Crisis? What Crisis?


Was that St Mirren game really only five weeks ago? Seems like an age,an eternity during which we have had misgivings about the first eleven,the back-up crew,the ability of the manager to make the right substitutions or tactical changes at the right time.

Now,I did merely suggest misgivings. Not a loss of faith. The recent run of poor performances domestically-plus maybe one in Europe-could hardly be described as a crisis. A crisis is when events spiral out of control,beyond our ability to cope. That was never the case. The overall performances were falling short,that’s for sure. But we were only ever fractions away from our norm.

An overhit or underhit pass,a fraction of a millimetre on the boot causing the ball to hit the post instead of the net. A tackle that naw didnae quite get there.

We were never far away from normal service resumed-but we were too far off it for long enough!

Ange took the brave decision to rest a few regulars,and it meant freshening up the partnerships on both wings,as well as G-Mak up front. Now,this isn’t a review of a three-day old game,trust me. But look how it worked!

We had Ralston,the ever-improving Mooy and Forrest on the right. Bernabei,Hatate and Haksabanovic on the left. Matt kept it together in midfield,the CBs kept it tight at the back and spread the ball wide at every opportunity.

Hibs were stretched all the way along the M8,and on top of that,we used the late ball inside the full back for a square ball across goal,something we haven’t done for far too long. And we had the confidence to do it too,cross it and someone will be there. All so reminiscent of our first few weeks,eh?

Yeah,so it all worked on Saturday. But tomorrow is another day. And the coming Saturday is potentially a bigger hurdle. It’s easy to say that we never lost faith in that short few weeks-bloody long weeks with performances like that!-but I think that is true for the vast majority of us. Yes,it is legitimate to ask questions about the form of the occasional player at the appropriate time,to question the manager’s selections given what we all see. Celtic supporters aren’t much given to not  voicing their opinions-but usually in the form of constructive advice.

I can think of few times any of us had done so in terms that make it obvious that we could do the player or manager job better,though we were all absolutely correct then!

So,questions asked and questions answered. All we need now is to continue the improvement shown at the weekend,take it into tomorrow,Saturday and beyond. We are out of Europe,but every one of our opponents know they got lucky against a side who gave their all to no avail.

Let’s take that disappointment into every game till the end of the season,that grievance,and show what we have got.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Call me Gerry

Phew! Good man yersel, ASWGL 👏

Can read back now 😁



Disgraceful scenes, Panorama



Thanks as ever,mate. I was looking through settings to see if anything obvious jumped out at me,but ol’ intercourse fingers here decided not to be brave!

Call me Gerry

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What’s with the… +0- …voting addition?
If clicked on, it says you need to be logged in to vote. Don’t you need to be logged in to post? Or is there an additional “log in” process?




And thanks too for the terrific background tribute to the man of the moment.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Is that voting buttons I see at the bottom of each post? Not sure about the merits of that? Although if I just listed the 16 players in separate posts after each game itd save everyone emailing! Kidding of course.


Is James invisible Again ???

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Villa deny reports that Gerrard has been sacked.


Interesting lead BMCUWPS…

There has certainly been questions, there has certainly been answers but we still have unknowns and we still remain a ways off UCL standard.

“An overhit or underhit pass, a fraction of a millimetre on the boot causing the ball to hit the post instead of the net. A tackle that naw didnae quite get there…

We were so close? This is true, especially if you are wearing your emerald green coloured glasses and have great faith in the mantra goals change games.

Of course they do but final results!?

Now our recent performances had me scratching my head and wondering about player decision making during the games.

The Celtic Park game against RB Leipzig had some clarity for me…

Now a few have suggested this Celtic team is “over coached” and I’m not sure if my observation falls into this bracket.

Yet what I saw was things like this…

Certain players, for example Taylor, getting in good shooting positions and instead of taking the shot tried a difficult pass, wide ghuys making the early cross into the box, whether or not they could deliver accurately, whether or not there was someone in the box to take the ball even.

It occurred to me that certain players had been asked not to shoot and that the team had the instruction “get the ball into the box early” drilled into them.

For me you must allow the players to make those decisions, these are the ghuys executing the moves, of course there must be game tactics and clear instructions but if you can’t trust the players’ decsion making should they be playing at this level.

Different approach on Saturday one thing you pointed out…

we used the late ball inside the full back for a square ball across goal,something we haven’t done for far too long…

Could that variation have worked for us Tuesday last!?

Hail Hail

Call me Gerry

Bobby @…eh…7 mins ago 🤣

Thanks for the reply. Understood. 👍


Big Audio Dynamite

On this day – 1967

Celtic v Racing club – INTER-CONTINENTAL CUP


Bobby – great read today thanks

ASWGL – superb work again, as usual ( the +\- button still there on mine?)

