Round 2 starts now

On Tuesday night a draw in Europe’s top tier of club football felt like a defeat. In one way it was considering we exited the tournament, but on the night that draw did feel like defeat.


It looks like we all agree if we had been that bit more clinical, taken the chances offered throughout, then we could have done better in the group.
That’s a positive. Chances were created, opportunities spurned.
And as we all know goals change games.


Inches away here, over the bar there, into the keepers arms, our final product needs worked on.
Final, not the whole product as chances were created. That’s a real positive.


How does one improve the finishing? By honing that skill domestically of course.
Starting this weekend by flushing Livvy down the lavvy with intelligent play and some goals from the attack.
Preparing for Anges second Champions League campaign begins right now!


In football one simply can’t throw a team together and expect instant success. Jose didn’t win the Big Cup first go around with Chelsea. Pep still can’t win it with City, PSG have discovered this also.
Fergie needed time, managers in general need time and a settled core to make an impact. Just look how long the cream of the crop Benzema and Modric have been feeding off each other for instance. They honed those deadly moves in La Liga.
Mane, Salah, and Firmino honed theirs in the EPL.
Larsson in the SPFL.
Lewandowski in der Bundesliga.
Etc, etc you get the drift.


Jose broke the mold. Smaller than usual club drilled to the max, clinical as hell when that chance arose, but, he had a much larger and it must be said talented player pool, Deco being the prime example, a Brazilian in all but passport.


This young, talented squad of ours tasted the big time, gave a good account of themselves for spells in every game, but ultimately failed the big test on their first time out.
Most do.
What happens now is what really matters.


Smart managers learn lessons, and Ange doesn’t strike me as stupid. I took one big lesson away from the group stage. Up the conversion ratio to give the team more of a chance.


That happens somewhat on the training ground, but mostly out on the Park.
Starting tomorrow, at a problem ground. A team that’s just had a good result at that.
Throw in the refs and shady VAR, and we have ourselves a fixture indeed.


Chances created and chances converted are called for. The byline cross or cutback, the first time whip in at head height or to feet, edge of the box shots followed up, I want to see them all. I would love to see this team rack up a serious number against someone again for a real statement, and Martindale’s hammer throwers would be lovely indeed given what they just pulled off.


Go out and attack Livvy, score a few quality goals and some selfish ones, and improve our finishing before Zadok sings again..
Start to prepare now.


By Mahe

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Mahe Agree. We’re not that far away and with more clinical finishing we could have beaten Real @ CP and seen off Leipzig and Shakhtar home and away HH


Margaret McGill

The champions league is way beyond Celtics business model
Talent model
Historic model
Conference league football is Celtics modus operandi
It may change if the Huns die again



We have nothing to fear before the WC break.

Our rivals are under severe pressure to keep pace with us and they have previous dealing with such.
Time to turn the screw.

Complacency cannot be countenanced by us, but neither should we let doubt enter the psyche- via poor performance or malign VAR intrusion.

Keep positive and we keep winning.



The CL is ground floor for us.
You are confusing the real tournament- last 16 onwards with the perfunctory group stages.

We can maximise revenue with group stage involvement followed by EL progress.

Surely that scenario is a positive for you?


We are most definitely a CL team both in the mindset of our manager and supporters and that will do for me. Ok it wont be easy in the Santiago Bernabeu but we will come back stronger next season. Onwards and upwards playing football the Celtic Way 🍀HH

Margaret McGill

No the Huns are ground floor for “us”
Celtic PLC have no interest in the CL except for the occasional bonus.
Wise up!


As a Celtic supporter M McG prefers the thought of CL defeatism as it suits his non achievement agenda.

And he self righteously calls Celtic supporters Hun loving expletives!?

Reaching the depths of cognitive dissonance there, surely?

Margaret McGill

Celtic can’t even beat Bodo/Glimt or whatever the fuck they’re called
CL ?
You’re having a laugh



Then- 8 months into a new Dawn.

You think we wouldn’t beat them now?


If you believe that, you’d be the last person I’d want to sit beside at the game or in the pub.
I assume you watch our games on your own?

Margaret McGill



To both points I assume?

A recognition, at least, you are a contrarian just for the sake of it.

Margaret McGill

Yes to both
And your point is?


Mags McGill certainly livens up a Friday night on the blog 😜


Margaret McGill

It was not my intention
I thought I’d play a few sexy songs
Mention the government
Celtic hypocrisy
Some football
But challenging Isaac Newton
No fucking way mate


Nothing more pertinent than that which you’ve already responded to.
In your arresting responses.


