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We move on to another bread and butter domestic match,but this one with an added edge or two. Firstly,we are away to Livingston-which is hardly a magic carpet ride at the best of times-and secondly,we might be going into the game with the proverbial post-European hangover following our lung-busting efforts against Shakhtar in midweek.

That “hangover” is usually the result of a chastening experience,and ours was far from that on Tuesday night. People can talk about margins et al till the cows come home,but in truth we have not been far away as we dined at the top table for the first time in five years. But it is equally true that we also haven’t been close enough,nor in the end good enough to make our mark. The results though have not been chastening,we haven’t had anything like those hammerings at the hands of Barcelona and PSG,for example. No,it is not the results that concern me,not nearly as much as the performances.

And yet you might think that is contradictory,that I can so highly praise our performances and find them a cause for concern? Correct,so let me explain. What did we witness on Tuesday,much as we have witnessed in the previous games in Europe?

We saw our players giving absolutely everything,their 100% and a bit more,for the full 90 minutes and that bit more. We had players operating outside their comfort zone and even their usual position in the team as they came up against teams and individuals of a quality they rarely face. Operating with pace and skill levels that anyone would find difficult to match. But match them we did,for very long stretches of the campaign even if not overall.

In short,there is a danger that our players will still be mentally and physically fatigued after their efforts on Tuesday,and I can think of better fixtures to recover from that than the one we face on Sunday.

But you all know what I am like,I am rarely if ever negative simply for the sake of it,and I certainly am not being so here. You could say that I AM being negative,of course,others may think I’m taking a realistic look at the situation.

Others still might think that I’m reading too much into the previous time we played Shakhtar,where we truly performed so much better than on Tuesday-yet came out a few days later with our worst performance in a year as we lost badly to St Mirren-my inner Cassandra getting its occasional airing! Maybe it is a mixture of all of these,but as ever when my optimism is below its natural levels,I don’t go looking for the serotonin or dopamine. No,I hope to have been talking rubbish,because being wrong when being negative is as good a high as anyone can get.

In a related matter,we continue with the VAR experiment. One where evil pioneers push the boundaries of ethics,much as they did in the unregulated dark and distant past. Despite being aware of best practices elsewhere,they continue their efforts to overcome logic and science,even the few laws in place,to prove that their version of the truth is the only one.

They care not for the modern technology that is enabling them,merely subverting it to their own ends,much as their forebears have done in the past. Legends in their own minds,and deemed as prophets only in their own land-there’s a turn up for the fundamentalists,eh?-they continue down the road to their own ruination. The disinfectant of daylight long precedes them,and that daylight being shown again and again on various 21st Century media outlets will be their downfall.

They can no longer hide behind their spurious and dishonest excuses of split second decisions,honest mistakes,interpretation or obscured view. But they continue to do so in plain sight,giving the rest of the game the finger,and what are you going to do about it?

With no explanation for a VAR handball penalty decision which did not go in Celtic’s favour,you might have expected that Walsh and McLean might have at least faced an informal discussion and quiet downgrade for a couple of weeks.

You know the kind of thing. Well done,lads-but don’t make it so obvious in future. Keep yer heads down for a few weeks,let it blow over. Here’s a train ticket to Montrose for the weekend.

Nope,not so. Blatantly trolling everyone,the dream team are joined at the hip again as they jointly officiate the weekend’s big fixture. Far be it for me to suggest training routines to Aberdeen’s manager,but if I was him I would save time on the offside trap drills and the penalty and free kick routines. I would be spending my time on drilling into my team how to defend with nine men against eleven. (Or more,if you fancy a cheap gag)

Celtic have Willie Collum in charge,and despite his past with us,I think he has emerged as the best of a bad lot in the last few years. Maybe he is no longer scared of his own shadow,or those of his past demons who forced him to do their bidding. Damned by faint praise,and he’ll probably have a nightmare on Sunday now that I’ve said that! But no,I don’t have the concerns about Collum officiating that I do with virtually all of the rest.

