Operation Drive-Him-Out in full swing

One poor decision is understandable, two unlucky, but a constant barrage of them is an attack.
It’s clear there’s a concerted
effort under way in the SPL and as a result one particular team is taking to the field with an unofficial handicap already in place. The Hawkeye/Var system will not be properly implemented, cards against kept to a very minimum, any hint of a penalty against is automatically awarded, non fouls get blown for, and now the basic tenets of refereeing are ignored such as allowing opposition players to remain on the pitch after treatment plus moving the ball away from goal after it touched the whistler.
It’s a credit to football operations that they continually manage to rise above this adversity and deliver the three points, but at the weekend the goading worked and the manager confronted the officials in frustration.

This is exactly what they want.
Under his watch the club have emerged as the genuine dominant force, their nearest rival hobbled by regulations and poor decisions, and a long period of success (financial and sporting) is in the offing.
Ange and his squad will not be stopped by normal methods, so the establishment has tacitly approved abnormal means to try and halt the green and white juggernaut.
Why is obvious. Frustrate and drive away the bedrock of Celtics current success, Ange Postecouglou. Sour his experience of the Scottish top flight, curtail his team as much as possible, the idea being the next Brighton tempts him to say screw that backwater I’m off.
This would heavily impact the club in terms of managerial recruitment (the word will be out that you get chopped down if quality) and player recruitment (the man with the eye for a player is gone).
Worst of all it would allow agendas to de-facto control Scottish football’s top flight.
As we witnessed, the frustration did get to Ange, part one of the job done. The victory probably calmed him down, the visit home certainly will, however when the fixtures resume there’s a good chance this jiggery-pokery will cost points or silverware at some stage, and that frustration returns with a vengeance. The Cup semis and finals and the derby games will clearly mean more, and as such are prime candidates for tampering.
Additionally it must be hard for him to wrap his head around the fact the nation’s biggest club is effectively toothless in this situation, letters and meetings receive scorn and flimsy excuses, professionalism is non-existent, scratch under the surface and racism/sectarianism is ingrained even at the highest levels.
The biggest problem is there’s no ending in sight. As one giant was hobbled by Big Bad Uefas spending rules, hobbling the other giant through the available methods looks like the establishment’s long term solution. It’s been prolonged, a consistent period now, which tells me this isn’t a flash in the pan but rather a campaign.
A Drive-Him-Out campaign.
The stakes are very high, there’s a lot of finance involved in topping the league these days, but the integrity of Scottish football is once again seriously called into question, it’s governance found lacking again.
Every straw has the potential to break the Camel’s back, and there’s already a lot of straw on that back.
The refereeing is the biggest issue amongst the support at the moment, it’s the one topic all can unite upon. It’s a serious issue that can drive people (fans, club owners and club employees) from the national sport.
The club knows this, the SFA knows this as do the SPL Chairman, the whistlers most certainly know this.
The break comes at an opportune time all around. It gives space for behind the scenes talks, liaising with other Chairman for collective pressure, maybe getting the broadcasters to throw their weight around and instruct better standards or they move on with their cash.
Late December will reveal all.
Better quality officiating will tell me talks worked for now.
Corrupt officiating will tell me Operation Drive-Him-Out shall continue for the long haul.
One more reason to look forward to Christmas.
By Mahe

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Call me Gerry

Thank you for your extrapolation re team possession and foul count. In every domestic game this season Celtic have had the majority ( mostly overwhelming) possession. In many of these games the fouls they have been adjudged to have committed have been equal to ( 9 v9 Livi) or more than the opponents. Now that would suggest either they are interrupting their possession and attack building to foul, foul in their press to regain said possession or fouling when defending. I’d suggest none of the above but are being unjustly penalised for fair tackling in which opponents fall to the ground. The fact that RC had four yellow from five fouls total, no matter what they were for, is incredulous. Nearly all of these free kicks were launched into the Celtic area, the single RC tactic. The team with more possession usually does less fouling because they have no need to. This has not to be confused with winning the game though. There was another game at the weekend where the team with even more possession than Celtic, away from home, were deemed to have committed less fouls. ( didn’t win though). You were at the game, Munro was both biased and incompetent.

Big Audio Dynamite

When it comes to us, these officials are anything but incompetent, they know EXACTLY what they are doing!

It is cheating, plain and simple …and it is more blatant than it has ever been!



