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First and foremost on behalf of Bobby and myself a huge thanks to every single soul that helps this site, whether posting or guest articles, all contributions are treasured. We’ve gained some new members and some impetus, and the blog is fast becoming essential reading.
Sincerely, thank you everyone.
YOU make this venture very worthwhile.


Anyway, onto the football.


I don’t know about you but I find the impending arrival of the Canadian right back fascinating for a few different reasons.


Number one is the location. How did we find him? I believe it’s safe to assume we don’t have a Canadian scout or scouting network in place, so how did he enter our radar? I hope this mystery is solved, it usually comes out in the wash.


Number two is Anges stated desire to sell and upgrade, which in theory suggests Alastair should be an improvement on Josip, who I assume is being replaced.
Discovering if Ange is able to follow through on those aims and raise the bar already has me salivating.


Third comes the sense of deja-vu. I can’t help but think “he’s done it again!”
“It” being plucked another player from obscurity at a bargain price.


Young pacey Israeli, aye He’s good enough.
Emerging Argentinian left back at a lowly club, yip, get him.
4 Japanese players, certainly, I know what they can bring.
Local left back, made him a star.
Montenegrin winger going cheap, bring him in, he’s a player.
Soon a Canadian will enter the list.


He’s a man of many talents and that has served him well fair play the chap, but I’m starting to think this ‘eye for a player’ is his biggest asset.
It’s priceless.
Ignore the past playing level, forget the league and country even the size of his club, stats my arse, the only question is does that player have the skillset and mentality to perform the role he is assigned in the team?
Overwhelmingly the answer has been a resounding yes.
His success rate is outstanding and it could be argued those that drag that success rate downwards have yet to experience a steady run in the team in order to fully judge success or failure.
That’s why I have high expectations for this Canadian kid.


I’m also intrigued by what sort of fee the club will acquire for our outgoing player(s). I’m on record stating the squad is full, we have thirty one players with the two additions. An outgoing with a substantial fee lowers that number obviously (you really don’t want too many players) and should cover the fee and wages of the January signings.
I’m starting to suspect the PLC aren’t that concerned for the simple reason our squad is jam packed with valuable assets, I believe it’s fair to say this squad is worth a fortune.
The Croat is a good player, I like him, and he’s under contract and won’t be cheap.
He’s at a great age, has a long International career ahead of him, and should have a very good club career.
He was bought for 2.5 million, has been in the shop window, now how much is he worth?
His fee is somewhat important as it could be used as a benchmark when others consider prying away our talent.
We buy well, now we must sell well,, the more good players we provide the more other clubs shall sniff around, kerching.
Rinse and repeat.
Procure, play, profit, progress,,,that’s the plan.
And we are lucky enough to watch it play out live in front of us every matchday.


This I find exciting.
The futures bright. The futures Green and White.


By Mahe

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The Gombeen Man

Thanks Mahe for the fine article. Ange’s genius knows no bounds. Hopefully Ange will unearth a Martin Luther or John Knox playing somewhere and add them to the squad.

This obsession over concepts like surnames needs to go.

Thanks again Mahe.


“TGM can I ask why the moniker?

Having looked it up your posts are somewhat contrary.”

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you Dannymac.

It’s tongue in cheek I guess.
When I decided upon it, I was indicating at what I (rightly or wrongly) perceived to be happening at board level.

It’s a term that still occasionally used in Ireland and struck home with me very powerfully in Patrick McGills’ classic, The Ratt Pit.

If you haven’t read the book I strongly recommend it. It’s controversial and concerns Donegal folk and their struggles in Glasgow.

Thanks for the comment Danny.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the comments on Saturday afternoon.

Rather than ramble on, this old advert came to ‘mind’…

The fox represents the mind and all mental activity. CBT, meditation, knowledge, philosophy religion, spirituality, counselling.

All the effort and running around we do.

Those activities are very worthwhile and valuable but not what is was trying to indicate.

The bear is what we are.

No effort. No search.


Where you never left and the mind will never know.

Just lose interest in thoughts.

Thoughts, concepts, attainments etc are the phantoms, in the movie on the wall in that cave.

There’s really nothing to learn, nothing to do.

Till later.



I agree Ange is developing a wealth of talent in the squad. With the exception of Ideguchi, who is well down the list of midfield options, everyone else will have seen their resale value grow significantly.

