It is always a pleasure to hear from The Gombeen Man,and today’s article is written in his usual thought-provoking style.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

Matthew 7:3.

There’s more than a whiff of hypocrisy in much of the West’s coverage of the first World Cup in an Arab Nation. 

Where’s the pictures of the children in Gaza proudly watching the opening ceremony?

“I did not think that one day it would be in an Arab country. I thought that the World Cup was only for the West and America – not for us.”

Khalil Ahmed, Erbil, Iraq.

Take Britain for example… 

The country that wants to send refugees to Rwanda. The country that has a pitiful human rights record –  Including the Gulf War and 800 years of brutality in Ireland –  A senior royal currently mired in a sex scandal. Even the pristine Red Arrows have been exposed as in an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and bullying.

Ironically, the sanctimonious British media has a moral problem with the Arab World Cup.

Nobody’s denying FIFA corruption. Nor Olympic Federation corruption. 

Was there such a hue and cry at the Chinese Olympics? Even Amnesty can’t tell you how many people are executed in China per year.

Or similar protests about the World Cup in Argentina, Mexico, South Africa the USA or Brazil.

Where were the protests at the Euros in England? A country with a deplorable Human Rights record. Whose history is built on shameful abuse and revisionism.

Alarming claims (that are disputed) relating to deaths of migrant workers should be investigated. If these allegations are substantiated, penalties should be imposed and compensation paid. 

It’s entirely right that Amnesty are supported in their pursuit of FIFA and other potential liable parties.

(See Aljazeera reference above.)

That said, there’s been too much casting of the first stone in Celtic cyberspace in recent days. A product of relentless media and social conditioning, no doubt.

Some Celtic supporters loudly profess, ” It’s great to be a Roman Catholic!” 

What’s the RC Church’s position on homosexual acts? Aren’t such acts still viewed as sins? I’m not interested in debating abstract theological concepts but how can any practicing Roman Catholic criticise Islam’s interpretation of this issue and not challenge current Church teaching?

“Women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural, and in the same way men…committed shameless acts with men…” (Rom. 1: 21, 26-28).

How can some Celtic supporters shout their support of the RC faith and ignore the Church’s homophobic bias? 

What’s so bad about Islam’s stance and yet, ‘its (still) great to be a Roman Catholic?’ While the Church treats homosexual acts as sins?

Are some Celtic supporters simply, cherry picking their own makey- uppy religion? À la carte Catholicism?

It’s easy to wear the rainbow laces. Not so easy to walk the walk, it seems.

Adidas might be improving in their exploitation of staff employed in the manufacture of sports clothing and apparel but questions persist.

We won’t go down to the troublesome path regarding Dermot’s ownership of the biometric outfit Daon, and they’re involvement in the hugely controversial Aadhar identity programme in India.

Where’s the next World Cup? 

The USA/Mexico/Canada.

Apart from the obvious concerns about the US’s military policies.

–  What about the Fentanyl epidemic? 100,000 fatalities by drug overdose last year. 

– Excessive alcohol consumption causes 90,000 deaths per year in the US between ages 20-64.

– 45,000 gun deaths in the USA in 2020 (murder – 19,384  – suicide – 24,292)

– Spare a thought for the 125 American souls who will commit suicide today.

– Or a prayer for the 2,414 prisoners suffering today on death row in America.

The dreadful reality of the inequalities and barbarity of America is completely ignored and yet the culture of the Middle East is castigated. The Opening Ceremony shunned by your TV Licence fee recipient the BBC…(sadly an organisation, no stranger to hypocrisy and controversy).

Have a look at what the drug Fentanyl is doing in the USA…

Kensington Ave, Philadelphia, August 2022.

– The American Nightmare –

Tragically, images so reminiscent of An Gorta Mór .

“Deaths involving synthetic opioids (in 2021) — largely fentanyl — rose to 71,000 from 58,000, while those associated with stimulants like methamphetamine, which has grown cheaper and more lethal in recent years, increased to 33,000 from 25,000.”

New York Times 11th May 2022.

– Are US cities safe places for the World Cup in 2026?

Mexico. The problems in that nation are widely known. Corruption, drugs gangs to name two. 

Canada. What about the discrimination against the indigenous people of that nation? Didn’t Pope Francis refer to the treatment of her indigenous people as “genocide.” Thousands of deaths in residential schools (The Lancet).

Will the BBC boycott the Opening Ceremony of the next World Cup? 

Will those guardians of public morality Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker distract the nation and snub the US President?

Not a chance. 

Will the decent supporters of Newcastle United be asked by Shearer to shun the Saudi Arabian millions? Will the Man City Group be given the (very much) belated Abramovich treatment?

Not a hope.