Good point about Ange and hadn’t seen that picture from Half-Timre?,

Ange must see what has been happening – we can rant and rave pretty much with impunity.

He can’t – and he’s been ‘clipped’

told us as much at his presser. ‘ previous comments ..not doing this club any favours ..’ (‘paraphrase’.)

Auldheid rightly points to the CEO as the man responsible for dealing with SFA on these issues.

I agree …and the time is now.There is no excuse for waiting to see what the SFA will do next because waiting leads to them doubling down on their plan.

Apart from a few exceptions the press/media is still talking about teething issues and refs are human .. but essentially honest

Utter bollox

Also, there are clubs, managers and players out there taking maximum advantage of the situation…falling like ninepins … launching brutal force attacks on Celtic players with impunity.

The word is out and a significant section of Fitba is answering the call.

A few of us wanted VAR suspended before the Ross County game.

There are enough examples in previous games that it’s not ‘Ready’ … or maybe it is…we are only 5 ? Games in to this and it’s already a write-off..lacking visibility and scrutiny …

intentionally !!

Introduced mid way through a season … absolutely crazy decisions .. cameras pointed in the wrong direction… evidence shared intermittently

There has been an ongoing debate here and elsewhere about ‘stats’ on fouls and penalties .. we know the old arguments around stats ..

We saw one set of numbers yesterday ( thanks Auldheid ) on penalties awarded in the last 5 years and admittedly only a few clubs selected ( across Europe) in the sample, but that suggests some more investigation is required.

Maybe our next hire shouldn’t wear fitba boots. A Private Investigator.

Anyhoo that almost certainly cops us a fine …or worse

The admirable restraint of the Celtic support. .. so far…

As you say, we are under a “barrage” a ‘creeping barrage’ and the real attack is following in behind it.

Maybe,just maybe it’s finally getting bad enough for the club and fans to act.

The SFA backed Referees are out of control and the press are already lining up with their Celtic ‘paranoia’ narrative …

Just like they tried with Fergus v Farry

Just like they tried with Dougie, Dougie

Until we proved them wrong

Remember folks we aren’t paranoid enough

Now ….Get off yer arse Celtic!

Big Audio Dynamite

I naively expected St Mirren to make a big deal of the scandalous officiating in their game ..it was beyond belief.

This meek acceptance of things is a big part of the problem.

No consequences …no fear!


Craig76 – thanks for sharing stats buddy


The wages to turnover shown on that balance sheet is high. 67%. That needs reducing.
To get that ratio back to a more manageable level the turnover needs to approach £120m.

That would suggest we need to continue to appear in the CL season on season, and even if we qualified for it, an extended run in either that competition, or the EL would still be needed, or, if that does not materialise, player trading is the only option.

Each one of those options impacts on the other obviously. Selling your best players is clearly going to hinder your opportunities to progress in Europe. The scouting network is obviously a massive factor in all of this. Ange’s knowledge of the overseas market looks to be assisting us in that respect. I’ve no doubt the likes of Hatate, Kyogo et al will be worth considerably more than we paid for them, but as I say, selling them is fine in respect of balancing the books, but if it means we stop progressing in Europe then it’s a false economy.

Unless of course your objective is simply that, balance the books.

I’ve never seen any evidence of long term planning in all of my years following Celtic. I’ve always said there seems to be a distinct lack of planning.

Had we showed some ambition by adding quality to the squad when we had the likes of VVD, Wanyama, KT, or even going back to the 2002/03 squad, it may well have seen some or all of those players stick around a bit longer. Yes, it may also have meant accumulation of some debt, but a club with a turnover of £100m plus can easily manage a certain amount of debt.

If nothing changes soon, expect Jota/CCV,Kyogo etc to be moved on sooner rather than later, and so it goes on.

Domestic domination – whipping boys in Europe.

One thing the club have definitely managed is to lower the supporters’ expectations. More and more I hear “Europe is just a bonus”

There is no doubt it’s got more difficult to compete given the way the financial gap between the elite sides and the rest has grown, but I remain firmly of the opinion that better planning over the past 20 years or so would have seen us being much closer to the top 16/32 than we have been.

I appreciate my views are not those of the majority, indeed I eventually gave up posting elsewhere when expressing them continued to get the “ look what happened to the Huns” response. The Huns had only one strategy. Spend and cheat. No long term financial planning. That strategy has now been watered down to just ‘cheat’, and they’re very good at it, ably assisted by the governing bodies.


