Piling On The Pressure


Tuesday is really not a good day to be writing an article about Celtic when we play on the previous Saturday and then tomorrow. It always feels as though it falls between two stools-a bit late for a review of Saturday,and a bit early for a preview of tomorrow night! Still,be that as it may…

Saturday certainly threw up a number of talking points,starting with the number of changes from the starting line-up on Wednesday night in Madrid. Is this the mark of a manager who hasn’t a clue yet about his best starting eleven,or as I believe,of a manager who has complete faith in his squad and of its ability to adapt to regular change? Ange realises that he can rely on players dropping in and out of the starting eleven as required,and the players realise that there is a good reason or two for that.

Not least that almost half of the team will be replaced long before the finish. That everyone whether on the field or the bench at the start will be expected to be ready to play their part.

There are a number of reasons for this,and I doubt that it has anything to do with keeping players happy or even on their toes. No-one is guaranteed their starting place and no-one is out in the cold either. Players are better protected from the sort of burn-out or injury caused by being over-played,those who come on from the bench are already match fit from frequent outings previously-and their freshness is the last thing that a tiring opposition wants to see! On top of that,how does an opposition manager plan for a match against our side,how does he organise his own team to nullify our threat or expose any flaws,if he doesn’t have a scooby who his players will actually be matching up against?

I’m quite content with the rotation of the starting line-ups and of the personnel during a match that Ange has now made the norm. And I suspect that the players are too. Long gone are the days when we would be questioning the sanity of a manager for leaving out certain players as we can be reasonably confident that the player in question will be seen at some stage,and that the replacement is well up to scratch anyway.

Once again though,the unwanted star of the show was VAR,or more accurately the way it is being manipulated up here against its original principles. Well,sometimes! For instance,it was used 100% correctly in the case of the martial arts assault on G-Mak,even if the actual decision itself was debatable. The original incident happened about four yards away from ref David Dickinson-no,not the one with the orange face,this one does not have an orange face at all,though I can’t speak for the rest of him. No free kick was given,nor obviously was the player carded. 

VAR had a look at a possible red card offence,and rightly so. The decision was that no red card was warranted. That may have been the wrong decision,but there is no option for the ref to award a free kick or to brandish a yellow card under those circumstances. It is either a red card or stick with the original decision,no other options are available. Correct interpretation,even if you disagree with the actual decision.

The other two main VAR points are the length of time it took to check the validity of our second goal. Maybe I should phrase that as picking through every possible angle to see if they can find the most spurious of reasons to chalk it off. There is no need for that at all,nor for it to take so long. The fans in the stadium could have nipped out for a pie and still be back in their seats in time for the eventual decision-one which was “clear and obvious”!

And then we come to THAT penalty decision. In a fairly crowded box,there wasn’t a single opposition player who even tried to claim for handball. And certainly the ref could see no infringement,nor anyone else in the stadium. One person could though-and he wasn’t even in the stadium! When even the likes of Ally McCoist says that we might as well chuck it altogether if such as that is a penalty,you can see that we do indeed have a problem.

AP is not a man much known for irrational post-match outbursts,nor even for criticism of any kind,oblique or not. He made his displeasure plain though after this one. And rightly so. Our so-called quiet words with the SFA about refereeing decisions are either downright lies or figments of the imagination of a deluded lame duck chairman,or they are entirely ineffective. Either way makes no difference. There are two more matches before the enforced break,and Celtic and the other clubs must make it perfectly plain-no,we are NOT the only club with grievances over this!-that the five weeks to come must be used to hammer home that mistakes are possible in real time,but CANNOT be excused after the multiple angle replays available via VAR.

And nor can “clear and obvious” manipulation against ANY member club.

So to tomorrow. I haven’t a clue what the starting line-up will be,but I can state with reasonable confidence that it will be different from Saturday! I’m reasonably confident too that VAR will once again be a hot topic,and even if the match isn’t being shown by Sky I suspect that some of us at least will be watching. Motherwell are a model of inconsistency this season,though they have lost five of their last six. Their only victory in that time was ten days ago at bottom side Dundee United-who sorely tried us on Saturday! 

