2nd November – If you know your history

110 years ago … it’s 1912 and Celts have two games in quick succession. on this day (Saturday) we visit Cathcart Road in Glasgow’s Sooside on proper League business against 3rd Lanark. Damp squibs and nae sparklers on Tuesday, 5th November we play Old Rangers in the very short-lived ‘Midweek League’ competition.


There isn’t a report available for either match, but it’s doubtful Celts were taking the new competition seriously, if results are anything to go by . Our Fans certainly didn’t, if attendances are anything to go by.

1912-11-02: Third Lanark 0-1 Celtic, League Division 1

Playing Young at centre half was a success, as was the debut of Vale of Leven lad Johnny Browning.

Celtic’s left wing pair was thus Johnny Browning and Johnny Brown! With Brownlie in goal and Brown at Outside Left for the HiHi… commentator’ nightmare. 1912 VAR would sort …

Patsy Gallagher grabs the only goal of the game.

Third Lanark:
Brownlie, Armstrong and Orr; Steel, Hannah and Mainds; Rankin, Fairfoull, Whittle, Hosie and Brown

Mulrooney, McNair and Dodds; Johnstone, Young and Mitchell; McAtee, Gallacher, Quinn, Browning and Brown
Goals: Gallacher

Referee: Mr T Robertson, Glasgow
Attendance: 20000

1912-11-05: Rangers 4-0 Celtic, Inter-City Midweek League

Inter-City Midweek League and this is the Last game in the defunct tournament.

A competition played for mainly by 2nd XIs but with a few 1st teamers

Tuesday November 5 Rangers 4 Celtic 0 Inter City League and by Friday November 8 Inter City League abandoned because of lack of interest and poor crowds


The purpose of the Inter-City Midweek League and was cater for shopworkers who, because they worked on Saturdays, couldn’t attend regular fixtures. Matches were generally played before poor attendances (only 5000 at the Rangers v Celtic game) and the competition was abandoned on 8 November 1912 after only four rounds of fixtures.

The Glasgow & District Midweek League was formed in August 1912 and played out by seven Scottish League clubs during 1912-13. Like the Inter City Midweek League which was also competed for this season, this was primarily to let shopkeepers get to a match on their day off. The office bearers were elected as follows: President John McMahon (Clyde); Vice President W Cowan (Third Lanark); Secretary & treasurer G Easton (Partick Thistle)

It was decided that all the matches would be played in Glasgow, although this Rule wasn’t strictly enforced, and each club would play each other only once.

Competition unfinished
Celtic finished second bottom with 1 win, 1 draw and two losses, 4 scored & 9 conceded.
Hearts bottom on 2pts. Rangers were leading with 6pts and Dundee next on 5pts.

1912-13 Inter-City Midweek League
15 Oct Rangers v Aberdeen 5-2
16 Oct Dundee v Heart of Midlothian 3-1
16 Oct Hibernian v Celtic 2-3
23 Oct Heart of Midlothian v Rangers 3-0
23 Oct Aberdeen v Hibernian 0-2
23 Oct Celtic v Dundee 0-2
29 Oct Rangers v Hibernian 2-1
30 Oct Heart of Midlothian v Aberdeen 1-0
30 Oct Dundee v Celtic 1-1
5 Nov Rangers v Celtic 4-0
6 Nov Aberdeen v Dundee 3-2
6 Nov Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian 2-0

John (smiley) Browning b 29th Nov 1888 Dumbarton d. Alexandria 1964

Made the first of 214 appearances (65 goals) in the Third Lanark game ( above).

Won 4 leagues in a row 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917 and a Scottish Cup in 1914 plus a few Glasgow Cups and one Scotland Cap.

Achieved notoriety when he was found guilty of paying a Bo’ness player £30 to throw a 2nd Division game ( after he left Celts ) – was sentenced to 60 Days Hard Labour

Folks This ‘character’ is really worth checking out.

Note: There’s absolutely no truth in the rumour he played alongside David66 in the Sons’ reserve team…

In other news ..


