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First and foremost on behalf of Bobby and myself a huge thanks to every single soul that helps this site, whether posting or guest articles, all contributions are treasured. We’ve gained some new members and some impetus, and the blog is fast becoming essential reading.
Sincerely, thank you everyone.
YOU make this venture very worthwhile.


Anyway, onto the football.


I don’t know about you but I find the impending arrival of the Canadian right back fascinating for a few different reasons.


Number one is the location. How did we find him? I believe it’s safe to assume we don’t have a Canadian scout or scouting network in place, so how did he enter our radar? I hope this mystery is solved, it usually comes out in the wash.


Number two is Anges stated desire to sell and upgrade, which in theory suggests Alastair should be an improvement on Josip, who I assume is being replaced.
Discovering if Ange is able to follow through on those aims and raise the bar already has me salivating.


Third comes the sense of deja-vu. I can’t help but think “he’s done it again!”
“It” being plucked another player from obscurity at a bargain price.


Young pacey Israeli, aye He’s good enough.
Emerging Argentinian left back at a lowly club, yip, get him.
4 Japanese players, certainly, I know what they can bring.
Local left back, made him a star.
Montenegrin winger going cheap, bring him in, he’s a player.
Soon a Canadian will enter the list.


He’s a man of many talents and that has served him well fair play the chap, but I’m starting to think this ‘eye for a player’ is his biggest asset.
It’s priceless.
Ignore the past playing level, forget the league and country even the size of his club, stats my arse, the only question is does that player have the skillset and mentality to perform the role he is assigned in the team?
Overwhelmingly the answer has been a resounding yes.
His success rate is outstanding and it could be argued those that drag that success rate downwards have yet to experience a steady run in the team in order to fully judge success or failure.
That’s why I have high expectations for this Canadian kid.


I’m also intrigued by what sort of fee the club will acquire for our outgoing player(s). I’m on record stating the squad is full, we have thirty one players with the two additions. An outgoing with a substantial fee lowers that number obviously (you really don’t want too many players) and should cover the fee and wages of the January signings.
I’m starting to suspect the PLC aren’t that concerned for the simple reason our squad is jam packed with valuable assets, I believe it’s fair to say this squad is worth a fortune.
The Croat is a good player, I like him, and he’s under contract and won’t be cheap.
He’s at a great age, has a long International career ahead of him, and should have a very good club career.
He was bought for 2.5 million, has been in the shop window, now how much is he worth?
His fee is somewhat important as it could be used as a benchmark when others consider prying away our talent.
We buy well, now we must sell well,, the more good players we provide the more other clubs shall sniff around, kerching.
Rinse and repeat.
Procure, play, profit, progress,,,that’s the plan.
And we are lucky enough to watch it play out live in front of us every matchday.


This I find exciting.
The futures bright. The futures Green and White.


By Mahe

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SeS 👍

28th November 1896 / Tweet Celtic

Prestonpans bhoys

I know a elderly hertz fan who is very much in the know around the Micheal Beale circles. When him and slippy were jumping ship, he asked a board member if they would be interested in him.

He was told they wanted a manager with European knowledge, so he slipped away with slippy.

The man is as slippy as an eel…..🐉



A fascinating link. I find it interesting, that current Daily Record journalists such as Keith Jackson, are as erudite today, as their 19th century counterparts were. It makes your wee heart swell with pride, so it does. 😀

Hail Hail.


PB – basically he ‘shot the craw’ – now welcomed back with open arms. What could possibly go wrong ?

Craig/Magua – aye – great links these guys are stars!!

bada bing1

Huns charging the hun hordes to see Beale interview 😁

big packy

posted this a few nights ago, think it got lost in cyberspace
The struggle to stay ‘Protestant’ on Merseyside
presented an united front. But the close relationship does not please the

July 05 2008 11:24 PM

city’s 6,000 Orangemen. David Harrison reports.

city’s 6,000 Orangemen. David Harrison reports.

ARE you a Protestant? It seemed a simple enough question to ask an Anglican bishop at Liverpool’s Church House. But the Rt Rev Michael Henshall, one of the diocese’s three bishops and ‘deputy’ to Bishop David Sheppard, was uncomfortable with the P-word.

‘That’s not the word I would use,’ he said, fiddling with the cross around his neck.

