The TWISTY Naps Competition-Part Three


The TWISTY Naps Competition has been a rattling good ride so far,and we are now halfway through it. Twenty weeks of a forty week competition,truly a marathon and not a sprint!

The first half of the competition has given us a good time,but it is time to refresh the page!


It almost smacks of being a herald of a new season,and here it is again.

For the next FORTY weeks,all you have to do is offer ONE selection every Saturday.

Usual rules – 

Entries only on dedicated page
Entry is free though a quiet donation to a charity of your choice would be lovely.
Entry must be made prior to first race of the day
Competition closes on the ‘off’ in the first race ( no exceptions) 
Usual rules – £1 stake at SP
Dead heat = £0.50p win at SP 

£120 first prize
£60 runner up
£20 free bet 3rd place

Best of luck to you all!

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Updated table. Week 20

St Tams £26.00

Big Packy. £16.90

BMCUW. £16.75

McCaff. £14.58

Cosy Corner Bhoy £13.50

Weet Weet Weet. £13.26

16 Roads. £ 8.83

Danny Mac. £8.08

Mahe. £5.50

Charlinic. £5.38

DRM. £3.12

VP. £2.88

Call me Gerry. £2.25

Jimmy Not Paul. £2.08

Craig 76. £1.50

Twisty. -£2.17

Jobo. -£2.75

Jungle Gerry. -£3.00

Lefty. -£4.12

Bada. -£5.62

CCE. -£6.87

GFTB. – £7.50

Leggy. -£11.00

Chalmersbhoy. -£11.13

Gordon. -£11.50

Jim. -£11.91

BRRB. -£20.00

The Real McCoy. -£20.00


Thx for the new page.

If CCB isn’t quite ready to return at the weekend could you nominate a nap for him please?

I’m sure there’ll be no complaints from anyone given the circumstances.



Fans had to squeeze through a two foot gap between two police hoses, in the rain, in the dark, then get searched. Followed by another disgraceful refereeing performance which unbelievably had Celtic commiting 11 fouls to seven ! We tried to play football but we’re constantly stopped by either ‘Well players fouling or falling down. Hammell give air by the BBC on the ‘ controversial’ second. How desperate must a club be to have only one ball and no ball boys/ girls. Some slackness made it harder than our general play merited and JJ just unable to play inverted but we were best and deserved it.



Givenmy recent track record,he might be better going with the favourite in the last! I will do so though,and grateful thanks.


A gift of love 12:50 Lingfield
Thanks as always twisty

Call me Gerry

Early start at work tomorrow, so here’s my hopeful selection…good luck to all

2:20 Cheltenham



I will post early, too, as I can see me forgetting, tomorrow.
Santonito. 12.20 Naas.

Jobo Baldie

Hi Twisty, this Saturday my choice is running in the 1.18 at Wetherby – Dancewiththewind

Danny Mac23

Hi Twisty

Padleyourowncanoe 14.55 Cheltenham

Belated thank you for the link re kinneston.So informative and appreciated.

Good luck to all.🐎🍀


2.55 Cheltenham

Sidi Ismael

Best of luck folks



12.50 lingfield Sierra Vista

Great gesture last week twisty and well done chalmersbhoy on the win and as ever your kindness and generosity in donating your share to a worthy cause.

Good luck all

The Real McCoy

Once more unto the beach 🏖 🤷🏻‍♂️

Lingfield 2:35 Mum’s Tipple

Good Luck everyone 🤞
Thanks 🙏🏻 Twisty


Cheltenham 4.05


Morning all

Medyaf 12.35 Chelts

good luck . hh

big packy

13-45 cheltenham, tommys oscar
good luck all


Morning all.

11-45 am is deadline

Snooze ….and unfortunately….
Gl all


My Nap today is

STOLEN SILVER 220 Cheltenham

Back-up Nap for COSYCORNERBHOY,just in case he cannot get his through in time,is

SHEARER 255 Cheltenham


I’ll try

Tenaya canyon

2-35 Lingfield

Best of Irish to all ☘️

16 roads

13:53 @ Wetherby – Soldier of Destiny – NAP!

Good luck everyone. 🍀🐎


12.43 Wetherby
Minella Plus

Good luck all.


