Gabriel Hanot

Some Celts will have heard of Gabriel Hanot. Some perhaps not. Exactly who is this man, who happened to play a pivotal role, in the greatest day in Celtic’s history? Albeit, indirectly. 


I will address that question shortly. Before that, we must travel to England in the 1950s. English football was in a state of flux in the early-mid 1950s. This was not helped by two significant events, which rocked English football to the core. On the 25th of November 1953, England played the Hungarian national team at Wembley, and were promptly annihilated by a scoreline of 3-6. This was England’s first ever defeat at Wembley, outside of the so-called ‘Home Internationals.’ The return fixture, played in Budapest on the 23rd of May 1954, brought even worse news, for admirers of English football. The result? Hungary 7 England 1. Both of these games were friendlies.


Fans of English football needed something to smile about. Salvation came, in the form of a game played between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Hungarian side Honved, on the 13th of December 1954. Wolves won by a scoreline of 3-2. Sections of the English press went wild about this result, proclaiming the English side:

‘Champions of the World.’


Which brings us back to our old friend, Gabriel Hanot. But first, a few details about the man himself. Gabriel was born in Arras, France, in 1889. To say he led a fascinating life would be an understatement. He played professional football in France, before becoming a fighter pilot during The Great War. He became a POW, but managed to escape. In later life, Gabriel turned his hand to journalism. At the time of the Wolves v Honved game, Gabriel worked as a journalist, at the Paris based Football newspaper, L’Equipe. Gabriel, and the other journalists at this paper, were outraged by the claims of some English newspaper men. These gentlemen, proposed a tournament, made up of the champions of certain European countries, to decide who should be declared the Champions of Europe. In season 1955-56, the competition known as theEuropean Cup, came into being.


The participating clubs in the first five seasons of the European Cup, were selected by journalists from L’Equipe.  In the tournament’s first season, Real Madrid, Anderlecht, AC Milan, Rot-Weiss Essen, Stade de Reims, Djurgarden, AGF and Aarhus, were chosen to take part in the new competition. All these clubs, were champions of their respective countries. English champions Chelsea, initially agreed to compete, but were banned from doing so by the bosses of the Football League, who feared that the new tournament would harm the domestic game. Chelsea were replaced by Polish champions, Gwardia Warszawa. Similarly, in Scotland, champions Aberdeen, were asked not to take part by the SFA. Hibernian had no such qualms, and promptly took the Dons’ place. Hibs therefore, became Scotland’s first representatives in the European Cup. In addition, Holland Sport, Honved and AB, rejected the opportunity to represent their respective countries: The Netherlands, Hungary and Denmark. These teams were replaced by PSV Eindhoven, Varos Logobo and AGF Aarhus. These teams, with the addition of Hibs, became the last teams until the 1997-1998 season, to qualify for the European Cup, without being their country’s Champions, or the current holders of the European Cup. This first tournament, was the only one to include a representative of the Saarland region, which was re-absorbed back into Germany, in 1957.


The first round pairings, were fixed by the organisers, and not drawn by lottery, as would be the case for all future European Cup matches. The cynic in me, wonders if the current bosses of the Champions League, have not reverted to the original system.


The very first final of the European Cup, was played at the Parc des Princes, in Paris, on the 13th of June, 1956. In a thrilling game, Real Madrid beat Stade de Reims, by a scoreline of 4-3.


The European Cup, from the beginning, was a sensation. The tournament was particularly popular in Spain, Italy, Portugal and of course, Scotland. I would contend that from the beginning of the European Cup, the winning of the league championship became THE priority, of the top Scottish teams, rather than The Scottish Cup, as was the case previously.


As the years rolled on, EUFA began to take more than a passing interest, in the tournament. This was made official at the end of the 1965-66 season, when the competition was taken over by EUFA. One consequence of this, was that the first version of the European Cup trophy, was given to six times winners of the competition, Real Madrid, in perpetuity.


Which brings me to the best part. For the season 1966-67 competition, a brand new trophy was commissioned by EUFA. The makers of the new cup, Stadelman Jewellers, based in Bern, Switzerland, produced a masterpiece. The trophy cost 10,000 Swiss Francs, was made of silver, stood at a height of 74cm and weighed 11kg.


