The Dirtiest Game

As promised, Part 1 of a Trilogy of contributions from our esteemed Sentinel, Jimbo67… enjoy folks!


I think most people who read this will know quite a lot about the series of games I am about to write about so I am going for something a bit different which means you’ll get the jaundiced, inaccurate reminisces of someone who was probably too young to understand things fully.

I have not, to the best of my recollection, read Tom Campbell’s book about the games but I met the author prior to its publication and he is the source of the Maschio/Bobby Murdoch anecdote which may or may not be in his book. The other sources are books and articles I read in the period between 5 November 1967 and perhaps 7 years later most notably Celtic by Bob Kelly, Jonathan Wilson’s history of Argentinean football Angels With Dirty Faces, an exchange of Messenger messages and a chat in an Edinburgh pub just before the last World Cup with an old mate who has seen Racing Club play rather more recently than Celtic’s visit and, inevitably, the Celtic Wiki.

I was a child in the sixties so I remember a lot of the cultural and sporting totems of that decade from when they were new and also saw the great Celtic of that decade play, both on television and in the flesh. I sometimes say that the first game I remember seeing Celtic play was the match where we beat Internazionale of Milan in Lisbon on the 25th of May 1967 and that it’s been downhill ever since but I had seen highlights of our games played before Lisbon.

At my school of those days, St Matthew’s Primary, a high proportion of the pupils and staff seemed to be crazy about the team and because the son of the team’s star striker was a fellow pupil the hero for many was Joe McBride. Although I was disappointed not to be taken to Parkhead to see the team’s return to Parkhead with the big cup on 26th May I cannot truthfully say I understood the depth of the significance of the Lisbon triumph or even that much about football itself. But I was not a slow learner and 5 months later I had begun to understand  and there was even talk of me being taken to a game. In my own mind 5 months after Lisbon, I was an expert. I would make no such claim now I must add.

One of the consequences of that victory in Lisbon was that it meant Celtic would play against the champions of South America in the Intercontinental Cup- the world championship of club football. I did not know until quite a few years later that the ‘world champion’ title was an unofficial one and that the games governing body, FIFA, had nothing to do with the tournament – officially at least. Unlike the contemporaneous Inter-Cities Fairs Cup which was not recognised by UEFA but which was still administered by that organisation all the same , the Intercontinental Cup was, you might argue , not much more than a series of glorified friendlies.  And yet whatever the official status of the competition supporters and clubs wanted to win it and the clubs which had won it prior to 1967 were massive names- Real Madrid, Santos, Internazionale and Penarol . The last named had won the cup in 1966 and Celtic had beaten the Uruguayans in a friendly in the September of 1967 in what was seen as a dress rehearsal for the real thing.

1967-10-18: Celtic 1-0 Racing Club, Intercontinental Club Cup 1st Leg ( Hampden Park, Glasgow)

1st. leg:
Celtic (Scotland) 1-0 Racing Club (Argentina)

Celtic: Simpson, Craig, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Clark, Johnstone, Lennox, Wallace, Auld, Hughes
Scorers: McNeill (69)

Racing Club: Cejas, Perfumo, Díaz, Martín (c), Mori, Norberto, Raffo, Rulli, Cárdenas, Rodríguez, Maschio.
Referee: Juan Gardeazábal (Spain),

Attendance: 103,000

The first game with Racing Club was played at Hampden on the 18th of October to allow more people to see the game- 103,000 was given as the attendance figure in the next day’s newspapers.  The game was not televised live and because the next day was a school day, I was not allowed to stay up to see the highlights. My first words on the morning of the 19th were ‘did Celtic win?’ 

We had, 1-0, and Billy McNeill had scored the goal I was told.  As I ate my Rice Krispies, I learned though that it had been a nasty match. Wee Jimmy had been kicked repeatedly and after one foul that had left Jimmy writhing on the ground the Racing goalie, Agustin Cejas, had run from his goal to console the player and then with players by now surrounding the referee this same angel of mercy had had a fly kick at Jimmy. Wee Bertie had had the head stuck on him but worst of all, somehow,  had been the sight of our players being spat at repeatedly. My dad was at times quite a volatile character but generally football was just a game for him, triumphs were great sure but he did not subscribe to Shankly’s theory about football, life and death . But he was raging that morning as he could not believe what he had seen the night before. Words that children probably should not hear were used to describe the play of Racing Club and for once mum did not scold my dad using such words (This meant it was serious) . Meanwhile, the referee was as much a target for his venom as the opposing team it seemed. I shall now provide an extract from a report made by Willie Allan of the SFA on each of the matches.