Mags HH mate


Mags Whereeverthehellinworldyouare your contribution to the blog is much appreciated HH



Thankfully no one has told the numpties on the old thread that we’ve moved on HH 😂



Should someone send a pigeon?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

As a Celtic supporter M McG prefers the thought of CL defeatism as it suits his non achievement agenda.

And he self righteously calls Celtic supporters Hun loving expletives!?

Reaching the depths of cognitive dissonance there, surely?’

You’re right, CFC, but give Mags a break, he hasn’t the best of nights and isn’t used to a good roasting 😁

The Leopard’s Rimshot


Why are you asking others such pointed and insulting questions when you won’t even dare to answer those I asked you?

You cause an argument thinking you’re the winner then run away when you realise you can’t even respond to the first blow …

What is is they called that in school again, I can’t remember…?

Was it a shitebag or a bully?

Or a bit of both?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Sorry, Mahe, device lagging so missed the article.


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Too late, lads, everybody needs a bit of shut eye but I’m awake again now.

Anyone else still? 😁

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Imagine calling a heartbroken man that’s just survived a cancer scare a ‘numpty’ because he knows things you don’t …

It’s like calling a homeless person useless because he wasn’t as lucky as you.

But for the grace of God an all that.

But that’s the world we live in now and I can only forgive those whose ignorance blinds them to such realities, for they know not what they do.

Or, worse, they do know what they do, but then they do it anyway.

Margaret McGill

sorry….was out for a smoke there…..
I’m like you mate. I got this device lagging notification jiggerypokery stuff and i said to myself ….fuck that

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Nah, I’d none of that, Mags, I jist crashed out for a bit.

Hard week an all that.

Brand new now though.

So what was yer question?


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Alright, cheers for the blether, ye’re some pile a good men alright, even if ye dae think I’m a ‘numpty’ .

Mirrors are amazing things, ye should look in them sometimes jist tae see what ye see.

Night all.

And Mon The Hoops!

Beat the gangsters on their ain plastic patch.


Big Audio Dynamite

Nice upbeat and supportive message, Mahe …good stuff!

Considering the fact we couldn’t string 3 passes together in Europe and have looked petrified of the ball, I am more than happy with what Ange has done in his short time with us.

Next year? Who knows! I just wanted to see signs we were moving in the right direction (90% pass completion- behind only PSG and Shaktar- has done that) …the big thing is winning the title again this year.

Big Audio Dynamite

On this day 1966 – Celtic 1(Lennox) v Rangers 0 Scottish league cup final.

A result that brought about a seismic shift in Scottish football …we have literally been top dogs since that day.

Morning all

About to head off to work and thought I’d read the overnight stuff on this site. All a bit too high on the heaviosity scale for a man who cannot get a TV to work even when he shouts encouraging words at it

The last thing I read last night was from TLR and a quote from some CIA type about their job being done when everything we are told we believe even though everything we are told is false.

I think the problems we face are rather more subtle.

Some things we are told are false. It’s the separation of truths from falsehoods that is the difficult bit.

Have a good day and Mon the Hoops



I’d argue that the 1965 LC final, Yogi’s 2 penalties, was the confirmation of our superiority. This was the second trophy won under Stein, and part of a run that saw us win 7 out of 8 domestic trophies, one Big Cup and a Euro Cup Winners Cup semi final, robbed v Liverpool.
After decades of disappointment, just imagine how Celtic fans felt. What a buzz.
And, IMO, the Huns have never recovered.


Good morning all,

A fine day yesterday and a special mention to Frank, the owner of The Shipbank, who put on the lovely buffet ( Fresh sandwiches and toasties along with nachos and crisps) Lovely jubbely !!!!!!

Might need a “Nakamura” to settle me down 🍺

Come on the Dandies !!!!!!!

It’s good to be a Tim 💚💚


Leggy 7.39am

Gutted I missed yesterday … work is always a hinderance

Sandwiches and toasties ????

Probably plenty of salt on them both, so you all drank a wee bit more … somebody should have told Frank he could have saved money on the salt 🙂

Jealous, but good to read you all had a good day 🍀

And the agree … Mon the dandy Dons … even though their “recent” songbook is appalling Pittodrie to this day is easily my favourite away ground, from Billy Stark scoring (for us) in a cup tie meaning extra time on a Wednesday night to an Alan Thompson inspired win in the snow … even the police were laughing when the snowballs were getting flung … and outside the ground you could put your cargo in the snow and your beers were freezing … many great memories of pittodrie so am with you

Mon the dandy dons

By the way as a kid, if not for a few bad injuries Jim Goodwin might have had a good career in the hoops



Yep, good day yesterday.