What then? ‘I am Catholic,’ he said. Does the Archbishop of Canterbury know about this? ‘Catholic and reformed,’ he explained. ‘Not a Roman Catholic.’The bishop was making the point that the Church of England was the Catholic Church until the Reformation. Historically correct, and also politically correct.

There used to be Protestants and Catholics in Liverpool. Now Anglicans in a city proud of its achievements in breaking down barriers between the two faiths over the past 20 years have almost banned the word Protestant, believing it smacks of sectarianism.

‘The word Protestant gets overplayed,’ says the bishop.

Thousands in the city disagree. They belong to the still thriving Orange Lodge and to independent and ‘house’ churches.

Many of the fundamentalists are proud to be Protestant. They feel neglected by the established Church and, fearing that ecumenicism means subjugation by the Vatican, are digging in harder than ever.

Earlier this year, Liverpool’s Catholics were caught up in controversy when the author Alice Thomas Ellis said the city’s late Catholic Archbishop, Derek Worlock, who forged a powerful ecumenical alliance with Dr Sheppard, had weakend Catholics’ faith by moving too close to the Anglicans.

When Patrick Kelly, 57, former Bishop of Salford, was appointed Worlock’s successor he pledged to continue cross-faith co-operation. Catholic traditionalists were disappointed. But so too were many hardline Protestants.

At Liverpool’s Orange Lodge headquarters in Everton, Ron Bather, provincial leader, says Dr Sheppard has ‘bent over backwards’ to appease the Catholics: ‘If he carries on with the new archbishop he will end up as a contortionist.

‘We are not interested in unity. We believe it would be a take over by the Roman Catholic Church.

Mr Bather says the Catholic lobby _ Catholics make up nearly half Liverpool’s population _ is helped by a pro-Rome media. ‘We are called extremist Protestants, yet extremist Catholics are called devout.’The Roman doctrine remains anathema to Orangemen. Mr Bather almost spits out the words ‘Papal infallibility’ and and ‘Maryology’.

Unlike the Anglican Church, they do not see any point in ‘discussing’ these differences with Catholics.

The Orange Order is still a force in Liverpool, claiming 6,000 members in more than 100 lodges, a slight increase on 10 years ago. Perhaps surprisingly for an organisation often accused of racist bigotry, there is a predominantly black lodge in Toxeth.

Members will march regularly, on St George’s Day, Empire Day and, of course, tomorrow. They also join Orange marches in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The marchers will attract abuse from Catholics, but serious sectarian violence has not been seen in Liverpool for 50 years.

‘You’d still get the odd fight, mind,’ recalled one Protestant in Toxteth. ‘The Catholics used to throw pepper and eggs at us.’ The ‘Proddies’ retorted by hanging hams outside their houses, with cards saying ‘This ham was cured at Lourdes.’Wartime, when Catholics fought alongside Protestants, helped to end religious hatred. Inter-marriage became common. The city’s two big football clubs, unlike their counterparts in Glasgow, shed sectarianism decades ago _ Liverpool was Protestant and Everton, whose ground is in fact in the Walton district, was Catholic.

In the Sixties, the sectarian bastions _ Scotland Road for Catholics and neighbouring Everton for Protestants _ were weakened when thousands of residents were moved out to satellite estates such as Kirby, Speke and Netherley.

But the drift towards compromise with Rome drove many Protestant church groups away from the Church of England. They keep a lower profile than the Orange Order, quietly spreading their fundamentalist message.

One such group, the Christian Brethren, which has churches all over Merseyside and in other parts of the country, is anti- ecumenical.

‘It will lead to a mish-mash. They don’t want unity, they want union,’ said a 70-year- old church elder who worships at a chapel near Liverpool’s Anfield football ground. He declined to be named for fear of being seen as ‘glory- seeking’.

The elder, who describes himself as ‘just a Christian’, said the Church’s biggest problem was not ecumenicism but materialism, which was keeping people away, especially the young.

Attendances at his own chapel have fallen to 30-40 each Sunday, though up to 100 attend the monthly family service. Church attendances are down throughout the city. Anglicans are struggling to fill their pews and only one in five of the archdiocese’s half a million Catholics attends Mass.

At the city’s magnificent Anglican cathedral recently, the Church of England looked in rude spiritual health as 150 children and adults, watched by hundreds of friends and relatives, were confirmed into the faith, following a similar number the previous night.

But Dr Sheppard, busy signing autographs afterwards, admitted that many of them would not become active church members.

