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Firstly,on behalf of my family,our grateful thanks for everyone’s good wishes for my Dad,who had an operation yesterday. Hopefully he will be fit enough soon to thank you all himself too!

And so to last night. As expected,VAR had a big say in the events,and as expected,none of the decisions came our way. I pointed out the other day that it isn’t only Celtic who have been getting the sharp end of the stick since its botched introduction only a few weeks ago,and that all of the clubs need to be vocal and forceful in getting the upcoming World Cup break used as a retraining period for those highly paid halfwits who are running it.

How VAR could decide that Jota was offside for his “goal” last night-and what a peach of a pass and finish!-would be beyond anyone who didn’t know how things up here work. And how anyone could think that the assault on Starfelt-not long back from a bad knew injury,remember-was anything but a red card just beggared belief. Late,high,two-footed and out of control. Just a yellow then.

If we tolerate this,then we condone it. It is as simple as that.

The match itself was a very disappointing affair. Motherwell have now lost six of their last seven,yet they gave us as good as they got all evening,and made us look ordinary far too often. This wasn’t about complacency,I don’t think-this was about us just not clicking on the night. Our partnerships on either flank weren’t working as well as usual,and neither were the partnerships in midfield or up front.

Which sums up the overall performance,really. Disjointed. And yet we scored three magnificent goals,even if the best one was cruelly denied us. The first,to give us a half-time lead,came from nothing-other than Matt O’Riley refusing to give up a lost cause. One excellent tackle and a low square ball across the line gave Kyogo a fairly straightforward tap in.

The second,the best of the evening,was a wonderful crossfield pass from Kyogo,followed by the finest of finishes from a very composed Jota. The linesman was too busy applauding to raise his flag,but VAR wasn’t for having it. So still only 1-0 then. The goal that should have clinched it late on for us was strikingly similar,this time it was Turnbull the provider and Maeda who finished it.

Just as well,because our offside line at a free kick shortly afterwards was found wanting,and Tierney-no,not that one!-finished it beautifully.

In truth,the keepers had no chance with any of the goals,yet they had very little else to occupy them all evening. It was just one of those games. No little effort in midfield in particular,too little invention or skill anywhere. Quite honestly,if it wasn’t Celtic who were playing,I would have found something else to do. Games like these we can do without. Yet it is getting the three points from games like these which probably make the difference between winning titles or not at the end of the season.

I just hope there aren’t too many like it.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Big Audio Dynamite

Match day becoming a hard read on here. Do people really expect us to dazzle while winning 5-0 every game?
The reality is that we are 7pts (8 with our superior goal tally) ahead of of nearest challenger.
We have won 13 of 14 league games!
We are averaging 3.5 goals per game, and have scored nearly 50 league goals already!
In almost all our games, big decisions have gone against us. (Nothing new there)
In every game we play, the opposition set up just to stop us …not play football, just be as awkward as possible.
Every week we have to deal with the referee constantly favouring the other team’s tactics of falling over when breathed upon.
Every tactic in the book is used to knock us off our stride, slow our relentless progress forward, and is all accommodated by the man with the whistle.
All that before mentioning the brutal assaults on our players! (Matt last night and Gio at the wkend) that are sometimes totally ignored!
And btw, what’s the average age of this team? I’ll bet it is really young.
They are also still learning to play together, as some of them have only been here a matter of months.
Like with all Tic teams, we have to overcome all sorts of obstacles before getting to play …and we do!!

I love this Celtic team! Watching this great way of playing the game is a joy …and when viewed against what the opposition are doing (Whatever you call that style of football) is Brazil 1970 like! As far as the direction we are moving in, I’d say we are doing not too badly. When this team clicks, teams get skelped 9-0 …how many teams win 9-0?

Wonder what Tommy Burns would have given for 10 wins like last night.



I can’t argue with a word of that. Sometimes we have to win ugly,and last night was an example of that. We certainly didn’t click,not often enough anyway,but the deck is stacked against us from the start.

71% possession,but we conceded over 60% of the free kicks? And that is a long-standing phenomenon. As an example,look at the Motherwell goal last night. Does anyone think we would have been awarded that? Does anyone,in fact,think anyone but Celtic would have been penalised for that?

