Saturday sees us at home to Ross County who,although still enmeshed in a relegation struggle,are actually one of the form teams at the moment. Okay,they have won their last two matches and that’s about it,but those two results will have gone some way to restoring some confidence amongst their ranks.

Just our luck,eh?

That is not to suggest that we should be heading into the natch with the slightest hint of trepidation. Naturally,we can take nothing for granted at any time,much less now that the refs have a new toy to torment us with. Yes,as we pointed out prior to its introduction,VAR has been a roaring success in Scotland,one where Celtic have yet to be given the benefit of one single contentious decision. So delighted are the refs at their new toy that they are even using it to laugh at us by giving every decision against us,and simply refusing to explain why,either at the time or afterwards.

We can all think of a number of examples over the last few weeks,so no further detail is required here. And after all,if SFA rules state that decisions cannot be questioned and will not be explained,why should anyone be surprised at exactly that? If I could rob a bank and knew I wouldn’t be brought to heel for it,I would be a damn fool not to do so-were I so inclined. Even if my misdeeds are caught on at least six different cameras,all available with slo-mo etc,nothing anyone can do about it? Count me in!

Is this a somewhat specious analogy? Of course it is. But while the refs are picking our pockets one decision,game at a time,the real plan is for the bigger heist of robbing us of our title. Now,there is nothing new in that-they’ve been doing it for years. But VAR was meant to prevent that,not to facilitate it.

Only in Scotland,eh?

Back to the game. It is our last domestic outing until December 17th,which will seem a lot longer away the longer that absence continues! Is a devalued and corrupt World Cup any substitute for the real thing? Is international football EVER a replacement for the real thing? Not in my book it isn’t,no. Though I’ll probably be watching a lot of it anyway-as these pages have to be filled somehow!

Once again,I expect that Ange will shuffle the pack. He isn’t one for asking too much of the players,given the squad at his disposal. We will go into the weekend seven points ahead,and that is the minimum we should be looking for as we go into this interminable break. It will be interesting to see if St Mirren can give the huns as torrid a time as they gave us less than two months ago,so fingers crossed!

For once,I will give a team prediction,and I’ll explain my reasons for the changes from the Wednesday line-up. I think Juranovic will make way for Ralston,who seems more inclined to follow team instructions. I think Jenz will replace Starfelt,who might still be feeling the effects of that assault the other night. (VAR check-stick to the yellow,Willie. It’s yer favourite colour) Turnbull might come in for Hatate,who has been poor by his standards the last few games,and I can see Maeda replacing Jota. So…




I’m not brave enough to predict a score though. ATHINGOFBEAUTY has made sure of that! But having performed so well in the league to date,we have to keep up the pressure with every match. And Saturday afternoon is not the time to be thinking about sunning ourselves on Bondi beach shortly.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Good Article, Ross County seem a different proposition at home, yet no complacency three points is needed.

It will be interesting to see if this trip ia about Bondi Beach or training, maybe a bit of both, we are still a work in progress and as our European exploits showed progress is the key.

Hail Hail



Good evening, friends.
So, yet another game full of interference by VAR but where we won despite their best efforts. Should Jota’s goal have stood? Should Motherwell have been reduced to 10 for that foul on Starfelt? What exactly happened to give Motherwell the free kick that then led to their goal? These, and other questions, will never be properly answered. An absolute farce so far and everything that I feared it would be. Not at our scintillating best last night but still managed another away win to maintain our 7-point lead at the top.
Domestically we have now played 16, winning 15 and losing 1, away to St Mirren (who do THEY play on Saturday lunchtime?). We have scored 56 and conceded 12.
As for the voting, really big thanks this week to the 66 who emailed me with their 3 personal superstars. The turnout was particularly impressive given the lack of obvious live coverage of the game. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –
Hart: 0
Juranovic*: 7
Carter-Vickers*: 54
Starfelt: 18
Taylor: 0
O’Riley: 48
Hatate: 1
Mooy*: 17
Abada: 0
Kyogo: 38
Jota: 8

Haksabanovic: 1
Giakoumakis: 0
Turnbull: 2
Maeda: 4
Abildgaard: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Motherwell are –
Carter-Vickers – 5 pts
O’Riley – 4 pts
Kyogo – 3 pts
Starfelt – 2 pts
Mooy – 1 pt

After 22 games the overall standings are as follows –
47 points – Hatate
34 points – Jota and Taylor
31 points – Carter-Vickers
24 points – O’Riley
22 points – Jenz
19 points – McGregor
16 points – Kyogo
15 points – Mooy
14 points – Abada
13 points – Giakoumakis
12 points – Juranovic and Haksabanovic
9 points – Welsh
8 points – Bernabei
6 points – Ralston and Starfelt
5 points – Forrest
4 points – Hart
3 points – Maeda
2 points – Turnbull
0 points – Abildgaard, McCarthy and Siegrist

Our next game – and our last domestic game for a month – is only 2 sleeps away. A 3pm Saturday home game against Ross County. By the time we kick off we will know whether a win will put us 7 points clear, 9 points clear or 10 points clear. Not a bad position to be in.