There is no room for complacency,but there has never been a suspicion of such an attitude since Ange’s arrival anyway. Keep up the pace for the next two games as two victories will see us going into that break with a minimum lead of seven points. That doesn’t mean that the league is over of course,but I’d rather have a healthy cushion at the top than be chasing it.

I mentioned to my sister on Sunday that it is very strange to see Steven McLean taking charge of so many higher profile matches since the introduction of VAR. He has his other role at the pinnacle of our version of PGMOL to fill his time,and yet here we are with him either in the middle or in front of a monitor every round of matches. Maybe I’m reading too much into it,but I was delighted for St Johnstone on Sunday anyway. Not least because the most hurting hun in Perth was the one who could probably have done most to affect the result-and he couldn’t!

Couldnae happen to a more deserving bloke,really…


Above article by BMCUWP

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November 8, 2022 8:52 am


Interestingly Dickinson is the man with VAR responsibility tomorrow. Gives him another opportunity to creatively interpret the rule book.
To have the same official involved strikes me as a bit strange.

Collum is the referee.

We suffer from a very restricted referee gene pool.

Jobo Baldie
November 8, 2022 8:58 am

Good morning, friends.
A lot of ponder from your lead article there, Bobby what with team selections, VAR and our next 2 games. Dont get me started on VAR which is ruining the game worldwide with every passing week. But I’ll give some comment on the other 2.
The “starting 11” is something that I no longer get hung up about, well certainly for our attacking players. The goalkeeper and 2 central defenders are likely to play the full game barring injuries. We then, normally, have 12 or 13 players who will occupy the remaining 8 places at some period of the game – some will play the first 60 and be replaced, others will know their role will be to feature in the final half hour. And some, the midfielders may expect to play an hour in one position then move forward or back to accommodate a substitute. On Saturday our non-starting players did not too badly!
Focusing on tomorrow nights game it’s difficult to know what to expect. In our home league game we had a narrow 2-1 win. Yet in our League Cup quarter final it was a more convincing 4-1. At least we know the playing surface is one of the best (changed days!) so no excuses for us not to play our beautiful game. I think we will score 3 or 4.

Sol Kitts
November 8, 2022 9:02 am

Big day today in the Kitts household, we got married 36 years ago today. I guess I must be easy to live with. 😃😇

November 8, 2022 9:04 am

Morning Bobby, morning all

PGMOL? Mad Mitch’s influence is growing!

Reading back on some of the comments re FSR ( or is it SFR?,) I share some of Mags’ cynicism. Big clubs and especially the 13 or so mega clubs will challenge something within the regulations- it is not European law I think, just a glorified addendum to UEFA’S memorandum and articles of association. Or just as just as likely in countries such as our own cheat.

Anyway, I woke up in a fairly good and am now not. Gets me in the mood for work.


November 8, 2022 9:06 am

Interesting lead BMCUWPS,

Yes, Ange is certainly not complacent and keeping the points churning in is key, yet he has one huge task at hand.

Now, it was a really good discussion on the forum yesterday with regard our European ambitions and the team moving up a level.

No doubts Celtic need to be playing at a better level in Europe and if we are going to do that, and we must, that work starts now, we know Ange’s already active in the transfer market but the players performances have to improve both in terms of individuals and the team.

We have two relatively straight forward games and then a tour, before the serious business starts again mid December.

Yet there can be absolutely no let up in our main goal, to get a UCL pot three level team gelling together.

We should remember that we’ve been here before – Brendan Rodgers’ team qualified for two UCLs in a row the results in those competitions meant had his third attempt to qualify been successful we would have been a pot three team.

Now we have discussed the whys and wherefores to death but the fact remains it took a self inflicted debacle to wreck our chances of qualifying and therefore taking up our position as a pot three team in that seasons UCL.