Or the VAR decision against Jota. Even with only six cameras in the ground,there must have been at least one if not all five better situated to base the decision on than the one offered. And what happened to giving the advantage to the attacking side in the case of doubt?

Last night was far from pretty,that is a given. But last night still gave us three points,despite what we are up against. It is up to the club whether we will return from the break to face more of the same or not. Because we will not always get the points in the face of such blatant manipulation of the new technology.


Bobby – a good summary and delighted for the clan – hope your dad can get on here soon.

Just a point on the disallowed goal. Thought linesman had flagged it off … meaning VAR had to be able to show it was Onside … but couldn’t find the evidence.


BAD a fantastic summary on where we are today. A brave call on that ‘70 team from Brazil, but I’m sure everyone knows exactly what you mean

We chose to pay £15 last night to avoid missing anything on a dodgy stream. Motherwell deserve credit for providing that option, although we could debate all nite about the fairness of £15 when fans attending pay much more.

I’d happily set up an account with almost every Scottish club ( expect 6 this season ) to watch our team play in games not covered by SKy

Ange wants to play the right way and sense he might just deliver something exceptional if he’s backed 100%

As you say 7 points ahead and 8 if we count goal difference.

Not bad at all!

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, exactly! This nonsense will end up denying us more than just the odd goal of card. And, I’m well aware of the statistical anomalies in possession and foul counts, I had been pointing it out after every game …but last night I just went to bed a bit bewildered at some of the criticisms …no big deal, I guess ..we all view things differently.

If Celtic played like-minded teams, mate, a good game of football (Entertainment) might materialise, eh? Unfortunately we haven’t a worthy competitor in this little football out-post (Or any opposition managers interested in playing football) …in fact, our competition are more interested in trying to maim our players!. Think about it, when was the last time you watched a great game of football in Scotland?


HH 🍀

Prestonpans bhoys

Hope your dad recovers from his op, as for the article good summary👍

Big Audio Dynamite

SeS, when you consider the regular obstacles we have to overcome, it surely can’t be a big surprise we don’t dazzle every week.

And I’m not sure the name you would give to the type of football others are churning out every game (And it would be a very generous man who was prepared to pay for it regularly) but I wouldn’t want to watch Sevco and pay £40(?) for the privilege, I’d rather see how easy it is to extract my own toenails with pliers …👍


Happy with the win last night 3pts is 3pts 😀👍☘️☘️

In other matters VAR not even involved in this decision 🤔


Good summary, Bobby.
All the best to CCB following his op. Your mum and sisters will get him back on the programme in jig time.
I think the linesman flagged Jota offside and VAR didn’t have evidence(at least none that they showed us) to overturn him. What a pass and finish though.
Maeda’s goal was classy; his 1st touch was superb. Often times his 1st touch is poor but not last night.
Three points from Fir Park is never to be sneezed at.
We didn’t play that great but we got the job done. Let’s move on.
Our suited custodians must now speak out forcibly about the referees; they are pathetic. None are considered up to scratch for UEFA or FIFA. The SFA say nowt and brazenly continue to allow 19rh century style challenges, not caring that we’re totally out of step with modern football practice. Never mind, it keeps the rebel tims in their place.


BAD – aye – I wouldn’t give them 40p … even 40d in old money ☺️

Craig76 – do that wasn’t even looked at on VAR ?? That’s a penalty.


Looks to me like the five week break for the WC is coming at a good time for us.
Opportunity to recharge with only a handful of players away, and Calmac’s recuperation nearing completion.
We were flying at the end of August( DU 0-9) and beginning of September ( Huns 4-0).
Then the hiatus of enforced mourning, and the obvious disappointment of Warsaw.
We lost traction that night, duly lost to St M and then had a further disruption with the International break.

I think some are being unduly harsh on a young inexperienced team finding their feet in the unforgiving battleground of CL football and this has taken its toll domestically. With the exception of a couple of good outlier performances ( Hibs 6-1, Livi 0-3) most have been like last night.

Let’s see off RC with whatever it takes, let the squad enjoy a mid season break to regroup and go again. Then make judgements when we get to the business part of the season.

