Coupe du Monde 1938

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France was chosen as host nation by FIFA in Berlin on 13 August, 1936. France was chosen over Argentina and Germany in the first round of voting. The decision to hold a second consecutive tournament in Europe caused outrage in South America, where it was believed that the venue should alternate between the two continents. This was the last World Cup to be staged before the outbreak of the WWII.

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Because of anger over the decision to hold a second successive World Cup in Europe, neither Uruguay nor Argentina entered the competition. Spain could not participate due to the ongoing Civil War.

It was the first time that the hosts,France , and the title holders, Italy, qualified automatically. Title holders were given an automatic entry into the World Cup from 1938 until 2002 (inclusive), since abolished.

Of the 14 remaining places, eleven were allocated to Europe, two to the Americas, and one to Asia. As a result, only three non-European nations took part: Brazil, Cuba and the Dutch East Indies. This is the smallest ever number of teams from outside the host continent to compete at a FIFA World Cup.

Austria qualified for the World Cup, but after qualification was complete, the  Anschluss united Austria with Germany. Austria subsequently withdrew from the tournament, with some Austrian players joining the German squad, although not including Austrian Star player Matthias Sindelar refused to play for the unified team.  Latvia was the runner-up in Austria’s qualification group, but was not invited to participate; instead Austria’s place remained empty, and Sweden,  as Austria’s initial opponent, progressed directly to the second-round by default.

This tournament saw the first, and as of 2022 the only, participation in a World Cup tournament from Cuba and the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). It also saw the World Cup debuts of Poland and Norway. Romania would not qualify for another World Cup until 1970, Poland and the Netherlands would not reappear at a finals tournament until 1974, and Norway would not qualify for another World Cup finals until 1994. A unified German team would not appear again until 1994, although Austria returned in 1954 and finished Third. 

Route to the Final


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Stade Olymique Colombes ( Paris area) venue 1938 World Cup Final

Paris, June 19th – Stade Colombes 
4 (3) ITALY 
Colaussi 6,35 
Piola 15,80 
Olivieri, Foni, Rava, Serantoni, Andreolo, Locatelli, Biavati, Meazza, Piola, Ferrari, Colaussi.

2 (1) HUNGARY 
Titkos 8 
Sarosi 70 
Szabo, Polgar, Biro, Szalay, Szücs, Lazar, Sas, Zsengeller, Sarosi, Vincze, Titkos.

Referee: Georges Capdeville (France) 
Attendance: 55.000 

Vittorio Pozzi’s  Italian side took the lead early, but Hungary equalised within two minutes. The Italians shortly regained the lead, and by the end of the first half were leading the Hungarians 3–1. At 4–2, Italy successfully defended its title, very first  team to win the trophy on foreign soil.

The last survivor of the game was Italy’s Pietro Rava, who died on 5 November 2006 at the age of 90

Tournament details

Host country: France 

Dates 4–19 June 1938

Teams 15 (from 4 confederations)

Venue(s) 10 (in 9 host cities)

Champions: Italy 

Runners-up: Hungary

Third place: Brazil

Fourth place: Sweden 

Matches played: 18

Goals scored: 84 (4.67 per match)

Attendance: 374,835 (20,824 per match)

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Italy ( sans fascist salut) Winners of 1938 World Cup 


Meanwhile back at the ranch…

As the eyes of the Footballing World are on Paris, the good old British FA’s in ‘splendid isolation’ are happily focused on ‘Empire’ . Slap bang In the middle of The World Cup in France they have conjured up an alternative Tournament.

Unfortunately, for the organisers, they invited the reigning 1937/38 Champions of Scotland who are currently in the midst of 50th Anniversary Celebrations!

What could possibly go wrong…

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1938-06-10: Celtic 1-0 Everton, Empire Exhibition Cup Final (Ibrox Stadium)

Celtic FC:  Kennaway; Hogg & Morrison; Geatons, Lyon & Paterson; Delaney, MacDonald, Crum, Divers & Murphy

Scorer: Johnny Crum (96min).

