You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down


An away match in the quarters of a cup is never an easy prospect,but neither need it be a daunting one. Last night,a stuffy and stubborn Motherwell offered a stern resistance to a very strong side fielded by Ange.

This was no time for giving squad players a wee run out to shake off the rustiness,this was business. AP knew it,the players knew it,and so too did our opponents. They held their lines well as we threw everything at them-in our usual manner,nothing new there-and kept us in check by hook or by crook. Those words do them an injustice actually,implying some use of the dark arts that we,for instance,would never stoop to. Mainly because we wouldn’t get away with it. No,Motherwell defended stoutly and bravely,without resorting to such tactics.

It worked for them too,mainly because someone was still holding a grudge against Kyogo for running over his black cat. (See a comment from INIQUITOUS IV about this, during the match.) In truth,Kyogo will run over just about anything to get himself a goalscoring opportunity,and he had three very good ones in the first half hour alone,the type that come naturally to a finisher like him when he is “in the zone.”

Just recently,he hasn’t been. We are all aware of that,and no-one more than Kyogo himself. His first chance resulted in a stabbed effort just wide of the post (an in-form Kyogo would have hit it slightly less firmly so that it nestled the other side of the post.)

Another was an attempted dink in the opposite direction to the diving goalkeeper-who stuck a leg out! The third saw the ball come down with snow on it as once again,the keeper got in the bloody way.

Undeterred,the wee fella tried a different approach,this time from well outside the area. One touch to kill the ball,the other to fire a ferocious volley to the postage stamp. And it hit the sodding underside of the bar,bouncing down onto the line. Oh,how we felt his pain. How much did we all want at least one of those efforts to go in,give him the reward and pleasure that his skill and endeavour deserve? Not nearly as much as him,I suspect.

But still he kept looking for opportunities,making the runs,being in the right place. This is not a man who lets his head or his spirits drop. This is a man who will never hide.

And just when we were about to put the kettle on for a half time cuppa,up pops the opener.

A superbly worked one-two by Taylor and Haksabanovic saw the former deliver that firm square ball across the box,and Liel Abada was on it like a flash. Loitering on the edge of the area,he saw the possibilities and made himself first to it,and we all breathed that bit easier. A halftime stalemate gives the manager a chance to reinvigorate and energise his players. A late opener does that job for him.

The second half saw more of the same,as the flow of traffic was much in the direction of an overworked but still firm home defence.

Yes,Motherwell had opportunities to hit us on the break,but our defence were up for it. Even if they are going to need to learn that passing the ball out from the back is merely a preferred option rather than a mandatory undertaking.

Too often,we are seeing defenders move it about to each other as space is closed down. The idea is for the opposite to happen,for space to open up as a result. When it doesn’t happen,go long and save all the faffing about. If the ball comes back at you,at least you will have had time to reorganise a bit.

Anyway,about ten minutes into the second half,the tie was all but over. A Juranovic shot was parried out to the edge of the area,where the alert Abada first-timed it through a wall of players into the bottom corner,cool as you like. The more you watch this goal,the more you have to admire the technique involved,a truly excellent finish. And on the hour mark,he turned provider for probably the goal of the evening.

He took a walk along the byline,cutting it back where it looked to be an easy intercept at the near post for a Motherwell defender. Hatate had other intentions. He stuck in his foot and lower body to turn the player,did a little pirouette,a touch with his right foot and a finish with his left. Did I say something about technique earlier?

The fourth,fifteen minutes from the end,was perhaps the easiest of them all-certainly the finish was. And with the tie all over bar the shouting anyway,it was merely academic.

Except it wasn’t!

Maeda,recently on as a substitute and himself showing a return of form and confidence,slipped a fine pass through to Abada to complete his hat-trick. There isn’t a Celtic fan on the planet who didn’t want him to finish the job,a just reward for his tireless efforts on the night. Useless git hit the inside of the sodding post!!!

But remember what I said earlier about Kyogo making the runs,being in the right place,never hiding? Yes,he got his goal-and in truth it is unlikely that he will ever score a simpler or more straightforward one.