But going back to McLean,you might remember where he REALLY made his presence felt against us for the first time? THAT penalty in a semi final,not given despite och despite everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were SIX officials that day. Ref,two assistants and the fourth official,as well as another behind each goal. The one closest that day,about four yards away and an unobscured view,the one who screamed in his headset-no penalty,ball to head!-is the person I’ve always held nearly as responsible as McLean for that one.

Alan Muir,barely been seen or heard of for a couple of years. Guess who is in charge of VAR on Sunday?

So are they trolling us? You bet. Are they giving us the finger? Better believe it. Are they cutting their own throats? Well,actually that depends on just how long the other participants in the game are prepared to allow it to continue.

Players and managers aren’t allowed to comment. For a certain section of the country who still revel in centuries past and the breakaway from Rome,they highly prize omerta. Media is muzzled or onside. The fans won’t turn their backs on their teams in times of adversity,but we can shout loud and long.

We have done for years,we have chipped away but we are far from battering down the door.

No,only the clubs can do that. The smaller clubs might see a top six place jeopardised-or worse,their top league future,and think that it is time to speak out. Others,nearer the top,might see a potential place in Europe trashed by the decisions I’ve mentioned.

Celtic however,without doubt the team most sinned against in this manner over many a year? Oh,seems we value omerta too. Nobody likes a tout,eh?

Yet everyone loves a rebel,it is in our DNA. And yes,you only win by speaking to your enemies,as history has proven. But you only get there by confronting them first. How long will Celtic Plc put up with all this?

I dunno the answer to this. But I can assure you of one thing. Nothing will change about Scottish refereeing,that disinfectant of daylight will never work,until Celtic Plc do their bloody job.

So who really is trolling us,giving us the finger? Well,even I wouldn’t go as far as to suggest that it is our board. But unless they get serious about it,they are facilitating it. It was called collaboration once,and it still should be.


Above article by BMCUWP

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You’re quite correct Bobby. Celtic need to step up here.
I’m sure a number of fans will keep a tally of VAR decisions. In fact, there’s nothing to stop some stats person on here keeping a record, albeit an informal one.
If the VAR decisions continue in this biased manner, Celtic will have no option but to act. Failure to do so could mean they are not acting in the best interests of shareholders who are losing money because of these decisions.
Surely the matter will be raised at AGM.

Morning from a bus that is driving along Maryhill Road.

I think Sunday is a real must win if RFC beats Aberdeen the day before- If we win at Almonvale I think we’ll run away with it but if not we are in for a battle to retain the title.

I understand why we don’t play well there- we have not played well on artificial surfaces as a general rule- but why results at Livi are so poor I am not sure. Other than when Clarke was in charge at Rugby Park we usually eke out wins on these pitches except at Sunday’s venue. Livingston are well enough organised but no more than other teams- and at their park we have 3/4 of the crowd on our side unlike at other away grounds these days.

Collum is a terrible referee IMO and practically that is scarcely better than a biased one. Muir has got some big calls wrong in the past but has never quite taken on the bogeyman aspect of Beaton or those we had ruining thre show last Saturday. W e have often said, ruefuĺly ,that we have to beat 12 men. Now it seems to be 13.

My carriage has arrived.





I’d suggest the “must win” albatross is firmly round the Huns neck.
The appointment of the selected “officials” suggests as much.

I take your point that a two or three point swing would give them a bit of momentum. But we have been there before and it doesn’t change the structural deficiencies in the Huns game.
They have been weakened by a couple of key injuries, but no more than we have, and struggle.
We overcome injury setbacks because of our stronger squad.
We have the better players, manager and tactics.
And what I’ve seen this season, fitness.
Over the season we prevail.

Our last visit to Livingston ( last season) produced a routine 3-1 victory to us.
According to stats I’ve seen In our last 12 visits our record is won 8, lost 2, drawn 2.

No room for complacency but none for self doubt either.