Morning all…good posts Twisty and SES. Sticking to the main point of the article, the effing standard of reffing, Munro on Saturday was inept. For him to get as many basics wrong as he did defies any kind of logical explanation. The incident where he let the player re-enter the play before play continued was just one basic mistake, and I genuinely don’t think he realised the player was back on the pitch – from memory Celtic had a corner immediately after the incident and Munro, at that break in play, looked over to the touchline to allow the man back on! Of course, he was already on!! I pointed it out at the time to my neebour at the game. The Kyogo incident where the keeper picked up the ball was a flash decision based on a false understanding that he was being ungentlemanly, sheer incompetence and nothing suspicious about it in my mind, at the time. But, as has been pointed out the sheer number of bad calls and wrong calls, and mostly against Celtic has us now at arms and ready for the fight. I posted on Saturday it was a long time since I’d heard so many singing “Dirty Orange Bastard” so often during the game, it was a throwback to the days of Syme, McCurry et al! I think that’s telling. As for Ange being “clipped”, SES, I’m okay with that as long as there’s a strategy in place that allows Ange to do his job without having to firefight the Administration, something tells me Ange won’t just be silenced, there has to be moves afoot in the background to challenge this. There has to be!


Incidentally, to go back to the TRFC penalty, Craig posted a video last night showing no contact between Fraser and Knut. I pointed this out on Saturday but wthout video evidence. The VAR stills shown on Sky, what Clancy was shown, was a still that appeared to show Fraser’s knee hitting Knut’s knee when in fact Fraser actually pulled back just before contact was made, the moving mages clearly show daylight between the players. Selective editing again!


…and finally, hopefully, it’s down to Celtic to galvanise support amongst the clubs and use the SPFL to challenge this, that really is the only mechanism which can bring about change.


McCaff – good post and point on Ange allowing club to tackle Admin issues – completely agree and this only works if we see evidence it’s happening or risk Ange will not stay silent

Who was booked for Celts on Saturday, was it Haksa? Was that why the other injured player was allowed to remain on pitch … where is our resident refereeing consultant? 🌞


When it comes to us, these officials are anything but incompetent, they know EXACTLY what they are doing!

It is cheating, plain and simple …and it is more blatant than it has ever been!

To prove cheating you have to prove intent of referee is to cheat.

How can you prove intent?

You cannot.

Ride into battle on a horse called Cheating Bassa and you wont get out the stables.

However incompetence can be demonstrated and let’s Celtic stay in the saddle.

There is blog language and real life language. That is how things are.


Auldheid and BAD…we cannae prove it but we can see it! We cannae challenge it as you say, and I completely agree, we need to have an all-inclusive strategy – going it alone is a fool’s game.

Bluegrass Celt

We might not be able to prove intent. That’s why gaslighters get away with it, turn torment into paranoia. What we can start off doing is follow the EFL and ensure official can’t referees their childhood sweethearts. When we have ex season ticket holders, academy player’s PE teachers and supporters who go for a pint with their likeminded type after taking charge and ensuring a victory for their heroes, the game will always be a bogey here.
More transparency, make officials during the game explain their decision publicly. Better still, employ foreign refs and transfer VAR to an independent body.


Bluegrass Celt…it’d be a start to have refs declare allegiance and prohibit them from officiating in games involving their team, or even potentially affecting their team but this is probably the most polarised fitba nation in the world. At the end of the day we’re all either Green or Blue, Celtic or Rangers, Catholic or Proddie. Declaring allegiance is sadly not the answer in this cultural backwater! Foreign refs are a different proposition though…

Bluegrass Celt

McCaff: I think foreign refs would be an almost certainty once the allegiance forms are filled in and and submitted! Mind you, there’s a good chance a big load of Thistle, St Mirren supporters coming out the woodwork 😜


Tweet about 52/53 season.
37 year old James Mason, of 33 Haddington Place, Edinburgh, was fined £2 at Edinburgh Burgh Court yesterday for spitting on Charlie Tully at the end of Celtic’s recent visit to Tynecastle.

Some things never change!!!


JNP…was he the ref? 😁


“He didn’t see him!” 🫣

On repeat forever. 😍 https://t.co/Gl2LDoS9wU


He he.


Bluegrass Celt.

The SC blog at


If proposal accepted would address the core issues.



Yellow card for ungentlemanly conduct,or for leaving the play without permission. And if I was in a bad mood,I’d card him for both.