Everton FC: Sagar, Cook, Greenhalgh, Mercer, Jones, Thomson, Geldard, Cunliffe, Lawton, Stevenson, Boyer.

Ref: Mr T. Thompson (Northumberland).
Att: 82,653

Celtic were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Club’s existence, and with that in mind the management wanted to mark the occasion with something to celebrate. What better way was there than to make our mark than in the upcoming Empire Exhibition tournament.

The Empire Exhibition Tournament was played in the pre-war summer of 1938 to mark the Empire Exhibition, being held in Bellahouston Park in Glasgow. Eight teams took part in the tournament held at Ibrox – Aberdeen, Celtic, Hearts, Rangers represented Scotland and Brentford, Chelsea, Everton and Sunderland (Champions of England) for England. 

Celtic had already won the Scottish League Championship (for the second time in three years) and winning this cup would be a fine bonus to celebrate a 50 years milestone in the club’s proud history. 

Celtic legend Jimmy McGrory, finally giving in to years of abuse, retired at the age of 33 and the Park’s record attendance of 92,000 was set versus Rangers in a 3-0 victory on New Year’s day 1938. Celtic played Sunderland in the first round and won a replay 3-1 after a 0-0 draw in the first match. 

Hearts were disposed of in the semi-final 1-0 through a Johnny Crum goal. Everton, destined to win the English championship in the following season, were Celtic’s opponents in the final. They had beaten Rangers 2-0 and Aberdeen 3-2 to advance to the final and were the favourites to triumph. 

The Final

Celtic and its support represented everything the people behind the exhibition despised. How it must have then riled them to see the Bhoys reach the final of a competition celebrating the British Empire.  

The game itself saw a crowd of 82,000 packed into Ibrox who were to witness an enthralling and tense 90 minutes. The football on display was excellent and the game swung from end to end providing much more entertainment than the 0-0 scoreline suggests.

Everton were a side packed with internationals and would go on to win England’s championship. But they had met their match in a wonderful Celtic side inspired ably by James Delaney.

Extra-time would decide the victor and with Celtic taking a firm control of the game Johnny Crum hit home the only goal of the game to claim the prize for the Bhoys.

The cry at the end was: “Fetch a polis man! Everton’s gettin murdered!”

Crum danced a jig of joy behind the net and at full-time the Celtic support celebrated a wonderful triumph with rousing choruses of patriotic Irish ballads such as Dear Little Shamrock.

The vital goal by Crum 5 minutes into extra time won Celtic the match and the tournament. 

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The trophy, to be kept permanently by the winning club, was a silver replica of the Exhibition Tower.

Celtic received a total of £2591 for the four matches they played.

The victory was wonderful for Celtic in many ways. To be the victors in the backyard of their rivals, to have won a tournament celebrating the British Empire and to have beaten the best in Britain will have not gone unnoticed by the establishment members. In its own way, it was a poke in the eye to the old guard in Britain, and in its own way was a means of pride to the Irish communities throughout the UK and Ireland as well. It was a measure of just how far both the club and the relevant communities (both Scottish and Irish) had come over the past fifty years. 
Sadly World War Two was to break out the next year, and things were never to be the same again for all those who had both played in and watched the tournament.

The Celticwiki have described (above) events as only they can, please read more here:

Unfortunately, no footage of Empire Cup Final. ( help?)

Guest article by SeS

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ABE Kitts

Great article yet again SeS 👏
Thought I’d found footage but it wasn’t, I’m sure there must be some out there somewhere 🤔



Financial jiggery pokery,apparently. IIRC,summer of 2020,they swapped players with Barcelona. £80m each,both ways. This allowed both clubs a paper profit of £60m,booking the £80m as income but only amortisation over the four year contract,£20m,as a cost.

Even I could see through that one at the time!

The Gombeen Man


A fantastic read.

The references to the Empire and Ireland remind me of how in 1948, it’s thought the snubs of the Ulster-Scot Governor General of Canada, Lord Alexander that pushed the Taoiseach John Costello (Fine Gael) to remove the External Reactions Act and declare Ireland a Republic.