I was unaware of those stats. Maybe the poor performances/results have left me scarred!


Excellent Piece BMCUWPS…

A perennial problem is of course an understatement, the only waxing and waning it does is based on how much “support” The Rangers need, and where their percieved threats are coming from.

One season poor aul’ St Johnstone, managed by Tommy Wright of all people, got it – when they were competitive with The Rangers.

Of course we are always going to get the treatment due to the old firm “competitiveness”.

Yet even when Rangers died we got it because…

Well, just because…

Hail Hail



1-0 to them last September, of course, came at a bad time! Three away defeats in a row.

In the last couple of years we have drawn with them at home a couple of times 0-0.
Adds to the mystique of stubborn Livi causing us problems!



Stoapit-I’m getting flashbacks!!!



Aye, the grim reality of games v them. Turgid😀

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, BOBBY great read, but dont think var will stop the bassas cheating us, they have been doing it since jimmy quinn and jimmy Mcgrory were running round parkhead,,another true story👍

The Leopard’s Rimshot

It’s our own board giving us the finger in this sick conspiracy of Masonic silence.

And it’s the fans that facilitate it.

big packy

TLR good morning sir, hope you are well

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Morning, Packy, I’m fine, thanks, on the way to the doc’s, where I don’t expect any happy news.

Hope yourself and Joan are in good spirits, despite Joan’s remarkable weight gain 😁

big packy

TLR FFS dont mention that🤩hope everything goes well at the docs👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Best of luck, TLR



Good luck at the doc,mate. I’ve never wanted my moneysworth from my NI stamp payments,quite happy for others to get the benefit. Same as most of us would prefer. Starting to look like I won’t quite be getting that wish granted!



They’ve been doing it since Michael Davitt.


At least Ange is starting to comment on decisions, even if it in in a BTW manner I.e. his penalties only in training comment.

However that is not his job, its the PLC’s. As far as I can remember VAR is being paid by the clubs in a pro-rata basis taken from last seasons positions. As a result we are paying the most for these decisions!

CFC @ 7.49.

The win last year was the game there I never got a ticket for. Some, most , of those wins must go back to the MON/WGS days I’d have thought

I think we’ll win overall this season- we have a better team, manager and players than them but I don’t want them to get a sniff. Must be the sadist in me- or more likely the fear that as long as Der H*n is in contention the 12th and 13th men stay relevant.


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.
The link below is a fantastic recent interview with Big Ange covering how he was offered the Celtic job, his last 18 months and some brilliant non football thoughts too. It’s about 40 minutes but it’s a listen rather than a watch so ideal accomopanyment to, say, ironing ot other similarly brilliant activities. Highly recommended!




Oh,indeed we are paying the most for these decisions!

Which will continue unless and until the board get their finger out.

St tams

Looking forward to my first away game of the season on Sunday.
Take the chances we are creating and var will have no impact on the result.

Not going to make the Shipbank today. Have a great time guys.



Did the gasman cometh yesterday,or did you get gaslighted?


it’s a listen rather than a watch so ideal accomopanyment to, say, ironing ot other similarly brilliant activities.
Jobo what’s ironing?
How do you do it?

16 roads

Guten Morgen.

1-3 victory at that midden was the result which finally had me thinking – Sin e, we’re winning this league now.

Sunday is a big game for the club in terms of whether we retain our league title,or not – appreciate some say 3 points are 3 points, but winning at difficult venues can boost the confidence a lot.

Actually looking forward to it, and reasonably confident that Celtic will prevail.

Win Sunday and yer sort of thinking , we’ve cleared another hurdle in the race, and the finishing line is that bit closer.




I haven’t done a deep dive into those stats but I guess our worst performances ( 2 losses, two draws) against Livi have been in the last 3/4 years as they’ve consolidated in the league.