The bad news is we are now playing catch up at a crucial time but the good news is, if we have done it before we can do it again, this time without shooting ourselves in the foot?

As Jobo Baldie pointed out yesterday, we have little time before the UCL format changes.

It is imperative that even if our our co-efficient does not give us enough points to be a pot three side, we are playing at that level.

In the new format, there will be a league of 36, the top eight go onto the knock out stage, the next 16 will have a play off stage to see which eight clubs join the eight leaders.

Twelve teams will be eliminated, of course as all teams play eight games in the league, four home and four away it should still be a lucrative tournament even for the bottom third.

Yet all credible European Clubs will be looking at a top twenty four finish, minimum, if we agree that for the forseeable future Celtic are unlikely to be in the top eight, the sixteen team play-off looks the most likely “peak” of our current ambitions.

Nor are we likely to progress through the sixteen team playoffs, yet depending on how that playoff stage is seeded, it is not impossible to see progress to the last sixteen, it is, as I see it, more or less compatible with a knock out stage progression in the current format.

Now, it turned out we were just a bunch of dreamers, but after the UCL group stage draw this season, many of us had high hopes of progressing with Real Madrid, is it impossible that dream comes true!?

That’s the huge task Ange’s got and it needs to start now, so here’s the plan.

Strengthen the squad to pot three levels
Win the SPL ✅
Enter the UCL group stage 2023/24
Achieve European football after Christmas
Bring back fortress Celtic Park

And we are good to go to the UCL new format, we will be making more money if we are competitive and can stay playing UC League football as long as it lasts.

It really does give Celtic F. C. the platform to be a top twenty European Football Club for the forseeable future.

There’s a lot a stake, ’cause you really, really don’t want to be left behind in 2024.

Hail Hail

November 8, 2022 9:11 am

Congratulations Sol-man, a fantastic achievement.

Hail Hail

November 8, 2022 9:11 am


Mr and Mrs SOLKITTS!!!!!

(That was some wedding,that one..)

November 8, 2022 9:12 am


It was in context,Professional Game Management Organisation Limited.

November 8, 2022 9:16 am


Thank you. I am not as sharp as I once was.


November 8, 2022 9:29 am

Perhaps highlighting unsatisfactory situations such as this should be part of fan’s representation

There will be 36 officials involved over 6 premiership games, yet we get one in a capacity to seriously influence proceedings immediately after a particularly inept display.

Beaton is the chosen one for Ibrox.

November 8, 2022 9:31 am


Let’s go along with the notion that SFA’s VAR crew are still learning the ropes with this zippy new-fangled concept…

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful opportunity to have them isolated from outside world in their control (sic) room, watching World Cup games.

Concluding their verdicts and then a full review comparison with the actual decisions by The Match Officials.

Close the knowledge gaps in a safe learning environment.

To help set the scene in a modern environment pod, they could be supplied with electric toothbrushes, duvets, coffee makers, microwaves, crispy pancakes, crinkle-cut chips, frozen peas and instant custard.

They all might learn something useful.

November 8, 2022 9:33 am

Sol Kitts – congratulations on your Anniversary buddy

A strong innings… not out!

Hope you both have a fantastic day.

November 8, 2022 9:37 am

Morning all,

Many congratulations Mr and Mrs Sol Kitts. Happy Anniversary 💚


Great idea regarding Refs and World Cup.

But, Who would attend the Ludge Meetings in their places ??? 😜😜😜

HH everyone 🍀🍀

November 8, 2022 10:07 am

Congratulations to Sol Kitts and wife. 1986 being 36 years ago as well. Wow.

Now a memory test. Recent VAR penalty decisions have brought this 52 years old incident to mind

Many of us will recall the Scottish Cup win over Rangers in February 1970 , you know the one where Davie Hay scored from 25 yards to win the game. It is remembered in our family for my uncle getting a brick through his windscreen as he drove along Springfield Road after the game.