In case anyone is wondering I’ve decided that I too will take a month’s break and so the forthcoming Sydney Cup games will NOT be included in the Player Of The Year competition. So everyone can watch those games in a more relaxed manner without having to assess who our best 3 are. I hope that meets with general approval.
Hail Hail!


Jobo Baldie – interesting voting on POTY, looks like I should have stuck with my usual suspects of CCV and O’Riley, they did play well.

The “backbone” getting the votes.

Your Post @ 11:09 pm,

I’m now questioning myself about the interaction between VAR and a linesman’s decision. So have I got this right (Sol Kitts or anyone else for that matter).
If in normal play there seems no doubt at all that a player is offside then the linesman should flag as they have always done.
If the call is anywhere near tight, linesmen should now instead let the play carry on until the particular attack goes dead (e.g. ball goes out of play) OR a goal is scored – then, they may raise their flag if, indeed, they think there was an offside. This is the one scenario that happens loads of times now resulting in the commentator mentioning ‘he was offside anyway’.
If a linesman has indicated offside AND a goal had been scored, if the VAR team think otherwise it can go to a VAR check – they rarely ask the referee to take a look because the technology should show whether it’s offside or not. So they just tell the ref the decision.
So, applying this to last night’s game the linesman correctly didn’t flag initially, but then put his flag up when the ball hit the net. So at that stage the decision was “offside”. Shouldn’t the VAR team then only become involved if they think the linesman was wrong? If they thought he was right (as they did last night) why do they have to provide evidence to show he was right?
Isn’t VAR supposed to be about correcting any obvious errors made by the officials? Last night’s linesman might have been correct. Or if he got it wrong, it was so tight that VAR shouldn’t have been looking to change it?
Alternatively, if the linesman had NOT flagged after the goal (because it was so tight so give the benefit of the doubt to the attacker) would VAR have disallowed the goal? because if that happened they would surely have had to show better lines than the ones taken from the camera at the other end of the pitch?
For the avoidance of doubt on here, I too am already paranoid about the number of VAR decisions that are harming Celtic and/or benefitting Triggers Broom. But on the Jota decision last night I can see the argument as to why he was offside, albeit by a spider’s bawhair (copyright Leggy!)

Speculation abounds, maybe Sol Kitts will clarify – we certainly need clarity in respect of the interaction between the on field officials and VAR.

Yet, we still can look at it and say the assistant referee was fairly innocent.

It could be, he see’s a “potential” off-side but is not sure, so after the goal is scored he puts his flag up in the belief that VAR has the technology to verify either way.

*VAR cannot verify as the camera they would normally use is pointing not at the play but at the dugouts, allegedly.

You say you can see the argument for why he is offside but presumably you are going on how it looks on the stills, that is far from clear due to the angle that the (half way line) camera is at.

Now as Jota is in mainly white and O’Donnell’s shoulder is in dark claret. We can tell from his standing on the circumference on the centre circle that O’Donnell is at an angle and therefore his shoulder and left arm are closer to the Motherwell goal than his feet.

Both the Daily Record and BBC Scotland produce a line that seems to be in the right position, neither line shows Jota offside.

“The line clearly shows Jota was onside”

In fact as I said in my comment yesterday, I’m confident Jota is on side and no technology will prove me wrong. Only people who look from a poor angle and guess are saying he’s offside, not enough by the laws of the game to make it so.

*If we give the benefit of the considerable doubt to the assistant referee, we can’t do the same for the VAR. Too many issues

– the camera that the VAR should have used was not following the on field action we are told so he was unable to make an accurate analysis

– the VAR did not use the camera that was on the halfway line, which is the angle the BBC and Daily Record use to construct their lines that fail to show Jota was offside

– the VAR used the camera that was on the eighteen yard line in the Celtic half, now, is it only the “eighteen yard” cameras that can be used for offside analysis?