General stuff:

1875 Verney Cameroon reaches Benguela in Angola, from Africa’s east coast, 1st European to cross equatorial Africa

1917 Balfour Declaration proclaims support for a Jewish state in Palestine

1930 Coronation of Ras Tafari Makonnen as Haile Selassie I, 225th Emperor of Ethiopian Solmonic Dynasty

1949 The Netherlands recognizes its former colony Indonesia as a sovereign state

1966 The Cuban Adjustment Act comes into force, allowing 123,000 Cubans opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the US

1970 Matthews’ Southern Comfort at No1 with ‘ Woodstock’

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuffabove is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

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Big Audio Dynamite

Another great read, SeS.

Celtic Wiki is a great source of info for any Celtic fanatic.
I’ve been using it a lot since you introduced it here 👍

Big Audio Dynamite

There’s a moose loose aboot this hoose



A fine read on a very red south Ayrshire sky morning (there a storm coming) 👍👏

5 things that get battered in Glasgow
1 – Fish
2 – Sausage
3 – Pizza
4 – Mars bar
5 – The Huns

Yes I stole that from Twitter 😃



Had never heard of the midweek league before.

Speaking of commentator’s nightmares,that great Hibs team of the early 70s had a Brownlie,Blackley,Black-and even a Hazel!

Big Audio Dynamite

Read that the Huns have only spent £50k on their midfield in the last 5 years. 👀
That can’t possibly be true, can it??

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, saltires love reading your posts with a cup of coffee in the morning, talking of third lanark ,remember my uncle packy taking me to cathkin park, was only about 10 or 11, the only thing i remember about it was the grass growing on the terracing,.another true story🤩



Thanks for the tip on the Whiting Bay blog. I am working my way through it.


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy European Matchday to all who post or lurk on here. Thanks for the lead article SeS which I’ll now enjoy whilst eating my cornflakes!


As per – informational and engaging in equal measure. I’d never heard that before – Brown and Browning.

Reminded me of days gone by ( albeit not that far back) of Celtic fans looking for us to sign the left winger Arthur Graham from Aberdeen, just so we could have a front line of Arthur, Conn n’ Doyle.

Great line in the Telegraph today:

‘Ajax…made the tactically wise move of selecting 11 better players.’😂



Oh,that is twisting the knife!


POTY Competition

Jobo Baldie

Thanks Bobby. Hopefully most folk have difficulty in narrowing down our best performers tonight to just 3. It might be interesting at some point to compare the MOTM votes for our European games with our domestic performances – is there consistency in terms of who our better players are or do some only shine in one of those environments? Really looking forward to us testing ourselves tonight. Kick off 5.45pm.



Off to my local for tonight’s match,as it has been pointed out that I’ve not even been in it for over two months! I’ve told the lads I’m meeting that I’m not expecting a glorious result,but am confident of putting on a decent performance.

bada bing1

If the huns had forfeited every game, they would have been 2 goals better off..



Not an expert on Huns recruitment but I’ve seen that mentioned before.
They suggest they’ve only spent £50k on Kamara.
The rest are frees/ loans -Jack, Lundstrum, Davis, Arfield, Sands, Tillman maybe Aribo when he was there. The new treatment table guy Lawrence too.

You don’t get a lot of quality for next to feck all!


No resale value on any of that rubbish either.

They are in serious trouble regarding replacing an ageing/ uninterested group of players.



Early seventies – At lunchtime and after school we would play football at Cathkin, parts of the terracing that remained had become well overgrown with weeds.
It was like a dilapidated wee amphitheatre!


Folks thanks for kind comments and great to see memories stirred. Appreciate sharing your stories and stored here for our future generations

BAD – aye the work those folk at Celticwiki put in, defies gravity .. the soar in estimation

craig – yer a ver, very naughty bhoy .. but that’s been pinched & shared noo 😂

Bobby – aye and no replays or var in 1912 … folk paid much more attention to action on pitch it was all they had – trust the clan are all good in Madrid?

