JOBO POTY-Our European Venture

Good morning, friends.

Whilst it is still relatively fresh in our minds, I thought it might be interesting to revisit our players performances across the 6 Champions League games, based on the opinions of you, the readers!

Following each game, the votes received were pretty consistent in number ranging from 61 (Real Madrid away) to 73 (RB Leipzig home). And if we look at the top 5 performers from each tie we see the following voting numbers – 
1. Madrid (H): McGregor 65, Hatate 47, Giakoumakis 26, Juranovic 22, O’Riley 18
2. Shakhtar (A): Hatate 49, Taylor 47, Carter-Vickers 27, McGregor 19, Jota 18
3. Leipzig (A): Welsh 51, Kyogo 37, Taylor 36, Jota 18, Juranovic 18
4. Leipzig (H): Carter-Vickers 65, Jenz 41, O’Riley 38, Hart 27, Taylor 24
5. Shakhtar (H): Taylor 57, Giakoumakis 49, Carter-Vickers 28, Jenz 19, O’Riley 14
6. Madrid (A): Jota 42, Starfelt 40, O’Riley 38, Hatate 31, Abada/Hart/Taylor 5 

Converting that data into points, our top European performer this season was Greg Taylor. A Man of the Match at home to Shakhtar plus a 2nd place, 3rd place and 2 5th places, Mr Consistent won 14 points. There was a tie for 2nd between Cameron Carter-Vickers and Reo Hatate. CCV was our top performer at home to RB Leipzig whilst Reo was best when we visited Shakhtar in game 2. They each scored 11 points.

One player who was obviously disadvantaged here was Callum McGregor, who injured himself 38 minutes into Matchday 3. Callum had been the Man of the Match in our opening game against Madrid and played well enough to earn 4th place when we visited Shakhtar. We will never know whether his absence ultimately made any difference to the final group placings but he was certainly a big miss. And he was deprived of the chance to become the SENCELPOTY in relation to our European ties. But more of that shortly…

Thinking about Callum led to me revisiting the data from the 6 games to see the number of minutes played by each player. Now, the following data isn’t completely accurate as it doesn’t give any credit for any added time – so a substitute coming on in the 75th minute would only be credited with 15 minutes playing time. But it still does give a fairly good idea of who played the most. 

I was actually surprised to find that 4 of our guys played the full 90 minutes in all 6 games. So it’s a big shout out to our 540-minute stars Joe Hart, Josip Juranovic, Moritz Jenz and Greg Taylor.
A further 6 players also appeared in all 6 game but were either replaced during the game or came on as a substitute. The Roll of Honour, with minutes played,reads as follows – O’Riley 485, Hatate 454, Kyogo 361, Maeda 333, Giakoumakis 244, Haksabanovic 226.
The remaining players who appeared were Cameron Carter-Vickers 360, Jota 321, McGregor 218, Abada184, Mooy 152, Turnbull 97, Starfelt 90, Welsh 90, Forrest 87, Abildgaard 60, Bernabei 10, McCarthy 8.

Taking a closer look at Carl and Stephen they both played just 1 game but did very well and certainly grasped their opportunity to shine. Starfelt was our 2ndbest player when we went to Madrid and Welsh did even better with the Man Of The Match performance away to Leipzig.

So if we now look at the total votes across all 6 games and combine that with the number of minutes played, the picture is a little different. Ignoring those who only featured in 2 games or less, our top 5 performers in terms of “votes per 90 minutes played” are, in reverse order,
5th – Giakoumakis: 28.4 coming from 77 votes and 244 minutes played (2.7 games)
4th – Taylor: 29.5 coming from 177 votes and 540 minutes played (6 games)

3rd – Hatate: 30.5 coming from 154 votes and 454minutes played (5.04 games)

2nd – Carter-Vickers: 32.8 coming from 131 votes and 360 minutes played (4 games)

1st – McGregor: 35.1 coming from 85 votes and 218minutes played (2.4 games)

I’ll end (finally!!!) with what I personally regard as the most surprising thing to come out of this wee revisit. It is both very surprising and perhaps even sad that Tony Ralston did not appear in any of the 6 games. Most folk doubt that Tony will ever be our recognised, first pick right back. However, realising that he didn’t get onto the pitch at all during our campaign left a wee sour taste in my mouth. Through the years I’ve loved many of our unsung heroes and Anthony Ralston does come into that category, for me anyway.

