19th October … if you know your history

BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS doesn’t ask for much, and when he does it’s invariably for the benefit of someone else. So , (see the spacing) it’s a pleasure to be able to get into full Bob Crampsey mode and attempt to unpack his wee conundrum:

SALTIRES -Hopefully you will get the occasional opportunity to delve a few times into the season in question if we have further Tuesday matches after New Year. A story which deserves the telling,I suspect.

I’ve only been to Boghead once, I think I was 10yo at the time. Reason I remember it was that I’ve never been at a game in such desolate surroundings except at junior fitba! Mind you,we won.

I was at Hampden a couple of weeks later in a constant downpour and lost to Dundee,and I think I almost enjoyed that more! And since everyone knows I do not enjoy being beat,you can guess how bloody miserable it was at Boghead that day.”

Bobby Murdoch’s Curled-up Winklepickers. (Age 10)

Now Bobby and I are the same age and I thought – Ha! It’s that bliddy awful League Cup Final December 1973 in Arctic Conditions, when a Tommy Gemmell inspired Dens Park team added to the misery of the conditions by winning the League Cup.

I remember three things about the day. 1/ my dad and his buddies were crammed into the freezing Old North Stand at Hampden ( lots of double shuffling and 2 to a seat …) 2/ we lost the Cup to one of my heroes and that made it worse, but somehow ok …ish. 3/ Not staying on much beyond half-time due to serious, and I do mean serious, fighting in the stand between Celtic & Dundee fans.

Anyway, Sunday afternoon sitting watching the Fitba, it would be a simple matter of checking the ever- reliable Celticwiki for the aforementioned game at Boghead…. add in a few bits of general stuff then go for my dinner ( half-watching Chelsea stuff Villa …then ‘Pool/Citeh

Anyhoo – Bobby is fairly certain his memorable trip to Boghead was just before a defeat to Dundee at Hampden.

So here ye go buddy!

1973-11-24: Dumbarton 0-2 Celtic, League Division 1

Connelly ended his 6 day walk-out and returned for training on the Thursday. He had come out with Hay and refused to train and play, but appears to have reconsidered his opinion. David Hay however was still missing.

Pat McCluskey stood in Connelly’s place and Paul Wilson came in for Dixie Deans with Jinky and Andy Lynch on the subs bench.

Bobby Lennox beats Steve Chalmers’ post war record of 241 goals by scoring at Boghead.

Leeds’ boss Don Revie tips Celtic to win the European Cup again after holders Ajax and Liverpool are eliminated.

Referee makes Dumbarton change from white shorts to black shorts before the game starts.

Game kicks off at 2.15 because of electricity shortages in the country.

Celtic refused to accept tickets for this match as a protest to having too many all ticket games. ( CCB & BMCUW …coupla bould rebels )

Celtic win comfortably at Boghead on a cold, damp day for football. Pat McCluskey impresses at the back in Connelly’s place. Kenny Dalglish scored the first goal from a Tommy Callaghan cross. In the second half he was through on goal and brought down in the area. Bobby Lennox put the penalty away.

In the League Cup quarter final Kilmarnock managed by ex-Celt Willie Fernie beat Albion Rovers 5-2 to set themselves up in the semi against Dundee.

At the end of the month the League table looked like this.


Williams, McKay (Paterson), Wilkinson, Menzies (C McAdam), John Cushley, Ruddy, Coleman, Willie Wallace, McCormack, Graham, Heron.

Celtic: Hunter, Brogan, Murray, McNeil, McCluskey, Lennox ( Johnstone), Hood, Wilson, Callaghan, Dalglish Sub: Lynch
Scorers: Dalglish (11), Lennox (pen 54)

Referee: J R P Gordon (Newport-on-Tay)
Attendance: 9,000

Kenny in classic pose…

Can you see yourself …CCB & BMCUW ?

Then A few weeks later.

1973-12-15: Celtic 0-1 Dundee, League Cup Final – Hampden

Attendance is a poor 27,974. This was due to bad weather in the Glasgow area with snow and freezing temperatures. Also there was a transport problems with an ongoing power strike and fuel shortage. Very few Dundee fans managed to make it from Dundee.

The immediate ban on generators saw the game hastily rescheduled for a 1.30pm from the 3:00 pm on the ticket to avoid using floodlights to cut down on electricity use during the state of emergency.