The Celtic fans hit the roof,the response from them as though he had scored our winner in a CL final! Joy was uncontained-it might not be the moment which brings the whole thing together for him again but I have a feeling that it will. It is a “monkey off his back”,and he will feel a whole lot happier tonight than he has for a few weeks.

Ange sent him out after the match on his own to celebrate with the fans behind the goal. He deserved it,and the fans loved it.

Ange is a lot of things as we know,but one of his qualities is an empathetic and compassionate form of man-management. That isn’t an art form,that is something which cannot be learned.

It is something that very few managers in any industry possess-very few people at all,in fact-but it is one of the most important strengths of them all. It makes people run through brick walls for you,when they themselves would rather be “on the sick” and hiding out of the way from the shame of letting such a man down.

I hope you know what I mean by that,because not only is it a very unusual quality,it is also bloody difficult to put into words.

But then,I don’t have to. The pictures of Kyogo in front of the fans spoke volumes.


Above article by BMCUWP

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JOBO POTY Competition


Thanks for the summary.
Didn’t manage to see all of the match last night. I’d caught the first half hour then had to get on with some other things. At that point I was both happy and concerned. Happy as I thought we’re playing well here, but was slightly worried at the missed opportunities. How often do these things come back to bite!

When I did get around to checking the score we were two up which relaxed me. Domestically we don’t lose from leading positions.

The next time I looked in we were 4 up with about 15 mins to go which got me a tad excited. I’d backed us to win 6-0 at 66/1! Wasn’t to be obviously, but just for that few minutes I was thinking there was a slight chance, given “we never stop”

Vg result. Onwards to Tynecastle.

I was at my grandsons under 17 match in Edinburgh last Sunday. Got talking to a jambo whose son was playing. He was telling me he’s dreading the visit of Celtic. Said Hearts are awful right now ( he reserved particular criticism for Shankland, stating he’s the laziest player you could imagine. Says he’s ok for tap ins but won’t put in any work rate)

I hope his fears are realised. Always a tricky fixture but we could be getting them at just the right time. They’re crippled by injuries and not playing well. If we apply the same style and attitude as it as we did last night ( based on your report and the little I saw) we could be looking at an unusually comfortable visit to what is normally a potential banana skin venue.


Lovely Morning Gheezers – Grand Day To Be A Tim…. Again

Great game Synopsis BMCUWPS, too right about Kyoto – tenacious as ever, hope Abada’s bad luck in not gaining a hat-trick, which turned out to be serendipitous for our non-stoping No 8, will mean Kyoto has turned a corner, he brings a huge amount to the team, yet we need him finishing his chances al la last season to be at the level we want.

So he’s in there for the JOBO POTY Competition.

Of course the bhoys didn’t make the choices easy, the centre halves immense again, Van Veen who bullied our defence at Celtic Park looked more like Van Wean as he was licking his wounds by the end.

The wing backs who quiet by there own standards were good again, Taylor’s forward play continues to impress – but did he do enough to get the nod v Shakhtar in front of Bernabei?

It’s interesting how the inside forwards contributed, fantastic again and as Haksabanovic faded a bit, Abada grew in confidence – a confidence player no doubts who like Kyoto, had his belief dented coming up against Europe’s finest, he is unlucky not to get a vote after ghosting in for two fabulous goals, yet his overall play and wayward crosses means he doesn’t get there with the bar set so so high.

So it’s again the midfield where my thoughts centre, we have three outstanding candidates Hatate gets the nod for being not only close to sublime in his left side role but being audacious in the opposition six yard box – no lack of composure there, a goal that would grace a Jinky, Henrik, Lubo video.

And my go to mhan, maybe that shave gives a bhoyish look but he keeps bringing dimensions to his game, he was tackling in there like a young Roy Keane, sure it’s a work in progress, but what progress in such a short time since Calmac was sidelined.

So winging it’s way to today is

1. Hatate

2. Matt O’Really

3. Kyoto

Have a great Celts.