In other words give the Bhoys a break.


The Aussie trip will be good for morale and team togetherness.
Let’s hope it has the same galvanising effect as the Lions going to the States before a historic season.😀

16 roads

It’s nothing short of a miracle that we have won every league game since the introduction of VAR.

The dishonest mistakes are getting worse and are occurring more frequently than ever before.

Credit the manager and the players for continuing the momentum,in spite of the blatant cheating.



I believe it wasn’t looked at although I may be wrong. 4 hearts players call for a penalty but not 1 Dundee United player on Saturday called for 1 yet VAR got involved 🤔


16 Roads, Craig76

They missed this incident on Sportscene too ?? Nothing to see..

The examples are piling up and ironically, the tool they thought they could use to cheat even more … could come back and bite them on the jacksie

They just can’t help themselves .. not subtle.. which might have got them away with it.

Using it in every game now and The brothers are Out of control


CFC – aye that’s a good point/comparison – as someone said earlier these bhoys haven’t been together long- and C19 would preclude normal social events

Big Audio Dynamite

Last night’s red card challenge was on Carl not Matt ..it’s hard to keep up!
Last week’s karate kick on Gio didn’t even bring a foul, never mind a dismissal.

A penny for the thoughts of these young Celtic players, eh? They must wonder what they have signed up to here.
Scottish football is more UFC than A-OK …it’s actually an embarrassment.
And given the free reign the thugs are getting, it’s only a matter of time before one of them suffers a devastating injury.
Both Giorgos and Carl were lucky …this time!



Young lads joining up at Celtic only to be subjected to the usual agricultural thuggery kinda reminds me of Big Jock sending his youngsters to the juniors to “toughen them up”

Sol Kitts

A good indicator of whether Jota was offside or not was the reaction of the Motherwell defenders. Not a single arm was raised by them to claim it was offside. Not one.
The assistant ref did what he should do when the decision is tight – keep his flag down until the move is complete, then raise it and let VAR use the technology to give a factual decision. Nothing I have seen indicates that Jota was offside when the ball was played. In my opinion, the goal should have been given.


Got a mail yesterday from 3 telling me my monthly fee was being increased from £17 to £23. Not bad for unlimited everything? Quick call to them today to tell them to put me on PAYG,and suddenly my bill is £12/month.

Which is nice…



Does the attacking player still get the benefit of the doubt in cases like this,as used to be the case?

St tams

Good summary Bobby.
As you said , a real hard watch.
It looks as if the world cup break is coming at a good time for some of our players , to allow them to recharge the batteries. Hatate, is a prime example.
On the var,. I’m sure our CEO, will be on the case this morning.
But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, now we just send them to Aberdeen


BMCUW — Fair comments on our side of the game.
Peaky very peaky — they had a higher than normal SPL press and it opened us up from time to time.
When the tried to pass the ball and it stuck — we were under too much pressure.
Not good.

Think you are being a bit harsh on the game overall — if offered it would get people watching the SPL.
Much better than the dross from the low end of the EPL.

VAR decisions — interesting.

JPNF “goal” — I thought it looked off-side at the time but I was ball watching.
After every re-run it looked as if he was very marginal either way.
The visuals put forward to show that he was off-side seemed to show no such thing.
No lines in the still that I saw just some shading that could have been called either way.

We seem to be using the EPL system but with half the cameras.
It has the “Scotch Botch” written all over it — from a technical point of view.
And that is before we have the Ludge VAR angle with a “committee” bursting a gut to find something / anything when we are involved.

Comedy capers with our second goal when they went back to the M/well throw in to see if their player hitting SH? with the ball on the head straight from the throw in was a foul / interference / any kind of illegal action so that they could chalk off DM’s great finish.

M/well’s goal — they found a still and drew some lines that showed JJ playing on the goal scorer.
Again fine margins with ample opportunity to work an angle on the frame used to show the ball being released / passed — which one they offer up and how this is being optimised to show us in a poor light.

HD video / high frame count — passing the ball means that the boot touches the ball over a number of frames.
Which one do you use — should it be the one where there is a gap between the foot and the ball as the ball leaves the foot?
All very blurry and open to manipulation

Offside decision — fine margins so frame / still selection will be critical.
Early still / frame to show the M/well player onside.
Late still / frame to show JPNF offside.

