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First and foremost on behalf of Bobby and myself a huge thanks to every single soul that helps this site, whether posting or guest articles, all contributions are treasured. We’ve gained some new members and some impetus, and the blog is fast becoming essential reading.
Sincerely, thank you everyone.
YOU make this venture very worthwhile.


Anyway, onto the football.


I don’t know about you but I find the impending arrival of the Canadian right back fascinating for a few different reasons.


Number one is the location. How did we find him? I believe it’s safe to assume we don’t have a Canadian scout or scouting network in place, so how did he enter our radar? I hope this mystery is solved, it usually comes out in the wash.


Number two is Anges stated desire to sell and upgrade, which in theory suggests Alastair should be an improvement on Josip, who I assume is being replaced.
Discovering if Ange is able to follow through on those aims and raise the bar already has me salivating.


Third comes the sense of deja-vu. I can’t help but think “he’s done it again!”
“It” being plucked another player from obscurity at a bargain price.


Young pacey Israeli, aye He’s good enough.
Emerging Argentinian left back at a lowly club, yip, get him.
4 Japanese players, certainly, I know what they can bring.
Local left back, made him a star.
Montenegrin winger going cheap, bring him in, he’s a player.
Soon a Canadian will enter the list.


He’s a man of many talents and that has served him well fair play the chap, but I’m starting to think this ‘eye for a player’ is his biggest asset.
It’s priceless.
Ignore the past playing level, forget the league and country even the size of his club, stats my arse, the only question is does that player have the skillset and mentality to perform the role he is assigned in the team?
Overwhelmingly the answer has been a resounding yes.
His success rate is outstanding and it could be argued those that drag that success rate downwards have yet to experience a steady run in the team in order to fully judge success or failure.
That’s why I have high expectations for this Canadian kid.


I’m also intrigued by what sort of fee the club will acquire for our outgoing player(s). I’m on record stating the squad is full, we have thirty one players with the two additions. An outgoing with a substantial fee lowers that number obviously (you really don’t want too many players) and should cover the fee and wages of the January signings.
I’m starting to suspect the PLC aren’t that concerned for the simple reason our squad is jam packed with valuable assets, I believe it’s fair to say this squad is worth a fortune.
The Croat is a good player, I like him, and he’s under contract and won’t be cheap.
He’s at a great age, has a long International career ahead of him, and should have a very good club career.
He was bought for 2.5 million, has been in the shop window, now how much is he worth?
His fee is somewhat important as it could be used as a benchmark when others consider prying away our talent.
We buy well, now we must sell well,, the more good players we provide the more other clubs shall sniff around, kerching.
Rinse and repeat.
Procure, play, profit, progress,,,that’s the plan.
And we are lucky enough to watch it play out live in front of us every matchday.


This I find exciting.
The futures bright. The futures Green and White.


By Mahe

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Waiting on 9 to submit their scores for phase 3.
You can do them daily if you so wish but there Will be no reminders this time.

Mike in Toronto ,
Hope all is well.

Still plenty to play.for.

League updated before 1st game.


ASWGL @ 9:32 pm,

… losing the ten (which basically a huge percentage of Celtic fans only wanted for bragging rights) might not have been too bad a thing. It certainly woke up our board, who (at least for now) seem intent in keeping Ange happy, and our squad has certainly improved.

While losing the ten in such a predictable manner was tough to take, there was a silver lining – despite the plethora of excuses and pleadings of mitigating circumstances the guilty were exposed, well beyond any reasonable doubt.

Yet do leopards change their spots? Shortly after going nine points ahead of the Rangers, there was an interesting piece on a pro-Board Celtic site.

While the CQN piece titled “Celtic be more ambitious or you will soon wither” was on the face of it a good, optimistic and ambitious piece, my eyes were drawn to this…

… That will not happen without a radical overhaul of the current squad, which means selling for top money and buying more quality players. “Learning lessons” from this season’s campaign will never bridge the gap, anyone who supported Celtic through the 90s will testify to this, so let’s not pretend otherwise.

The work should be underway already, we have two transfer windows and the rare luxury of a commanding lead in the league…

Now maybe it is being cynical, yet if it is, it’s not because I’m a cynical person, it’s because of what went before.

We will remember when Rangers died we sold off players and were told by the CEO that every penny will be reinvested in the Club.

That of course was not the case, we hoarded money and generously recompensed the Board.

Only when the new Rangers emerged as a threat and defeated Ronny Delia’s side did we start to reinvest in the team.

Then as you say, it was after loosing the ten we got our next positive reaction. Ange came in and was backed.

For me that quote says, as soon as we start pulling away from the Rangers, it is time to take our foot of the gas and take some profit. A competitive old firm platform and more cash in the bank.

The backsliding is not for me.

Our best bet as Celtic supporters is that Mick Beale proves a great success, that way the Board will continue to be focussed on backing Ange.

Chalmersbhoy – on it now…

Hail Hail

Danny Mac 23


Ange is quite literally in a different league from Beale in managerial terms.

Refereeing descions and pro Beale media spin will not detract from the fact they have no money.