Pitch was half frozen and half flooded and game was only surprisingly given the go ahead by referee Bobby Davidson (who Celtic had regularly fallen foul of his bizarre decisions) on morning of game. Both sides wanted the game called off.

Game played with experimental offside rule with a line drawn across the 18 yard box right across the pitch.

FIFA president Sir Stanley Rous attended to judge merits off offside experiment.

Celtic lose 4th succesive League Cup final.

Ex Celt Tommy Gemmell lifts cup as Dundee captain.

As the country slid further and further into depression with power cuts, strikes and rampant inflation the government of Edward Heath instituted the Three Day Week. A ban on generators saw the end of any floodlit football.

Jock Stein had controversially left Jimmy Johnstone and George Connelly on the bench to show faith with the side who had hammered Rangers 3-1 in the semi final. Several Celtic players were off form and only Harry Hood looked dangerous in attack

Although there were near things at both ends it took Wallace’s low shot on the turn to lift the cup.

The low crowd and bad weather gave this final a very unusual atmosphere as Celtic fans sheltered in the cover of the North enclosure.

With hindsight had this game been postponed,as it should have been,it could have been played in the spring on a better pitch and a bigger crowd to enjoy it. However this should not detract in any way from Dundee who were worthy winners on the day.

Lisbon Lion Tommy Gemmell lifted the cup for the Dens Park men and would comment in later years that he felt uncomfortable lifting the trophy with so many Celtic fans he know so well sitting around the presentation area.


Celtic: Hunter, McGrain, Brogan, McLuskey, McNeill, Murray, Hood ( Johnstone), Hay (Connelly), Wilson, Callaghan, Dalglish


Allan, R Wilson, Gemmell, Ford, Stewart, Philip, Duncan, Robinson, Wallace, J Scott, Lambie. Subs: Johnston, I Scott.

Goals: Wallace (76)

Referee: R H Davidson (Airdrie)

Attendance: 27,974

One Miserable Afternoon in December – The 1973 Scottish League Cup Final

Source: http://beyondthelastman.com/2015/01/13/one-miserable-afternoon-in-december-the-1973-scottish-league-cup-final/#comment-29527

As an added bonus Sentinels from around The Rock might appreciate this game from the first competitive visit by Celtic in 50 years:

1972-12-02: Dumbarton 1-6 Celtic, League Division 1

The conference on football violence called by Glasgow went ahead, the main conclusion being that the predominant cause was drink! There was pressure from a number of academics and authorities to make grounds all-seated.

Celtic announced a mini-break away in Jersey where they would play a challenge match on the following Monday. The fixture had been set up some time before.

Jim Craig, who was in fact still under contract at Celtic despite his leaving at the end of the last season, headed south to talk to Sheffield Wednesday.

Jock Stein appeared in front of the Referees Disciplinary Committee and was duly fined £100 for his confrontation with Bobby Davidson in the League Cup game against Dundee

Bobby Murdoch and Lou Macari were both in the squad for the game, both playing. Tommy Callaghan dropped out with a niggling injury and Jinky was on the bench.

First visit for a non-friendly game to Boghead for 50 years.

Dixie off injured after 9 minutes and Jinky comes on to play a stomer. Willie Wallace scores against his old mates.

Celts fans (including Cosy Corner Boy & Bobby) cheer at the end as Rangers lose 1-0 to Hearts at Ibrox. This will be their last defeat of the season…

A young Pat McCluskey scores his one and only Celtic hat trick.


Harry Hood kicked off this rout with a raging free kick with four minutes on the clock. Dixie went off with a pulled muscle and on came Jinky. Harry Hood supplied the cross that gave McCluskey his first goal. Jinky was next up tearing past ex-Celt John Cushley and playing a 1-2 with Macari before blasting home. It was all-out attack from Celtic. McCluskey got his second and Celtic’s fourth on 36 minutes.

In the second half Dumbarton pulled themselves a little bit more together and Celtic eased off the pressure. On 74 minutes a shot from Harry Hood was deflected into the net for an own goal against Cushley and McCluskey added his hatrick soon after. Willie Wallace pulled a consolation goal back for Dumbarton before the end.


Williams, Menzies, Wilkinson, Jenkins, John Cushley (Coleman), Graham, Willie Wallace, C McAdam, McCormack, T McAdam, Wilson

Goal:- Wallace (84)

Celtic: Connaghan, McGrain, McCluskey, Connelly, Hay, Hood, Dalglish, Deans (Johnstone 9), Murdoch, Macari.