When constructing the still that the VAR used from this camera angle which “proved” Jota was offside we see a the dotted line going across the pitch perpendicular to the touchline effectively creating a 3D shaded area, you will see the Motherwell defender Slattery’s head that is in the shaded is dotted around, presumably because it is obvious he is not playing Jota onside.

Where Jota intersects the dotted line there is a vertical dotted line going up perpendicularly which gives the effect of slicing off Jota’s face and quiff presumably to show these parts of his body are in front of the “offside” line, yet the seemingly statuesque O’Donnell (he is actually on the turn) has not got a vertical perpendicular line to show his position relative to the “offside” line nor is he dotted out al la Slattery.

Presumably this is to show that O’Donnell is in front of the offside line yet it certainly doesn’t look like that, in fact it looks like he’s in the shaded area – totally unsatisfactory “proof”.

The VAR should have said the evidence was inconclusive as he didn’t have a decent camera angle to work with, of course that would have meant the goal was offside as the assistant referee flagged – if however the linesman did flag for clarification rather than in the knowledge Jota was offside, i.e. playing it safe, then we have just changed the application of the offside rule.

Anyway you look at it, it’s totally unsatisfactory, if you use occam’s razor and look at Scotland’s officials previous… well!?

Hail Hail


MAHE and I have a big favour to ask of you,our members. We are heading into five weeks of little news about Celtic,what with a discredited World Cup in front of us. Usually,long breaks like this coincide with a transfer window,so there is at least something for us to discuss in our articles.

If any of you fancy displaying your talents with a tale of Celtic past or present-or even future!-we would be very grateful if you forwarded your thoughts to us for the Article of the Day. Alternatively,if you are unsure about this,or are just shy,maybe you could simply suggest a topic for us to explore and expand upon,and we will do our best to do it justice.

We know there is a huge wealth of Celtic experience in you all,and we would love to hear from you!

Mail your offerings,please,to either



Morning all

Cheers for posting that still from last night 👍
Jota’s still onside in my book so I’m awarding him the goal anyway



All that you say is true,except for one thing. The assistant should not raise his flag unless he is SURE that the attacker is offside. Any doubt sees the advantage go to the attacking side.

The one plus point from all of this is that it appears to have woken the board from their slumbers. Questions,apparently,will be asked. I’m quite sure that the SFA/refs will squirm and blame the usual teething problems or technology failures-cameras looking elsewhere,ffs!-but hopefully they will find out how stupid it is to poke a tiger with a sharp stick.

Hmmm,I await with bated breath…


BMCUWPS @ 6:34 am,

Yes agreed, the assistant referee should have only flagged if he was sure Jota was offside.

It’s great that Celtic are asking the tough questions – wouldn’t want to be the SFA official scrambling for the answers.

Hail Hail

Sol Kitts

Some clarification about the assistant’s role in offside decisions.
They are instructed to wait until the phase of play has ended, then raise their flag if there was a possibility of offside. This then allows VAR to use the technology to either confirm the offside or not. The on-field ref doesn’t need to be involved. It’s an on/off decision of fact so no need to look at the pitch side monitor.
The assistant raising his flag at the end of phase doesn’t indicate that he believes the player was offside, just that it was too close to call. By raising it, he is indicating to the stadium that it might be offside. It’s important to note that this is not like the umpire’s call decision used in cricket, where the on field decision has to be disproven by the technology. We’ve all seen it where a batter has been called not out, then ball tracker shows the ball hitting the edge of the stumps, and the result is umpire’s call so stays not out. In football we don’t use umpire’s call. If the decision is so tight that VAR can’t say it’s offside, then it’s onside. The assistant raising his flag should not influence the VAR decision.

Sol Kitts

That was the case before VAR. In a situation where it was too close to call, the benefit of the doubt was given to the attacking team. In line is onside and the flag stayed down.
Now with VAR the flag is raised when it’s too close to call, and the expectation is that VAR will prove offside/onside. It’s still the case that if VAR can’t clearly see call it, the decision goes with the attacking team. Where lines are drawn it should be straightforward, any gap between easy decision. If the lines overlap, the decision should be onside.
The system used in the CL is even more sophisticated, using the info from a number of cameras to create a virtual image of the incident that can accurately show a toe being offside. Too expensive for Scottish football, I guess.



Hope you and the family have a great time in Florida,mate. Can’t wait to see wee Freya’s face when she hits the likes of Disneyworld!

She’ll be like a dog wi two tails…



” can accurately show a toe being offside. Too expensive for Scottish football, I guess.”