Morning all,

Shearer 2.55 Cheltenham


St tams

Wetherby 13.18
Raffertys Return


12.08 Wetherby
Imperial B G
Good luck all



Good to have you on here,Jim. I hope you are all fine and dandy!

The main site is missing you,so please pop on just to say hi. And good luck with your Nap.

Weet weet weet

French dynamite
14.20 Cheltenham
Good luck all

Celtic Champs Elect

Nap today
Ga Law 14.29 Cheltenham


ReeCeltic 3.45 Ling GLE 🏇

Musta lovea lovea 11.50 NAAS


No more folks

That was a mad rush, just remembered 3 minutes ago that it was an early kickoff on the Naps today!
I’ve chosen a Novice race today so have absolutely, worse than usual, nae idea how this bag of bones will perform…I did like the name tho!

Ah, yer Maw’s Fae Paisley! That kinda explains a lot! 🤣🤣🤣

Danny Mac23


Good winner mate.Well done.

Danny Mac23

Gordon 64

Cheeky wee winner in there with the Celtic mate.Well done.


Naps update

Afternoon all
First check suggests we’d only two winners this week, albeit two nice winners .
Celtic Champs Elect grabs top Bhoy this week with his winning selection, GA Law returning home first at a good price of 5/1.
Well done CCE- almost into profit for the season. Nice winner.

Gordon was our other winner this week with his hoops themed selection Reeceltic obliging at 100/30. Won cosily by a couple lengths to see Gordon’s total improved by £4.33.

Well done to both winners.

As always bhoys, should you spot an error please flag it up on the naps page and I’ll be sure to recheck it for you.

Updated table. Week 21

St Tams £25.00

Big Packy. £15.90

BMCUW. £15.75

McCaff. £13.58

Cosy Corner Bhoy £12.50

Weet Weet Weet. £12.26

16 Roads. £ 7.83

Danny Mac. £7.08

Mahe. £4.50

Charlinic. £4.38

DRM. £2.12

VP. £1.88

Call me Gerry. £1.25

Jimmy Not Paul. £1.08

Craig 76. £0.50

CCE. -£0.87

Twisty. -£3.17

Jobo. -£3.75

Jungle Gerry. -£4.00

Lefty. -£5.12

Bada. -£6.62

Gordon. -£7.17

GFTB. – £8.50

Leggy. -£12.00

Chalmersbhoy. -£12.13

Jim. -£12.91

BRRB. -£21.00

The Real McCoy. -£21.00


Evening napsters ( plus guests 😁)

Wee bit of added interest for the World Cup. Draw was made and a team allocated to each player. Teams are listed in order of bookies betting so the nearer the top of the list ye are I guess the better yer chance.

I’ve added a couple of other prizes to hopefully give everyone a little interest, even if you’re not on one of the more fancied sides.


World Cup winner. £20 free bet.

Runners up £10 free bet

Team conceding most group goals – £5 bet. If tied – earliest goal conceded wins.

Best 3rd place side from groups – £5 bet

As I say – just a wee bit of added interest.

Brazil. Jim the Tim

Argentina. Danny Mac

France. Saltires ES

England. BRRB

Spain. The Real McCoy

Germany. Gerry Fae the Brig

Netherlands. Jimmy Not Paul

Portugal. Bobby MCUW

Belgium. Lefty

Denmark. Big Packy

Uruguay. ATOB

Croatia. Celtic Champs Elect

Switzerland. Prestonpans Bhoy

Serbia. Chalmersbhoy

Mexico. Gordon

Poland. Leggy

Senegal. Jobo

USA. Vogue Punter

Ecuador. Weet Weet Weet

Wales. ASWGL

Japan. Jimbo

Morocco. St Tams

South Korea. 16 Roads

Cameroon. McCaff

Ghana. Mahe

Iran. Call me Gerry

Australia. Jungle Gerry

Canada. DRM

Qatar. Craig

Costa Rica. Cosy Corner Bhoy

Saudi Arabia. Bada Bing

Tunisia. Charlinic

If by some chance I’ve missed someone out please let me know!!