Britain retaliated with the Ireland Act of 1949.

From the UK Parliament website.

“Ireland becomes a Republic

Only in the spring of 1923 did the Northern Ireland Parliament and the Dáil in Dublin start to function normally.

The Westminster Parliament now governed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The British monarch, King George V, continued to be head of state in the Irish Free State as King in Ireland, but by 1936 most references to the King had been removed from Irish constitutional law.

In 1937 a new Irish constitution established an elected president.

In 1948 the Taoiseach – the Irish prime minister – announced that Ireland was to be declared a republic.

The UK Parliament then passed the Ireland Bill which acknowledged the 1949 declaration that Ireland had…

“ceased to be part…of His Majesty’s dominions” and therefore a member of the Commonwealth.

The Ireland Bill also clarified the status of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom, giving a statutory guarantee that it would remain part of the UK as long as its Parliament so desired.

This provision caused controversy in the Republic of Ireland as it gave Northern Ireland a status it had not previously enjoyed.”

The Gombeen Man

Most folk know that Big Chuck Blazer was the top official in US soccer who was lifted by the IRS and the Feds after votes were bought for the Russian and Qatar WCs.

Chuck rolled over and went to the London Olympics, 2012. There he recorded conversations with a bug secreted in a keyring.

He provided full disclosure to the Feds, it’s believed they are still sitting on evidence. Remember – the indictment Chuck faced was suspiciously selective.

Chuck’s evidence led to all of the arrests and ensuing hassle for FIFA’s suits.

Anyhow, Chuck’s pictured below at the 2006 WC in Germany. That tournament was also bought by the hosts. Rumours suggest that the German government even supplied the Saudi’s with RPGs(?). To buy votes.


Qatar is a funny place. The nation was born after they walked out in talks with the colonial British and declined to join the UAE. The Saudi’s believe it’s their territory.

That’s why Qatar are bending over backwards to have military bases there. An ancient regional dispute that makes The Scottish Problem look like a playground scuffle.

If Qatar doesn’t have US and Western military presence, it’ll struggle to exist.

The US has a huge military base there, the  Al Udeid Air Base, the RAF are there too. Didn’t we wage the Gulf and Afghanistan wars from Qatar?

Human Rights abuses anyone?

Why didn’t the US and RAF have any concerns about human rights abuses in Qatar over the last ten years? Qatar’s about the same size as Yorkshire.

Funny how nobody in authority noticed anything? Don’t they do sophisticated surveillance nowadays? Very sloppy.

Qatar own PSG and now a significant share in Braga. €17m per annum sponsorship of Bayern Munich. £40bn of investments in the UK. They’re large shareholders in Barclays. Ownership of Canary Wharf ,The Shard, Harrods, The Ritz and Claridges.

(Didn’t PSG & Bayern Munich stop the Super League proposal.)

A key target for investment for the UK post Brexit. Increased importance given the issues in Russia.

I guess it’s a positive that folk are beginning to take an interest in issues that have been flagged for years.

Chuck Blazer was a gregarious individual. He kept a blog.

Thank God Celtic don’t have a connection to Chuck and all this nonsense.

As usual nobody saw, heard or knows anything.

Glass houses and all that…

A Pedro, Eric & John Reid production, apparently.

Have a great day everyone.

Auldheid & Chairbhoy thanks for the comments, I’ll reply at a later stage.


Morning all
Sitting this morning having my multiple coffees and browsing the blog, had to read it back a couple times to see if I was missing something, but nope, there it was, me being referred to, initially as a ‘deviant gambler’ and in a subsequent post, an apology for the use of the term deviant, as in fact the term the poster in question, Nana, intended to use, was degenerate.
Deviant to degenerate. Ah that’s ok then 😁

Despite the smiley face, naturally I wasn’t amused. Tried to rationalise it, spent some time thinking about it, but my annoyance remained at the same level as when I first read the comments.

I feel it’s totally unacceptable to refer to anyone in those terms. Not quite sure if I’ve upset Nana in some way ( don’t recall ever having exchanged views with him on gambling or indeed any other subject matter) but given his comments there’s obviously something about me that doesn’t sit well with him.

