One of a kind?

So it’s a given we shall top the league heading into the break, the VAR scandal rages on, plus we shall have ins-and-outs when the next window opens says the horse’s mouth.
All that remains is to complete the remaining fixture and head off to the sun of Australia for a lovely midseason break to invigorate players and far flung supporters.
That’s basically the current CelticFC news, and with the SFAs lies or ineptitude already expertly laid bare (thanks everyone for the great dissection of this farce) my eyes look ahead to the reason for the big break.
The upcoming spectacle of football aka The World Cup.


I’ve never approached the tournament so flat.
It just doesn’t feel correct, Christmas time and all that.
It’s not even taking place in a true footballing country.
It’s so hot they shall only play at night.
Desirable human rights record.
I could go on.


There’s part of me that can’t get enough of World Cup games and this particular tournament has its own uniqueness.


For starters the players themselves aren’t at the end of their long grueling season for the first time in recent memory which in theory should bring better football via fresher, less jaded teams.
Possible bonus number 1?


Number 2 is the players themselves. We have what I consider to be the best three strikers on the globe gracing the tournament in Messi, Ronaldo. Mbappe. Each could score the goals to deliver the biggest one going, and for the first two names its their finalé while Mbappe covets that world’s best striker label and winning the cup for his beloved France would go a long way to claiming that title.
If Neymar wishes to join the world’s best conversation Qatar is his prime chance.
This battle alone makes this particular Cup ultra interesting.
Another possible bonus?


Next let’s talk about the heat. Those temperatures suggest to me that colder climate teams might struggle for instance England, Germany, Poland and Canada (delighted they made it).
The heat and time of day shall also affect the crowd, as will the limited availability of alcohol, there’s a good chance of less stadium atmosphere than usual which in my mind means better technical football rather than blood and guts style with your support roaring you on.
Another possible bonus?


Controversial or not, England continue to fascinate me given they have the biggest league in the world but can’t crack International football despite their players being immersed at a very high level. They went close last time, showing the players are learning, and this is their manager’s final mission impossible with the squad he has honed in my opinion.
Do or die time.
Die it is, and watching it always raises a smile.
Another bonus?


Actually when I scour the globe I don’t see any ‘great’ teams out there. There’s no clear favourite in these eyes, which delights me. Sure some are strong, but there’s no stand out team.


So having contemplated the bigger picture I’ve came to two conclusions.
I personally would like this World Cup to deliver one of the following.


1,,,Messi drives his team to the ultimate victory.
Folks I’ve written before how I would rather have CR7 up front that Leo, that accuracy/conversion rate etc, but I accept the chap is special. I maintain Diego’s better given he actually went and done it, but this lad is special, and this is it from his perspective.
The chat around the best ever should be judged upon World Cups, it’s the best stage for the best players. Turn it on there, or not.
Leo is often mentioned in the greatest of all time conversation but until he lifts that trophy I’m not entertaining it.
It’s put up or shut up time for him.



2,,,A different than usual champion.
Well it’s a rarity tournament, never envisaged before ie winter but in the heat thus midseason,,,
it deserves a different champion.
Not one the favourites but an outsider.
Senegal won the African Cup of Nations and are used to the heat, plus each other, and they have a fantastic talent in Mane playing arguably his best football.
Belgium have one of the globes finest players in DeBruyne, and many consider this a new golden generation.
Uruguay have won the thing before and frankly have nothing to lose by going out and attacking the World Cup plus they are used to the heat.
Frankly I would be delighted if any of the above won.


This World Cup has the potential to be the strangest ever, so a different Champion for this different occasion?.
Yes please.


By Mahe

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Hi Mahe,

Hope all’s good, noticed VAR wise, some are unconvinced still, so a bit more laying bare…

It’s interesting that some Celtic supporters and others are still of the view that Jota “could have been off side”, this is not the case.

VAR has to prove he was offside, if they can’t prove he was offside then the default was he is onside. It’s not up to the VAR to guess, in an offside situation it is a binary yes or no.

If it comes down to a subjective opinion then the decision has to be made by the referee, of course he can consult his assistant referee but ultimately he is the only one who can take a “subjective” decision.

The fact is the Hawkeye technology is designed to take out the guess work, if used properly it does.