Bishop Henshall, quoting George Bernard Shaw, said it was ‘invincible ignorance’ to suggest the Church’s involvement in social issues had driven believers away from the Church.

He blamed Liverpool’s declining population _ from 750,000 to 450,000 _ and changes in the nature of Sunday, for the empty pews.

‘Sunday football has replaced Sunday School,’ said one church-goer.

‘People are more apathetic these days,’ said another. ‘They would rather go to Asda than go to church’.

There was a widespread view that the success of the city’s football clubs had helped to create a new religion: football. The Anglican cathedral almost seems to acknowledge this. Among the Bibles, religious posters and keyrings, its shop also sells Liverpool FC pennants.



Aye – that item was on the blog ok 👏🏻

big packy


Gordon64 Did Kenny Macintyre videobomb BBC Scotland’s live report on Beale announcement?


You forgot about putting your predictions in for today’s games.
Don’t forget phase 3 starts tomorrow.


Good evening all from the Victoria Bar. I hope you are all hale and hearty. And if not, why not?



Yer man in the background was probably a celebrating Tim.


Good evening, sir. Still going strongly I see.

Hail Hail.

As a wee aside, haven’t seen anything recently from GFTB.

Gerry, hope all is well.


bada bing1

Don’t think Ronaldo touched that


Good evening fholks,

Good goal by CR7.

The golden harp on the blue background representing “Ireland”

Can still be found, for example on…

The Royal Standard (of England)


The Royal Standard of Scotland

Wonder what it lawfully represents today

Jimbo67 @ 12:48 pm,

Trust me, in my life it has been not thinking that has been a big flaw

:))))) – Most of us have certainly been there!!

Not sure TGM meant that precisely, my take, when TGM said – “Just lose interest in thoughts…. was what some may refer to as non-attachment.

After minimising and detatching oneself from “mental activity”, by all means examine thoughts as they arise but don’t react to them and don’t identify yourself as those thoughts.

The fox and bear advert is telling in that regard, just like the fox, we can drive ourselves “crazy”, by attatching ourselves to an idea.

Hail Hail

Prestonpans bhoys


I’m with you on that one, perhaps a single hair touched it😱


Prestonpans bhoys,

Spider’s baw hair touch 😜😜😜

Prestonpans bhoys

Using freeze frame on Sky +, doesn’t look like he touched it


Bruno Fernandes – getting the goal…

Hail Hail



Evening, Brian.

Hail Hail.


I’m always going strong until about 1am. Then old age or Mrs BRRB gives me a sharp reminder of mortality. Usually with a wallop over the napper.


Surely the word’s Keith Jackson and Journalist, in the same sentence only works if the words “is in no way a” separates them 😃

Prestonpans bhoys

Shirley Keith Jackson and arsehole are synonymous in a sentence😱



You may have a point there. 😀


I may be accused of impertinence, or worse, but I have to say:

Fair play to the good lady. 😀

Hail Hail.


Prestonpans Bhoys
Your being to polite using the term Arsehole, say what you really mean 🤣


It’s not fair play when she comes at me like kato from the Pink Panther. 😳



Brilliant. I shall retire for a few moments, it may be longer, cos I’m pmsl. 😀

Hail Hail.


Notice McMoist had a lot to say about the accidental handball yet didn’t mention Bernabei

Prestonpans bhoys


You’re 100% correct I should have inserted the f word beforehand.

Another daft var decision, penalty scored by Portugal

Danny Mac 23

Prestonpanbhoys 7.43

Totally agree.Beale knows the hype and the media adulation and expectency around the managerial role at Ibrox.He obviously thought Stevie G was lauded for stopping the 10 (we all know we fucked it covid whatever) but this guy is buying into the fact he was the tactical guy in the background and thinks he can beat us.Not happening.The difference between coaching and managing is stark.Ange does not coach,does not have to.I think Mr Beale will soon realise that.Has he announced his backroom staff?

Craig 76


Apparently, it’s the same staff he had at QPR. So hopefully, a nice compo cheque will be winging its way to West London.

Hail Hail.

DannyMac23, aye, it’s been announced:
Daily Record 7.55pm
Micky Beale has announced Stevie G, Graeme McMurty, Stuart McCall, Jimmy Nicholl and Bazza Ferguson as his specialist Real Rangers Men backroom staff. C’mon the Teddies!!!

Craig 76

Andy Halliday on SSB saying Beale can maybe get a bit more out of Morelos as he is fluent In Portuguese.