Well , early in the second half Jim Brogan was at the jungle side corner of the penalty box near the goal line – Rangers end of the field. Brogan waa isolated after a poor cross from Rangers’ left. Brogan would control the ball on his chest and either play it back to Williams or turn and move the ball forward himself. The ball bounced unexpectedly and Brogan put his hands to his face to prevent it hitting him in the fizzog. An instinctive act but also an intentional one. The blue hordes were incensed and from memory Celtic supporters thought it a rather risky thing for our player to have done. The reprinted reports from the Evening Times and Herald on Celtic Wiki make no mention of the incident but I remember other reports suggesting the ref, Wharton, got it right.

I wonder now whether these days if the incident would have led to a penalty being awarded- and whether the media pundits would have accepted that Wharton showed common sense. And I wonder if I imagined it


November 8, 2022 10:56 am


Aye buddy true

See Tavernier can’t even get 3 points for dangerous driving 😉

November 8, 2022 11:10 am


A good start to realising such ambition would be stability around the club, creating a sustainable approach to Euro participation. Surely not an impossible task?

That’s down to a concerted approach from Board level, with wholehearted support for Ange/ his eventual successor.
The signs are there that we are embracing such an ethos.

First things first- win the league, achieve direct CL entry (at least next year it’s a given) and credible performances from pot 4 when we get there.
We could be unlucky and get a team on the up like Napoli as pot 3 competition
A variable over which we have no control.
A top 24 position would be significant progress- we finished 30/32 this year.

Progress in Europe is incremental, even for the “under achieving” monolithic teams like Man C, PSG.

But getting there is fundamental to achieving commercial self sufficiency at a level that allows a measure of competitiveness, and building a successful club reputation in the only real competition that matters.

Mahe yesterday took me to task saying as much pointing out the Huns achieved some measure of success last year in the secondary competition , based on organisation and tactics.

For all the good it did them, their reputation is now completely trashed in CL terms.

They have neither stability nor sustainability, and a one off EL “success” which was a failure after all, was not built upon. They even sold their two best performers.

A lesson learned.

November 8, 2022 11:23 am

Reminder that two Superbru predictions have to be in by tonight

Prestonpans bhoys
November 8, 2022 11:27 am

Sol Kitts

Happy anniversary to you and your wife👏👏👏

November 8, 2022 11:30 am

BMCUW @ publishing central.

My thoughts = shorthand.
Long article with a lot of detail.

To my egg chasing eyes — AP is currently running with a working squad of 27.

3 x GK
2 x All the outfield positions @ 4 – 3 – 3.
OA is CMcG’s back up at DM/Pivot.
AM is MO’R back up at Right MF.

That leaves SH as the spare for the front line.
JMcC and YI are the spares for the midfield.
SR is the plooky youth learning at training.

AP’s current view of the squad / positions is that MO’R is DM/Pivot not the summer deal guy aka OA..
AM is getting the Right MF berth although on Saturday DT got a game.
SH is a big talent and has pushed himself to the front of the queue — starting 11.
JH / CCV / MOR / RH and the injured CMcG would seem to be only starters.
Everything else if up for grabs / rotation.

AP certainly has us all waiting for the M/well team to come out — good thing to me.
Keeps the opposition on their toes.

AP’s chinwag with the supporters mentioned by AH last night suggests that Jan is going to be big — which is excellent news.
Players going out / plural rather than just JJ as I thought would happen.
No matter — it will tell who is just passing through / who is wanted / who can go.
The AP growth agenda means that all of this is just part of the day job and that work is ongoing to find better replacements.

The basics getting done well — who would have thought that we were capable of such revolutionary behaviour?

My checklist / wishlist / Christmas list:

GK — promising young player or maybe the guy out on loan will come back into the fold.
CB — The “usual suspect” is a great start but we also need some experience. MoJ and SW are not good enough this season and I think that their performance levels are falling as the scrutiny of the crowd increases.
No.9 — Third choice / younger player is needed for cover and squad balance.
Winger — I think that a player who is more accomplished on the defensive side of the role is needed to balance the squad.
Replacements — for those who want to move on for bigger wages / new challenges.