Now one of the reasons that some think Jota “could be offside” is he’s leaning forward and his head is in advance of his body, that’s not the case and this exact phenomenon is known and is actually warned against in the EPL Q&A on VAR as follows…

… “the camera angle can make him appear to be further back or forward than he is in reality of the horizontal line drawn.

In the photo below, Eric Dier’s left knee is his body part that is furthest back, but the camera angle makes his head appear closer to the goalline.”

If you look at the photo of Eric Dier you will see that the angle from the camera to his head is much tighter than the angle used in the Jota decision.

Now it begs the question, if the F.A. in England knew about this illusory effect, why didn’t the S.F.A. Officials.

We were told they got extensive training on VAR, they have had hours “playing” with the systems before they went live.

How come the SFA VAR didn’t know they couldn’t rely on such an angle from only one camera? That “*gridline” photo that the VAR produced could not ascertain accurately if Jota was onside or not.

Now let’s run a few scenarios

No 1 – The VAR didn’t have the camera angles he required due to failures with the broadcasters, he was lost for what to do and in the rush to get back to the referee produced an inaccurate and mistaken decision to go with a far off camera.

No 2 – The VAR did have a view from the camera he would typically use, he was pretty sure the attacker was offside (confirmation bias!? ) yet the angle hevhad was showing Jota onside, so needing to get back to the referee, he manipulated the view from another camera angle and produced what he thought was the right result

No 3 – The camera that the VAR was supposed to use had a photo, in the angle he had to work with it was showing Jota onside on crosshair line calibration, he didn’t want to confirm the onside and in effect “allow” the Celtic goal – knowing the illusory “Eric Dier” effect, he decided to go for a camera at an accute angle and go for *gridline analysis as he could show Jota offside.

Now, we must consider that officials are normally given the benefit of the doubt – yet due to Scottish officials track record and the “statement” the SFA issued yesterday we must ask ourselves if they deserve any benefit of doubt for their excuses or whether their is collusion and a cover-up going on.

Do Scottish officials think it’s their job to stymie Celtic and give it’s closest opponent a carry cody!? Or are they just hugely incompetent.


A two-dimensional line, which can be quickly positioned in line with the final defender for clear offside decisions.

Hail Hail


It should be a fascinating World Cup but I’ll only know once the games start if I can get into it.

Of course there’s always interest, CCV in USAMNT think he can stake a claim as a starter, cause I think they’ll do well.

Some fabulous players of course.

FIFA have missed out on Norway and their precocious talents, interesting how UEFA have tried to ensure they’ll be there for their International showcase tournament.

Maybe I’ll get into Japan, love the culture and we have Meada – Reo and Kyogo would have made it a certainty though and jersey purchased.

Still think one of the usual subjects will get it, but an outsider doing the business may put a bit of shine on the tainted trophy.

Hail Hail


MAHE and I have a big favour to ask of you,our members. We are heading into five weeks of little news about Celtic,what with a discredited World Cup in front of us. Usually,long breaks like this coincide with a transfer window,so there is at least something for us to discuss in our articles.

If any of you fancy displaying your talents with a tale of Celtic past or present-or even future!-we would be very grateful if you forwarded your thoughts to us for the Article of the Day. Alternatively,if you are unsure about this,or are just shy,maybe you could simply suggest a topic for us to explore and expand upon,and we will do our best to do it justice.

We know there is a huge wealth of Celtic experience in you all,and we would love to hear from you!

Mail your offerings,please,to either




“This is also true of the vertical line drawn with respect to gravity adjudging offsides.”

Ffs,don’t mention gravity on here!!!


BMCUWPS @ 7:32 am,

What gravity? Kyogo and Jota were working in a vacuum 😂🤣

Hail Hail

Sol Kitts

Gravity is a myth, the Earth sucks.



You’ll be brought back to earth in a fortnight when your plane lands back in London!

Have a great time,mate.


On the subject of the Picture the VAR produced has anyine noticed you can see Ange in it…

Just as all roads lead to Rome, all pictures produce an Ange.

Hail Hail



The angle I’d like to see is one with the linesman in it. His position should be good,as he should be near the halfway line when Kyogo makes the pass. But if he is further forward,then he is less likely to be able to see the pass AND the positioning of Jota and the defender.