Of course a blog is a place for people to express their views and opinions and disagreements are very much part and parcel of it. Water off a ducks back to most. Now I wish my temperament was more Auldheid than Hothead but unfortunately it’s not and never will be, and attacks on my character do niggle at me. More than niggle tbh, they eat away at me and distract me to an unhealthy level.

I’ve a number of issues to contend with at present, nothing that we don’t all have to face throughout our lives, especially as we advance in years, personally I’m in good health ( I think ) but other family members need support at this time, and that’s where I will continue to apply most focus until it’s no longer required of me.

Much of that focus has been lacking somewhat this morning given those comments targeted at me. I’ve spent most of the morning thinking about them. My annoyance and anger still very prevalent. Not healthy at all.

So with that in mind, with sincere apologies to all for the inconvenience, I’m calling it a day on the ol’ blogging.
This isn’t a call for support in any way whatsoever. Genuinely, I’m not looking for calls to change my mind, or support in my opinion of the unsuitability of those comments that annoyed me, my mind is firmly made up.

My decision is made. I do appreciate it’s not ideal in the midst of several competitions, but I guess that’s an inherent risk when associating with deviant / degenerate gamblers. As Sgt Wilson said to Capt Mainwaring “ most unreliable Sir”.

Take care folks. Be nice to one another. Absolutely NO need for replies .

Big Audio Dynamite

Take care , Twisty

Morning all

Fantastic stuff SeS.

1938 World Cup- travelling long distances to potentially play only one game. Those were the days. I have read that it was a much better Italian team than in 1934, one which deserved its triumph and also that it was the first good Brazil team- I think their star player was Tim. Could be wrong.

Exhibition Cup team has some great names in it – Jimmy Delaney was my dad’s first football hero- and I believe that that team was a better team than the one which one the Coronation Cup 15 years later.

It’s also incredible to think that it was to be 13 years before we won another major honour. I know there was a war for half of that period but it was a remarkable fall from grace. We were abysmal during the war and I’ve never quite understood why. Everybody always goes on about Rangers’ players being placed in reserved occupations ( disputed) but that only explains why they were good not why we went from being the best team in Britain to absolute mediocrity within a short period of time

Answers on a postcard please



Morning all…Twisty, please reconsider! Having conversed with Nana for a couple of years on here I know in my heart it was supposed to be humorous, like you I re-read the comments last night, searched for a suitable funny “degenerate gambler” clip but couldn’t find one and went to sleep without giving it another thought. I can’t speak for Nana but it was nothing more than a misplaced attempt at humour.
Your input on this blog is invaluable and will be greatly missed if you go! Take care, friend!



I think Nana realised the misuse of deviant and then compounded the error with degenerate, not to disrespect you.

I read it as a misunderstood use of the word meant in a humorous way to describe your oft stated love for the horses.

Perhaps Nana will clarify.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and Happy Pensionday!
My morning read was going fine (great article again, SeS) butbthen I came to Twistys post. There are far more important things than Blogs, as Twisty has rightly alluded to. But it will be a real loss to this place if our dear friend does indeed call it a day.


Good morning bhoys/girls.
World cup score predictor league has been updated and will now be updated daily.

Sorry to read about twists decision,he will be a.great loss to this site..

Morning from a bus passing through Cowcaddens.

Sorry to read Twisty’s post. I suppose it’s a reminder that most of us don’t know our fellow posters well if at all and that it easy to become (overly) familiar with people mainly because we think we ‘know’ them simply from sentences they have written. I guess most of us have words and topics that hit our weakspots. I hope Twisty reconsiders but accept that he may not

Have a good day folks



Secondary sources — great what you learn.
EEC Cup — always remember it from the programme.
One of the “Big Three” — EEC in 1938 / CC in 1953 / EC in 1967.
However it was interesting to see the scale of the actual exhibition and the numbers of visitors.