I agree it’s always worth keeping a wary eye on our closest opponents.
They have three/ four influential players, if hardly world beaters, out just now. They may get a bounce when they return.
Watching them having to win to keep pace, adds to the pressure they are under.
The self doubt is all theirs, we just have to avoid slip ups. I believe our Manager won’t let any complacency seep into our performances.

St Tams
Only been to Livingston for a game against Gretna! Tidy stadium with a good view of that bloody carpet. I would engage in a drink or two beforehand 🙂


Good luck to the Shipbank Shitkickers today!

After the £2 a pint offer in the Tollbooth yesterday,the stamina of you guys makes me proud…


Morning all,

Well written article 👏👏👏
Listened to that Podcast last night and it was brilliant 👏👏👏 ( And by the way, I hate Podcasts!!! ).

Heading out shortly and looking forward to seeing a few old and new friends at The Shipbank.

Bring it on 🍀🍀🍀

A thing of beauty

I hate watching Celtic play at livi, same as killie. There is no place in top flight football for these old carpets. There can be a place if they are looked after properly but our clubs dont. They purposefully don’t water them so the ball sticks and the game becomes a battle. It is another example of how our game is stuck in the doldrums. Until the beaks at the top embrace the same game the rest of the world are playing we will never make progress.
We can’t bring through our youth players because they have No where to play. If we do manage to hold on to one they get kicked useless and choose to leave. Other teams can’t bring through youth players because the league is so small and all about survival so the game is full of clogger journeymen.
We have people employed to run the game who never make any improvements. This prime example of this is the recent introduction of VAR. Football has had this in place since the 2018 World Cup, yet our refs have only just started learning it. Instead of just further delaying they bring it in whilst admitting the refs are not ready. Embarrassing. The fact that they’ll never be ready because they only have one eye and it’s always on the Huns is up for debate. What’s not up for debate is the powers that be are yet again miles behind the rest of Europe.
We are the biggest club in the land yet we never say a word about the workings of the game up here. Bankier said at the AGM last year there was communication behind the scenes. He must still think he’s down the lodge with his brothers. As a supporter I don’t want behind the scenes communication. I want up front, in your face demands for answers and when they appoint the new chairman it better be what we get. If not we are destined to be kowtowing and letting the tail wag the dog for another generation.

Jobo Baldie

Frodshambhoy – ironing us my guilty pleasure! Have to contribute SOMETHING for a successful marriage!
As to this weekends fixtures, they will be expecting the current 4 point gap will be back down to 2. I think there’s a decent chance it may increase to 6.



Takes me bloody ages to write my articles,and I could have saved a lot of time by letting you do it. Cut to the chase,no messing about,and well said.

St tams

The clubs had an opportunity last season to get rid of artificial surfaces, when there was on one club in the league with one. As usual, nothing was done.
As you rightly say , we are the biggest club in the country, but choose to keep quiet on all issues.
The CEO and chairman are a disgrace.


Gasman beeneth and gone-eth. Late but nothing bad to report.

The TV delivery man is though a less happy tale – one which seems to be running and running.

And my left arm is bloody sore after my jabs.


A thing of beauty

St Tams/bmcuwp,
I have real concerns about how quiet the scuttlebutt has been about our new chairman. I would hate to think that we will have Lawwell foisted upon us but I’m not seeing or hearing mention of anyone else. Auldheid if I recall correctly is confident it won’t be Lawwell and I hope he is correct. Anyone else heard any credible possibilities.
Good for you on the ironing front. I’ll get a chance to listen to the podcast soon. Unlike leggy, I love a podcast. I like to listen to the huddle breakdown and I’m sure Celtic by numbers will be all over these VAR decisions. He was certainly very vocal about it this week.



Regarding Ironing,

I’ll try and iron out a few today at the Shipbank. !!!!!

Hope your well 👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Thoughts folks would have been really confident of defending the title this year, I know I am.
Winning it by 10-15pts would be my guess.

I’d also join others in calling for an end to these horrible pitches in top flight football …Jeez, I was a bag of nerves when my wee boy’s team had to play on them! And even they picked up injuries playing on them.