Not that this matters with the CS tackle.
Full on ninja tackle that BL would have been proud of / feet off the ground at shin height.
CS was lucky / Ludge VAR was being economical with the actuality.
Needs to be called out.

Sol Kitts

Yes, but with VAR there shouldn’t be any doubt. They should be using the lines to check, and in line is onside. If the lines overlap, onside.
Funny how we don’t get to see the lines for decisions which should have gone for us…..except in Europe.


The issue with VAR for Ludge MIB is that it leaves an audit trail.
Two sets of eyes watching the game — one with multiple camera angles so the space for honest mistakes is diminished.

Any contentious decisions — two angles to work.
Why did the MIB miss it / offer a flawed decision in real time?
Why did Ludge VAR make the considered decision they did — after slo-mos / multiple camera angles?

VAR red cards:

The TW debacle — MIB missed / VAR given / Review panel appeal upheld.
The GG assault.
The CS ninja tackle.

Suggestions of a common thread in all of this — needs publicity.

Big Audio Dynamite

Sevco have only played 6 away games so far, we have played 8.
Let’s see where we are when that evens itself out.

BMCUWP et al.

Not a lot to disagree with the leader.

We have had a few of these flat displays over the last 13-14 months and in my experience we have not often won at Fir Park playing as mediocrely. Defensively we were sloppy at times and our handling of crosses into our box is all a bit too early 90s for my taste.

9 months ago when beating Rangers 3-0 I thought JosipJuranovic looked our best right back since Danny McGrain – we have had at least 3 very good ones in the interval BTW- but I think now thar that might say more about Ryan Kent than our man. Whatever the reasons, JJ does not look like the new Danny anymore. Others in the team were off form last night too.

VAR? F*ck me. I am not usually paranoid when it comes to refs but these last few games have been almost Manchurian Candidate as a result of it. The camera angle used for the Jota non-goal makes a mockery of the whole thing – absolutely useless for determining the outcome, like trying to navigate through Holland using a map of Germany . Much more scandalous though was the yellow given to Morris for the hacking of Starfelt. Collum should not have needed anybody to look at anything it was a red card and always has been. We have got away with things so far with this farce. But it will hurt us sooner rather than later.

We should be happy – and I’d still rather be in our place than Rangers’ but this season increasingly feels like the calendar year 2010 which began with 2 scandalously reffed derby matches and ended with ‘Dougie! Dougie!’ , a referees’ strike and the president of the SFA saying we were ‘tiresome.’

Have a good day.



Sorry, posted on the other page.

16 roads

SeS – Times I’m reading stories of the MIBS from yesteryear, shaking the head in disbelief.

Then you are watching the current crop of MIB cheating in plain sight,,and even more blatant with VAR which is supposed to eradicate the honest mistakes – thinking could the Tiny Wharton’s and R.H. Davidson’s of days gone by been much worse than the present cheats?

It’s debatable for sure.



It’s VAR and its margins they are fine.

Every game VAR marred, but Celtic unbowed and undefeated, sequential games and another narrow win. Laurel and Hardyesque with or without a major television company, Motherwell’s PPV seemed to rely on, an offside line afterthought which even left old pro Jock Brown embarrassed.

We all remember how difficult a job that was? yet another red card that wasn’t given, but disturbed the flow of the game anyway, it’s a miracle that Celtic beat the Jock Stein theory “they can’t chalk them all off “ again.

Reality checks required for entitled supporters that get grumpy because it’s not 5-0 every time we roll up. Playing against decent full time pro’s three times a week in Scotland does have its Celtic pitfalls, including it seems the new one.

Great jobs on the Fir Park bowling green by O’Riley, Mooy and Hatate. CCV and Starfelt resumed their tight league winning partnership, Kyogo got his goal, and GG should have got his. Rotated Juranovic played well, especially breaking forward out of defence.

Teething is temporary everything will be alright once VAR gives Celtic a decision, Won’t it?, roll out the Staggies the Paradise windfall, the Sports Bar, and your £3.15 morsel of chips

It’s enough to make you ( go and see Celtic.)