Puts the Maggie pantomime that was the 88 Garden Festival to shame.
Great what you could show off when you actually had a manufacturing industry.
Things were getting back to normal in 1938 after the Hungry Thirties.

If only AH had played ball and held off until 1944 before invading Poland.
You would have been able to walk across the Clyde — from one battleship fitting out to another.
Great what the establishment will fund if it feels under threat.



Wars/ threat thereof were good for full employment.


Football stuff — USA 2026 / 4 years early — in all their glory …
They will have some team if they can keep their MF together.
Exceptional trio that really are the stars of the show.
Pace / energy / appetite / movement — incredible to watch last night.
They are what we need to aim for — we have the talent but not the mobility.

CCV — had a good game but took time to get up to the speed of his teammates.
Looked incredibly sluggish and lethargic to begin with — even in comparison to the 35 year old CB beside him.
To me it has been the same in the EuL / ConL / CL games over the past year.
We can look very sluggish when up against the best.
The SPL is football stagnation in comparison.

Napoli this season re a revelation — the lateral speed of their MF was / is incredible.
The USA MF trio matched that speed and offered up extra flexibility and positional changes.
We can play at pace — but seemingly only lengthwise in short bursts.
Top rank football is fast from the word go — we use up a lot of energy with the high press.
Others use up their energy with a mid-press or when they have the ball.
We have a lot to learn.

USA 2022 — TW …
Look what we could have won — for EUR10mill back in 2019.
Excellent player with a lot more to come — another issue to add to the NL charge sheet.

CCV and his long diagonal passing.
The RW’er looked shocked when the ball came over to his wing.
So shocked that he allowed it to pass him by.
CCV had a very slow start to the game but he grew into it later.
As a newbie the MF gave him a lot of support.
Someone always tried to offer an option / collect the ball from him.
Great to see a team that plays for each other.


The spring of 1980 — how the nightmares return.
Two issues stood out for me — going over the history of that terrible two months.

Run in to a tight league — we lose 4 league games out of 5 in April’ish.
Something must have badly wrong at the club for this to happen.
Happened all too often in the 80’s.

Some of the team selections look shonky in the extreme.
Playing 4 – 2 – 4 with a MF of RA and MMcL is something I had forgotten about.
Front 4 of DP / BL / GMcC / JD — the cupboard must have been bare.
No wonder we kept losing goals on the counter.

One for the regulars — did DP ever play in the MF at this time?
Might have helped the balance of the team if it did happen.

And to think that we spent big on another forward — FMcG from L/pool at this time.
Comment is made in the CFC wiki that his transfer caused issues in the dressing room.
His wages would have been higher than the rest of the team — not a good look in a tight league race.

Second the EC QF against RM — 67K sell out in record time.
STV want to show the game live and the old DW inspired Board refuse.
It was claimed that they needed to support the fans who had already bought tickets.
Total stupidity / rank amateurism in equal measure.

Shows the total unworldliness of the board at that time.
Had they not been watching MB on the TV — Welsh comedian of some repute — who had it all sussed.
He had been able to monetise “I know for I was there” to great effect — shame our board couldn’t work at the same level.

Might have been able to improve the bonuses on offer for winning the league.
I wonder if the bookies lost a lot of money on the 1980 / 1987 SPL title races?
Lots of twists and turns in both seasons.


Roy Aitken and Murdo McLeod.
Davie Provan / Bobby Lennox / George McCluskey / Johnny Doyle.
Frank McGarvey.

Max Boyce.

For the post 1976 generations.



Not sure he had a ‘good game’ Obviously depends on your definition of it and I’d agree he looked slowish early on. Over one hundred minutes with the objective attained would maybe suggest otherwise. Maybe uncomfortable playing on the right of a back three, caught for pace on occasion but strong in straightforward clearing. Also caught wrong side at the death but the Iranian forward went down after CCV touched his shoulder. Varangers not so lenient methinks.
Some concern if he plays there versus Netherlands .



Terrific stuff again. FIFA carving up the choice of hosts,whodathunkit?