Plus upgrades all across the B Team squad if AP gets the time.

The final issue is who will leave to free up space and who will leave for a big transfer fee?
JJ looks to be a stick on regarding the second category but it would appear that there is going to be more than one — interested to find out who?

The detached RH?
The ambitious JPNF?
The promising LA?
The transformed GG?

Would Ladbrokes run a book?
8 weeks till we find out.

November 8, 2022 11:37 am


Out of the four you mention in the “ final issue” , only Jota is likely to provide the funds to acquire a suitable replacement and provide significant spare cash.

Reo, Liel, GG are not at that level…yet.

November 8, 2022 11:40 am

I well remember that cup QF v Rangers in 1970.
The crack was that their manager, Davie White, suffered from “hay fever” that day. Lol.
Was it not in the build up to that game when both managers were asked what they thought the score would be? White said 2-1 to Rangers. Stein said that only a fool would predict the score of an old firm game.

Billy Bhoy
November 8, 2022 11:41 am


Interesting stuff today.

I was just thinking while driving to Paradise on Saturday that it was the first time I’d realised that I was totally relaxed about the team. Normally, I switch on Radio Clyde at 2pm and fuss and fret until the team is announced. On Saturday, I actually got out of the car before the team was announced

Does it matter if its Turnbull or Mooy, Abada or Forrest, Jota or Haksabanovic? Nope! We know we’re going to see 90 mins of Angeball – and we will win – even if sometimes it takes over 100 mins, thanks to VAR🙄

Speaking of which, the thing that really annoys me about the penalties we’re conceding due to it – apart from Hart getting nowhere near any of them – is that not one of the four has prevented a goal scoring opportunity.

From my vantage point high up in the North Stand on Saturday Fletchers header was heading back across to where it came from. The two efforts in Madrid were not going to trouble Hart and the first one awarded against CCV in the SPFL was given after the ball went out for a goal kick.

Saturday’s really infuriated me. Nick Walsh on VAR must be aware that the ball is not going goalward. In addition to it not being intentional AND the arm not being in an unnatural position how on earth has the referee made a CLEAR AND OBVIOUS ERROR??? IMHO VAR is the only thing that can stop us from running away with the title.

I’ll leave on a lighter note. Over on FF one chap has lifted the lid on why Sevco are 7 points behind and struggling. Its got nothing to do with Angeball or the fact that we’ve got a far stronger squad, better players in every position and are outscoring them. Its simply down to the fact that their players haven’t got over the death of Jimmy Bell !!

Its makes sense when you think about it!


November 8, 2022 11:45 am

VAR stuff — the Scotch Botch is in full swing.

Decision making — the time it takes.
I think that there is supervisor intervention in a lot of decisions.
We don’t have many camera angles so why the long wait for a decision.
Looks like some form of collusion / management input — with a big focus on us.


DU penalty = good spot.
He stops an attempt at goal with an outstretched arm that made his body shape / silhouette bigger.
Booking = no / it was not intentional / no vision of the incident.

The issue for me is that if the roles are reversed we wouldn’t get it.
Sportscene would agree — no matter who is on — that the MIB was correct not to give it.

GG tackle = terrible decision.
Ninja tackle that endangered an opponent / caused injury.
Should have been a red card.

VAR fail / big fail.
MIB double big fail in that he had waved play on — no foul / no caution.

4th goal = The Hunt for Red October was done quicker.
Fishing for something / anything to chalk it off.
MIB missed the push on DM by the DU CB.
DM was playing it cute and letting the ball run past him — not involved / no offside.
The DU CB then pushes him towards the ball.
If DM had touched it under these circumstances — Ludge MIB best practice would have kicked into play.
CFC goal disallowed would be my guess.

November 8, 2022 11:46 am


Great to hear those first hand accounts of games .. thanks for sharing buddy.