Fans had to squeeze through a two foot gap between two police horses, in the rain, in the dark, then get searched. Followed by another disgraceful refereeing performance which unbelievably had Celtic committing 11 fouls to seven ! We tried to play football but were constantly stopped by either ‘Well players fouling or falling down. Hammell given air by the BBC on the ‘ controversial’ second. How desperate must a club be to have only one ball and no ball boys/ girls. Some slackness made it harder than our general play merited and JJ just unable to play inverted but we were best and deserved it.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Please remember to vote for your Fave 3 – SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM
A slightly different take on VAR. My understanding is that all grounds have to have a MINIMUM of 6 cameras. Some, including Celtic Park and Ibrox, actually have more due, I think, to VAR being used in European games. But back to the ‘minimum of 6’ I assume these 6 have to be at certain specific points – for example perhaps 2 of them are in line with each penalty area, 2 are say 30 yards from each goal. This means that we wont always get a camera that is directly in line with an incident, particularly an offside call. But why give the impression that the Jota call was decided from the pictures coming from the camera in Celtic’s defensive half???. Is that because the camera in the other half was perhaps 10 yards ahead of the incident so the pictures from there would make it look as if Jota was well onside?
I think the linesman got it spot on here. He thought Jota may be off but as it was a very close call he did as he us meant to do – let the play develop until the attack comes to an end (with the ball in the net!) and then flag for offside. At this point VAR is then used to check whether the linesman’s decision (I.e. offside) was correct. And with just 6 camera angles VAR couldn’t show that the decision was wrong, so the linesman’s decision to flag wasn’t changed.
The problem here is with the decision to only show the pictures from the far away camera. They should be showing pictures yo win the public’s trust that the system is working. But last nights angle was a complete joke and just increased our suspicion that they are at it.
I hate all things VAR in all games I watch. But if it was to be introduced it should have been done when we were able to fund more than just 6 cameras.

Jobo Baldie

BSR – great to see you posting on this fine site. Usually, it turns out that the grass IS greener on the other side 😉


JB @ 9.37

The SPL seems to use the “Hawkeye” VAR system.
This system is also in use with the EPL.

The CL seems to use a different system that has more functions / facilities currently active.

I fear that the SPL implementation of VAR is another “Scotch Botch”.
The camera numbers / angles are not sufficient / not good enough to make full use of the system.
Consequently they are struggling to deliver accurate off-side decisions / accurate off-side stills.
The variability of their output is highly unusual / very suspicious.
Sometime lines / sometimes shading / sometimes a day after the match.
It is like giving a dog an Etch-a-Sketch.

Or it could be that old Ludge MIB trope — if in doubt penalty to TFOD2.1 / chalk our goal off somehow.

Seemingly the CL system is nextgen and it can digitally interrogate an incident from any angle.

The techie in me says that the tech is similar to the birds eye view you get of your car — there is no camera 30 feet above your car just a manipulation of existing feeds / outputs.

So in the CL they stitch multiple camera views together to provide a synthetic view of the full pitch and this can be manipulated as required with slices highlighted to show how someone’s big toe is offside.

It does off-sides in seconds — we take 5 minutes for the committee view and 5 hours for the really contentious stuff.


SN @ 9.36

What is the story with the overcrowding in our end at Fir Park — same in the LC game?
It is starting to get like the Jungle in its pomp with the crowded passage ways.

I know that the young team are doubling up — part of me wants to shout ooh er matron at this but I won’t — to get through the turnstiles.

And now there is the click procedure — pulling back the turnstile before it fully rotates to get someone else in.
Rinse and repeat until apprehended.

But …

At what point does common sense get involved and say that beating the system is all well and good — loving the real-world systems analysis on show by the way — until it all goes wrong and someone gets hurt?


Bobby & BAD
Good summaries of last night and where we are in general.

From BAD-
“In every game we play, the opposition set up just to stop us …not play football, just be as awkward as possible.
Every week we have to deal with the referee constantly favouring the other team’s tactics of falling over when breathed upon.”