If JJ is for the off his performance yesterday wasn’t one to raise the potential fee for him.

On the plus side he has a couple of years left on his contract. On the negative he’s the wrong side of the premium sell on age- below 24/25.

Our recent big money sales have been generated by Tierney, Dembele, Ajer, Edouard- all young enough to be bought on 4 year deals and still have a sell on value in the premium league as those contracts near their end.

Unless there is competition for his signature I’d suggest £10/12m is the most we’re likely to see.
A healthy return on a reported £2.5m purchase.

Strikes me Ange’s added value approach is about to be tested so it will be instructive to see how profit generated is reinvested.

Investment in infrastructure improvements to enhance the game day experience – bars/ cafe would be sensible, as would longer term 7 day a week offers- hotel, function/ entertainment space, museum.


Very well put Mahe,

An eye for a player and more so an eye for a bargain. If we are really going to get this squad to the next level this is key.

We need to bring in players, improve them, then get “value” in two ways, real value to the squad in footballing terms while they are with us, real financal uplift when they move on.

Hopefully enjoying a great and valued experience in their careers – and a place in their heart for Celtic as they move on to pastures new.

Then the tricky bit – have we replaced them with better? The team is not going to make the improvement we know we need at UCL level unless we do.

It is a huge challenge and it speaks volumes that we have faith in Ange and his staff to deliver.

Hail Hail


The Gombeen Man @ 8:03 am,

Great to see you posting again, and an apology, when addressing a reply to you the other day, I stated “Gombeen Man”, which without the “The”, can have unfortunate connotations – I’m sure you realised my mistake.

That advert brings back some great memories, indeed – we need to be much less fox and more bear.

It should be the easiest thing in the world to just “Stop!!” yet far from it….

Firstly you have to realise that the issue is the mental activity, then you must have a undaunting determination to cease all mental activity.

Problem is, that this undaunting determination takes up some serious mental activity, a perpetual dantean circle until you understand…

No effort. No search.


Become the equanimous bear

Edit: Rather understand you are the equanimous bear.

Hail Hail


CFC @ 8:42 am,

Totally agree, we are in unchartered waters here, insofar as our players haven’t set the heather alight, so maximising their value is nye on impossible this window.

It is quite possible that we keep Jura and play Alistair Johnson in a three at the back with CCV at the centre and Yuki Kobayashi on the left.

A formation that might be more effective in Europe.

I’m fascinated to see what the next nine months brings us, a lot of questions answered, we hope.

Hail Hail


Have tried 3 times to post on predictor link but post disappears .Can you check your filters.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Great article, Mahe and isn’t it amazing how most of us (I think!) are now pretty relaxed about our general set up – that we expect players to come in, develop and leave. Juranovic has only been with us a short time and his joy for playing in the hoops is there for all to see – the Unique Angle clips show that he’s regularly joining in the fun with the goalscorer. He is our first pick right back but when stories started about a possible January departure we just knew that his replacement would already have been earmarked. A recent interview with Ange revealed that all of the planned January signings were already identified and that we were already looking at the summer 2023 window.
I suppose when you have a manager with a clear plan for how he wants us to play, even regardless of the opposition, then that in itself creates less angst for us – the In Ange We Trust idea!
These are good times!

Morning all from the bus

Jobo, I don’t know if I am relaxed about the way we are going about things but rather more of a sad acceptance of that is the way football now is tempered by the thought* that we may now be implementing things better by actually having a manager who knows who he wants to sign rather than the ‘fling it at the wall and see if any of it sticks’ approach adopted for much of the previous decade

As it is I’d be surprised if we make anything like the profit on Juranovic that we did on Ajer, Dembele,,Tierney etc. We may have to pass on a share of any of his fee to his previous club and also possibly potential buyers will have noticed he has not played as well this seaaon as past


* I have been thinking for quite a lot of the last 60 years and cannot imagine I will ever wish to stop


World cup predictor.

3rd phase fixtures are now up.

Bada and mike in Toronto
You did not post your predictions for phase 2.


Have tried 3 times to post on predictor link but post disappears .Can you check your filters.





Good point.
Watching Canada last night that similar thought struck me. Either with or, more likely, without JJ.

Player trading is very much part of the business model and player assets peak.
JJ is at that peak.

ABE Kitts

Happy hooopy birthday to my son. 34 years old today, and still nippin ma heid 😂😂😎


You have still to post today’s scores.