Scottish football out of step,as usual?


Sol Kitts,

Great and clear clarification, what the SFA have to say for themselves should be interesting.

Hope you are enjoying your vacation!!

Thanks again.

Hail Hail


If it was human error and they weren’t focusing on the play then release the QTV footage of them filming the dugout to prove it…simples 🤔


Chairbhoy, Sol Kitts,

Very clear explanation of VAR in relation to the Jota Mystery.
Another more general mystery is, if the instructions on use of VAR are well written, why are they not used properly in Celtic games.
I’m also surprised at the silence over the handball in the area at Rangers 2012 v Hearts. The rules were explained in great detail to justify the penalty and booking for Bernabei last week. Looks like they were forgotten very quickly.

16 roads

So they don’t have the technology nor the equipment in place for VAR to function properly?

Purely a coincidence all the errors that have occurred in our games since it’s implementation have been detrimental to Celtic and our team has yet to benefit from any of the honest mistakes.

Beyond farcical it is.

Celtic should seek a court injunction and demand that VAR is ceased with immediate effect.




Superb dissection of that passage of play and how the goal should have stood.
Bobby, on International’s versus real football I think for those of us of a certain age there can be a little danger of jumpers for goalposts. Some great memories of football around 1970, Milan excepted and programmes like The Big Match underpin these but Mexico ‘70 is seared onto my and many others consciousness. Many reasons why it will never return to what to me appeared a feast of exotic football but I hope for all the kids eagerly following this one on class topics and wall charts that football wins out.


Did I just see inflatable kangaroos with Celtic scarfs on in your local pub 20.10 🤣🤣


Craig – aye, a whole mob of kangaroos in there .. and they don’t all wear boxing gloves …

What’s that you say skip.. Davy’s stuck down the old beer cellar…again?! 🤣

Jobo Baldie

Good morning bhoys and girls and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here. Extra love to those who regularly vote! And tomorrow’s game will be your last opportunity for that before my own World Cup break, so fingers crossed for a huge turnout and a performance where every player is in contention.
Sol Kitts, Chairbhoy and others – thanks for the extra input to VAR and offside decisions. Sol – but why, for right decisions, does the linesman need to raise their flag at all. Had he not done so on Wednesday, wouldn’t VAR still have looked and (possibly incorrectly) still disallowed it anyway? So, it’s not that the linesman thought it WAS offside, just that he thought it MIGHT have been? I don’t think that point is too widely known.
(Edited for various numerous spelling errors at 09:52!!)



That’s nothing. There were herds of purple rhinoceri with yellow spots lurking in The Plantation in Ardrossan. Dangerous buggers,and only ever appeared while we were meandering home from The Lauriston.


Chairbhoy – et al… great stuff following your chats on VAR etc.

Suppose we can only hope the eejits can’t help themselves ..have already gone too far and leaving a trail of evidence.

I missed the item where Celtic decided to take action .. is there a link to this?



The first World Cup that I was old enough to properly enjoy was in 1974,and boy did I enjoy it! Apart,maybe,from Bremner hitting the post from about a yard out against Brazil. The likes of Cruyff,Neeskins,Rep,Krol and Wim The Tim v the peerless Beckenbauer,Muller,Breitner,Hoeness and even Berti Vogts.

Plus,of course,England wurnae there!

Brazil still had Rivelino and Jairzinho,there were Bonev,Lato,Zoff,Rivera and Riva. I lapped it up!!!

The first international match I saw which didn’t involve Scotland was when W Germany gubbed England 3-0 in the old Nations Cup a couple of years earlier,Netzer ripping England a new one. Yet I don’t think he was even involved in the tournament! There’s yer fifteen minutes,then…

Morning BMCUWP et al

Thanks for the leader- part of which I, gently, disagree with.

The VAR stuff is pretty spot on however.

Sol Kitts explanation suggests to me that the benefit of the doubt should go with the attacker so in the case of Jota’s disallowed goal either the linesman has been in no doubt- and the timing of his flag raising tells me he was not certain- or the VAR evidence provides irrefutable proof that he was offside then the goal should have stood. As the camera used in this instance seems to have been set up near to where I used to work on Airbles Road and is therefore useless the goal should have stood. That and Jota being onside anyway means we have been done out of a goal. Titles have been lost on goal difference.

I’d doubt any approaches by Celtic will lead to much either. As others have said by the end of the season if the title race is all but over we’ll get lots of contentious decisions in our favour and the old chestnut about ‘mistakes evening themselves out’ will be slightly reworded and trotted out.