Last night I started to post something along the lines of why would any decent player want to sign for us to face that every week. I decided not to bother but I think it’s a genuine question.
It can’t be much fun playing most of the game in and around the opposition box trying to find non existent space and getting kicked in the process.
It’s been mentioned we don’t shoot enough and I broadly agree. However, last night I noticed lots of times when we did find a bit of space on the edge of the box by beating the immediate defender. Trouble was as we shaped to shoot another defender appeared and we had to shift the ball sideways.
It must be frustrating playing against that eeek after week.


Regarding comments on our performance last night being below standard I tend to believe that over the last few seasons with so many games trying to get played before the shutdown a pattern is apparent. We have played 12 games since Oct International break. 7 away from home. Travelling inside Europe . It has to take its toll sometime and when you are up against teams who haven’t played as many games then on the field is where it will show. Previous seasons we try to squeeze up to 10 games into Dec and like most readers many a cold night has been spent watching a dour odd goal win against a lower placed team throughout that month. Performances ground out like last night don’t surprise me in the least prior to a break. Even with our rotating the squad it will happen. The main thing is 3 points in the bag.
Like the big man said :- if you score enough goals the referee doesn’t matter……. HH

bada bing1

The hun Neilsen never said boo about the handball,says it all…..


Dearie, dearie me!

If you critique a poor performance, you are an entitled supporter! So, does that mean there are no performances between 5-0 and 2-1? Alternatively, there is always the old crutch that poor performances can be explained by the World is against us.

Yes, of course, there can be the odd poor performance against inferior opponents. So are the performances vs Well, DU, Hearts, StJ and StM just the odd performance? When does a performance and scoreline like last night suggest a trend and not the odd blip?

Hiding problems does not solve them.

On the positive side, Kyogo seems to be returning to the form of last year, and Ralston seems to be doing a Taylor.

Finally, I also enjoy watching this team. When my kids stepped out of line, I critiqued them. However, I never stopped loving them, nor will I ever stop.



Rebus…d’ya wanna fight aboot it? 😂😂😂


Back to front names, and masons in the dark.

Crawford Allen and his cabal of around eight, are even better at rotation, than Ange. To me to you, to me to you, officials bouncing backwards and forwards, is biting Celtic harder than VAR cynics thought it would.

They wouldn’t give Walsh Beaton McLean Anderson a whistle and a VAR monitor for all the games at IBrokes would they? Oh yes, they would, amateur hour time and it’s over to our friends at Grampian TV for more pictures of sheep.

VAR is only as bad as the tools using it, and when a Beaton misses it, the real deal VAR will pick it up, won’t it? Jota was onside not only when Turnbull kicked the ball, he was even still behind the line receiving the ball, when PPV and hesgoal caught up.

The linesman’s flag is always final for Celtic never mind we’re stuck with it for all time, it’s cheating not teething.


Superbru update for Round 15

Some tricky results led to a closely grouped field with the leaders on 6.5 points and the bottom score of only 1 point.

We have a 4 way tie for 1st place, a 4 way tie for “2nd” and 10 people sharing “3rd” place.

1st- Pannysbhoy, 18 yard man, Big Archie and Jobo Baldie- all get yellow caps this week
2nd- Call me gerry, Celticrollercoaster, Nawlite andHamilton Tim
3rd- roy crappie, Gene, Bada Bing, Gary Postecoglou, vfr800, Auldheid, Tirconnell, A thing of Beauty, Travelbhoy and that eejit, SFTB

We had 6 posters on one point. This achievement was reached by Billybhoy 13, Park Road 67, The Lurkin Tim, Craig 76 and Hairlikespaghetti but the computer only awards one wooden spoon and chose Hot Smoked as the Dumpling of all Dumplings this week.

Overall, the positions are:

1st- A Thing of Beauty- 93.5 pts
2nd- Leggy- 91pts
3rd- Ayrshire Tim- 87.5

There is a 6 point gap to 4th place so someone needs to get a shift on.

By the way, I believe our top pundit may be of the female persuasion, so our best hopes for protecting fragile male dignity, when it comes to fit punditry, may be Leggy and Ayrshire Tim. I fear we may be doomed.