CFC @ 10:31 am,

Yes, and Ange has made the process seem simple, it’s far from that – we have almost a dozen players out on loan, plus Big Pedro/Lenny legacy players on contract – decisions have to be made.

Yet back to keeping it simple, Jura moves on or stays to the summer, both scenarios are manageable, so 24 four first team playing squad with the necessary quality.

I’m not at all sure the expression “asset management” is one of my favourites when it comes to football players or any other “being” yet the fact remains this situation has to be managed.

And much better than, as Jimbo67 puts it ‘fling it at the wall and see if any of it sticks approach, it is yet to be discovered what Ange meant by being agressive in the transfer market but I’m sure it’s not that.


I have been thinking for quite a lot of the last 60 years and cannot imagine I will ever wish to stop

Well that’s obviously fair enough – all I’ll say is when I did think “a lot” it did my heid in..:)

Hail Hail



Happy Birthday to the big fella!


Morning all…not seen Fan on for ages, I hope all’s well with you Fan, drop by and let us know!


Bada and mike in Toronto
You did not post your predictions for phase 2.

They’ve both still got as many points as I have from Phase 2


Trust me , in my life it has been not thinking that has been a big flaw

H x 2



Naps update

Afternoon all
Firstly, sincere apologies for the tardiness of the update. The weekend was a total write off for me. Severe man flu. Floored both the wife and I, though I suspect she was exaggerating her symptoms. I had the proper man flu. I slept 20 hours on Saturday! Much better now, though it feels as though someone has been playing jingle bells on my ribs. Sore from coughing. Anyway, onwards and upwards. I hope the following update is correct but as ever, please flag up any errors. I believe I’m 23 weeks error free but if there’s ever a mistake likely, it’ll be this week 😬

Secondly thanks to all for the kind comments. It’s a Labour of love doing the naps , though this week, truly, I could’ve seen it far enough😁.

All good now though.

To the winners:
Unusually, three share the glory of top Bhoy(s) this week.
Bobby – VP – DRM all take a bow. All jumped on 9/2 winner Le Milos to boost their totals by £5.50. Healthy return. Lovely winner. Bobby pressuring ST Tams at the top and the other two stay nicely in profit. Fabulous.
Or should that be McFabulous? Big Packy was back in the winners enclosure with that one, returned at a nice price of 2/1. He remains very much on course to push the aforementioned two all the way.
That was the end of the winners for this week but definitely still all to play for.

Updated table. Week 23

St Tams £33.50

Cosy Corner Bhoy. £28.50

Big Packy. £20.52

BMCUW. £20.25

McCaff. £11.58

Weet Weet Weet. £10.26

Jobo. £7.25

DRM. £6.62

VP. £6.38

16 Roads. £ 5.83

Twisty. £5.33

Danny Mac. £5.08

Jimmy Not Paul. £4.58

Mahe. £2.50

Charlinic. £2.28

Call me Gerry. -£0.75

Craig 76. -£1.50

CCE. -£2.87

GFTB. -£5.00

Jungle Gerry. -£6.00

Lefty. -£7.12

Bada. -£8.62

Gordon. -£9.17

Leggy. -£14.00

Chalmersbhoy. -£14.13

Jim. -£14.91

BRRB. -£20.38

The Real McCoy. -£23.00


Good to see you’re back to your self-indulgent best, Twisty! My missus’ old man was a terrible man for the cold, every time he got a cold he would sit watching the telly and every sniffle or cough was met with a “Fur God’s sake, this is the worst cauld ah’ve ever hud!” “Whit aboot the last wan, is it worse than that?” “This is the worst ah’ve ever felt!” He’s long gone, unfortunately but his mIddle son has manfully carried the tradition on for his old man. Yesterday, my missus went along to a local Church fayre and met a few faces she’d not seen for a while. One woman, her bro’s next door neighbour, says “Hi Mrs McCaff, how are you, how’s Mr McCaff?” Pleasantries exchanged the woman says “Oh my, that was a shame about Derek (my bro in law)!” My missus panicked a wee bit, thinking the worst of course, wondering what was so bad we hadn’t heard, and he only stays round the corner from us! She asks the woman, really quite concerned, “Why? What’s happened?” “Och, he was just telling us how his boosters absolutely floored him…he said it’s the worst he’s ever felt!” Aw FFS!!!! 🤣🤣🤣


Great article. I cannot be the only one who hopes that Jura stays on. We played some of our best football last season, with the Jura/Abada combo in the right. Has his head been turned by all the transfer talk? Quite possibly…but at the moment, that’s all it is. Talk. As far as we know, there has not been one concrete bid for his services. Time will tell I guess, as to whether he stays or goes.