The team of the late 30s was probably coming together nicely,only to be wrecked-like so many other things,of course-by the arrival of WWII. No wonder that,to this day,Celtic fans the world over have an innate intolerance,even hatred,of extreme right politics!

The Empire Exhibition looks like a wonder to behold for such a time,but then MM is right about no longer making things nowadays. Still,we celebrated the 50th anniversary of winning the Empire Exhibition cup in fine style,with our legendary Centenary Season double. It’s almost as though these things were pre-ordained!



I hope that you will reconsider your decision,though I will understand if you don’t. I know that decision wasn’t taking in haste,but after careful consideration.

The posts were removed as soon as I became aware of them,though I wish I had stayed awake for another thirty minutes or so to deal with them at the time. All the best,mate. You have been,and are,a great asset to this site. I like to think that you will continue to be so in the future.




Re the Garden Festival in 88,it wasn’t all bad.

Glasgow got The Souness Suspension Bridge out of it!

Big Audio Dynamite

That’s some high praise CCV is getting everywhere.

Fully expected him to stroll it.

Hope he stays with us for years to come.


SN @ 11.15

I would suggest that you are being a bit harsh.
CCV — I think that he had a slow start but grew into the game.
The bodycheck protecting the ball for the GK was a game defining moment.
Put over the message that Iran wouldn’t win a battle.

Made it harder for himself as they used speed on his side.
Stood up to the challenge pretty well against the best FW on the park.

Into the mixer / “Hail Mary” play — please note that other single being deity figure religions are available — aka divine intervention at the end was a crap shoot.

All contact is not a foul — over emphasising contact is against the spirit of the game / it should not generate a foul for.
MIB got it right — one to remember for the SPL games to come.

The Iranian CF gets a second toe on the ball it is a goal.
He feels the touch on his shoulder and makes the wrong call.
Forgets about the ball and puts too much effort into his dive.

I think the US played a back 4 — he was the right CB.
Three in the MF with a staggered 3 up front.

TW = RW.
Norwich bloke = CF.
Chelsea bloke with the reputation = Left channel.
Leaving space for the LB to overlap.

Overall some of their play was excellent.

Iran were a big disappointment — took time to respond to the quality in the opposition.
The occasion looked too big for them at times.


Dest played as an attacking right back til subbed on 80th min, when USA went to a back 5.



I have not read back to see the exchange that was of concern to you. However, your post resonated with me. I think that I am of a similar nature. Attacks on character hurt, put simply. I cannot say I am guiltless in this regard but I have become more aware.

I can understand your reaction and I can also understand that it is difficult to portray humour in a medium such as this. With baby steps, I think McCaff and I are stumbling down that road. It is a process, tho.

Take some time, let some perspective in. Then decide what to do.

Whatever, I wish you all the best.




If only AH had played ball and held off until 1944 before invading Poland..
I wasnt born until 1946 and the nearest I’ve been to Poland was Switzerland when I was 12 and no threat whatsoever to any Polish citizen.

In fact my next door neighbour was Polish. I confess to being the source of her complaint of being noisy as I played in the high back that her kitchen window faced but her husband had a wee metal fixing shop just off the Gallowgate and he sharpened my skating boots so everything was ok. 😉



I enjoyed that article, especially the narrative of the Celtic vs Everton game. You built up the tension nicely.


I enjoyed your article on the evolving political structures in Ireland. I hesitate to say the ‘Irelands’ because I have some awareness of all that that entails.

Have you ever thought about what lessons/pathways can be learned by the current Scottish government from the Irish experience?

Having lived in Canada for over 40 years, I have become used to more than one nation within a nation. In 1949, Newfoundland joined Canada after two votes. Having lived there for several decades I see that many regard themselves as Newfoundlanders first and then, perhaps, Canadian second.

I see similar views from islanders from islands in Scottish waters. How to federate these strong affiliations is an interesting challenge.