Having announced our £1000 donation last week, we have around £500 to allocate to prizes. I have chosen to set aside £150 of our 3 prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd on the leaderboard) at the end of the year, leaving £350 for the 4 prizes at the end of the season (1st, 2nd and 3rd plus highest weekly total). Our final 6 fixtures this year are on Wednesday 28th December. After totting up scores we will award :-

1st- £75
2nd- £45
3rd- £30

The end of season prize pot will be larger and announced later.

Thanks to all for your continued support


Pictures of hun handball in the penalty area last night on ETims.
No VAR review.
I said it last night we need to go to war on this.
It’s incredible that these guys can make such rank rotten dishonest decisions and carry on regardless.


Forgot to add that the next deadline is Saturday at 12.30 pm


Fans had to squeeze through a two foot gap between two police hoses, in the rain, in the dark, then get searched. Followed by another disgraceful refereeing performance which unbelievably had Celtic commiting 11 fouls to seven ! We tried to play football but we’re constantly stopped by either ‘Well players fouling or falling down. Hammell give air by the BBC on the ‘ controversial’ second. How desperate must a club be to have only one ball and no ball boys/ girls. Some slackness made it harder than our general play merited and JJ just unable to play inverted but we were best and deserved it.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

‘ Auldheid
The Leopards Rimshot 4.45

I dont agree.

If I were Phil I would say it’s not my job to police fellow journalist and to do so would be futile as they wouldnt answer.

In respect of lack of response I think there are filters set to stop dark side questions inundating his blog which is understandable as he isnt ever going to be flavour of the month with them.

Not suggesting you question has dark side connotations but it might have got caught up in the filtering process to take out questions he is not able to answer and let him deal with stuff he can.

November 9, 2022 5:39 pm’

Auldheid, the very purpose of being a journalist is to ask uncomfortable questions, as Phil himself keeps reminding us, yet while going on about ‘Comforting Lies & Uncomfortable Truths’ he outright refuses to ask the most important question of all, ie, Why are journalists allowed to blatantly lie about Sevco being Rangers multiple times a day every day of the week?

It is incumbent upon all journalists to ‘Ask truth to Power’ as Phil puts it but he was at that Lisbon Web Summit last week and was in prime position to question Sky Sports & BBC people about their blatant pro Sevco bias yet wholly refused to even mention the possibility of this and instead preferred to gush over his tepidly inane question on FSR he asked the president of La Liga.

As for ‘the filters’ being to blame for him refusing to answer my question, that is plainly not the case as plenty other of my comments have got through down the years and it is only this question and my ongoing query why ‘Rugger Guy’ never questions the eye wateringly high Operating Expenses in the Celtic accounts which he repeatedly and steadfastly refuses to publish or reply to and I know very well why he blanks it and most likely so do you …

It’s because journalism is one big club and we ain’t in it.

As BAD wrote last night, its sole purpose is to set an agenda and control the narrative and the truth comes way way down the pecking order when the promulgation of a blatant lie is both the agenda and its adjoining narrative.

Though I suppose we shouldn’t expect anything else from a fiction writer but more fiction.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Frodshambhoy, the stinking corruption at the heart of our game is now being laid bare match by match and the officials seem to be revelling rubbing our noses in it without fear of any form of sanction.

And as we all know nothing will be done about it, not by the board, not by Michael Nicholson and not by any journalists in a foreign country moaning into their coffee either.

Dermot Desmond could put a stop to the whole charade with one defiant statement but he knows all too well on what side his bread’s buttered and is more than happy to go along with the farce against that ‘great club with a long history’ we know as 10 year old Sevco so long as the Celtic fans’ millions keep pouring into his offshore coffers.

Ffs, even our own owner is trolling us with the pure joke of it all and has made it clear that if the fans want change then they’re on their own as Sevco is as important to him as Celtic, if not more so.

Prestonpans bhoys

No doubt our invisible CEO will have another SFA chat behind closed doors. Why he persists with this tactic is beyond me however if this penchant for these clandestine operations continue why does he not up the stakes.

Since VAR is a pyramid payment scheme and we pay the most, tell the SFA to warn their officials to be more vigilant or we will withdraw next years payment. In fact up it even more and insist on independent VAR officials😱

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