Hail Hail



Taylor’s improvement since Ange arrived is similar to that of Forrest or CalMac under Rodgers .A left back is a fairly defined role in most sides,one of the main criteria being left. The other being back. (Try telling that to TG!) He had huge boots to fill as a replacement for KT,and the comparisons were unfair.

He has come on leaps and bounds under Ange,and has even achieved ten caps for Scotland in a position where we have two world-class players vying for the position already! (That’s the kind of luck that Scotland has,shite all over the pitch and a world class player sitting on the bench waiting for the other one,in the same position,to run out of steam!)

His position,though,is under threat from Bernabei. That’s a good position for the club to be in,but Taylor’s improvement should be recognised and rewarded by a new contract as I think it is up at the end of next season.

On which subject,I said when we signed O’Riley that we would be locking him into a new deal in the summer. (I have a good mate who supports MK Dons,how many people can say that?) It didn’t happen,and I’m not buying into domestic media reports linking him to struggling clubs down south. But there’s two instances where we should be looking at what we have and ensuring that they are tied down,as well as looking elsewhere for our constant improvement.



I hate playing Hearts. Nothing to do with being garbage at bridge,a game I never really understood,I just hate playing Hearts.

They come snarling out of the traps at us every time,having been fed a diet of raw meat for a month,then starved for the week before kick-off. Anything goes,no sanctions applied

Their players are just as bad,ably abetted by the MIBs. Of which there will be even more than usual this time,using all of their traditional handed-down skills of right-angles and set squares to manufacture pretty patterns which will puzzle historians for centuries to come.



Taylor has improved (as has his teammates with the fans in the stadium) … it should never be overlooked how important the fans in attendance is …

In my opinion… the biggest obstacle Greg Taylor has to overcome was the fact he wasn’t Kieran Tierney 🙂

Better go since am actually meant to be working

Celtic winning a midweek game doesn’t usually interrupt my working week ….

Although would take a wee 4-0 against Shahktar 🙂


Bobby, brilliant analysis of last night’s action.
You’re wasted on here. Should be working for the Daily Ranjur.

For what it’s worth my 3 for Jobo are:

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
I’m expecting the voting numbers to fall as folk might spend all day dilly dallying and narrowing their choices down to just 3. Decisions, decisions – but what a great dilemma to have! SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM


Oh I know where you’re coming from. They’re a contemptible cowardly bunch, aided and abetted as you allude to by an even more contemptible and even more cowardly set of officials. We shouldn’t however have many problems on Saturday assuming we play reasonably close to our best.

Get the first goal and it might be shootie in.

On the subject of getting the first goal, and not losing the match, I wrote about this a few months ago. We’re still extending this statistic:

I reckon the last time we did lost a league game after scoring first was on September 23rd 2018 when Kilmarnock beat us 2-1 after Leigh Griffiths had opened the scoring. That was match day 6 of 38.
Allowing for the 8 unplayed fixtures in the season cut short for Covid, that’s now 148 league matches and counting. I’ve no idea what the record would be for such a statistic but that seems a remarkably high number!!



Why,thank you,kind sir!

In fairness,I tend to be wasted wherever I end up. Except when I find myself working with the type of manager I mentioned.



That’s a phenomenal stat for any team,especially one with our much-maligned defence over the years. Maybe we are too quick to criticise,too slow to praise?

Dunno,but it seems that every season is a litany of blaming the defence for our shortcomings,we hammer them any time we drop points.

Yet the end of season stats tell a different story,with most seasons showing our goals against to be very healthy indeed.

“He’s hardly Danny/Billy/VVD/KT,is he?”

Naw. Whoever it is won’t be. For obvious reasons. Not least of which is that those four heroes in days of yore played over half a century apart from each other. Maybe we need to accept and appreciate what we have,and keep our fond memories for a reminisce over a pint or six elsewhere.



Great report on a terrific team performance.