If Beale has been told he has a sizable budget to wrest the League from the champions he will soon realise that is not the case.If Gios departing speech stating the challenges he faced and the extreme circumstances he had to work under does not ring alarm bells then Mick is either deaf or as I believe he is up his own arse.Time will tell.

To fund a hun team going forward it will require a takeover and if that happens it wont be Mr Beale in charge.

We concentrate on the hoops and look to continual improvement and progress and in Ange we have a firebrand a man on a mission and with a vision that we can all buy into and enjoy..I sgree with Mahe the future looks bright for tbe hoops as lomg as the board dont decide otherwise.

We always say in a position of strength we never strengthen and after the capitulation of ten the hurt of which will never ease personally but I would hope now that the opportunity is there to press on win leagues and trophies and put some distance thereof between us and the 2 teams from Govan.

We can do this if matched by the board,we know how much we want it how much do they.


Not quite getting the concern of the Beale appointment.
This has obviously been in the offing for weeks, his visit to Ibrox last month was very telling about the character of the man. Very disrespectful to a fellow manager. As PB stated- slippery.

Aston Villa finished last season in 14th place. They lost 50% of their games.
I realise Gerrard and Beale took over at Villa a year ago, part way into the season, but 13 wins out of 38 is hardly the mark of a tactical genius.
His foray into management sees him with a slightly improved 40% win rate in a lower league.

The circumstances up here are different, of course- poor quality competition in the rest of the league coupled with a favourable “rub of the green” will see his stats improve. He will be well aware that kind officiating will be the norm up here.
There will also no doubt be a positive player reaction as poor ol Gio seemed to lack any sort of leadership.

There is a sense of them attempting to appease a restless support, not all of whom appear to be enamoured with Beale. A result for us on Jan 2nd would be hugely damaging to his fledgling career.

He has no doubt been promised financial support in the transfer market.
The signs are the Huns are going for broke again- at least as far as FSR will allow.

Margaret McGill

I say that on Feb 1st the Huns will be bealing so they will

Margaret McGill

TGM was just trying to be funny with his “Just lose interest in thoughts“ comment. Check the context. Trust me I know how difficult it can be for a super intellectual to crack a joke these days!


Margaret McGill @ 11:13 pm,

Well, although many of your jokes go over my head, most are good value and you points witty and succinct and often cutting.

There is no approach that comes close to the scientific method and we can all be thankful for huge benefits that it brings us.

Yet if anyone wants to close their “mind” to alternate thinking that is for them – in fact even the super-intellectual polymath of yesteryear is now an anachronism, as the wide range of fields and depth of knowledge and gazillions of data proves too much for the greatest minds to absorb.

Yet the spiritual quest for greater understanding of consciousness is to my mind more apprehensible than the scientific endeavours in this field.

Cynics of the “hard question” may scoff at others spiritual experiences yet we know we are conscious and we know our own experiences, even if science tells us to doubt ourselves.

TGM’s allegory was particularly amusing, no doubts – he certainly has a great talent with words and allusion.

Yet the experience he describes can easily be identified by those who have experienced kenshō*

*I’ve used a Zen term – neither TGM nor I practice Zen as far as I’m aware yet it is a widely known practice.

Hail Hail


25 teams have won the Scottish Cup. Only 19 have their name engraved on the cup itself. One of these teams is Celtic Football & Athletic Co. 1888. Something to be proud of surely. No team playing out of Ibrox Park, has ever managed that feat. 😀

Hail Hail..

Margaret McGill

I get you
When it comes to Zen I’m a bit schizophrenic
I am at 2 with the universe
Like young’s double slit experiment
( Ed no sexy twin connotations here please)


Having read the various meanings given to our thinking, one theme seems to be a fear of a return to the bad Law well days.

I set out the meaning I’ve given to my thoughts on the matter on E Tim’s this morning and for what it’s worth I’ll repeat them.

The difference between Angeball and Lawwellball is Ange looks much further ahead than the next ST round to improve the quality of footballers recruited.

Ange an ex footballer with experience of managing an international side whose success depends on finding the best or improving the not so best, as opposed to an accountant PL who has as much knowledge of what makes a player as a donkey on Blackpool beach or Pueblo Mijas.

The policy makes sense , it was the execution of it by PL that was the problem. As the consequences of the PL approach manifested itself the Board to whom he reported had two choices:

1. Dump the policy and adopt the unsustainable spend one that FSR (to which Celtic contributed) will challenge or

2 Stick with it but change the approach that sees the bottom line stay within FSR restrictions but make football success the plank on which overall financial well being depends and find someone who has the experience to deliver.

The evidence since Ange arrived is the Board have taken route 2.

Margaret McGill

You forgot #3
The whole modus operandi!
What are the Huns daein?

Margaret McGill

Met some old lady in line at the pharmacy today.
According to the pharmacy computer someone picked up and paid for her 3 month dosage of her heart medicine on Nov 24th. She took her last pill yesterday and needed her prescription renewed. Unless she paid no one was listening. Poor woman was distraught so I paid the $94
Not being the hero here but fuckin hell welcome to the American health care system. It’s the Tory dream



You should let that meaning go.