Senor Juan Gardeazabal …was a referee of experience of known and good reputation throughout Europe…He was lacking in that essential attribute of a first-class referee- control… He made no real effort to curb indiscipline and seemed incapable of taking disciplinary action against players guilty of violent conduct or of persistent infringement, of whom there were several. His attitude served only to encourage those who were disposed to offend, and not a few made good use of his laxity.

My dad had used rather fewer words to describe Senor Gardeazabal, but I suppose his words meant the same thing as Allan’s. 

To be continued ….Part 2/3 to follow.


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Grateful thanks to JIMBO67 for this fascinating and deservedly bitter article! It is the first of three. My apologies that most of the embedded links haven’t worked. Hopefully,ASWGL will clear that up if he finds time.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Jimbo for the article and your comments yesterday.

I’d promised to come back to a few comments from yesterday…

I’m off to enjoy the article now.


Yesterday @ 4.43

“…. I have been reading up on how the British Empire were so brutal in their hey day, with attrocities such as The Opium Wars.”

Yes, and in a delicious twist of irony, the al-Thani family (who Boris signed a major trade deal with after Brexit) were put in charge of Qatar by the British.

Yes, Britain ran the show there and were instrumental in putting the family in power.

On a footballing note, the British officer responsible for the negotiations was called Colonel Lewis Pelly.


You couldn’t make it up.

An omen for a Brasil victory?

Who knows?

“The al-Thani family, led by Muhammad bin Thani, was one of several tribes in Qatar, and one which had a longstanding presence in the area now known as Doha. In 1868, Muhammad bin Thani took advantage of British power by signing a treaty with Britain’s Colonel Pelly to become the ‘official’ ruler of Qatar, thus creating the foundations for a family legacy of inherited leadership rights. However, contrary to popular national narratives, the al-Thani family is a relatively young dynasty and was never historically entitled to regional political power, unlike other nearby families such as the ruling al-Sabah of Kuwait, the Khalifa of Bahrain, or even the al-Saud in Saudi Arabia.”

Now doesn’t that sound familiar?

A Middle East version of the Campbells and McDonalds perhaps?

A thing of beauty

Great start to the morning. I look forward to part two. I have read a bit about the games against racing and know about the punch ups in the last game but I didn’t realise the bad blood had been simmering since the first game. I shall maybe chat with CCB about this today. He had a great memory for games where as I can’t remember games from last week at times.


Hopefully fixed the links, look forward to reading the leader after work.


Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.
Thanks for today’s guest article Jimbo67 and you’ve set the scene nicely for your 2 follow ups. I clicked on the graphic there as I always do but see that it’s the whole 90 minutes from the Hampden Park game. Not sure I even knew that existed and must set aside time at some point to give it a watch.
Meanwhile today I shall be mostly supporting Wales and USA…..



Some man! The irony is that the original has some of the graphics as photos,and the others as links. When I c&p it into an article,the opposite happens!



From the link to the report in The Times,I can only assume that either the name of the reporter,Geoffrey Green,is a misnomer,or his title of Football Correspondent is. And that he is a combination of at least two of the three wise monkeys.

16 roads

Jimbo 67 – Quality leader, looking forward to reading the next instalment.

Go raibh maith agat mo chara.


St tams

Great read Jimbo67.
Looking forward to parts 2 and 3
I am the same as ATOB, in that I wasn’t aware that there was trouble in the first leg .


Hail Hail JIMBO67
Horrible memories but Celtic memories all the same.👏👏

Sitting in Tenerife Airport. Charlie Mulgrew and his family have just turned up. I’m wearing Hoops. Let’s see if he sits nearby


I was ten and a half when the Racing Club matches were played. Dad took me to Hamden to see Celtic become world champions. Like Jimbo’s dad, he blurted out swear words that I only ever heard at the fitba’.
We were stood in the Celtic end near the join with the massive North Enclosure, near the corner flag. We had stood there for the 4-0 Cup Final game, dad reckoning that it was a good enough spot from which to see us win our first Glasgow Derby final since the early 1900s, and therefore a lucky spot. We had a perfect view of Bertie getting headbutted and saw several Racing Club players spit on our heroes.
Aye it was dirty all right.
But we won, thanks to a King Billy header.
We knew that night that there would be trouble in Buenos Aires.