I hope BMCUWP’s prediction is wrong. Ralston for Juranovic is fair enough for me but I’d be very surprised if Reo H. is left out – he was not up to par on Wednesday but has otherwise usually been one of our best players for weeks. I also wonder if Ange will give Mooy and Maeda a rest given the World Cup – the former would not in my opinion be a great loss although the latter has looked lively again after a mediocre start to the campaign. I wonder if James Forrest will start as one of the wingers – he did not do much wrong when he played

Personally I just hope I get to see the 90 minutes after last Saturday’s interruption.


bada bing1

Is anyone actually believing this pish about VAR camera on the dugout? These cameras are not manually operated,they are sensor driven,geez peace.

Sol Kitts

Jobo @ 900
Imagine a situation where the assistant doesn’t raise his flag on a tight one. The crowd, players and benches assume it’s a goal. VAR always check, and they find a really marginal offside which is then relayed to the ref and the stadium on the big screen, right in the middle of fans, players etc celebrations. The assistant is then the villain for not spotting the offside, whereas the flag raised signals possible offside and VAR then make the final decision. The football authorities decided it was best to lower expectations then raise them than to do the opposite. Much easier to have everyone stopped waiting for the VAR decision than to interrupt and cancel a celebration in full flow.

Sol Kitts

If it’s true, and I very much doubt it, someone should be disciplined. It was a designated VAR camera, it had no business looking at the dugout. Especially when there was an attack taking place right in front of it. So it’s bollocks.

Sol Kitts

Interesting intervention by the Motherwell chairman after his club was being criticised for VAR camera failures.

Replying to a user on Twitter, the ‘Well chief said: “We facilitate the Scottish FA in placing them where they feel is most appropriate.

“There were a few site visits by SFA and Hawkeye and 18-yard positions were selected in both halves. We even got one upgraded (at our expense). Both were in operation last night.”

So either the SFA are not showing us the most appropriate view of the incident because that would prove they deliberately got it wrong, or they’re just trolling us by showing an entirely useless view in the hope our board would just accept it. At the very least, we should be demanding to see the view from the correct camera at the time of the incident. As all cameras are digital, shouldn’t present any problems.


Frodshambhoy @ 8:19 am,

Yes, the VAR controversy has caught up with them very quickly, we have reached the incompetency v cheating debate very quickly, not good at all.

16 roads @ 8:20 am,

Yes, I think Celtic were one of the Clubs pushing for the implementation of VAR, hence Michael Nicholson’s “teething issues” last week, so they will be pretty keen to get an operational version in place.

As many predicted, the culture with Scottish officialdom is more of a problem than the implementation of the technology – can that change?

SteveNaive @ 8:21 am,

Thanks, it was interesting what Sol Kitts said about the advanced technology, multiple cameras at different angles could generate a 3D effect.

Can’t see how one camera forty yards away at the wrong angle could possibly give us the location of Stephen O’Donnell’s shoulder relative to Jota’s quiff.

Jobo @ 9:00 am,

Yes, very interesting questions you raise, a’ guess we should refrain from saying there “at it” as long as possible but with each passing week it’s getting more difficult.

SeS @ 9:06 am,

Yes, the link that Craig 76 provides seems to be saying SunSport as the source”, maybe just another, raised it in the background issues, guess we’ll see, or not as is the case.

Bada Bing and Sol Kitts,

Guess the plot thickens as is always the case when these things are “found out”.

The Motherwell Chairman quite rightly doesn’t want his club or broadcasters to be the fall guys.

Anyway, the VAR cameras seemed to be mounted high above the same stand the dugouts were on.

Thanks for the debate and enlightenment fholks…

Have a great one – Aff oot

Hail Hail


Wonderful lead articles and comments the past few days, highly informative, passionate yet reasoned. Team for tomorrow, I think the gaffer will go with Hart, Ralston, Starfelt, Jenz, Taylor, O’Riley, Hatate, Turnbull, Haksabaovic, Giakoumakis, Forrest. Kyogo, Abada and Jota on after an hour.


Not a chance we get this amount of analysis, we get was he wearing green n white….yes….offside then


The SFA have spoken….