Yes – VAR would have awarded a pen and a red card .. ☺️

November 8, 2022 11:46 am

CFC @8.52

David Dickinson may not have an orange face, but he certainly has a blue nose.

November 8, 2022 11:49 am

CFC @ 11.37

Players going out — my best guess at the situation.
The AP feedback is that it will be more than one going out.
Rumours / gossip / scuttlebutt — lets be having it.

But remember two years ago — young JF went for big money.
Shock to most — including me.

November 8, 2022 11:55 am


Fair point about young Frimpong.
£11m? I think.

On that basis Liel comes into that category- different position but similar age, performance level.

Jota is already ahead of that level.

November 8, 2022 12:00 pm

In case you missed it.

Here is feedback from a supporter who attended a Q&A session with Ange tonight. Not sure of reason for it but suspect it’s all part of Celtic’s policy of engaging more with the support. It answers some of the questions raised on todays blog.

“Just back in from Q&A with one of the most genuine men I’ve ever met Ange Postecoglu, here is some of the words of wisdom..

Team is training well only injury is Calum who is making a good recovery

I asked him about VAR decisions
He said the referee on the pitch is now secondary to the game, as was proved by the penalty decisions VAR officials are now looking for things over and above the running of the game
Said it’s the way it is, doesn’t like it, slows our way of playing down, but that’s the way it is .

On Europe
Has never once said he was satisfied with the results, but he and the team are delighted to be there and the experience gained is invaluable, to the point that he wants to be challenging there every season, and the team will take all the experience playing in it forward

Possible signings
There will be players moving out, but he is already earmarked replacements.

Asked what his greatest achievement so far at Celtic, and his answer was pure gold, the day he signed for us

He will be with us for as long as he has a plan and improvements to the team, he is being backed by the CEO and all at the club, and as he said, long term contracts for him doesn’t matter, as like everyone, he will know when he has reached his peak.

Also he is not Going to Southampton or anywhere else in the near to long term future

He loves the Club, and the Fans and is very well settled

The future’s Bright, the Future’s Green and White”

November 8, 2022 12:00 pm

Mahe @ last night

CL revenue split — interesting regarding the mezzanine squad angle.
Use some — or was it most — of the CL money to fund specific players — fee and wages across their full initial contract.

My thoughts are more traditional / management accounts style:

10% = Running costs
30% = CL bonuses for the squad.
30% = Added to the transfer fee pot.
30% = Main Stand rebuild fund.

We made £31mill this season including the ticket sales plus we had another 3 games of matchday spend.
My thoughts — £9mill could be added to the Jan spend if the right talent is available.

November 8, 2022 12:07 pm

Asking for a friend — why would there be a lull on here around 12pm?

November 8, 2022 12:10 pm


All very positive.

Seems to confirm the view that the club is pulling together, in all departments.
Stability is good news.
Possibly not what the naysayers and cynics on here want to hear?

November 8, 2022 12:35 pm

CFC @ 12.10

Outsider looking in — AP and his high paced / all action growth agenda is scaring the exec level fartless.

The sniping has started.

bada Bing 1
November 8, 2022 12:47 pm

The desperate huns have plucked a ‘Glamour Friendly ‘ out the air for December, the mighty Bayer Leverkusen…….they will need the cash,( i bet it’s cash only) ,to pay off the manager and his entourage

But whit happened to the Ange Homecoming Money?🤓

November 8, 2022 12:54 pm

GER57 , Saltires

Thanks for replies a6nd for the Davie White related quotes from Ger. Made me smirk. A strange incident with Jim Brogan.


November 8, 2022 12:58 pm

Sol kitty
Congratulations to you both.

November 8, 2022 12:59 pm

Sol kitts

November 8, 2022 1:13 pm

CFC @ 11:10 am,

Yes, very interesting points.

My feelings are we don’t really have time to waste, what ships aren’t aligned will have to wait – we must improve and very quickly, sure we have time to transition and hopeful another UCL group stage as well as a couple of transfer windows but that’s it.