It no longer stands to reason.

Margaret McGill

Until I see evidence otherwise in 2023 I’m sticking to the 20 solid years of vindication of the Celtic PLCs MO being that of “what are the Huns daein?”


Margaret McGill
Until I see evidence otherwise in 2023 I’m sticking to the 20 solid years of vindication of the Celtic PLCs MO being that of “what are the Huns daein?”
Mags don’t try the old “we’ll see” gambit on me you scallywag. 🙂


Margaret McGill @ 12:32 am,

When it comes to Zen I’m a bit schizophrenic
I am at 2 with the universe
Like young’s double slit experiment

Well quite – from what I’ve “observed”, it’s less self identified wave/particle orientation and more strangeness and charm.

Hail Hail


Auldheid @ 1:10 am,

Yes, interesting insight – any return to a Martin O’Neil type investment in the squad is just not practical for several reasons.

However while we can lay a lot of the pre Ange transfer failures at the feet of Big Pedro, who overseen the incompetent implementation of our transfer operations for over a decade.

It doesn’t get away from the fact the policy itself was flawed, if anyone has any doubts they need only look at summer 2018 transfer window debacle.

Ange has been looking at the overall quality of the players and has taken a very professional approach to the implementation.

Look at the way the Japanese players have been brought in and integrated, we are carrying this policy forward, we are ahead of the curve if our first choice right back leaves in January.

Compare that to Teemu Pukki, replacing Gary Hooper, TP was a good striker whose transfer and integration into the Celtic team was a dogs dinner.

We need to ensure when we sell players that we have everything in place to ensure the squad and team performance are not impacted.

Your faith in the current Board and your conviction that PL won’t be returning is obviously great comfort.

Yet the cart before the horse policy was a failure and with talk of Big Pedro returning and the same Board in place, we can’t be complacent about the prospect of recidivism.

Have A Grand Day – Aff oot…

Hail Hail

16 roads

“There are two ways in which people are controlled. First of all frighten people and secondly, demoralise them…
An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern.”

Tony Benn.


16 Roads – good point buddy

“ educated people ask questions …but they don’t want us to be educated… they don’t want to answer our questions ..”

The youngest female mayor in Afghanistan:


Auldheid @ 1.10

Pueblo Mijas? Did we not sign him at the same time as Soro and Klimala?


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Is it later this week that Celtic start their winter camp training in Portugal?
Asking for myself 😉


I think Portugal is next week – game versus Rennes – but Lennoxtown this week.

This break seems as long as the 1960s close seasons


Big Audio Dynamite

So Beale is being announced as the Huns 18th manager? 😂

You gotta love their comedic value

Prestonpans bhoys

Enjoy this with your morning coffee and roll:

‘Sydney Super Cup promoters have filed legal action against Rangers that could see the Ibrox club pay £1.6 million in compensation’

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the welcome back.

Having the courage to ‘know’ nothing and somehow ‘be’ absolutely content.

Yes, the difficulty when we go into the mind and try to figure things out.

That fox or mind (I) will never know love, peace or joy. These are abstractions/concepts, creations of the mind. The fox is a fantastic, necessary tool.
The problem is that it always looks for tangible results or proof.
If it experiences a tiny bit of bliss or peace, he/she often spends it’s life in a fruitless search.

Chasing its tail.

(Living in the head.)

Simply, just by gently being and not following whatever is presented, by the mind for a moment or two, is all that’s necessary.

This isn’t what the mind can recognise. It’s looking for a result, a feeling, an awakening.

At the level of the mind, CBT etc are all hugely beneficial but I’m not referring to that.

I’m not talking about a state of mind.

I’m talking about what we are.


The American scientist David Bohm was a great advocate of dialogue.

He explained that the mind and thought didn’t appear to have a capacity like proprioception. If the body feels it’s losing balance, it has a capacity to naturally correct itself.

Bohm didn’t think that thought had a capacity like proprioception.

Where Bohm loses me was his assertion that scientists were poor candidates for dialogue.

When asked why, Bohm explained,

“Scientists are always convinced they’re right.”

This baffles me.

Any thoughts?

– Only having a bit fun. –

I’m enjoying your input as always.


Yes, I know it makes little sense.

All my life they told me to be thoughtful. Now they tell me to be thoughtless.

The cul-de-sacs we go down when there’s no distractions like proper football.

Till later.


Not just compensation but potentially legal costs on top. Together with the Elite litigation and, one assumes, hefty compensation payments for outgoing and incoming management the Ibrox coffers are being stretched.

Despite the feel good pish we will read about in the weeks ahead, as Beale rallies the troops and rouses the support, I sense trouble won’t be far behind.

Jan 2 is shaping up to be a seminal moment in the Huns casino football splurge.

Expect Beaton as ref, Walsh as VAR, Robertson or a n other Hun as 4th official.

Distress clarion call.

The Gombeen Man

Rebus/Tim Horton,

Sorry to read about your health concerns yesterday.


If it’s any compensation, it’s a small world.

I’ve also spent an afternoon in that shop centre in Ottawa.

Enjoy the football this week.

Hopefully Canada can get a result.