…and so, it came to pass, that on the evening of the 25th of May 1967, at the Estadio National, in Estoril, Celtic captain Billy McNeill, hoisted that new trophy aloft. In that one shining moment in time, by that very action, Cesar proclaimed to the whole world,  that Celtic Football Club had became the latest:

Champions Of Europe.


Gabriel Hanot, we owe you a great debt.




I am indebted to general Wiki…and to ASWGL, whose new brilliant background of Cesar and the Lisbon Polis, with the Big Cup, gave me the inspiration for this article.

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Fascinating article Magua, thank you chief.

Thanks also to Estadio , and SeS for their outstanding contributions throughout the week.

Haven’t posted much recently, however I’ve really enjoyed reading the blog – nice ambience about the place.


16 roads

Chalmersbhoy – count me in as well please.



Good article MAGUA 👏👏
Hopefully the 1st of many from yourself ☘️☘️


Great article Magua. Hopefully see you along with the rest of the crew on Saturday 26th.

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brilliant article magua, enjoyed reading with my morning coffee, joan says hi👍

Craig 76

1st race today for the Naps is 11.05 so don’t get caught out by leaving it to late

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Good morning, friends. Magua – good to see your input to a lead article. Incumbent on us all on here to try to volunteer one occasionally. Particularly when there’s minimal Celtic news for a few weeks

Chalmersbhoy – I’m up for the score predictor thing. If there will be the option to fire in a big block of scores in advance that might be easier than remembering to put up our scores every day! But whatever your rules are I should be fine with that!



Superb article! It must have really pissed off the English that they took so long to win it.



Fine stuff buddy … love to see these stories come to life… and the Celtic connection… didn’t realise Hibees had replaced Dons, just assumed ( I know…) they had been League Champions.

You simply must do more of this and share.

Thank you



Great idea .. count me in buddy!



Aberdeen won it by three points from the reigning champions-us!-having been ten points behind us the previous season. I wonder if we would have entered it,thus giving Jock a chance to get his hands on the trophy eleven years earlier than he did?

(Strictly speaking,a different trophy of course!)


There was quite a lot in the media about the new European Cuo trophy at the time.
I was well clued up that Billy was the first captain to lift it. Makes that iconic pic of him on the rostrum receiving the trophy more poignant.


Terrific article. I had forgotten who Hanot was- one of those names I had seen many times down the years but the ‘why’ of why I knew it had long gone

I wonder if Celtic was approached given that we were runners up in 55. I’d imagine Bob Kelly would have said no as his big idea was for an annual British Cup. Still waiting Bob.

I have to say I marvel at your succinctness. I’m trying to write something about the Racing Club games, am up to 3000 words and am still going on about Kenneth Wolstenholme.



Morning all…already conflicted about watching the World Cup, not sure if Qatar is the proper choice for a congregation of peoples and sportsmen form all over the world? Well, let Gianni put your mind at ease…


Bobby – now there is a thought … a good team and some decent European refereeing might help ( although recall some awful European refs)

Jimbo – British Cup was why teams from these islands didn’t participate? Interesting, maybe they had a look back at ‘previous’ winners and thought nah! Coronation – VE Cup – Emprire Exhibition Cup …

Great, you are at 3000 words that’s us sorted until Christmas – superb😁(PS did you get my email ok? )


I did not get your e-mail


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Excellent stuff, Magua, cheers!

MIT, here’s the explanation for The Dave Brubeck Quartet ‘version’ of Golden Brown from last night

I thought those toe taps looked familiar 😁


Jimbo67 ok buddy I’ve resent now and please check your spam filter thanks

The Leopard’s Rimshot

On another note, Gianni Infantino has completely lost his mind …

“Today I have strong feelings.
Today I feel Qatari, I feel Arab, I feel African, I feel gay, I feel disabled, I feel a migrant worker.”

He’s right about the hypocrisy of the West but trying to use 3 millennia of murder and rapine as a counterweight to the thousands killed in Qatar is just beyond the pale and he should be forced to resign with immediate effect, the crackpot.


Jimbo…3K words!! And ye’re no finished!! Is there a pre-order link for yer book! 😂😂😂


TLR…disgusting attempt at justification by Infantino…”I know what it feels like to be discriminated against, I had red hair and freckles!”
To paraphrase the Mob…Just go, Gio, go now!