And yet we’re expected to believe that Qatar and the Arabs somehow deserve to standalone and receive international condemnation as pariahs.

It’s ironic that Celtic supporters are so critical of media coverage of the Club and yet fall so readily for the tripe fed to them by the West’s propaganda.

It’s much easier to take the moral high ground against the Arab and ignore the suffering on your own doorstep.

Britain, the only country in world history to impose economic sanctions on herself via Brexit needs a distraction, a scapegoat.

Smarting from losing the bid for this World Cup, the West are overplaying their hand in an effort to undermine the Arab, their culture and traditions. It really is reprehensible, especially given the decay and despair throughout Britain and the US.

The carpet bombing of the public with anti-Arab/Islamic propaganda is something that should strike a chord with Celtic supporters.

The population of the West are simply hypnotised by their media…

They lurch through life in a state of media- induced hypnosis, while being ripped off by corporations as their children are lost to addiction and anxiety.

There’s more than stench of self-righteous prejudice about the coverage of this World Cup.

Blame the Arabs, this month. Blame the Rwanda bound refugees, next month. And suck up this unnecessary recession, as the usual suspects make off with the proceeds of the mini budget.

Commentators would be better employed focussing on shortcomings closer to home. This recession is likely to be the longest in history, apparently.

You’ll likely to be still be up to your knees in it in 2026.

It’s ironic that the renouned hospitality of the Arab and the scarcity of alcohol provides the  England squad with their best opportunity of success since ’66.

They don’t have to worry so much about the drunken hooligans who normally undermine the preparations of the squad.

Lessons learned one hopes.

Let’s hope too that Qatar 2022 provides some respite and joy for the children of besieged Gaza.

Alhamdulillah rabbil alamin

Above article by The Gombeen Man

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The Leopard’s Rimshot
Misplaced trust allied with self imposed wilful ignorance has been the undoing of humanity.

I’ve spent 7 or 8 years sharing valid testable quality information across the internet and all I got was vilified for it, with most folk not even having the decency to examine what I’ve shared.

Just because something seems too unbelievable to be true doesn’t mean it’s not true, in fact, it’s often quite the opposite, Make the lie so big that no one will believe it, as either Hitler or Goebbels are credited with saying.

And they should know, as both of them were part of the biggest lie in history.
I offer this in good spirit having seen the negativity you have experienced in some social media places,but perhaps the advice offered from 4.02.

might help you get your message across. It’s not so much what is shared that is resisted but the meaning given to it that is resisted.


Margaret McGill

Of course only joking
I appreciate all of your efforts both contributions on here and in real life
Catch you tomorrow
Busy tonight
I like that kind of response for its thoughtfulness/cleverness, sometimes I give in to that sort of humour if I think I can get away with it, other times I think naw.

Seeing your wee brother next week, I hope. Just a blether.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Thanks, Auldhedi, that’s very thoughtful of you 🙏🏻

I’ve studied different aspects of philosophy down the years so know the allegory of the cave well and have recently been practising the Socratic Method and even though I’ve known of it for years it can be surprisingly challenging at times as I still haven’t quite mastered the requisite art of patience though I’m getting there.

What he failed to mention in the comparison section of the vid is that the shadows are the tv & media, the colourful but still 2D phantoms on our walls keeping us in the dark.

It’s a well made video and the thought is very much appreciated.


Craig 76

Margaret McGill

I don’t have the same love for Brazil anymore it’s full of wanks.
Casemiro is a wank
Vinicius is a wank
Jesus is a wank
Richarlison is a wank
Fred is a wank
And then we have mega wank Neymar
Danilo and Allison seem like good guys
Wank wank wank wank wank wank good guy wank
Not looking good

Margaret McGill

Maybe we should start the Gombeen list
1. Genocide of Palestinians
2. PPE criminals
3. Bigot buckeroos
…. Just suggestions not in any order

Margaret McGill

All you Springsteen fans
It seems that the most vile repugnant American talk show come scum filth hero Howard Stern ( yes the one whose sun shines out his arse) is streaming 2 hours of parka hood up drivel on Sunday on HBOMAX


Excellent article by The Gombeen man in many ways. I have never heard so much negative publicity over the location of a world cup but some of the factors mentioned are justified . If the media are so concerned why not ask ALL the reporters – cameramen – CEOs etc etc these few questions :: why don’t we refuse to go ( Keano says the players should have done this. Why is he there then). Can we have pundits in a studio in their homeland instead of Qatar . Yes we can so why are our own media there in large numbers talking about England and every player who plays for an English club. Will you donate your fees to 3rd world poverty etc. AYE RIGHT.
It drives me crazy when these people who are supposed to be neutral when commentating bring political issues into sport and then try to highlight the very issues that they are part of. Hypocrites all of them. Every last one .