I’ve seen that done before,a few times in fact,but not with the player deliberately hiding in the net!


The incident where he let the player re-enter the play before play continued was just one basic mistake, and I genuinely don’t think he realised the player was back on the pitch – from memory Celtic had a corner immediately after the incident and Munro, at that break in play, looked over to the touchline to allow the man back on! Of course, he was already on!!
In my playing days I’m sure that was a booking for the player first time he touched the ball. If Munro knew he was on the pitch “illegally” why no booking. Maybe SeS can clarify current rules.

Also Knut definitely dived. That’s why he was booked. Defender planted his right foot to avoid contact so Knut made sure he brushed the left leg then launched himself. I’ve always said refs shouldn’t award penalties to anyone who dives even if there is some contact. If you’re tripped you fall – downwards – you don’t fall upwards.

Incredible that refs are giving these decisions a
in the knowledge that the only consequences will be a wee pat on the back doon the ludge. They really are sticking it to Celtic.

They must be delighted how it’s working. We are only 9 points ahead.😁😁

Bluegrass Celt

Thanks Auldheid. I’m well aware of current proposals to improve refereeing standards ( or lack of) in this footballing backwater.
I just hope the timeline for any improvements gets underway for the start of next season although I doubt it. For this season, thankfully this group of players know what they are up against, especially since the introduction of VAR and appear more determined to ensure the cheat on the park has little effect on the outcome of the game. Together with the 9 point lead and the willingness from this group of players will hopefully see us over the line this season. Next season might be a different kettle of fish if the blatant bias gets ramped up like it has done since the VAR intro continues to carry on at the rate it is going.


Third try at posting this-and it’s not caught in the filters either!


I have one minor quibble with the number-crunching by SWISSRAMBLER. No surprise for anyone to hear me pointing out that it doesn’t include the negative costs involved in the signings of accumulated dross,the fees and wages involved.

If we were making a profit of c£100m in five years from player trading,I would expect to see trumpeted in the accounts an annual boost of around £20m pa. Unsurprisingly,that hasn’t happened.

We have kissed a lot of frogs on the way to that £100m or so,and at great expense. And I would hazard a guess that the costs involved are greater than the reward.


I personally do not think Ange will be driven out by the authorities and the referees. If he is driven out, the threat is more likely to come from the devious bassas on the PLC board.

As for VAR? Celtic, with immediate effect, should withdraw all funding for this farce.

Hail Hail.


Bertie Auld / Charlie and the Bhoys – Topic



If Celtic withdraw their funding,the VAR process collapses. CRAIG76 suggested at the weekend that it may well be the intention of the cabal,to implement it so badly that the idea is swiftly dropped.

Celtic and the other teams affected need to ensure it is implemented properly,and with appropriate sanction for any officials who cannot satisfactorily explain decisions. You know,the kind of thing that happens everywhere else?



Good post buddy – I’m not an expert on this -as Sol Kitts and others are

Tho’ we knew as kids that going onto pitch without permission of ref is a bookable offence .. especially if we have green on our strip

Also diving was Seen as sleekit behaviour and likely to catch the wrath of own teammates as well as manager not selecting ye..

A penalty or foul was so bloody obvious .. but I’m talking 60/70/80/90’s when there might have been a wee bit of integrity left..

Afternoon all

I find the stats about fouls and penalties awarded interesting.

Call Me Gerry is probably on to something with the foul stats- I think that with the notable exception of Cameron Carter-Vickers our players do not tackle well and that many – but not all – of the free kicks awarded against us are justified. The figures for free kicks awarded in a lot of the games are not usually that high anyway.⁰ Whether we should be awarded more free kicks is more open to question- I suspect we should although I cannot prove it

The penalty stats beggar belief though. Celtic had as many penalties awarded against it in league games in the 3 weeks prior to the break than Rangers has had to face in the same competition since 15 Sept 2019 and that does not seem right. It would help if the manager of the team which should have been awarded a penalty last Wednesday devoted as much time bellyaching about that incident as he did about a penalty his team actually got after VAR review.

Celtic cannot succeed in this matter if we do not have allies whether it be coaches of other teams or media pundits and journalists. At the moment we seem to have very few such allies




Good post buddy and great point on our tackling in general.