Hail Hail.

St tams

Mahe, great article..
Magua, I’m with you, in that I would love to see JJ stay. The way he gets the team up the pitch from defence to attack is not easy to do , as was shown yesterday with an excellent assist .


At the risk of spouting heresy, my thoughts on Ange can be paralleled by views on Faith. Atheist, Agnostic and Believer come to mind. I am not in the “In Ange we trust” camp, nor am I in the camp that sees him as out of touch and flawed in his footballing philosophy. i confess, I was originally in the latter, but there is much, much more to him than I originally thought.

So, I must be in the Agnostic camp. Given I rely on evidence for most of my thinking, Agnostic would appear to be appropriate for my current assessment of Ange.

Football is a brutal business. Get results or you are out. Past performance is a currency that devalues very quickly. Look at GVB as a recent example! European finalist one year, fired the next. Tuchel is another example. Data is used differently when assessing success and failure. Success is acquired more slowly as results accumulate. Blips are tolerated, initially. On the other hand, a short string of bad results, is seen as failure, followed by a manager being on the wrong side of a Board decision.

One and a bit seasons is not enough data for me to form a strategic assessment of Ange. Last season approached miracle status. To compile a winning team out of that shambles, would make even the biggest doubter reassess their views on Ange. I still marvel when I think about that achievement. Last season in Europe was much less satisfying, but, understandable given where we were in the building process.

Now we turn to this season. Comfortably ahead in the league, having defeated our rivals …..all strong positives. However, performances are another matter. Failure to kill off teams has led to some anxious moments that could have resulted in dropped points. Neither Kyogo nor GG have set the heather on fire in the goal scoring department. The former has not been at the level of last season where he looked like he could take on the mantle of Edouard, Dembele, Sutton as a consistent goal scorer. Yes, still a good player but not at the level needed in Europe.

Which brings us to Europe this season. Some good performances but not good results. What makes our performances look better is those from across the Clyde, otherwise no wins at all is the reality.

There are so many factors that need to be managed to make a club like Celtic a success in Europe. Having a workable system of play, savvy recruitment and retention are amongst those. I am still to be convinced that Ange’s system is optimal, and more importantly, sustainable. When it works, it is glorious to watch, when it does not there is the potential to get hammered, even by minnows(Sydney?) then there is the Sports Science perspective. Can you reasonably expect players to perform at those high levels of fitness, match after match? Is this the real reason why Ange wants to see turnover in the squad? He sees burnout and wants it out the door?

Interesting to see JJ and Johnston on the same pitch yesterday. Both excelled at points in the match, both were found wanting at other points. I agree with CFC in that JJ probably did not enhance his prospects of going to one of the wealthier clubs but that still leaves a lot of scope. The lower half of the EPL and the Bundesliga beckon. Given Frimpong went for 11 million at a much younger age, 10 million would appear about right for a fee. Johnston has a lot of potential, both going forward and defending. He is an Ange type of player. He was still motoring at the end of the game vs Croatia. Reports on a fee suggest anything from 800,000 to 5 million. It would be good business to swap these guys in/out of the team.

The above may sound depressing but I do not feel that way. I am an analyst by nature and training. I cannot buy into the “In Ange we trust” philosophy, as yet. It is dangerous to objectivity.

Have a nice day. Me? I am off for a doc’s appointment that could be bad news but I am determined to not let it spoil the season. As Mum said, there is always someone worse off than you.