Abada ( deserved his hat-trick)
Mooy (would be 1st were it not for business End stuff from above)
Hatate ( just edged Kyogo)

Twisty – that really is some stat… probably still won’t relax most of us if we score first at Hertz

Chairbhoy – another great read today buddy thanks – PS my autocorrect brings up Kyoto too 😉


BMCUWPS @ 8:01 am,

Yes, we sometimes fo forget in this age of cheque book recruitment, that all the great managers could develop players – as kuds we remember them; Jinky and big Jock immediately spring to mind, Shankley, Sir Matt (the other one:), like big Jock made a plethora of very good players – greats.

We can see the value of competition and it’s going to be sad to see some of our current favourites who are giving heart and soul to the club going down the pecking order – but got to agree on wee Taylor, whenever they up the hurdles he just jumps higher, awesome lhad.

I did see a bit of MK Dons, the wanderers played them a few times during Matt’s tenure, them being the Chairboys closet rivals. I liked the way he backed himself at Fulham, left and took a pay cut to go and play at “the franchise” knowibg he’d get game time and impress.

Another awesome lhad.

Hail Hail


Bobby, A great description of the game last night. Well done! 🙂


SES/ Bobby
It’s a stat that costs me plenty and long may it continue to do so. Every time we play and go in front, which is in most games, I fire a few ££ on the opposition. You’ll normally get huge odds especially if it’s a lower positioned team. Anything up to 66/1 you’ll get in play.
One day I’ll recover some of the losses but I hope it’s not for at least another 150 or so games . 😁

St tams

Great leader this morning BMCUWP and excellent summary of last nights game.

My top 3 were
Hatate, Mooy and actually struggled for third and eventually went for Juranuvic.


Excellent article BMCUW, really caught the spirit of the game.



I’m sure there will be a number of us on here perfectly happy to have a whipround to fund your endeavours in that regard,and long may your rare losing streak continue.

BTW,in the Christmas 2006 match against Hearts,we were 2-0 down at half-time. And I was watching it in a local pub with not a bookie in sight! I “phoned a friend” from work who had one of them internet account things and asked him to stick £11 on us to win,sort it out tomorrow.

“£11?. You don’t pay the tax anymore,Mick.”

“Aye,I know. Saves the embarrassment of me offering and you refusing the score for putting the bet on for me.”

28/1 and 3-2. Whoopy-doo…


Bobby 9.44am

Hearts 2 Celtic 3

Was that big McManus crackers ?

Our boozer the Fountain Bar made a fortune that day, my first bet was a score at 5/4 (yes Celtic were odds against) then a tenner at 1-0, then another tenner at 2-0 then more cash at half time … every time I nipped into Ladbrokes all of our company were handing over £5s, pain in the bahookie back then as I had to write their betting slips … none of our company had that online press a button stuff back then


Morning all,

Great summary of last night’s events Bobby. You are spot on with the report 👍

For the record my 3 are


Everyone contributed and I thought it was an excellent performance all round. Roll on Saturday 🍀🍀

Bobby when your next back home give us a shout and we could arrange a wee swally 🍺🍺🍺

HH 💚💚


I’m sticking a horse related message on the nags page. Don’t wanna block this one up with racing stuff. Don’t panic – not a tip!


btw, Celtic Women also won 4-0 last night against Dundee Utd Women. This win puts them top of the SWPL.
What a club!

St tams

Remember that game well .
Was on January 1st.

Family and myself were staying at a hotel in Northumberland for new year and managed to see game in the bar in hotel.
What a start to the new year

Billy Bhoy

Great summary Bobby.

The gulf between the big two is widening. Its quite amazing that we are only two points clear. It will be interesting to see how much it widens now that VAR is in place for future games.

I never saw the first half of the Sevco game so only caught the last 45 minutes. Who was playing up.front for them?