Still, maybe, not for this blog. The sooner the Celtic come back the better,



AH/46 — I think you are off the hook for invading Poland.
Other stuff — I am not so sure …



Correct but more a back nine !
Acceptable play from Celts away ( and home, depending) in Europe ?
Auldheid… the wee Polish man who sharpened your skates… he used to recondition lorry parts, three for two… yes, it was a triple axle !
Try the fish

Mad Mitch

Far be it from me to defend Desmond White – a disastrous figure in Celtic’s history- but he was far from unique in believing that television was the enemy at that time. Nor was such hostility a purely Scottish thing with people such as Burnley’s Bob Lord making Big Des seem like a progressive thinker on that score.

I don’t recall Provan playing anywhere except as a winger at that stage. He was superb in the leadup to the first Madrid game but after they largely snuffed him out that night his form tailed off quite a bit for the rest of that season.




Replacing Pulisic, Sargent and Weah put USA
very much on the back foot and it was an Alamo defence at the end!


Rebus…as a figure on here seldom taken too seriously and constantly bullied by certain individuals like yourself and more commonly, JNP, I try to make sure my more serious posts (like this one) are treated with the respect they deserve. As such I tend not to use any kind of flippant emojis that signify humour, sadness, embarrassment etc etc.


Sorry forgot the emojis on that last post, here they are…


Life’s too short, guys! We’ve all got shit in our lives, this is supposed to be a wee escape from it!



Attacks on character hurt for sure. My post on the meaning we give things and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy ) mention it.

None of us knows the full experience of others and so do not know the impact of what we say on them.

Something in our responses triggers something in them which was never the intent of the responder, especially if it upset the person the response was to.

It is an opportunity to ask what pulled my trigger but that can be lost if a response caused a deep but unintended hurt to the recipient.

I have a personal theory in that we all have an image of ourselves as good guys and we all are (with our flaws) but do not believe enough in our intrinsic worth as a human being to let anything that challenges that belief go unaddressed.

If that core belief is strong enough then there is no need to give words that hurt any meaning because at the end of the day we will still be perfectly flawed good guys because that is the reality of being human.

That is just a personal theory of mine based on what might be a mad idea that if there is God, in whatever form, that is how we are seen – perfect flawed humans.

In my response to MadMitch I am taking a risk he accepts it in the spirit it was made. What happened may be of interest.

I’m looking quickly through MadMitch’s post or any post that may refer to me (in order to reply) and I see AH so I stop, read the rest and into my head pops my reply.

I think it’s funny and I’m hoping MadMitch and others do too to lighten the mood of the blog. It made me laugh as the memories that MadMitch triggered came into my head.



Bob Lord was responsible for the 3pm match day TV blackout.



You are right not to be sure on the other stuff but I’m not going there. In my defense I was only a kid.


The spring of 1980 — how the nightmares return.
Two issues stood out for me — going over the history of that terrible two months.

Run in to a tight league — we lose 4 league games out of 5 in April’ish.
Something must have badly wrong at the club for this to happen.
Happened all too often in the 80’s.

Some of the team selections look shonky in the extreme.
Playing 4 – 2 – 4 with a MF of RA and MMcL is something I had forgotten about.
Front 4 of DP / BL / GMcC / JD — the cupboard must have been bare.
No wonder we kept losing goals on the counter.

One for the regulars — did DP ever play in the MF at this time?
Might have helped the balance of the team if it did happen.

And to think that we spent big on another forward — FMcG from L/pool at this time.
Comment is made in the CFC wiki that his transfer caused issues in the dressing room.
His wages would have been higher than the rest of the team — not a good look in a tight league race.

Second the EC QF against RM — 67K sell out in record time.
STV want to show the game live and the old DW inspired Board refuse.
It was claimed that they needed to support the fans who had already bought tickets.
Total stupidity / rank amateurism in equal measure.

Shows the total unworldliness of the board at that time.
Had they not been watching MB on the TV — Welsh comedian of some repute — who had it all sussed.
He had been able to monetise “I know for I was there” to great effect — shame our board couldn’t work at the same level.

Might have been able to improve the bonuses on offer for winning the league.
I wonder if the bookies lost a lot of money on the 1980 / 1987 SPL title races?
Lots of twists and turns in both seasons.