ATOB Leggy

🎼 He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere, to score the 100th goal

And as for Derek Parlane you can stick him up yer…


St tams

Morning all.
Loving the background, well done ASWGL.

Hopefully Ange is looking in again.
My team for tomorrow
Ralston CCV Jenz Bernabei
Mooy Abligard Turnbull
Forrest GG Abada

St tams


Like the song 😁👍

Call me Gerry

An interesting leader, Bobby. Like Chairbhoy’s follow up post, in being very analytical and thought provoking (which is what a blog should be, imo).

“Football is a funny old game” as the old saying goes. And that’s very true. It’s “funny” in its unpredictability.

Games are won by out scoring our opponents. Obviously. This can be through individual genius play (eg Jota hitting a 25 yard screamer) or via great team play (eg Jenz to Haksabanovic to Bernabei to Giakomakis for our 2nd goal on Saturday).

Form (either good or bad) can be attributed to individuals and/or the team as a unit – or collection of units.
When we win, it is generally when our creative players are “on” form – either individually (as in the Jota example above) or as a team/unit (as in our 2nd goal on Saturday).

There are so many variables to finding good “form” though.

Team selection, formation, tactics, physical condition, mental well being, etc. When all our ducks are aligned, we look great. But it doesn’t take much to be “off” for us to look…well…not great, shall we say.

Form can fluctuate from game to game, or even within the 90 mins (compare our 1st & 2nd half v Real Madrid for an obvious example).

What’s my point?
Well, I suppose I’m trying to highlight the fact that there are so many variables to account for in football performances, and simple (unpredictable) good fortune is another that can also play a big part in results.

Eg, Jota got injured; Abada got taken off midweek with a knock. Forrest was subsequently given a start on Saturday.
Was this tactical genius on Ange’s part, to play Forrest from the start? Or was it through necessity as Jota was out, and Abada recovering from his knock and thus started on the bench?
Nobody knew that we would get a MOTM performance from Forrest. He didn’t have recent “form” to suggest it. Yet he scored a hat trick.
How many had that bet on with the bookies? Anyone at all? Unpredictable? Another variable?

There are some things that the manager/coaches can control – eg team selection (utilising available players), formation, tactics, substitutions etc
It’s their job to give the team the best possible chance of winning a game. So we rightly analyse and debate many of these variables. But sometimes good fortune plays a big part in results.

Ramble over.
Can you tell I had too much time on my hands this morning? lol

Aff oot now. Back laters.



Latest E Tim’s blog covers VAR and the VAR assistant.

I’ve added my thoughts in this response.

There is no reason whatsoever the VAR assistant needs to come from the limited (in every sense) Scottish Referee pool run by SFA.

He could be stationed in Oz as long as the connection is sound.

The Company mentioned could set themselves up as suppliers of professional referees instead of SFA as well as VAR monitors with SPFL as users of the service the judges of referee performance.

It will take time for a model on that basis to become reality but a start could be made by the VAR assistant coming from outside the SFA pool.

The suggestion on Sentinel Celts to improve referee standards is an attempt to get a Referee Service ball rolling.

Otherwise its same old same old.


From ETims today on the introduction of VAR 😂😂

VAR is used only for “clear and obvious errors” or “serious missed incidents” in four match-changing situations: goals; penalty decisions; direct red-card incidents; and mistaken identity.

the clue here is in the definition of a ” clear and obvious error “. Some might argue that giving John Beaton or Nick Walsh a job as a referee is a clear and obvious error in itself,

Big Audio Dynamite

If away goals in Euro competition had been introduced earlier, Celtic would have won the Inter-continental cup after the second leg in Uraguay 😠 Celtic won the first leg 1-0 at Hampden, and 2 weeks later went down 2-1 in Uraguay, meaning a third game was needed, and we know what happened then! It got me thinking about certain results I’d change if I could …

1) Celtic v Liverpool ECWC SF 1966
2) Celtic v Racing ICC 1967
3) Celtic v Feyenoord ECF1970
4) Celtic v Inter ECSF 1972
5) Celtic v Atletico ECSF 1974
6) Celtic v Porto UCF 2003

I’m sure that there are older posters who might recall even earlier games …cup finals, semi-finals etc?? If you could change any results from our history, what games would you pick?

A thing of beauty

Frodsham bhoy,

Auldheid this link to E Tim’s blog.



The principle of allegiance declaration by referees accepted by FA is even stronger in Scotland.

It should apply to referees and VAR assistants and if we run short of either who fail to meet competence standards then appointments should be made from beyond the pool.