Magua…a great read this morning. Cheers


You have mail


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Absolutely outrageous, McCaff.

Akin to saying ‘What’s another 7,000 dead after all we’ve done?’

He’s just ruined whatever interest I had in the tournament, which was only ignited the other night by Twisty’s generosity.

He rambled on for an hour in this vein when he should just have kept his fat idiot mouth shut.

He even said he felt like a woman too!


Prestonpans bhoys

CCB@12:15 yesterday

Don’t recognise the hotel name Morgan Palace but being an ex union official and in an act of solidarity I’ll go down the front to see the hotel names. That’s €3:50 pint territory tut tut🍺🍺



Venal Imbeciles like him match their overblown self importance with a complete lack of self awareness.
Obviously kept in position by the puppet masters as a useful idiot/ deflector.


Prestonpans Bhoy…I was in Gran Canaria about 30 years ago, the one and only time we’ve been. We stayed in Puerto Rico and took a boat trip to Mogan. At that time they were just forming the beach and the marina consisted of a tiny pier. I did a wee maps search there and see it is now a fully developed resort! You must have a few quid, it looks quite exclusive! 😉😁

Prestonpans bhoys


You can get a hotel half board@£2k for two weeks per person…….or rent an apartment for £64 per night. You just have to get the number 91 bus from the airport@€6:40 single😂😂😂


Are you singing in the local bars just to get by! 🤣🤣🤣


Jimbo – got it and replied


Great article — didn’t know that the EC was a paper / press competition for so long.
Interesting that the SFA were not early adopters but got the final played at Hampden in 1960.
As always money comes first.

Was the ECWC started under the same circumstances?
Paper / press led competition until 1966/67?

Also the Fairs Cup was not EUFA led while the EUFA Cup was?

Egg chasing world — have memories of press league tables back in the 70’s rather than proper SRU / RFU organised competitions.

The SRU faced great levels of pushback from teams with a lot of history / pedigree but declining performances / squads — they realised that in a proper competitive environment ancient history would count for little.

Plus the Borders had a much more structured local competition and local rivalries / blood feuds / bragging rights counted for a lot more than a proper / graded league structure.

The EC has a lot to answer for.
Plus the CL has even more apologising to do.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Very well put, CFC.

And apologies, McCaff, I’d no idea you’d also posted Infantino’s madness as the page is only intermittently refreshing since I installed the last iPad update.

In fact, it seems to have turned the whole machine as stupid as Infantino as it can’t even write the simplest words in the predictive text facility and I’m constantly having to reread and edit practically everything I’ve written.

Didn’t mean to pinch your thunder as I’ve only seen your post now.


Prestonpans bhoys

I’ve missed a trick about singing in bars…

Down at the Red Rose Cafe in the Harbour
There by the port just outside Amsterdam.
Everyone shares in the songs and the laughter.
Everyone there is so happy to be there.


Qatar stuff — not sure that I am getting all the pushback.
They did not invent the current “Gulf” construction / economic development model.

That came from SA and now the UAE specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Few local skills so get in white collar from the West / East Asia.
Get in blue collar / service workers — on the cheap — from the Sub Continent / East Africa / North Africa / Philippines.

Exploitation of the blue collar / service labour force has been going on for over 40 years now all across the region but Qatar is taking the wrap because it got involved with football. Why is the same level of scrutiny not being applied to the upper middle class in the low wage countries where debt slavery to access work in the Gulf seems to be the growth industry of choice for these movers and shakers.

The whole thing stinks — I just wish that the same focus on labour exploitation was put on the UK where there are a number of scandals bubbling away under the surface or the supply chain of fast fashion where cheap clothes mean an exploited workforce in far too many instances.

Huge issue globally — Qatar and the WC are a symptom not the root cause.
Too many see only what is put under their nose — not good.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I do not see what is ‘only put under my nose’, chief, I’ve been fighting inequality since the day I learned the meaning of the word and have spent a lifetime scrutinising world events and discerning their true causes rather than swallowing whole the shite they feed us in the media.