I don’t suppose any of this will feature in Ange’s thinking when it comes to next season’s European adventures,but we always need something to talk about when thereare no Celtic games for a few weeks!

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Morning all,


Excellent and keep up the good work 👏👏👏👏👏

For me the stat that stands out the most is Tony Ralston not playing a minute in the CL. Wow !!!!! Would never have guessed that.

Time for Brekkie before heading out for a Shandy with the Shady Shipwreckers.

AbshhholutelyCSC 🍀🍀🍀


Jobo – great work and good to see Greg Taylor showing well.

Ideally/ hopefully this time next year we can look forward to these results being ‘ mid-term’

Magua/Craig67 – apologies not catching up sooner – great info on books. Thanks ’


First race for the napsters today is 1155am.


Great work,JOBO. Not just today,but all season. I’m also surprised that TR hasn’t featured in Europe-maybe he’s saving himself for next season if we get PSG and Neymar!

Incredible consistency shown by Taylor,whose improvement under Ange has been remarkable,and a testament to both. If only he was a few inches taller-though that didn’t stop his terrific goalline header a few weeks back.



Great work. I’m a sucker for those kind of stats.

I guess with AR it’s a question of horses for courses. Sound domestically but lacking the quality required in Europe. And indicative that we need better in the squad if we are to break the Euro glass ceiling. Brutal assessments are required to improve for next season.

As a starting point all those that played less than 100 mins could be replaced with better, with the exceptions of new Bhoy Bernabei and possibly Abildgaard. Need to see more of them.


Great work,JOBO. 👏👏 A tale of two fullbacks.

Given how well Tony Ralston has played when called on it is surprising to learn he didn’t feature at all in CL. Also surprising that no one seemed to notice it. I certainly didn’t.
For me the biggest surprise is that Greg Taylor was our star man across Europe’s elite competition. I’ll say that again, Greg Taylor was our star man across Europe’s elite competition.


Jobo that’s some shift you’ve put in categorizing all of that, and all season doing your POTY tables. We are blessed to have such great contributors on this site, a big thank you to your good self and all the others, well done 👏👏👏.

Jura obviously has more of a European pedigree than TR, and I wonder if he was also put in the shop window during our C/L games.



Great stuff, a most enjoyable read
Thanks for all your efforts. .


Tunisia v Oz

Mooy heavily involved already … 8 mins in and probably most touches … pass accuracy is amazing and this time not all square or back. Tunisia giving him plenty of attention …


Oz go 1 up

St tams

Jobo, great stuff . Not just today , but all season.

Not really surprised that TR hasn’t featured. I think it says it all that we are trying to recruit another right back just now.


Some Sevco-like diving going on with Tunisia throwing themselves onto deck at every opportunity on either box

1st half watching one Tunisian player deliberately throwing head into an Oz defender’s elbow looking for a penalty … took a sore one but ref not interested.

Hope they get stuffed

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and thanks for the kind comments.
Dangerous to read TOO much into the figures I suppose but at least it stimulates some debate.
Big day for this old man today as I travel to new Douglas Park (it may have a new name?) for the 2.30 kick off – Hamilton v EKFC in the 3rd Round of the Scottish Cup. A win and then Sevco in the next round would do me just fine!

Prestonpans bhoys

This Aussie game is rubbish, think may as well have a shower not mussing anything😵😕

The Real McCoy

This Is The Day 🍀
NO – not The Laurieston Looneys 😂
Some good media coverage regarding the unveiling of Big Billy’s statue today at 1:30pm.

Some smashing photos on Facebook….

Have a great day wherever you are Sentinel Celts


Mooy playing well and getting big compliments by commentators.

bada bing1

Mooy outstanding here


26th November 1969 / Tweet Celtic



Aye Mooy tidy, Beeb commentator very positive compliments but managed to mention every team he played for except … his current team

Craig67 aye – such lovely folk aren’t they

They pale in comparison to the fantastic Tunisian fans and huge encouragement for their team – they have good players but seem too invested in dark arts this ref has their number … so far

PB – yep, definitely not the best game of tourney – scrappy as…


Great stuff Jobo,

Very interesting delving into the votes – guess the fact that although there was some consistency in the voting the fact that Stephen can come in and get man of the match suggests that people are really studying the different performances in matches.