Got a wee nod and a thumbs up.
He’s with wife and 3 young kids so I won’t be pestering him. Also not had enough beer yet to be a pest.



Aw,yer starstruck wee teenager comes out from lurking beneath the surface!


Thanks to all for comments I got a bit carried away writing it which is why it has run to 3 parts. Brevity and sticking to the story have never been personal strong suits.

Thanks to Saltires for both editing and the pics/clips.

I have whar promises to be a stressful day- repairmen/women coming for both my washing machine and gas boilers both of which have sprung leaks.



You’re right but the teenager thingy is helluva deep below the surface now.


Morning all,


From what I remember you didn’t need a drink to be a pest 😜😜😜

Hope you had a good holiday 👍

HH 🍀🍀

Jobo Baldie

Frodshambhoy – maybe check with Charlie that he hasn’t left child #4 in the car? Safe journey.




Wasn’t it that paragon of virtue Michelle Mone who reported him? Karma!


Bobby…virtuous? Lover spurned methinks!!



Quite possible. More cockends than weekends!


Great read Jimbo67,

Weirdly enough I’ve got that programme.

Hope all you bhoys and ghirls have a great day.

Hail Hail


Here’s a wee tune while you’re waiting in the airport, Frodshambhoy…


10 man Wales desperately hanging on the ropes now.


Sheer pace of Iranians causing Wales fits.


And the inevitable happens.


Tragedy of Celtic Nations at World Cups continues.


If Iran beat the U.S,, they qualify.


On plane now.
Im sure only 3 kids but my counting was always suspect.
He asked if I could get him Leggy’s autograph 🤪


2-0. They might qualify on 4 points. Welsh midfield looking like ours often does in Europe – a porous mesh net.


Surprised Engerlund gubbed this lot.


Kinda makes our 1-1 draw in 1978 look respectable,that! Iran played superbly,but Wales? No Bale,no point.

Mike in Toronto

After TGM’s post, this song seemed appropriate

bada bing1

As i posted the other day, Bale and Ramsey are cheats,happy taking huge wages,mugging off clubs and fans alike,play a couple of games in a couple of months, and think they are match fit for a World Cup game,fit enough to play golf though…..conmen.



Certainly cannot argue with that.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Jimbo, l always enjoy your posts. Looking forward to Part 2/3.

Mad Mitch yesterday @ 4.45

“The 26 county tax haven over the water really needs to be addressed– they are stealing bread out of the mouths of poor American children with their tax gymnastics and their support of corporate greed.”

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Having given this some thought, the best way forward is to bring this matter to the attention of the authorities.

Please forward any evidence of “stealing” you have to the US Internal Revenue Service.

Below you’ll find the contact details of the IRS Whistleblower service.

You’re doing everyone a service by bring this distressing matter to the attention of the authorities.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Whistleblower Office makes financial rewards to whistlblowers between 15-30% “of the proceeds collected.”

If you don’t mind please keep us posted with the developments.

Society needs more selfless public spirited people like yourself.

Thank – you.

Whistleblower Office | Internal Revenue Service

For your reference, I’ve attached the OECD Tax Agreement. The ’26 Counties’ are a signatory of the agreement.

OECD releases Pillar Two model rules for domestic implementation of 15% global minimum tax – OECD

ABE Kitts

Some bizarre info about the referee who officiated in the Canada v Belgium match. His incompetence was clearly not a new thing.

Who is Janny Sikazwe?