So don’t take a swipe at us who recognise and criticise any form of inequality or injustice for it’s the same sick distorted outrage in whatever form it takes in whatever country it’s in and every country on Earth is guilty of it, thanks to humanity’s dumb blind trust in their so called rulers and leaders caused by their own wilful ignorance to examine for themselves what’s really going on here.

bada bing1

Chalmersbhoy- I’m in


madmitch…none of which excuses Qatar’s Human Rights issues. The Middle East extremist governments and monarchies have a lot of catching up to bring themselves into the 21st century…actually, they’ve a lot of catching up to do even to reach the 18th century in respect of their Human Rights issues. The fact that FIFA award the tourney to a country with no fitba heritage, was ill-equipped for it in terms of infrastructure, permits the abuse of immigrant workers to the extent of (reported) 6500 deaths aligned to the fact that their LGBT+ prejudices (written in law) all points to a country unfit to host such a prestigious tourney. What goes on elsewhere and by whomis the same whataboutery that Infantini displays. We’re in the 21st century and our expectations of permissable and acceptable have changed, some of us might still need a bit of help in our education but at least the majority of us are starting to realise what is right. Qatar is stuck in the Dark Ages but Infantini and his Crew have accepted the bucks with nary a look over their shoulder to see who’s watching!

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Well said, McCaff, there wasn’t even a football stadium in the whole country when their bid was accepted, a country one tenth the size of New York, ffs, and all they had to do was grease Blatter & Co’s palms with a few mil to get their wicked wish.

And the figure of 6,500 deaths was reported nearly 2 full years ago, in February 2021, so who knows what it is now, and meanwhile the Qataris claim that ‘not all those deaths were football related’, as though that justifies a load of dead foreigners all over the place.

If madmitch likes I could spend the rest of the day listing and sharing links to the countless atrocities carried out by various nations down the millennia but of course since this is a fitba site it’s best that we stick to what stinks in fitba.

And this shit stinks to high heaven.


A memory stirred by excellent lead article.

Two actually and this is a compliment. I thought BRTH had joined the ranks of SC.

The other was Wolverhampton Wanderers who in 1959 played Celtic in a friendly under the brand new floodlights installed at CP.

I was there but rely on Wiki to tell the tale.,Wanderers%2C%20Friendly%20%E2%80%93%20The%20Celtic%20Wiki

Inexperienced forwards indeed. Lochhead Divers and Auld

The Leopard’s Rimshot

This one book alone tells of the horrors carried out by the West since the end of WW2 but I’m not going to balance those worldwide atrocities as an excuse for what’s happening in Qatar


Magua Quality leader HH 👏👏👏


“As a child I was bullied because I had red hair and freckles. I was bullied for that.”


Excellent piece, keep them coming



Gordon…reminds me of the joke about the guy goes into the pub and says to the barman “Where’s the guy that usually sits at the end of the bar, I’ve no seen him in for a bit!”
“I dunno who you mean”
“Aye, ye dae, the big guy wi wan leg”
“Wan leg? Nae idea who you’re talkin aboot”
“Aye, ye dae, he’s only got wan leg and he wears a patch o’er wan eye”
“An eye patch! An’ only wan leg, nah, nae idea”
“Aw come oan, he’s at the end o’ the bar every night – wan leg and an eye patch an a terrible stutter”
“Are ye sure he comes in here…a stutter, only wan leg an’ an eye patch? Nah, nae idea who yer talking aboot”
“Ye know who ah’m talking aboot, he’s in every night, sits alang there, he’s only got wan leg, he wears an eye patch, ye’ve got to wait ages for him to pit his order in cos ae his stutter, he’s merrit tae the wee dwarf wummin”
“A dwarf wummin! He’s merrit tae a dwarf wummin…an he’s only wan leg an’ an eye patch…and he stutters… are ye windin’ me up, there’s naebody like that comes in here”
“Aw fur fexake! Ye know who ah’m talkin aboot! He sits there jist aboot every night, sometimes comes in wi his wee dwarf wife, he’s only got wan leg, he wears an eye patch an’ he stutters like feck when he wants a pint, an he’s got a great heid o’ red curly hair!”

Ah’ll get me coat! 😂😂😂


McCaff 😂😂😂

Prestonpans bhoys


Just shown that joke to another Scottish couple, who burst oot laughing. Not showing it to the English, no point😂😂😂

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