Goals:- Hood (4), McCluskey 3 (15, 36, 78), Johnstone (23), Cushley (OG 74).

Referee: A S McDonald (Livingstone)

Attendance: 15,000.

Glasgow Herald Monday December 4 1972

Celtic tantalise, then destroy


Dumbarton 1, Celtic 6

Dumbarton played this game under the worst possible circumstances – the Celtic team bus failed to lose the way on its first trip to Boghead in half a century. As soon as the visitors made it through the houses to the cosy little ground, that meant the end of any sporting uncertainty the afternoon might bring.

Celtic found that the trip down the river had a tonic affect. They scored in four minutes. They added three more at 10-minute intervals, so precisely phased some unstoppable mass-production schedule seemed to be in operation. And that was the end of the first half.

Dumbarton dutifully returned to the second. That took heroism of the quality which earns medals for young men in other fields of human effort and gets their names carved in marble.

In fact, after the interval Dumbarton had their best patch – less than deep purple but rich in character and courage, Williie Wallace switched more through the middle from the wing. The change made Dumbarton’s attack more coherent and also sometimes more congested. At least it gave Celtic’s goalkeeper a touch of the ball. Connaghan had to move nippily to field a quick shot by Wallace.

Having tantalised, Celtic then totally destroyed. They helped themselves to a couple more goals. Then, easing up to the whistle, they allowed Wallace through again. This time he put Dumbarton on to the score sheet. It rounded this non-match off decently, for Dumbarton never looked like getting on to anything else.

They had perhaps a bit of bad luck. A couple of chances in the first half looked as if they should have been taken. The ball did not run in a kindly way for Lawrie Williams in goal. But if Dumbarton had come into the game the result might only have been to put Celtic more murderously on their mettle.


Graham had a brave captain’s game leading a workmanlike enough side. Perhaps they have too many promoters. It was not clear why they feel a need of both Wilson and Wallace for their experience. They cannot be the youngest side in the league and they might do better if they had more workers in the boilerhouse.

Celtic, simply were superb, with Johnstone – on for Deans after only nine minutes – Macari, and Dalglish outstanding in distinguished company. McCluskey’s thoughtful strength promises to be a major asset. Murdoch playing a deep No 10, looked out of things. He may not have been fully fit. But the signs all pointed sadly to the approaching majestic end of a marvellous career.

McClulskey had three goals, Hood two, and Johnstone one, while their supporters had ample leisure to improve the afternoon with light exercise, rehearsing the choir for Saturday’s league cup final.

Dumbarton—Williams; Menzies and Wilkinson; Jenkins, Cushley and Graham; Wallace and C. McAdam; McCormack; T. McAdam and Wilson. Substitute—Coleman.

Celtic—Connaghan; McGrain and Brogan; McCluskey, Connelly and Hay; Hood and Deans; Dalglish, Murdoch and Macari. Substitute—Johnstone.

Referee—A. S. McDonald (Livingstone).

Hat-trick hero Pat McLuskey in a familiar pose.

Then the next week!

1972-12-09: Hibernian 2-1 Celtic, League Cup Final

you can read about this game here:

Bobby …Yer welcome buddy …and I’m away for my dinner, just as Mo Salah equalises.

In Winter 1972 you were listening to this at No1:


Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuffabove is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

Change the record by sending an article to sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Great article again SES 👍👏

Although my money was on the article being about this 😀

19th October 1957 / Tweet Celtic

Hampden In the Sun / Derek Warfield – Topic

Prestonpans bhoys


Good and interesting piece, like you I’ve only been to Dumbarton once. Need to look out the programmes to find out when😱


Never heard about that game, did we win😂😂😂😂


Prestonpans Bhoys
It would of been 8-1 but the ref blew for an imaginary foul as number 8 was about to be scored, that would never happen now a days 🤔 😉


Craig76 – aye buddy the mighty 7-1 game always deserves a shout out! scheduled to do that in about 5 years ( 80th Anniversary ) – thanks for sharing it’s a game my dad always talked about and I’m sure Magua and his family did too. Fairly certain the adoration for Charlie Tully ( better than Jinky & Lennox son) was cemented in that game – but older posters might say it was other games..

PB -cheers buddy – if you find something in those programmes please share. I didn’t know John Cushley and Willi Wallace had moved to Dumbarton by then. They were probably early thirties, surely bigger clubs would benefit from two great players ?

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday.