BMCUWPS @ 7:55 am,

Yes, if you watch the highlights you can see the assistant referee is around the halfway line when the attack starts, the correct position of course.

He does tear down the touchline and it’s not clear where he is and where he’s looking when Kyogo hits the pass (that all important time when Jota recieves the pass:)) and when he flags.

Of course once the ball looks like going in, Jota has a look over to the touchline and seems to see the flag raised.

Yet as Sol Kitts informed us yesterday, if he thought it was a clear offside he could have flagged straight away, the fact he waited until the goal was in, means it was a close call – in that situation it had to be verified by VAR.

We of course now know that, that process was flawed to say the least, in the adsence of a difinitive VAR Offside, Jota’s goal should have stood.

Good to see your Dad on the mend, hope he enjoys the game…





I’m struggling to work up any enthusiasm for this World Cup. Firstly,because of the corruption involved in the award to Qatar. Then the country’s appalling human rights record-not least of which is the shocking conditions “afforded” to the migrants who built the infrastructure,with many of them dying while they did so.

The worst,from a footballing perspective,is that players should not be having to play in such dreadful heat. Nor should the fans have to be out and about in it either.

So,checking the live matches on tv tomorrow,I see that The Championship has a top of the table clash between Burnley and Blackburn. A mate of mine from near Blackburn told me that they had three derbies-Burnley,Accrington and The Road To Hell derby.

Cyberpint to anyone who can explain the latter!


Morning all, I think today may be a difficult one, nothing specific to back that statement up, just that gut feeling kinda vibe. I’d dearly love a two or three goal cushion heading into the last five minutes! Reckon Ange will leave out the world cup players and go with Hart, Ralston, Starfelt, Jenz, Taylor, O’Riley, Hatate, Turnbull, Haksabanovic, Giakoumakis, Forrest. Jota, Kyogo and Abada on around the hour mark to hopefully increase the damage.


BMCUWPS @ 8:16 am,

Bit of googling…

Is something to do with a James Preston North End novel?

Hail Hail



So, it’s Wigan ( been there for their derby with Burnley ) and a riff on Mr Blair’s Road to Wigan Pier or ‘Boro ( hardly a derby) as a nod to Chris Rea being a Boro fan.
Or none of these things.



Big Packy is banned from answering.and not just in case he asks for a cyberpint of Bacardi and Coke for wee Joan. He must think I’m made of cybermoney!

(Which isn’t worth that much these days,apparently…)


Nervous today. After having to leave 24 minutes in last Saturday for a venture that has proved to be both irritating and costly I may well switch my phone off until the signal for how much injury time is to be played at the end of the game is raised.

These last pre-break games have in recent years been a bit awkward but they’ve also usually been 3-6 games later in the campaign. We should win- we played quite well in the league game up there and terrifically with our 2nd XI in the League Cup. We have been a bit up and down of late although the only game I thought we were pretty much poor throughout was last Wednesday. 4-0 or upwards OR a nervvy 2-1.

Still getting over that SFA press release yesterday. If SFA thinking believes a player being in an offside position when he gets the ball is in any way helping to clarify things I can only wonder if I now understand why Bobby Lennox was so often called for offside.

Not enjoyed the World Cup since the 2006 one. The last 3 have had some good games- although the most memorable match was that grotesque 2014 semi when Germany played Brazil- but the tournaments have been too long with too many also rans. Give me the 16 team events of the 60s and 70s anyday. I don’t know what date this one starts , what teams are in what group, what time of day its on and I won’t watch much of it.



Morning all,

There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job it was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses.
One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God with no address. He thought he should open it to see what it was about.
The letter read:
Dear God,
I am an 83 year old widow, living on a very small pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had £100 in it, which was all the money I had until my next pension cheque.
Next Sunday is Christmas, and I had invited two of my friends over for dinner.
Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with. I have no family to turn to, and you are my only hope.
Can you please help me?

The postal worker was touched. He showed the letter to all the other workers. Each one dug into his or her wallet and came up with a few pounds. By the time he made the rounds, he had collected £96, which they put into an envelope and sent to the woman.
The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of Edna and the dinner she would be able to share with her friends.
Christmas came and went.