VAR will do nothing to address the perception of bias that prevails to the benefit of no one, might make it worse.

What school did you go to still scars the generic memories of Celtic supporters.

It will take more than VAR to heal it but allegiance declaration would be a start. Hopefully the issue will get an airing at the AGM.

Will decloration of allegiance work though, surely huns will just declare for motherwell, hamilton, st mirren etc….


Auldheid I think all on here, and hopefully all Celtic supporters, are singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to refs declaring allegiances. Scotland is truly a backwater in the matter. Unfortunately it’s intentional. I’m sure the SFA enjoy taking that stance and enjoy the angst felt by Celtic fans.
Good luck in your continued endeavours to clean up Scottish Football. It’s a Herculean task. Hopefully not a Sisyphean task.



Remember that song well.👍

From memory, my first song I can ever remember ever singing had the chorus;

“Inky Pinky, Parlez Vious” 🎶🎶

I’ll leave it up to a few of the older posters on here to recite a few verses !!!!


SES. 10.40.
Bringing back memories, there, buddy.
His name is Kenny Dalglish and he’s the leader of the team, the greatest centre forward that the world has ever seen, he’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere, to score that vital goal and ask for Derek Parlane you can stick him up your ****.
A fabulous tribute to James F, thank you.


I know that I am spitting into the wind on this but I have to satisfy myself that I gave it a shot. I fear the proposal to add ref concerns to the agenda of the AGM will fail. If that happens, that door will be closed as an approach to dealing with legitimate concerns about the system of referees in Scotland. It will also result in the club being blamed, whereas the real culprits are the SFA and the Referee Hierarchy. The latter should be the focus, not the club.

Causing change as proposed is a monumental task and such change often only comes about because of pressure from outside the system. Take the transfer system and, ultimately, the Bosman ruling, which occurred because of the violation of laws devised outside the game.

Players can be regarded as employees of both clubs and the FA that licenses their registration. Employers have a duty of care to employees. Included within that duty of care are the responsibilities of a) ensuring a safe working environment, and b) protecting the physical and mental health of employees. Can we say that the behaviour of refs is consistent with these responsibilities? If not, the powers that be can be challenged.

The usual route is through applying the Health and Safety at Work Act.

“It is not good enough for companies to assume that they are doing all they can to reduce risk just because there have been no incidents.” (Richard Littlefair, HSE Inspector, Sept., 2020)

Organisations are required to conduct regular risk assessments and update these, at least once annually. They are also required to keep a record of injuries in what is referred to as the “Accident Book”. I do not know for sure, but I suspect that neither the SFA nor its satellites conduct risk assessments or keep an Accident Book. They can be challenged on items such as this, and forced to change under law.

Bosman demonstrated that football lived in a bubble with respect to freedom of movement. It is still in a bubble on duty of care.

I am no expert in HR nor Labour Relations but I am confident that there are such experts amongst the support. Moribund organisations only change when they have to but they do not exist outside of Society. Football should be governed by the same laws that apply to all organisations.

The above is a long shot, as any initiative would be in addressing the issue of poor refereeing.



That’s everything back to normal with the site. We are so fortunate to have a poster like ASWGL on board! 🙂

Call me Gerry

Ok. Ange has had his pre-match media conference, and confirmed that he has nobody to add to the weekends squad, availability wise (ie, Jota, Turnbull, Welsh, Starfelt, Calmac still out).

What eleven do we think will start?
Or what eleven would we like to start?

I’d like to start with…

Ralston CCV Jenz Bernabei
Hatate Mooy O’Riley
Forrest Giakomakis Haksabanovic

With hopefully a two goal cushion allowing some to be brought off early, with Tynecastle at the weekend in mind; and others to get some game time. Ideally, I’d like to see Ideguchi introduced at some point in the 2nd half. I’ve still got high hopes for him as a number 6.

What line up would each of us like to see start tomorrow?


Call me Gerry


Starting as they mean to go on, then 🙄


16 roads


Will decloration of allegiance work though, surely huns will just declare for motherwell, hamilton, st mirren etc….

October 18, 2022 2:10 pm


Very good point.

MSM same – sure didn’t wee Chick Young manage to convince everyone he was a St.Mirren fan for years! 😂


Call me Gerry
It would seem that way

16 Roads
I don’t think anyone believed Chic was at St Mirren supporter

Sol Kitts

Calmac and Ange geeing up the players before last season’s League Cup final. Inspiring stuff.

16 roads

Craig76 – During an interview with Si Ferry,wee Chick actually claimed to support Hearts as a child because he couldn’t stand the bigotry at Ibrox! 🤣🤣

Prestonpans bhoys

Oh goodie look at this😕

Steven McLean has been appointed as VAR for Celtic’s lunchtime clash at Hearts on Saturday,

Sol Kitts

All VAR will mean to us is twice as many referees per game in a position to give diabolical decisions against us.