Twisty – aye remember that Arthur Graham story .. now you mention it. The Telegraph – oh dear! They getting it from all angles 👏🏻

Jobo – enjoy your cornflakes (other cereals are available ) banned myself from cereals about 5 years ago, but still crave them. The 3 best players tonite hope all are in attack or midfield .. hope nae keeper or legion of the rearguard brave lads etc…- would take a draw but want a win!!! Dreamer, I know…

The weather btw – folk travelling to Paradise for beamback or bars – now seeing warnings about trains on Ayrshire via Paisley disrupted ..

. keep safe folks

Morning all

Fascinating article. Never knew such a competition existed. Imagine holding a competition for shopworkers on early closing day nowadays. Not that there is such a thing as an early closing day these days.

Some great names in that Celtic team although I think that between the 6-,in-a Row and 4-I-A-R teams Celtic endured something of a lean spell.

Good luck to the Bhoys tonight




Still on the hunt for tickets,but having a ball otherwise.


Big Packy – just checking your trip to Cathkin … sounds like the one in Crosshill…knew you were older but not that old. They moved from Crosshill to Cathkin (2nd Hampden) around the turn of the century (20th) , so a wee bit of clarity required … another true story ☺️

Jimbo – good point buddy – that first 25 year period must have been great for Celtic fans … we were the absolute force in the game, but just a blip between 6 and 4 in a row, as you say.




Our success for about 30 years up to c 1922 was remarkable. I wonder how many of those who saw at least saw some of that earlier period saw some of the success achieved under Jock Stein.

Given the lack of footage – well complete absence in truth- those early maestros are sometimes rather overlooked when it comes to discussions of who the great Celts were- Quinn and Gallagher have still resonated down the years but the likes of McMahon, McNair, Young, Loney, Hay, McMenemy, McAtee and McColl are known to far fewer- nobody sings about them now which is a shame.

The Celtic Wiki can be a bit frustrating- there are blanks in the records in the late 80s through to the mid 90s especially- but it is fantastically good on those early days.


Big Audio Dynamite

CFC, thanks 👍

That really is an incredible fact.

Big Audio Dynamite

Do The Huns hold the record for most goals lost in the original European cup? Just read they lost 20 goals in 1959-60.

Surely they don’t hold the record for worst performance in both the EC and the CL, that would be really sad! 😜😝


Celtic youths just scored good goal in CL v RM.
2-1 RM

BT sport 2

Prestonpans bhoys

U19 down 3:1 and just missed a sitter should be four


Could be half a dozen.
Keeper kept Celtic in it, in first half.
RM play with more pace, precision, awareness.


Just me that thinks the gaffer will start Abildgaard at centre half tonight? Neither Welsh or Starfelt can be match fit, they haven’t even been in a matchday squad let alone played recently.


Real’s youth have quite a few guys who look physically ready for the professional game.
Unfortunately only our goalie looks up to the pro game in physicality and stature.
Anderson reminiscent of a young KT but needs to bulk up.
Letoso showed tenacity and some nice skill.
Vata not got going and definitely needs to add strength and muscle.
We need to improve our sports science at this level.



U19s beat 4-1

big packy

CFC from earlier👍 SALTIRES,from earlier😎

big packy

THE LEOPARDS RIMSHOT, if you are lurking give me a score prediction for tonight, ive put 500 quid on a celtic win, im not paying its on Jim’s credit card ,FFS dont tell him ,another true story😎

Jobo Baldie

Maccargo, I’d play Abildgasrd.
I’d go with –
Juranovic Abildgaard ,Jenz Taylor
O’Riley Hatate Tirnbull
Abada Kyogo Haksabanovic

Jota and Gio on at 66 minutes.



JJ Jens Startfelt Taylor
O’Riley, Mooy, Hatate,

Abada, Kyogo, Maeda


Teams up……

Hart, Juranovic, Jenz, Starfelt, Taylor, O’Riley, Hatate, Mooy, Maeda, Kyogo, Abada


Looks like Giakoumakis, Jota and Haksabanovic after an hour, probably with Turnbull just before or after. If we’re still in it when the subs come on I’ll take that.