A few days later, another letter came from the same old lady to God.
All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened.
It read:
Dear God,
How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me? Because of your gift of love, I was able to fix a glorious dinner for my friends. We had a very nice day and I told my friends of your wonderful gift.
By the way, there was £4 missing.
I think it must have been those Bastards at the Post Office. 😭😭😭


Chairbhoy – great stuff there buddy.

Seems the issue is no longer about Jota being on/off

It’s about how they reached that conclusion/decision.

Against a backdrop of similar issues in the previous matches where VAR was used.

My understanding that Offside is in a Yes or No category: ( happy to be corrected on this)

Clear Lines shown on screen of the ‘deciding’ image – for goals awarded – and we have seen these in games we played against Hertz and Motherwell

However, in the same games we see nothing for both offside decisions involving Abada & Jota ‘goals’.

Both of those offside images should have been up on a screen within seconds of decision made.

We were told this was the one situation where the technology is absolutely reliable/non-subjective. (Unlike handballs in the penalty areas or players being assaulted … which require an element of … ahem.. ‘judgment’)

They are lying in a hole ….and it’s getting deeper.


Agree with Jimbo67

The memorable WC’s for me were ‘70’s streamlined versions. It first expanded to 24 teams in Spain ‘82, and Scotland still couldn’t get out the group stages.

Despite having some players I admire, sadly I can’t unshackle myself from a deep rooted prejudice and I will be mostly supporting ABE. Their likely departure is in the quarter finals v France if seedings work out.
As close as they should ever get hopefully.

A comfortable win today is very possible, but so too is a turgid, desperate last gasp victory.

Either way keeping at least a 7 point margin is fantastic at this stage of the season. Time for the Bhoys to recharge and regroup, bond overseas and return to turn the screw.

We tend to push on after mid season breaks, and with no Euro distractions I can see us blowing them away December onwards.


Leggy 🥁😆



Edna,is it? When I first came down to Swindon,I walked into the local and saw some lads I knew by then. They were in company with a bunch of Irish fellas,but I joined them anyway. What with not being the shy and retiring type.

Anyway,I’ve mentioned on here before that I am useless with names,and inadvertently called one of them Edna. Built like a brick shithouse anaw,and he thought I was ripping the pish! Well,I’d never heard of the name Enda before,had I? Couldn’t apologise enough-or fast enough!-but he was fine with it. We still have a beer or six together when we see each other-but I’m sure he still hasn’t forgiven me

He keeps giving me tips for horses. Nothing wrong with the horses,as they usually win. Only… Not in the race he has told me about!


Bobby et al

Good chat on World Cups – 70, 74, 78, 82, 86 .. aye even 90… completely transfixed with all of it

In 1970 drew up a wee 2 touch heedie-kicks tournie with my pal Colin

Played every game – replicated in the real tournie – Brazil beat Italy in our game too, but a much tighter score line (11-10)

Happy to admit being a bit of an Engerluund fan then, with me Esso metal coins and a scrapbook etc. It didn’t take long for the wonderful Brazilians to win me over…


Oh,aye. The road between Bolton and Blackburn is the A666. Number of the beast!

Cyberpint to me,so I’ll have it tomorrow.



I’m sure the Esso coins are in my parents’ loft,both the 1970 World Cup and the FA Cup Centenary versions. Both with the backboard with the cutouts to stick the coins in.

St tams

Bobby @ 8.18am
Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Still waiting in a World Cup to emulate 1970.

I’m just looking forward to today and getting 3 points. Hopefully we also have a good performance, as our performance levls dropped in the last 2 games.

16 roads

Remember when Robbie Keane was constantly & wrongly being called off-side?

The excuse they trotted out was that Robbie was too quick for the linesmen make a correct decision,so for the avoidance of any doubt they just flagged him offside.

Shower of cheating cants.




Bobby Lennox was mentioned on here last night too. He was blessed with truly exceptional pace,and that very attribute was used against him by the cheats with flags and whistles.

Yet,despite being classed as a winger,he scored more than 300 goals for us! The mind boggles when you think how many he would have scored were it not for the MIBs.