Hoi McCaff

When you are sucking Camaroon Bars oot votre dents… I’ll be quaffing Chablis et beaucoup de Roquefort


Santé Monsieur Le Twisty!




Thanks for all your efforts 👍

Between you and Jobo, great additions which I love 💚


Morning all
As per my earlier post- draw made for WC2. Will copy across to naps page too for easy reference ( for me)
Apologies for the rather clumsy effort on the initial draw. Gl all


World Cup winner. £20 free bet.

Runners up £10 free bet

Team conceding most group goals – £5 bet. If tied – earliest goal conceded wins.

Best 3rd place side from groups – £5 bet

Brazil. Calton Tongues

Argentina. Friedsorfer

France. CFC

England. Sol Kitts

Spain. Pitymelvin

Germany. 16 Roads

Netherlands. SFTB

Portugal. Mike in Toronto

Belgium. Ger57

Denmark. TLR

Uruguay. The Real McCoy

Croatia. Mad Mitch

Switzerland. Matt ( estadio)

Serbia. Auldheid

Mexico. Mags

Poland. Billy Bhoy

Senegal. Al Mor

USA. Magua

Ecuador. Blue grass Celt

Wales. Bournesouprecipe

Japan. Belmont Brian

Morocco. BAD

South Korea. McCargo

Cameroon. Frodshambhoy

Ghana. Inquitious1v

Iran. Auldbhoy67

Australia. Sunnyside

Canada. Steve Naive

Qatar. Jobo

Costa Rica. Stick of rock

Saudi Arabia. Tim Horton

Tunisia. ChairBhoy

Danny Mac23

Hi Twisty

Many thanks for your kind and generous world cup
prizes.Gold hearted.

Call me Gerry

Great gesture Twisty. 👏👏



Just to keep me right:


World Cup winner. £20 free bet.

Runners up £10 free bet

Team conceding most group goals – £5 bet. If tied – earliest goal conceded wins.

Best 3rd place side from groups – £5 bet

Brazil. Calton Tongues – Jim the Tim

Argentina. Friedsorfer – Danny Mac

France. CFC- SES

England. Sol Kitts-BRRB

Spain. Pitymelvin- TRM

Germany. 16 Roads- GFTB

Netherlands. SFTB- Jimmy NP

Portugal. Mike in Toronto- BMCUW

Belgium. Ger57-Lefty

Denmark. TLR-Big Packy

Uruguay. The Real McCoy-ATOB

Croatia. Mad Mitch-CCE

Switzerland. Matt- Prestonpans B

Serbia. Auldheid – Chalmersbhoy

Mexico. Mags – Gordon

Poland. Billy Bhoy – Leggy

Senegal. Al Mor -Jobo

USA. Magua-VP

Ecuador. Blue grass Celt-WWW


Japan. Belmont Brian- Jimbo

Morocco. BAD-St Tams

South Korea. McCargo- 16 roads

Cameroon. Frodshambhoy -McCaff

Ghana. Inquitious1v-Mahe

Iran. Auldbhoy67 -CMG

Australia. Sunnyside-Jungle G

Canada. Steve Naive-DRM

Qatar. Jobo -Craig

Costa Rica. Stick of rock-CCB

Saudi Arabia. Tim Horton – Bada

Tunisia. ChairBhoy – Charlinic


Twisty thank you for all your efforts. HH


Rouge star 12:35 Lingfield for 19/11/22

Weet weet weet

Lvaldi 12-20 ascot
Good luck all


Not a good day for the racing,the cards are ridiculously small and the ground forecasts unreliable.

I’ll go for JOURNEY WEST 323 Punchestown. Won’t be putting a thin dime on it though.

Celtic Champs Elect

Nap tomorrow
Run for Oscar. 14.25 Haydock
Thanks Twisty GLA

Call me Gerry

Tomorrow’s pick

3:35 Haydock
Houston Texas

Good luck all


The Real McCoy

Don’t expect to be awake at 11:05 am this morning 😴🤷🏻‍♂️

Lingfield 2:55 It’s A Love Thing

Good Luck everyone 🤞
Thanks Twisty 🙏🏻


Wolverhampton 4.30
This one’s for Fred



Houston Texas


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