Some good reading this morning – blog chat always interesting and everyone seems in fine fettle.

Didn’t realise we are paying more than everyone else…to get more shafted than everyone else … bloody marvelous!

A thing of beauty

Hmm is it scuttlebuck or scuttlebutt. Think I’ll just stick to rumour mill, save further embarrassment 😂😂

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Cheers for the good wishes, lads, my third new doc in a year reckons my issue isn’t what I thought it was but still wants blood tests and I don’t like needles.

I was fine with them until, oh, about 2 and a half years ago but since then I don’t think I’ll ever trust another doctor again, especially when she told me today that they’re still short of doctors and there’s ‘lots of patients still to see’ when I’d walked around and counted 7 different docs names on the doors with the whole building empty except for myself and the staff, both before and after my consultation.

That has also been the case these past couple of years, when they were telling me on the phone that they were ‘swamped with patients’ only for me to arrive and be the only soul in the place for over an hour.

Things that make ye go Hmmmm …


A thing of beauty
St Tams/bmcuwp,
I have real concerns about how quiet the scuttlebutt has been about our new chairman. I would hate to think that we will have Lawwell foisted upon us but I’m not seeing or hearing mention of anyone else. Auldheid if I recall correctly is confident it won’t be Lawwell and I hope he is correct. Anyone else heard any credible possibilities.
Nothing concrete ATOB although possibility no appointment announced at AGM came up.

If Bankier is Chairing the upcoming AGM then no rush to get the right guy in place. That could mean anything so no point speculating.


Reminder that Superbru predictions are needed by 3 pm tomorrow

A thing of beauty

Remiss of me not to send you good wishes. As for your GP practice, I think that is similar all over Scotland. They do a lot on zoom now so maybe not fair to assume they are not busy but I get your frustration.
Anyway hope it works out for you. As for the needles, needs must and all that!!


On referees I doubt there will be an immediate solution as in The Board say to SFA change the arrangements or our supporters will walk away because

a) it won’t happen and
b) SFA might say that’s Celtic’s problem not ours.

It’s going to be a process and the point about what SC has put forward for answers is that it suggests The Board set a process up to work in collaboration with the supporters to seek solutions to the core problem of Scottish demography and allegiances within it, perceived or actual.

I suspect the immediate response from Celtic will be that VAR Decisions will be questioned when they are incorrect, or VAR is not applied when referee has made an obvious error. I think this will be part of a general review of VAR itself.

However, that should not mean the views of Celtic supporters and shareholders are excluded and the trick will be getting their foot in the door to be part of the process and if possible, widening it to include supporters of other clubs.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Cheers, ATOB, our docs don’t do zoom, in fact they don’t seem to do anything 😁

As for the needles I’ll consider my options over the weekend and if the symptoms abate I won’t bother.

Isn’t Scuttlebutt the big imaginary beastie fae South Park?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Also, ATOB, I said the same as yourself regarding VAR, that the Scottish refs and their masters are behaving as though the whole thing has just fallen out the sky and there’ll be so many ‘teething problems’ and honest mistakes as the refs take the 5 years necessary to learn how to work it …

As though drawing a line on a screen and seeing if someone’s leg is over it or not is like a near impossible task when Sky have been using it instantaneously since the feckin 90s …

It drives me crackers the pish I’ve read about how ‘difficult’ it’s going to be, they’re treating the readership, and the refs, as though they’re a bunch of 5 year olds, though in McClean’s case they’re probably not far wrong.

The only solution for the Scottish game is foreign refs, otherwise it’ll just be the same old dirty cheating Hun basses who have all declared themselves to be St Mirren, Airdrie and Jags supporters like their media counterparts have done for decades,


Enjoyed that post so much, I read it twice👏👏👍


Leggy I’m in Southport now. Got visitors staying with us so came up here for a wee day out. Should have some good memories of Southport unless the whole weekend was a complete blackout

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