Leaves are falling, and the league titles calling

That’s our busiest month yet out of the way, with pass marks. October was always going to sober up the supporters’ expectations, or sober up those clubs who dream of snatching the title. Thankfully, it’s been the latter.
We had one domestic blip which seemed to focus hearts and minds rather than derail the league leaders. One loss is totally understandable, providing the response to that defeat is correct, and it was.
Cream rises, and this current squad have certainly risen to the occasion and the league tables summit.
Another away win.
Another three goals.
Captains not missed.
Defenders chipping in with goals.
A new spine has benefitted the team.
Boy Wonder is back with a bang.
October truly belonged to Ange and the Bhoys.
November is brief, footballing wise, as is December. The remaining seven domestic fixtures of 2022 affords us the opportunity to put the first half of the season behind in style.
It’s clearly not beyond this bunch to win them all, and what a statement that would be.
Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good bhoy so my wish this year is 21 points to end ’22 delightfully and set up a very happy ’23.
Yours, Mahe.

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Craig 76
Big Audio Dynamite

Looks a player, our new Japanese interest. https://youtu.be/7cOWVSqm6YU


16roads 1.45am

1888 🙂

The train station is Coatbridge Sunnyside … I live minutes from there

Scruffy Murphys … back in the day might have been the Irish boozer … the Wolfe Tonnes actually played in it one night … the tickets were like gold dust… on a Saturday some supporter buses stopped off there on way back to Edinburgh

Although there was another “Irish” bar in the Main Street …. But Scruffies was legendary

Could tell you a few stories about back then … but definitely not on an open forum 🙂


Happy Liquidation day folks, never let them forget 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️



Thanks for the reminder. Might use that later if I head out.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends.
Mahe, I agree that October was a very successful month. But can you remind me what our “one domestic blip” was? Or are the days flying by quicker than you remember? 🙂



Great stuff. Yes,after our horrendous time in Paisley-who hasn’t had one of them-we have responded with five straight league wins. The remaining games before New Year are certainly all winnable,though they come without guarantees.

So,a magnificent seven and a victory at Ibrox will certainly set us up for the rest of the season.


Early morning task completed. Trying to get Amazon not to process a refund is harder than I thought.

It’s sad that the game in Madrid will be, for us, a dead rubber and having been in Barcelona 9 years ago for a similar occasion I just hope we can cope better than then- at least Derk Boerrigter is not available for this one.

I know the jury is out on whether Ange is going to be like Rodgers and never change our approach but I suspect he is more likely to fine tune things than BR was. 2 points from 18 is poor but I am less pessimistic than I thought I would be if you told that me was what we’d get from a group that was not as intimidating as some we could have got.

Have a good day all. Dental appointment later.



Morning all,

Last night, someone, (Think it was Mags,) mentioned House names whilst they were at Secondary school.

Got me thinking to when I attended St Brides, East Kilbride.

House names were

Carfin ( That was mine !! )

Of course, Carfin was the best.

ReminiscingCSC 💚💚💚

Morning all

Early morning issue resolved. Never thought it would as harder to get Amazon not to process a refund.

Sad that our game in Madrid is , for us, a dead game especially as our performances have usually been better than those in the last 3 CL campaigns

I travelled to Barcelona 9 years for a similarly meaningless game and can still remember looking at the scoreboard with 20 to play and praying that the homesters did not get 10. At least we do not have Dirk Boerrigter available this time



Leggy 10.36am

When I was at high school early 80s, our school St Ambrose, the house names were Drumpelier, Blairhill, Lochend, canny remember the rest as I didn’t pay enough attention at school, The thing that bugged me was the school at the time (it’s now moved) was actually in Summerlee but our scheme must have been too schemey to get a house name …

I blame Bob Crampsey as that snob was the headteacher at the time 🙂



John Cushley taught me English back in the day, then well after I left the head of RE who taught my nephews & nieces was none other than a certain William Collum

Jobo Baldie

Leggy – you forgot one, the one I was in – Beaupre which, from memory is a holy place in Belgium.