Hope to see you at the next one 👍

Always liked the trip to Pittodrie, apart from the fact they kept moving the away end.One minute it’s the Beach End and the next, it’s the opposite end.
Still you were that pished, it didn’t make any difference !!!!

Good times 💚


There’s a reason MAHE and I prefer to keep politics away from the site. Almost always divisive and will eventually get personal.

By the time I found out how the discourse was heading yesterday,there were so many politically motivated comments that I thought I would let them go,along with my usual plea for a change back to football. When I realised that virtually all of the comments were in agreement,that they could pass probably as social comment,I decided to leave well alone. It would have taken me ages to delete them all by then anyway!

Of course,a read back later confirms my worst fears once that particular genie is out of the bottle. So to all our contributors,please stay away from the subject,stay away from the personal stuff. Etc. The site is an enjoyable read the way it is,we don’t need controversy just for the sake of it.

I’ll leave every comment in place as they were posted,so that our readers fully understand why we should avoid certain subjects.


Leggy 8.09am

The beach end was amazing … think Aberdeen moved us as, a bit like the Huns, they were fed up seeing far too many Tims enjoying themselves …

As a youngster I always read that Aberdeen was an “all seater stadium” my first visit circa 88…. Couldn’t believe that the wooden benches were classed as seats

Favourite memory of the beach end (might have been the Billy Stark extra time game) 15mins into the game a Celtic fan totally blitzed walking up one of the aisles holding up 2 “spares” … don’t think he realised that he was actually in the stadium … 🙂



Worse was when we were in the town end and the buses were parked at the beach end. It was like the Normandy landings trying to get aboard.

A thing of beauty

A positive outlook and hopefully you are correct. We will learn from the campaign and use it as a driving force for next year.
Yep that was some read back this morning but mostly it was TLR and Mags batting back and forth with their infeasibly large brains and way above my intelligence levels. The main thing to come out it all is that TLR has had positive news on his health and we can all be happy about that. Special mention to CB and CFC who also engaged in the debate. They are far braver than me!!
Right, off to spin class then a wee trip to the shops. Hopefully the dons will do us a turn but the Huns don’t usually drop points twice in a row at home. As for us tomorrow, the livi carpet awaits tomorrow. I’m with Mahe, let’s just go for them. I want to see our high press back and squeeze the life out them. I know we have a big game midweek but we’ve been half paced in a lot of league games this season. If we play like that against livi they’ll just sit in and defend all day. Attack attack attack!!


LEGGY et al

VIZ Top Tips…

Next time you have a “wee day hoot” planned,save yourself a fortune by having a pint of whatever Souness has been on.

Big Audio Dynamite

GFTB, I should have said that 66, with winning our first title in 12 years, proved that we were gonna be the real deal.

I’ll bet the Huns thought us winning the cups in 65 was some kind of blip …wouldn’t have taken long for reality to set in 😉


Bobby 8.41am

Funnily enough we always got tickets for pittodrie easier than anywhere else, actually had extra anytime we went there, pre mobile phone days we ended up with a few extra for a Sunday night game the old 6.05pm (think it was that time) the old Sky contract, home “early” on the Saturday night as the St James bus from Kirkshaws in Coatbridge was still leaving at 8am as they stopped off in Inverbervie for a wee pool tourney for one of the members who had passed away at a young age …. Anyhow I phoned one of my mates on the Saturday night to see if he fancied going (on the old house phone no mobiles back then) he cleared it with his missus so told him the leaving time was 8am…next day in the hotel in Inverbervie after a few pints he says we better get in the bus it’s nearly 2pm, he thought it was a 3pm kick off …. Has to phone his missus on the hotel pay phone to explain he didn’t realise it was a 6.05pm kick off …. We got back to Coatbridge around midnight …. Whit a day 8am-midnight … funnily enough I canny remember the score just remember his missus going aff her heid on the hotel pay phone while we were all buckled laughing ….

I know Aberdeen is a few hours away but still laugh at leaving at 8am for a 6.05pm kick off 🙂



Completely agree we can get prepped for Europe by playing at the level of intensity required in domestic games.

Yesterday in pub a few of us were discussing the clear difference with our players in league games – extra time on ball, take a few extra touches and less fear a stray pass wil hurt! Therefore, a lot more confidence.

Europe. – hot potatoes and panic stations

Get it going one or two touches v Livi ( plastic hardboard pitch …notwithstanding )

Prestonpans bhoys


Well said👏👏👏👏👏👏

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