During WGS time fortress parkhead kept us reasonably competitive in Europe, but the bar has been raised. Even bringing Brendan Rodgers in and improvements across the board, especially in the domestic trophy count, we were uncompetitive in UCL Europe, making progress no doubts but one win and three draws in twelve games, no matter how credible some draws were, was not really competing, especially if you look at a few thrashings as well.

My feeling is the new UCL format is going to push the bar even higher, great teams playing against other great teams, more cash in their coffers, attracting better players.

The gap is just going to increase and if we are not on the right side of the gap, the more and more difficult it will be to bridge it.

Let’s face it, Ange has just learned he has a chasm to jump, it’s only going to get bigger.

My feeling is the Board are going to be with Ange on this mission, the CEO has stated it and of course a large pinch of salt is necessary in that regard but they know the stakes are high.

In every interview that I’ve seen or read DD always talks about that higher, bigger league that he wants Celtic to compete in – this maybe a watered down format and not his ideal but it’s as close as DD is going to get in the short and medium term, I think he’ll sieze the opportunity.

Yet, as a wiser man than I once said…

.. we’ll see

Hail Hail

November 8, 2022 1:15 pm

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sol Kitts. Happy Anniversary.

As a kid I was always told if you had time to put your hands over your face you had time to duck. Deliberate handball therefore free kick or penalty

Big Audio Dynamite
November 8, 2022 1:35 pm

Sol, Beat the old 36 year itch, eh? 😁

Incredible, mate …you two enjoy!

November 8, 2022 1:57 pm


All very positive.

Seems to confirm the view that the club is pulling together, in all departments.
Stability is good news.
Possibly not what the naysayers and cynics on here want to hear?
To be fair I think there is an underlying phenomenon at play amongst more than the naysayers who post here which might be described as Institultionalised Behaviour.

Institutionalized behaviour results from being a member of what Erving Goffman called a Total Institution, for example, a prison, a mental asylum, an orphanage, and so on. A person in a prison would be so used to living there being locked up for a long time, that he would find it difficult to live outside it.

You cannot blame folk who have had to put up with years of rule breaking by Rangers and cover up by SFA and member clubs including Celtic for scepticism and cynicism and an unwillingness to believe change is possible.

It was in all of the football Companies interest to cover up.
To bring about change it has to no longer be in the Companies interest to behave as in the past.

I would argue FSR in Scotland alone will bring about that change via the squad limitation rule. It will not be in Rangers or SFAs interest to continue unsustainable spending or SFA to turn a blind eye to it under increased scrutiny of both Celtic and UEFA.
Rangers are already on a UEFA watch list and I think money that would have gone on good quality players in the past has gone on reducing other debt to lessen the chance of breach and to tell UEFA they are going to comply. Their accounts will be interesting.

It will be in Celtic’s interest to make sure the new rules are applied and they have a seat (Chris McKay a Celtic Director ) at the UEFA regulation forming table. Chris would be well aware of Rangers unsustainable spend and the moral hazard it brings to our game AND damage to Celtic. He would have no need to tell Traverso, the lead man on FSR about it, Traverso knew from 2016 what he probably suspected before then that Scottish football lacked integrity ( my euphemism) but had proof from 2016.

Magua I think made the point about big clubs making a legal challenge to FSR and they might, but will Rangers be able to mount one given their now well known track record.

My view is that there has been a fundamental change of direction in Celtic’s business model. It is already manifesting itself on the park with more to come as discussed.

As regards the full impact of FSR in Scotland that now enters “we’ll see” territory but a visible indicator it is working will be a growing gap between Celtic and Rangers along with a reducing gap between Rangers and the other clubs.

When that happens a Churchill saying comes to mind.

When the facts changes Madam I change my mind what do you do?

November 8, 2022 2:07 pm

Perhaps highlighting unsatisfactory situations such as this should be part of fan’s representation

There will be 36 officials involved over 6 premiership games, yet we get one in a capacity to seriously influence proceedings immediately after a particularly inept display.