Just got around to reading the previous blog.


Indeed I was at St Mary’s. St Kent’s opened just after I left. My two younger brothers attended St Kent’s.

Reason I’m posting – you referred to the ‘houses’ at St Kent’s, and said you could remember three of the four. Strange coincidence you raise that. About 6 months ago I was thinking about St Joe’s . Primary . They also had four houses:


and…… same problem. For the life of me I can’t recall the fourth. Was driving me to distraction so I wrote to the school ( well, e-mailed them to be exact) to ask them if they could tell me what the fourth house was?

Got no response. Asked a few ex pupils including my elder brother but no one has able to tell me the fourth house. Given they were obviously names associated with the town, I’ve thought about it off and on for months:

Avenue -nah
Polkemmet, Whitedale etc but I’m stumped.

You can’t put me out my misery can ya?



Aye buddy good stuff today – tho’ maybe yon folks on the West Coast are still using the ‘Old’ Calendar ☺️


I’m reposting this simply to set out what I think is the reason for the view of inseperability to put a wider perspective into that thinking.

Elvis song about being caught in a trap is very apt..

Margaret McGill
I apologize for calling anyone a hun on here!
All I was saying is that the Old Firm are inseparable.
The reason for that inseperability view came up today in a discussion when the following point was made:

“We are stuck here and unfortunately we need the others to have a league irrespective of their standard”

To which I responded:

Once the interdependency of football as an industry is accepted then Board decision can be seen in a different light.
We might not like them but at least there would be a better understanding of the factors at play, long term and short.
That interdependency and consequences is recognised in SFA Article 5 (f.) that states

[Member clubs] shall behave towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith.

The problem has been one club, recognising the protective consequences for them of interdependency and their ” contribution” to Scottish football has not acted with upmost good faith.

Celtic and UEFA now knowing what passes for football governance in Scotland have used the new Financial Sustainability Regulations (FSR) to do what SFA have avoided since 2012 in order to prevent a repeat of what Rangers have been doing since the days of SDM (unaffordable spending) culminating in Rangers having to lie to get a UEFA licence in 2011.

Until it is accepted every club is acting with upmost good faith to fellow members and SFA are carrying out their responsibilities as opposed to being forced to by UEFA, there is still work to be done but hopefully from a base of greater understanding of how football as an industry works.

My view is that slack governance by SFA put Scottish top tier football clubs, all of them, between a rock and a hard place in 2012 and clubs were more interested in protecting themselves from the consequences of Rangers financial recklessness than seeing football justice was done. That was traded off in the 5 Way Agreement which Celtic were party to but not alone.

I think Celtic and its supporters can work together to bring integrity to Scottish football, but that will never happen unless baby steps towards building trust are taken.

My point is that there is a lot more to be done before the perception of the inseparability of the Old Firm and the perception of the SFA change, but the UEFA Financial Sustainability Regulations that Celtic played a part in, are a step in the right direction when you have a member club in the industry who do not understand the concept of behaving with the upmost good faith.


Excellent summary Auldheid 👌



That’s right, the old Beaupre !!!!!

Thought there was only 5 so I’ve possibly got one wrong ???

The minds gone a tell yeee 😜😜



Really appreciate the update … is it really +10 Years After?

Feel a wee song coming on…



Jobo, oops ignore that blip, fuzzy brain
Hail Hail



I agree with ASWGL and others, you have summarised the dynamic of football leagues. Each team has to have somebody to play and compete against. In Scottish football the gates provide the major source of revenue. Interdependency is the basic dynamic that keeps clubs alive. Perhaps, the term “co-dependency” is more accurate, but that is just playing with words. Without the other clubs, Sevco is destined for oblivion. The same is true, of course, for our club.

Given that background, would you not agree that proper governance and fair referees are issues for each club(excepting one). Consequently, the only way of achieving them is through a cooperative effort by these clubs? One club may spark a movement but if it pursues those issues on its own, it will fail.