16 roads

Prestonpans bhoys

Oh goodie look at this😕

Steven McLean has been appointed as VAR for Celtic’s lunchtime clash at Hearts on Saturday,

October 18, 2022 5:43 pm


Trolling us they are.

How difficult can it be for the club to demand that creepy bassa McLean is not to participate in any fixture involving Celtic?

HH. 🍀

Mike in Toronto

So Nakamura has announced his retirement. Was a great player.

bada bing1

Changes at a minimum tomorrow for me,tried that v St Mirren…..

16 roads

Aff oot to the coalface.

Sad the Irn Bru isn’t the same since they were forced to remove the sugar from the beverage.

Government. 😡

bada bing1

Surprised we are being told who the VAR MIBs are….

Sol Kitts

Prestonpans bhoys
And Nick Walsh is the on-field cheat.


Quality leader today.


The set-up for that Inter-Continental was totally nuts. Basically, a team got two points for a win, one point for a draw, and hee-haw for a loss. So far, so expected. Here’s the kicker though. Even if Celtic had won the first leg by a cricket score, the game would have still gone to a third game if Racing won 1-0 in Argentina. See Tom Campbell’s book:

Tears In Argentina

for more details.

If I could change one result from our history, it would have to be the result of the 1957 League Cup Final. It shoulda been 10!!

Seriously though, a game from April 1980, would be high on my list. In early April, Celtic played Fergie’s Aberdeen team at home. With the game poised at 1-1, Celtic were awarded a penalty…have we had one since? Anyhoo, Bobby Lennox missed from the spot. If that penalty had gone in, Celtic would almost certainly have won the league. In the event, Aberdeen won the league by a single point, going on to have great success on the field, both domestically and in Europe. In a sense, this result was a sliding-doors moment for both clubs. In the 80s, apart from a few shining moments, Celtic went into relative decline.

Another result from our history that I would change, would be the result of the Real Madrid European Cup QF in Madrid in 1980. A point in that game would have saw the Celts into the Semi-final. I honestly thought, that we were going to win the big cup again that year.

Kudos for that post. Hopefully we will have many posters, sharing memories of game they would change.

Oh aye, nearly forgot to say. Bobby Lennox remains one of my all-time Celtic heroes. As does Dixie. Players miss penalties. It happens.

Hail Hail.

big packy

nothing wrang wi nicky walsh, he is a guid tim ,jimthetim53 told me, and as a former altar bhoy he doesnt tell lies😎

16 roads

Paid £1.85 for a wee 500mls bottle of Coke out of the machine last night.

Cost is for health benefits.

Seeing the price isn’t going to stop me drinking the stuff, therefore nullifying any health benefits that go along with not drinking it – what other reason for the extortionate cost? 🤔

The one greatest benefit to the health would be less government interference in my life – robbing less of my hard earned money in particular would be wonderful.

Laters. ☘️

Hiya Packy.

Sol Kitts

I reckon, that linesman will be instructed to raise their flags ASAP, if the Celts are on the attack. Honest mistakes are about to be ramped up big time. I wonder, if that feckin’ hobbit who ran the line in Perth, will make an appearance?


I think we’ve discussed this game before. Another result that I would change, would be the Celtic 2 Dundee Utd 3 game from April 1983. Still pisses me off to this day, so it does.

Hail Hail.



Whilst your fears may be realised efforts, are being made to minimise them.

If nothing else the SC effort will confirm whether Celtic are part of the solution or part of the problem.

In that case responsibility to bring about change belongs were it always is –

With every supporter who turns up to watch a rigged game believing it is rigged , a belief which everyone here and most of Timdom seems to adhere to.

Changing a culture is not going to happen as result of one AGM, and it has to come from a wider base, but making an issue of referee standards based on competence and performance and not perceived bias is a start of a process that goes into ” we’ll see territory.”

A wee unconfirmed tale. Back in the days of Tony Mowbray Celtic sought explanations for a series of poor refereeing decision with Hugh Dallas. Dallas patiently went over videos of decisions and explained why they were correct.

When asked for more justification Dallas asked Mowbray ” what are you saying here?”

What he was really saying was ” are you calling referees biased and me a liar”?

That left no option at the time but to back down.

With the benefit of history Mobray should have said ” Fucking right I am” but that answer would have narrowed down the case to Celtic paranoia. The SC proposal avoids that, succinctly addresses the VAR issue and becomes stronger if other supporters are pulled in.

As I said that is being explored.

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