Prestonpans bhoys


In a parallel universe called Ibrox Noise they have stated this pish

On his move to Aston Villa, which he only did out of loyalty for his close friend Steven Gerrard, he moved his whole family down to the West Midlands and they were never happy there, didn’t want to be there.

The move to London hasn’t helped because his family remain based around the Birmingham area

Prestonpans bhoys


He’s right Morelos is fluent In Portuguese.😂😂

Edit…just did a google check, Columbia’s a Spanish speaking nation😱😱😵

big packy

CRAIG76 no comment👍

A thing of beauty

Tim Horton,
Good luck with the MRI. Sorry to hear you may have a long wait and a long journey. Sounds almost as bad as here.
Danny Mac,
I have concerns that the Huns may have pulled a rabbit from the hat but that is what it would need to be. They are going to have to get lucky with this appointment and hope that all the hype of Beale being a great coach translates into being a great manager. We have to remember that in the last season and a half of Gerrard’s tenure they had our number and we couldn’t beat them. We did not learn the lessons of the 2019 league cup final and rested on our laurels. We must also consider that in the season we lost the ten we had a manager who was not fit for purpose, an over the hill captain and several first team players who didn’t want to be there. I don’t think we are in that dark place now. Yes there will be players who want to leave but Ange is already ahead of this and has replacements lined up. Unless we implode, he will have to prove himself a first class operator to beat us. I believe in Ange and feel reasonably confident he’ll have the measure of Mick.
You were good enough to help me out with tickets last season and that was much appreciated. No need this time though. Funnily enough I came out in the ballot. I’ve never not came out in the ballot except twice against the Huns.

big packy

GNAGB ALL, before I go could you keep jimthetim53 in your thoughts, he would do the same for me👍

Margaret McGill

Superb country.
National football team always a disgrace.
Come on Ghana.


My reply was more than a little tongue in cheek. Although Rodin did use me as a model.

Tim Horton

Best wishes and good luck

Re Micheal Beale, he seems a real gamble and a potentially expensive one. He could be Murty the second or even an updated Cathro. However if he was the brains behind Gerrard it’s worth remembering that Rangers were often the better team when playing us under Gerrard pre-Covid. But coaching is as Danny Mac pointed out not the same as managing – and whilst a 41% win record is not a bad managerial record it’s not startlingly good either. A gamble which I hope fails.


Nite all.


Yer a pair of rascals’



ATOB I can’t really disagree with anything you’ve said, however losing the ten (which basically a huge percentage of Celtic fans only wanted for bragging rights) might not have been too bad a thing. It certainly woke up our board, who (at least for now) seem intent in keeping Ange happy, and our squad has certainly improved.



Big Packy



The callow youth has not faced up to our Ange before. I’m fairly confident that Ange will see him off…as he did with the 2 previous Ibrox managers. My only worry is:



G’night, mate.

Hail Hail.

Must say that Buffalo is about a two week wait,will see what hospital time line is.
Thank you all for wishing me well

Correct Buffalo and Niagara in New York state also Niagara in Ontario.

ASWGL…I doubt any true Celtic fans wanted Ten only for bragging rights! Any true Celtic fan should be wanting us to win every game no matter the circumstances.
ATOB…Ange is 18 months into a project of which none of us know how long it will take to get to where he wants to lead us, or if indeed he’ll leave before it’s completed! In the meantime, the Huns have done what we did in the Ten season – imploded. Beale might be the man to sort them out but are we really scared of a guy who’s managerial record to date is decidedly average? Maybe I’m too complacent but I doubt Ange will let his standards slip, the opposite will happen I believe, because they’ve got a new man in.
Tim H…good luck with your scan when it happens! Remember it’s good to talk…there’s a decent support network at your fingertips on here!
Finally, I’ll repeat my message of earlier, in case you missed it…I can get 2 tickets for the Kilmarnock League Cup tie on Saturday 14th Jan, at Hampden with a 5.30 kick off. Limited availability, seats in Sect B7. I think they’re about £28 or £29 each. I’m busy that weekend so won’t be going to the game. If you want ’em, let me know!


Jimbo67 @ 9:24 pm,

Yes, having read your comments for some time I’m completely aware you are a very sound and profound thinker.


Hail Hail


Morton at Celtic Park in the Cup. Huns away at Perth.



A hopefully good draw for the Celts. Quite a tough one for the Huns though. Perth is never an easy place to go in the cup.

Hail Hail.