Sol Kitts

Won’t see today’s game, I’ll be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean when it’s on. Fingers crossed for a good win for us (and St Mirren). See you all on the far side of the pond.✈️

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Matchday to you all. Today’s game will be the last one to attract your votes until we resume 5 weeks today so hopefully it’s one to have us all scratching our heads as we try to narrow our own choices down to just 3.
In competitive games this season we have netted 60 goals. Be good to go into the break with Kyogo scoring our 67th 😉
SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM – lines open at the full time whistle.

16 roads


Bobby Lennox was mentioned on here last night too. He was blessed with truly exceptional pace,and that very attribute was used against him by the cheats with flags and whistles.

Yet,despite being classed as a winger,he scored more than 300 goals for us! The mind boggles when you think how many he would have scored were it not for the MIBs.

November 12, 2022 10:59 am


10 international appearances for Scotland.

Mind boggling.



When does the World CGAF Cup start?

Asking for a friend.

Billy Bhoy


I share your disdain for this WC. I’ve taken no interest whatsoever in it. I don’t know when it starts, what the groups are and who are the favourites. Actually, I’ve just learned from you that Canada are there.

The above is not in any way an excuse for my forthcoming performance in the WC Superbru competition that I’ve been invited to. I haven’t decided if I’ll participate yet.

Perhaps, after today’s game my thoughts will turn to it.

And now, some bad news. Last weekend, my Hundar antenna picked up strong vibes that Sevco would drop points in Perth – and I told anyone who would listen. I’ve been contacted last night asking for my views on today’s games and I regret to say that I’m not getting any signals.

My hope is that this Hundar technology is as unreliable as the SFA VAR machine. 🙄


SeS @ 10:12 am,

Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

If the offside is clearly seen by the assistant referee he can flag it, and that’s that.

If he is unsure he waits to the sequence of play is finished and puts up his flag.

Now there could be a couple of reasons why the assistant referee is unsure…

Either he was unsighted or at a poor angle and couldn’t clearly see the play

He could see the play but it was too tight to call, (without VAR, advantage to the attacker.)

In these scenarios he flags and the decision then goes to VAR – as you say a straight forward binary decision..

The attacker is onside

The attacker is offside

Hawkeye is designed to make the decision clear and produces graphical proof.

Justice done and seen to be done.

Now, if the system is set up and calibrated properly when called upon, the VAR will have a good view of the play, the pictured will be stilled the instant the ball is passed and the VAR can examine the stills, in an ideal world from multiple cameras looking at several different angles.

Now if the linesman didn’t have a good view the decision maybe very obvious – in which case the VAR will use the thicker and quicker single “gridline” and position it in line with the last defender – this is the onside line, if the attacker is behind it he’s onside, if the attacker is goalside of the line he is offside.

This should be very clear pictorially and the referee can be informed and the picture produced in various formats so people in the stadium, broadcasters and TV viewers can see it clearly.

If the decision is tight then once again the views will be stilled the instant the ball is passed and the VAR can examine the stills and ideally from multiple cameras looking at several different angles.

Of course being a tighter decision and less obvious, the VAR would use crosshair lines, one pixel wide and place one on the last defender and one on the attacker (clearly shown Wednesday evening, when Motherwell’s goal was analysed).

You have two thinner lines this time, and by checking which line is closest to the goalline it will give you a clear result, if the lines are so close together they are within a certain tolerance the attacker is deemed onside no matter which line is nearer the goaline and once again, you get a clear binary decision whether the attacker is onside or offside.

This again should be clear pictorially and the referee can be informed and the picture produced in various formats so people in the stadium, broadcasters and TV viewers can see it clearly.

Obviously in the Jota goal at Motherwell that process didn’t happen. Various excuses have been made yet none of it is satisfactory.

– Why none of the six cameras deployed by Hawkeye was able to give a decent angle for the VAR to review and position the crosslines

– why didn’t they use the broadcaster’s cameras if the Hawkeye cameras didn’t have a clear picture

– why did the VAR have to resort to using a single unsatisfactory still, then on a very marginal call use a gridline that he could never have accurately positioned at the rear of the last defender?

Hugely pertinent questions and there isn’t a satisfactory answer to any of them, in fact the SFA statement has just made it worse, with the now classic “… the Celtic player had received the ball in an offside position.