Beaton is the chosen one for Ibrox.
I’m working on the fans representation bit as set out in SCs Calling Out The Referees blog as well as widening the number of football fans generally that can be represented.

No promises but its worth a go.

big packy
November 8, 2022 2:10 pm

happy anniversary SOL,btw found my satnav, it was down the backseat of that ford cortina you sold me, remember, the one with no engine,,another true story😎😎have a good one pal

November 8, 2022 2:27 pm


I know what you mean,but is it institutionalised behaviour or “seen the movie before” flashbacks?

Yes,I trust what you say about the change in mindset at board level,and that they had a big part to play in FSR. But as yet,with the greatest respect,your word is all we have,and there is certainly nothing from the board.

For most of us who have had those doubts and fears about board behaviour for some time,unless we see concrete proof to the contrary,we will still be seeing the same old leopard and the same old spots.

November 8, 2022 2:29 pm


Count yourself lucky there was a back seat.

November 8, 2022 2:30 pm


The point you make about the new CL format being the nearest we’ll get in the foreseeable future to an enriched, more competitive marketplace is a very good one.
Striving for year on year involvement, in lieu of an EPL invitation, surely makes this DD’s minimum target for Celtic. Quantifying this on a Cost-Benefit analysis should be a no brainer when considering the expected rewards.

It’s an open opportunity for maximising commercial worth, inflating the value of his major holding, and significantly improving the club’s reputation.

November 8, 2022 2:42 pm

To clarify my 227 post,my use of “with the greatest respect” is in no way intended to mean that I don’t trust or believe what AULDHEID has been telling us. I most certainly do.

Apologies,I didn’t realise at the time how much the use of that phrase can be misconstrued.

big packy
November 8, 2022 2:50 pm

BOBBY just wish there had been some front seats and an engine😎

November 8, 2022 3:01 pm


I have to say that in all the levels of football I have seen since I have never seen such an unambiguously deliberate handball in a players own penalty area again. I don’t think I imagined it but I do think I am right to say there was not much discussion about it after the game.


November 8, 2022 3:10 pm

CFC @ 2:30 pm,

Yes, Michael Nicholson was enthused about the new UCL format.

“Firstly, in May 2022, UEFA announced that it had approved a new Champions League format post 2024, involving an expansion to 36 teams, a shift away from the traditional group stage format to a single league phase and an increase to eight matches from six in the initial phase.

… “There is an expectation that, once implemented, this would lead to increased media rights, which would in turn benefit all participating clubs, and we would see this as a positive development for European football as a whole.

There was a discussion about it being ten matches to begin with, this was reduced to eight initially but most think it will expand.

It really is a significant change – of course if DD did get his EPL wish Celtic would have more than quadrupled in size, bringing him a huge ROI, the type of deal he loves.

Yet it’s not unreasonable to think we can double our pre-Covid size of £70Million turnover, within a few successful seasons under the new format, that’s still significant upturn and maybe as good as DD is going to get, certainly in the medium term.

Back in 2000, he was happy to splash the cash to get MO’N in and pay for him to build a team, when the prospect of EPL riches loomed.

We won’t see an equivalent splurge this time but my belief is Ange will be backed to bridge the gap.

Hail Hail

November 8, 2022 3:13 pm

More feedback from Ange’s meeting with supporters.

I used a term earlier ” visible indicator” which I borrowed from a process called The Logframe, used by DFID before the current Tories( had to mention them but no further comments please) hijacked aid as an instrument of furthering their policies).

Here is what I would call a visible indicator of change at Celtic

Another wee note from last night, Ange has a guy in his backroom staff who’s sole purpose is to get a data base of potential players from all over the world, if for example he needs say a No 9, he will tell the guy what he is looking for, he will then profile what he has, and give Ange 4 names to study, nit only dies Ange study the Player but takes a very keen interest in the background of the player eg his life style attitude, and more importantly if he will fit into his plan for the team, he also stated he did such a thing last season, and the players background, not just playing ability fits into his overall plan