Is it possible Part of the reason why our players don’t tackle hard but fair because they are aware/warned about risks of a booking/red – I know this sounds like paranoia but I’ve watched other teams back off certain players in certain games .. fear of a red/penalty etc.

That penalty comparison alone is a ‘flag’

The analysis for penalty* and fouls and booking stats across Europe should show patterns … if there are any.

*Note: A set of figures showing 6 clubs had more penalties ‘for’ than ‘against’ in last 5 years.

the clubs with av. penalties of +2 to 3 per annum were Liverpool, Man City, Real Madrid & Barca

Celtic average +1.9 per annum in the same period

The Rangers +5.2 per annum

(apologies if numbers after point decimals are slightly out …that’s my error))

It struck me that Man Utd, PSG, Marseille, Bayern M, Dortmund, Milan, Inter ….aaaand Juve numbers might throw up a more balanced picture … suspect someone picked the 4 European clubs above to suit a green-tinted narrative ( not Auldheid btw because I saw the same figures from a separate source)


SES…it’s difficult to make comparisons with teams in different leagues, different playing styles, less or more tolerant refs, faster or slower plays, higher possession stats etc all contribute. Our only reference point can be Scotland. Celtic and TRFC have similar possession stats, are both attacking teams, both play at pace, both are camped in the opposition last third for a lot of the game…their stats should be similar but they are far from it! It’s no laughing matter their captain is nicknamed Tavpen, it has real substance! The metrics should point to 4 or 5 pens each for both teams – the fact they’re sitting on nearly 4 times as many over a 5 year period is incredible (I hesitate to use the word unbelievable!)
And all that is before we start to look at the impact VAR has and is likely to have, FFS!!



Aye, true – the direct like v like comparison is Clear enough.

That these numbers are available for such a long period… begs the questions.


Followed by

What are we doing about …

Who will do it …


Wish I could be bothered looking at fouls in the same period.

Sense there isn’t any point!


SES…I think the difference now is subjectivity has been removed. Previously, in an untelevised game decisions made were scrutinised only by Sportscene if they deigned it should be discussed. Now decisions are filmed and recorded and that data will undoubtedly be available to clubs. The ridiculous situation for Jota’s offside v Motherwell won’t happen again as the SFA will keep schtoom from now on – a bit like Crawford Allan criticising the offside incident v Hearts last season, they’ll learn very quickly that talking shite without thinking seldom cuts it! But, as I said on Saturday and others have also said, build a dossier and present it in such a way that the rest of the clubs are united against the way the system is being operated. I was talking to a St Mirren fan this morning, a season ticket holder, and he is raging. My point to him was that Celtic have the biggest voice but all the clubs need to pull together for improvement to be made. It’s got to be an SPFL issue, they must stand up and challenge the shitfest we’ve been expected to put up with in the last month! It should be an improvement to the fitba but so far it’s just ruining t!!



Agree.. even with the use of term “dossier”

Btw checked with two St Mirren season ticket holders who felt the penalty was fair…they are blaming their dafty player!

To clarify both these guys are definitely not pretendy Buddies!


SES…in my suppliers this morning, one ST Buddie, one TRFC supporter and me. They both said penalty, I disagreed. I watched it live, clear daylight from a camera angle on the byline, Clancy’s position was 8-10 yards directly behind the play, he saw the same as the camera angle showed – daylight and a dive by Knut. The monitor showed an image which suggested contact but the live pictures proved otherwise. It was a tough call, ref got it right, booking for simulation. VAR Andrew Dallas JR invites Clancy to change his mind and shows him a picture taken just before Fraser pulls out of the challenge, the still image at that point suggests contact, Clancy rescinds the yellow and awards the penalty.
I accept it was a difficult decision but Clancy called it as he saw it and got it right. The VAR changed his mind and used a picture that appeared conclusive but in my opinion was anything but! I appreciate I’m splitting hairs but that is what VAR was meant to decide.


McCaff my first reaction was defender nicked the ball away – stopped as Kent was jumping into him. For different reasons ref got it correct first call. As soon as he was asked to look .. we knew!!

Craig- thanks for twitter link looks like at least one buddy is seeing it for what it is HH


Iony of ironies, SES. Marcus Fraser saying – on a Hun site – there was knee to knee contact!! His uncle would not be happy!! 😱😁


McCaff – aye -irony indeed …



I must admit that I thought Marcus caught him. Having said that,I also thought that Marcus got the ball too-which he didn’t.