St tams

Twisty good to hear your feeling better.
Great stuff with comp

What happens if your selection is a non runner

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, twisty glad you feel better👍 I feel mcfabulous 😎😎



Nah- I had proper flu. No exaggerating on my part. Think it was only my sheer never say die attitude that let me make it through the weekend. Lesser men would’ve been at A and E or perhaps phoning an ambulance but I hung tough, despite the odds being stacked against me.
Don’t know why I bothered though. I’m not appreciated here. It’s my birthday this Saturday, ( you know, the one I thought I might not see given how bad I was at the weekend), and I learn today that the wife and daughter have big plans afoot, only thing being, they’re off to Manchester for the weekend and I’m not included. 🤔

Seriously thinking of trading them both for a share in a horse. Gits 😁


St Tams

Ty bud.
In the event you have a non runner it can be replaced until the last race of the day. If not replaced, you automatically switch to the last favourite of the day. ( last favourite lost on Saturday)

big packy

ABE KITTS no way are you 34 id say 74 more likely😎😎give your lad my best wishes on his birthday👍


Afternoon all,

I think the value of JJ is way below some people’s estimate. We have a first choice right back from Croatia playing fairly well in the World Cup with a team, that is more than likely, will progress to last 16, at least.

For me, I hope he stays with us, but I think he is for the Joe Le Toff, but the starting price should be at least 12 to 15 million !!!!!! ( Even at that starting price would be cheap )

Look at some of the Diddy’s going for a lot more !!!!


I’ll be honest, I thought your strategy was flawed at the outset, I mean short odds, thinking a few big pricers will blow you out, however, your proving me wrong as the weeks roll along. Fair play to ya! If you can win with it, you’ll have a few trying it next year. 🐎🐎🐎🐎

big packy

TWISTY tell your wife and daughter to go down deansgate when they get to manchester, some lovely shops and cafes, and there is also that big building on chester road with the big red lights, think its a football club😎😎


Best wishes for your appointment. Hope everything works out ok for you.

St tams

Cheers for the reply.


Good luck with the appointment.

Hail Hail.


They’re going Christmas shopping so alarm bells are already ringing as to how much this is going to cost me. I’m not giving them any of your tips on where to go. You only live the high life. A coffee in one of your recommended outlets will probably set me back a score😬

big packy


A thing of beauty

Really good post. Ange is certainly not infallible and in my opinion we have only performed at our optimum in around three games this season. I feel we have the handbrake on and whether that is to do with burn out or fear of burnout I don’t know but there is definitely something missing in our play. The intensity and high press that was the norm last season has all but disappeared as we seek to manage ourselves through games, even against the leagues bottom teams. I hope we come back after the break stronger and ready to up our level of play.
I hope you get some good news from your appointment.


Mahe – always a good read buddy.

Not convinced by any of these aforementioned RB/ whatever they call ’em these days. If can’t defend don’t play them on the back line – regardless of how well they can scamper up the pitch.

Danny could do it – but his main job was to defend !! he never forgot that …

Anyhoo what do I know …

Got sore shoulders hoisting you lot up on thon Chalmersbhoy’ WC thingy 😅



South Korean coach going Tonto – no time for corner at end of 10 mins added time.

Has he got a point or is 10 mins added sufficient.. more than sufficient

Seeing a pattern here – games lasting average 100 mins

Paving the way for 4 x 25 mins Quarters by the time we get to USA in 2026




Hope it’s good news on your appointment 🙏🙏



The only guy that I know, that bad, going tonto was when BRRB heard, the barman shouting “ Last Orders “ a minute early !!!! 😳😳😳

St tams

Twisty 👍

bada bing1

Rebus- good luck


Leggy – aye bet oul’BRRB had a few Red Cards in his time … Red Stripes inaw

Did you notice USA have sent Suzi Quatro to join the ITV Studio WC panel… looking damn’ good for 72 btw!

Rebus 67

Hope the appointment went well.

Really good post to. I think I tend towards trust and faith in the manager but I still think he is a bit inflexible with substitutions but possibly less so than last season.

Burnout is a risk but with such a big squad, one which is not carrying passengers, I don’t see that risk as being a major one. Strikers that miss far more often than they should and midfielders who hardly ever score are more pressing issues.

Giakoumakis looked quite ‘down’ before the break- not far off the level he was at before February this year-and he probably needs starts to reboot. Not sure he will get them. The other player who presents a bit of a problem is Matt O’Riley. He has real ability – our most creative midielder in a ling while- and yet I thought he looked better last season. The return of Callum McGregor should help him but I wonder if come August 2023 he’ll still be a Celtic player


St tams

Good luck with your appointment.

St tams

Just switched it on .
Brilliant 🤣🤣


Good afternoon all from the Laurieston Bar. I see my name mentioned in outrageous slurs and slanders. My lawyer shall be in touch. When he sobers up.

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