St Tams

Defo New Years Day

One of my nephews was with us that day and he was only 15 and the “new” landlady in the Bammy (La Ronde) wouldn’t let him in with us … so we headed to the Fountain Bar on foot to make kick off …. Not a taxi on the road …. plus would have been double fare 🙂

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
I don’t usually start looking at the SENCEL Inbox till teatime but as it’s another afternoon of full time babysitting, noon till 9 I thought I should get ahead of myself. So, I’m delighted that 50 have already voted with a fair spread of opinions as well. Reminders during the day are unlikely (although anyone on here can do that for me!) so if you read this and haven’t yet voted, go on, go on, go on, do it now please SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM
Oh, and tonight my expectation is to put the results out slightly later at around 10.30pm.
Hail Hail

16 roads

Team/squad looking unstoppable once more.

Obviously they can’t all make the starting eleven every game due to the strength-in-depth , however the players seem to be really enjoying their time with the football club.

All hail our commander-in-chief Ange Postecoglou.

HH. 🍀

Sol Kitts

Thanks for that. Reo’s goal looks even better from that angle.

bada bing1

Statement at 1.30,looks like she’s toast


16 roads, I noticed your post about the Fir Parl pitch last night. I was thinking the same thing at the time, it was looking perfect! Well done to their ground folk. So much better than those nasty plastic pitches.


Another one bites the dust. PM resigns!

Big Audio Dynamite

Cheers, Craig! Is the unique angle thingamy unique to us? Don’t think I’ve seen anyone else do that.


Unique angle time

Love the unique angle stuff, gives us a real insight into the camaraderie and togetherness of the squad. We didn’t see it in the TV footage last night, but it was great to see Kyogo release that guttural roar as the frustration left his body.

bada bing1

Truss resigns

bada bing1

Only 2 Prime Ministers till Christmas

bada bing1

It took the Tories longer to elect her,than when she was in office


Can’t say I have seen other clubs post such footage.

Thats the good thing about the unique angle footage, that you get a close up of the players celebrating and what it means to them

Sol Kitts
Reo’s goal is top shelf material 😉


maccargo – unique angle

Brilliant to see close up of Kyogo reacting to his goal. Probably one of the easiest he will score but could be his most important from his own personal point of view. Looks like a huge weight has been lifted.
Also, last night I didn’t appreciate how good Abada’s 2nd goal was

Margaret McGill

seems like the Tories have Truss issues.

bada bing1

Lafferty 10 game ban

Danny Mac23

Bada being 1

Lafferty apologises and says he regrets reacting to provocation.What provocation?



Yes, I agree that GT has improved beyond recognition. What makes his improvement more impressive is he has been asked to, not only, improve his performance as a defender, but also to take on new attacking responsibilities. Further, he is being asked to come inside and act as an attacking midfielder.

However, he has inherent characteristics that work against him. These are his height and physique. Early in the game last night he was being rag dolled by the M’Well duo who attacked down our left side. Further, at set pieces, the opposition can set up overloads against him….ditto for JJ. It is a problem at Euro level, particularly.

Another however, he always gives 150% which you can see as he seems near drained at various points in a game but still pushes himself onwards. He has moved from scapegoat to hero in a couple of Ange seasons.

Bernabei looks a more skillful player and can cross in behind a defence at just the right pace and height to cause mayhem. Given Ange’s system, we need two players for each FB position. If these two had physique they would be gone ASAP!

The re-build at FB is very impressive.



UPDATE: The lettuce from The Daily Star livestream has been named acting prime minister.


Good afternoon all from Duggans bar, Dublin. I hope you are all hale and hearty.


40min delay on train. Which means I’ll miss my bus home so will have to have a couple of beers while I wait for next bus, cheers scotrail 🍻😀


Lafferty’s alleged provocation:

Prankster fan asked for an autograph, received it, then said, “C’Mon the Celtic!”

After Lafferty’s 10 game ban, how many times do you think he has said the same thing again? (Fenian Barsteward)

VIA WhatsApp

Willie Collum on VAR

“It’s easy, there’s only two buttons, a red one and a green one.”

Journalist “What happens if you press the red one?”

WC “It gives a penalty to Rangers.”

Journalist “What happens when you press the green button?”

WC “It tells you to press the red one.”


Margaret McGill
1 2 3