Kent went into a swallow dive which didn’t look good,but that is not the point. It was a penalty,and not dissimilar to the one we didn’t get from Craig Thomson a good few years ago with Moloney v Weir. And we were effin’ raging about that one.

(And the one just afterwards,where the twat even booked Moloney for diving!)

Didn’t realize that ex Celt, Jackson Irvine, was now at St. Pauli…

Here is him showing up for Australia’s WC camp in a retro Celtic / Mark Viduka top…



St Mirren v Huns dodgy decisions

This is the big mystery and the big problem for Celtic.
Celtic fans moan and call it out. Celtic board (so far), other teams, TV, Radio and the press just accept it,



From today’s Guardian…

“Jürgen Klopp was, in part, right that it isn’t a footballer’s responsibility to be a human rights activist, but footballers are humans too. They live in the world. They have the power to do more than just say: “I’m a football person, I can only talk about football.” See the Socceroos’ powerful video and Jackson Irvine’s call for LGBTQ+ rights to see how it can be done.”



We have five weeks of tedium in front of us,which makes it difficult to find anything Celtic-related and up to date to write articles! I can check the results of every domestic match we have played this season-and every European one too-on various sites,but the BBC one is one of the few which gives us the stats for each match.

If they are still available,I will probably do an article on it,comparing our possession stats and foul counts. I’ll probably do a European comparison too,which I think will more accurately represent the expected correlation between the two.

I don’t think this is a new phenomenon,we highlighted it on here about two years ago,but it has got much worse since. ATHINGOFBEAUTY goes to all our home matches though,and she really knows her football. Her argument is that we do actually commit the fouls in question,as we are so often caught on the break. And further,that there is little need for the opposition to foul when they have so many men behind the ball.

(I’m happy to allow her right of reply on my interpretation of our discussions on this,as I have over-simplified things)

Mine is that I disagree with about half of the fouls we are deemed to have committed,and query why certain offences go unpunished. A perfect example is the free kick awarded to Motherwell the other night,which led to their equaliser. This wasn’t even a “Would we have got that?” decision,it was totally wrong. But overshadowed by other events in the game,just like the ridiculous free kick awarded against Kyogo when their keeper picked the ball up.


Most of the VAR decisions we have been involved in have been wrong,but it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are strict parameters for its use,and decisions made elsewhere during the game are having probably a bigger impact.

Saltires @ 1.03

Thanks for reply. .

The comparison from other leagues I would like to see is between Juventus and Napoli. Juve , very much the traditional establishment side whilst the Neapolitans are not- they are THE club of the poor south. They were often also during Juventus 9- I-A-R the main challengers and also a very attacking team. It’s far from a perfect comparison with us but as a comparison between establishment and the historically unfavoured it might throw up something.

I think that until this season we were not far behind Rangers on penalties awarded but , annoyingly, they have been much better at scoring them. Maybe domestic opponents TRFC have not had that many shouts for penalties – although the one we got against them and missed was hardly ‘stonewall’ – but as there has been one pretty decent shout against them 5 days ago I doubt it




Aye, good shout. Data on your Italian example would be very, very interesting!



As you know,my brother-in-law is an Aussie,and bloody proud of it! One of the biggest mistakes of my life was just after I met him in 1990,admitting that the only time I ever supported England at anything is in the cricket. Oh,he was merciless!

He’s not the biggest guy in the world,but 32 years later I still wouldn’t spill his pint. I’ve met a number of Aussies since,and not always in his company. None of them has ever given me the impression that they would run from a battle. They go for the kill,though not necessarily at the time.

Ange will not walk out because of this. He has battled all his life for recognition,and against the odds too since his early days as a wee 6yo Greek immigrant. I think he will view the current situation as a personal crusade,and one which he will follow through on. When he does leave,he will go with my best wishes for bringing us back our pride,and for ensuring the cleansing of our game. He won’t settle for anything less.


The fouls count is interesting and is worthy of scrutiny.
The scrutiny or analysis needs to be open and fair minded. In most hun games they dominate possession but can also have a relatively high fouls count. Types of offence and field position would tell us more.
I posted a link to SPFL Website which contains penalty stats. I could only find penalties “for” stats and we were much closer to the Huns in some of the last 5 years than I imagined.
No one responded to the link. Was that because the figures were not what we wanted to see?
We do need to be fair and critical in any analysis otherwise the powers that be can continue to swat us away with a smirk on their face.

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