Further, do you think that the Celtic Board realise this and are not willing to flog a dead horse for the sake of glorious failure?

Who knows what soundings the Board has taken to garner the views of other clubs on these issues. I certainly do not. Yes, the Board is flawed but, perhaps, they have a clear understanding of reality.


Afternoon all.


Irish pub, Inishmoor?
Hotel, Travel lodge above Mondos?
Nightclub, Sugar Sugar etc?

Hope you are well my friend.



Shipbank inspiration indeed. 🙂



All good here … well apart from being stuck at work

I thought Inishmoor was Scottish based 🙂

Only drank in it a few times, Colour Cafe was our pub of choice if we ventured that far “up the street”

Now that I have been thinking about it I think 16roads might have been referring to the Irish themed boozer that was on the Main Street next to the old Woolworths, don’t think it lasted too long

The Blarney Stone (the old Royal) was our go too back then

Jobo Baldie

Leggy, there were definitely 6 houses at St Brides when I started. But with rising numbers I think that rose to 7. As for the name of that 7th house, no idea. Might ask your wee sister….


Brilliant lead article.


I find it quite appropriate,that the Ibrox mob were officially liquidated on Halloween. There is however, another unofficial liquidation date, that we can put in our calendar. 14th of June 2012. It was on this happy day for all Tims worldwide, that HMRC told the Huns where they could ram their CVA. This action on that day made liquidation inevitable. It would be churlish of us not to celebrate both dates. 😀😀


Good afternoon, mucker.

Hail Hail.



How to get support from other clubs for fundamental change was raised in the summer as Celtic going it alone would be portrayed negatively.

I dont know if the owners of other clubs have been contacted but we do know that Aberdeen Hibs and like clubs have concerns about the future of Scottish football. I’d need to check back for the detail but my less reliable memory tells me a report was produced..

However the call for change has to come from the grass roots ie supporters, to put pressure on and I’m working on getting an update on that tomorrow.

I would like to say more now but hopes can be dashed ( but never lost) and I like my hopes to be based on more than my wishful thinking.

The AGM on Friday might be when I’ll know.


A broad based campaign, along the lines of the ‘No To Newco’ revolt, would be just the ticket, to push for reform in Scottish football. With the introduction of VAR, more clubs are going to be cheated in plain sight, anytime they play the Huns. Hopefully, supporters of said clubs, will put pressure on their respective boards, to call out the corrupt, cheating officials, who make these calls.

Hail Hail.


This link I just received sets out what UEFA FSR is all about in summary. Worth familiarising with.


This one is a must read as it stops Rangers policy of overspending continuing.



Right back at you pal.


Margaret McGill

was it Cultrigg?

Jobo Baldie

A terrific response already following yesterday’s game and currently on course to be one of the higher polls so far this season. Keep the votes coming, please – SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM



Agreed, a grassroots initiative stands the best chance of forcing change. However, it would be a major project….too big for one person. I sense there is a growing restless in football. The super league proposal, which has not gone away, the concern about the distribution of funds down through the English pyramid, financial fair play changes, corruption within UEFA, FIFA, etc…..all suggest that there is a mood for change.

How long does it take for the “old boys” network to work itself through the SFA? I fear change in Scotland will not come unless there is a crisis of some sort.


Danny Mac23

Diego Armondo Maradona would have been 62 today.

In my lifetime watching football Matadona was the best footballer I ever seen.For me his skill and artistry with a ball at his feet is unsurpassed.

His demons,cheating and arrogance still does not negate for me his brilliance in his footballing capabilities.

I ordinarily cannot abide arrogant people but if you have an arrogance about you that is justified by your ability I can appreciate it as it is part of greatness.Eric Cantona had that swagger as did George Best and Christiano Ronaldo.

Pele,Lionel Messi,Jinky (our best)and Johan Cruyff were exceptional without the need to be arrogant.

I know there is countless more such players but for me a player who won Seria a with a team that should not have been able to be anywhere near winning it and winning a world cup for Argentina Diego is the best ever.

