jeez. What complete & utter bollocks from the Prime Minister at todays press conference. She actually started by saying she was right, spoke for about seven minutes, took four question, no apology for creating economic chaos & then ran away as if the building were on fire’.

Margaret McGill

Are there any buses left to throw anyone under?

Prestonpans bhoys


Absolutely brilliant👏👏👏😂😂😂😂


Prestonpans bhoys
👍 my apologies also. I did wonder when I was typing my last post.

In other news – Celtic are about to extend their lead in the SPFL to 5 points tomorrow thanks to a hat trick from their mercurial Greek striker who has at last returned to form.



“I can only talk for my club but if anyone can tell me that from the four games we’ve played that we don’t deserve to be there, or that we’ve been outplayed or looked out of place, then I reckon they’re talking from an agenda or some sort of bias.”

bada bing1

Jota out tomorrow


I’m handcuffed to a psycho,

In other words, out with BRRB for a pint 😱😱😱

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺



Proper warm up and pace yourself, don’t want you burst on the sixty minute mark 😉


Creating a post while confused is never a good idea but it is honest. Further, trying to compete with the death spiral in Westminster is an impossible task.

Anyway, here goes!

It is about our European performances. I took a peak at some stats from the UEFA website regarding our CL group. If effort is measured by distance travelled by a team, we are top of the group. Here are the total distances run by each team after four games.

Celtic 479.76 km; Shak. D. 471.97 km; Leipzig 468.55 km; Madrid 441.42 km.

What does it mean? Firstly, we are certainly putting in the effort. The data backs up Ange’s assertion that we never stop. However, given we are bottom of the group, never stopping is not enough.

Let’s look at the average possession by each team.

Madrid 57.25%; Leipzig 56.85%; Celtic 43.5%; Shak. D. 42.5%

This ranking is more in keeping with the points earned in the group. So, it appears retaining the ball is more effective than effort. Doing this requires greater accuracy of passing and better movement off the ball. Are these attributes of the current Celtic team? I think not, especially at the start of CL games. So, maybe, just maybe, that is where the emphasis should be placed, instead of exhausting players with reliance on the high press? Your thoughts are welcome on that.

What additional stats reveal is the rather obvious, if you do not score goals, you do not win games. Celtic have scored 1 goal in four games. However, scoring goals is just an effect of a footballing strategy. It is also the consequence of individuals’ efforts. The latter have been woeful lately so it is difficult to determine if the strategy is the basic problem or if fortunes will rebound if/when the strikers fire.

I looked at a couple of other teams in the CL as points of comparison.

M. Haifa do not run around as much as Celtic…..434.38 km vs 479.76 km. They have scored 4 goals and have 1 win and 3 losses. This is better than Celtic and they can also be thought of as a novice team in the CL. Incidentally, Haifa’s possession is higher than that of Celtic …47% vs 43.5%.

Our old friends, Porto are up next. The club from the Portuguese city most like St John’s in Canada have been more successful than Celtic with 2 wins and 2 losses, scoring 6 goals. Their performance has been driven by significantly less running around at 437.68 kms and slightly higher possession of 45.25%.

Why am I dragging accuracy of 2 decimal places into this discussion? I have started so I shall finish that way.

Lastly, I could not resist bringing Sevco or, as has been suggested, Sevenco, into the discussion.
Not surprisingly, they contribute nothing useful to the analysis. They have 4 losses; have scored 1 goal on the basis of the lowest effort and lowest possession….437.41 km and 40%. It is hard to see what their strategy is on the Effort vs Possession spectrum. They are not competitive on either.

So, overall what am I saying? This is a fag packet analysis so let’s moderate expectations and calm markets, so to speak. If Celtic score more goals, the dilemma over the value of Angeball goes away. However, possession rather than effort seems to reap more points in the CL. It could be argued that the successful implementation of Angeball will result in higher possession, and then success. On the other hand, the stats show you do not need maximum physical effort on the park to have strong possession and success. Basically, I am still confused on whether Angeball is the way forward for Celtic.

Thoughts and fresh ideas to this blog, via Liz Truss, pre-former PM and future columnist of the Daily Mail.

The Puzzle from Poland


Rebus, agreed on the passing problem at Celtic. i have mentioned it a couple of times recently. We often accidentally pass to opposition, or to an empty space where an opppenent picks it up. The accuracy is a hit or a miss I’m afraid.

Big Audio Dynamite

Just found out that the Huns wore the hoops before us … In fact, before we even existed.

🎶 Tell all the Huns you know


jimthetim53 & Rebus,

I mentioned passing a few times on Tuesday. They were able to pass for minutes on end without any threat of us blocking, intercepting or tackling the man on the ball.
When we had the ball we struggled to find an easy pass and often lost the ball after the first or second attempted pass.
I think part of the problem was that we lost our nerve/composure. They are certainly better than our normal opposition in Scotland but that shouldn’t stop us putting a foot on the ball and finding some sort of pass.

Jobo Baldie

Ange’s full press conference –


Remember the film, They needed a “ Cleaner”.

Possibly, John Wick ????

Well we need a cleaner tonight.

In the weeds 😜😜

Hee Hee Hee 😜😜😜😜


Robbie Coltrane RIP 🙏

bada bing1

Robbie Coltrane in Prime Suspect

bada bing1
Sol Kitts

RIP Robbie Coltrane. First saw him as Danny in Tutti Frutti, loved the episode set in Ardrossan. 😢🙏⭐️

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