A familiar face to fans of African football over the past decade, Sikazwe was born in Kapiri Mposhi in 1979.
After receiving his Fifa licence in 2010, he first progressed through international youth matches before taking charge of African Cup of Nations qualifiers in 2012.
Since then he has moved up the ranks and has a reputation for being a leniant ref who likes the game to flow.
But controversy reigned when Sikazwe took charge of the 2016 Club World Cup Final between Real Madrid and Kashima Antlers.
When Sergio Ramos brought down an opponent having already been booked, the Zambian reached for a second yellow card and called the Galacticos captain over.
But he then put his hand back in his pocket and bizarrely chose not to send Ramos off.
Sikazwe subsequently said the decision was down to miscommunication and as he misheard his assistant over his earpiece, thinking he had called for a card when he actually said “foul, no card”.
He officiated two games at the 2018 World Cup – Belgium v Panama and Japan v Poland. – but was the subject of more controversy later that year.
Sikazwe was temporarily suspended on suspicion of corruption after his handling of an African Champions League match between Esperance and Primiero Agosto.
He gave a controversial penalty for Esperance before ruling out a goal for their opponents due to a perceived foul on the keeper.
The suspension by CAF was imposed in November 2018 but lifted just three months later by FIFA.
Security were forced to race on to the pitch to protect the referee after a series of outrageous blunders during Mali’s 1-0 win over Tunisia at the Africa Cup of Nations.
Sikazwe endured an horrific afternoon as he gave two controversial penalties, a questionable red card and TWICE ended the game early.
He first awarded a penalty early in the second half after Ellyes Skhiri was deemed to have blocked Boubakar Kouyate’s shot with his arm.
Sikazwe awarded another penalty with just 15 minutes on the clock after Wahbi Khazri’s shot smacked into Moussa Djenepo’s hand.
The match between Mali and Tunisia ended in farce after the ref blew for time early.
Incredibly, Sikazwe then blew for full time on just 85 MINUTES – before enraged Tunisia officials pointed out his simply bizarre error.
Sikazwe then sent off sub El Bilal Toure two minutes later for a slightly late challenge which was worthy of a yellow card at worst.
He was instructed by VAR to look at it again, but after a glance at the pitchside video screen, he stuck by his decision.
And to make matters worse, he then called for the end of the game early AGAIN.
The players left the field and it did for a time look like play could resume, but eventually Tunisia failed to materialise giving Mali their 1-0 win.
What has he said about the incident?
The Zambian referee claimed to have heard from somebody that the match was over.
Sikazwe said: “I reached the point where I could start hearing some noise and I thought someone was communicating with me and people were telling me ‘no you ended the match’. It was a very strange situation. I may have been talking to myself.”

If he’s ever short of a gig, the SPFL beckons…..



“If he’s ever short of a gig, the SPFL beckons…”

Indeed. Sounds somewhat erratic. At best.


Re the ref not sending off Ramos- obviously his linesman was not Douglas Ross.



Qatar v Senegal is a Snoozefest. !!!!

1-0 to Senegal at halftime but it’s a very very poor game.

I might need another pint to keep me awake 🍺🍺

The Leopard’s Rimshot

TGM, I’m a bit confused re your whistleblower post to madmitch …

Are you serious or are you claiming that the Republic of Ireland is in fact NOT a tax haven for some of the wealthiest corporations on Earth, most of whom pay NO TAX whatsoever thanks to the ROI loopholes?

Big Audio Dynamite

Son just told me we’ve agreed a fee for fellow Canadian Alistair Johnston.

Anyone confirm?

Big Audio Dynamite


Outstanding. Simply outstanding. The amount of research involved in today’s leader, is reflected in the quality of the article… and like all good writers, you have left us wanting more. I look forward to the 2nd part of the trilogy.

So that’s Quatar out. Good. Serves the bassas right. Their supporters have got something in common with ‘Loyal’ bears in Glasgow. After Senegal’s 3rd goal, they all feckin’ disappeared.

Craig76 from last night

Funnily enough, that’s the 2 books that I ordered from The Celtic Star site. Cannae wait till they arrive.

Hail Hail.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Good work Jimbo, even if it does anger me.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I thought Johnson had a good game the other night, BAD.

The yellow card was a bit needless but I get why he did it and it shows he’ll take one for the team.

big packy

EVENING ALL AND JIM, JIMBO67, great memories, was at that game against racing club at hampden, wee jimmy got battered black and blue,another true story👍


Amazing that Cody Gakpo did absolutely nothing against Der Hun over 2 games in the CL qualifiers, yet is excelling in Qatar.

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