Watched videos of him today and was thoroughly entertained.Magnificent.


Good evening all from Shawlands.

The Star Above The Crest


I wholeheartedly agree that Diego was the best there’s ever been. When you factor in the pitches he played on, with the brutality he had to endure in what was arguably the toughest league ever, it’s incredible what he achieved.

I read or saw somewhere that Napoli had never been top of Serie A never mind coming close to winning it before he came along. There’s some great footage of him as a youngster in his Boca Juniors days messing about with the ball before kick off which is mesmerising. If I could pick 1 player to have played for Celtic at their peak it would be Diego Maradona. 2nd and 3rd are Roberto Baggio & Ronaldo (The Brazilian Original and best).


If our board has a “clear understanding of reality,” they should be able to explain it quite simply to the shareholders and fans. They know fine well of course that the “reality” of helping the Huns out of their financial hole and allowing the shameful bigoted club to continue with their ill gotten trophies staining the record books, would not be acceptable to most fans.
If reality means supporting the biggest fraud in Scottish history, what does that make us?
A decent leadership wouldn’t have gone near the tawdry 5WA. The directors have behaved disgracefully, and they know we know. That’s why they can’t face us squarely, like at the AGMs.
Nah, I don’t think they clearly see anything apart from their directorial perks.


Auldheid and others.
Problem is those presiding over the demise of Scottish football have self preservation as their main focus.
A strong Rangers is a priority for most.
Scottish society also has the same wants for most of the population otherwise these abject failures would have been hunted a long time ago.
The only problem for most is that Celtic keep triumphing despite the blatant cheating.
With UEFA putting some limitations on SFA turning a blind eye on one clubs flouting of the rules they are probably looking for some other skullduggery to hamper Celtic and assist their favorite team.


I picked up two books at the Celtic shop this afternoon. The first one:

Wim Jansen: Mastermind by Yoeri Den Busken. The book was published on 27th October 2021, and launched at Feyenoord Stadium. Dutch was the language used in the original print run. It was one of Wim’s last wishes, that the book be made available in an English translation for Celtic supporters, as the legendary 1997-98 season, had been a highlight of his career. The book is in hardback format, and is priced at a very reasonable £20. The book is 260 pages long.

The other book should also prove to be a smashing read:

Walfrid:A Life of Faith, Community and Football by Dr Michael Connolly.

Much of the material in the book, was used as a basis for Michael’s Doctor of Philosophy thesis, which was awarded by the University of Stirling, in June 2022. The book traces the life of Andrew Kerrins, from his earliest days in County Sligo, to his final years in Dumfries. The book runs to 192 pages in hardback format, and is priced at £20.

Hail Hail.

Margaret McGill



Margaret McGill

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, im going out guising tonight dressed as a 69 year old tim nae teeth specs and a bunnet, wee joan has just said you dont need to get dressed go as you are,.cheeky scouse woman🤩🤩



That’s me told!

My key point is that fundamental change will not happen purely through the efforts of Celtic alone, regardless of who is on the Board.

I do not know if the Board has made any efforts to get support from other clubs or not. Maybe you do.
Would I like to see Ranger’s record re-evaluated due to playing illegally registered players? Yes, I would.


Danny Mac23

The Star above the Crest

Seen some footage today where Diego was warming up for Napoli and basically dancing to the song in the background whilst keeping the ball up the whole time also with his football boot laces undone.Absolutely phenomenal talent and Napoli had as you say never won serie A previously and he is revered to this day.

An absolute joy to watch on the football park.Best ever.


You’re bang on the money there, with a quite brilliant description of the PLC board. With the exception of Blue Peter and Brian Wilson, I seriously doubt that any of these chancers have actually paid to watch Celtic in their privileged lives. Free matchday hospitality, free meals and other expenses on non-match days, free jollies to European away games and domestic away games. As well of course, their wages and bonuses, for sitting around on their fat arses, achieving the square-root of feck all. They really have no shame, do they?

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA nice to see you posting, wee joan sends her regards,,another true story🤩

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