The Real McCoy

Tune in this evening at 17:45 for the tie of Round 6 in The Champions League Group Stages as Real Madrid host Glasgow Celtic.
With 15 European Cups/Champions League titles between them this promises to be an epic battle as the current Champions , Real , need a victory to ensure top seeding for the knockout stages.

This is The Real McCoy reporting for Sentinel Celts from behind his sofa, Scotland.
HH 💚🍀🤷🏻‍♂️😂

Mike in Toronto

Tony Watt’s appeal from his red card was successful, so that means he will be available to play against Celtic this weekend.

Dont think it was a red card to begin with. It looks like he tried to pull out of the tackle, made minimal contact and the Goss made a meal of it to try to get him sent off.

However, if Dundee United were going to Ibrokes this weekend, instead of Celtic, I question whether the appeal would have been successful.


Rebus the wife knows dippen point but can’t remember a Mrs boa but she was right across from whiting bay golf club at the top of the steep hill. Hope the whiting bay memories does bring back good memories for you.


Be interesting to see if Starfelt plays on the right. Playing left side of middle 2 was said to cause him problems when he was settling in.

In other news we need to avoid a 14 goal defeat or we will take the new goal difference record created by the Huns last night.

Prestonpans bhoys


Just saw Watts red on video celts, whoever was the var official needs removed, shocking decision

Mike in Toronto


I think you mean promoted…

this is Scottish football, after all, where most are only mediocre at best, so to set yourself apart and get promoted, you have to be really, really shit.


Thanks for another brilliant Wednesday leader. Looking at that lineup for the Third Lanark game, my first thought was:

“Where’s Charlie Shaw?”

I jumped on CelticWiki. Mystery solved.

One Celtic triumvirate that I learned as a kid was:

Shaw, McNair and Dodds.

Celtic goalkeeping legend Charlie Shaw, was born in Twechar on the 21st of September, 1885. Charlie signed for the Celts on the 2nd of May 1913-from QPR- and made his debut on the 6th of May in a Glasgow Charity Cup game at Cathkin Park. Despite standing at 5ft 6in, Charlie became a fans’ favourite almost immediately. He of course, formed a years long partnership with defensive colleagues, Alec McNair and Joe Dodds. In the 1913-14 season, Charlie conceded only 14 goals in 38 games, amassing 26 shut-outs along the way. A record which stands to this day. Even more impressive perhaps, is that from the 13th of December 1913 Charlie played a total of 1,287 minutes of football, without conceding a goal, until Celtic were defeated 1-0 at Brockville, on the 28th of February 1914. In September 1916, Charlie became the captain of Celtic FC. His predecessor? The immortal ‘Sunny Jim’ Young, who had retired from the game. Released in the summer of 1925, Charlie had played a total of 436 games for the club. This figure includes both League and Scottish Cup games. Charlie won 6 Scottish League badges in 1914-17, and again in 1919 and 1922. He won Scottish Cup winners medals in 1914 and 1923. Despite these honours, Charlie was yet another successful Celt who was never capped by Scotland. Celtic legend Charlie Shaw died in New York on the 27th of March 1938. Charlie was laid to rest in Fort Lee, New Jersey. In 2013, a ceremony honouring Charlie, was held in Fort Lee. In attendance, were members of the Celtic Graves Society and various CSCs from the Tri-state area.

Hail Hail.

All the above information was taken from CelticWiki.

Margaret McGill

last time I was in Bo’ness’s football ground it cost me £30 for 2 entrance fees 2 pies 2 bovrils

Margaret McGill

Celtic are being given the same odds against Real Madrid as Seville are being given against Man City. So……


Magua – thanks for sharing buddy always interesting

Maggs – aye – and ye could get a half decent day out for £30…

Bhoys out now for warmup


Cheers. 😀

Margaret McGill

Prestonpans bhoys + MIT
VAR is a bit like Braille. I always feel that something bad is going to happen.

big packy

MAGUA my dads,fav team was shaw mcnair and dodds geatons lyon and paterson, something something crum divers and murphy,,for the life of me cant remember those 2 players

1 2 3 5