The SFA say they have written to the host broadcaster in light of the error.
Their statement read: “Referee Operations can confirm that during a VAR review at Motherwell v Celtic, the footage from the relevant 18-yard line camera did not capture an appropriate view of the incident.
“While the broadcast footage was only able to show a wider camera angle for viewers, Hawk-Eye technology is designed to calibrate an accurate offside decision from either of the two 18-yard line camera positions, with the subsequent VAR review determining that the Celtic player had received the ball in an offside position.
“We have provided feedback to the host broadcaster on the incident as part of our regular review of the system operation.”


Morning all,

The old VAR debate and the SFA/SPFL,

Well they’re at it, and we know they’re at it, and they know that we know they’re at it and we know that they know that we know they’re at it……..

Fixed that for everyone or am at it !!!!!

😜😜😜 HH and have a good day everyone 🍀🍀

Prestonpans bhoys

SFA say
‘Hawk-Eye technology is designed to calibrate an accurate offside decision from either of the two 18-yard line camera positions,’

Really then why bother with the other cameras, just have one. Now they really are taking the piss, I would contact the manufacturer to confirm this


Motherwell Chairman isn’t anyone’s mug btw …


The service provider/supplier might just put the cat in amongst the pigeons noo…

Fergus v Farry moment ?


If they claim it did not show an appropriate view of the “offside”- Can they not show us what it did show? The early story was that it was focused on the dugout. We can see where Ange was in the technical area as the move started. We can check it they have a 58th minute view of this.

If it was not trained on the dugout but captured some other inappropriate view- what was this and why? The purpose of the camera was to capture key moments on the pitch such as foul play and offside so it should be following the ball roughly and have a broad view of the pitch.

So what was it trained on?
The dugout/technical area?
Nice looking lassies in the crowd?
Pictures of their holiday snaps or Facebook updates?
Or was it just a snowy picture or the lens cap kept on?

They have not provided an explanation; so far they have merely proffered an excuse.

Big Audio Dynamite

How long has the game been using VAR now?
How many times have the cameras missed an important moment because the camera operator was doing something other than following the play?
Has this happened in Prem league?
Has it happened anywhere in world football?


Poor excuses once again from SFA on the var cameras. Maybe if they had paid for a better system instead of the minimum required this discussion or debate wouldn’t be taking place and Celtic wouldnt be in the centre of it all again. The guy seated in front of me at Celtic Park who is well connected within told me last week that each club only has 6 cameras viewing the game. The EPL have 32. Yes their Sky money etc helps to pay for them but once again our suits in Hampden have let us down in not trying to improve. Minimum input creates minimum output and maximum problems thereafter for a chosen few…….

Big Audio Dynamite

As the game should be about goals and excitement, what happened to the officials favouring forwards who aren’t in an obvious offside position? When did that change!? So, is this the new reality? Spending all our time talking about technology, rather than the game itself! If this charade continues, we are definitely gonna see more people walk away from football.

Prestonpans bhoys


I think these refs should be glad Dallas is in a high position at UEFA. Anyone else looking at these officials and vtheir var usage would ban them from uefa/fifa competitions because they would cause mayhem!!


Statement from SFA re Jota offside.

To which I responded.

It doesnt matter where Jota received the ball unless rules have changed under VAR. It matters where Jota was when pass was made. Otherwise a player running from own half before pass made would be offside on receiving pass if he was fast. This explanation needs clarified.

Anyone want to clarify?

Sol Kitts

Referee Operations can confirm that during a VAR review at Motherwell v Celtic, the footage from the relevant 18-yard line camera did not capture an appropriate view of the incident.

Guess it showed that Jota was onside when the ball was played, which the mibs deemed inappropriate.

Angel Gabriel

So the SFA say Jota was offside when he received the ball !!!!!
What the actual f##k .

Do they even know the rules ???

Offside is measured when the pass occurs.
Not when you receive the ball .

Beyond belief CSC

Angel Gabriel

Auldheid 11.59.

Let me clarify.
They’re at it . HH

Sol Kitts

I have just put a tweet on the SFA site asking them, “if the 18 yard line camera did not provide an appropriate view, could they publish or provide a clear description of the view it did provide?” Will now follow up with an email.

Angel Gabriel

Sol Kitts .

Can ask if they are aware that where you are , when you receive the ball is immaterial , and if they know the actual rules ??

Jobo Baldie

The phrase ‘offside when he received the ball’ is actually a complete falsehood. Why not say CCV was onside when Jota received the ball cos that would make as much sense? The offside rule as we all know starts and finishes from the moment the previous pass was played. I mean, Kyogo had no defenders between him and goal when he scored our opener (I think) – so was he “offside” when he received the ball???? This is farcical!

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