Thanks,big fella! Where did the years go…

I think the Erskine bridge had just been completed then,but it was a toll and I very much doubt we were for paying that! Maybe COSYCORNERBHOY has a better memory than mine. God,it was dreich!

Re the League Cup final,the pitch was definitely unplayable. Arch-hun Davidson realised that football was impossible and decreed it playable,as an unplayable pitch would be a leveller. He was right on that one.

Any time the ball went onto the running track for a throw,the RNLI were called in to retrieve it. And the traditional reserve of the youngsters-down the front,so that at least we could see ankles and knees (anything else gave you a crick in yer neck!)-was about knee-deep.

Some days,those. And with the constant threat of power cuts too! Thankfully,such barbarism would never happen nowadays,eh?

A thing of beauty

Informative as ever. I’m not surprised CCB never joined the boghead boycott. He will not be told what to do by anyone when it comes to Celtic and that goes back to what DRM and Magua discussed last night. Some fans just want to watch their team, others walk away because they stick by their principles. I respect both views but I don’t think I could ever imagine not going to watch the Celtic.


Top notch as usual SeS.

Guys please stop talking about Dumbarton. You’re making me home sick. Loved my time at St Pat’s Dumbarton and went to many a Dumbarton game with my mates as a very young kid. Could get bus or train to Dumbarton East and walk through St James’s Park to Boghead.

bada bing1

Celtic game being shown on free sport tonight
FreeSports is available on Sky HD channel 422, Virgin HD 553, Samsung TV Plus and also available on the FreeSports Player — http://www.freesportsplayer.tv.

St tams

Excellent as always.
Same as a few on here. Only been to Boghead once .
Early 70’s, won 2-0


ATOB – a good point (and each to their own choices – absolutely) Yeah doubt CCB would ever be told what to do – except by yer maw- 😉

Frodshambhoy – glad it sparked a few happy memories buddy

ST Tams – aye an iconic location there

Bobby – RNLI hahahaha

Bada – that’s handy to know – out and about in Bath Street ( another pal 60th Birthday ) probably be sloshed by KO- recorded for Thursday morning …and a curer 😇

Big Audio Dynamite

Great stuff, SeS. Actually look forward to Wed morn’s now, mate 👏

If Ange wants to bag his first treble, we need to treat tonight the way we’d treat a midweek league fixture.
Barring any injuries, I’d go with the same front 3 from the last game
Really, really want to win the LC again (Always do!), as it holds so many great memories for me.

There’s silver to be won …go do that thing you do, Celtic!

As ever, I’ll take 1-0

HH 🍀


Perhaps I am just becoming old but I now value my time more. Glorious failure is OK for the ego but provides no satisfaction to me.

Your initiative has a similar blueprint to Res 12 where you sought a presence on the agenda of an AGM. This approach follows the same methodology. I fear the outcome will be the same.

The club hierarchy prefer to pick their own fights. I cannot blame them for that because the bulk of effort and costs will fall on them. Trying to force an agenda onto senior management is most likely to fail. Did you try sending your proposal to the newish CEO, or try to meet with him? Have they refused to meet you?

Not the CEO but his replacement Company Secretary..


Given the negativity from some towards using the AGM process I thought it best to do that.

You should trust my common sense more.


BAD – thanks bud and agree we must go full throttle on this mob tonite!

Big Audio Dynamite

Cheers for the chat last night ..especially reminding me of the fact that Shawfield was the first stadium my dad took me to.
My dad told great stories of following the bully wee, and used to boast that they held the SC for the longest stretch, having won the cup in 39 😉
If dad wanted me to become a Clyde supporter, he made a booboo by taking me to see the Tic play Madrid in 1980 …after that experience, there was only one place I wanted to go.

Thanks for stirring so many great memories of the only hero I’ve ever had.

Hail Hail 🍀

Fred Colon

I know all the resolution 12 stuff is on line but any plans for a book?
It would be a terrific read and, if nothing else, make the guilty parties squirm a bit.

Jobo Baldie

I understand that tonight’s game is played to a finish. But did I read something before (or maybe I dreamed it?) that there’s no extra time but straight to penalties if level after 90 minutes? Asking for myself
SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM (but not until after tonight’s game, please!!)

St tams

My revised team for tonight taking injuries into consideration.
Ralston, CCV, Jenz, Bernabei
Mooy, Abligard, Guchi
Forrest, GG, Haksabanovic

Prestonpans bhoys

The Sky freesports channel is covering a german game, its has at 8:05 potential coverage of Motherwell/Celtic extra time


Is there extra time in the Scottish League Cup?