Feet to the fire time methinks…

Loved those early world cups, why we collected the England squad coins with such enthusiasm beats me:))

Hail Hail


Thanks to all for good wishes, not well at the moment, hopefully I get some answers and treatment from next week.
Not up for posting at the moment I’m afraid.


SPL VAR problems — Ludge MIB cannot work in 3 degrees which is surprising given their cultural background.

If it was planes rather than gridlines — one step analysis then they might be OK.
However this two step analysis would appear to have them run ragged.

Then you have the collegiate decision making — rigid hierarchies when we are involved.
The LA decision in the game against Hertz was cut from the same cloth.

They don’t know what they are doing — or even worse they do know what they are doing just that their understanding / process is wrong.

They did not calibrate the system before the game — either correctly or not at all?
The system is threadbare regarding equipment — are they getting a direct feed from the cameras or did they get it from the M/well PPV feed which was poor at times due to being overwhelmed by demand — very basic / stupid even question but with the SFA / SPFL you have to ask the stupid question just in case.


Received the ball in an offside position not he had come from an offside position when he received / ran onto the ball.
If they are this level stupid then everything is up for grabs.

The main thing is not top be hung up on the JPNF goal incident — full court press on all the other howlers out there.

Handball by Hertz not given.
LA incident vs Hertz.
TFOD2.1 handball vs Hertz.
CS ninja tackle incident vs M/well.

The numbers will not lie.



Just occured to me re Jota offside.

Was Collum told there were no images at 18 yard line?

Was he told there were images from half way line showing Jota offside when ball received?

What was Collum’s response?

As SeS once wonderfully said

” Its like marking your own homework.”

It cannot be allowed to continue.


Jimthetim Hope you get well soon mate. Take care HH 🍀


Madmitch @ 11:41 am,

The main thing is not top be hung up on the JPNF goal incident — full court press on all the other howlers out there.

Handball by Hertz not given.
LA incident vs Hertz.
TFOD2.1 handball vs Hertz.
CS ninja tackle incident vs M/well.

The numbers will not lie.

Agreed but on the Jota off-side it is a binary rather than subjective decision. Also the process that “should” happen is now better understood.

Hail Hail

Morning Jim, good to see you on even if iiis just a flying visit! Hopefully, you’ll get good news next week and be back in better fettle. Keep well, there’s a lot of guys on here thinking about you!!

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Get well soon, Jim 💪🍀🍻🙏🏻


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Forget all this calibration business, I say we keep it simple and use Leggy’s spider’s baw hair oer the lens to determine an offside decision.



Hope you are feeling better soon… God bless…

Hail Hail



Have you got Brian Labone coin. Just need him to finish my collection !
Swap you a Bobby Charlton.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Van Bronckhorst is losing it.

He’s saying his players need the World Cup break but don’t need the World Cup so the lesson is not to organise another tournament in November, which only one of his players are attending, while the rest get the break he seeks …

He also mentions them being tired FROM LAST SEASON 😂

He’s losing it, no question


CB @ couple of points

JNPF is not binary if the quality of the data involved is flawed / lacks clarity / lacks definition / is not complete to the accepted standard — I think is where we are at with this decision and the LA offside vs Hertz.

Also regarding the linesman’s actions in general vs off-side decision.
He — in the main / 95% plus of the incidents — lets the move continue even although his view is that it is offside.
When the move goes dead — then he puts up his flag to note that he thinks the player was offside.

VAR if available then checks that decision.
On Wednesday if the VAR system had failed and it was not available to check the decision then the offside would have stood.

Ludge VAR = stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Either they admit they can’t work it or they admit they got it wrong.

R7 hasn’t played for weeks…too far for him I fear. Neymark…maybe, but I feckin’ hope no! Mbappe… another possibility but I can’t see it!
It’s the Argies for me with the modern GOAT leading them…and my wee summer hoose will be bouncing if they do it, my Argie pal and his visiting Argie girlfriend will be Guests of Honour!
And oh, those English pundits’ faces will be worth seeing!!


Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Take care.


Son and girlfriend ( who plays rugby for Scotland) at the Women’s World Cup Final, says it was fantastic – and a no bad outcome too 😉🤭

Flying to Sydney on Monday to take in the Celtic game on Thursday, then onwards to Fiji. These ‘gap year’s’ at the age of 30 are something else. Lucky barstewards. 👍🍀

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