Three is the magic number

On Monday I stated Wednesdays team sheet couldn’t come fast enough. I wanted the same lineup that blew the Hibs away.
My wish wasn’t granted, but tellingly the spine of the team remained unchanged.
Et voila, another good performance on the park.
Coincidence? I think not.


Cameron Carter Vickers
Moritz Jenz
Matt O’Riley
Reo Hatate
Aaron Mooy
Frankly I’m happy with either ‘keeper, whatever Ange selects, although I think a game on the bench was merely a boot up the hole for Big Joe and not curtains on his Celtic career.
But those five players named have become our current spine and results improve.
Exactly what the doctor ordered.


I’ve realized I would be happy to see Ange tinker somewhat, but leaving the spine alone until the game is won.


Two different wingers in two different games clearly worked as they each notched a few goals,,,that is the type of rotation I can easily get my head around.
G-Mak into the starting lineup and scores, next game Kyogo matches him, it sounds almost too simplistic, please Ange play one then the other. But it worked.
The four full backs can easily be switched out at any time, ditto between the sticks.
Our spine though should have games together full stop.


I missed the midweek game but noted Mooy was given a thumbs up by most. He wasn’t in his first outing post Calmac injury. Clearly some gametime benefitted him, it’s not rocket salad, but I recall Nir for example constantly ‘being brought in from the cold’ and not having the greatest game.
Games bring form, hopefully form translates into consistency.


That’s what I want today, consistency.
My wish list has three items,,,
The same spine,
Another three points,
Score more than three again for the third time in a row.
Not much to ask, is it?


Tynecastle has always been one of my favorite away venues, that throwback stadium almost on top of the pitch, the venom spewing from the home support who get silenced when their ‘agricultural’ approach is overcome, raising their game for the Champions not realizing raising it every week would lift your club up the table, the bent ref,,,it’s a hard place to go. The points must be fully earned by first overcoming the hostility, the hammer throwers, and then creating unquestionable goals which can’t be rationally chalked off.
1,2,3 again.


If we achieve three wins in a row, with the same midfield trio, while banging in three goals or more, I shall rest a lot easier believing that our beloved team has truly found their mojo again at the ideal time.


Over to you Ange and the bhoys.
Go break some Hearts please and show the nation why we will be Champions again.


By Mahe

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Jobo Baldie


Good evening, friends.
It seems to me that all discussions since yesterday lunchtime have been around VAR so I’m not going to offer my own detailed opinions on that. Instead, I considered what the outcome would have been if the game had taken place before VAR had been introduced and so we’d have been left with the referee’s original decisions. Hearts wouldn’t have been given their first penalty. And Hearts wouldn’t have had to re-take their 2nd penalty but would still have benefitted from a goal nonetheless. Ralston’s fine headed goal would still have been disallowed due to the “foul” by Giakoumakis, whilst the most obvious hand ball penalty decision would have been ignored by the honest referee!!. So, all other things remaining the same we’d have won 4-2 rather than 4-3!
I hardly had a chance to draw breath before scampering round to the K-Park for EK’s 2nd Round Scottish Cup tie. An early goal from EKFC should have settled the nerve but as Caledonia Brave’s hit the bar once and the post twice it was a nervy afternoon until EK then scored their second, eventually running out 5-0 winners and so into Monday night’s 3rd round draw.
Anyway (I hear you all moan!) back to my Big Team and Celtic have now completed 17 competitive fixtures this season, winning 12, drawing 1 and losing 4 (3 being in Europe). 49 goals scored and 18 conceded.
As for the voting, my thanks as always to the 71 who emailed me their choices.
The total votes cast for each player (with my own choices asterisked) are as follows –
Hart: 7
Ralston: 9
Carter-Vickers: 27
Jenz: 4
Bernabei: 0
O’Riley: 7
Hatate*: 52
Mooy*: 22
Forrest: 4
Giakoumakis: 23
Maeda: 4

Taylor: 41 [best substitution of the season? – he only appeared with 24 minutes left on the clock!]
Abada: 4
Haksabanovic: 9
Abildgaard: 0

And so, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against Hearts are –
Hatate – 5 pts
Taylor – 4 pts
Carter-Vickers – 3 pts
Giakoumakis – 2 pts
Mooy – 1 pt

And after 17 games the overall standings are as follows –
41 points – Hatate
26 points – Jota
24 points – Taylor
21 points – Carter-Vickers
20 points – Jenz
19 points – McGregor
13 points – Abada
12 points – Juranovic and O’Riley
10 points – Mooy
9 points – Giakoumakis, Kyogo and Welsh
8 points – Bernabei
7 points – Haksabanovic
5 points – Forrest and Ralston
3 points – Hart and Maeda
2 points – Turnbull
0 points – Abildgaard, McCarthy, Siegrist and Starfelt

Reo Hatate continues his recent fine form with yet another Man Of The Match performance – his 6th in the last 9 games.
Next up it’s back into Europe and a home tie against Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday evening, kick off at 8.00pm. We’re not out of Europe just yet (I know, I know) so hopefully another good European performance but one where we take any (all?) chances that come along.
Hail Hail!


POTY competition


Good Morning Vietnaaam !!!!!

A very enjoyable excursion yesterday to some of Glasgow’s finest drinking establishments and home in one piece.✅

Should be a cracking game today at Tynecastle and hopefully another 3 points for the Bhoys.