There are no replays, which means all drawn matches are decided by extra time and a penalty shootout, if necessary. The semi-final matches are played on a neutral ground, determined by the location and size of supports involved.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki

Scottish League Cup – Wikipedia


Talking about the 7-1 game. I remember at primary school in the early 60s, one day after the lunch break alll the boys were taken to the gym hall. There was a large prrojector with film on reels at the back of the hall and a large white screen at the front of the hall. We sat down (on the floor!) and were treated to the 7-1 game! We loved it and cheered along.
It was a Catholic primary school so the assumption must have been made that we were all Tims! As far as I know – we were!
I wondered years later looking back what the girls did in that couple of hours. did they get a treat too?
It wouldn’t happen nowadays of course. At the very least the girls would be asked along! LOL 🙂

bada bing1

PB- Virgin TV says Motherwell v Celtic on Freesports.

Prestonpans bhoys

Cheers Bada, don’t have Virgin. So Hesgoal here I come , three minutes behind everyone😕😱



Snap! (Hopefully…)


My line-up for tonight?

Play the strongest side available. Keep up the momentum from Saturday and kick on from there.

big packy

BOBBY and PB ,try polsat sport premium or totalsportek for a link tonight.



If you have common sense, you are indeed gifted.

I note, although you indicated that you had approached the club twice, you did not indicate the response you received. Perhaps, it was in confidence?

Good luck, prove me wrong and I shall be delighted.

Due to the pandemic and other personal issues I have not travelled outside of Canada in years. When I travel my intent was to try to meet up with you, either in Glasgow or in Malaga. You cannot have a fullsome discussion on email.


big packy

SALTIRES brilliant post once again, was at the game at boghead,,years later took my then fiance wee joan to see the sites of dumbarton, fortunately it was closed🤩🤩 but we managed to hire solkitts yacht and we sailed around dumbarton rock, she still talks about it to this day, not about the rock ,about the price SOL charged us for his yacht🤩another true story

big packy

AAH the 7-1 game just vaguely remember it, i was only 4, jimthetim53 lifted me over the turnstile and lifted me on his shoulders ,what a bhoy,cap doffed JIM🤩

Would love to listen in on your discussion.


I have a Dumbarton story that may cause some amusement. Whilst a student at Strathclyde I used to study in the Andersonian Library on a Saturday, prior to going out on a date.

One Saturday I was struggling to understand tensors and I left the library late. I rushed to Queens St. station to get a train to Westerton. I jumped on the first one that arrived and sat down near the door. Everything was fine for the first station, Charing Cross? The train stopped and disgorged passengers and took a few on board.

I was reading my book on tensors and I was deep into the trip when i noticed the train flew past my station without stopping. Other passengers smiled as I got up for succeeding station, only to have my hopes dashed.
Eventually, one of them said, the next stop is Dumbarton!

By the time I got off the train, I was horribly late for my date. This is before the days of mobile phones and the Interweb…1966ish. I ran to the nearest phone and called to throw myself on the mercy of my true love. Fortunately, she found it funny as did her family.

I rushed home on the first train back and quickly changed into my dating outfit…..plastic trousers and crimplene jacket. Just joking!

When the Rebusette and I were sitting in my preferred mode of transport, a bus, I unbuttoned my coat to relax. Then I noticed that I was wearing a checkered sports jacket and a different check trousers from my one suit.

I thought the Rebusette was going to burst something with her laughter which happened virtually everytime she looked in my direction.

Dumbarton? I never knew ye!



Tim Horton,

Perhaps it will come out on dvd!


bada bing1

Game should be on all Freesports channels, Sky, Virgin etc

bada bing1

7,000 tickets for Livingston on Oct 30,3 full stands,should be a help


Packy, you’ve made a mistake, I was only 3 yo when you were 4. LOL 🙂


SeS and Auldheid,

I intended to cease and desist discussing further the ref governance issue. However, U turns are in vogue.

Firstly, re the specificity of sports concept, is that not a concept that owes its role in law to adherence to the European Treaty, i.e. membership of the EU? It is certainly administered under that treaty. The Uk is no longer under that umbrella and hence not subject to European led laws or legal premises. So…….?

Secondly, the specificity of sport has been challenged successfully before, e.g Bosman and fraud charges against members of FIFA and UEFA. These are only examples from football. There are others, e.g. tennis.