November 30, 2022 11:10 am
Back to being attention seeking again with all the initials.
Histrionic personality disorder (HPD)


Happy St Andrews day folks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

30th November 1966 / Tweet Celtic

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Sorry to see you go, Twisty.

I was attacked for no reason on here myself at the weekend and the poster who did so was allowed to sneak off tittering into the sunset to himself when I asked what caused it last night as I was told to pipe down on him calling me ‘an impostor’ and I too am considering giving up contributing to the blog.


St tams

Fantastic article.
I remember my mother telling me about the Exhibition final , which she attended with her father.

Twisty, take care mate.


Fexake…there’s a mass exodus looming!!!


Jeez oh. Give it a rest.
Titter ye not

Read back and you will see you completely misinterpreted my comments.
I was complimentary to you by using words such as “ thought provoking”. You took an enquiry asking how situations affect you and twisted it to create some some of pretend hurt. Gawd knows why.

Grow up.

BMCUW- my Final word on this relentless haranguing from the overly sensitive soul that is

I’ll take my leave for a couple of days to avoid any more sniping from the permanently offended.


J67 @ 12.48

My memory of that time was that the idea of football live on TV was very much an idea that was being pushed by a number of forward thinkers throughout the game in 1980.

Football in the US was one of the main drivers — other US sports had engaged with live TV to bolster their revenues and so football had a path to follow in the US at least.

You are correct that many in the game really wanted to control its exposure to wider audience — radio commentaries starting at 15.40 so that only 5 minutes of the first half was covered lasted nearly into the 90’s. However they came across as control freaks / business dinosaurs who wanted to preserve cash at the gate for terracing against all comers — for a variety of reasons as the Blue Lagoon rumours would later highlight.

My main point is that a Welsh comedian — of all people — saw and publicised the future in a manner that DW / the board had no idea about. Even Radio Clyde / RC phone in during the 70’s and 80’s gave it publicity.

Want to talk about football — the question ringing in the ears was the fabled “were you at the game?”

Even in the 70’s live sport was on the TV — just a case that football was not interested.
No wonder the game was in decline — the post war generation were needing to be pensioned off ASAP.

RM game — EC QF @ P/head — turning away good money for live coverage was just rank stupidity.
From memory the away game was on the TV — in all its gory detail including the bad miss.
JD was the culprit by my memory might be failing me on both counts.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

CFC, cut it out, you were at the wind up.

You called me an ‘impostor’, ffs.

For playing a Beatles song …

It’s all there in black and white and plain as day.


REBUS67 1216

That very much strikes a chord near home! I’m all for a harmless wind-up,but don’t cross the lines. And with more serious occasions,those lines are in a different place entirely.



No need,mate.


When I asked you yesterday to can it,you graciously agreed. For which,you got my thanks. I’m not gonna ask again,and you can read that whichever way you like.


For what it’s worth…we are all adults on here although we don’t always act it. Misinterpreted comments can be the order of the day as it can be difficult to accurately write what you want to say…unless you are Auldheid, Rebus, Twisty or The Gombeen Man who have never left me in any doubt as to what they want to say 😉. I’m reminded in writing this of a comment I made a couple of years back in relation to something Auldheid replied to something I had written; “When Auldheid replies to you, does anyone else feel like they’re getting their bare legs slapped?” 😁
I suppose the point is, if it appears there’s no middle ground between you and another poster just scroll by, sometimes the blog can be overrun by petty squabbles between posters and it is off-putting for the rest of us.
A final thought, and more important than we give it credit for I suspect, there are none of us know what is going on in each others’ lives, as Jimbo said earlier we think we know each other, so to assume our comments are gonna be accepted as we meant them can be a leap. This is a stressful time of year for many, health and financial worries can be foremost in peoples’ minds and the smallest thing can be enough to flip a switch. I say all of this in the knowledge that I’ve said the wrong thing on more than one occasion on here, I try not too but can be too smart or too flippant too quickly! It’s unintentional but it happens. It’s best to accept you got it wrong and move on.
We are mostly strangers to each other on here, best show restraint or caution when required.

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