Will be interesting to see what impact, if any, the VAR system has ????
Hopefully a positive one but not holding my breath.

Jambos 0 Celtic 2



For the record ;

MacConnells ✅
Molly Malones ✅
The Griffin ✅
Bloc ✅
Pot Still ✅
Kitty O’Sheas ✅
Coppertrees ( EK) ✅
Bed ✅

Big Audio Dynamite

Celtic have been overcoming the hostility since 1888 …it’s what we do …and we will overcome today.I

Trying to guess what team Ange will go for isn’t easy, but here’s a guess

Big Mo

Craig 76

Happy birthday to the Maestro

bada bing1

Cochrane of Hearts….’ we’re going to have to take a few cards against Celtic….’

Should be charged by the SFA for that comment, but it tells you what they have been working on in training this week, stop the game at every opportunity, aided by a compliant Walsh,who will be happy to give them cheap free kicks,to punt the ball into the box.Strange,i never seen a similar approach v Fiorentina?

Sol Kitts

In any other country, that statement by Cochran would be grounds for a charge of bringing the game into disrepute. In Scotland it’s laughed off as an acceptable way to play against a superior skilled team.
Of course, the ref could put a quick stop to it by making their first card a red. More chance of finding some rocking horse shit. More likely to dish out a series of verbal warnings, then fail to follow up if it happens again. First foul by one of our players? Guaranteed yellow card. 😡



I suspect that we are over-reacting to the comments from Cochrane about the cards. The referee is likely to allow the game to flow rather than to break things up by being whistle-happy.

He will probably be forced to bring the cards out towards the end though,as the players get that bit more laboured and the tackles become that bit later.


Mahe – Go Break Some Hearts! – LOL 🙂


Teams up…Hart, Ralston, Jenz,Carter-Vickers, Bernabei, Mooy, O,Riley, Hatate, Maeda, Forrest, Giakoumakis.


Bench…Seigrist, Taylor, Juranovic, Abildgaard, Ideguchi, Abada, Haksabanovic, Kyogo, McCarthy.


Looking good!
And Hart’s been forgiven! LOL 🙂


Maeda and Forrest! That is a risk.


Cosy Corner Bhoy

Back in Irvine CSC less than 12 hours since we left it😀
Great night of Rhebelry and good Guinness
What’s not to like?


Bernabei and Haksabanovic combined brilliantly v Hibs. He split them up midweek and Haksa didn’t play as well. Today Bernabei has to form a new partnership.
Would prefer Haksa’s physicality and aggression at Swinecastle

Leggy… impressive list of pubs! Presumably Bloc was a refueling stop, taking advantage of their cheap pint and burger/pizza/hot dog deals! Cracking wee boozer!

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Agreed, FB, Bernabei and Haksa were outstanding against Hibs, Hatate making up the third part of a very effective and nearly unstoppable unit down the left.

I’d have given Maeda a few days off never mind the first half as he still doesn’t look quite right, still lacking composure even as he took his goal.

Anyway, whoever plays Mon The Celts!

PS, any links would be much appreciated, cheers 🍀🇮🇪

St tams

Anyone got a link for game .
My firestick is down

Sol Kitts

Jamesie, 1-0


Goal!!!! Celtic!!!


Mooy Hatate Ralston and Jamesy – goal!!!

Silenced a few there lads 😂😂😂

St tams

Firestick, back up in time to see goal

Sol Kitts

Defence looking like they’ve just met. Slack and sloppy by Bernabei.


It’s been worthwhile bringing Jamsey out of retirement! 🙂


Maeda and Forrest! That is a risk.

Come on Daizen 😁😁

Bernabie, hearts best player so far.

C’mon son pick it up.

Sol Kitts

No idea why that goal wasn’t given.



Agreed buddy

Expecting a gimme today tho’ – we get the first big ‘wrong’ decision

Set the tone that it evens out …

Sol Kitts

Ralston gifts Hearts a corner. Better not come to anything.

I think that was called off by the lines man for off side. Them McLean found some other trivial reason to cancel the goal.

Sol Kitts

Bernabei needs to get into this game soon.

Aaron Mooy turning like a London bus!! 😁

Sol Kitts

Told you we’d get the first yellow card.

Definite yellow Sol, but so was Devlin’s 10 minutes ago!

Sol Kitts

Guaranteed VAR will give Hertz a penalty

That’s a penalty!!

Sol Kitts

Here it comes, no way will he not give it now.


Devlin studs up- CCV in first

Penalty – there ye go

What d’you think Sol… Jambo is studs up, wins the ball but follows through on CCV…foul to Celtic?

It was always guaranteed the first VAR penalty would go against us!!

Stonewall penalty.

But why so long????

Plus, the throw in Shankland took quick was actually ours.

How far back should VAR go?



McCaff – Defoe a foul to us

Sol Kitts

The ref initially said no penalty. There was no clear and obvious error. But McLean in the VAR control room was never going to miss out on a chance to give a penalty.

St tams

Definitely penalty.
We have been very poor.
Need to get Bernabei off.


Got to be – surely a pen?

No pen for handball … here we go

Sol Kitts

Handball, that must be a penalty.
Bloody hell, not given. Unbelievable.

Fucking VAR doing exactly as we thought!!




Sol Kitts

Anyone still think VAR Scotland will stop these disgraceful decisions against us?

1 2 3 9