Frankly, it is a concept waiting to be challenged and washed away, since, at the least, it is discriminatory. Why should sporting bodies be exempt from laws that apply to others?

Here in Canada , Hockey Canada is finding out that it is not exempt from both the law and from the movement of Society. After refusing to accept responsibility for mishandling sexual abuse allegations over decades, the Board has been forced to resign.

It just takes the publicity associated with scandal to bring Sporting Associations to book. Are there any latent scandals involving refereeing in Scotland?

In fact, in say tennis, the specificity concept has caused a push for independent oversight of sporting bodies…rather along the lines that Auldheid has suggested. Don’t you love circles?



Long post about Dumbarton gone missing. Did I fluff it up, or is it like my coffee, been filtered?




If you have common sense, you are indeed gifted.

I note, although you indicated that you had approached the club twice, you did not indicate the response you received. Perhaps, it was in confidence?

Good luck, prove me wrong and I shall be delighted.

Due to the pandemic and other personal issues I have not travelled outside of Canada in years. When I travel my intent was to try to meet up with you, either in Glasgow or in Malaga. You cannot have a fullsome discussion on email.

I’d love to meet you and a number of folk and tell them the story from my perspective. They/you will find it incredible at times, yet with its funny moments. I do and I was in it! Things just kept turning up!

There was an understood/unspoken degree of confidentiality, but I did not feel a need to report back the outcome of the subjects discussed in late June and late August.

Celtic did it in the recent Notice to The AGM about opening up the AGM process and in the Finanancial Report in September in respect of the role they played in FSR.

That is how trust works, you walk away trusting what you have been told and look for signs you are not being misled. You don’t force the issue, you either decide to trust or you don’t. Same applies to Celtic.

Although refereeing came up and the hurdles were discussed (you mentioned some) there was no discussion of what materialized from SC. There couldn’t be as the means of posing the issue did not exist until the AGM Notice came out.

There is one more issue related to Res12 I’m hoping will come out at or before AGM that is going to challenge the perception of the current executives at Celtic as they are now, and my hope is it will open the way for a better communication relationship with the support. Which is where I came in about ten years ago suggesting a membership scheme as the vehicle.

If it goes as I hope, post AGM I can speak from experience not hope as it would be unhelpful to raise hopes prematurely.

As ever we’ll see.

Malaga in spring or autumn would be perfect. Its been around 27C for the last 4 weeks.

big packy

JIM forgot about that.🤩how do you fancy a music story??

Big Audio Dynamite

New Celtic documentary. 1h 32m

We never stop https://youtu.be/UMs7PrbwonE

That was a brilliant watch.



Yup the specificity of sport is based on EU law and I don’t know if it would be applicable post Brexit t, but the Football Associations could/would likely argue the principle of exclusion has to apply to football because of the specific nature of the game.

I’m thinking if a player took legal action under H&S law against a player for injuring him and a referee for not protecting him, just as heading the ball might become a thing of the past because of its links to Alsheimer’s, so too might tackling.

It might still be football but not as we know it.


I’m all ears Packy!


Afternoon all,

As always a pleasure 👏👏👏

Watched the documentary this morning. Absolutely fantastic 💚💚💚

Tonight’s match, I would give Joe a rest in goals and play the same outfield team from Saturday.

We Never Stop !!!!


3-1 Celtic 🍀🍀🍀



Should be ok now.

Margaret McGill

You should write a book
I’m sure you’d have no problem finding a publisher outside Scotland.
You should call it RES12 or “The minutes of next years AGM”


Feeling confident again ahead of kick off 🤞🙏
The only 2 things that can stop us tonight are violence and the ref.

On Saturday the only 3 things that can stop us are violence, the ref and the ref.

big packy

JIM, terry mcarthy was ken dodds pianist for years, a big socialist ,big liverpool and celtic fan ,he used to phone me up and say ken is playing at so and so we need a drummer, id go along, good money🤩 when anyone in the club went towards the toilet, ken would say there he goes on his toes for a weewee i suppose, hence lots of laughter,.true story🤩


Teams up…Siegrist, Juranovic, Jenz, Carter-Vickers, Taylor, O’Riley, Mooy, Hatate, Abada, Kyogo, Haksabanovic



Strong side,indeed.

big packy

BOBBY i posted a couple of links to the game tonight,did you get them,

1 2 3 5