On a what if!? Moment…

We had Callum and CCV for all the games, we really didn’t have enough strength and depth to lose those ghuys.

It seems that things are on there way to improve the squad and that was obviously necessary

Big thanks for all the dedication that goes into POTY it really adds another dimension to the season.

Hail Hail



Ha! Missed that.
Mooy in this form lying deep with two from Reo/ Calmac/ Matt in front should see us motoring ahead after the break.


CFC 💯 his contribution is outstanding today


Danny Murphy
Former England midfielder on BBC One
I’m just glad I don’t have to give a player of the match because between Aaron Mooy and Harry Souttar – how could you choose?

They’ve given absolutely everything.


Frodshambhoy – yeah it’s close call but I’m absolutely biased 😂😂


Oz win 1-0 gutsy



Cannae be giving it to the brother of the Hun Souttar. 😀


SeS agreed.
It’s good to see recognition for Mooy. He deserved it. I think he’s grown into the Celtic team as the season’s gone on. Hopefully more to come from him in the Hoops

Morning from the canteen.

Am surprised Tony Ralston( TR) never appeared at all- not least because Juranovic often seemed spent and latterly a wee bit off his game generally. TR is also quite a useful near- winger late in games – his crosses are a bit hit and miss but he might have given Giorgios G some decent service. Just a thought.



Mooy played a blinder today.


Listening to the pundits talking about the Aussie squad spirit sounds very like us under Ange.


You both have not put in your score predictions for the 2nd round of games.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

What if it’s Ralston Johnson’s replacing?


Brilliant interview with Kevin de Bruyne in the Guardian…
You really should read the interview then watch these fannies 🤣…

The Leopard’s Rimshot

FIFA call Ronaldo a ‘total genius’ for cheating


Outstanding performance from Aaron Mooy. Calm and collected in almost everything he did.
It bodes well for us post WC.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Jobo for an intriguing article. Fascinating insights.


Delighted to have made your personal Doomsday Book.

Please file under Éire.

Reminds me of Squire Danaher’s book in The Quiet Man.

“Put his name in me book.”…

“Dermot Fahy, that’s Fahy…FAHY.”

-We’re in good company.


Thanks for your response last night. Great idea to meet up. I’m over in the New Year, look forward to seeing you then


I haven’t read that book. It’s a topic that’s difficult to read, lighter material is more my thing these days.

Looks like you’ve a Sentinel Celts book club on the go.


I really appreciated your post the other day. I hope your daughter is settling in University and your bhoy continues to be your best pal.

Keep the tunes going.

Only 75% of my posts are aimed at you😉

Enjoy the game everyone…

KO Saudi Arabia v Poland.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I’m not in Scotland, TGM.


TGM…you let me off lightly, was expecting a rippin’!!! My girl has settled well, she got her choice, Strathclyde, so she’s at home which suits all of us. The wee guy is still my best mate, I’m seriously very lucky to have him…I just wish I could ‘mute’ him sometimes!

bada bing1

Great work Jobo,very interesting


Polish keeper saves the soft VAR pen, Saudi player misses the rebound right over the bar!


McCaff – 2 saves … I think

bada bing1

Why don’t players get booked when fouling for a penalty, but get booked for a handball, when the ball is hit at 50mph from 2 yards away?


Half-watching, SES, hadn’t realised that! Thought he’d blootered it!!!


McCaff – aye me too – only realised when they got corner… some save btw


Oh aye, it was a corner, so of course it was a save!! 🥴


NANA. – You asked about Sunny Jim Young. Check out todays David Potters, three-page Celtic Star. “The struggle to be the flag bearers and the rallying point for the Irish in Scotland.” Sunny Jim is frequently mentioned. It’s taken from David Potters book,
“Jimmy McMenemy, Celtic’s Napoleon”. That era, the early 1903/4s, is recognised as being one of best ever Celtic teams.
McNenemy had three feet, a left, a right and his footballing brain.

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